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Sierra Chart Real-time and Historical Exchange Data Feed Symbols

Available Symbol Pages

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The symbols and notes on these pages only apply to the Sierra Chart Historical Data Service and to the Sierra Chart Real Time and Historical Exchange Data Feed.

Many of the supported Trading services use the Sierra Chart Historical Data Service for historical Daily data. Therefore, any of the symbols found on these symbol pages can be used for historical Daily charts with those Trading services.

These symbols do not apply to any other Data or Trading service that Sierra Chart supports. Each service uses its own symbol format. These symbols are not necessarily valid for those services.



Description: Agilent Technologies
Symbol: A.BZ
Description: Alcoa Inc Pf 3.75
Symbol: AA-.BZ
Description: Alcoa Corp
Symbol: AA.BZ
Description: Advisorshares Dorsey Wright ADR
Symbol: AADR.BZ
Description: Atlantic Amer Cp
Symbol: AAME.BZ
Description: Aaron's Inc
Symbol: AAN.BZ
Description: Aaon Inc
Symbol: AAON.BZ
Description: Advance Auto Parts Inc
Symbol: AAP.BZ
Description: Apple Inc
Symbol: AAPL.BZ
Description: American Assets Trust
Symbol: AAT.BZ
Description: Almaden Minerals
Symbol: AAU.BZ
Description: Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd
Symbol: AAV.BZ
Description: Atlas Air Ww
Symbol: AAWW.BZ
Description: All Country Asia Ex Japan Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: AAXJ.BZ
Description: Alliancebernstein Holding LP
Symbol: AB.BZ
Description: Abaxis Inc
Symbol: ABAX.BZ
Description: Abb Ltd
Symbol: ABB.BZ
Description: Amerisourcebergen Corp
Symbol: ABC.BZ
Description: Ameris Bancorp
Symbol: ABCB.BZ
Description: Cambium Learning Grp
Symbol: ABCD.BZ
Description: Advisory Board Co
Symbol: ABCO.BZ
Description: Asbury Automotive Group Inc
Symbol: ABG.BZ
Description: Arca Biopharma Inc
Symbol: ABIO.BZ
Description: ABM Industries Incorporated
Symbol: ABM.BZ
Description: Abiomed Inc
Symbol: ABMD.BZ
Description: Arbor Realty Trust
Symbol: ABR.BZ
Description: Abbott Laboratories
Symbol: ABT.BZ
Description: Autobytel Inc
Symbol: ABTL.BZ
Description: Barrick Gold Corp
Symbol: ABX.BZ
Description: Acadia Pharmaceutica
Symbol: ACAD.BZ
Description: Amer Capital Ltd
Symbol: ACAS.BZ
Description: Arctic Cat Inc
Symbol: ACAT.BZ
Description: American Campus Communities Inc
Symbol: ACC.BZ
Description: Ace Ltd
Symbol: ACE.BZ
Description: Aceto Cp
Symbol: ACET.BZ
Description: Atlantic Coast Finl
Symbol: ACFC.BZ
Description: Alliancebernstein Income Fund Inc
Symbol: ACG.BZ
Description: Arch Capital Grp Ltd
Symbol: ACGL.BZ
Description: Aluminum Corporation of China Ltd
Symbol: ACH.BZ
Description: Acadia Healthcr Co
Symbol: ACHC.BZ
Description: Achillion Pharmaceut
Symbol: ACHN.BZ
Description: Arch Coal
Symbol: ACI.BZ
Symbol: ACIM.BZ
Description: Aci Worldwide Inc
Symbol: ACIW.BZ
Description: Axcelis Tech Inc
Symbol: ACLS.BZ
Description: Aecom Technology Corp
Symbol: ACM.BZ
Description: Accenture Plc
Symbol: ACN.BZ
Description: Acnb Corp
Symbol: ACNB.BZ
Description: Acorda Therapeutics
Symbol: ACOR.BZ
Description: Avenue Income Credit Strategies
Symbol: ACP.BZ
Description: Active Power Cmn
Symbol: ACPW.BZ
Description: Ares Commercial Real Estate Cor
Symbol: ACRE.BZ
Description: Acelrx Pharmaceutica
Symbol: ACRX.BZ
Description: Acacia Res-Acacia
Symbol: ACTG.BZ
Description: Actions Semiconducto
Symbol: ACTS.BZ
Description: Acme United Corp
Symbol: ACU.BZ
Description: Acura Pharma Cmn
Symbol: ACUR.BZ
Description: Accuride Corporation
Symbol: ACW.BZ
Description: ACWI Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: ACWI.BZ
Description: Global Min Vol Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: ACWV.BZ
Description: ACWI Ex US Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: ACWX.BZ
Description: Acxiom Cp
Symbol: ACXM.BZ
Description: Aerocentury Corp
Symbol: ACY.BZ
Description: Authentidate Holding
Symbol: ADAT.BZ
Description: Adobe Systems Inc
Symbol: ADBE.BZ
Description: Agree Realty Corp
Symbol: ADC.BZ
Description: Advanced Emissions Solutions Inc
Symbol: ADES.BZ
Description: American Dg Energy Inc
Symbol: ADGE.BZ
Description: Analog Devices
Symbol: ADI.BZ
Description: Adcare Health Systems Inc
Symbol: ADK.BZ
Description: Archer Daniels Midland Company
Symbol: ADM.BZ
Description: Automatic Data Procs
Symbol: ADP.BZ
Description: Asia 50 ADR Index Fund Bldrs
Symbol: ADRA.BZ
Description: Devd Mkts 100 ADR Index Fund Bldrs
Symbol: ADRD.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts 50 ADR Index Fund Bldrs
Symbol: ADRE.BZ
Description: Europe Select ADR Index Fund Bldrs
Symbol: ADRU.BZ
Description: Alliance Data Systems Corp
Symbol: ADS.BZ
Description: Autodesk Inc
Symbol: ADSK.BZ
Description: Adtran Inc
Symbol: ADTN.BZ
Description: Addus Homecare Corpo
Symbol: ADUS.BZ
Description: Adams Express Company
Symbol: ADX.BZ
Description: DB Agriculture -1X ETN Powershares
Symbol: ADZ.BZ
Description: Adams Resources & Energy
Symbol: AE.BZ
Description: Aegon N.V. Perp Cap Secs Floating Rate [Ne]
Symbol: AEB.BZ
Description: Aegon N.V. Perp Cap Secs [Ne]
Symbol: AED.BZ
Description: Ameren Corp
Symbol: AEE.BZ
Description: Aegon N.V.
Symbol: AEG.BZ
Description: Aegion Corp
Symbol: AEGN.BZ
Description: Aegerion Pharma Inc
Symbol: AEGR.BZ
Description: Aegon N.V. Perp Cap Secs
Symbol: AEH.BZ
Description: Aehr Test Systems
Symbol: AEHR.BZ
Description: Advanced Energy
Symbol: AEIS.BZ
Description: Aegon Nv 8.00% Non-Cum Notes Due 2042
Symbol: AEK.BZ
Description: American Equity Investment Life
Symbol: AEL.BZ
Description: Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd
Symbol: AEM.BZ
Description: American Eagle Outfitters
Symbol: AEO.BZ
Description: American Electric Power Company
Symbol: AEP.BZ
Description: AEP Inds Inc
Symbol: AEPI.BZ
Description: Aercap Holdings N.V.
Symbol: AER.BZ
Description: Aes TR III 6.75 Pfd
Symbol: AES-C.BZ
Description: The Aes Corp
Symbol: AES.BZ
Description: Aetna Inc
Symbol: AET.BZ
Description: American Electric Te
Symbol: AETI.BZ
Description: Addvantage Techs Grp
Symbol: AEY.BZ
Description: Aeterna Zentaris
Symbol: AEZS.BZ
Description: Astoria Financial Corp
Symbol: AF.BZ
Description: Almost Family Inc
Symbol: AFAM.BZ
Description: Alliance National Municipal
Symbol: AFB.BZ
Description: Allied Capital Corp
Symbol: AFC.BZ
Description: Affymetrix Inc
Symbol: AFFX.BZ
Description: American Financial Group
Symbol: AFG.BZ
Description: Africa Index ETF Vaneck
Symbol: AFK.BZ
Description: Aflac Incorporated
Symbol: AFL.BZ
Description: Alliance Fiber Optic
Symbol: AFOP.BZ
Description: American Financial Group
Symbol: AFQ.BZ
Description: Amtrust Financial
Symbol: AFSI.BZ
Description: Apollo Senior Floating Rate Fund Inc
Symbol: AFT.BZ
Description: First Majestic Silver
Symbol: AG.BZ
Description: DB Agriculture -2X ETN Powershares
Symbol: AGA.BZ
Description: Advent Claymore Convertible Securities
Symbol: AGC.BZ
Description: Agco Corp
Symbol: AGCO.BZ
Description: Alpine Global Dynamic Dividend Fund
Symbol: AGD.BZ
Description: Agenus Inc
Symbol: AGEN.BZ
Description: DB Agriculture ETN Powershares
Symbol: AGF.BZ
Description: US Aggregate Bond Ishares Core ETF
Symbol: AGG.BZ
Description: Argo Group Intl Hlds
Symbol: AGII.BZ
Description: Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp
Symbol: AGM.A.BZ
Description: Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp
Symbol: AGM.BZ
Description: Allergan Plc
Symbol: AGN.BZ
Description: American Capital Age
Symbol: AGNC.BZ
Description: American Capital Pfd
Symbol: AGNCP.BZ
Description: Assured Guaranty Ltd [B]
Symbol: AGO-B.BZ
Description: Assured Guaranty Ltd [E]
Symbol: AGO-E.BZ
Description: Assured Guaranty Ltd [F]
Symbol: AGO-F.BZ
Description: Assured Guaranty Ltd
Symbol: AGO.BZ
Description: Ultra Silver Proshares
Symbol: AGQ.BZ
Description: Adecoagro S.A.
Symbol: AGRO.BZ
Description: Agrium Inc
Symbol: AGU.BZ
Description: Argan Inc
Symbol: AGX.BZ
Description: Agilysys Inc
Symbol: AGYS.BZ
Description: Agency Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: AGZ.BZ
Description: A.H. Belo Corp
Symbol: AHC.BZ
Description: Alliance Holdings Gp
Symbol: AHGP.BZ
Description: Aspen Insurance Pfd
Symbol: AHL-A.BZ
Description: Aspen Insurance Holdings Limit
Symbol: AHL-B.BZ
Description: Aspen Insurance Holdings
Symbol: AHL.BZ
Description: Allied Healthcare
Symbol: AHPI.BZ
Description: Amn Healthcare Services Inc
Symbol: AHS.BZ
Description: Ashford Hsop TR Pfd
Symbol: AHT-A.BZ
Description: Ashford Hosp D Pfd
Symbol: AHT-D.BZ
Description: Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc 9%
Symbol: AHT-E.BZ
Description: Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc
Symbol: AHT.BZ
Description: Arlington Asset Investment Corp
Symbol: AI.BZ
Description: Asia 50 Ishares ETF
Symbol: AIA.BZ
Description: American International Group
Symbol: AIG.BZ
Description: American International Group
Symbol: AIG.W.BZ
Description: Altra Indtl Mtn
Symbol: AIMC.BZ
Description: Albany International Corp
Symbol: AIN.BZ
Description: Apollo Investment Co
Symbol: AINV.BZ
Description: Global X Future Analytics Tech ETF
Symbol: AIQ.BZ
Description: AAR Corp
Symbol: AIR.BZ
Description: Air Methods Cp
Symbol: AIRM.BZ
Description: Air T Inc
Symbol: AIRT.BZ
Description: Applied Industrial Technologies
Symbol: AIT.BZ
Description: Apartment Inv. & Mgt. Co
Symbol: AIV-Z.BZ
Description: Apartment Investment and Management
Symbol: AIV.BZ
Description: Aixtron Se
Symbol: AIXG.BZ
Description: Assurant Inc
Symbol: AIZ.BZ
Description: Arthur J. Gallagher & Co
Symbol: AJG.BZ
Description: Akamai Technologies
Symbol: AKAM.BZ
Description: Embotell Andina Sa Cl A
Symbol: AKO.A.BZ
Description: Embotell Andna Sa Cl B
Symbol: AKO.B.BZ
Description: Alliance California Muni
Symbol: AKP.BZ
Description: Acadia Realty Trust
Symbol: AKR.BZ
Description: Akorn Inc
Symbol: AKRX.BZ
Description: AK Steel Holding Corp
Symbol: AKS.BZ
Description: Air Lease Corporation Class A C
Symbol: AL.BZ
Description: Albemarle Corp
Symbol: ALB.BZ
Description: Alico Inc
Symbol: ALCO.BZ
Description: Asia Local Debt ETF Wisdomtree
Symbol: ALD.BZ
Description: Allete Inc
Symbol: ALE.BZ
Description: Alexander and Baldwin Inc
Symbol: ALEX.BZ
Description: Alamo Group
Symbol: ALG.BZ
Description: Align Technology I
Symbol: ALGN.BZ
Description: Allegiant Travel Com
Symbol: ALGT.BZ
Description: Alimera Sciences Inc
Symbol: ALIM.BZ
Description: Alon USA Energy
Symbol: ALJ.BZ
Description: Alaska Air Group
Symbol: ALK.BZ
Description: Alkermes Plc
Symbol: ALKS.BZ
Description: Allstate Corporation Pfd
Symbol: ALL-A.BZ
Description: Ally Financial Inc Fixed Rate F
Symbol: ALL-B.BZ
Description: Allstate Corp
Symbol: ALL.BZ
Description: Allot Communications
Symbol: ALLT.BZ
Description: American Lorain Corp
Symbol: ALN.BZ
Description: Alnylam Pharmaceut
Symbol: ALNY.BZ
Description: Analogic Cp
Symbol: ALOG.BZ
Description: Astronova Inc
Symbol: ALOT.BZ
Description: Alabama Pwr 5.83A Pf
Symbol: ALP-O.BZ
Description: Alere Inc Inverness Medical In
Symbol: ALR-B.BZ
Description: Alere Inc
Symbol: ALR.BZ
Description: Alaska Commun Sys
Symbol: ALSK.BZ
Description: Allison Transmission Holdings
Symbol: ALSN.BZ
Description: Alcatel Lucent
Symbol: ALU.BZ
Description: Autoliv Inc
Symbol: ALV.BZ
Description: Alexander's Inc
Symbol: ALX.BZ
Description: Alexza Pharmaceutica
Symbol: ALXA.BZ
Description: Alexion Pharm Inc
Symbol: ALXN.BZ
Description: Amag Pharmaceuticals
Symbol: AMAG.BZ
Description: Applied Materials
Symbol: AMAT.BZ
Description: Applied Micro Crcts
Symbol: AMCC.BZ
Description: Airmedia Group Inc
Symbol: AMCN.BZ
Description: Amc Networks Cl A
Symbol: AMCX.BZ
Description: Adv Micro Devices
Symbol: AMD.BZ
Description: Amtek Inc
Symbol: AME.BZ
Description: Amedisys Inc
Symbol: AMED.BZ
Description: Affiliated Managers Group
Symbol: AMG.BZ
Description: Amgen Inc
Symbol: AMGN.BZ
Description: Amer Independ Corp
Symbol: AMIC.BZ
Description: American Midstreampartners LP
Symbol: AMID.BZ
Description: Alerian MLP Index ETN JP Morgan
Symbol: AMJ.BZ
Description: Amkor Technology
Symbol: AMKR.BZ
Description: Alps Alerian MLP ETF
Symbol: AMLP.BZ
Description: American Natl Bksh
Symbol: AMNB.BZ
Description: Allied Motion Tech
Symbol: AMOT.BZ
Description: America Movil A ADR
Symbol: AMOV.BZ
Description: Ameriprise Financial Services
Symbol: AMP.BZ
Description: Ampio Pharmaceutical
Symbol: AMPE.BZ
Description: American River Bkshs
Symbol: AMRB.BZ
Description: Ameresco Inc
Symbol: AMRC.BZ
Description: Albany Molecular Res
Symbol: AMRI.BZ
Description: Amarin Corp Ads
Symbol: AMRN.BZ
Description: Amyris Inc
Symbol: AMRS.BZ
Description: American Shared Hospital Services
Symbol: AMS.BZ
Description: Amer Superconductor
Symbol: AMSC.BZ
Description: Amerisafe Inc
Symbol: AMSF.BZ
Description: Amsurg Corp Com
Symbol: AMSG.BZ
Description: Amer Software Inc
Symbol: AMSWA.BZ
Description: American Tower Corp
Symbol: AMT.BZ
Description: TD Ameritrade HD
Symbol: AMTD.BZ
Description: Apollo Residential Mortgage In
Symbol: AMTG.BZ
Description: Amer Woodmark Cp
Symbol: AMWD.BZ
Description: America Movil S.A.B. De C.V.
Symbol: AMX.BZ
Description: Amazon.com Inc
Symbol: AMZN.BZ
Description: Autonation Inc
Symbol: AN.BZ
Description: Anacor Pharmaceutica
Symbol: ANAC.BZ
Description: Anadigics Inc
Symbol: ANAD.BZ
Description: Amer Natl Insurance
Symbol: ANAT.BZ
Description: Anchor Bancorp
Symbol: ANCB.BZ
Description: Access National Corp
Symbol: ANCX.BZ
Description: G-X FTSE Andean 40 ETF
Symbol: AND.BZ
Description: Andersons Inc
Symbol: ANDE.BZ
Description: Abercrombie & Fitch Company
Symbol: ANF.BZ
Description: Homeservices Inc
Symbol: ANGI.BZ
Description: Fallen Angel HY Bond ETF Vaneck
Symbol: ANGL.BZ
Description: Angiodynamics Inc
Symbol: ANGO.BZ
Description: Anworth Mtg Pfd A
Symbol: ANH-A.BZ
Description: Anworth 6.25 Pr S B
Symbol: ANH-B.BZ
Description: Anworth Mortgage Asset Corp
Symbol: ANH.BZ
Description: Anika Therapeutics
Symbol: ANIK.BZ
Description: Ansys Inc
Symbol: ANSS.BZ
Description: Anthera Pharmaceutic
Symbol: ANTH.BZ
Description: Aegean Marine Petroleum Network
Symbol: ANW.BZ
Description: Aggressive Allocation Ishares Core ETF
Symbol: AOA.BZ
Description: Alpine Total Dynamic Dividend
Symbol: AOD.BZ
Description: Alliance One International
Symbol: AOI.BZ
Description: Conservative Allocation Ishares Core ETF
Symbol: AOK.BZ
Description: Moderate Allocation Ishares Core ETF
Symbol: AOM.BZ
Description: AON Plc
Symbol: AON.BZ
Description: Growth Allocation Ishares Core ETF
Symbol: AOR.BZ
Description: Smith [A.O.] Corp
Symbol: AOS.BZ
Description: Alpha and Omega Semi
Symbol: AOSL.BZ
Description: Ampco-Pittsburgh Corp
Symbol: AP.BZ
Description: Apache Corp
Symbol: APA.BZ
Description: Asia Pacific Fund Inc
Symbol: APB.BZ
Description: Anadarko Petroleum Corp
Symbol: APC.BZ
Description: Air Products and Chemicals
Symbol: APD.BZ
Description: American Pub. Edu.
Symbol: APEI.BZ
Description: Morgan Stanley Asia Pacific Fund Inc
Symbol: APF.BZ
Description: Amphenol Corp
Symbol: APH.BZ
Description: Apollo Global Management Llc C
Symbol: APO.BZ
Description: Apogee Entrpr Inc
Symbol: APOG.BZ
Description: Apollo Ed Grp A
Symbol: APOL.BZ
Description: American Apparel Inc
Symbol: APP.BZ
Description: Venaxis Inc
Symbol: APPY.BZ
Description: Apricus Biosc Inc
Symbol: APRI.BZ
Description: Alpha Pro Tech
Symbol: APT.BZ
Description: Preferred Apartment Communities
Symbol: APTS.BZ
Description: Amerigas Partners LP
Symbol: APU.BZ
Description: Asia Pacific Wire & Cable
Symbol: APWC.BZ
Description: Accuray Incorporated
Symbol: ARAY.BZ
Description: American Reprographics Company
Symbol: ARC.BZ
Description: Ares Capital Corp
Symbol: ARCC.BZ
Description: Applnc Rcycl Ct Amer
Symbol: ARCI.BZ
Description: Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc
Symbol: ARCO.BZ
Description: Arc Group Worldwide
Symbol: ARCW.BZ
Description: Alexandria Real Estate Equitie
Symbol: ARE-E.BZ
Description: Alexandria Real Estate Equities
Symbol: ARE.BZ
Description: Approach Res. Inc
Symbol: AREX.BZ
Description: Airgas Inc
Symbol: ARG.BZ
Description: G-X FTSE Argentina 20 ETF
Symbol: ARGT.BZ
Description: Arch Capital Group Ltd 6.75% P
Symbol: ARH-C.BZ
Description: Apollo Commercial Real Estate
Symbol: ARI.BZ
Description: Ariad Pharm Inc
Symbol: ARIA.BZ
Description: American Railcar Ind
Symbol: ARII.BZ
Description: Ark Restaurants Cp
Symbol: ARKR.BZ
Description: American Realty Investors
Symbol: ARL.BZ
Description: Alliance Resource Pt
Symbol: ARLP.BZ
Description: Arm Holdings Plc
Symbol: ARMH.BZ
Description: Arena Pharmaceutical
Symbol: ARNA.BZ
Description: Aeropostale Inc
Symbol: ARO.BZ
Description: Arrow Financial Corp
Symbol: AROW.BZ
Description: Atlas Resource Partners L.P. C
Symbol: ARP.BZ
Description: Arqule Inc
Symbol: ARQL.BZ
Description: Armour Residential R
Symbol: ARR.BZ
Description: Arris Group Inc
Symbol: ARRS.BZ
Description: Array Biopharma Inc
Symbol: ARRY.BZ
Description: Artesian Res Cp A
Symbol: ARTNA.BZ
Description: Art S Way MFG Co I
Symbol: ARTW.BZ
Description: Arotech Corp
Symbol: ARTX.BZ
Description: Arrow Electronics
Symbol: ARW.BZ
Description: Arrowhead Pharma
Symbol: ARWR.BZ
Description: Ares Capital Corp
Symbol: ARY.BZ
Description: ASA Gold and Precious Metals
Symbol: ASA.BZ
Description: Asb Bancorp Inc
Symbol: ASBB.BZ
Description: Ameriana Bancorp
Symbol: ASBI.BZ
Description: Ascent Capital Group
Symbol: ASCMA.BZ
Description: G-X FTSE Asean 40 ETF
Symbol: ASEA.BZ
Description: Amer Sci Engr
Symbol: ASEI.BZ
Description: Asta Funding Inc
Symbol: ASFI.BZ
Description: Liberty All-Star Growth Fund
Symbol: ASG.BZ
Description: On Assignment
Symbol: ASGN.BZ
Description: Ashland Global Holdings Inc
Symbol: ASH.BZ
Description: Avino Silver & Gold
Symbol: ASM.BZ
Description: Asml Hldg NY Reg
Symbol: ASML.BZ
Description: Ascena Retail Grp
Symbol: ASNA.BZ
Description: Altisource Portfolio
Symbol: ASPS.BZ
Description: Grupo Aeroportuario Del Sureste
Symbol: ASR.BZ
Description: Ameriserv Financial
Symbol: ASRV.BZ
Description: Ameriserv Fin Cap
Symbol: ASRVP.BZ
Description: Astrotech Corp
Symbol: ASTC.BZ
Description: Astec Inds Inc
Symbol: ASTE.BZ
Description: Ascent Solar Technologies
Symbol: ASTI.BZ
Description: Asure Software
Symbol: ASUR.BZ
Description: Ase Industrial Holding Co. Ltd
Symbol: ASX.BZ
Description: Amtech Systems Inc
Symbol: ASYS.BZ
Description: Atlantic Power Corp
Symbol: AT.BZ
Description: Ata Inc ADR
Symbol: ATAI.BZ
Description: Amer First Mf Inv
Symbol: ATAX.BZ
Description: Advantest Corporation Ads
Symbol: ATE.BZ
Description: Alphatec Holdings
Symbol: ATEC.BZ
Description: Athenahealth Inc
Symbol: ATHN.BZ
Description: Athersys Inc
Symbol: ATHX.BZ
Description: Allegheny Technologies Inc
Symbol: ATI.BZ
Description: Ames Natl Corp
Symbol: ATLO.BZ
Description: Atlas Energy Llc
Symbol: ATLS.BZ
Description: Atmel Corp
Symbol: ATML.BZ
Description: Atn International
Symbol: ATNI.BZ
Description: Api Technologies
Symbol: ATNY.BZ
Description: Atmos Energy Corp
Symbol: ATO.BZ
Description: Aptargroup
Symbol: ATR.BZ
Description: Atricure Inc
Symbol: ATRC.BZ
Description: Atrion Corp
Symbol: ATRI.BZ
Description: Astronics Cp
Symbol: ATRO.BZ
Description: Air Transport
Symbol: ATSG.BZ
Description: Actuant Corp
Symbol: ATU.BZ
Description: Acorn International
Symbol: ATV.BZ
Description: Activision Blizzard
Symbol: ATVI.BZ
Description: Atwood Oceanics
Symbol: ATW.BZ
Description: Anglogold Ashanti Ltd
Symbol: AU.BZ
Description: Auburn Natl Bncp I
Symbol: AUBN.BZ
Description: Audiocodes Ltd
Symbol: AUDC.BZ
Description: Golden Minerals Co
Symbol: AUMN.BZ
Description: Australia & NZ Debt Wisdomtree
Symbol: AUNZ.BZ
Description: Au Optronics Corp
Symbol: AUO.BZ
Description: Australia Dividend Wisdomtree
Symbol: AUSE.BZ
Description: Yamana Gold
Symbol: AUY.BZ
Description: Aviva Plc
Symbol: AV.BZ
Description: Avista Corp
Symbol: AVA.BZ
Description: Aerovironment Inc
Symbol: AVAV.BZ
Description: Avalonbay Communities
Symbol: AVB.BZ
Description: American Vanguard Corp
Symbol: AVD.BZ
Description: Aveo Pharmaceuticals
Symbol: AVEO.BZ
Description: Avg Technologies N.V.
Symbol: AVG.BZ
Description: Broadcom Ltd
Symbol: AVGO.BZ
Description: A V Homes Inc
Symbol: AVHI.BZ
Description: Advent Claymore Convertible Securities
Symbol: AVK.BZ
Description: Aviat Networks Inc
Symbol: AVNW.BZ
Description: Avon Products
Symbol: AVP.BZ
Description: Avnet Inc
Symbol: AVT.BZ
Description: Aviva Plc
Symbol: AVV.BZ
Description: Avx Corp
Symbol: AVX.BZ
Description: Avery Dennison Corp
Symbol: AVY.BZ
Description: Alliancebernstein Global High Income Fund
Symbol: AWF.BZ
Description: Allied World Assurance Company
Symbol: AWH.BZ
Description: Armstrong World Industries Inc
Symbol: AWI.BZ
Description: American Water Works
Symbol: AWK.BZ
Description: Alpine Global Premier Propertie
Symbol: AWP.BZ
Description: American States Water Company
Symbol: AWR.BZ
Description: Aware Inc
Symbol: AWRE.BZ
Description: Avalon Holdings Corp
Symbol: AWX.BZ
Description: Abraxas Petro Corp
Symbol: AXAS.BZ
Description: Anixter International Inc
Symbol: AXE.BZ
Description: Asia Pacific Ex-Japan Wisdomtree
Symbol: AXJL.BZ
Description: American Axle & Manufacturing
Symbol: AXL.BZ
Description: China Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company
Symbol: AXN.BZ
Description: American Express Company
Symbol: AXP.BZ
Description: Amrep Corp
Symbol: AXR.BZ
Description: Axis Capital Holdings Ltd
Symbol: AXS-C.BZ
Description: Axis Capital Holdings
Symbol: AXS.BZ
Description: Axt Inc
Symbol: AXTI.BZ
Description: Alexco Resource Corp
Symbol: AXU.BZ
Description: Alderon Iron Ore Corp
Symbol: AXX.BZ
Description: Acuity Brands Inc
Symbol: AYI.BZ
Description: Aircastle Ltd
Symbol: AYR.BZ
Description: Ipath GEMS Asia 8 ETN
Symbol: AYT.BZ
Description: Astrazeneca Plc
Symbol: AZN.BZ
Description: Autozone
Symbol: AZO.BZ
Description: Aspen Technology
Symbol: AZPN.BZ
Description: Azz Inc
Symbol: AZZ.BZ
Description: Barnes Group
Symbol: B.BZ
Description: Boeing Company
Symbol: BA.BZ
Description: Banro Corp
Symbol: BAA.BZ
Description: Taxable Muni Bond Portfolio PS
Symbol: BAB.BZ
Description: SPDR Build Amer Bd Barclays Capital
Symbol: BABS.BZ
Description: Natus Medical Inc
Symbol: BABY.BZ
Description: Bank of America Dep Share D
Symbol: BAC-D.BZ
Description: Bank of America Corp Dep R
Symbol: BAC-E.BZ
Description: Bank of America Corp Pfd I
Symbol: BAC-I.BZ
Description: Bank of America Corp Pfd L
Symbol: BAC-L.BZ
Description: Bac Cap TR ViII
Symbol: BAC-Z.BZ
Description: Bank of America Corp Cl A
Symbol: BAC.A.BZ
Description: Bank of America Corp Cl B
Symbol: BAC.B.BZ
Description: Bank of America Corp
Symbol: BAC.BZ
Description: Blackrock Income Inv Quality Trust
Symbol: BAF.BZ
Description: Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corp
Symbol: BAH.BZ
Description: Braskem S.A.
Symbol: BAK.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Cotton Subindex TR ETN
Symbol: BAL.BZ
Description: Brookfield Asset Management Inc
Symbol: BAM.BZ
Description: First Pactrust Bancorp
Symbol: BANC.BZ
Description: Bancfirst Corp
Symbol: BANF.BZ
Description: Bfc Capital Trust II
Symbol: BANFP.BZ
Description: Banner Corp
Symbol: BANR.BZ
Description: Credicorp Ltd
Symbol: BAP.BZ
Description: Basic Energy Services
Symbol: BAS.BZ
Description: Bioanalytical Syst
Symbol: BASI.BZ
Description: Bats Global Markets
Symbol: BATS.BZ
Description: Baxter International Inc
Symbol: BAX.BZ
Description: Bed Bath & Beyond
Symbol: BBBY.BZ
Description: Bbcn Bancorp Com
Symbol: BBCN.BZ
Description: Banco Bradesco S.A.
Symbol: BBD.BZ
Description: Banco Bradesco S.A.
Symbol: BBDO.BZ
Description: Breitburn Energy
Symbol: BBEP.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muni Income Trust
Symbol: BBF.BZ
Description: Bill Barrett Corp
Symbol: BBG.BZ
Description: Beasley Brdcst Gr
Symbol: BBGI.BZ
Description: Biotech Vaneck ETF
Symbol: BBH.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muni Trust
Symbol: BBK.BZ
Description: Bhp Billiton Plc
Symbol: BBL.BZ
Description: Balckrock Build America Trust
Symbol: BBN.BZ
Description: Black Box Cp
Symbol: BBOX.BZ
Description: Bravo Brio Restauran
Symbol: BBRG.BZ
Description: Barrett Business S
Symbol: BBSI.BZ
Description: BB&T Corp
Symbol: BBT.BZ
Description: Banco Bilbao Viscaya Argentaria S.A.
