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Sierra Chart / Trading Technologies Futures Order Routing Service

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The Sierra Chart Order Routing service utilizing Trading Technologies is not recommended to be used by new users, if possible.

New users should be using the new Sierra Chart Direct Order Routing Service.

Gradually the new service will become available with several clearing firms.

Below are the setup instructions for the Sierra Chart Order Routing service utilizing Trading Technologies.

Setup Instructions

  1. This service supports live trading only. For simulated trading you can enable Trade >> Trade Simulation Mode On within Sierra Chart, or use the Simulated Futures Trading Service. However, for simulated trading, in order to take advantage of the lower-priced CME exchange fees, requires that you still have a live trading account anyway.
  2. To be able to use this service, you need to have a live trading account with one of the following clearing firms or one of their Introducing Brokers:
    • Advantage Futures
    • Dorman Trading
    • ED&F Man Capital Markets
    • Stage 5 Trading
    • Phillip Capital
    • Edge Clear
    • AGN Futures
    • Trade Pro Futures (www.tradeprofutures.com)
    • Marex Spectron
    • (Any other futures clearing firm supporting Trading Technologies)
  3. Fill out the request form for us to request your clearing firm to add your trading account to the Sierra Chart company TT FIX connection for order routing. All fields are required.
  4. Once the clearing firm adds your trading account to our FIX order routing connection with TT, then we will confirm that and then we will send you an Account Support Ticket asking you to confirm that the TT account identifier is correct.

    Once you confirm that, then at that time we will assign it to your Sierra Chart account and you will see is listed on your Account Control Panel.

    You have the ability to remove the trading account by contacting us through an Account Support Ticket. Your clearing firm also has the ability to remove the account from our TT FIX order routing connection.
  5. At this point do not continue with the remaining steps until you hear from us in regards to your trading account.
  6. Once the above procedure is fully complete and your trading account has been assigned to your Sierra Chart account, then continue with the remaining steps.
  7. If you only require data from CME, CBOT, NYMEX, and/or COMEX, then activate the new Denali Exchange Data Feed for market data. This is a new data feed providing a lower cost, supporting 2 simultaneous connections and no symbol limits.

    Be sure if you are using the Denali Exchange Data Feed that you are running version 1944 or higher. Update with Help >> Download Prerelease from within Sierra Chart to update to the latest version.

    Otherwise, follow the Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed Set up Instructions to activate and pay for the Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed for market data. You will need to activate the exchanges that you require. In the case of CME data, normally you will be activating one of the CME Group exchanges.

    If you need help with this step, start an Account Support Ticket and we will get this set up for you but you are still responsible for adding the necessary funds to your account and completing the market data agreement.
  8. Update Sierra Chart to the current version. Refer to the Fast Update instructions.
  9. Select Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings.
  10. Set the Service to SC Futures Order Routing/Data or SC/TT Futures Order Routing (used in newer versions).
  11. Set the Primary Server (Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings) to one of the following:
    Server Description
    Server 1 Chicago Cermak Equinix data center with direct routing to TT Aurora through cross connect. External user connectivity ISP: Verizon.
    Server 2 CME DC3 - CME Aurora data center with direct routing to TT Aurora through cross connect in the same data center. External user connectivity ISP: Zayo. This is the absolute lowest latency server to use for Primary Server when trading CME Group markets.
    Server 3 Frankfurt Germany (FRA2) with routing to TT Frankfurt.
    Server 4 Same as Server 1.
    Server 5 Same as Server 2.
    Server 6 Same as Server 1.

    Set the Backup Server (version 1896 and higher) to what you want. The backup server is used when there is a failed connection to the Primary Server.
  12. Press OK.
  13. Order fills for orders submitted through Sierra Chart, have a .10 USD per contract fee. Make sure your Services Balance has a sufficient credit to cover the cost of these fees. Go to the Make a Payment page to Make a Payment as necessary. If the balance is low, or goes negative you will get an email notification and Sierra Chart support will also contact you to add more credit.
  14. Connect to the data and trading servers by selecting File >> Connect to Data Feed on the menu.
  15. If there is any connection error, it will be displayed in the Sierra Chart Window >> Message Log and also in the connection error pop-up window.

    You will not be able to connect to the service, until your trading account with the clearing firm has been assigned to the Sierra Chart TT FIX order routing connection.

    Select File >> Disconnect to prevent further connection attempts if there is an error connecting. Select File >> Connect to Data Feed, to try connecting again.
  16. If you receive the connection error: Trade account not assigned, then this means that the trading account has not been assigned to your Sierra Chart account or you have not allowed enough time for the server to have been updated with your trading account. You need to allow up to 5 minutes, for that account assignment to update on the server.

    Another possibility is that you are logging into Sierra Chart with the incorrect Sierra Chart Account Name. You may have more than one Sierra Chart account. You may have a Sierra Chart account provided through one of the supported brokers which the trading account has been assigned to. To log into Sierra Chart with a different account, refer to Login with a Different Sierra Chart Account Name.
  17. If your Sierra Chart Services Balance is negative and you fail to Make a Payment to your Sierra Chart Services Balance, Sierra Chart may deny access to the service but we would first contact you by reliable means in regards to this.
  18. You may want to enable Global Settings >> General Trade Settings >> Hold Market Order Until Pending Cancel Orders Are Confirmed so that an order which is used to Flatten the Position is held until orders which are pending cancellation have been fully canceled. This avoids any possibility of a rejection of a market order due to Position limits. Although it does increase the amount of time to flatten a Position.
  19. To open a Historical chart, Intraday chart or Trading DOM, select File >> Find Symbol on the menu. Select a symbol in the Futures list and press the appropriate button.
  20. If you have existing Chartbooks with futures symbols that match another supported Data or Trading service, then to automatically translate those symbols, open the Chartbook and select Edit >> Translate Symbols to Current Service. For complete documentation, refer to Translate Symbols to Current Service.
  21. For Live trading be sure to disable Trade >> Trade Simulation Mode On. For trading instructions, refer to Overview of Trading.
  22. Continue with step number 3 on the Getting Started documentation page.
  23. For web based trading, go to the Web-based trading panel.

*Last modified Wednesday, 13th October, 2021.