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What is Included in the Free Trial?

Software Functionality

When you create a Sierra Chart account, you are provided a Free trial period of 15 days. If you have been unable to use this trial time, then contact Sierra Chart Account Support about this.

During the Sierra Chart free trial period you get unrestricted access to all of the software functionality that is available.

It is possible that your Sierra Chart account may require activation before you can access all of the software functionality. If this is true, you will see this notice in the System Notification Message window when you start Sierra Chart. Request Sierra Chart Account Support to activate your account if necessary.


The Sierra Chart free trial includes access to the following Sierra Chart provided services listed below.

The above listed services are not included in what is called Free Mode, which is the mode you are placed in after your free functional trial is completed. After your free trial is completed, you will need to make a payment for Sierra Chart usage time.

With the trial you can also use any of the supported Data and Trading Services. You may already have an account with one of them. If you do not have an account with one of them, then you can become setup with one of these services by following the setup instructions we provide for each external service.

A free trial may be available from them, depending upon the service you want to use.

You can also get a low-cost trial of the Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed which provides real-time and historical data from numerous exchanges. Refer to Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed. For example, for 5 USD you can get two weeks of CME real-time data. The data feed is 5 USD for two weeks and there is a one month free trial for the CME exchanges.

Some of the supported Data services, this includes the Sierra Chart Real-time and Historical Forex/CFD Data Service and the Sierra Chart Historical Data Service, are included in the paid Sierra Chart Service Packages which you can subscribe to after your trial ends.

If you want real-time futures data, then refer to the Is Historical and Real-time Futures Data Included? page for complete information about this subject.

What Data Is Real-Time

To know what categories of symbols that real-time data is provided for directly with the Sierra Chart Service Packages, refer to the Real-time Data page.


For the available support options, go to the Support page. Keep in mind that free trial users do not have entitlement to support other than account issues, pricing questions, problems with basic operation or basic questions.

Advanced support is not provided to free trial users.

If you need clarification or further help on any of this, use the appropriate Support option.

*Last modified Friday, 02nd August, 2019.