Symbol: BBVA.BZ
Description: Build-A-Bear Workshop
Symbol: BBW.BZ
Description: Bbx Capital Corp
Symbol: BBX.BZ
Description: Best Buy Co
Symbol: BBY.BZ
Description: Brunswick Corp
Symbol: BC.BZ
Description: Corpbanca
Symbol: BCA.BZ
Description: Bcb Bancorp Inc
Symbol: BCBP.BZ
Description: BCE Inc
Symbol: BCE.BZ
Description: Bonanza Creek Energy Inc
Symbol: BCEI.BZ
Description: Banco De Chile
Symbol: BCH.BZ
Description: Ipath Pure Beta Broad Commodity ETN
Symbol: BCM.BZ
Description: Brink's Company
Symbol: BCO.BZ
Description: B Communications Ltd
Symbol: BCOM.BZ
Description: Brightcove Inc
Symbol: BCOV.BZ
Description: Balchem Cp
Symbol: BCPC.BZ
Description: C.R. Bard
Symbol: BCR.BZ
Description: Biocryst Pharma Inc
Symbol: BCRX.BZ
Description: Barclays Bk ADR Sr 2
Symbol: BCS-.BZ
Description: Barclays Ads
Symbol: BCS-A.BZ
Description: Barclays Bank 4 Ads
Symbol: BCS-C.BZ
Description: Barclays Bank Plc
Symbol: BCS-D.BZ
Description: Barclays Plc
Symbol: BCS.BZ
Description: Bancroft Convertible Fund
Symbol: BCV.BZ
Description: Blackrock Resources
Symbol: BCX.BZ
Description: Belden Inc
Symbol: BDC.BZ
Description: Wells Fargo 2X Bus Dv Cm ETN UBS E-Tracs
Symbol: BDCL.BZ
Description: Wells Fargo Bus Dev Comp ETN
Symbol: BDCS.BZ
Description: DB Base Metals 2X ETN Powershares
Symbol: BDD.BZ
Description: Black Diamond Inc
Symbol: BDE.BZ
Description: DB Base Metals Long ETN Powershares
Symbol: BDG.BZ
Description: Bridge Bancorp Inc
Symbol: BDGE.BZ
Description: Blackrock Enhanced Dividend Achievers
Symbol: BDJ.BZ
Description: Flanigan's Enterprises
Symbol: BDL.BZ
Description: Birner Dental Mgmt
Symbol: BDMS.BZ
Description: Brandywine Realty Trust
Symbol: BDN-E.BZ
Description: Brandywine Realty Trust
Symbol: BDN.BZ
Description: Blonder Tongue Laboratories
Symbol: BDR.BZ
Description: Biodelivery Sci Intl
Symbol: BDSI.BZ
Description: Becton Dickinson and Company
Symbol: BDX.BZ
Description: Biotelemetry Inc
Symbol: BEAT.BZ
Description: BE Aerospace Inc
Symbol: BEAV.BZ
Description: Bebe Stores Inc
Symbol: BEBE.BZ
Description: Beacon Roofing Suppl
Symbol: BECN.BZ
Description: Bel Fuse Cl A
Symbol: BELFA.BZ
Description: Bel Fuse Inc Cl B
Symbol: BELFB.BZ
Description: Franklin Resources
Symbol: BEN.BZ
Description: Brown Forman Inc Cl A
Symbol: BF.A.BZ
Description: Brown Forman Inc Cl B
Symbol: BF.B.BZ
Description: Bankfinancial Corpor
Symbol: BFIN.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muni Income Trust
Symbol: BFK.BZ
Description: Blackrock Florida Muni 2020 Trust
Symbol: BFO.BZ
Description: Bbva Banco Frances S.A.
Symbol: BFR.BZ
Description: Saul Centers
Symbol: BFS.BZ
Description: Blackrock New York Muni Trust II
Symbol: BFY.BZ
Description: Blackrock California Muni Trust
Symbol: BFZ.BZ
Description: Bunge Ltd
Symbol: BG.BZ
Description: General Cable Corp
Symbol: BGC.BZ
Description: Bgc Partners Cl A
Symbol: BGCP.BZ
Description: Bge Capital Trust II
Symbol: BGE-B.BZ
Description: Big 5 Sporting
Symbol: BGFV.BZ
Description: Briggs & Stratton Corp
Symbol: BGG.BZ
Description: Blackrock Energy and Resources Trust
Symbol: BGR.BZ
Description: B&G Foods Holdings
Symbol: BGS.BZ
Description: Blackrock Global
Symbol: BGT.BZ
Description: Blackstone Gso Long Short Credit Fund
Symbol: BGX.BZ
Description: Blackrock International
Symbol: BGY.BZ
Description: Biglari Holdings Inc
Symbol: BH.BZ
Description: Bar Harbor Bankshares
Symbol: BHB.BZ
Description: Benchmark Electronics
Symbol: BHE.BZ
Description: Baker Hughes Inc
Symbol: BHI.BZ
Description: Blackrock Core Trust
Symbol: BHK.BZ
Description: Blackrock Defined Opportunity Trust
Symbol: BHL.BZ
Description: Berkshire Hills Bancorp
Symbol: BHLB.BZ
Description: Bhp Billiton Ltd
Symbol: BHP.BZ
Description: Blackrock Virginia Muni Trust
Symbol: BHV.BZ
Description: Ultra Nasdaq Biotech Proshares
Symbol: BIB.BZ
Description: BICK Index Fund FT
Symbol: BICK.BZ
Description: Sotheby's Holdings
Symbol: BID.BZ
Description: Baidu Inc
Symbol: BIDU.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muni Bond Investment Trust
Symbol: BIE.BZ
Description: Boulder Growth & Income Fund Inc
Symbol: BIF.BZ
Description: Big Lots
Symbol: BIG.BZ
Description: Biogen Inc
Symbol: BIIB.BZ
Description: SPDR S&P BRIC 40
Symbol: BIK.BZ
Description: 1-3 Month T-Bill Barclays Capital SPDR
Symbol: BIL.BZ
Description: Progressive Waste Solutions Ltd
Symbol: BIN.BZ
Description: Bio Rad Labs Cl B
Symbol: BIO.B.BZ
Description: Bio-Rad Laboratories
Symbol: BIO.BZ
Description: Biocept Inc
Symbol: BIOC.BZ
Description: Biodel Inc
Symbol: BIOD.BZ
Description: Bioscrip Inc
Symbol: BIOS.BZ
Description: Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP
Symbol: BIP.BZ
Description: Berkshire Rlty 9.00A
Symbol: BIR-A.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Biotechnology Proshares
Symbol: BIS.BZ
Description: Bitauto Holdings Ltd
Symbol: BITA.BZ
Description: Interm Term Bond ETF Vanguard
Symbol: BIV.BZ
Description: Gaming ETF Vaneck
Symbol: BJK.BZ
Description: Bj's Restaurants Inc
Symbol: BJRI.BZ
Description: Blackrock California Muni 2018 Trust
Symbol: BJZ.BZ
Description: Bank of New York Mellon Corp
Symbol: BK.BZ
Description: Blackrock Cptl Invt
Symbol: BKCC.BZ
Description: Brookdale Senior Living Inc
Symbol: BKD.BZ
Description: Buckle Inc
Symbol: BKE.BZ
Description: Blueknight Energy LP
Symbol: BKEP.BZ
Description: Blueknight Srs A Uts
Symbol: BKEPP.BZ
Description: BRIC Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: BKF.BZ
Description: Black Hills Corp
Symbol: BKH.BZ
Description: Bancorp of New Jersey Inc
Symbol: BKJ.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muni 2020 Trust
Symbol: BKK.BZ
Description: Senior Loan Portfolio PS
Symbol: BKLN.BZ
Description: Bank Mutual Corp
Symbol: BKMU.BZ
Description: Blackrock Investment Quality Municipal
Symbol: BKN.BZ
Description: Barnes & Noble
Symbol: BKS.BZ
Description: Bank of So Car Cp
Symbol: BKSC.BZ
Description: Blackrock Income Trust Inc
Symbol: BKT.BZ
Description: BankUnited Inc
Symbol: BKU.BZ
Description: Ballard Power Sys
Symbol: BLDP.BZ
Description: Builders Firstsource
Symbol: BLDR.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muni Income Trust II
Symbol: BLE.BZ
Description: Blackrock New York Muni 2018 Trust
Symbol: BLH.BZ
Description: Bridgeline Digital
Symbol: BLIN.BZ
Description: Blackrock New Jersey Muni Trust
Symbol: BLJ.BZ
Description: Blackrock
Symbol: BLK.BZ
Description: Blackbaud Inc
Symbol: BLKB.BZ
Description: Ball Corp
Symbol: BLL.BZ
Description: Bsb Bancorp Inc
Symbol: BLMT.BZ
Description: Precious Metals Pure Beta ETN Ipath
Symbol: BLNG.BZ
Description: Infoblox Inc
Symbol: BLOX.BZ
Description: Biolinerx Ltd
Symbol: BLRX.BZ
Description: Blount International
Symbol: BLT.BZ
Description: Long Term Bond Index ETF Vanguard
Symbol: BLV.BZ
Description: Blackrock Limited Duration Income Trust
Symbol: BLW.BZ
Description: Banco Latinoamericano De Comercio
Symbol: BLX.BZ
Description: Banco Macro S.A.
Symbol: BMA.BZ
Description: Blackrock Health Sciences Trust
Symbol: BME.BZ
Description: Badger Meter
Symbol: BMI.BZ
Description: Bank America Dep G
Symbol: BML-G.BZ
Description: Bank America Dep H
Symbol: BML-H.BZ
Description: Bank America Dep I
Symbol: BML-I.BZ
Description: Bank America Dep J
Symbol: BML-J.BZ
Description: Bank America Dep L
Symbol: BML-L.BZ
Description: Bank of Montreal
Symbol: BMO.BZ
Description: Biomed Realty Trust
Symbol: BMR.BZ
Description: Bank of Marin Bancrp
Symbol: BMRC.BZ
Description: Biomarin Pharmaceut
Symbol: BMRN.BZ
Description: Bemis Company
Symbol: BMS.BZ
Description: Bryn Mawr Bank Corp
Symbol: BMTC.BZ
Description: Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Symbol: BMY.BZ
Description: Beneficial Bancorp
Symbol: BNCL.BZ
Description: BNC Bancorp Inc
Symbol: BNCN.BZ
Description: Total Bond Market ETF Vanguard
Symbol: BND.BZ
Description: Blackrock New Jersey Muni Income Trust
Symbol: BNJ.BZ
Description: US Brent Oil
Symbol: BNO.BZ
Description: Bank of Nova Scotia
Symbol: BNS.BZ
Description: Bonso Elec Intl In
Symbol: BNSO.BZ
Description: Blackrock New York Muni Trust Inc
Symbol: BNY.BZ
Description: Bob Evans Farms
Symbol: BOBE.BZ
Description: Bank of Commerce Hld
Symbol: BOCH.BZ
Description: Blackrock Global
Symbol: BOE.BZ
Description: Bofi Holding Inc
Symbol: BOFI.BZ
Description: Bank of Hawaii Corp
Symbol: BOH.BZ
Description: Ultra DJ-UBS Natural Gas Proshares
Symbol: BOIL.BZ
Description: Bok Financial Corp
Symbol: BOKF.BZ
Description: Biolight Life Sciences Ltd.
Symbol: BOLT.BZ
Description: DB Base Metals -2X ETN Powershares
Symbol: BOM.BZ
Description: Bona Film Group Ltd
Symbol: BONA.BZ
Description: Total Return ETF Pimco
Symbol: BOND.BZ
Description: Bon Ton Stores The
Symbol: BONT.BZ
Description: Dynamic Materials
Symbol: BOOM.BZ
Description: China New Borun Corp
Symbol: BORN.BZ
Description: DB Base Metals -1X ETN Powershares
Symbol: BOS.BZ
Description: Bos Better Online
Symbol: BOSC.BZ
Description: Bank of The Jame Fnl
Symbol: BOTJ.BZ
Description: Brookfield Office Properties C
Symbol: BOXC.BZ
Description: BP Plc
Symbol: BP.BZ
Description: Boston Pvt Finl Hldg
Symbol: BPFH.BZ
Description: Boston Private Wts
Symbol: BPFHW.BZ
Description: Bridgepoint Education
Symbol: BPI.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muni 2018 Trust
Symbol: BPK.BZ
Description: Buckeye Partners LP
Symbol: BPL.BZ
Description: Popular Inc
Symbol: BPOP.BZ
Description: Popular Inc Trust II
Symbol: BPOPM.BZ
Description: Popular Inc Trust I
Symbol: BPOPN.BZ
Description: BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust
Symbol: BPT.BZ
Description: Blackrock New York Muni Trust
Symbol: BQH.BZ
Description: Broadridge Financial Solutions Llc
Symbol: BR.BZ
Description: G-X Brazil Consumer ETF
Symbol: BRAQ.BZ
Description: G-X Brazil Midcap ETF
Symbol: BRAZ.BZ
Description: Brady Corp
Symbol: BRC.BZ
Description: Brocade Comm Sys
Symbol: BRCD.BZ
Description: Broadcom Corp
Symbol: BRCM.BZ
Description: Craft Brew Alliance
Symbol: BREW.BZ
Description: Brazil Smallcap ETF Vaneck
Symbol: BRF.BZ
Description: Brf-Brasil Foods S.A.
Symbol: BRFS.BZ
Description: Bridgford Foods Cp
Symbol: BRID.BZ
Description: Berkshire Hath Hld Cl A
Symbol: BRK.A.BZ
Description: Berkshire Hath Hld Cl B
Symbol: BRK.B.BZ
Description: Brookline Bancorp
Symbol: BRKL.BZ
Description: Bruker Corp
Symbol: BRKR.BZ
Description: Brooks Automation
Symbol: BRKS.BZ
Description: Barnwell Industries
Symbol: BRN.BZ
Description: Brown & Brown
Symbol: BRO.BZ
Description: Bristow Group Inc
Symbol: BRS.BZ
Description: BRT Realty Trust
Symbol: BRT.BZ
Description: Banco Santander Chile ADR
Symbol: BSAC.BZ
Description: Banco Santander Brasil S.A.
Symbol: BSBR.BZ
Description: 2016 Corp Bond Bulletshares Guggenheim
Symbol: BSCG.BZ
Description: 2017 Corp Bond Bulletshares Guggenheim
Symbol: BSCH.BZ
Description: 2018 Corp Bond Port PS Bs
Symbol: BSCI.BZ
Description: 2019 Corp Bond Port PS Bs
Symbol: BSCJ.BZ
Description: 2020 Corp Bond Port PS Bs
Symbol: BSCK.BZ
Description: Blackrock Strategic Muni Trust Inc
Symbol: BSD.BZ
Description: Blackrock New York Muni Income Trust
Symbol: BSE.BZ
Description: Bassett Furniture
Symbol: BSET.BZ
Description: Broadsoft Inc
Symbol: BSFT.BZ
Description: Alon Holdings - Blue Square Israel Ltd
Symbol: BSI.BZ
Description: 2016 HY C Bd ETF Bulletshares Guggenheim
Symbol: BSJG.BZ
Description: 2017 HY C Bd ETF Bulletshares Guggenheim
Symbol: BSJH.BZ
Description: 2018 High Yld Corp Bond Port PS Bs
Symbol: BSJI.BZ
Description: Blackstone Gso Senior Floating Rate
Symbol: BSL.BZ
Description: Biostar Pharmaceutic
Symbol: BSPM.BZ
Description: Bsquare Corp
Symbol: BSQR.BZ
Description: Sierra Bancorp
Symbol: BSRR.BZ
Description: Biospecifics Tech Cp
Symbol: BSTC.BZ
Description: Short-Term Bond ETF Vanguard
Symbol: BSV.BZ
Description: Boston Scientific Corp
Symbol: BSX.BZ
Description: Bt Group Plc
Symbol: BT.BZ
Description: Blackrock Long-Term Muni Advantage Trust
Symbol: BTA.BZ
Description: US Anti-Beta Fund Mkt Neutral Quantshares
Symbol: BTAL.BZ
Description: Baytex Energy Corp
Symbol: BTE.BZ
Description: British American Tobacco Industries
Symbol: BTI.BZ
Description: Ballantyne Strong Inc
Symbol: BTN.BZ
Description: John Hancock Bank and Thrift Fund
Symbol: BTO.BZ
Description: Peabody Energy Corp
Symbol: BTU.BZ
Description: Biotime Inc
Symbol: BTX.BZ
Description: Blackrock Preferred
Symbol: BTZ.BZ
Description: Anheuser-Busch Inbev S.A.
Symbol: BUD.BZ
Description: Blackrock Utility and Infrastr
Symbol: BUI.BZ
Description: DB German Bund ETN Powershares
Symbol: BUNL.BZ
Description: DB 3X German Bund ETN Powershares
Symbol: BUNT.BZ
Description: Burcon Nutrascience
Symbol: BUR.BZ
Description: First Busey Corp
Symbol: BUSE.BZ
Description: Brightview Holdings Inc
Symbol: BV.BZ
Description: Compania Mina Buenaventura S.A.
Symbol: BVN.BZ
Description: Broadvision Inc
Symbol: BVSN.BZ
Description: Bovie Medical Corp
Symbol: BVX.BZ
Description: Borgwarner Inc
Symbol: BWA.BZ
Description: Broadwind Energy Inc
Symbol: BWEN.BZ
Description: Legg Mason Bw Global Income Op
Symbol: BWG.BZ
Description: Baldwin Lyons Cl A
Symbol: BWINA.BZ
Description: Baldwin Lyons Cl B
Symbol: BWINB.BZ
Description: Bowl Amer Inc Cl A
Symbol: BWL.A.BZ
Description: Buffalo Wild Wings
Symbol: BWLD.BZ
Description: Boardwalk Pipeline Partners LP
Symbol: BWP.BZ
Description: Ipath CBOE S&P 500 Buywrite Index ETN
Symbol: BWV.BZ
Description: Intl Treasury Bond ETF SPDR
Symbol: BWX.BZ
Description: Short-Term Intl Treasury Bond ETF SPDR
Symbol: BWZ.BZ
Description: The Blackstone Group LP
Symbol: BX.BZ
Description: Bluelinx Holdings Inc
Symbol: BXC.BZ
Description: Boston Properties
Symbol: BXP.BZ
Description: Bancorpsouth Inc
Symbol: BXS.BZ
Description: Boyd Gaming Corp
Symbol: BYD.BZ
Description: Broadway Fin Cp
Symbol: BYFC.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muni Income Quality Trust
Symbol: BYM.BZ
Description: Breeze-Eastern Corp
Symbol: BZC.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Brazilian Real Fund
Symbol: BZF.BZ
Description: Beazer Homes USA
Symbol: BZH.BZ
Description: Blackrock Maryland Muni Trust
Symbol: BZM.BZ
Description: Ultrashort MSCI Brazil Proshares
Symbol: BZQ.BZ
Description: Citigroup Cap Prfd C V7.875 10/30/40
Symbol: C-N.BZ
Description: Citigroup Inc Prfd C 8.125 P12/31/49 Aa
Symbol: C-P.BZ
Description: Citigroup Inc Prfd C 6.3
Symbol: C-S.BZ
Description: Citigroup Inc Wrnt 'A'
Symbol: C.A.BZ
Description: Citigroup Inc Wrnt 'B'
Symbol: C.B.BZ
Description: Citigroup Inc
Symbol: C.BZ
Description: CA Inc
Symbol: CA.BZ
Description: China Automotive Sys
Symbol: CAAS.BZ
Description: Cabela's Inc
Symbol: CAB.BZ
Description: Camden Natl Cp
Symbol: CAC.BZ
Description: Cascade Bancorp
Symbol: CACB.BZ
Description: Credit Acceptance
Symbol: CACC.BZ
Description: Caci International
Symbol: CACI.BZ
Description: China Advanced Const
Symbol: CADC.BZ
Description: Cae Inc
Symbol: CAE.BZ
Description: Morgan Stanley China A Share Fund Inc
Symbol: CAF.BZ
Description: Coffee Pure Beta ETN Ipath
Symbol: CAFE.BZ
Description: Conagra Brands Inc
Symbol: CAG.BZ
Description: Cardinal Health
Symbol: CAH.BZ
Description: Canon Inc
Symbol: CAJ.BZ
Description: Cheesecake Fact
Symbol: CAKE.BZ
Description: Callidus Software
Symbol: CALD.BZ
Description: China Auto Logistics
Symbol: CALI.BZ
Description: Magicjack Vocaltec L
Symbol: CALL.BZ
Description: Cal-Maine Foods In
Symbol: CALM.BZ
Description: Calix Inc
Symbol: CALX.BZ
Description: Cameron International Corp
Symbol: CAM.BZ
Description: Calamp Corp
Symbol: CAMP.BZ
Description: Camtek Ltd
Symbol: CAMT.BZ
Description: Teucrium Sugar
Symbol: CANE.BZ
Description: Avis Budget Group I
Symbol: CAR.BZ
Description: Carbonite Inc
Symbol: CARB.BZ
Description: Carolina Trust Bank
Symbol: CART.BZ
Description: Carver Bancorp
Symbol: CARV.BZ
Description: Nasdaq Global Auto Index Fund FT
Symbol: CARZ.BZ
Description: A.M. Castle & Co
Symbol: CAS.BZ
Description: Meta Financial Grp
Symbol: CASH.BZ
Description: Cas Medical Sys Inc
Symbol: CASM.BZ
Description: Cass Information Sys
Symbol: CASS.BZ
Description: Casey's General Stor
Symbol: CASY.BZ
Description: Caterpillar Inc
Symbol: CAT.BZ
Description: Cardtronics Inc
Symbol: CATM.BZ
Description: Cato Corp
Symbol: CATO.BZ
Description: Cathay Genl Bncp
Symbol: CATY.BZ
Description: Cavium Inc
Symbol: CAVM.BZ
Description: CCA Industries
Symbol: CAW.BZ
Description: Chubb Ltd
Symbol: CB.BZ
Description: China Bak Battery
Symbol: CBAK.BZ
Description: Colony Bankcorp Inc
Symbol: CBAN.BZ
Description: Cincinnati Bell Pr B
Symbol: CBB-B.BZ
Description: Cincinnati Bell Inc
Symbol: CBB.BZ
Description: Companhia Brasileira De Distribuicao
Symbol: CBD.BZ
Description: CBRE Group Inc
Symbol: CBG.BZ
Description: Chicago Bridge & Iron Company N.V.
Symbol: CBI.BZ
Description: Christopher & Banks Corp
Symbol: CBK.BZ
Description: Cbl Pfd D
Symbol: CBL-D.BZ
Description: Cbl & Associates Properties
Symbol: CBL.BZ
Description: Cleveland Biolabs
Symbol: CBLI.BZ
Description: Cambrex Corp
Symbol: CBM.BZ
Description: Combimatrix Corp
Symbol: CBMX.BZ
Description: Combimatrix Corp WT
Symbol: CBMXW.BZ
Description: Issuer Scd Corp Bond SPDR
Symbol: CBND.BZ
Description: Cape Bancorp Inc
Symbol: CBNJ.BZ
Description: Capital Bancorp Inc.
Symbol: CBNK.BZ
Description: CBOE Global Markets Inc
Symbol: CBOE.BZ
Description: China Biologic Produ
Symbol: CBPO.BZ
Description: Ciber Inc
Symbol: CBR.BZ
Description: Cracker Barrel
Symbol: CBRL.BZ
Description: CBS Corp
Symbol: CBS.A.BZ
Description: CBS Corp
Symbol: CBS.BZ
Description: Commerce Bancshares
Symbol: CBSH.BZ
Description: Cabot Corp
Symbol: CBT.BZ
Description: Community Bank System
Symbol: CBU.BZ
Description: Cbiz Inc
Symbol: CBZ.BZ
Description: MFS California Insured Muni Trust
Symbol: CCA.BZ
Description: Capital City Bank Gr
Symbol: CCBG.BZ
Description: Calgon Carbon Corp
Symbol: CCC.BZ
Description: China Ceramics Co
Symbol: CCCL.BZ
Description: Coca Cola European Partners
Symbol: CCE.BZ
Description: Chase Corp
Symbol: CCF.BZ
Description: Campus Crest Communities Inc
Symbol: CCG-A.BZ
Description: Campus Crest Communities
Symbol: CCG.BZ
Description: Crown Castle International Corp
Symbol: CCI.BZ
Description: Chinacache Hldgs ADR
Symbol: CCIH.BZ
Description: Cameco Corp
Symbol: CCJ.BZ
Description: Crown Cork & Seal Company
Symbol: CCK.BZ
Description: Carnival Corp
Symbol: CCL.BZ
Description: Concord Medical Services
Symbol: CCM.BZ
Description: Cabot Microelectron
Symbol: CCMP.BZ
Description: Cnb Financial Corp
Symbol: CCNE.BZ
Description: Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings
Symbol: CCO.BZ
Description: Cogent Comm Hldgs
Symbol: CCOI.BZ
Description: Cross Ctry Hlthcr
Symbol: CCRN.BZ
Description: Country Style Cooking
Symbol: CCSC.BZ
Description: Compania Cervecerias Unidas S.A.
Symbol: CCU.BZ
Description: Concurrent Computer
Symbol: CCUR.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Commodity Currency Fund
Symbol: CCX.BZ
Description: Commodity Country Equity Wisdomtree
Symbol: CCXE.BZ
Description: Chemocentryx Inc
Symbol: CCXI.BZ
Description: Comcast Corp
Symbol: CCZ.BZ
Description: Coeur Mining Inc
Symbol: CDE.BZ
Description: Cdi Corp
Symbol: CDI.BZ
Description: Cadence Design Sys
Symbol: CDNS.BZ
Description: Cedar Shopping Centers Inc
Symbol: CDR.BZ
Description: Cdti Advanced Materials Inc.
Symbol: CDTI.BZ
Description: Codexis Inc
Symbol: CDXS.BZ
Description: Cadiz Inc
Symbol: CDZI.BZ
Description: Celanese Corp
Symbol: CE.BZ
Description: China Eastern Airlines Corp Ltd
Symbol: CEA.BZ
Description: C E C O Envir
Symbol: CECE.BZ
Description: Career Education
Symbol: CECO.BZ
Description: Central Europe and Russia Fund
Symbol: CEE.BZ
Description: Sprott Physical Gold & Silver Trust
Symbol: CEF.BZ
Description: Cellcom Israel
Symbol: CEL.BZ
Description: Celgene Corp
Symbol: CELG.BZ
Description: Celgene Cp Cvr
Symbol: CELGZ.BZ
Description: Clearbridge Energy MLP Fund Inc
Symbol: CEM.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Corp Bond Ishares JPM ETF
Symbol: CEMB.BZ
Description: Cempra Inc
Symbol: CEMP.BZ
Description: Central Garden
Symbol: CENT.BZ
Description: Central Garden & Pet
Symbol: CENTA.BZ
Description: Century Aluminum C
Symbol: CENX.BZ
Description: Cnooc Ltd
Symbol: CEO.BZ
Description: Ceres Inc
Symbol: CERE.BZ
Description: Cerner Corp
Symbol: CERN.BZ
Description: Cerus Corp
Symbol: CERS.BZ
Description: Central Securities Corp
Symbol: CET.BZ
Description: Central EUR Med A
Symbol: CETV.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance California Muni Income Trust
Symbol: CEV.BZ
Description: Ceva Inc
Symbol: CEVA.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Emerging Currency Fund
Symbol: CEW.BZ
Description: Cf Industries Holdings
Symbol: CF.BZ
Description: Central Fed Cp
Symbol: CFBK.BZ
Description: Countrywide Cap IV
Symbol: CFC-A.BZ
Description: Countrywide Cap V
Symbol: CFC-B.BZ
Description: Nuveen Diversified Commodity Fund
Symbol: CFD.BZ
Description: C&F Financial Corp
Symbol: CFFI.BZ
Description: Capitol Fed Finl Inc
Symbol: CFFN.BZ
Description: Culp Inc
Symbol: CFI.BZ
Description: Calif First National
Symbol: CFNB.BZ
Description: Cardinal Fin Cp
Symbol: CFNL.BZ
Description: Cullen/Frost Bankers
Symbol: CFR.BZ
Description: Colfax Corp
Symbol: CFX.BZ
Description: China Green Agriculture
Symbol: CGA.BZ
Description: Compugen Ltd
Symbol: CGEN.BZ
Description: Celadon Group
Symbol: CGI.BZ
Description: Cognex Cp
Symbol: CGNX.BZ
Description: Calamos Glb Ttl Rtn
Symbol: CGO.BZ
Description: S&P Global Water Index Port PS
Symbol: CGW.BZ
Description: Aberdeen Chile Fund
Symbol: CH.BZ
Description: China Telecom Corp Ltd
Symbol: CHA.BZ
Description: Comstock Hldgs Cos
Symbol: CHCI.BZ
Description: City Holding Co
Symbol: CHCO.BZ
Description: Church & Dwight Company
Symbol: CHD.BZ
Description: Churchill Downs In
Symbol: CHDN.BZ
Description: Chemed Inc
Symbol: CHE.BZ
Description: The Chefs Warehouse
Symbol: CHEF.BZ
Description: US Value Fund Mkt Neutral ETF Quantshares
Symbol: CHEP.BZ
Description: Cheviot Financial Co
Symbol: CHEV.BZ
Description: Chemical Financial
Symbol: CHFC.BZ
Description: Charter Finl Corp
Symbol: CHFN.BZ
Description: Choice Hotels International
Symbol: CHH.BZ
Description: Calamos Cv Opp & Inc
Symbol: CHI.BZ
Description: G-X China Energy ETF
Symbol: CHIE.BZ
Description: G-X China Industrials ETF
Symbol: CHII.BZ
Description: G-X China Materials ETF
Symbol: CHIM.BZ
Description: G-X China Consumer ETF
Symbol: CHIQ.BZ
Description: G-X China Financials ETF
Symbol: CHIX.BZ
Description: Chesapeake En Cv Pfd
Symbol: CHK-D.BZ
Description: Chesapeake Energy Corp
Symbol: CHK.BZ
Description: Cherokee Inc
Symbol: CHKE.BZ
Description: Check Point Software
Symbol: CHKP.BZ
Description: Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust
Symbol: CHKR.BZ
Description: China Mobile [Hong Kong] Ltd
Symbol: CHL.BZ
Description: China Housing & Land Development
Symbol: CHLN.BZ
Description: Chemtura Corp
Symbol: CHMT.BZ
Description: China Fund
Symbol: CHN.BZ
Description: China Natural Res
Symbol: CHNR.BZ
Description: Cocoa Pure Beta ETN Ipath
Symbol: CHOC.BZ
Description: China Gerui Advanced Materials
Symbol: CHOP.BZ
Description: C.H. Robinson Ww
Symbol: CHRW.BZ
Description: Chico's Fas
Symbol: CHS.BZ
Description: CHS Inc Cum Pfd
Symbol: CHSCP.BZ
Description: Chesapeake Lodging Trust
Symbol: CHSP.BZ
Description: Chunghwa Telecom Co Ltd
Symbol: CHT.BZ
Description: Charter Communicatio
Symbol: CHTR.BZ
Description: China Unicom [Hong Kong] Ltd
Symbol: CHU.BZ
Description: Calamos Gbl Dyn Inc
Symbol: CHW.BZ
Description: Calamos Cv & High In
Symbol: CHY.BZ
Description: Cigna Corp
Symbol: CI.BZ
Description: Citizens Inc
Symbol: CIA.BZ
Description: Bancolombia S.A.
Symbol: CIB.BZ
Description: Cinedigm Corp
Symbol: CIDM.BZ
Description: Cobalt International Energy
Symbol: CIE.BZ
Description: Ciena Corp
Symbol: CIEN.BZ
Description: Colonial Intermediate High
Symbol: CIF.BZ
Description: Comp En De Mn Cemig ADR
Symbol: CIG.BZ
Description: Comp En De Mn Cemig Class C ADR
Symbol: CIG.C.BZ
Description: Blackrock Capital and Income Strategies
Symbol: CII.BZ
Description: Credit Suisse Asset Management
Symbol: CIK.BZ
Description: Chimera Investment Corp
Symbol: CIM.BZ
Description: Cincinnati Financial
Symbol: CINF.BZ
Description: Circor International
Symbol: CIR.BZ
Description: Cninsure Inc
Symbol: CISG.BZ
Description: Cit Group Inc [Del]
Symbol: CIT.BZ
Description: Interm Credit Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: CIU.BZ
Description: Compx International Inc
Symbol: CIX.BZ
Description: Citizens Hldg Co
Symbol: CIZN.BZ
Description: C&J Energy Services Inc
Symbol: CJES.BZ
Description: China Jojo Drugstore
Symbol: CJJD.BZ
Description: Carmike Cinemas
Symbol: CKEC.BZ
Description: Seacor Smit Inc
Symbol: CKH.BZ
Description: Checkpoint Systms
Symbol: CKP.BZ
Description: Ckx Lands
Symbol: CKX.BZ
Description: Colgate-Palmolive Company
Symbol: CL.BZ
Description: Core Laboratories N.V.
