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Sierra Chart Trial Account and Account Activation


This page documents information about Sierra Chart Trial Accounts.


When you create a new Sierra Chart account it is entitled to a free trial unless it is restricted which is explained further below.

What is included that free trial is documented on the What is Included in the Free Trial page.

A free trial account may be restricted under certain conditions, generally if you have had a previous trial, your account will be placed into Free Mode which has restrictions and cannot access market data or trading functionality from any external Data or Trading service.

If your account is restricted, you will be told your account is restricted when you start Sierra Chart and you will be linked to this page.

When your account is restricted, Sierra Chart Support is aware of this and your account will undergo a review to determine if it is entitled to an activation. This review takes up to 24 hours. We will always try to complete this review within a few hours.

When your account is activated or if it is not activated for some reason, you will be sent an email about this. At that time you will need to restart Sierra Chart.

If you not get a notice within 24 hours about your account being activated or not activated, then start an Account Support Ticket about this.

The full functionality of Sierra Chart is provided free for 15 days per user. After this time, free usage is only provided under special cases and has to be requested through an Account Support Ticket.

We do recognize, that users may not have been able to use the free trial time for various circumstances, and we are accommodative of that condition, and we will give you a new trial under those conditions when we are made aware of them.

If your account is not activated by Sierra Chart support or you want immediate access to the full functionality of Sierra Chart without waiting, you can pay for usage time through the Activate Services page. You will need to log in with your Sierra Chart Account Name or Password. You can also alternatively select Help >> Add Usage Credit on the Sierra Chart program menu.

When you purchase usage time, that usage time will be added onto the free usage time that each new account gets.

A new Sierra Chart user receives a standard 15 day trial. The user will not be entitled to another trial until 6 months later. If for some reason you could not use the trial, then to request a trial extension, contact us through an Account Support Ticket.

*Last modified Monday, 02nd March, 2020.