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Services for Brokers


Sierra Chart offers complete turnkey solutions for financial market securities, futures and Forex brokers. We have developed excellent relationships with many brokers and we can work with you as well.

What We Offer

  1. World-class charting and trading software. This is a complete trading platform supporting all the features your trading customers need. Supporting numerous data feeds, backend trading platforms, and trading services.
  2. We are open to integrating to other backend Trading or Data services and order routing connections that you may work with or offer if they provide a direct socket connection. We no longer support client-side API components. For additional information, refer to help topic 76.
  3. If you would like to do your own integration to Sierra Chart's trading and charting functionality, then you can develop a server which follows a simple protocol that Sierra Chart supports. For more information, refer to DTC Protocol. We are able to create a custom listed service in Sierra Chart for your Data or Trading service which follows this protocol.
  4. Historical data databasing and serving to Sierra Chart client instances.
  5. Centralized order routing where Sierra Chart client instances connect to an order routing server which interfaces to a FIX protocol connection or DTC Protocol connection.
  6. Real-time data serving to Sierra Chart client instances from a single market data feed.
  7. Provisioning of server hardware.
  8. White labeling of Sierra Chart software with your own name.
  9. Technical support to your brokers and customers.
  10. Creation of white labeled and customized website content.
  11. Web-based console you can use to access and manage your customer's Sierra Chart accounts.
  12. Reseller program with discounted pricing. You will have access to a web-based console to completely manage all your customer accounts.
  13. Automatic presetting of data and trading server settings on the client side, so that the customer can use a single login into Sierra Chart without having to be concerned about a separate set of settings for the data and trading servers, if necessary.
  14. Continued and high quality development of the Sierra Chart charting and trading software. The development is of the best quality to ensure high reliability. This development helps us stay ahead and helps you retain and gain new customers.

For more information, contact us at [Java Script Is Required. To View The Email, enable Java Script].

*Last modified Thursday, 17th August, 2017.