Symbol: CLB.BZ
Description: Carolina Bank Hldgs
Symbol: CLBH.BZ
Description: Clarcor Inc
Symbol: CLC.BZ
Description: Collectors Universe
Symbol: CLCT.BZ
Description: Cloud Peak Energy Inc
Symbol: CLD.BZ
Description: Chatham Lodging Trust [Reit]
Symbol: CLDT.BZ
Description: Celldex Therapeutics
Symbol: CLDX.BZ
Description: Cleveland-Cliffs Inc
Symbol: CLF.BZ
Description: Clearfield Inc
Symbol: CLFD.BZ
Description: Corelogic
Symbol: CLGX.BZ
Description: Clean Harbors
Symbol: CLH.BZ
Description: Mack-Cali Realty Corp
Symbol: CLI.BZ
Description: Clearsign Combustion
Symbol: CLIR.BZ
Description: Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund
Symbol: CLM.BZ
Description: Calamos Asset Manage
Symbol: CLMS.BZ
Description: Calumet Specialty Pr
Symbol: CLMT.BZ
Description: Colony Financial Inc
Symbol: CLN-A.BZ
Description: Clean Energy Fuels
Symbol: CLNE.BZ
Description: Cleantech Solutions
Symbol: CLNT.BZ
Description: Colony Capital Inc
Symbol: CLNY.BZ
Description: Continental Resources
Symbol: CLR.BZ
Description: Color Kinetics
Symbol: CLRK.BZ
Description: Clearone Inc
Symbol: CLRO.BZ
Description: Celestica Inc
Symbol: CLS.BZ
Description: Celsion Corp
Symbol: CLSN.BZ
Description: Town Sports Internat
Symbol: CLUB.BZ
Description: Clovis Oncology Inc
Symbol: CLVS.BZ
Description: Clearwater Paper Corp
Symbol: CLW.BZ
Description: Euro Tech Hldg
Symbol: CLWT.BZ
Description: Clorox Company
Symbol: CLX.BZ
Description: 10+ Year Credit Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: CLY.BZ
Description: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Symbol: CM.BZ
Description: Comerica Inc
Symbol: CMA.BZ
Description: Comerica Inc
Symbol: CMA.W.BZ
Description: CMBS Ishares ETF
Symbol: CMBS.BZ
Description: Commercial Metals Company
Symbol: CMC.BZ
Description: Columbus Mckinnon
Symbol: CMCO.BZ
Description: Comcast Corp A
Symbol: CMCSA.BZ
Description: Cantel Medical
Symbol: CMD.BZ
Description: CME Group Inc
Symbol: CME.BZ
Description: California Muni Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: CMF.BZ
Description: Chipotle Mexican Grill
Symbol: CMG.BZ
Description: Cummins Inc
Symbol: CMI.BZ
Description: Cumulus Media Inc. Class A
Symbol: CMLS.BZ
Description: Cantel Medical
Symbol: CMN.BZ
Description: Capstead Mortgage Corp
Symbol: CMO.BZ
Description: Compass Minerals Intl Inc
Symbol: CMP.BZ
Description: Costamare Inc
Symbol: CMRE.BZ
Description: Consumers Engry 4.50
Symbol: CMS-B.BZ
Description: Cms Energy Corp
Symbol: CMS.BZ
Description: Core Molding Technologies Inc
Symbol: CMT.BZ
Description: Comtech Telecom Co
Symbol: CMTL.BZ
Description: Colonial Muni Income Trust
Symbol: CMU.BZ
Description: Cna Financial Corp
Symbol: CNA.BZ
Description: Century Bancorp Inc
Symbol: CNBKA.BZ
Description: Centene Corp
Symbol: CNC.BZ
Description: IQ Canada Smallcap ETF
Symbol: CNDA.BZ
Description: Chinanet Online Hldg
Symbol: CNET.BZ
Description: Canadian National Railway
Symbol: CNI.BZ
Description: China Info Tech
Symbol: CNIT.BZ
Description: Cinemark Holdings Inc
Symbol: CNK.BZ
Description: Cleco Power Llc
Symbol: CNL.BZ
Description: C O N M E D Cp
Symbol: CNMD.BZ
Description: Cno Financial Group
Symbol: CNO.BZ
Description: Centerpoint Energy Inc
Symbol: CNP.BZ
Description: Canadian Natural Resources
Symbol: CNQ.BZ
Description: China Metro-Rural Holdings
Symbol: CNR.BZ
Description: Cohn & Steers Inc
Symbol: CNS.BZ
Description: Consolidated Communications Holdings Inc
Symbol: CNSL.BZ
Description: China Techfaith Wire
Symbol: CNTF.BZ
Description: Century Casinos In
Symbol: CNTY.BZ
Description: CNX Resources Corp
Symbol: CNX.BZ
Description: RMB/USD ETN Vaneck
Symbol: CNY.BZ
Description: China Yida Holding
Symbol: CNYD.BZ
Description: Global Cord Blood Corp
Symbol: CO.BZ
Description: Cobiz Financial Inc
Symbol: COBZ.BZ
Description: Compass Diversified Holdings
Symbol: CODI.BZ
Description: Capital One Financial Corp
Symbol: COF.BZ
Description: Capital One Financial Corp
Symbol: COF.W.BZ
Description: Cabot Oil & Gas Corp
Symbol: COG.BZ
Description: Coach Inc
Symbol: COH.BZ
Description: Coherent Inc
Symbol: COHR.BZ
Description: Cohu Inc
Symbol: COHU.BZ
Description: Coca Cola Bot Cons
Symbol: COKE.BZ
Description: Rockwell Collins
Symbol: COL.BZ
Description: Columbia Banking Sys
Symbol: COLB.BZ
Description: Columbia Sprtswr
Symbol: COLM.BZ
Description: Conn's Inc
Symbol: CONN.BZ
Description: Cooper Companies
Symbol: COO.BZ
Description: Polarityte Inc
Symbol: COOL.BZ
Description: Conocophillips
Symbol: COP.BZ
Description: G-X Copper Miners ETF
Symbol: COPX.BZ
Description: Coresite Realty Corp
Symbol: COR.BZ
Description: Core Mark Holding
Symbol: CORE.BZ
Description: Teucrium Corn
Symbol: CORN.BZ
Description: Invest Grade Corp Bd Index ETF Pimco
Symbol: CORP.BZ
Description: Corcept Therapeutics
Symbol: CORT.BZ
Description: Cosi Inc
Symbol: COSI.BZ
Description: Costco Wholesale
Symbol: COST.BZ
Description: Cott Corp
Symbol: COT.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Livestock TR ETN
Symbol: COW.BZ
Description: Cowen Group Inc
Symbol: COWN.BZ
Description: Canadian Pacific Railway
Symbol: CP.BZ
Description: Copa Holdings S.A.
Symbol: CPA.BZ
Description: Cementos Pacasmayo S.A.A
Symbol: CPAC.BZ
Description: Campbell Soup Company
Symbol: CPB.BZ
Description: Callon Petroleum Company
Symbol: CPE.BZ
Description: US Copper
Symbol: CPER.BZ
Description: Central Pacific Financial Co
Symbol: CPF.BZ
Description: Canterbury Park Hl
Symbol: CPHC.BZ
Description: Cepheid Inc
Symbol: CPHD.BZ
Description: China Pharma Holdings
Symbol: CPHI.BZ
Description: IQ Real Return ETF
Symbol: CPI.BZ
Description: Cumberland Pharmaceu
Symbol: CPIX.BZ
Description: Chesapeake Utilities Corp
Symbol: CPK.BZ
Description: Cpfl Energia S.A.
Symbol: CPL.BZ
Description: Capella Education Co
Symbol: CPLA.BZ
Description: Capital Product Part
Symbol: CPLP.BZ
Description: Calpine Corp
Symbol: CPN.BZ
Description: Copart Inc
Symbol: CPRT.BZ
Description: Catalyst Pharm Inc
Symbol: CPRX.BZ
Description: Computer Programs
Symbol: CPSI.BZ
Description: Consumer Portfol
Symbol: CPSS.BZ
Description: Capstone Turbine Cp
Symbol: CPST.BZ
Description: Camden Property Trust
Symbol: CPT.BZ
Description: Cheniere Energy Partners LP
Symbol: CQP.BZ
Description: China Technology Guggenheim ETF
Symbol: CQQQ.BZ
Description: Crane Company
Symbol: CR.BZ
Description: Cra International
Symbol: CRAI.BZ
Description: Cray Inc
Symbol: CRAY.BZ
Description: CRB Global Commodity Equity
Symbol: CRBQ.BZ
Description: Crawford Co Cl A
Symbol: CRD.A.BZ
Description: Crawford Co Cl B
Symbol: CRD.B.BZ
Description: Cardica Inc.
Symbol: CRDC.BZ
Description: Crossroads Systems
Symbol: CRDS.BZ
Description: Cree Inc
Symbol: CREE.BZ
Description: China Recycling Ener
Symbol: CREG.BZ
Description: Cresud Sacif ADR
Symbol: CRESY.BZ
Description: Cornerstone Strategic Return Fund
Symbol: CRF.BZ
Description: CRH Plc
Symbol: CRH.BZ
Description: Carter's Inc
Symbol: CRI.BZ
Description: Curis Inc
Symbol: CRIS.BZ
Description: Comstock Resources
Symbol: CRK.BZ
Description: Charles River Laboratories Intl
Symbol: CRL.BZ
Description: Salesforce.com Inc
Symbol: CRM.BZ
Description: Cormedix Inc
Symbol: CRMD.BZ
Description: Cardiome Pharma Corp
Symbol: CRME.BZ
Description: America's Car-Mart
Symbol: CRMT.BZ
Description: Ceragon Networks Ltd
Symbol: CRNT.BZ
Description: IQ Global Agribusiness Smallcap ETF
Symbol: CROP.BZ
Description: Crocs Inc
Symbol: CROX.BZ
Description: Carbo Ceramics
Symbol: CRR.BZ
Description: Carpenter Technology Corp
Symbol: CRS.BZ
Description: Cross Timbers Royalty Trust
Symbol: CRT.BZ
Description: Cirrus Logic Inc
Symbol: CRUS.BZ
Description: Corvel Cp
Symbol: CRVL.BZ
Description: Crystal Rock Holdings
Symbol: CRVP.BZ
Description: Crown Media Hldgs
Symbol: CRWN.BZ
Description: Crown Crafts Inc
Symbol: CRWS.BZ
Description: Cryolife
Symbol: CRY.BZ
Description: Carrizo Oil & Gas
Symbol: CRZO.BZ
Description: Credit Suisse Group
Symbol: CS.BZ
Description: Clifton Bancorp Inc
Symbol: CSBK.BZ
Description: Computer Sciences Corp
Symbol: CSC.BZ
Description: Cascade Microtech
Symbol: CSCD.BZ
Description: Cisco Systems Inc
Symbol: CSCO.BZ
Description: S&P Spin-Off Portfolio PS
Symbol: CSD.BZ
Description: Centerstate Bank Corp
Symbol: CSFL.BZ
Description: Costar Group Inc
Symbol: CSGP.BZ
Description: C S G Sys Intl
Symbol: CSGS.BZ
Description: Cash America International
Symbol: CSH.BZ
Description: Cutwater Select Income Fund
Symbol: CSI.BZ
Description: Cardiovascular Syst
Symbol: CSII.BZ
Description: Canadian Solar Inc
Symbol: CSIQ.BZ
Description: 1-3 Year Credit Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: CSJ.BZ
Description: Carlisle Companies Inc
Symbol: CSL.BZ
Description: CS Long/Short Liquid Idx ETN
Symbol: CSLS.BZ
Description: Largecap Core Proshares Lus
Symbol: CSM.BZ
Description: Merger Arbi Liquid Idx ETN Credit Suisse
Symbol: CSMA.BZ
Description: Cornerstone Ondemand
Symbol: CSOD.BZ
Description: C S P Inc
Symbol: CSPI.BZ
Description: Calamos Strgc Ttl Rt
Symbol: CSQ.BZ
Description: Css Industries
Symbol: CSS.BZ
Description: Caesarstone Sdot-Yam
Symbol: CSTE.BZ
Description: Capital Senior Living Corp
Symbol: CSU.BZ
Description: China Sunergy Co.
Symbol: CSUN.BZ
Description: Carriage Services
Symbol: CSV.BZ
Description: Capital Southwest
Symbol: CSWC.BZ
Description: CSX Corp
Symbol: CSX.BZ
Description: Cintas Corp
Symbol: CTAS.BZ
Description: Cooper Tire & Rubber Company
Symbol: CTB.BZ
Description: Community TR Bancp
Symbol: CTBI.BZ
Description: Ctc Media Inc
Symbol: CTCM.BZ
Description: Constant Contact
Symbol: CTCT.BZ
Description: Charles & Colvard
Symbol: CTHR.BZ
Description: Cti Inds Corp
Symbol: CTIB.BZ
Description: Cti Biopharm Corp
Symbol: CTIC.BZ
Description: Centurylink
Symbol: CTL.BZ
Description: Cotton Pure Beta ETN Ipath
Symbol: CTNN.BZ
Description: Consolidated-Tomoka Land Co
Symbol: CTO.BZ
Description: Qwest Corp
Symbol: CTQ.BZ
Description: Citi Trends Inc
Symbol: CTRN.BZ
Description: Ctrip.com Intl Ltd
Symbol: CTRP.BZ
Description: Cts Corp
Symbol: CTS.BZ
Description: Cognizant Tech Sol
Symbol: CTSH.BZ
Description: Qwest Corp
Symbol: CTW.BZ
Description: Conn Water Svcs In
Symbol: CTWS.BZ
Description: Qwest Corp
Symbol: CTX.BZ
Description: Citrix Systems Inc
Symbol: CTXS.BZ
Description: Cubesmart 7.75% Series A Cumula
Symbol: CUB-A.BZ
Description: Cubic Corp
Symbol: CUB.BZ
Description: Herzfeld Caribbean
Symbol: CUBA.BZ
Description: Cubesmart
Symbol: CUBE.BZ
Description: Cui Global Inc
Symbol: CUI.BZ
Description: Carnival Plc ADR
Symbol: CUK.BZ
Description: Continental Materials Corp
Symbol: CUO.BZ
Description: Copper Pure Beta ETN Ipath
Symbol: CUPM.BZ
Description: Neuralstem Inc
Symbol: CUR.BZ
Description: Healthcare Bull 3X Direxion ETF
Symbol: CURE.BZ
Description: MSCI Global Timber Port PS
Symbol: CUT.BZ
Description: Cutera Inc
Symbol: CUTR.BZ
Description: Cousins Properties Inc
Symbol: CUZ.BZ
Description: Covanta Holding Corp
Symbol: CVA.BZ
Description: Lehman Abs Corp
Symbol: CVB.BZ
Description: Cvb Financial Corp
Symbol: CVBF.BZ
Description: Cablevision Systems Corp
Symbol: CVC.BZ
Description: Cavco Inds Inc
Symbol: CVCO.BZ
Description: Central Vly Cmty Bcp
Symbol: CVCY.BZ
Description: Cenovus Energy Inc
Symbol: CVE.BZ
Description: Convergys Corp
Symbol: CVG.BZ
Description: Commercial Vehicle G
Symbol: CVGI.BZ
Description: Calavo Growers Inc
Symbol: CVGW.BZ
Description: Cvr Energy Inc
Symbol: CVI.BZ
Description: Commvault Systems
Symbol: CVLT.BZ
Description: Codorus Valley Bncp
Symbol: CVLY.BZ
Description: Cel-Sci Corp
Symbol: CVM.BZ
Description: Cenveo Inc
Symbol: CVO.BZ
Description: C-Tracks Citi Volatility Index TR ETN
Symbol: CVOL.BZ
Description: Chicago Rivet & Machine Co
Symbol: CVR.BZ
Description: CVS Corp
Symbol: CVS.BZ
Description: Covenant Transportn
Symbol: CVTI.BZ
Description: CPI Aerostructures
Symbol: CVU.BZ
Description: CVD Equipment Corp
Symbol: CVV.BZ
Description: Chevron Corp
Symbol: CVX.BZ
Description: Zacks Multi-Asset Income Port PS
Symbol: CVY.BZ
Description: Curtiss-Wright Corp
Symbol: CW.BZ
Description: Convertible Secs Barclays Capital SPDR
Symbol: CWB.BZ
Description: Community West Bncsh
Symbol: CWBC.BZ
Description: Cons Water Co Inc
Symbol: CWCO.BZ
Description: Clayton Williams Energy
Symbol: CWEI.BZ
Description: ACWI [Ex-Us] MSCI ETF SPDR
Symbol: CWI.BZ
Description: Casella Waste Sys
Symbol: CWST.BZ
Description: California Water Service Group Holding
Symbol: CWT.BZ
Description: Cemex S.A.B. De C.V.
Symbol: CX.BZ
Description: SPDR CA Muni Bd Barclays Capital
Symbol: CXA.BZ
Description: China Xd Plastics Co
Symbol: CXDC.BZ
Description: Colonial High Income Muni Trust
Symbol: CXE.BZ
Description: Colonial Investment Grade Muni Trust
Symbol: CXH.BZ
Description: Concho Resources Inc
Symbol: CXO.BZ
Description: Corecivic Inc
Symbol: CXW.BZ
Description: Cypress Semiconductr
Symbol: CY.BZ
Description: Cyanotech Corp
Symbol: CYAN.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Chinese Yuan Fund
Symbol: CYB.BZ
Description: Cyberoptics Cp
Symbol: CYBE.BZ
Description: Cyberonics Inc
Symbol: CYBX.BZ
Description: Cyclacel Pharmaceuti
Symbol: CYCC.BZ
Description: Cyclacel Pharmaceuti
Symbol: CYCCP.BZ
Description: China Yuchai International
Symbol: CYD.BZ
Description: Community Health Systems
Symbol: CYH.BZ
Description: Cynosure Inc
Symbol: CYNO.BZ
Description: Changyou.com Ltd
Symbol: CYOU.BZ
Description: Cys Investments Inc
Symbol: CYS.BZ
Description: Cytokinetics
Symbol: CYTK.BZ
Description: Cytrx Corporation
Symbol: CYTR.BZ
Description: Cytori Therapeutics
Symbol: CYTX.BZ
Description: Cytori Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: CYTXW.BZ
Description: Mid-Cap Portfolio PS
Symbol: CZA.BZ
Description: Citizens First Corp
Symbol: CZFC.BZ
Description: Citizens Nrthn Cp
Symbol: CZNC.BZ
Description: Caesars Entertainment Corp
Symbol: CZR.BZ
Description: Citizens Community
Symbol: CZWI.BZ
Description: Cosan Ltd
Symbol: CZZ.BZ
Description: Dominion Resources
Symbol: D.BZ
Description: Danaos Corp
Symbol: DAC.BZ
Description: DB Agriculture 2X ETN Powershares
Symbol: DAG.BZ
Description: Data I O Cp
Symbol: DAIO.BZ
Description: Daktronics Inc
Symbol: DAKT.BZ
Description: Delta Air Lines Inc
Symbol: DAL.BZ
Description: Dana Inc
Symbol: DAN.BZ
Description: E-Commerce China Dangdang Inc
Symbol: DANG.BZ
Description: Darling International Inc
Symbol: DAR.BZ
Description: Jiayuan.Com Internat
Symbol: DATE.BZ
Description: Famous Daves of Am
Symbol: DAVE.BZ
Description: Deutsche Bank Ag
Symbol: DB.BZ
Description: DB Agriculture Fund PS
Symbol: DBA.BZ
Description: DB Base Metals Fund PS
Symbol: DBB.BZ
Description: Db-Xt MSCI Brazil Hgd Eq
Symbol: DBBR.BZ
Description: DB Cmdty Index Tracking Fund PS
Symbol: DBC.BZ
Description: Diebold Nixdorf Inc
Symbol: DBD.BZ
Description: DB Energy Fund PS
Symbol: DBE.BZ
Description: Db-Xt MSCI EAFE Hgd Eq
Symbol: DBEF.BZ
Description: Db-Xt MSCI EM Mkts Hgd Eq
Symbol: DBEM.BZ
Description: Db-Xt MSCI Japan Hgd Eq
Symbol: DBJP.BZ
Description: Doubleline Opportunistic Credi
Symbol: DBL.BZ
Description: DB Oil Fund PS
Symbol: DBO.BZ
Description: DB Precious Metals Fund PS
Symbol: DBP.BZ
Description: DB Silver Fund PS
Symbol: DBS.BZ
Description: Global Ex-US Utilities Wisdomtree
Symbol: DBU.BZ
Description: DB G10 Currency Harvest Fund PS
Symbol: DBV.BZ
Description: Dca Total Return Fund
Symbol: DCA.BZ
Description: Donaldson Company
Symbol: DCI.BZ
Description: Diana Containerships Inc
Symbol: DCIX.BZ
Description: Ntt Docomo Inc
Symbol: DCM.BZ
Description: Seasonal Natural Gas ETN Ipath
Symbol: DCNG.BZ
Description: Ducommun Inc
Symbol: DCO.BZ
Description: Dime Community Bncsh
Symbol: DCOM.BZ
Description: Dct Industrial Trust Inc
Symbol: DCT.BZ
Description: Delcath Systems Inc
Symbol: DCTH.BZ
Description: Du Pont E I 3.50 Pfd
Symbol: DD-A.BZ
Description: Du Pont E I 4.50 Pfd
Symbol: DD-B.BZ
Description: E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company
Symbol: DD.BZ
Description: 3D Systems Corp
Symbol: DDD.BZ
Description: Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment Inc
Symbol: DDE.BZ
Description: Delaware Dividend & Income
Symbol: DDF.BZ
Description: Oil & Gas Short Proshares
Symbol: DDG.BZ
Description: Ultra Dow 30 Proshares
Symbol: DDM.BZ
Description: DB Commodity -1X ETN Powershares
Symbol: DDP.BZ
Description: DDR Corp
Symbol: DDR.BZ
Description: Dillard's
Symbol: DDS.BZ
Description: Dillard's
Symbol: DDT.BZ
Description: Deere & Company
Symbol: DE.BZ
Description: Deckers Outdoor Corp
Symbol: DECK.BZ
Description: DB Commodity Double Short ETN
Symbol: DEE.BZ
Description: Defensive Equity Portfolio PS
Symbol: DEF.BZ
Description: Etablissements Delhaize Freres
Symbol: DEG.BZ
Description: Douglas Emmett
Symbol: DEI.BZ
Description: Deltic Timber Corp
Symbol: DEL.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Equity Inc Wisdomtree
Symbol: DEM.BZ
Description: Dennys Corp
Symbol: DENN.BZ
Description: Diageo Plc
Symbol: DEO.BZ
Description: Depomed Inc
Symbol: DEPO.BZ
Description: Smallcap Dividend Wisdomtree
Symbol: DES.BZ
Description: Destination Maternty
Symbol: DEST.BZ
Description: Global Equity Income Wisdomtree
Symbol: DEW.BZ
Description: Delaware Enhanced Global Dividend
Symbol: DEX.BZ
Description: Dean Foods Company
Symbol: DF.BZ
Description: Europe Smallcap Dividend Wisdomtree
Symbol: DFE.BZ
Description: Japan Smallcap Dividend Wisdomtree
Symbol: DFJ.BZ
Description: Discover Financial Services
Symbol: DFS.BZ
Description: Dupont Fabros Technology Inc
Symbol: DFT-A.BZ
Description: Dupont Fabros Technology Inc
Symbol: DFT-B.BZ
Description: Dupont Fabros Technology
Symbol: DFT.BZ
Description: Ipath Treasury 5-Year Bull ETN
Symbol: DFVL.BZ
Description: Ipath Treasury 5-Year Bear ETN
Symbol: DFVS.BZ
Description: Dollar General Corp
Symbol: DG.BZ
Description: Delta Natural Gas
Symbol: DGAS.BZ
Description: Natural Gas -3X Inverse ETN Velocityshares
Symbol: DGAZ.BZ
Description: Digitalglobe Inc
Symbol: DGI.BZ
Description: Donegal Group Cl A
Symbol: DGICA.BZ
Description: Donegal Group Cl B
Symbol: DGICB.BZ
Description: Digi Intl Inc
Symbol: DGII.BZ
Description: DB Gold Fund PS
Symbol: DGL.BZ
Description: VS 3X Inv Gold
Symbol: DGLD.BZ
Description: Digital Ally Inc
Symbol: DGLY.BZ
Description: DB Gold 2X ETN Powershares
Symbol: DGP.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Smallcap Div Wisdomtree
Symbol: DGS.BZ
Description: Dgse Companies Inc
Symbol: DGSE.BZ
Description: Global Dow ETF SPDR
Symbol: DGT.BZ
Description: Quest Diagnostics Inc
Symbol: DGX.BZ
Description: DB Gold -1X ETN Powershares
Symbol: DGZ.BZ
Description: Dreyfus High Yield Strategies Fund
Symbol: DHF.BZ
Description: Dws High Income Opportunities Fund
Symbol: DHG.BZ
Description: D.R. Horton
Symbol: DHI.BZ
Description: Diamond Hill Inv
Symbol: DHIL.BZ
Description: Danaher Corp
Symbol: DHR.BZ
Description: Dehaier Medical Syst
Symbol: DHRM.BZ
Description: Equity Income Wisdomtree
Symbol: DHS.BZ
Description: Dht Holdings
Symbol: DHT.BZ
Description: Dice Holdings
Symbol: DHX.BZ
Description: Credit Suisse High Yield Bond Fund
Symbol: DHY.BZ
Description: Dow Industrials SPDR
Symbol: DIA.BZ
Description: Ultra Oil & Gas Proshares
Symbol: DIG.BZ
Description: Intl Midcap Dividend Wisdomtree
Symbol: DIM.BZ
Description: Dineequity Inc
Symbol: DIN.BZ
Description: Diodes Inc
Symbol: DIOD.BZ
Description: Agriculture Pure Beta ETN Ipath
Symbol: DIRT.BZ
Description: Walt Disney Company
Symbol: DIS.BZ
Description: Discovery Comm A
Symbol: DISCA.BZ
Description: Discovery Comm B
Symbol: DISCB.BZ
Description: Discovery Comm Inc
Symbol: DISCK.BZ
Description: Dish Network Corp
Symbol: DISH.BZ
Description: Amcon Distributing Company
Symbol: DIT.BZ
Description: DJ-UBS Commodity Idx TR ETN UBS E-Tracs
Symbol: DJCI.BZ
Description: Daily Journal Cp
Symbol: DJCO.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Commodity Index TR ETN
Symbol: DJP.BZ
Description: Delek US Holdings
Symbol: DK.BZ
Description: Dick's Sporting Goods Inc
Symbol: DKS.BZ
Description: Deutsch Bk Contingent Cap TR V
Symbol: DKT.BZ
Description: China Distance Education Holdings
Symbol: DL.BZ
Description: Delta Apparel
Symbol: DLA.BZ
Description: Dolby Laboratories
Symbol: DLB.BZ
Description: Ipath Treasury Long Bond Bull ETN
Symbol: DLBL.BZ
Description: Ipath Treasury Long Bond Bear ETN
Symbol: DLBS.BZ
Description: Largecap Dividend Wisdomtree
Symbol: DLN.BZ
Description: Delphi Technologies Plc
Symbol: DLPH.BZ
Description: Digital Realtytrust Inc
Symbol: DLR-E.BZ
Description: Digital Realty Trust Inc
Symbol: DLR-F.BZ
Description: Digital Realty Trust
Symbol: DLR.BZ
Description: Intl Smallcap Dividend Wisdomtree
Symbol: DLS.BZ
Description: Dollar Tree Inc
Symbol: DLTR.BZ
Description: Deluxe Corp
Symbol: DLX.BZ
Description: Demand Media Inc
Symbol: DMD.BZ
Description: Dreyfus Muni Income
Symbol: DMF.BZ
Description: Dorchester Minls
Symbol: DMLP.BZ
Description: Diamond Foods
Symbol: DMND.BZ
Description: Western Asset Mortgage Defined Opp
Symbol: DMO.BZ
Description: Digimarc Corp
Symbol: DMRC.BZ
Description: Dun & Bradstreet Corp
Symbol: DNB.BZ
Description: Dnb Finl Corp
Symbol: DNBF.BZ
Description: Chartwell Dividend & Income Fund
Symbol: DNI.BZ
Description: Dunkin' Brands Group
Symbol: DNKN.BZ
Description: Global Ex-US Growth Wisdomtree
Symbol: DNL.BZ
Description: Denison Mines Corp
Symbol: DNN.BZ
Description: US Short Oil
Symbol: DNO.BZ
Description: Duff & Phelps Utilities Income
Symbol: DNP.BZ
Description: Denbury Resources
Symbol: DNR.BZ
Description: Diamond Offshore Drilling
Symbol: DO.BZ
Description: DJ High Yield Select 10 ETN Elements
Symbol: DOD.BZ
Description: Dow 30 Short Proshares
Symbol: DOG.BZ
Description: Intl Largecap Dividend Wisdomtree
Symbol: DOL.BZ
Description: Dominion Resources Black Warrior
Symbol: DOM.BZ
Description: Midcap Dividend Wisdomtree
Symbol: DON.BZ
Description: Intl Div Ex-Financials Wisdomtree
Symbol: DOO.BZ
Description: Dorman Products Inc
Symbol: DORM.BZ
Description: Dover Corp
Symbol: DOV.BZ
Description: Dow Chemical Company
Symbol: DOW.BZ
Description: Amdocs Ltd Ord
Symbol: DOX.BZ
Description: Duff & Phelps Global Utility I
Symbol: DPG.BZ
Description: Dev Mkts Bear 3X Direxion ETF
Symbol: DPK.BZ
Description: Dcp Midstream Partners LP
Symbol: DPM.BZ
Description: Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc
Symbol: DPS.BZ
Description: DB Commodity Long ETN Powershares
Symbol: DPU.BZ
Description: Digital Power Corp
Symbol: DPW.BZ
Description: Domino's Pizza Inc
Symbol: DPZ.BZ
Description: Daqo New Energy
Symbol: DQ.BZ
Description: Digirad Corp
Symbol: DRAD.BZ
Description: Dataram Corp
Symbol: DRAM.BZ
Description: Drdgold Ltd
Symbol: DRD.BZ
Description: Duke Realty Corp
Symbol: DRE.BZ
Description: Diamondrock Hospitality Company
Symbol: DRH.BZ
Description: Darden Restaurants
Symbol: DRI.BZ
Description: Real Estate Bull 3X Direxion
Symbol: DRN.BZ
Description: Dril-Quip
Symbol: DRQ.BZ
Description: Euro -2X ETN Vaneck
Symbol: DRR.BZ
Description: Durect Corp
Symbol: DRRX.BZ
Description: Real Estate Bear 3X Direxion
Symbol: DRV.BZ
Description: Global Ex-US Real Estate Wisdomtree
Symbol: DRW.BZ
Description: Dragonwave
Symbol: DRWI.BZ
Description: Dryships Inc
Symbol: DRYS.BZ
Description: Derma Sciences Cmn
Symbol: DSCI.BZ
Description: Discovery Labs Inc
Symbol: DSCO.BZ
Description: Descartes Sys Grp
Symbol: DSGX.BZ
Description: KLD 400 Social Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: DSI.BZ
Description: VS 3X Inv Silver
Symbol: DSLV.BZ
Description: Dreyfus Strategic Muni Bond Fund
Symbol: DSM.BZ
Description: D S P Group Inc
Symbol: DSPG.BZ
Description: Document Security Systems
Symbol: DSS.BZ
Description: Dst Systems
Symbol: DST.BZ
Description: Blackrock Debt Strategies Fund
Symbol: DSU.BZ
Description: Chinese Yuan Dim Sum Bond Port PS
Symbol: DSUM.BZ
Description: DSW Inc
Symbol: DSW.BZ
Description: Deswell Inds Inc
Symbol: DSWL.BZ
Description: Diana Shipping Inc
Symbol: DSX.BZ
Description: Total Dividend Wisdomtree
Symbol: DTD.BZ
Description: Dte Energy Company
Symbol: DTE.BZ
Description: Duff & Phelps Utilities Tax-Free Income
Symbol: DTF.BZ
Description: DEFA Equity Income Wisdomtree
Symbol: DTH.BZ
Symbol: DTK.BZ
Description: Datalink Corp
Symbol: DTLK.BZ
Description: Dividend Ex-Financials Wisdomtree
Symbol: DTN.BZ
Description: DB Crude Oil -2X ETN Powershares
Symbol: DTO.BZ
Description: DTS Inc
Symbol: DTSI.BZ
Description: Ipath Treasury 2-Year Bull ETN
Symbol: DTUL.BZ
Description: Ipath Treasury 2-Year Bear ETN
Symbol: DTUS.BZ
Description: Ipath US Treasury 10 Yr Bull ETN
Symbol: DTYL.BZ
Description: Ipath Treasury 10-Year Bear ETN
Symbol: DTYS.BZ
Description: Dte Energy Co
Symbol: DTZ.BZ
Description: Duff & Phelps Utility & Corporate Trust
Symbol: DUC.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Oil & Gas Proshares
Symbol: DUG.BZ
Description: Duke Energy Corp
Symbol: DUK.BZ
Description: Gold Miners Bear 3X Direxion ETF
Symbol: DUST.BZ
Description: Devry Inc
Symbol: DV.BZ
Description: Davita Healthcare Partners Inc
Symbol: DVA.BZ
Description: Dynavax Technologies
Symbol: DVAX.BZ
Description: Dover Downs Entertainment
Symbol: DVD.BZ
Description: Devon Energy Corp
Symbol: DVN.BZ
Description: Select Dividend Ishares ETF
Symbol: DVY.BZ
Description: Asia/Pacific Dividend Ishares ETF
Symbol: DVYA.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Dividend Ishares ETF
Symbol: DVYE.BZ
Description: Drew Industries Inc
Symbol: DW.BZ
Description: Dreamworks Animation
Symbol: DWA.BZ
Description: Datawatch Cp
Symbol: DWCH.BZ
Description: DEFA Wisdomtree
Symbol: DWM.BZ
Description: Demandware Inc
Symbol: DWRE.BZ
Description: Dawson Geophscl
Symbol: DWSN.BZ
Description: 3X Inverse Crude ETN Velocityshares
Symbol: DWTI.BZ
Description: S&P Dividend Intl SPDR
Symbol: DWX.BZ
Description: Dynex Capital
Symbol: DX.BZ
Description: Deutsche Bk Contingent Cap TR I
Symbol: DXB.BZ
Description: Dexcom
Symbol: DXCM.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Dow 30 Proshares
Symbol: DXD.BZ
Description: Japan Hedged Equity Wisdomtree
Symbol: DXJ.BZ
Description: Dxp Enterprise
Symbol: DXPE.BZ
Description: Daxor Corp
Symbol: DXR.BZ
Description: The Dixie Group
Symbol: DXYN.BZ
Description: Dycom Industries
Symbol: DY.BZ
Description: Dyax Corp
Symbol: DYAX.BZ
Description: Dynegy Inc
Symbol: DYN.BZ
Description: Dynatronics Cp
Symbol: DYNT.BZ
Description: Dynasil Cp America
Symbol: DYSL.BZ
Description: DB Commodity 2X ETN Powershares
Symbol: DYY.BZ
Description: Dev Mkts Bull 3X Direxion ETF
Symbol: DZK.BZ
Description: DB Gold -2X ETN Powershares
Symbol: DZZ.BZ
Description: Eni S.P.A.
