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Denali Exchange Data Feed


The Denali Exchange Data Feed is a new data feed which provides real-time and historical data for the CME, CBOT, NYMEX, and COMEX exchanges.

Two simultaneous connections to this data feed are supported. Currently there are no symbol limits imposed as to how many symbols you can receive real-time data on concurrently, but there may be at some later point, if necessary.

Setup Instructions

  1. Go to the Services Activation page.
  2. Activate the data feed by selecting the appropriate option under the Denali Exchange Data Feed on the Services Activation page. There are two data feed options available: one for 20 USD per month that is to be selected when using the Sierra Chart Order Routing Service; and one for 30 USD that is to be selected when using any other supported trading service or on its own if you are paying the professional CME related fees.
  3. Complete the market data agreement(s) by selecting the link for Exchange Agreements. Note that the form for CME Non Professional Certification only needs to be completed if you are considered a Non-Professional trader by the CME Group. If you are unsure if you are considered a professional, then most likely you are not and should complete this certification.
  4. Activate the exchanges by selecting the link for Activate/Deactivate Denali Exchange Data Feed Exchanges. and selecting the appropriate exchanges. Note that different options broken down by exchange, inclusion of market depth, and status.

*Last modified Tuesday, 02nd July, 2019.