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Supported Brokers

Discount Trading Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart.

Insignia Futures Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart.

AMP Futures Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart.

Emini Futures Broker Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart.

TradePro Futures Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart.

Advantage Futures Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart.

Phillip Capital Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart.

High Ridge Futures Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart.

Click Futures Trading Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart.

Click Futures is an ultra-deep discount commodity futures brokerage firm established to accommodate experienced futures traders. We offer online trading in commodity futures, futures options, futures spreads and futures options spreads.
Trade Futures 4 Less Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart.

Zaner Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart.

Sweet Futures Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart.

Iron Beam Futures Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart.

Optimus Trading Group Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart.

Stage 5 Trading Corp. Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart.

Dorman Trading Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart.

Cannon Trading Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart.

Also visit the E-Mini.com website.
Agn Futures Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart.

ApexFutures Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart.

Deep Discount Trading Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart.

GFF Brokers Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart.

Edge Clear Logo Brokerage supporting Sierra Chart.

Sierra Chart Educational Materials and Tools

Sierra Chart Personal Assistance

This section list people who provide personal assistance services for Sierra Chart users. This would be good for new users who need help with the more advanced functionality of Sierra Chart. They can help with things like creating particular chart configurations, whether basic or advanced, and Chartbooks.

Other Websites

Divergence Software, Inc. logo Divergence Software, Inc. is pleased to bring you the Harmonic Pattern Collection, a complete harmonic pattern analysis package and the only one fully endorsed by Scott Carney, President and Founder of HarmonicTrader.com. Harmonic Trading is a methodology that utilizes the recognition of specific price patterns and the alignment of exact Fibonacci ratios to determine highly probable reversal points in the financial markets. Find out more.
Inteligex Inteligex takes algo trading and makes it accessible to everyone. It delivers clear trading signals and predicts where the markets are going as well as enabling you to manage risk. Inteligex is suitable for all traders from novices to serious pros and can help improve your profitability.
quantisme logo The Quantisme is a very new way to view and read the orderbook, and the market orderflow. On this website, you could see how these tools (quantbook/quantmap/quantrun) let you read the market making HFT activities with a very special orderbook. You will be able to see how the limit order flow are reacting about the market order flow, and how the market execution is made, compare to the available liquidity of the orderbook. You will see how HFT are dealing with the market orderflow. Micro structure focused, TapeReader, OrderbookScalper, daytrader, you are all welcome!

OctoPi Trader

OctoPi Trader is a no-code/low-code strategy builder and trade automation solution for Sierra Chart. We make trade strategy creation, testing, and automatic execution easy. Taking advantage of the Sierra's extensive trade automation and chart replay functionality, we provide tooling necessary to create, test, and live-trade any strategy our users can think of. OctoPi trader is not just for single strategies - we give you tools to compose and analyze a portfolio of algorithms, helping you reach desired profitability and levels and minimize risk, all with no requirement to learn any programming. We aim to be the most comprehensive trade automation solution available, built on the most robust trading platform.

To learn more, view our instructional tutorials at: YouTube Link

Pricesquawk logo PriceSquawk is an audible trading tool, allowing traders to listen to price action, buying and selling activity and volume flow in any market for an edge. Real-time market data is converted into trade sounds, price action commentary and volume focused alerts, adding an audible dimension of market information to your current trading setup. Utilize PriceSquawk audio to enhance your focus on markets and stay tuned to market leading order flow across multiple asset classes. Download your 14 day free trial of PriceSquawk and access our free prop shop training exercises.
Clever Games UK logo

We have one goal

Beating Wall Street at its own game. With decades of experience and a very successful proprietary trading model we want to do it in a big way now. Our goal is to start a hedge fund, make it world-famous and take it to the top.

  • We understand the hedge funds world and unlike many of them who make their money largely from commissions and keep their trading models secret, we believe innovation requires transparency.
  • We believe in a hedge fund that allows its investors to understand the investment strategy. For this reason we perfected our trading strategy and consequently created a trading course where we explain our methodology step by step.
  • If you are interested trading on your own, we allow you to trade the very same strategy we’ll be using in our hedge fund and help you achieve your goals as a trader and win the Wall Street game.

Learn more at http://intuitivetradinginstitute.com.

Emini Methods This site offers simple systems and methods for trading emini markets and stocks developed by a veteran trader and a long-time Sierra Chart user.
forgivingcomputers logo Forgiving Computers helps you with consistent rule based entries and exits. Our systems for automatic entries support range bound markets with scalping tools, and trending markets for multiple contracts with runners. Full Manual control is always maintained. You get complete flexibility, with your choice of symbols, time frames, and bar types. You can choose to only view the signals, or to have them executed on your behalf. We also offer automated trailing stops based on popular methods, such as prior bars and volatility. We can provide online personalized Sierra Chart training and setup through remote connections to your platform.
UCTrading Plug & Play Sierra Chart templates and installation support as well as individualized templates upon request.
jurik logo Advanced algorithms for tracking and analyzing market behavior. Our adaptive, non-linear formulas give a real edge over strategies based on classical technical analysis. Our JMA is recognized as the "gold standard" in moving averages, even superior to institutional favorites like the Kalman filter.

Jurik Research has been on the leading edge since 1988. We received awards from Stocks and Commodities Magazine and gave invited presentations to both national and international trading associations. Visit our website and see the difference.
Trading Order Flow Trading Order Flow offers all in one for the trading of Equity Index futures:
  • Complete free training on price mechanics, order flow, auction process, VWAP, as well as a full Sierra Chart software tutorial
  • Sierra Chart studies to immediately configure each type of chart and save time
  • Certified Workstation for Sierra Chart

Impossible Bot

Step into the future of automated trading with the Impossible Bot. Our site unveils a world-class trading system, blending state-of-the-art technology with proven strategies for unparalleled accuracy. Ideal for those seeking consistent performance and smart decision-making in trading. Discover how to elevate your trading game to elite levels.


Impossible Indicator

Explore the realm of precision trading with the Impossible Indicator. Our website offers a deep dive into how this innovative tool transforms market analysis. Experience a new level of clarity and efficiency in your trades with our advanced, user-friendly indicator. Perfect for traders who want to stay ahead in all markets.

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