Symbol: E.BZ
Description: Electronic Arts Inc
Symbol: EA.BZ
Description: Entergy Arkansas
Symbol: EAA.BZ
Description: Erickson Inc
Symbol: EAC.BZ
Description: Wells Fargo Advantage
Symbol: EAD.BZ
Description: Platinum Eagle Acquisition Corp. Class A
Symbol: EAGL.BZ
Description: Double Eagle Units
Symbol: EAGLU.BZ
Description: Platinum Eagle Acquisition Corp. Warrant
Symbol: EAGLW.BZ
Description: Brinker International
Symbol: EAT.BZ
Description: Ebay Inc
Symbol: EBAY.BZ
Description: Ennis Inc
Symbol: EBF.BZ
Description: Ebix Inc
Symbol: EBIX.BZ
Description: Eagle Bancorp [Mt]
Symbol: EBMT.BZ
Description: EM Local Bond ETF Barclays Capital SPDR
Symbol: EBND.BZ
Description: Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras
Symbol: EBR.B.BZ
Description: Centrais Electricas Brazil
Symbol: EBR.BZ
Description: Emergent Biosolutions
Symbol: EBS.BZ
Description: Meridian Bncp
Symbol: EBSB.BZ
Description: Enterprise Bancorp I
Symbol: EBTC.BZ
Description: Ecopetrol S.A.
Symbol: EC.BZ
Description: Encana Corp
Symbol: ECA.BZ
Description: Ellsworth Convertible Growth and Income
Symbol: ECF.BZ
Description: Chile Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: ECH.BZ
Description: Echo Global Logistic
Symbol: ECHO.BZ
Description: Ecolab Inc
Symbol: ECL.BZ
Description: China Small-Cap Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: ECNS.BZ
Description: US Ecology Inc
Symbol: ECOL.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Consumer Egshares
Symbol: ECON.BZ
Description: Encore Capital Grp
Symbol: ECPG.BZ
Description: Eca Marcellus Trust I
Symbol: ECT.BZ
Description: Echo Therapeutics
Symbol: ECTE.BZ
Description: Endocyte Inc
Symbol: ECYT.BZ
Description: Consolidated Edison Company of New York
Symbol: ED.BZ
Description: Edap Tms Sa ADR
Symbol: EDAP.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Bull 3X Direxion
Symbol: EDC.BZ
Description: Emerging Markets Domestic Debt Fund
Symbol: EDD.BZ
Description: Empire District Electric Company
Symbol: EDE.BZ
Description: Denmark Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EDEN.BZ
Description: Stone Harbor Emerging Markets
Symbol: EDF.BZ
Description: Edgewater Tech Inc
Symbol: EDGW.BZ
Description: S&P Emrg Mkts Dividend SPDR
Symbol: EDIV.BZ
Description: Empresa Distribuidora Y Comercializadora
Symbol: EDN.BZ
Description: Education Realty Trust Inc
Symbol: EDR.BZ
Description: New Oriental Education & Technology Group
Symbol: EDU.BZ
Description: Educational Dev Cp
Symbol: EDUC.BZ
Description: Extended Dur Trs Idx ETF Vanguard
Symbol: EDV.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Bear 3X Direxion
Symbol: EDZ.BZ
Description: El Paso Electric Company
Symbol: EE.BZ
Description: European Equity Fund
Symbol: EEA.BZ
Description: BRIC Guggenheim ETF
Symbol: EEB.BZ
Description: Euronet Worldwide
Symbol: EEFT.BZ
Description: Spectrum Lg Cap U.S. Sector ETN Elements
Symbol: EEH.BZ
Description: S&P Emrg Mkts High Beta Powershares
Symbol: EEHB.BZ
Description: Ecology Environment
Symbol: EEI.BZ
Description: S&P Emrg Mkts Low Vlty Port PS
Symbol: EELV.BZ
Description: Emerging Markets Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EEM.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Asia Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EEMA.BZ
Description: Ishares MSCI EM La
Symbol: EEML.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Small-Cap Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EEMS.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Min Vol Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: EEMV.BZ
Description: Enbridge Energy LP
Symbol: EEP.BZ
Description: Enbridge Energy Management Llc
Symbol: EEQ.BZ
Description: Smallcap Earnings Wisdomtree
Symbol: EES.BZ
Description: Ultra MSCI Emrg Mkts Proshares
Symbol: EET.BZ
Description: Ultrashort MSCI Emrg Mkts Proshares
Symbol: EEV.BZ
Description: EAFE Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EFA.BZ
Description: EAFE Min Vol Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: EFAV.BZ
Description: Ellington Financial Llc
Symbol: EFC.BZ
Description: EAFE Growth Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EFG.BZ
Description: Elec Imaging Inc
Symbol: EFII.BZ
Description: Entergy Mississippi
Symbol: EFM.BZ
Description: Finland Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EFNL.BZ
Description: Ultra MSCI EAFE Proshares
Symbol: EFO.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Senior Floating-Rate Fund
Symbol: EFR.BZ
Description: Enterprises Finl Svc
Symbol: EFSC.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Floating Rate Income Trust
Symbol: EFT.BZ
Description: Ultrashort MSCI EAFE Proshares
Symbol: EFU.BZ
Description: Efuture Information
Symbol: EFUT.BZ
Description: EAFE Value Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EFV.BZ
Description: Equifax Inc
Symbol: EFX.BZ
Description: EAFE MSCI Short Proshares
Symbol: EFZ.BZ
Description: Egain Corp
Symbol: EGAN.BZ
Description: Gas Natural Inc
Symbol: EGAS.BZ
Description: Eagle Bancorp Inc
Symbol: EGBN.BZ
Description: Blackrock Enhanced Government Fund
Symbol: EGF.BZ
Description: 8X8 Inc
Symbol: EGHT.BZ
Description: Entree Resources Ltd
Symbol: EGI.BZ
Description: Eagle Bulk Ship New
Symbol: EGLE.BZ
Description: Energen Corp
Symbol: EGN.BZ
Description: Eldorado Gold Corp
Symbol: EGO.BZ
Description: Nic Inc
Symbol: EGOV.BZ
Description: Eastgroup Properties
Symbol: EGP.BZ
Description: Egypt Index ETF Vaneck
Symbol: EGPT.BZ
Description: Entertainment Gmg Cmn
Symbol: EGT.BZ
Description: Vaalco Energy Inc
Symbol: EGY.BZ
Description: Western Asset Global High
Symbol: EHI.BZ
Description: Ehealth Inc
Symbol: EHTH.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance California Muni Bond II
Symbol: EIA.BZ
Description: Indonesia Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EIDO.BZ
Description: Employers Holdings Inc
Symbol: EIG.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Muni Bond Fund
Symbol: EIM.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Ohio Muni Bond Fund
Symbol: EIO.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Pennsylvania Muni Bond
Symbol: EIP.BZ
Description: Ireland Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EIRL.BZ
Description: Israel Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EIS.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Muni Bond Fund II
Symbol: EIV.BZ
Description: Edison International
Symbol: EIX.BZ
Description: E-House [China] Holdings
Symbol: EJ.BZ
Description: Estee Lauder Companies
Symbol: EL.BZ
Description: Entergy Louisiana Llc
Symbol: ELA.BZ
Description: Entergy Louisiana
Symbol: ELB.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Local Debt Wisdomtree
Symbol: ELD.BZ
Description: Endologix Inc
Symbol: ELGX.BZ
Description: Ellie Mae Inc
Symbol: ELLI.BZ
Description: Ellomay Capital Ltd Ordinary Sh
Symbol: ELLO.BZ
Description: Electromed Inc
Symbol: ELMD.BZ
Description: Earthlink Hlds Cmn
Symbol: ELNK.BZ
Description: Echelon Corp
Symbol: ELON.BZ
Description: Syneron Medical Ltd
Symbol: ELOS.BZ
Description: Companhia Paranaense De Energia
Symbol: ELP.BZ
Description: Electro Rent Cp
Symbol: ELRC.BZ
Description: Equity Lifestyle Properties
Symbol: ELS.BZ
Description: Electro Sensors In
Symbol: ELSE.BZ
Description: Eltek Ltd
Symbol: ELTK.BZ
Description: Callaway Golf Company
Symbol: ELY.BZ
Description: Emagin Corp
Symbol: EMAN.BZ
Description: USD Emrg Mkts Bond Ishares JPM ETF
Symbol: EMB.BZ
Description: EMC Corp
Symbol: EMC.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree EM Corp Bond Fund
Symbol: EMCB.BZ
Description: Emclaire Finl Cor
Symbol: EMCF.BZ
Description: E M C Insurance Gp
Symbol: EMCI.BZ
Description: Western Asset Emerging Market Debt Fund Inc
Symbol: EMD.BZ
Description: Emcor Group
Symbol: EME.BZ
Description: Templeton Emerging Markets Fund
Symbol: EMF.BZ
Description: SPDR MSCI EM 50 ETF
Symbol: EMFT.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts High Yield Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: EMHY.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Michigan Muni Income Trust
Symbol: EMI.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Infrastructure Ishares ETF
Symbol: EMIF.BZ
Description: Elbit Imaging Ord
Symbol: EMITF.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance New Jersey Muni Bond
Symbol: EMJ.BZ
Description: Emcore Corp
Symbol: EMKR.BZ
Description: Eastern Co
Symbol: EML.BZ
Description: Ipath Long Enh MSCI EMI ETN
Symbol: EMLB.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Local Curr Bond ETF Vaneck
Symbol: EMLC.BZ
Description: Emmis Commun Cl A
Symbol: EMMS.BZ
Description: Emmis Communications Corp
Symbol: EMMSP.BZ
Description: Eastman Chemical Company
Symbol: EMN.BZ
Description: Clearbridge Energy MLP Opportu
Symbol: EMO.BZ
Description: Entergy Mississippi
Symbol: EMQ.BZ
Description: Emerson Electric Company
Symbol: EMR.BZ
Description: Eurasian Minerals
Symbol: EMXX.BZ
Description: Entergy Mississippi Inc First
Symbol: EMZ.BZ
Description: Enbridge Inc
Symbol: ENB.BZ
Description: Endo Int'l Plc
Symbol: ENDP.BZ
Description: Englobal Corp
Symbol: ENG.BZ
Description: Endurance Spec Pfd
Symbol: ENH-A.BZ
Description: Endurance Specialty Holdings L
Symbol: ENH-B.BZ
Description: Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd
Symbol: ENH.BZ
Description: Enersis S A
Symbol: ENI.BZ
Description: Enernoc Inc
Symbol: ENOC.BZ
Description: Norway Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: ENOR.BZ
Description: Enphase Energy Inc
Symbol: ENPH.BZ
Description: Energizer Holdings Inc
Symbol: ENR.BZ
Description: Enersys Inc
Symbol: ENS.BZ
Description: The Ensign Group In
Symbol: ENSG.BZ
Description: Entegris Inc
Symbol: ENTG.BZ
Description: Envestnet Inc
Symbol: ENV.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance New York Muni Bond Fund
Symbol: ENX.BZ
Description: Canadian Energy Income ETF Guggenheim
Symbol: ENY.BZ
Description: Enzo Biochem
Symbol: ENZ.BZ
Description: New Zealand Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: ENZL.BZ
Description: Enzon Pharma Inc
Symbol: ENZN.BZ
Description: Empresa Nacional De Electricidad S.A.
Symbol: EOC.BZ
Description: Wells Fargo Global Dividend Opportunity
Symbol: EOD.BZ
Description: Eog Resources
Symbol: EOG.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Enhance Equity
Symbol: EOI.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Enhanced Equity II
Symbol: EOS.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Muni Income Trust
Symbol: EOT.BZ
Description: El Paso Egy Cap I Pr
Symbol: EP-C.BZ
Description: Epam Systems Inc
Symbol: EPAM.BZ
Description: Bottomline Tech In
Symbol: EPAY.BZ
Description: Enterprise Products Partners LP
Symbol: EPD.BZ
Description: Philippines Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EPHE.BZ
Description: India Earnings Wisdomtree
Symbol: EPI.BZ
Description: Epiq Systems Inc
Symbol: EPIQ.BZ
Description: Evolution Petroleum Corp
Symbol: EPM-A.BZ
Description: Evolution Petroleum Corp
Symbol: EPM.BZ
Description: Poland Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EPOL.BZ
Description: Pacific Ex Japan Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EPP.BZ
Description: Entertainment Prp Pf
Symbol: EPR-C.BZ
Description: Entertainment Ppty P
Symbol: EPR-E.BZ
Description: Entertainment Properties Trust
Symbol: EPR.BZ
Description: Earnings 500 Wisdomtree
Symbol: EPS.BZ
Description: Peru All Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EPU.BZ
Description: Ultrashort FTSE Europe Proshares
Symbol: EPV.BZ
Description: Equinix Inc
Symbol: EQIX.BZ
Description: Alps Equal Sector Weight ETF
Symbol: EQL.BZ
Description: Equity Residential
Symbol: EQR.BZ
Description: Equus Total Return
Symbol: EQS.BZ
Description: Eqt Corp
Symbol: EQT.BZ
Description: Equity One
Symbol: EQY.BZ
Description: Wells Fargo Advantage Multi-Sector
Symbol: ERC.BZ
Description: Enerplus Corp
Symbol: ERF.BZ
Description: Wells Fargo Advantage Utilities and High
Symbol: ERH.BZ
Description: Ericsson ADR
Symbol: ERIC.BZ
Description: Erie Indemnity Co
Symbol: ERIE.BZ
Description: Energy Recovery Inc
Symbol: ERII.BZ
Description: Embraer-Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica
Symbol: ERJ.BZ
Description: Ipath Eur/Usd Exchange Rate ETN
Symbol: ERO.BZ
Description: Russia Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: ERUS.BZ
Description: Energy Bull 3X Direxion
Symbol: ERX.BZ
Description: Energy Bear 3X Direxion
Symbol: ERY.BZ
Description: Elmira Sav Bk
Symbol: ESBK.BZ
Description: Escalade Inc
Symbol: ESCA.BZ
Description: Western Asset Emerging Markets Debt Fund Inc
Symbol: ESD.BZ
Description: Esco Technologies Inc
Symbol: ESE.BZ
Description: Euroseas Ltd
Symbol: ESEA.BZ
Description: Enstar Group Ltd
Symbol: ESGR.BZ
Description: ITT Educational Services
Symbol: ESI.BZ
Description: Electro Sci Inds
Symbol: ESIO.BZ
Description: Esterline Technologies Corp
Symbol: ESL.BZ
Description: Elbit Systems Ltd
Symbol: ESLT.BZ
Description: Escalon Med Cp
Symbol: ESMC.BZ
Description: Espey Mfg. & Electronics
Symbol: ESP.BZ
Description: Express Scripts
Symbol: ESRX.BZ
Description: Essex Property Trust Inc. 7.12
Symbol: ESS-H.BZ
Description: Essex Property Trust
Symbol: ESS.BZ
Description: Essa Bancorp Inc
Symbol: ESSA.BZ
Description: Earthstone Energy
Symbol: ESTE.BZ
Description: Ensco Plc
Symbol: ESV.BZ
Description: Elephant Talk Commun
Symbol: ETAK.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Buy-Write
Symbol: ETB.BZ
Description: Energy Transfer Equity LP
Symbol: ETE.BZ
Description: E*Trade Finl Corp
Symbol: ETFC.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged Global Dividend
Symbol: ETG.BZ
Description: Ethan Allen Interiors Inc
Symbol: ETH.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Risk-Managed Diversified Equity
Symbol: ETJ.BZ
Description: Entercom Communications Corp
Symbol: ETM.BZ
Description: Eaton Corp
Symbol: ETN.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Tax-Advantage Global Dividend Opp
Symbol: ETO.BZ
Description: Energy Transfer Partners
Symbol: ETP.BZ
Description: Entergy Corp
Symbol: ETR.BZ
Description: Enteromedics Inc
Symbol: ETRM.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Corp
Symbol: ETV.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Corp
Symbol: ETW.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Diversified Equity
Symbol: ETY.BZ
Description: Europe Financials Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EUFN.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts MSCI Short Proshares
Symbol: EUM.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Euro Proshares
Symbol: EUO.BZ
Description: USA Equal Weighted Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EUSA.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Corp
Symbol: EV.BZ
Description: Evans Bancorp
Symbol: EVBN.BZ
Description: Eastern Va Bkshs
Symbol: EVBS.BZ
Description: Entravision Communications Corp
Symbol: EVC.BZ
Description: Ev Energy Partners
Symbol: EVEP.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Senior Income Trust
Symbol: EVF.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Short Diversified
Symbol: EVG.BZ
Description: Envirostar Inc
Symbol: EVI.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance New Jersey Muni Income Trust
Symbol: EVJ.BZ
Description: Ever Glory Intl Grp
Symbol: EVK.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance California Muni Bond Fund
Symbol: EVM.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Muni Income Trust
Symbol: EVN.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Ohio Muni Income Trust
Symbol: EVO.BZ
Description: Evolving Systems Inc
Symbol: EVOL.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Pennsylvania Muni Income Trust
Symbol: EVP.BZ
Description: Evercore Partners Inc
Symbol: EVR.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Tax Advantaged Dividend
Symbol: EVT.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Limited Duration
Symbol: EVV.BZ
Description: Environmental Svcs ETF Vaneck
Symbol: EVX.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance New York Muni Income Trust
Symbol: EVY.BZ
Description: Edwards Lifesciences Corp
Symbol: EW.BZ
Description: Australia Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWA.BZ
Description: East West Bancorp
Symbol: EWBC.BZ
Description: Canada Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWC.BZ
Description: Sweden Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWD.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Equal Country Wgt PS MSCI Port
Symbol: EWEM.BZ
Description: Germany Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWG.BZ
Description: Germany Small-Cap Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWGS.BZ
Description: Hong Kong Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWH.BZ
Description: Italy Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWI.BZ
Description: Japan Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWJ.BZ
Description: Belgium Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWK.BZ
Description: Switzerland Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWL.BZ
Description: Malaysia Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWM.BZ
Description: Netherlands Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWN.BZ
Description: Austria Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWO.BZ
Description: Spain Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWP.BZ
Description: France Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWQ.BZ
Description: Russell 1000 Equal Weight Guggenheim
Symbol: EWRI.BZ
Description: Russell Midcap Equal Weight Guggenheim
Symbol: EWRM.BZ
Description: Russell 2000 Equal Weight Guggenheim
Symbol: EWRS.BZ
Description: Singapore Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWS.BZ
Description: Taiwan Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWT.BZ
Description: United Kingdom Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWU.BZ
Description: United Kingdom Small-Cap Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWUS.BZ
Description: Ultrashort MSCI Japan Proshares
Symbol: EWV.BZ
Description: Mexico Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWW.BZ
Description: S&P Emrg Mkts Smallcap SPDR
Symbol: EWX.BZ
Description: South Korea Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWY.BZ
Description: Brazil Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWZ.BZ
Description: Brazil Small-Cap Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EWZS.BZ
Description: Exactech Inc
Symbol: EXAC.BZ
Description: Examworks Group
Symbol: EXAM.BZ
Description: Exar Corp
Symbol: EXAR.BZ
Description: Exact Sciences Cor
Symbol: EXAS.BZ
Description: Exelon Corp
Symbol: EXC.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged Bond
Symbol: EXD.BZ
Description: Exelixis Inc
Symbol: EXEL.BZ
Description: Exfo Inc
Symbol: EXFO.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Diversified Equit
Symbol: EXG.BZ
Description: Exterran Holdings
Symbol: EXH.BZ
Description: Global Industrials Ishares ETF
Symbol: EXI.BZ
Description: Endeavour Silver Corp
Symbol: EXK.BZ
Description: Exlservice Holdings
Symbol: EXLS.BZ
Description: Eagle Materials Inc
Symbol: EXP.BZ
Description: Expeditors Intl
Symbol: EXPD.BZ
Description: Expedia Group Inc
Symbol: EXPE.BZ
Description: Exponent Inc
Symbol: EXPO.BZ
Description: Express Inc
Symbol: EXPR.BZ
Description: Extra Space Storage Inc
Symbol: EXR.BZ
Description: Total Earnings Wisdomtree
Symbol: EXT.BZ
Description: Extreme Networks
Symbol: EXTR.BZ
Description: Energy Xxi Gulf Coast Inc
Symbol: EXXI.BZ
Description: South Africa Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EZA.BZ
Description: Ezchip Semiconductor Ltd
Symbol: EZCH.BZ
Description: Ultra MSCI Japan Proshares
Symbol: EZJ.BZ
Description: Midcap Earnings Wisdomtree
Symbol: EZM.BZ
Description: Ezcorp Inc
Symbol: EZPW.BZ
Description: Eurozone Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EZU.BZ
Description: Largecap Value Wisdomtree
Symbol: EZY.BZ
Description: Ford Motor Company
Symbol: F.BZ
Description: Multi Cap Value Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FAB.BZ
Description: Liberte Investors Inc
Symbol: FAC.BZ
Description: Multicap Growth Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FAD.BZ
Description: First American Corp
Symbol: FAF.BZ
Description: Falconstor Sftwr
Symbol: FALC.BZ
Description: First Trust/Aberdeen Global Opportunity
Symbol: FAM.BZ
Description: Global Wind Energy First Trust
Symbol: FAN.BZ
Description: Farmer Brothers
Symbol: FARM.BZ
Description: Faro Tech Inc
Symbol: FARO.BZ
Description: Financial Bull 3X Direxion
Symbol: FAS.BZ
Description: Fastenal Co
Symbol: FAST.BZ
Description: Australia Alphadex First Trust
Symbol: FAUS.BZ
Description: Active Dividend
Symbol: FAV.BZ
Description: Aberdeen Asia-Pacific
Symbol: FAX.BZ
Description: Financial Bear 3X Direxion
Symbol: FAZ.BZ
Description: Flagstar Bancorp
Symbol: FBC.BZ
Description: Fortune Brands Home & Security
Symbol: FBHS.BZ
Description: First Business Finan
Symbol: FBIZ.BZ
Description: First Bancshs [Ms]
Symbol: FBMS.BZ
Description: First Bancorp [Nc]
Symbol: FBNC.BZ
Description: First Connecticut BA
Symbol: FBNK.BZ
Description: First Bancorp
Symbol: FBP.BZ
Description: Fibria Celulose S.A.
Symbol: FBR.BZ
Description: Fbr & Co.
Symbol: FBRC.BZ
Description: First Pfd Cp IV 8.15
Symbol: FBS-A.BZ
Description: Fauquier Bankshares
Symbol: FBSS.BZ
Description: Biotechnology Index NYSE ETF
Symbol: FBT.BZ
Description: Brazil Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FBZ.BZ
Description: Franklin Covey Company
Symbol: FC.BZ
Description: China Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FCA.BZ
Description: Canada Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FCAN.BZ
Description: First Capital Inc
Symbol: FCAP.BZ
Description: First Community Bksh
Symbol: FCBC.BZ
Description: First Community Corp
Symbol: FCCO.BZ
Description: 1st Constitution Bcp
Symbol: FCCY.BZ
Description: Forest City Ent Cl A
Symbol: FCE.A.BZ
Description: Forest City Ent Cl B
Symbol: FCE.B.BZ
Description: Fuelcell Energy Inc
Symbol: FCEL.BZ
Description: First Commonwealth Financial Corp
Symbol: FCF.BZ
Description: First Cash Fin Svcs
Symbol: FCFS.BZ
Description: Natural Gas ETF FT
Symbol: FCG.BZ
Description: Felcor Lodg Pr A
Symbol: FCH-A.BZ
Description: Felcor Lodging Trust Inc
Symbol: FCH.BZ
Description: First Clver Leaf Fin
Symbol: FCLF.BZ
Description: Fti Consulting
Symbol: FCN.BZ
Description: First Citizens Bancs
Symbol: FCNCA.BZ
Description: Aberdeen Global
Symbol: FCO.BZ
Description: Fairchild Semi Cmn
Symbol: FCS.BZ
Description: Senior Floating Rate II
Symbol: FCT.BZ
Description: 1St Century Bancshs
Symbol: FCTY.BZ
Description: First Capital Bancorp Inc. [Va]
Symbol: FCVA.BZ
Description: Freeport-Mcmoran Inc
Symbol: FCX.BZ
Description: Stoxx Euro Select Div First Trust
Symbol: FDD.BZ
Description: First Defiance Finl
Symbol: FDEF.BZ
Description: Fort Dearborn Income Securities
Symbol: FDI.BZ
Description: Mstar Dividend Leaders
Symbol: FDL.BZ
Description: DJ Select Microcap First Trust
Symbol: FDM.BZ
Description: Federal-Mogul HD Cmn
Symbol: FDML.BZ
Description: DJ Internet Index First Trust
Symbol: FDN.BZ
Description: Fresh Del Monte Produce
Symbol: FDP.BZ
Description: Factset Research Systems Inc
Symbol: FDS.BZ
Description: Dev Mkts Ex-US Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FDT.BZ
Description: Dev Mkts Ex-US Small Cap Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FDTS.BZ
Description: Fidus Investment Cor
Symbol: FDUS.BZ
Description: Fedex Corp
Symbol: FDX.BZ
Description: Firstenergy Corp
Symbol: FE.BZ
Description: F E I Company
Symbol: FEIC.BZ
Description: Frequency Elcts Inc
Symbol: FEIM.BZ
Description: Franklin Electric Co
Symbol: FELE.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FEM.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Small Cap Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FEMS.BZ
Description: Energy Income and Growth Fund
Symbol: FEN.BZ
Description: Phoenix New Media Ltd
Symbol: FENG.BZ
Description: First Trust/Aberdeen Emerging Opportunity Fund
Symbol: FEO.BZ
Description: Europe Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FEP.BZ
Description: Forbes Energy Svcs
Symbol: FES.BZ
Description: Forum Energy Technologies Inc
Symbol: FET.BZ
Description: Stoxx Europe 50 SPDR
Symbol: FEU.BZ
Description: Largecap Core Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FEX.BZ
Description: Euro Stoxx 50 ETF SPDR
Symbol: FEZ.BZ
Description: Futurefuel Corp
Symbol: FF.BZ
Description: First Trust Enhanced Equity Income Fund
Symbol: FFA.BZ
Description: First Finl Bncp [Oh]
Symbol: FFBC.BZ
Description: First Fin Bcorp Wrnt
Symbol: FFBCW.BZ
Description: Flaherty Crumrine/Claymore Preferred Securities
Symbol: FFC.BZ
Description: Fbl Financial Group
Symbol: FFG.BZ
Description: Fuwei Films [Holding
Symbol: FFHL.BZ
Description: Flushing Finl Corp
Symbol: FFIC.BZ
Description: First Finl Bkshs Inc
Symbol: FFIN.BZ
Description: F5 Networks Inc
Symbol: FFIV.BZ
Description: Farmers Capital BA
Symbol: FFKT.BZ
Description: First Financial Nort
Symbol: FFNW.BZ
Description: FTSE En Dev Mkts Rel Est First Trust
Symbol: FFR.BZ
Description: Specialty Finance and Financial Fund
Symbol: FGB.BZ
Description: DJ Global Select Dividend First Trust
Symbol: FGD.BZ
Description: Germany Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FGM.BZ
Description: Ferrellgas Partners LP
Symbol: FGP.BZ
Description: Female Health Co
Symbol: FHCO.BZ
Description: Hong Kong Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FHK.BZ
Description: First Horizon National Corp
Symbol: FHN.BZ
Description: Strategic High II
Symbol: FHY.BZ
Description: First Interstate Ban
Symbol: FIBK.BZ
Description: Fair Isaac and Company Inc
Symbol: FICO.BZ
Description: First Trust Energy Infrastruct
Symbol: FIF.BZ
Description: Fortress Investment Group
Symbol: FIG.BZ
Description: Federated Investors
Symbol: FII.BZ
Description: Global Energy Producers Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: FILL.BZ
Description: Finish Line Cl A
Symbol: FINL.BZ
Description: Fidelity National Information Services
Symbol: FIS.BZ
Description: Financial Institut
Symbol: FISI.BZ
Description: Fiserv Inc
Symbol: FISV.BZ
Description: Fifth Third Bncp
Symbol: FITB.BZ
Description: Water ETF FT
Symbol: FIW.BZ
Description: Comfort Systems USA
Symbol: FIX.BZ
Description: Natl Beverage Cp
Symbol: FIZZ.BZ
Description: Japan Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FJP.BZ
Description: South Korea Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FKO.BZ
Description: UK Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FKU.BZ
Description: Footlocker Inc
Symbol: FL.BZ
Description: Ipath Treasury Flattener ETN
Symbol: FLAT.BZ
Description: Flaherty & Crumrine/Claymore Total Return
Symbol: FLC.BZ
Description: Fluidigm Corp
Symbol: FLDM.BZ
Description: Flextronics Intl Ltd
Symbol: FLEX.BZ
Description: First of Long Isla
Symbol: FLIC.BZ
Description: Flir Systems Inc
Symbol: FLIR.BZ
Description: Full House Rsts
Symbol: FLL.BZ
Description: Global Engineering and Construction ETF FT
Symbol: FLM.BZ
Description: Flamel Technologies
Symbol: FLML.BZ
Description: Latin America Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FLN.BZ
Description: Flowers Foods
Symbol: FLO.BZ
Description: Floating Rate Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: FLOT.BZ
Description: Fluor Corp
Symbol: FLR.BZ
Description: Inv Growth Floating Rate ETF SPDR
Symbol: FLRN.BZ
Description: Flowserve Corp
Symbol: FLS.BZ
Description: Fleetcor Technologies
Symbol: FLT.BZ
Description: Investment Grade Floating Rate Vaneck ETF
Symbol: FLTR.BZ
Description: 1-800-Flowers.com
Symbol: FLWS.BZ
Description: Flexsteel Inds
Symbol: FLXS.BZ
Description: Fly Leasing Ltd
Symbol: FLY.BZ
Description: First Midwest Bncp
Symbol: FMBI.BZ
Description: FMC Corp
Symbol: FMC.BZ
Description: First Marblehead Corp
Symbol: FMD.BZ
Description: Firstmerit Corp
Symbol: FMER.BZ
Description: Mega Cap Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FMK.BZ
Description: Federated Premier Muni
Symbol: FMN.BZ
Description: Farmers Natl Banc Cp
Symbol: FMNB.BZ
Description: Fiduciary/Claymore MLP Opportunity Fund
Symbol: FMO.BZ
Description: Fresenius Medical Care Corp
Symbol: FMS.BZ
Description: Fomento Economico Mexicano S.A.B. De C.V.
Symbol: FMX.BZ
Description: First Trust/Fidac Mortgage Income Fund
Symbol: FMY.BZ
Description: Fabrinet
Symbol: FN.BZ
Description: F.N.B. Corp
Symbol: FNB.BZ
Description: First Niagara Financial Group
Symbol: FNF-B.BZ
Description: Fidelity National Financial
Symbol: FNF.BZ
Description: First Niagara Finl
Symbol: FNFG.BZ
Description: Financial Engines
Symbol: FNGN.BZ
Description: Chindia ETF FT
Symbol: FNI.BZ
Description: Mid Cap Value Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FNK.BZ
Description: First Bancorp Inc
Symbol: FNLC.BZ
Description: Finisar Corp
Symbol: FNSR.BZ
Description: Franco Nev Corp
Symbol: FNV.BZ
Description: Mid Cap Core Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FNX.BZ
Description: Mid Cap Growth Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FNY.BZ
Description: Ferro Corp
Symbol: FOE.BZ
Description: Cohen & Steers Closed-End Opportunity Fund
Symbol: FOF.BZ
Description: Aluminum Pure Beta ETN Ipath
Symbol: FOIL.BZ
Description: Amicus Therapeutics
Symbol: FOLD.BZ
Description: Nasdaq Smartphone Index Fund FT
Symbol: FONE.BZ
Description: Fonar Corp
Symbol: FONR.BZ
Description: Forestar Group Inc
Symbol: FOR.BZ
Description: Forward Inds Inc
Symbol: FORD.BZ
Description: Formfactor Inc
Symbol: FORM.BZ
Description: Forrester Resrch
Symbol: FORR.BZ
Description: Formula Sys [1985]
Symbol: FORTY.BZ
Description: Fossil Group
Symbol: FOSL.BZ
Description: Asia Pacific Ex-Japan Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FPA.BZ
Description: First Potomac Realty Trust Cumu
Symbol: FPO-A.BZ
Description: First Potomac Realty Trust
Symbol: FPO.BZ
Description: Fieldpoint Petroleum Corp
Symbol: FPP.BZ
Description: Fieldpoint Petroleum Warrant
Symbol: FPP.W.BZ
Description: Federated Premier Intermediate Muni
Symbol: FPT.BZ
Description: US IPO Index First Trust
Symbol: FPX.BZ
Description: First Industrial Realty Trust
Symbol: FR.BZ
Description: Blackrock Floating Rate Income Fund
Symbol: FRA.BZ
Description: Unconventional Oil & Gas Vaneck ETF
Symbol: FRAK.BZ
Description: Francesca's Holdings
Symbol: FRAN.BZ
Description: Republic First Bcp
Symbol: FRBK.BZ
Description: First Republic Bank 6.70%
Symbol: FRC-A.BZ
Description: First Republic Bank
Symbol: FRC.BZ
Description: Friedman Industries Inc
Symbol: FRD.BZ
Description: Fred's Inc
Symbol: FRED.BZ
Description: Freeseas Inc
Symbol: FREE.BZ
Description: S&P REIT Index
Symbol: FRI.BZ
Description: Furmanite Corp
Symbol: FRM.BZ
Description: First Merchants Corp
Symbol: FRME.BZ
Description: Frontier Markets Portfolio PS
Symbol: FRN.BZ
Description: Frontline Ltd
Symbol: FRO.BZ
Description: Fairpoint Communicat
Symbol: FRP.BZ
Description: Federal Realty Investment Trust
Symbol: FRT.BZ
Description: First South Bncp Inc
Symbol: FSBK.BZ
Description: Fifth Street Finance
Symbol: FSC.BZ
Description: High Income Long Short Fund
Symbol: FSD.BZ
Description: First Savings Financ
Symbol: FSFG.BZ
Description: Flexible Solutions International Inc
Symbol: FSI.BZ
Description: First Solar Inc
Symbol: FSLR.BZ
Description: Fortuna Silver Mines
Symbol: FSM.BZ
Description: Franklin Street Properties
Symbol: FSP.BZ
Description: Federal Signal Corp
Symbol: FSS.BZ
Description: Foster L B Co
Symbol: FSTR.BZ
Description: Fuel Systems Soltns
Symbol: FSYS.BZ
Description: Switzerland Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FSZ.BZ
Description: Franklin Universal Trust
Symbol: FT.BZ
Description: Largecap Value Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FTA.BZ
Description: Largecap Growth Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FTC.BZ
Description: Fuel Tech Inc
Symbol: FTEK.BZ
Description: Franklin Templeton Limited Duration
Symbol: FTF.BZ
Description: Technipfmc Plc
Symbol: FTI.BZ
Description: Flotek Industries
Symbol: FTK.BZ
Description: Fortinet Inc
Symbol: FTNT.BZ
Description: Frontier Commun Cp
Symbol: FTR.BZ
Description: Federated Enhanced Treasury Income
Symbol: FTT.BZ
Description: Taiwan Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FTW.BZ
Description: FTSE Nareit Real Estate 50 Ishares
Symbol: FTY.BZ
Description: CMCI Food TR ETN UBS E-Tracs
Symbol: FUD.BZ
Description: MLCX Biofuels Index TR ETN Elements
Symbol: FUE.BZ
Description: H. B. Fuller Company
Symbol: FUL.BZ
Description: Full Circle Capital
Symbol: FULL.BZ
Description: Fulton Financial Cor
Symbol: FULT.BZ
Description: Cedar Fair LP
Symbol: FUN.BZ
Description: First United Corp
Symbol: FUNC.BZ
Description: Sprott Focus Trust
Symbol: FUND.BZ
Description: Winthrop Realty Trust
Symbol: FUR.BZ
Description: Value Line Dividend Idx First Trust
Symbol: FVD.BZ
Description: Five Star Quality Care
Symbol: FVE.BZ
Description: Value Line 100 ETF First Trust
Symbol: FVL.BZ
Description: Madrona Global Bond ETF
Symbol: FWDB.BZ
Description: Madrona Domestic ETF
Symbol: FWDD.BZ
Description: Madrona International ETF
Symbol: FWDI.BZ
Description: Foward Air Corp
Symbol: FWRD.BZ
Description: First West Virginia Bancorp
Symbol: FWV.BZ
Description: Australian Dollar Trust PS Currencyshares
Symbol: FXA.BZ
Description: British Pound Sterling Trust PS Currencyshares
Symbol: FXB.BZ
Description: Canadian Dollar Trust PS Currencyshares
Symbol: FXC.BZ
Description: Fox Chase Bancrp
Symbol: FXCB.BZ
Description: Chinese Renminbi Trust PS Currencyshares
Symbol: FXCH.BZ
Description: FXCM Inc
Symbol: FXCM.BZ
Description: Consumer Disc Alphadex First Trust
Symbol: FXD.BZ
Description: Euro Trust PS Currencyshares
Symbol: FXE.BZ
Description: FX Energy
Symbol: FXEN.BZ
Description: Swiss Franc Trust PS Currencyshares
Symbol: FXF.BZ
Description: Consumer Staples Alphadex First Trust
Symbol: FXG.BZ
Description: Healthcare Alphadex First Trust ETF
Symbol: FXH.BZ
Description: China Large-Cap Ishares ETF
Symbol: FXI.BZ
Description: Technology Alphadex First Trust
Symbol: FXL.BZ
Description: Energy Alphadex First Trust
Symbol: FXN.BZ
Description: Financial Alphadex First Trust
Symbol: FXO.BZ
Description: Ultrashort FTSE China 25 Proshares
Symbol: FXP.BZ
Description: Indust/Producer Dur Alphadex First Trust
Symbol: FXR.BZ
Description: Swedish Krona Trust PS Currencyshares
Symbol: FXS.BZ
Description: Utilities Alphadex First Trust
Symbol: FXU.BZ
Description: Japanese Yen Trust PS Currencyshares
Symbol: FXY.BZ
Description: Materials Alphadex First Trust
Symbol: FXZ.BZ
Description: Smallcap Growth Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FYC.BZ
Description: Smallcap Value Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FYT.BZ
Description: Smallcap Core Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FYX.BZ
Description: Genpact Ltd
Symbol: G.BZ
Description: Gabelli Eq TR Pfd D
Symbol: GAB-D.BZ
Description: Gabelli Equity Trust
Symbol: GAB.BZ
Description: German Amer Bncp Inc
Symbol: GABC.BZ
Description: S&P Emrg Midl East & Africa SPDR
Symbol: GAF.BZ
Description: Global Tech Advanced
Symbol: GAI.BZ
Description: Gaiam Inc
Symbol: GAIA.BZ
Description: Gladstone Investment
Symbol: GAIN.BZ
Description: Gladstone Investment
Symbol: GAINP.BZ
Description: SSGA Global Allocation ETF SPDR
Symbol: GAL.BZ
Description: Galena Biopharma In
Symbol: GALE.BZ
Description: Galectin Therapeutic
Symbol: GALT.BZ
Description: Galectin Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: GALTU.BZ
Description: Galectin Therap Wts
Symbol: GALTW.BZ
Description: Genl Amer Invs Pfd
Symbol: GAM-B.BZ
Description: General American Investors
Symbol: GAM.BZ
Description: Agl Resources
Symbol: GAS.BZ
Description: Natural Gas Bull 3X Direxion
Symbol: GASL.BZ
Description: Stealthgas Inc
Symbol: GASS.BZ
Description: Direxion Natural Gas Bear 3X
Symbol: GASX.BZ
Description: DJ-UBS Natural Gas TR Sub-Idx ETN Ipath
Symbol: GAZ.BZ
Description: Greatbatch
Symbol: GB.BZ
Description: Guggenheim Build America Bonds
Symbol: GBAB.BZ
Description: Ipath Gbp/Usd Exchange Rate ETN
Symbol: GBB.BZ
Description: Glacier Bancorp Inc
Symbol: GBCI.BZ
Description: Golub Capital Bdc I
Symbol: GBDC.BZ
Description: Government/Credit Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: GBF.BZ
Description: Gamco Investors
Symbol: GBL.BZ
Description: Global Indemnity Plc
Symbol: GBLI.BZ
Description: Guaranty Bancorp
Symbol: GBNK.BZ
Description: New Concept Energy Inc
Symbol: GBR.BZ
Description: Greenbrier Companies
Symbol: GBX.BZ
Description: Gain Capital Holdings
Symbol: GCAP.BZ
Description: Greene County Bncp
Symbol: GCBC.BZ
Description: Continuous Commodity Index
Symbol: GCC.BZ
Description: CEF GS Connect ETN Claymore
Symbol: GCE.BZ
Description: Greater China Fund
Symbol: GCH.BZ
Description: Gannett Co. Inc
Symbol: GCI.BZ
Description: Genesco Inc
Symbol: GCO.BZ
Description: Gabelli 6.00% Pfd B
Symbol: GCV-B.BZ
Description: Gabelli Convertible and Income Securities
Symbol: GCV.BZ
Description: Sanofi Cvr
Symbol: GCVRZ.BZ
Description: General Dynamics Corp
Symbol: GD.BZ
Description: Western Asset Global Partners
Symbol: GDF.BZ
Description: The Gdl Fund Series B Cumulativ
Symbol: GDL-B.BZ
Description: The Gdl Fund
Symbol: GDL.BZ
Description: Western Asset Global Corporate Defined
Symbol: GDO.BZ
Description: Green Dot Corp
Symbol: GDOT.BZ
Description: Goodrich Petroleum Corp
Symbol: GDP.BZ
Description: Gabelli Dv
Symbol: GDV-A.BZ
Description: Gabelli Pref D
Symbol: GDV-D.BZ
Description: Gabelli Dividend
Symbol: GDV.BZ
Description: Gold Miners Vaneck ETF
Symbol: GDX.BZ
Description: Junior Gold Miners ETF Vaneck
Symbol: GDXJ.BZ
Description: General Electric Company
Symbol: GE.BZ
Description: Greif Bros. Corp Cl B
Symbol: GEF.B.BZ
Description: Greif Bros. Corp
Symbol: GEF.BZ
Description: Genesis Energy LP
Symbol: GEL.BZ
Description: Gencor Industries In
Symbol: GENC.BZ
Description: Genetic Tech Spn Ads
Symbol: GENE.BZ
Description: Geo Group Inc
Symbol: GEO.BZ
Description: Guggenheim Equal Weight Enhance
Symbol: GEQ.BZ
Description: Geron Corp
Symbol: GERN.BZ
Description: Guess Inc
Symbol: GES.BZ
Description: Gevo Inc
Symbol: GEVO.BZ
Description: Global Alternatve Energy ETF Vaneck
Symbol: GEX.BZ
Description: New Germany Fund
Symbol: GF.BZ
Description: Gafisa S.A.
Symbol: GFA.BZ
Description: Guaranty Fedl Bcshs
Symbol: GFED.BZ
Description: Griffon Corp
Symbol: GFF.BZ
Description: Gold Fields Ltd
Symbol: GFI.BZ
Description: General Finance Corp
Symbol: GFN.BZ
Description: Western Asset Variable Rate Strategic
Symbol: GFY.BZ
Description: Goldcorp Inc
Symbol: GG.BZ
Description: Grupo Fin Galicia
Symbol: GGAL.BZ
Description: Gerdau S.A.
Symbol: GGB.BZ
Description: Claymore Dividend & Income Fund
Symbol: GGE.BZ
Description: Graco Inc
Symbol: GGG.BZ
Description: Gamco Global Gold Natural Resources
Symbol: GGN.BZ
Description: Germany Sov/Sub-Sov Debt Proshares
Symbol: GGOV.BZ
Description: Ggp Inc
Symbol: GGP.BZ
Description: Gabelli Global Multi-Media Trus
Symbol: GGT-B.BZ
Description: Gabelli Global Multi-Media Trust
Symbol: GGT.BZ
Description: Genomic Health Inc
Symbol: GHDX.BZ
Description: Global High Income Dollar Fund
Symbol: GHI.BZ
Description: Greenhill & Co. Inc
Symbol: GHL.BZ
Description: Graham Corp
Symbol: GHM.BZ
Description: US and Intl High Yield Corp Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: GHYG.BZ
Description: CGI Group
Symbol: GIB.BZ
Description: Gulf Island Fab
Symbol: GIFI.BZ
Description: Gigcapital Inc. Common Stock
Symbol: GIG.BZ
Description: Giga Tronics Inc
Symbol: GIGA.BZ
Description: Gigamedia Ltd
Symbol: GIGM.BZ
Description: FTSE Global Infra 100 SPDR
Symbol: GII.BZ
Description: G-III Apparel Gp I
Symbol: GIII.BZ
Description: Gildan Activewear
Symbol: GIL.BZ
Description: Gilead Sciences Inc
Symbol: GILD.BZ
Description: Gilat Satellite Ntwk
Symbol: GILT.BZ
Description: Templeton Global
Symbol: GIM.BZ
Description: General Mills
Symbol: GIS.BZ
Description: Strats Sm Trust For United States Cellular Corp
Symbol: GJH.BZ
Description: Strats Sm Trust For Wal-Mart Stores Inc Securiti
Symbol: GJO.BZ
Description: Strats Sm Trust For Dominion Resources Inc Secur
Symbol: GJP.BZ
Description: Strats Sm Trust For The Procter & Gamble Co Secu
Symbol: GJR.BZ
Description: Strats Sm Trust For Goldman Sachs Group Securiti
Symbol: GJS.BZ
Description: Strats Sm Trust For Allstate Corp Securities Ser
Symbol: GJT.BZ
Description: Strats Sm Trust For News Corp Securities Series
Symbol: GJV.BZ
Description: Gladstone Cap Corp
Symbol: GLAD.BZ
Description: Globus Maritime Limi
Symbol: GLBS.BZ
Description: Glen Burnie Bancorp
Symbol: GLBZ.BZ
Description: Gold SPDR
Symbol: GLD.BZ
Description: Golden Entrprs Inc
Symbol: GLDC.BZ
Description: Great Lakes Drg Dock
Symbol: GLDD.BZ
Description: G-X Gold Explorers ETF
Symbol: GLDX.BZ
Description: Gulfmark Offshore Inc
Symbol: GLF.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Gold Proshares
Symbol: GLL.BZ
Description: Golar Lng Ltd
Symbol: GLNG.BZ
Description: Clough Global Opportunities Fund
Symbol: GLO.BZ
Description: Gaslog Ltd
Symbol: GLOG.BZ
Description: Glowpoint Inc
Symbol: GLOW.BZ
Description: Global Partners LP
Symbol: GLP.BZ
Description: Global Power Equipment Group Inc
Symbol: GLPW.BZ
Description: Clough Global Equity Fund
Symbol: GLQ.BZ
Description: Greenlight Cap. Re.
Symbol: GLRE.BZ
Description: Glatfelter
Symbol: GLT.BZ
Description: Physical Precious Metals Basket
Symbol: GLTR.BZ
Description: Gabelli Global Utility
Symbol: GLU.BZ
Description: Glu Mobile Inc
Symbol: GLUU.BZ
Description: Clough Global Allocation Fund
Symbol: GLV.BZ
Description: Corning Inc
Symbol: GLW.BZ
Description: General Mtrs
Symbol: GM.A.BZ
Description: General Motors Cl B
Symbol: GM.B.BZ
Description: General Motors Company
Symbol: GM.BZ
Description: Gordmans Stores Inc
Symbol: GMAN.BZ
Description: Keurig Green Mountain Inc
Symbol: GMCR.BZ
Description: Gamestop Corp
Symbol: GME.BZ
Description: S&P Emerging Asia Pacific SPDR
Symbol: GMF.BZ
Description: S&P Emerging Latin America SPDR
Symbol: GML.BZ
Description: Golar Lng Partners
Symbol: GMLP.BZ
Description: S&P Emerging Markets SPDR
Symbol: GMM.BZ
Description: Columbia Intermediate Municipal Bond ETF
Symbol: GMMB.BZ
Description: General Moly Inc
Symbol: GMO.BZ
Description: GATX Corp
Symbol: GMT.BZ
Description: Columbia Core Bond ETF
Symbol: GMTB.BZ
Description: Global Natural Resources Wisdomtree
Symbol: GNAT.BZ
Description: GNC Holdings Inc
Symbol: GNC.BZ
Description: Gci Liberty Inc.
Symbol: GNCMA.BZ
Description: Genie Energy Ltd Class B
Symbol: GNE.BZ
Description: Genco Shipping & Trading Ltd
Symbol: GNK.BZ
Description: GNMA Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: GNMA.BZ
Description: Genmark Diagnostics
Symbol: GNMK.BZ
Description: S&P Global Natural Resources SPDR
Symbol: GNR.BZ
Description: Generac Holdings Inc
Symbol: GNRC.BZ
Description: Gabelli Natural Resources Gold
Symbol: GNT.BZ
Description: Gentex Corp
Symbol: GNTX.BZ
Description: Genvec Inc
Symbol: GNVC.BZ
Description: Genworth Financial Inc
Symbol: GNW.BZ
Description: Claymore/Guggenheim Strategic Fund
Symbol: GOF.BZ
Description: Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes S.A.
Symbol: GOL.BZ
Description: Randgold Res Ltd
Symbol: GOLD.BZ
Description: Gladstone Comml
Symbol: GOOD.BZ
Description: Gladstone Pfd C
Symbol: GOODN.BZ
Description: Gladstone Commercial
Symbol: GOODO.BZ
Description: Gladstone Commercial Corp
Symbol: GOODP.BZ
Description: Alphabet Class C
Symbol: GOOG.BZ
Description: Gold Resource Corp
Symbol: GORO.BZ
Description: Government Properties Income Trust
Symbol: GOV.BZ
Description: US Treasury Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: GOVT.BZ
Description: Genuine Parts Company
Symbol: GPC.BZ
Description: Ga Pwr Co Cl A Pfd
Symbol: GPE-A.BZ
Description: Group 1 Automotive
Symbol: GPI.BZ
Description: Gaming Partners Intl
Symbol: GPIC.BZ
Description: Graphic Packaging Holding Company
Symbol: GPK.BZ
Description: Great Panther Silver Ltd
Symbol: GPL.BZ
Description: Guggenheim Enhanced Equity
Symbol: GPM.BZ
Description: Global Payments Inc
Symbol: GPN.BZ
Description: Gulfport Energy Corp
Symbol: GPOR.BZ
Description: Green Plains Inc
Symbol: GPRE.BZ
Description: Gap Inc
Symbol: GPS.BZ
Description: Gp Strategies Corp
Symbol: GPX.BZ
Description: W.R. Grace & Company
Symbol: GRA.BZ
Description: Gorman-Rupp Company
Symbol: GRC.BZ
Description: G-X FTSE Greece 20 ETF
Symbol: GREK.BZ
Description: IQ Global Resources ETF
Symbol: GRES.BZ
Description: Eagle Capital Growth Fund
Symbol: GRF.BZ
Description: Grifols S.A.
Symbol: GRFS.BZ
Description: Greenhunter Energy Inc
Symbol: GRH.BZ
Description: Global Realty Majors Cohen & Steers ETF
Symbol: GRI.BZ
Description: Nasdaq Clean Edge Smart Grid Infr Index Fund FT
Symbol: GRID.BZ
Description: Griffin Industrial
Symbol: GRIF.BZ
Description: Garmin Ltd
Symbol: GRMN.BZ
Description: Ipath Global Carbon ETN
Symbol: GRN.BZ
Description: Agria Corp
Symbol: GRO.BZ
Description: U S Global Inv Inc
Symbol: GROW.BZ
Description: Groupon Cl A
Symbol: GRPN.BZ
Description: Asia Tigers Fund
Symbol: GRR.BZ
Description: MLCX Grains Index TR ETN Elements
Symbol: GRU.BZ
Description: Gravity Co. Ltd
Symbol: GRVY.BZ
Description: Softs Pure Beta ETN Ipath
Symbol: GRWN.BZ
Description: The Gabelli Healthcare & Welln
Symbol: GRX-A.BZ
Description: The Gabelli Healthcare & Wellness Trust
Symbol: GRX.BZ
Description: Goldman Sachs Pfd Series A
Symbol: GS-A.BZ
Description: Goldman Sachs Pfd Series B
Symbol: GS-B.BZ
Description: Goldman Sachs Pfd Series C
Symbol: GS-C.BZ
Description: Goldman Sachs Pfd Series D
Symbol: GS-D.BZ
Description: Goldman Sachs Group
Symbol: GS.BZ
Description: Globalscape
Symbol: GSB.BZ
Description: Great Southern Bncp
Symbol: GSBC.BZ
Description: GS Connect S&P GSCI Enh Commodity TR ETN
Symbol: GSC.BZ
Description: Goldman Sachs Group
Symbol: GSF.BZ
Description: S&P GSCI Commodity-Indexed Ishares ETF
Symbol: GSG.BZ
Description: Guangshen Railway
Symbol: GSH.BZ
Description: General Steel Holdings
Symbol: GSI.BZ
Description: Gsi Group Inc
Symbol: GSIG.BZ
Description: Gsi Technology Inc
Symbol: GSIT.BZ
Description: Goldman Sachs Group Inc
Symbol: GSJ.BZ
Description: Glaxosmithkline Plc
Symbol: GSK.BZ
Description: Global Ship Lease Inc
Symbol: GSL.BZ
Description: Ferroglobe Plc Os
Symbol: GSM.BZ
Description: Global Sources Ltd
Symbol: GSOL.BZ
Description: Ipath S&P GSCI Total Return Index ETN
Symbol: GSP.BZ
Description: Golden Star Resources Ltd
Symbol: GSS.BZ
Description: Gastar Exploration 8.625% Serie
Symbol: GST-A.BZ
Description: Gastar Exploration
Symbol: GST.BZ
Description: Gsv Capital Cp
Symbol: GSVC.BZ
Description: Ultra Short Duration Portfolio PS
Symbol: GSY.BZ
Description: Goodyear Tire Rubber
Symbol: GT.BZ
Description: Cambria Global Tactical ETF
Symbol: GTAA.BZ
Description: Gran Tierra Energy Inc
Symbol: GTE.BZ
Description: Good Times Rest
Symbol: GTIM.BZ
Description: Goldman Sachs Access Inflation Protected USD Bon
Symbol: GTIP.BZ
Description: Chart Industries In
Symbol: GTLS.BZ
Description: Gray Television
Symbol: GTN.A.BZ
Description: Gray Television
Symbol: GTN.BZ
Description: Triple-S Management Corp
Symbol: GTS.BZ
Description: Central Gold Trust
Symbol: GTU.BZ
Description: GTX Inc
Symbol: GTXI.BZ
Description: Getty Realty Corp
Symbol: GTY.BZ
Description: Gulf Power Company Series 2011A
Symbol: GUA.BZ
Description: Guidance Software
Symbol: GUID.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Middle East Dividend Fund
Symbol: GULF.BZ
Description: Mstar Global Upstream Natural Resources ETF
Symbol: GUNR.BZ
Description: S&P Emerging Europe SPDR
Symbol: GUR.BZ
Description: Gulf Resources Inc
Symbol: GURE.BZ
Description: Gabelli Utility Trust Ser A Pfd
Symbol: GUT-A.BZ
Description: Gabelli Utility Trust
Symbol: GUT.BZ
Description: Goldfield Corp
Symbol: GV.BZ
Description: Granite Construction Inc
Symbol: GVA.BZ
Description: Interm Govt/Credit Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: GVI.BZ
Description: GSE Systems
Symbol: GVP.BZ
Description: Columbia Select Large Cap Value ETF
Symbol: GVT.BZ
Description: S&P World Ex-US SPDR
Symbol: GWL.BZ
Description: Genesee & Wyoming
Symbol: GWR.BZ
Description: Guidewire Software Inc
Symbol: GWRE.BZ
Description: W.W. Grainger
Symbol: GWW.BZ
Description: S&P Smallcap Intl SPDR
Symbol: GWX.BZ
Description: S&P China SPDR
Symbol: GXC.BZ
Description: G-X FTSE Nordic Region ETF
Symbol: GXF.BZ
Description: G-X FTSE Colombia 20 ETF
Symbol: GXG.BZ
Description: Great Plains Energy 3.8%
Symbol: GXP-A.BZ
Description: Great Plains Energy 4.35%
Symbol: GXP-D.BZ
Description: Great Plains Energy 4.5%
Symbol: GXP-E.BZ
Description: Great Plains Energy Inc
Symbol: GXP.BZ
Description: Cabco Series 2004-101 Trust
Symbol: GYB.BZ
Description: Corporate Asset Backed Corp Cabco
Symbol: GYC.BZ
Description: Gyrodyne Llc
Symbol: GYRO.BZ
Description: Gazit-Globe Ltd
Symbol: GZT.BZ
Description: Hyatt Hotels Corp
Symbol: H.BZ
Description: Hawaiian Hldgs Inc
Symbol: HA.BZ
Description: Haemonetics Corp
Symbol: HAE.BZ
Description: Hanmi Financial Cp
Symbol: HAFC.BZ
Description: Hain Celestial Grp
Symbol: HAIN.BZ
Description: Halliburton Company
Symbol: HAL.BZ
Description: Hallmark Fin Svc
Symbol: HALL.BZ
Description: Halozyme Therapeutic
Symbol: HALO.BZ
Description: China Small Cap Guggenheim ETF
Symbol: HAO.BZ
Description: Rve Hard Assets Producers Vaneck ETF
Symbol: HAP.BZ
Description: Harman International Industries Inc
Symbol: HAR.BZ
Description: Hasbro Inc
Symbol: HAS.BZ
Description: Haynes Intl Inc
Symbol: HAYN.BZ
Description: Huntington Bcshs
Symbol: HBAN.BZ
Description: Huntington BNC Pfd A
Symbol: HBANP.BZ
Description: Home Bancorp Inc
Symbol: HBCP.BZ
Description: Hancock Holding Co
Symbol: HBHC.BZ
Description: Hanesbrands Inc
Symbol: HBI.BZ
Description: Harvard Bioscience
Symbol: HBIO.BZ
Description: Hudbay Minerals Inc
Symbol: HBM.BZ
Description: Horizon Bancorp
Symbol: HBNC.BZ
Description: Hca Holdings Inc
Symbol: HCA.BZ
Description: Heritage-Crystal
Symbol: HCCI.BZ
Description: Hackett Grp Inc
Symbol: HCKT.BZ
Description: Health Care REIT Inc
Symbol: HCN-I.BZ
Description: Health Care REIT Inc
Symbol: HCN-J.BZ
Description: Welltower Inc
Symbol: HCN.BZ
Description: Hawaiian Telcom Hold
Symbol: HCOM.BZ
Description: HCP Inc
Symbol: HCP.BZ
Description: Healthcare Svcs Gp
Symbol: HCSG.BZ
Description: Home Depot
Symbol: HD.BZ
Description: Hdfc Bank Ltd
Symbol: HDB.BZ
Description: Hedge Replication Proshares
Symbol: HDG.BZ
Description: Active Bear ETF
Symbol: HDGE.BZ
Description: Hardinge Inc
Symbol: HDNG.BZ
Description: Hudson Tech Inc
Symbol: HDSN.BZ
Description: High Dividend Ishares Core ETF
Symbol: HDV.BZ
Description: Heco Cap III 6.50
Symbol: HE-U.BZ
Description: Hawaiian Electric Industries
Symbol: HE.BZ
Description: Hemispherx Biopharma
Symbol: HEB.BZ
Description: Intl Hedged Equity Wisdomtree
Symbol: HEDJ.BZ
Description: H&E Equip Services
Symbol: HEES.BZ
Description: Heico Cp Cl A
Symbol: HEI.A.BZ
Description: Heico Corp
Symbol: HEI.BZ
Description: Helen of Troy Ltd
Symbol: HELE.BZ
Description: Heritage Oaks Bancp
Symbol: HEOP.BZ
Description: Holly Energy Partners LP
Symbol: HEP.BZ
Description: John Hancock Hedged Eqty & Inc
Symbol: HEQ.BZ
Description: Hercules Offshore Cm
Symbol: HERO.BZ
Description: Hess Corp
Symbol: HES.BZ
Description: Ipath Pure Beta Industrial Metals
Symbol: HEVY.BZ
Description: HFF Inc
Symbol: HF.BZ
Description: Hopfed Bancorp Inc
Symbol: HFBC.BZ
Description: Home Federal
Symbol: HFBL.BZ
Description: Hollyfrontier Corp
Symbol: HFC.BZ
Description: HF Financial Corp
Symbol: HFFC.BZ
Description: Heritage Financial
Symbol: HFWA.BZ
Description: Hhgregg Inc
Symbol: HGG.BZ
Description: The Hartford Financial Srvcs G
Symbol: HGH.BZ
Description: Zacks Intl Multi-Asset Inc Port PS
Symbol: HGI.BZ
Description: Hanger Orthopedic Group
Symbol: HGR.BZ
Description: China Hgs Real Est
Symbol: HGSH.BZ
Description: Hugoton Royalty Trust
Symbol: HGT.BZ
Description: Hooper Holmes
Symbol: HH.BZ
Description: Howard Hughes Corp
Symbol: HHC.BZ
Description: Harte-Hanks
Symbol: HHS.BZ
Description: Helios High Yield Fund
Symbol: HHY.BZ
Description: Hillenbrand Inc
Symbol: HI.BZ
Description: Hibbett Sports Inc
Symbol: HIBB.BZ
Description: Hingham Inst For Svg
Symbol: HIFS.BZ
Description: Hartford Financial Services Group
Symbol: HIG.BZ
Description: Hartford Financial Services Group
Symbol: HIG.W.BZ
Description: Highway Hldgs Ltd
Symbol: HIHO.BZ
Description: Huntington Ingalls Industries
Symbol: HII.BZ
Description: Hill International
Symbol: HIL.BZ
Description: Low Vol EM Dividend ETF Egshares
Symbol: HILO.BZ
Description: Himax Technologies
Symbol: HIMX.BZ
Description: Western Asset High
Symbol: HIO.BZ
Description: Highwoods Properties
Symbol: HIW.BZ
Description: Western Asset High Income Fund II Inc
Symbol: HIX.BZ
Description: MS S.A.C. Saturns Ge Series 2002-14
Symbol: HJV.BZ
Description: Halcon Resources
Symbol: HK.BZ
Description: Hecla Mining Pfd B
Symbol: HL-B.BZ
Description: Hecla Mining Company
Symbol: HL.BZ
Description: Herbalife Ltd
Symbol: HLF.BZ
Description: Harmonic Inc
Symbol: HLIT.BZ
Description: Hillman Gr Cap 11.6
Symbol: HLM-.BZ
Description: Healthsouth Corp
Symbol: HLS.BZ
Description: Helix Energy Solutions Group
Symbol: HLX.BZ
Description: Honda Motor Company
Symbol: HMC.BZ
Description: Hmg/Courtland Properties
Symbol: HMG.BZ
Description: Homeinns Hotel Group
Symbol: HMIN.BZ
Description: Horace Mann Educators Corp
Symbol: HMN.BZ
Description: Hmn Financial Inc
Symbol: HMNF.BZ
Description: Helios and Matsn Ana
Symbol: HMNY.BZ
Description: Hampton Roads Bank
Symbol: HMPR.BZ
Description: Homestreet Inc
Symbol: HMST.BZ
Description: Hms Hldgs Cp
Symbol: HMSY.BZ
Description: Harmony Gold Mining Co. Ltd
Symbol: HMY.BZ
Description: Handy & Harman Ltd
Symbol: HNH.BZ
Description: Hon Industries Inc
Symbol: HNI.BZ
Description: Huaneng Power Intl
Symbol: HNP.BZ
Description: Harvest Natural Resources Inc
Symbol: HNR.BZ
Description: Hallador Energy Co
Symbol: HNRG.BZ
Description: Hansen Medical Inc
Symbol: HNSN.BZ
Description: Health Net Inc
Symbol: HNT.BZ
Description: Pioneer Diversified High Income Trust
Symbol: HNW.BZ
Description: Hooker Furniture
Symbol: HOFT.BZ
Description: Harley-Davidson Inc
Symbol: HOG.BZ
Description: Hollysys Automation
Symbol: HOLI.BZ
Description: Hologic Inc
Symbol: HOLX.BZ
Description: Home Bancshares Inc
Symbol: HOMB.BZ
Description: At Home Group Inc
Symbol: HOME.BZ
Description: Honeywell International Inc
Symbol: HON.BZ
Description: Hornbeck Offshore Services
Symbol: HOS.BZ
Description: Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide
Symbol: HOT.BZ
Description: Hovnanian Enterprises Inc
Symbol: HOV.BZ
Description: Hovnanian Entr Dep A
Symbol: HOVNP.BZ
Description: Helmerich & Payne
Symbol: HP.BZ
Description: John Hancock Pfd II
Symbol: HPF.BZ
Description: John Hancock Preferred
Symbol: HPI.BZ
Description: Highpower Intl Inc
Symbol: HPJ.BZ
Description: Hudson Pacific Properties Inc
Symbol: HPP-B.BZ
Description: Hudson Pacific Properties
Symbol: HPP.BZ
Description: Hewlett-Packard Company
Symbol: HPQ.BZ
Description: John Hancock Preferred Income Fund III
Symbol: HPS.BZ
Description: Hospitality Properties Trust
Symbol: HPT-D.BZ
Description: Hospitality Properites Trust
Symbol: HPT.BZ
Description: Heartland Payment Systems
Symbol: HPY.BZ
Description: Tekla Healthcare Investors
Symbol: HQH.BZ
Description: Tekla Life Sciences Investors
Symbol: HQL.BZ
Description: Healthcare Realty Trust Inc
Symbol: HR.BZ
Description: H&R Block
Symbol: HRB.BZ
Description: Hill-Rom Holdings Inc
Symbol: HRC.BZ
Description: Hrg Group Inc
Symbol: HRG.BZ
Description: Hormel Foods Corp
Symbol: HRL.BZ
Description: Harris Corp
Symbol: HRS.BZ
Description: Arrhythmia Research Technology Inc
Symbol: HRT.BZ
Description: Horizon Technology F
Symbol: HRZN.BZ
Description: Harsco Corp
Symbol: HSC.BZ
Description: Henry Schein Inc
Symbol: HSIC.BZ
Description: Heidrick & Struggl
Symbol: HSII.BZ
Description: Heska Corp
Symbol: HSKA.BZ
Description: HSN Inc
Symbol: HSNI.BZ
Description: Host Marriott Financial Trust
Symbol: HST.BZ
Description: Healthstream Inc
Symbol: HSTM.BZ
Description: Hershey Foods Corp
Symbol: HSY.BZ
Description: Hersha Hospitality Trust
Symbol: HT-B.BZ
Description: Hersha Hospitality Trust
Symbol: HT.BZ
Description: Heritage Commerce
Symbol: HTBK.BZ
Description: Hutchinson Tech
Symbol: HTCH.BZ
Description: John Hancock Tax Advantaged Dividend
Symbol: HTD.BZ
Description: Horizon Technology Finance Cor
Symbol: HTF.BZ
Description: Hercules Technology Growth Capital
Symbol: HTGC.BZ
Description: Hilltop Holdings Inc
Symbol: HTH.BZ
Description: Huazhu Group Ltd
Symbol: HTHT.BZ
Description: Heartland Express
Symbol: HTLD.BZ
Description: Heartland Finl USA
Symbol: HTLF.BZ
Description: U.S. Geothermal Inc
Symbol: HTM.BZ
Description: Hyperion Brookfield Total Return Fund
Symbol: HTR.BZ
Description: Hatteras Financial Corp
Symbol: HTS.BZ
Description: Hrtwr Intrntl Inc
Symbol: HTWR.BZ
Description: John Hancock Tax-Advantaged Global
Symbol: HTY.BZ
Description: Hertz Global Holdings Inc
Symbol: HTZ.BZ
Description: Hubbell Inc B
Symbol: HUB.B.BZ
Description: Hub Group Inc A
Symbol: HUBG.BZ
Description: Humana Inc
Symbol: HUM.BZ
Description: Huntsman Corp
Symbol: HUN.BZ
Description: Hurco Cos Inc
Symbol: HURC.BZ
Description: Huron Consulting
Symbol: HURN.BZ
Description: Houston American Energy Corp
Symbol: HUSA.BZ
Description: Haverty Furn Cl A SC
Symbol: HVT.A.BZ
Description: Haverty Furniture Companies
Symbol: HVT.BZ
Description: Headwaters Inc
Symbol: HW.BZ
Description: Healthways Inc
Symbol: HWAY.BZ
Description: Hawthorn Bancshares
Symbol: HWBK.BZ
Description: Houston Wire Cable
Symbol: HWCC.BZ
Description: Hawkins Inc
Symbol: HWKN.BZ
Description: Hexcel Corp
Symbol: HXL.BZ
Description: New America High
Symbol: HYB.BZ
Description: High Yld Muni ETF Vaneck
Symbol: HYD.BZ
Description: Managed High Yield Plus Fund
Symbol: HYF.BZ
Description: High Yield Corp Bond Ishares Iboxx $ ETF
Symbol: HYG.BZ
Description: Hydrogenics Corp
Symbol: HYGS.BZ
Description: Western Asset High Yield Defined
Symbol: HYI.BZ
Description: Peritus High Yield ETF
Symbol: HYLD.BZ
Description: S&P Hi Yld Muni Bond SPDR
Symbol: HYMB.BZ
Description: 0-5 Year Hi Yld Corp Bond Idx ETF Pimco
Symbol: HYS.BZ
Description: Blackrock High Yield Fund Vi Inc
Symbol: HYT.BZ
Description: Intl High Yield Corp Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: HYXU.BZ
Description: Horizon Pharma Ord
Symbol: HZNP.BZ
Description: Marinemax Inc
Symbol: HZO.BZ
Description: Iac/Interactivecorp
Symbol: IACI.BZ
Description: VOYA Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity
Symbol: IAE.BZ
Description: Aberdeen Australia Equity Fund Inc
Symbol: IAF.BZ
Description: Iamgold Corp
Symbol: IAG.BZ
Description: US Broker-Dealers & Sec Exch Ishares ETF
Symbol: IAI.BZ
Description: US Insurance Ishares ETF
Symbol: IAK.BZ
Description: Integra Lifesciences
Symbol: IART.BZ
Description: US Regional Banks Ishares ETF
Symbol: IAT.BZ
Description: Gold Trust Ishares
Symbol: IAU.BZ
Description: Industrias Bachoco S.A. De C.V.
Symbol: IBA.BZ
Description: Nasdaq Biotechnology Ishares ETF
Symbol: IBB.BZ
Description: Independent Bk Cp
Symbol: IBCP.BZ
Description: Ibio Inc
Symbol: IBIO.BZ
Description: Iberiabank Corp
Symbol: IBKC.BZ
Description: Interactive Brokers
Symbol: IBKR.BZ
Description: International Business Machines
Symbol: IBM.BZ
Description: Icici Bank Ltd
Symbol: IBN.BZ
Description: Intl Corp Bond ETF SPDR
Symbol: IBND.BZ
Description: Intl Bancshares
Symbol: IBOC.BZ
Description: Empresas Ica Soc Contrladora
Symbol: ICA.BZ
Description: Icad Inc
Symbol: ICAD.BZ
Description: MS Income Securities
Symbol: ICB.BZ
Description: Immucell Cp
Symbol: ICCC.BZ
Description: Intercontinental Exchange
Symbol: ICE.BZ
Description: Cohen & Steers REIT Ishares ETF
Symbol: ICF.BZ
Description: Icf International
Symbol: ICFI.BZ
Description: Ipath Optimized Currency Carry ETN
Symbol: ICI.BZ
Description: Global Clean Energy Ishares ETF
Symbol: ICLN.BZ
Description: Icon Plc
Symbol: ICLR.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Indian Rupee Fund
Symbol: ICN.BZ
Description: Iconix Brand Group
Symbol: ICON.BZ
Description: I C U Medical Inc
Symbol: ICUI.BZ
Description: Idacorp Inc
Symbol: IDA.BZ
Description: Interdigital Inc
Symbol: IDCC.BZ
Description: VOYA Infrastructure Industrial
Symbol: IDE.BZ
Description: S&P Intl Dev High Beta Powershares
Symbol: IDHB.BZ
Description: S&P Intl Devd High Qlty PS
Symbol: IDHQ.BZ
Description: Tiger Media Inc
Symbol: IDI.BZ
Description: S&P Intl Devd Low Vlty Port PS
Symbol: IDLV.BZ
Description: Intellicheck Mobilisia
Symbol: IDN.BZ
Description: Idera Pharmaceutical
Symbol: IDRA.BZ
Description: Industrial Svcs Am
Symbol: IDSA.BZ
Description: Id Systems Inc
Symbol: IDSY.BZ
Description: IDT Corp
Symbol: IDT.BZ
Description: Integrated Devices
Symbol: IDTI.BZ
Description: US Utilities Ishares ETF
Symbol: IDU.BZ
Description: Intl Select Dividend Ishares ETF
Symbol: IDV.BZ
Description: Indonesia Index ETF Vaneck
Symbol: IDX.BZ
Description: Indonesia Smallcap ETF Market Vectors
Symbol: IDXJ.BZ
Description: Idexx Laboratories
Symbol: IDXX.BZ
Description: IEC Electronics
Symbol: IEC.BZ
Description: 7-10 Year Treas Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: IEF.BZ
Description: 3-7 Year Treas Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: IEI.BZ
Description: US Oil & Gas Explor & Prod Ishares ETF
Symbol: IEO.BZ
Description: Icahn Enterprises
Symbol: IEP.BZ
Description: Ies Holdings
Symbol: IESC.BZ
Description: Europe 350 Ishares ETF
Symbol: IEV.BZ
Description: Idex Corp
Symbol: IEX.BZ
Description: US Oil Equipment & Services Ishares ETF
Symbol: IEZ.BZ
Description: Aberdeen Indonesia Fund
Symbol: IF.BZ
Description: Europe Developed Real Estate Ishares ETF
Symbol: IFEU.BZ
Description: International Flavors & Fragrances
Symbol: IFF.BZ
Description: Intl Developed Real Estate Ishares ETF
Symbol: IFGL.BZ
Description: Institutional Financial Markets
Symbol: IFMI.BZ
Description: India Fund
Symbol: IFN.BZ
Description: Infosonic Corp
Symbol: IFON.BZ
Description: VOYA Global Advantage and Premium
Symbol: IGA.BZ
Description: India Globalization Capital Inc
Symbol: IGC.BZ
Description: India Globalization Capital
Symbol: IGC.W.BZ
Description: VOYA Global Equity Dividend and Premium
Symbol: IGD.BZ
Description: Natural Resources North American Ishares ETF
Symbol: IGE.BZ
Description: Global Infrastructure Ishares ETF
Symbol: IGF.BZ
Description: Western Asset Investment Grade Defined
Symbol: IGI.BZ
Description: Internet Gold-Golden
Symbol: IGLD.BZ
Description: North American Tech Ishares ETF
Symbol: IGM.BZ
Description: North American Tech-Multimedia Networking Ishare
Symbol: IGN.BZ
Description: Intl Treasury Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: IGOV.BZ
Description: VOYA Clarion Global Real Estate
Symbol: IGR.BZ
Description: Short Investment Grade Corp Proshares
Symbol: IGS.BZ
Description: International Game Technology
Symbol: IGT.BZ
Description: Ultra Investment Grade Corp Proshares
Symbol: IGU.BZ
Description: North American Tech-Software Ishares ETF
Symbol: IGV.BZ
Description: Independence Holding Company
Symbol: IHC.BZ
Description: VOYA Emerging Markets High Dividend
Symbol: IHD.BZ
Description: US Pharmaceuticals Ishares ETF
Symbol: IHE.BZ
Description: US Healthcare Providers Ishares ETF
Symbol: IHF.BZ
Description: Intercontinental Hotels Group
Symbol: IHG.BZ
Description: US Medical Devices Ishares ETF
Symbol: IHI.BZ
Description: IHS Inc
Symbol: IHS.BZ
Description: Innsuites Hospitality Trust
Symbol: IHT.BZ
Description: Intl High Yield Bond ETF Vaneck
Symbol: IHY.BZ
Description: VOYA International High Dividend Equity
Symbol: IID.BZ
Description: Morgan Stanley India Investment Fund Inc
Symbol: IIF.BZ
Description: Information Svcs Grp
Symbol: III.BZ
Description: Insteel Industries
Symbol: IIIN.BZ
Description: Internet Init Jap
Symbol: IIJI.BZ
Description: Interval Leisure Cmn
Symbol: IILG.BZ
Description: Invesco Insured Muni Income Trust
Symbol: IIM.BZ
Description: Intricon Corp
Symbol: IIN.BZ
Description: I I V I Inc
Symbol: IIVI.BZ
Description: S&P Mid-Cap 400 Ishares Core ETF
Symbol: IJH.BZ
Description: S&P Mid-Cap 400 Value Ishares ETF
Symbol: IJJ.BZ
Description: S&P Mid-Cap 400 Growth Ishares ETF
Symbol: IJK.BZ
Description: S&P Small-Cap Ishares Core ETF
Symbol: IJR.BZ
Description: S&P Small-Cap 600 Value Ishares ETF
Symbol: IJS.BZ
Description: S&P Small-Cap 600 Growth Ishares ETF
Symbol: IJT.BZ
Description: Ikanos Communications
Symbol: IKAN.BZ
Description: Ikonics Corp
Symbol: IKNX.BZ
Description: Intralinks Holdings
Symbol: IL.BZ
Description: Latin America 40 Ishares ETF
Symbol: ILF.BZ
Description: Illumina Inc
Symbol: ILMN.BZ
Description: Ingram Micro Inc
Symbol: IM.BZ
Description: Imax Corp
Symbol: IMAX.BZ
Description: Immunogen Inc
Symbol: IMGN.BZ
Description: Impac Mortgage Holdings
Symbol: IMH.BZ
Description: Intermolecular Inc
Symbol: IMI.BZ
Description: Ingles Markets Inc
Symbol: IMKTA.BZ
Description: Immersion Corp
Symbol: IMMR.BZ
Description: Immunomedics Inc
Symbol: IMMU.BZ
Description: Imation Corp
Symbol: IMN.BZ
Description: Imperial Oil Ltd
Symbol: IMO.BZ
Description: Chipmos Tech New
Symbol: IMOS.BZ
Description: Imperva Inc
Symbol: IMPV.BZ
Description: Ims Health Holdings Inc
Symbol: IMS.BZ
Description: Internap Corp
Symbol: INAP.BZ
Description: Cohen & Steers Global Income Builder
Symbol: INB.BZ
Description: India Consumer Egshares
Symbol: INCO.BZ
Description: Incyte Corp
Symbol: INCY.BZ
Description: ING Group N.V.
Symbol: IND.BZ
Description: India MSCI Ishares ETF
Symbol: INDA.BZ
Description: Independent Bk Corp
Symbol: INDB.BZ
Description: India Bull 3X Direxion
Symbol: INDL.BZ
Description: India 50 Ishares ETF
Symbol: INDY.BZ
Description: Brookfield Global Listed Infra
Symbol: INF.BZ
Description: Infinity Pharmaceuti
Symbol: INFI.BZ
Description: Infinera Corp
Symbol: INFN.BZ
Description: Infusystems Holdings
Symbol: INFU.BZ
Description: Infosys Ltd
Symbol: INFY.BZ
Description: VOYA Group N.V.
Symbol: ING.BZ
Description: Interactive Intg Grp
Symbol: ININ.BZ
Description: SSGA Income Allocation ETF SPDR
Symbol: INKM.BZ
Description: Summit Hotel Properties Inc
Symbol: INN-A.BZ
Description: Summit Hotel Properties
Symbol: INN.BZ
Description: Inovio Pharma
Symbol: INO.BZ
Description: Innodata Inc
Symbol: INOD.BZ
Description: Ipath MSCI India Index ETN
Symbol: INP.BZ
Description: INR/USD ETN Vaneck
Symbol: INR.BZ
Description: Intelligent Systems Corp
Symbol: INS.BZ
Description: Insmed Inc
Symbol: INSM.BZ
Description: World Fuel Services Corp
Symbol: INT.BZ
Description: Intel Corp
Symbol: INTC.BZ
Description: Intergroup Cp The
Symbol: INTG.BZ
Description: Intl Fcstone Inc
Symbol: INTL.BZ
Description: Intest Corp
Symbol: INTT.BZ
Description: Intuit Inc
Symbol: INTU.BZ
Description: Intersections Inc
Symbol: INTX.BZ
Description: Inuvo Inc
Symbol: INUV.BZ
Description: Identiv Inc
Symbol: INVE.BZ
Description: Invensense Inc
Symbol: INVN.BZ
Description: Innerworkings Inc
Symbol: INWK.BZ
Description: Interxion Holding N.V.
Symbol: INXN.BZ
Description: India Infrastructure Egshares
Symbol: INXX.BZ
Description: SPDR NY Muni Bd Barclays Capital
Symbol: INY.BZ
Description: ING Groep Nv Perpetual Debt Securities
Symbol: INZ.BZ
Description: ION Geophysical Corp
Symbol: IO.BZ
Description: Interoil Corp
Symbol: IOC.BZ
Description: IQ Global Oil Smallcap ETF
Symbol: IOIL.BZ
Description: Global 100 Ishares ETF
Symbol: IOO.BZ
Description: Innospec Inc
Symbol: IOSP.BZ
Description: Income Opportunity Realty Trust
Symbol: IOT.BZ
Description: International Paper Company
Symbol: IP.BZ
Description: Inter Parfums Inc
Symbol: IPAR.BZ
Description: Ipass Inc
Symbol: IPAS.BZ
Description: Merrill Lynch & Co
Symbol: IPB.BZ
Description: Infinity Property
Symbol: IPCC.BZ
Description: Intellipharmaceutics
Symbol: IPCI.BZ
Description: S&P Cons Disc Sector Intl SPDR
Symbol: IPD.BZ
Description: TIPS Barclays ETF SPDR
Symbol: IPE.BZ
Description: S&P Financial Sector Intl SPDR
Symbol: IPF.BZ
Description: Intl Preferred Stock Ishares ETF
Symbol: IPFF.BZ
Description: Interpublic Group of Companies
Symbol: IPG.BZ
Description: Ipg Photonics Corp
Symbol: IPGP.BZ
Description: Inphi Corp
Symbol: IPHI.BZ
Description: Innophos Hldngs Inc
Symbol: IPHS.BZ
Description: Intrepid Potash Inc
Symbol: IPI.BZ
Description: S&P Tech Sector Intl SPDR
Symbol: IPK.BZ
Description: S&P Industrial Sector Intl SPDR
Symbol: IPN.BZ
Description: S&P Cons Stapl Sector Intl SPDR
Symbol: IPS.BZ
Description: S&P Utilities Sector Intl SPDR
Symbol: IPU.BZ
Description: S&P Energy Sector Intl SPDR
Symbol: IPW.BZ
Description: Impax Labs Inc
Symbol: IPXL.BZ
Description: Invesco Quality Muni Income Trust
Symbol: IQI.BZ
Description: Inteliquent Inc Cmn
Symbol: IQNT.BZ
Description: Ingersoll-Rand Plc [Ireland]
Symbol: IR.BZ
Description: Irobot Corp
Symbol: IRBT.BZ
Description: Inland Real Estate Corp
Symbol: IRC-A.BZ
Description: Inland Real Estate Corp
Symbol: IRC.BZ
Description: Iridium Comm Inc
Symbol: IRDM.BZ
Description: Investors Real Estate Trust
Symbol: IRET.BZ
Description: Iridex Cp
Symbol: IRIX.BZ
Description: Irish Investment Fund
Symbol: IRL.BZ
Description: Iron Mountain Inc
Symbol: IRM.BZ
Description: If Bancorp Inc
Symbol: IROQ.BZ
Description: VOYA Risk Managed Natural Resources Fund
Symbol: IRR.BZ
Description: Irsa Inversiones Y Representaciones S.A.
Symbol: IRS.BZ
Description: S&P Materials Sector Intl SPDR
Symbol: IRV.BZ
Description: Ironwood Pharmaceuti
Symbol: IRWD.BZ
Description: S&P Healthcare Sector Intl SPDR
Symbol: IRY.BZ
Description: Investors Bancorp
Symbol: ISBC.BZ
Description: Intl Speedway Cl A
Symbol: ISCA.BZ
Description: Prudential Short Duration High
Symbol: ISD.BZ
Description: VOYA Group N.V.
Symbol: ISF.BZ
Description: VOYA Group N.V.
Symbol: ISG.BZ
Description: International Shipholding Corp
Symbol: ISH.BZ
Description: 1-3 Year Intl Treas Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: ISHG.BZ
Description: Insignia Systems
Symbol: ISIG.BZ
Description: Intersil Corp Cla
Symbol: ISIL.BZ
Description: Aberdeen Israel Fund
Symbol: ISL.BZ
Description: Isle of Capri Cas
Symbol: ISLE.BZ
Description: SLM Corp Med Nt A
Symbol: ISM.BZ
Description: Image Sensing Syst
Symbol: ISNS.BZ
Description: VOYA Group N.V.
Symbol: ISP.BZ
Description: Isoray Inc
Symbol: ISR.BZ
Description: Intuitive Surg Inc
Symbol: ISRG.BZ
Description: Isramco Inc
Symbol: ISRL.BZ
Description: Innovative Sol&Sup
Symbol: ISSC.BZ
Description: S&P Telecom Sector Intl SPDR
Symbol: IST.BZ
Description: Gartner Inc
Symbol: IT.BZ
Description: US Aerospace & Defense Ishares ETF
Symbol: ITA.BZ
Description: US Home Construction Ishares ETF
Symbol: ITB.BZ
Description: Itc Holdings
Symbol: ITC.BZ
Description: Interm-Term Treasury ETF SPDR
Symbol: ITE.BZ
Description: Investment Technology Group
Symbol: ITG.BZ
Description: Iteris Inc
Symbol: ITI.BZ
Description: Investors Title Co
Symbol: ITIC.BZ
Description: Intl Inflation-Linked Bond Fund Ishares
Symbol: ITIP.BZ
Description: Interm Muni ETF Vaneck
Symbol: ITM.BZ
Description: Interm-Term Corp Bond ETF SPDR
Symbol: ITR.BZ
Description: Itron Inc
Symbol: ITRI.BZ
Description: Ituran Location
Symbol: ITRN.BZ
Description: ITT Industries
Symbol: ITT.BZ
Description: Itau Unibanco Banco Holding S.A.
Symbol: ITUB.BZ
Description: Illinois Tool Works Inc
Symbol: ITW.BZ
Description: Intevac Inc
Symbol: IVAC.BZ
Description: Invacare Corp
Symbol: IVC.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Value Ishares ETF
Symbol: IVE.BZ
Description: S&P Midcap 400 Growth ETF Vanguard
Symbol: IVOG.BZ
Description: S&P Midcap 400 ETF Vanguard
Symbol: IVOO.BZ
Description: S&P 500 VIX Inv S/T Fut ETN II Ipath
Symbol: IVOP.BZ
Description: S&P Midcap 400 Value ETF Vanguard
Symbol: IVOV.BZ
Description: Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc
Symbol: IVR.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Ishares Core ETF
Symbol: IVV.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Growth Ishares ETF
Symbol: IVW.BZ
Description: Invesco Plc
Symbol: IVZ.BZ
Description: Russell 1000 Ishares ETF
Symbol: IWB.BZ
Description: Micro-Cap Ishares ETF
Symbol: IWC.BZ
Description: Russell 1000 Value Ishares ETF
Symbol: IWD.BZ
Description: Russell 1000 Growth Ishares ETF
Symbol: IWF.BZ
Description: Russell Top 200 Ishares ETF
Symbol: IWL.BZ
Description: Russell 2000 Ishares ETF
Symbol: IWM.BZ
Description: Russell 2000 Value Ishares ETF
Symbol: IWN.BZ
Description: Russell 2000 Growth Ishares ETF
Symbol: IWO.BZ
Description: Russell Mid-Cap Growth Ishares ETF
Symbol: IWP.BZ
Description: Russell Mid-Cap Ishares ETF
Symbol: IWR.BZ
Description: Russell Mid-Cap Value Ishares ETF
Symbol: IWS.BZ
Description: Russell 3000 Ishares ETF
Symbol: IWV.BZ
Description: Russell Top 200 Value Ishares ETF
Symbol: IWX.BZ
Description: Russell Top 200 Growth Ishares ETF
Symbol: IWY.BZ
Description: Orix Corp ADR
Symbol: IX.BZ
Description: Global Energy Ishares ETF
Symbol: IXC.BZ
Description: Global Financials Ishares ETF
Symbol: IXG.BZ
Description: Global Healthcare Ishares ETF
Symbol: IXJ.BZ
Description: Global Tech Ishares ETF
Symbol: IXN.BZ
Description: Global Telecom Ishares ETF
Symbol: IXP.BZ
Description: Ixys Corp
Symbol: IXYS.BZ
Description: US Consumer Services Ishares ETF
Symbol: IYC.BZ
Description: US Energy Ishares ETF
Symbol: IYE.BZ
Description: US Financials Ishares ETF
Symbol: IYF.BZ
Description: US Financial Services Ishares ETF
Symbol: IYG.BZ
Description: US Healthcare Ishares ETF
Symbol: IYH.BZ
Description: US Industrials Ishares ETF
Symbol: IYJ.BZ
Description: US Consumer Goods Ishares ETF
Symbol: IYK.BZ
Description: Mstar Multi-Asset Income Ishares ETF
Symbol: IYLD.BZ
Description: US Basic Materials Ishares ETF
Symbol: IYM.BZ
Description: US Real Estate Ishares ETF
Symbol: IYR.BZ
Description: Transportation Average Ishares ETF
Symbol: IYT.BZ
Description: US Technology Ishares ETF
Symbol: IYW.BZ
Description: DJ US Ishares ETF
Symbol: IYY.BZ
Description: US Telecommunications Ishares ETF
Symbol: IYZ.BZ
Description: Jack In The Box Inc
Symbol: JACK.BZ
Description: Jarden Corp
Symbol: JAH.BZ
Description: Jakks Pacific Inc
Symbol: JAKK.BZ
Description: JA Solar Holdings
Symbol: JASO.BZ
Description: Jacksonville Bncp
Symbol: JAXB.BZ
Description: Jazz Pharma Plc
Symbol: JAZZ.BZ
Description: J B Hunt Transport
Symbol: JBHT.BZ
Description: Lehman Abs Corp
Symbol: JBK.BZ
Description: Jabil Circuit
Symbol: JBL.BZ
Description: Jetblue Airways Cp
Symbol: JBLU.BZ
Description: Select Asset Inc
Symbol: JBN.BZ
Description: Select Asset Inc
Symbol: JBR.BZ
Description: John B Sanfilippo
Symbol: JBSS.BZ
Description: John Bean Technologies Corp
Symbol: JBT.BZ
Description: Nuveen Core Equity Alpha Fund
Symbol: JCE.BZ
Description: Johnson Controls Intl
Symbol: JCI.BZ
Description: J2 Global Inc
Symbol: JCOM.BZ
Description: J.C. Penney Company Inc
Symbol: JCP.BZ
Description: Commun Systems Inc
Symbol: JCS.BZ
Description: Jewett-Cameron Trd
Symbol: JCTCF.BZ
Description: Nuveen Diversified Dividend and
Symbol: JDD.BZ
Description: Just Energy Group Inc
Symbol: JE.BZ
Description: Jacobs Engineering Group Inc
Symbol: JEC.BZ
Description: Ipath GEMS Index ETN
Symbol: JEM.BZ
Description: Japan Equity Fund
Symbol: JEQ.BZ
Description: Jf China Region Fund
Symbol: JFC.BZ
Description: Nuveen Floating Rate
Symbol: JFR.BZ
Description: DB 3X Inver Jap Gov Bond ETN Powershares
Symbol: JGBD.BZ
Description: DB Japan Gov Bond ETN Powershares
Symbol: JGBL.BZ
Description: DB Inverse Jap Gov Bond ETN Powershares
Symbol: JGBS.BZ
Description: DB 3X Japan Gov Bond ETN Powershares
Symbol: JGBT.BZ
Description: Nuveen Global Value Opportunities Fund
Symbol: JGV.BZ
Description: John Hancock Investors Trust
Symbol: JHI.BZ
Description: Nuveen Quality Preferred Income Fund 3
Symbol: JHP.BZ
Description: John Hancock Income Securities Trust
Symbol: JHS.BZ
Description: James Hardie Industries Se
Symbol: JHX.BZ
Description: Jive Software Inc
Symbol: JIVE.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Agriculture Subindex TR ETN
Symbol: JJA.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Copper Subindex TR ETN
Symbol: JJC.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Energy Subindex TR ETN
Symbol: JJE.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Grains Subindex TR ETN
Symbol: JJG.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Industrial Metals Subindex TR ETN
Symbol: JJM.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Nickel Subindex TR ETN
Symbol: JJN.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Precious Metals Subindex TR ETN
Symbol: JJP.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Softs Subindex TR ETN
Symbol: JJS.BZ
Description: J J Snack Foods
Symbol: JJSF.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Tin Subindex TR ETN
Symbol: JJT.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Aluminum Subindex TR ETN
Symbol: JJU.BZ
Description: Mstar Large-Cap Ishares ETF
Symbol: JKD.BZ
Description: Mstar Large-Cap Growth Ishares ETF
Symbol: JKE.BZ
Description: Mstar Large-Cap Value Ishares ETF
Symbol: JKF.BZ
Description: Mstar Mid-Cap Ishares ETF
Symbol: JKG.BZ
Description: Mstar Mid-Cap Growth Ishares ETF
Symbol: JKH.BZ
Description: Jack Henry & Assoc
Symbol: JKHY.BZ
Description: Mstar Mid-Cap Value Ishares ETF
Symbol: JKI.BZ
Description: Mstar Small-Cap Ishares ETF
Symbol: JKJ.BZ
Description: Mstar Small-Cap Growth Ishares ETF
Symbol: JKK.BZ
Description: Mstar Small-Cap Value Ishares ETF
Symbol: JKL.BZ
Description: Jinkosolar Holding Company Ltd
Symbol: JKS.BZ
Description: Jones Lang Lasalle Inc
Symbol: JLL.BZ
Description: Nuveen Mortgage Opportunity Term Fund
Symbol: JLS.BZ
Description: Jamba Inc
Symbol: JMBA.BZ
Description: Nuveen Energy MLP Total Return Fund
Symbol: JMF.BZ
Description: JMP Group Inc
Symbol: JMP.BZ
Description: Nuven Mortgage Opportunity Term Fund 2
Symbol: JMT.BZ
Description: Johnson & Johnson
Symbol: JNJ.BZ
Description: High Yield Bond ETF SPDR
Symbol: JNK.BZ
Description: Juniper Networks
Symbol: JNPR.BZ
Description: Janus Capital Group Inc
Symbol: JNS.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Coffee Subindex TR ETN
Symbol: JO.BZ
Description: General Employment Enterprises
Symbol: JOB.BZ
Description: 51Job Inc
Symbol: JOBS.BZ
Description: St. Joe Company
Symbol: JOE.BZ
Description: Joe's Jeans Inc
Symbol: JOEZ.BZ
Description: Japan Smaller Capitalization Fund Inc
Symbol: JOF.BZ
Description: Johnson Outdoors I
Symbol: JOUT.BZ
Description: Joy Global Inc
Symbol: JOY.BZ
Description: Nuveen Preferred and Convertible
Symbol: JPC.BZ
Description: JP Morgan Chase & Co
Symbol: JPM.BZ
Description: JP Morgan Chase & Co
Symbol: JPM.W.BZ
Description: SPDR Prime Japan
Symbol: JPP.BZ
Description: Nuveen Quality Preferred 2
Symbol: JPS.BZ
Description: Ultrashort MSCI Pacific Ex-Jpn Proshares
Symbol: JPX.BZ
Description: Nuveen Preferred and Convertible 2
Symbol: JQC.BZ
Description: Nuveen Real Asset Income and Gr
Symbol: JRI.BZ
Description: China Finance Online
Symbol: JRJC.BZ
Description: Nuveen Floating Rate Income Opportuntiy
Symbol: JRO.BZ
Description: Nuveen Real Estate Fund
Symbol: JRS.BZ
Description: SPDR Smallcap Japan
Symbol: JSC.BZ
Description: Nuveen Short Duration Credit O
Symbol: JSD.BZ
Description: SLM Cp 6% Sr Nt
Symbol: JSM.BZ
Description: Jinpan Intl Ltd
Symbol: JST.BZ
Description: Nuveen Tax-Advantaged Total Return
Symbol: JTA.BZ
Description: Nuveen Tax-Advantaged Dividend Growth
Symbol: JTD.BZ
Description: Nuveen Quality Preferred
Symbol: JTP.BZ
Description: Coffee Holding Co
Symbol: JVA.BZ
Description: John Wiley Sons Cl A
Symbol: JW.A.BZ
Description: John Wiley Sons Cl B
Symbol: JW.B.BZ
Description: Nordstrom
Symbol: JWN.BZ
Description: Global Utilities Ishares ETF
Symbol: JXI.BZ
Description: Jacksonville Bncp
Symbol: JXSB.BZ
Description: Ipath Jpy/Usd Exchange Rate ETN
Symbol: JYN.BZ
Description: Kellogg Company
Symbol: K.BZ
Description: Kadant Inc
Symbol: KAI.BZ
Description: Kaiser Aluminum
Symbol: KALU.BZ
Description: Kaman Corp
Symbol: KAMN.BZ
Description: Kar Auction Services Inc
Symbol: KAR.BZ
Description: KB Financial Group Inc
Symbol: KB.BZ
Description: S&P Bank ETF SPDR
Symbol: KBE.BZ
Description: KB Home
Symbol: KBH.BZ
Description: KBR Inc
Symbol: KBR.BZ
Description: KBW Bank Portfolio PS
Symbol: KBWB.BZ
Description: KBW Capital Markets Powershares
Symbol: KBWC.BZ
Description: KBW High Div Yld Financial Port PS
Symbol: KBWD.BZ
Description: KBW Insurance Powershares
Symbol: KBWI.BZ
Description: KBW Prop & Casuality Insur Port PS
Symbol: KBWP.BZ
Description: KBW Regional Banking Port PS
Symbol: KBWR.BZ
Description: KBW Prem Yld Eqty REIT Port PS
Symbol: KBWY.BZ
Description: Kcap Financial
Symbol: KCAP.BZ
Description: Lehman Abs Corp
Symbol: KCC.BZ
Description: S&P Capital Markets ETF SPDR
Symbol: KCE.BZ
Description: Kcg Holdings Inc
Symbol: KCG.BZ
Description: Kansas City Life Insurance Company
Symbol: KCLI.BZ
Description: Kayne Anderson Energy Development Company
Symbol: KED.BZ
Description: Korea Equity Fund
Symbol: KEF.BZ
Description: Key Energy Services Inc
Symbol: KEG.BZ
Description: Kelly Svcs Cl A
Symbol: KELYA.BZ
Description: Kelly Services Inc. Class B
Symbol: KELYB.BZ
Description: Kemet Corp
Symbol: KEM.BZ
Description: Korea Electric Power Corp
Symbol: KEP.BZ
Description: Kewaunee Scientifi
Symbol: KEQU.BZ
Description: Keryx Biopharm Inc
Symbol: KERX.BZ
Description: Kirby Corp
Symbol: KEX.BZ
Description: Keycorp Pfd Ser A
Symbol: KEY-G.BZ
Description: Keycorp
Symbol: KEY.BZ
Description: Keyw Holding Corp
Symbol: KEYW.BZ
Description: Korea Fund
Symbol: KF.BZ
Description: Kentucky First Fed
Symbol: KFFB.BZ
Description: KKR Financial Holdings Llc
Symbol: KFH.BZ
Description: KKR Financial Holdings Llc
Symbol: KFI.BZ
Description: Kforce Inc
Symbol: KFRC.BZ
Description: Kingsway Financial Services
Symbol: KFS.BZ
Description: Korn/Ferry International
Symbol: KFY.BZ
Description: Kinross Gold Corp
Symbol: KGC.BZ
Description: Kingold Jewelry Inc
Symbol: KGJI.BZ
Description: Scudder High Income Trust
Symbol: KHI.BZ
Description: S&P Insurance ETF SPDR
Symbol: KIE.BZ
Description: Kimco Realty Corporation Deposi
Symbol: KIM-H.BZ
Description: Kimco Realty Corporation Deposi
Symbol: KIM-I.BZ
Description: Kimco Realty Corp
Symbol: KIM.BZ
Description: Kingstone Cos Inc
Symbol: KINS.BZ
Description: Kirkland's Inc
Symbol: KIRK.BZ
Description: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
Symbol: KKD.BZ
Description: KKR & Co. LP
Symbol: KKR.BZ
Description: K L A-Tencor Corp
Symbol: KLAC.BZ
Description: US ESG Select Index MSCI Ishares
Symbol: KLD.BZ
Description: Kulicke and Soffa
Symbol: KLIC.BZ
Description: Kimberly-Clark Corp
Symbol: KMB.BZ
Description: Kayne Anderson Midstream Energy Fund
Symbol: KMF.BZ
Description: Kinder Morgan
Symbol: KMI.BZ
Description: Scudder Multi-Market Income Trust
Symbol: KMM.BZ
Description: Kemper Corp
Symbol: KMPR.BZ
Description: Kennametal Inc
Symbol: KMT.BZ
Description: Carmax Inc
Symbol: KMX.BZ
Description: Kindred Healthcare
Symbol: KND.BZ
Description: Kandi Techs Grp
Symbol: KNDI.BZ
Description: Knoll Inc
Symbol: KNL.BZ
Description: All Cap Insider Sentiment Direxion
Symbol: KNOW.BZ
Description: Knight-Swift Transporation Inc
Symbol: KNX.BZ
Description: Coca-Cola Company
Symbol: KO.BZ
Description: Coca Cola Femsa S.A.B. De C.V.
Symbol: KOF.BZ
Description: Coal ETF Vaneck
Symbol: KOL.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Natural Gas Proshares
Symbol: KOLD.BZ
Description: Kona Grill Inc
Symbol: KONA.BZ
Description: Kingtone Wirelessinf
Symbol: KONE.BZ
Description: Cesca Therapeutics I
Symbol: KOOL.BZ
Description: Koppers Holdings Inc
Symbol: KOP.BZ
Description: Kopin Cp
Symbol: KOPN.BZ
Description: Michael Kors Holdings Ltd
Symbol: KORS.BZ
Description: Kosmos Energy Ltd
Symbol: KOS.BZ
Description: Koss Cp
Symbol: KOSS.BZ
Description: Kroger Company
Symbol: KR.BZ
Description: Kraton Performance Polymers Inc
Symbol: KRA.BZ
Description: Kilroy Realty Corp
Symbol: KRC-G.BZ
Description: Kilroy Realty Corp
Symbol: KRC.BZ
Description: S&P Regional Banking ETF SPDR
Symbol: KRE.BZ
Description: Kite Realty Group Trust
Symbol: KRG-A.BZ
Description: Kite Realty Group Trust
Symbol: KRG.BZ
Description: Kearny Financial
Symbol: KRNY.BZ
Description: Kronos Worldwide Inc
Symbol: KRO.BZ
Description: IQ Australia Smallcap ETF
Symbol: KROO.BZ
Description: KBW Regional Banking Short Proshares
Symbol: KRS.BZ
Description: Ultra KBW Regional Banking Proshares
Symbol: KRU.BZ
Description: Kapstone Paper and Packaging Corp
Symbol: KS.BZ
Description: Scudder Strategic Municiple Income Trust
Symbol: KSM.BZ
Description: Kohl's Corp
Symbol: KSS.BZ
Description: Scudder Strategic Income Trust
Symbol: KST.BZ
Description: Kansas Cty Sthn 4%
Symbol: KSU-.BZ
Description: Kansas City Southern
Symbol: KSU.BZ
Description: Korea Telecom Corp
Symbol: KT.BZ
Description: Key Tronic Cp
Symbol: KTCC.BZ
Description: Key Technology Inc
Symbol: KTEC.BZ
Description: Scudder Municiple Income Trust
Symbol: KTF.BZ
Description: Lehman Abs Corp
Symbol: KTH.BZ
Description: Lehman Abs Corp
Symbol: KTN.BZ
Description: Kratos Defns
Symbol: KTOS.BZ
Description: Lehman Abs Corp
Symbol: KTP.BZ
Description: Ku6 Media Co. Ltd
Symbol: KUTV.BZ
Description: K V H Inds Inc
Symbol: KVHI.BZ
Description: Kennedy-Wilson Holdings Inc
Symbol: KW.BZ
Description: Quaker Chemical Corp
Symbol: KWR.BZ
Description: Solar Energy ETF Vaneck
Symbol: KWT.BZ
Description: Global Cons Staples Ishares ETF
Symbol: KXI.BZ
Description: Kayne Anderson Energy Total Return Fund
Symbol: KYE.BZ
Description: Kayne Anderson MLP Investment
Symbol: KYN-E.BZ
Description: Kayne Anderson MLP Investment Company
Symbol: KYN.BZ
Description: Kyocera Corp
Symbol: KYO.BZ
Description: Loews Corp
Symbol: L.BZ
Description: Multi Color Cp
Symbol: LABL.BZ
Description: Lithia Motors
Symbol: LAD.BZ
Description: Lakeland Inds Inc
Symbol: LAKE.BZ
Description: Lamar Advertis A
Symbol: LAMR.BZ
Description: Lancaster Colony Cor
Symbol: LANC.BZ
Description: Latin America Equity Fund
Symbol: LAQ.BZ
Description: Landmark Bancorp Inc
Symbol: LARK.BZ
Description: Lawson Products In
Symbol: LAWS.BZ
Description: Layne Christensen
Symbol: LAYN.BZ
Description: Lazard Ltd
Symbol: LAZ.BZ
Description: Lakeland Bancorp Inc
Symbol: LBAI.BZ
Description: Scudder Global High
Symbol: LBF.BZ
Description: Leading Brands
Symbol: LBIX.BZ
Description: Latin America Bull 3X Direxion
Symbol: LBJ.BZ
Description: DB 3X Long 25+ Yr Trsy Bd ETN Powershares
Symbol: LBND.BZ
Description: Liberty Global Ord A
Symbol: LBTYA.BZ
Description: Liberty Global Ord B
Symbol: LBTYB.BZ
Description: Liberty Global Ord C
Symbol: LBTYK.BZ
Description: Libbey Inc
Symbol: LBY.BZ
Description: Lannett Co Inc
Symbol: LCI.BZ
Description: Advent/Claymore Enhanced Growth &
Symbol: LCM.BZ
Description: Lcnb Corp
Symbol: LCNB.BZ
Description: Lifetime Brands Inc
Symbol: LCUT.BZ
Description: Ipath Bloomberg Lead Subindex Total Return Sm In
Symbol: LD.BZ
Description: Latin American Discovery Fund
Symbol: LDF.BZ
Description: Lydall Inc
Symbol: LDL.BZ
Description: Landauer Inc
Symbol: LDR.BZ
Description: Lear Corp
Symbol: LEA.BZ
Description: Lincoln Elec Hldg
Symbol: LECO.BZ
Description: Lead Pure Beta ETN Ipath
Symbol: LEDD.BZ
Description: Semileds Corp
Symbol: LEDS.BZ
Description: Lee Enterprises Inc
Symbol: LEE.BZ
Description: Leggett & Platt Inc
Symbol: LEG.BZ
Description: Lucas Energy
Symbol: LEI.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Local Curr Bond Ishares JPM ETF
Symbol: LEMB.BZ
Description: Lennar Corp Cl B
Symbol: LEN.B.BZ
Description: Lennar Corp
Symbol: LEN.BZ
Description: Dreyfus Strategic Municipals
Symbol: LEO.BZ
Description: Leapfrog Enterprises Inc
Symbol: LF.BZ
Description: China Life Insurance Company Ltd
Symbol: LFC.BZ
Description: Latam Airlines Group Sa
Symbol: LFL.BZ
Description: Littelfuse Inc
Symbol: LFUS.BZ
Description: Laclede Group
Symbol: LG.BZ
Description: Legacy Reserves Inc.
Symbol: LGCY.BZ
Symbol: LGF.BZ
Description: Lazard Global Total Return and
Symbol: LGI.BZ
Description: LGL Group
Symbol: LGL.BZ
Description: Ligand Pharm
Symbol: LGND.BZ
Description: Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings
Symbol: LH.BZ
Description: LHC Group Inc
Symbol: LHCG.BZ
Description: Lasalle Hotl 8.375 B
Symbol: LHO-H.BZ
Description: Lasalle Hotel Properties
Symbol: LHO.BZ
Description: Lennox International
Symbol: LII.BZ
Description: Lime Energy Co
Symbol: LIME.BZ
Description: Lincoln Educational
Symbol: LINC.BZ
Description: Linn Energy Llc Uts
Symbol: LINE.BZ
Description: Fidelity Southern Cp
Symbol: LION.BZ
Description: Lionbridge Tech
Symbol: LIOX.BZ
Description: G-X Lithium ETF
Symbol: LIT.BZ
Description: Live Ventures
Symbol: LIVE.BZ
Description: Lakeland Finl Corp
Symbol: LKFN.BZ
Description: Lumber Liquidators Holdings Inc
Symbol: LL.BZ
Description: L-3 Communications Holdings
Symbol: LLL.BZ
Description: Limelight Networks
Symbol: LLNW.BZ
Description: Linear Technology
Symbol: LLTC.BZ
Description: Eli Lilly and Company
Symbol: LLY.BZ
Description: Legg Mason Inc
Symbol: LM.BZ
Description: Lemaitre Vascular
Symbol: LMAT.BZ
Description: Liberty Media CS A
Symbol: LMCA.BZ
Description: Liberty Media Srs B
Symbol: LMCB.BZ
Description: LMI Aerospace Inc
Symbol: LMIA.BZ
Description: Etracs Mt Pay 2X MLP Ex-Energy ETN
Symbol: LMLP.BZ
Description: Limoneira Co
Symbol: LMNR.BZ
Description: Luminex Corp
Symbol: LMNX.BZ
Description: Lumos Networks Corp
Symbol: LMOS.BZ
Description: Lockheed Martin Corp
Symbol: LMT.BZ
Description: Lincoln National Corp
Symbol: LNC.BZ
Description: Lincoln National Corp
Symbol: LNC.W.BZ
Description: Snyders-Lance Inc
Symbol: LNCE.BZ
Description: Landec Cp
Symbol: LNDC.BZ
Description: Cheniere Energy
Symbol: LNG.BZ
Description: Linkedin
Symbol: LNKD.BZ
Description: Lindsay Corp
Symbol: LNN.BZ
Description: Alliant Energy Corp
Symbol: LNT.BZ
Description: Manhattan Bridge
Symbol: LOAN.BZ
Description: Comstock Mining Inc
Symbol: LODE.BZ
Description: Logitech Int S.A.
Symbol: LOGI.BZ
Description: Logmein Inc
Symbol: LOGM.BZ
Description: Lo Jack Cp
Symbol: LOJN.BZ
Description: Elong Inc
Symbol: LONG.BZ
Description: Grand Canyon Educati
Symbol: LOPE.BZ
Description: Lazard World Dividend &
Symbol: LOR.BZ
Description: Loral Space Comm
Symbol: LORL.BZ
Description: Spark Networks Plc
Symbol: LOV.BZ
Description: Lowe's Companies
Symbol: LOW.BZ
Description: Laredo Petroleum Holdings Inc
Symbol: LPI.BZ
Description: Lg Display Co. Ltd
Symbol: LPL.BZ
Description: Lpl Financial Hld
Symbol: LPLA.BZ
Description: Lifepoint Health
Symbol: LPNT.BZ
Description: Laporte Bancorp Inc
Symbol: LPSB.BZ
Description: Liveperson Inc
Symbol: LPSN.BZ
Description: Lightpath Tech Inc
Symbol: LPTH.BZ
Description: Louisiana-Pacific Corp
Symbol: LPX.BZ
Description: Invst Grade Corp Bond Ishares Iboxx $ ETF
Symbol: LQD.BZ
Description: Liquidity Services
Symbol: LQDT.BZ
Description: Lrad Corp
Symbol: LRAD.BZ
Description: Lam Research Corp
Symbol: LRCX.BZ
Description: K12 Inc
Symbol: LRN.BZ
Description: Lake Shore Bancorp
Symbol: LSBK.BZ
Description: S&P Cti ETN Elements
Symbol: LSC.BZ
Description: Lattice Semicond
Symbol: LSCC.BZ
Description: Lake Shore Gold Corp
Symbol: LSG.BZ
Description: Life Storage
Symbol: LSI.BZ
Description: Livestock Pure Beta Ipath ETN
Symbol: LSTK.BZ
Description: Landstar System
Symbol: LSTR.BZ
Description: Lightbridge Corp
Symbol: LTBR.BZ
Description: Ltc Properties
Symbol: LTC.BZ
Description: Ultra Telecommunications Proshares
Symbol: LTL.BZ
Description: 15+ Year US TIPS Index ETF Pimco
Symbol: LTPZ.BZ
Description: Lantronix Inc
Symbol: LTRX.BZ
Description: Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Inc
Symbol: LTS.BZ
Description: Luby's Inc
Symbol: LUB.BZ
Description: Leucadia National Corp
Symbol: LUK.BZ
Description: Lululemon Athletica
Symbol: LULU.BZ
Description: Luna Innovations Inc
Symbol: LUNA.BZ
Description: Southwest Airlines Company
Symbol: LUV.BZ
Description: Luxottica Group S.P.A
Symbol: LUX.BZ
Description: S&P Global Div Opps Index Port PS
Symbol: LVL.BZ
Description: Level 3 Communications
Symbol: LVLT.BZ
Description: Las Vegas Sands
Symbol: LVS.BZ
Description: Lifeway Foods Inc
Symbol: LWAY.BZ
Description: Long-Term Corp Bond ETF SPDR
Symbol: LWC.BZ
Description: Lexmark International
Symbol: LXK.BZ
Description: Lexington Realty Tru
Symbol: LXP-C.BZ
Description: Lexington Realty Trust
Symbol: LXP.BZ
Description: Lexicon Pharmaceutcl
Symbol: LXRX.BZ
Description: Lsb Industries Inc
Symbol: LXU.BZ
Description: Lyondellbasell Industries Nv
Symbol: LYB.BZ
Description: Lloyds Banking Group Plc
Symbol: LYG.BZ
Description: L S I Industries I
Symbol: LYTS.BZ
Description: Live Nation Entertainment
Symbol: LYV.BZ
Description: La-Z-Boy Inc
Symbol: LZB.BZ
Description: Macy's Inc
Symbol: M.BZ
Description: Mastercard Inc
Symbol: MA.BZ
Description: Mid-America Apartment Communities
Symbol: MAA.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Massachusetts Muni Bond
Symbol: MAB.BZ
Description: Macerich Company
Symbol: MAC.BZ
Description: Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: MACK.BZ
Description: MAG Silver Corp
Symbol: MAG.BZ
Description: Magal Security Syst
Symbol: MAGS.BZ
Description: Main Street Capital Corp
Symbol: MAIN.BZ
Description: Manpower Inc
Symbol: MAN.BZ
Description: Manhattan Assoc
Symbol: MANH.BZ
Description: Mantech Intl Cp A
Symbol: MANT.BZ
Description: Marriot Int Class A
Symbol: MAR.BZ
Description: Remark Holdings Inc
Symbol: MARK.BZ
Description: Marine Petroleum U
Symbol: MARPS.BZ
Description: Masco Corp
Symbol: MAS.BZ
Description: Masimo Corp
Symbol: MASI.BZ
Description: Mattel Inc
Symbol: MAT.BZ
Description: Meidell Tactical Advantage ETF
Symbol: MATH.BZ
Description: Mattersight Corp
Symbol: MATR.BZ
Description: Matthews Intl Corp
Symbol: MATW.BZ
Description: Pioneer Muni High Income Advantage Trust
Symbol: MAV.BZ
Description: J W Mays Inc
Symbol: MAYS.BZ
Description: MBS Ishares ETF
Symbol: MBB.BZ
Description: MB Financial Inc
Symbol: MBFI.BZ
Description: Mortgage Backed Bond ETF SPDR
Symbol: MBG.BZ
Description: MBIA Inc
Symbol: MBI.BZ
Description: Metabolix Cmn Stk
Symbol: MBLX.BZ
Description: Middleburg Finl Corp
Symbol: MBRG.BZ
Description: Mobile Telesystems
Symbol: MBT.BZ
Description: Mbt Financial Corp
Symbol: MBTF.BZ
Description: Merchants Bancshares
Symbol: MBVT.BZ
Description: Mercantile Bank Corp
Symbol: MBWM.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muniyield California Insured Fund
Symbol: MCA.BZ
Description: Macatawa Bank Corp
Symbol: MCBC.BZ
Description: Medley Capital Corp
Symbol: MCC.BZ
Description: McDonald's Corp
Symbol: MCD.BZ
Description: Mid-Con Energy Partn
Symbol: MCEP.BZ
Description: Contango Oil & Gas Company
Symbol: MCF.BZ
Description: China Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: MCHI.BZ
Description: Microchip Technology
Symbol: MCHP.BZ
Description: Marchex Inc
Symbol: MCHX.BZ
Description: Massmutual Corporate Investors
Symbol: MCI.BZ
Description: Mckesson Corp
Symbol: MCK.BZ
Description: Madison/Claymore Covered Call & Equity Strategy
Symbol: MCN.BZ
Description: Moody's Corp
Symbol: MCO.BZ
Description: Mecox Lane Limited
Symbol: MCOX.BZ
Description: Medley Capital Corporation 7.12
Symbol: MCQ.BZ
Description: MFS Charter Income Trust
Symbol: MCR.BZ
Description: Monarch Casino
Symbol: MCRI.BZ
Description: IQ Hedge Macro Tracker ETF
Symbol: MCRO.BZ
Description: Marcus Corp
Symbol: MCS.BZ
Description: Mercury General Corp
Symbol: MCY.BZ
Description: Mad Catz Interactive Inc
Symbol: MCZ.BZ
Description: Mednax Inc
Symbol: MD.BZ
Description: Medassets Inc
Symbol: MDAS.BZ
Description: M.D.C. Holdings
Symbol: MDC.BZ
Description: Mdc Partners Cl A
Symbol: MDCA.BZ
Description: Medicines Co
Symbol: MDCO.BZ
Description: SPDR S&P Midcap International
Symbol: MDD.BZ
Description: Medgenics Inc
Symbol: MDG.W.BZ
Description: Medgenics Inc Common Stock
Symbol: MDGN.BZ
Description: Mountain Prv Dmds
Symbol: MDM.BZ
Description: Meredith Corp
Symbol: MDP.BZ
Description: McDermott International
Symbol: MDR.BZ
Description: Allscripts Hlthcare
Symbol: MDRX.BZ
Description: Medidata Solutions
Symbol: MDSO.BZ
Description: Medtronic Inc
Symbol: MDT.BZ
Description: Mdu Res Group Inc
Symbol: MDU.BZ
Description: Medivation Inc
Symbol: MDVN.BZ
Description: S&P Midcap 400 SPDR
Symbol: MDY.BZ
Description: S&P Midcap Growth ETF SPDR
Symbol: MDYG.BZ
Description: S&P Midcap Value ETF SPDR
Symbol: MDYV.BZ
Description: Medifast Inc
Symbol: MED.BZ
Description: Media General
Symbol: MEG.BZ
Description: Methode Electronics
Symbol: MEI.BZ
Description: Mela Sciences Inc
Symbol: MELA.BZ
Description: Mercadolibre Inc
Symbol: MELI.BZ
Description: Memorial Production
Symbol: MEMP.BZ
Description: Blackrock Munienhanced Fund
Symbol: MEN.BZ
Description: Mentor Graphics
Symbol: MENT.BZ
Description: Methanex Cp
Symbol: MEOH.BZ
Description: Merrill Lyn 7.0 Topr
Symbol: MER-D.BZ
Description: M L Cap TR 7.12
Symbol: MER-E.BZ
Description: Merrill Ly Cap V7.28
Symbol: MER-F.BZ
Description: ML 6.45% Trust Pfd
Symbol: MER-K.BZ
Description: ML Cap TR II 6.45% P
Symbol: MER-M.BZ
Description: ML Cap TR III 7.375%
Symbol: MER-P.BZ
Description: Mercer Intl Inc
Symbol: MERC.BZ
Description: Gulf States Index ETF Market Vectors
Symbol: MES.BZ
Description: Metlife Pfd A Fltg
Symbol: MET-A.BZ
Description: Metlife Inc
Symbol: MET.BZ
Description: Metro Bancorp Inc
Symbol: METR.BZ
Description: MFA Financial Inc
Symbol: MFA.BZ
Description: Manulife Financial Corp
Symbol: MFC.BZ
Description: Macquarie/First Trust Global
Symbol: MFD.BZ
Description: Mizuho Financial Group
Symbol: MFG.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muniholdings Investment Quality Fund
Symbol: MFL.BZ
Description: Ipath Long Enh MSCI EAFE Index ETN
Symbol: MFLA.BZ
Description: Multi-Fineline
Symbol: MFLX.BZ
Description: MFS Muni Income Trust
Symbol: MFM.BZ
Description: Mackinac Financial
Symbol: MFNC.BZ
Description: MFA Financial Inc
Symbol: MFO.BZ
Description: M F R I Inc
Symbol: MFRI.BZ
Description: Mattress Firm Hldg C
Symbol: MFRM.BZ
Description: Mutualfirst Finl Inc
Symbol: MFSF.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muniyield Investment Qualityfund
Symbol: MFT.BZ
Description: MFS Special Value Trust
Symbol: MFV.BZ
Description: Mistras Group Inc
Symbol: MG.BZ
Description: Magna International
Symbol: MGA.BZ
Description: Megacap 300 Index ETF Vanguard
Symbol: MGC.BZ
Description: Mge Energy Inc
Symbol: MGEE.BZ
Description: MFS Government Markets Income Trust
Symbol: MGF.BZ
Description: Minco Gold Corp
Symbol: MGH.BZ
Description: Moneygram Intl
Symbol: MGI.BZ
Description: Magic Software Entpr
Symbol: MGIC.BZ
Description: Megacap 300 Growth Index ETF Vanguard
Symbol: MGK.BZ
Description: Magellan Health
Symbol: MGLN.BZ
Description: MGM Resorts International
Symbol: MGM.BZ
Description: Mines Management
Symbol: MGN.BZ
Description: MGP Ingredients Inc
Symbol: MGPI.BZ
Description: Mcgrath Rentcorp
Symbol: MGRC.BZ
Description: MGT Capital Investments Inc
Symbol: MGT.BZ
Description: Macquarie Global Infrastructure Total Return Fun
Symbol: MGU.BZ
Description: Megacap 300 Value Index ETF Vanguard
Symbol: MGV.BZ
Description: Magyar Bancorp Inc
Symbol: MGYR.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muniholdings Fund
Symbol: MHD.BZ
Description: Massachusetts Health and Education Tax-Exempt TR
Symbol: MHE.BZ
Description: Western Asset Muni High
Symbol: MHF.BZ
Description: Morgans Hotel Group
Symbol: MHGC.BZ
Description: Mastech Holdings Inc
Symbol: MHH.BZ
Description: Pioneer Muni High Income Trust
Symbol: MHI.BZ
Description: Mohawk Industries
Symbol: MHK.BZ
Description: Maiden Holdings Ltd
Symbol: MHLD.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muniholdings New York Quality Fund
Symbol: MHN.BZ
Description: Maiden Holdings North America
Symbol: MHNA.BZ
Description: Maiden Holdings North America
Symbol: MHNB.BZ
Description: M/I Homes Sr A Pf Ds
Symbol: MHO-A.BZ
Description: M/I Homes
Symbol: MHO.BZ
Description: Magnum Hunter Resour
Symbol: MHR-C.BZ
Description: Magnum Hunter Resources Corpora
Symbol: MHR-D.BZ
Description: Western Asset Managed High
Symbol: MHY.BZ
Description: Macquarie Infrastructure Company Trust
Symbol: MIC.BZ
Description: Middleby Corp
Symbol: MIDD.BZ
Description: Mfc Industrial Ltd
Symbol: MIL.BZ
Description: MFS Intermediate Income Trust
Symbol: MIN.BZ
Description: Mitcham Industries Inc
Symbol: MIND.BZ
Description: Mobile Mini Inc
Symbol: MINI.BZ
Description: Enhanced Short-Maturity Strgy ETF Pimco
Symbol: MINT.BZ
Description: Mitek Systems Inc
Symbol: MITK.BZ
Description: Mitel Networks Corp
Symbol: MITL.BZ
Description: Ag Mortgage Investment Trust
Symbol: MITT.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Michigan Muni Bond Fund
Symbol: MIW.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muniyield Michigan Quality Fund
Symbol: MIY.BZ
Description: Mead Johnson Nutrition Company
Symbol: MJN.BZ
Description: Mccormick & Company Inc
Symbol: MKC.BZ
Description: Mccormick & Company Inc
Symbol: MKC.V.BZ
Description: Markel Corp
Symbol: MKL.BZ
Description: Mks Instruments Inc
Symbol: MKSI.BZ
Description: Marketaxess Holdings
Symbol: MKTX.BZ
Description: Mesa Labs Inc
Symbol: MLAB.BZ
Description: Miller Herman Inc
Symbol: MLHR.BZ
Description: Mueller Industries
Symbol: MLI.BZ
Description: Martin Marietta Materials
Symbol: MLM.BZ
Description: Long Municipal Index ETF Vaneck
Symbol: MLN.BZ
Description: Moduslink Global
Symbol: MLNK.BZ
Description: Mellanox Technologies
Symbol: MLNX.BZ
Description: Maui Land & Pineapple Company
Symbol: MLP.BZ
Description: G-X MLP ETF
Symbol: MLPA.BZ
Description: Alerian Natural Gas MLP ETN UBS E-Tracs
Symbol: MLPG.BZ
Description: Alerian MLP Infrastrctr ETN UBS E-Tracs
Symbol: MLPI.BZ
Description: 2X Long Alerian MLP Infr ETN UBS E-Tracs
Symbol: MLPL.BZ
Description: Cushing 30 MLP Index ETN Credit Suisse
Symbol: MLPN.BZ
Description: Alerian MLP Short Infr ETN UBS E-Tracs
Symbol: MLPS.BZ
Description: MLP Wells Fargo ETN UBS E-Tracs
Symbol: MLPW.BZ
Description: Cushing MLP Hi Income ETN Morgan Stanley
Symbol: MLPY.BZ
Description: Miller Industries
Symbol: MLR.BZ
Description: Malvern Bncp
Symbol: MLVF.BZ
Description: Marsh & Mclennan Companies
Symbol: MMC.BZ
Description: Martin Midstrm LP
Symbol: MMLP.BZ
Description: 3M Company
Symbol: MMM.BZ
Description: Magellan Midstream Partners LP
Symbol: MMP.BZ
Description: Maximus Inc
Symbol: MMS.BZ
Description: Merit Medical Sys
Symbol: MMSI.BZ
Description: MFS Multimarket Income Trust
Symbol: MMT.BZ
Description: Western Asset Managed Municipals Fund
Symbol: MMU.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Massachusetts Muni Income Trust
Symbol: MMV.BZ
Description: Makemytrip Ltd
Symbol: MMYT.BZ
Description: Manning & Napier Inc
Symbol: MN.BZ
Description: IQ Merger Arbitrage ETF
Symbol: MNA.BZ
Description: Mind C.T.I. Ltd
Symbol: MNDO.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muni New York Intermediate Duration Fu
Symbol: MNE.BZ
Description: Mcclatchy Company
Symbol: MNI.BZ
Description: Mannkind Corp
Symbol: MNKD.BZ
Description: Medicinova Inc
Symbol: MNOV.BZ
Description: Western Asset Muni Partners Fund
Symbol: MNP.BZ
Description: Monmouth Real Estate Inv
Symbol: MNR-A.BZ
Description: Monmouth Real Estate Investment Corp
Symbol: MNR.BZ
Description: Monarch Financial Hl
Symbol: MNRK.BZ
Description: Monro Muffler Brak
Symbol: MNRO.BZ
Description: Monster Beverage Cp
Symbol: MNST.BZ
Description: Momenta Pharma
Symbol: MNTA.BZ
Description: Manitex Intl Inc
Symbol: MNTX.BZ
Description: Altria Group
Symbol: MO.BZ
Description: Wide Moat Vaneck ETF
Symbol: MOAT.BZ
Description: Sky-Mobi Limited
Symbol: MOBI.BZ
Description: Command Security Corp
Symbol: MOC.BZ
Description: Mocon Inc
Symbol: MOCO.BZ
Description: Modine Manufacturing Company
Symbol: MOD.BZ
Description: Midwestone Fnl Gp
Symbol: MOFG.BZ
Description: Moog Inc Cl A
Symbol: MOG.A.BZ
Description: Moog Inc Cl B
Symbol: MOG.B.BZ
Description: Molina Healthcare Inc
Symbol: MOH.BZ
Description: US Momentum Mkt Neutral ETF Quantshares
Symbol: MOM.BZ
Description: Monsanto Company
Symbol: MON.BZ
Description: Agribusiness ETF Vaneck
Symbol: MOO.BZ
Description: Morningstar Inc
Symbol: MORN.BZ
Description: Mortgage REIT Vaneck ETF
Symbol: MORT.BZ
Description: Mosaic Company
Symbol: MOS.BZ
Description: Mosys Inc
Symbol: MOSY.BZ
Description: Movado Group Inc
Symbol: MOV.BZ
Description: Mississippi Pr 5.25
Symbol: MP-D.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muniyield Pennsylvania Quality Fund
Symbol: MPA.BZ
Description: Motorcar Parts Amer
Symbol: MPAA.BZ
Description: Mid Penn Bancorp Inc
Symbol: MPB.BZ
Description: Marathon Petroleum Corp
Symbol: MPC.BZ
Description: Melco Crown Entm Ads
Symbol: MPEL.BZ
Description: Magellan Petroleum
Symbol: MPET.BZ
Description: Midstates Petroleum Company Inc
Symbol: MPO.BZ
Description: Massmutual Participation Investors
Symbol: MPV.BZ
Description: Medical Properties Trust
Symbol: MPW.BZ
Description: Monolithic Power Sys
Symbol: MPWR.BZ
Description: Marine Products Corp
Symbol: MPX.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muniyield Quality Fund II
Symbol: MQT.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muniyield Quality Fund
Symbol: MQY.BZ
Description: Mindray Medical International Ltd
Symbol: MR.BZ
Description: Mrc Global Inc
Symbol: MRC.BZ
Description: Mercury Sys Inc
Symbol: MRCY.BZ
Description: Merck & Company
Symbol: MRK.BZ
Description: Marlin Business Serv
Symbol: MRLN.BZ
Description: Marathon Oil Corp
Symbol: MRO.BZ
Description: Marten Transport L
Symbol: MRTN.BZ
Description: Marvell Tech Group
Symbol: MRVL.BZ
Description: Morgan Stanley Prfd 'A'
Symbol: MS-A.BZ
Description: Morgan Stanley
Symbol: MS.BZ
Description: Msa Safety Inc
Symbol: MSA.BZ
Description: Mesabi Trust
Symbol: MSB.BZ
Description: MSB Financial
Symbol: MSBF.BZ
Description: Microsemi Corp
Symbol: MSCC.BZ
Description: MSCI Inc
Symbol: MSCI.BZ
Description: Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Debt
Symbol: MSD.BZ
Description: Middlesex Water Co
Symbol: MSEX.BZ
Description: Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Fund Inc
Symbol: MSF.BZ
Description: Mainsource Finl Grp
Symbol: MSFG.BZ
Description: Microsoft Corp
Symbol: MSFT.BZ
Description: The Madison Square Garden Comp
Symbol: MSG.BZ
Description: Motorola Solutions
Symbol: MSI.BZ
Description: Morgan Stanley Cap TR ViII Gdt Cap Securities
Symbol: MSK.BZ
Description: Midsouth Bancorp
Symbol: MSL.BZ
Description: Merus Labs Intl Inc
Symbol: MSLI.BZ
Description: Msc Industrial Direct Company
Symbol: MSM.BZ
Description: Emerson Radio Corp
Symbol: MSN.BZ
Description: Misonix Inc
Symbol: MSON.BZ
Description: Madison Strategic Sector Premium Fund
Symbol: MSP.BZ
Description: Microstrategy Cl A
Symbol: MSTR.BZ
Description: Arcelormittal
Symbol: MT.BZ
Description: M&T Bank Corp
Symbol: MTB.BZ
Description: Mettler-Toledo International
Symbol: MTD.BZ
Description: Matador Resources Company
Symbol: MTDR.BZ
Description: Mannatech Inc
Symbol: MTEX.BZ
Description: Mgic Investment Corp
Symbol: MTG.BZ
Description: American Cap Mtg Inv
Symbol: MTGE.BZ
Description: Meritage Corp
Symbol: MTH.BZ
Description: MS Technology ETF SPDR
Symbol: MTK.BZ
Description: Mechel Steel Group Oao American
Symbol: MTL-.BZ
Description: Mechel Oao
Symbol: MTL.BZ
Description: Vail Resorts
Symbol: MTN.BZ
Description: Meritor Inc
Symbol: MTOR.BZ
Description: Mesa Royalty Trust
Symbol: MTR.BZ
Description: Materion Corp
Symbol: MTRN.BZ
Description: Matrix Service Co
Symbol: MTRX.BZ
Description: M T S Systems Cp
Symbol: MTSC.BZ
Description: Macom Technology S
Symbol: MTSI.BZ
Description: Mer Telemanagement Solutions Ltd
Symbol: MTSL.BZ
Description: Mattson Tech Inc
Symbol: MTSN.BZ
Description: Western Asset Muni Defined Opportunity Trust Inc
Symbol: MTT.BZ
Description: Mitsubishi Ufj Financial Group Inc
Symbol: MTU.BZ
Description: Manitowoc Company
Symbol: MTW.BZ
Description: Minerals Technologies Inc
Symbol: MTX.BZ
Description: Mastec Inc
Symbol: MTZ.BZ
Description: Micron Technology
Symbol: MU.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muniassets Fund
Symbol: MUA.BZ
Description: Natl Muni Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: MUB.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muniholdings California Quality Fund
Symbol: MUC.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muniholdings Quality Fund II
Symbol: MUE.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muniholdings Fund II
Symbol: MUH.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muni Intermediate Duration Fund Inc
Symbol: MUI.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muniholdings New Jersey Insured Fund
Symbol: MUJ.BZ
Description: Interm Muni Bond Strgy ETF Pimco
Symbol: MUNI.BZ
Description: Murphy Oil Corp
Symbol: MUR.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muniholdings Quality Fund
Symbol: MUS.BZ
Description: Murphy USA Inc
Symbol: MUSA.BZ
Description: Mcewen Mining Inc
Symbol: MUX.BZ
Description: MVC Capital
Symbol: MVC.BZ
Description: Munivest Fund
Symbol: MVF.BZ
Description: MAG Silver Corp
Symbol: MVG.BZ
Description: Microvision
Symbol: MVIS.BZ
Description: Mv Oil Trust
Symbol: MVO.BZ
Description: Blackrock Munivest Fund II
Symbol: MVT.BZ
Description: Ultra Midcap 400 Proshares
Symbol: MVV.BZ
Description: Men's Wearhouse
Symbol: MW.BZ
Description: Mueller Water Products
Symbol: MWA.BZ
Description: Morgan Stanley Cap TR IV Gtd Cap Secs
Symbol: MWG.BZ
Description: Morgan Stanley Cap TR V Gtd Cap Secs
Symbol: MWO.BZ
Description: Morgan Stanley Cap TR III Capital Trust Securiti
Symbol: MWR.BZ
Description: Monster Worldwide
Symbol: MWW.BZ
Description: Magnachip Semiconductor Corp
Symbol: MX.BZ
Description: Mexco Energy Corp
Symbol: MXC.BZ
Description: Mexico Equity and
Symbol: MXE.BZ
Description: Mexico Fund
Symbol: MXF.BZ
Description: Global Materials Ishares ETF
Symbol: MXI.BZ
Description: Maxim Integrated
Symbol: MXIM.BZ
Description: Maxlinear Inc
Symbol: MXL.BZ
Description: Maxwell Technologies
Symbol: MXWL.BZ
Description: China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Ltd
Symbol: MY.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muniyield California Fund
Symbol: MYC.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muniyield Fund
Symbol: MYD.BZ
Description: Myers Industries
Symbol: MYE.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muniyield Investment Fund
Symbol: MYF.BZ
Description: Myriad Genetics Inc
Symbol: MYGN.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muniyield Quality Fund III
Symbol: MYI.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muniyield New Jersey Fund
Symbol: MYJ.BZ
Description: Mylan Nv Ord Shs
Symbol: MYL.BZ
Description: Blackrock Muniyield New York Quality Fund
Symbol: MYN.BZ
Description: MYR Group Inc
Symbol: MYRG.BZ
Description: Midcap 400 Short Proshares
Symbol: MYY.BZ
Description: Muniyield Arizona Fund
Symbol: MZA.BZ
Description: Managed Duration Investment Grade Fund
Symbol: MZF.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Midcap400 Proshares
Symbol: MZZ.BZ
Description: Netsuite Inc
Symbol: N.BZ
Description: Nuveen California Divadv Fund
Symbol: NAC.BZ
Description: Nuveen Divadv Fund
Symbol: NAD.BZ
Description: Natural Alternativ
Symbol: NAII.BZ
Description: Northern Dynasty Minerals
Symbol: NAK.BZ
Description: Nuveen New York Divadv Fund
Symbol: NAN.BZ
Description: Nanometrics Inc
Symbol: NANO.BZ
Description: Nordic American Tanker Shipping Ltd
Symbol: NAT.BZ
Description: Nathan's Famous In
Symbol: NATH.BZ
Description: Natl Instruments Cor
Symbol: NATI.BZ
Description: National Interstate
Symbol: NATL.BZ
Description: Nature S Sunshine
Symbol: NATR.BZ
Description: National American Un
Symbol: NAUH.BZ
Description: Navistar Intl Pfd D
Symbol: NAV-D.BZ
Description: Navistar International Corp
Symbol: NAV.BZ
Description: Navidea Biopharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: NAVB.BZ
Description: Navigators Grp Inc
Symbol: NAVG.BZ
Description: Nuveen Arizona Premium Fund
Symbol: NAZ.BZ
Description: Nuveen Build America Bond Fund
Symbol: NBB.BZ
Description: Newbridge Bancorp
Symbol: NBBC.BZ
Description: Nuveen Build America Bond Opportunity Fund
Symbol: NBD.BZ
Description: Natl Bk of Gr Pfd Ad
Symbol: NBG-A.BZ
Description: National Bank of Greece Sa
Symbol: NBG.BZ
Description: Neuberger Berman Intermediate Fund Inc
Symbol: NBH.BZ
Description: Neurocrine Bioscienc
Symbol: NBIX.BZ
Description: Noble Energy Inc
Symbol: NBL.BZ
Description: Northeast Bncp
Symbol: NBN.BZ
Description: Neuberger Berman New York Intermediate Fund Inc
Symbol: NBO.BZ
Description: Nabors Industries
Symbol: NBR.BZ
Description: NBT Bancorp Inc
Symbol: NBTB.BZ
Description: Neuberger Berman California Intermediate Fund In
Symbol: NBW.BZ
Description: Novabay Pharmaceuticals
Symbol: NBY.BZ
Description: Nacco Industries
Symbol: NC.BZ
Description: Nuveen California Muni Value Fund
Symbol: NCA.BZ
Description: Nuveen California Muni Value Fund 2
Symbol: NCB.BZ
Description: Navigant Consulting
Symbol: NCI.BZ
Description: NCI Inc
Symbol: NCIT.BZ
Description: National Cinemedia
Symbol: NCMI.BZ
Description: NCR Corp
Symbol: NCR.BZ
Description: NCI Building Systems
Symbol: NCS.BZ
Description: Newcastle Inv Pfd B
Symbol: NCT-B.BZ
Description: Newcastle Investment Corporatio
Symbol: NCT-C.BZ
Description: Newcastle Invt Corp
Symbol: NCT-D.BZ
Description: Newcastle Investment Corp
Symbol: NCT.BZ
Description: The9 Ltd
Symbol: NCTY.BZ
Description: Agic Convertible &
Symbol: NCV.BZ
Description: Agic Convertible & II
Symbol: NCZ.BZ
Description: Nasdaq Inc
Symbol: NDAQ.BZ
Description: Enduro Royalty Trust
Symbol: NDRO.BZ
Description: Nordson Corp
Symbol: NDSN.BZ
Description: Noble Corp
Symbol: NE.BZ
Description: Nuveen Insured Tax-Free Advantage Fund
Symbol: NEA.BZ
Description: Fpl Group Inc 5 7/8% Preferre
Symbol: NEE-C.BZ
Description: Nextera Energy Capital Holding
Symbol: NEE-G.BZ
Description: Nextera Energy
Symbol: NEE.BZ
Description: Newmont Mining Corp
Symbol: NEM.BZ
Description: New England Realty Associates Limited Partnershi
Symbol: NEN.BZ
Description: Neogen Cp
Symbol: NEOG.BZ
Description: Neptune Tech
Symbol: NEPT.BZ
Description: Newmarket Corp
Symbol: NEU.BZ
Description: Nuveen Enhanced Muni Value Fund
Symbol: NEV.BZ
Description: Newport Cp
Symbol: NEWP.BZ
Description: Newstar Financial
Symbol: NEWS.BZ
Description: Newtek Bus Svcs
Symbol: NEWT.BZ
Description: Northfield Bncrp Del
Symbol: NFBK.BZ
Description: NF Energy Saving Cor
Symbol: NFEC.BZ
Description: National Fuel Gas Company
Symbol: NFG.BZ
Description: Nfj Dividend Interest & Premium Strategy Fund
Symbol: NFJ.BZ
Description: Netflix Inc
Symbol: NFLX.BZ
Description: Insider Sentiment Portfolio PS
Symbol: NFO.BZ
Description: Newfield Exploration Company
Symbol: NFX.BZ
Description: Novagold Resources Inc
Symbol: NG.BZ
Description: New Gold Inc
Symbol: NGD.BZ
Description: National Grid Transco Plc
Symbol: NGG.BZ
Description: Ngl Energy Partners LP
Symbol: NGL.BZ
Description: Targa Resources Partners LP
Symbol: NGLS.BZ
Description: Natural Gas Services Group
Symbol: NGS.BZ
Description: National Hlthcare Sr
Symbol: NHC-A.BZ
Description: National Healthcare Corp
Symbol: NHC.BZ
Description: National Health Investors
Symbol: NHI.BZ
Description: Neuberger Berman High Yield Strategies
Symbol: NHS.BZ
Description: NiSource Inc
Symbol: NI.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Cocoa Subindex TR ETN
Symbol: NIB.BZ
Description: Nice Ltd
Symbol: NICE.BZ
Description: Nicholas Fincl Inc
Symbol: NICK.BZ
Description: Agic Equity & Convertible
Symbol: NIE.BZ
Description: NII Holdings
Symbol: NIHD.BZ
Description: Blue Nile Inc
Symbol: NILE.BZ
Description: Nuveen Maturities Fund
Symbol: NIM.BZ
Description: Nickel Pure Beta ETN Ipath
Symbol: NINI.BZ
Description: Nio Inc
Symbol: NIO.BZ
Description: Nidec Corp
Symbol: NJ.BZ
Description: Newjersey Resources Corp
Symbol: NJR.BZ
Description: Nuveen New Jersey Muni Value Fund
Symbol: NJV.BZ
Description: Niska Gas Storage Partners Llc
Symbol: NKA.BZ
Description: Nike Inc
Symbol: NKE.BZ
Description: Nuveen Georgia Divadv Fund 2
Symbol: NKG.BZ
Description: Natl Bankshares Inc
Symbol: NKSH.BZ
Description: Nektar Therapeutics
Symbol: NKTR.BZ
Description: Nuveen Insured California Tax-Free
Symbol: NKX.BZ
Description: Maxis Nikkei 225 Index ETF
Symbol: NKY.BZ
Description: NL Industries
Symbol: NL.BZ
Description: Newlink Genetics Cor
Symbol: NLNK.BZ
Description: Uranium+Nuclear Energy Vaneck ETF
Symbol: NLR.BZ
Description: Nautilus Group
Symbol: NLS.BZ
Description: Nielsen Holdings Plc
Symbol: NLSN.BZ
Description: Netlist Inc
Symbol: NLST.BZ
Description: Annaly Capital Manag
Symbol: NLY-A.BZ
Description: Annaly Capital Management Inc
Symbol: NLY.BZ
Description: Navios Maritime Holdings Inc
Symbol: NM.BZ
Description: Nuveen Muni Advantage Fund
Symbol: NMA.BZ
Description: New Mountain Finance Corporati
Symbol: NMFC.BZ
Description: Nuveen Muni
Symbol: NMI.BZ
Description: Niagara Mohawk Holdings Inc P
Symbol: NMK-B.BZ
Description: Niagara Mohawk 3.60
Symbol: NMK-C.BZ
Description: Navios Maritime Partners LP
Symbol: NMM.BZ
Description: Nuveen Muni Market Opportunity Fund
Symbol: NMO.BZ
Description: Nomura Holdings Inc ADR
Symbol: NMR.BZ
Description: Numerex Cp Cl A [P
Symbol: NMRX.BZ
Description: Nuveen Massachusetts Premium Fund
Symbol: NMT.BZ
Description: Nuveen Maryland Premium Fund
Symbol: NMY.BZ
Description: Nuveen Muni High Income Opportunity
Symbol: NMZ.BZ
Description: Navios Maritime Acquisition Corp
Symbol: NNA.BZ
Description: NN Inc
Symbol: NNBR.BZ
Description: Nuveen North Carolina Premium Fund
Symbol: NNC.BZ
Description: Nelnet Inc
Symbol: NNI.BZ
Description: National Retail Properties In
Symbol: NNN-D.BZ
Description: National Retail Properties
Symbol: NNN.BZ
Description: Nuveen New York Muni Value Fund
Symbol: NNY.BZ
Description: North American Energy Partners
Symbol: NOA.BZ
Description: Noah Holdings Ltd
Symbol: NOAH.BZ
Description: Northrop Grumman Corp
Symbol: NOC.BZ
Description: Northern Oil and Gas
Symbol: NOG.BZ
Description: Nokia Corp
Symbol: NOK.BZ
Description: Nuveen Missouri Premium Fund
Symbol: NOM.BZ
Description: Noranda Aluminum Holding Corp
Symbol: NOR.BZ
Description: G-X Norway ETF
Symbol: NORW.BZ
Description: National-Oilwell
Symbol: NOV.BZ
Description: Neenah Paper
Symbol: NP.BZ
Description: Natl Penn Bncsh Inc
Symbol: NPBC.BZ
Description: China Nepstar Chain Drugstore Ltd
Symbol: NPD.BZ
Description: Nuveen Premier Muni
Symbol: NPF.BZ
Description: Nuveen Premium Fund
Symbol: NPI.BZ
Description: National Presto Industries
Symbol: NPK.BZ
Description: Nuveen Premium Fund II
Symbol: NPM.BZ
Description: Nuveen Pennsylvania Muni Value Fund
Symbol: NPN.BZ
Description: Enpro Industries
Symbol: NPO.BZ
Description: Nuveen Performance Plus Fund
Symbol: NPP.BZ
Description: Nuveen Premium Fund IV
Symbol: NPT.BZ
Description: Neophotonics Corp
Symbol: NPTN.BZ
Description: Nuveen Virginia Premium Fund
Symbol: NPV.BZ
Description: Netqin Mobile Inc
Symbol: NQ.BZ
Description: Nuveen Insured Quality Fund
Symbol: NQI.BZ
Description: Nuveen Investment Quality Fund
Symbol: NQM.BZ
Description: Nuveen Pennsylvania Investment
Symbol: NQP.BZ
Description: Nuveen Quality Fund
Symbol: NQS.BZ
Description: Nuveen Quality
Symbol: NQU.BZ
Description: Newpark Resources
Symbol: NR.BZ
Description: Northstar Realty Pfd
Symbol: NRF-A.BZ
Description: Northstar Rlty Ser B
Symbol: NRF-B.BZ
Description: Northstar Realty Finance
Symbol: NRF.BZ
Description: NRG Energy
Symbol: NRG.BZ
Description: Northrim Bancorp Inc
Symbol: NRIM.BZ
Description: Nuveen Insured New York Tax-Free
Symbol: NRK.BZ
Description: Neuberger Berman Real Estate Securities
Symbol: NRO.BZ
Description: Natural Resource Partners LP
Symbol: NRP.BZ
Description: North European Oil Royality Trust
Symbol: NRT.BZ
Description: Nustar Energy LP
Symbol: NS.BZ
Description: Norfolk Southern Corp
Symbol: NSC.BZ
Description: Natl Security Gp I
Symbol: NSEC.BZ
Description: Nustar Gp Holdings Llc
Symbol: NSH.BZ
Description: Insight Enterpr
Symbol: NSIT.BZ
Description: Nuveen Senior
Symbol: NSL.BZ
Description: Nationstar Mortgage Holdngs I
Symbol: NSM.BZ
Description: Insperity Inc
Symbol: NSP.BZ
Description: Nanosphere Inc
Symbol: NSPH.BZ
Description: Neustar Inc
Symbol: NSR.BZ
Description: Napco Sec Tech Inc
Symbol: NSSC.BZ
Description: Nevsun Resources Ltd
Symbol: NSU.BZ
Description: Nortech Systems In
Symbol: NSYS.BZ
Description: Netapp Inc
Symbol: NTAP.BZ
Description: Nuveen Connecticut Premium Fund
Symbol: NTC.BZ
Description: Netscout Systems I
Symbol: NTCT.BZ
Description: Netease Inc Ads
Symbol: NTES.BZ
Description: Tortoise MLP Fund
Symbol: NTG.BZ
Description: Netgear Inc
Symbol: NTGR.BZ
Description: Northern Tech Inc
Symbol: NTIC.BZ
Description: Nortek Inc Cmn Stk
Symbol: NTK.BZ
Description: Nortel Inversora Sa ADR
Symbol: NTL.BZ
Description: Ntelos Holdings
Symbol: NTLS.BZ
Description: Ntn Buzztime
Symbol: NTN.BZ
Description: Nutrisystem Inc
Symbol: NTRI.BZ
Description: Northern Trust Corp
Symbol: NTRS.BZ
Description: Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp
Symbol: NTT.BZ
Description: Netsol Tech Inc
Symbol: NTWK.BZ
Description: Nuveen Texas Quality
Symbol: NTX.BZ
Description: Natuzzi S.P.A.
Symbol: NTZ.BZ
Description: Nuance Communicatns
Symbol: NUAN.BZ
Description: Nucor Corp
Symbol: NUE.BZ
Description: Gold Miners Bull 3X Direxion ETF
Symbol: NUGT.BZ
Description: Nuveen Michigan Quality
Symbol: NUM.BZ
Description: Nuveen Ohio Quality
Symbol: NUO.BZ
Description: Neurometrix Inc
Symbol: NURO.BZ
Description: Nu Skin Enterprises
Symbol: NUS.BZ
Description: Nutraceutical Intl
Symbol: NUTR.BZ
Description: Nuveen Muni Value Fund
Symbol: NUV.BZ
Description: Nuvasive Inc
Symbol: NUVA.BZ
Description: Nuveen Muni Value Fund
Symbol: NUW.BZ
Description: Novavax Inc
Symbol: NVAX.BZ
Description: Nvidia Corp
Symbol: NVDA.BZ
Description: Novadaq Technologies
Symbol: NVDQ.BZ
Description: Nve Corp
Symbol: NVEC.BZ
Description: Nuveen Insured Divadv Fund
Symbol: NVG.BZ
Description: Novogen Ltd Ads
Symbol: NVGN.BZ
Description: Nova Measuring Instr
Symbol: NVMI.BZ
Description: Novo Nordisk A/S
Symbol: NVO.BZ
Description: NVR Inc
Symbol: NVR.BZ
Description: Novartis Ag
Symbol: NVS.BZ
Description: Naugatuck Valley Financial Corp
Symbol: NVSL.BZ
Description: Nuveen California Divadv Fund 2
Symbol: NVX.BZ
Description: Natl Wstmst Ads 19C3
Symbol: NW-C.BZ
Description: Northwest Bancshares
Symbol: NWBI.BZ
Description: Northwestern Corp
Symbol: NWE.BZ
Description: Norwood Financial Cp
Symbol: NWFL.BZ
Description: Newell Rubbermaid Inc
Symbol: NWL.BZ
Description: Natl Wstrn Life Gp A
Symbol: NWLI.BZ
Description: Northwest Natural Gas Company
Symbol: NWN.BZ
Description: Northwest Pipe Co
Symbol: NWPX.BZ
Description: News Cp Cl B Cmn ST
Symbol: NWS.BZ
Description: News Cp Cl A Cmn ST
Symbol: NWSA.BZ
Description: New York & Company
Symbol: NWY.BZ
Description: Quanex Building Products Corp
Symbol: NX.BZ
Description: Nuveen California Tax-Free Income
Symbol: NXC.BZ
Description: Nuveen New Jersey Divadv Fund
Symbol: NXJ.BZ
Description: Nuveen Insured New York Tax-Free
Symbol: NXN.BZ
Description: Nuveen Tax Free Income Portfolio
Symbol: NXP.BZ
Description: Nxp Semiconductors
Symbol: NXPI.BZ
Description: Nuveen Tax Free Income Portfolio II
Symbol: NXQ.BZ
Description: Nuveen Tax Free Income Portfolio III
Symbol: NXR.BZ
Description: Nexstar Broadcasting
Symbol: NXST.BZ
Description: Nxstage Medical Inc
Symbol: NXTM.BZ
Description: Nuveen Divadv Fund 2
Symbol: NXZ.BZ
Description: New York Muni Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: NYF.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance New York Muni Bond Fund II
Symbol: NYH.BZ
Description: New York Mtge Trust
Symbol: NYMT.BZ
Description: Nymox Pharm Corp
Symbol: NYMX.BZ
Description: Empire Resorts Inc
Symbol: NYNY.BZ
Description: New York Times Company
Symbol: NYT.BZ
Description: Nuveen New York Muni Value Fund 2
Symbol: NYV.BZ
Description: Nuveen Divadv Fund 3
Symbol: NZF.BZ
Description: Nuveen California Divadv Fund 3
Symbol: NZH.BZ
Description: Realty Income Corp
Symbol: O-F.BZ
Description: Realty Income Corp
Symbol: O.BZ
Description: Oaktree Capital Group Llc
Symbol: OAK.BZ
Description: Oasis Petroleum Inc
Symbol: OAS.BZ
Description: Onebeacon Insurance Group
Symbol: OB.BZ
Description: Optibase Ltd
Symbol: OBAS.BZ
Description: Ocean Bio Chem Inc
Symbol: OBCI.BZ
Description: Owens Corning Inc
Symbol: OC.BZ
Description: Optical Cable Corp
Symbol: OCC.BZ
Description: Oceanfirst Finl Corp
Symbol: OCFC.BZ
Description: Oclaro Inc
Symbol: OCLR.BZ
Description: Oculus Innovative SC
Symbol: OCLS.BZ
Description: Ocwen Financial Corp
Symbol: OCN.BZ
Description: Omnicare Cap TR 1
Symbol: OCR-A.BZ
Description: Omnicare Cap TR II
Symbol: OCR-B.BZ
Description: Oil-Dri Corporation of America
Symbol: ODC.BZ
Description: Old Dominion Freig
Symbol: ODFL.BZ
Description: Office Depot
Symbol: ODP.BZ
Description: S&P 100 Ishares ETF
Symbol: OEF.BZ
Description: Orion Energy Syst
Symbol: OESX.BZ
Description: Corporate Office Properties
Symbol: OFC.BZ
Description: Oconee Fed Fin Corp
Symbol: OFED.BZ
Description: Oriental Fin Mips A
Symbol: OFG-A.BZ
Description: Oriental Finl Pfd B
Symbol: OFG-B.BZ
Description: Oriental Financial Group
Symbol: OFG.BZ
Description: Orthofix Intl Nv
Symbol: OFIX.BZ
Description: Omega Flex Inc
Symbol: OFLX.BZ
Description: Oge Energy Corp
Symbol: OGE.BZ
Symbol: OGXI.BZ
Description: Omega Healthcare Investors
Symbol: OHI.BZ
Description: Owens-Illinois
Symbol: OI.BZ
Description: Invesco Muni Income Trust
Symbol: OIA.BZ
Description: Oi S.A.
Symbol: OIB.C.BZ
Symbol: OIBR.BZ
Description: Oil Services Vaneck ETF
Symbol: OIH.BZ
Description: Oceaneering International
Symbol: OII.BZ
Description: O2Micro Intl Ltd
Symbol: OIIM.BZ
Description: Ipath S&P GSCI Crude Oil TR Index ETN
Symbol: OIL.BZ
Description: Oil States International
Symbol: OIS.BZ
Description: Oneok Inc
Symbol: OKE.BZ
Description: Oneok Partners LP
Symbol: OKS.BZ
Description: Southwest Bncp Inc
Symbol: OKSB.BZ
Description: Old Line Bancshs MD
Symbol: OLBK.BZ
Description: Ipath Pure Beta Crude Oil ETN
Symbol: OLEM.BZ
Description: Olin Corp
Symbol: OLN.BZ
Description: DB Crude Oil ETN Powershares
Symbol: OLO.BZ
Description: One Liberty Properties
Symbol: OLP.BZ
Description: Grupo Aeroportuario
Symbol: OMAB.BZ
Description: Omnicom Group Inc
Symbol: OMC.BZ
Description: Omnicell Inc
Symbol: OMCL.BZ
Description: Omega Protein Corp
Symbol: OME.BZ
Description: Omeros Corp
Symbol: OMER.BZ
Description: Odyssey Marine Expl
Symbol: OMEX.BZ
Description: Owens & Minor
Symbol: OMI.BZ
Description: Omnova Solutions Inc
Symbol: OMN.BZ
Description: Old National Bncp
Symbol: ONB.BZ
Description: Oncolytics Biotech Inc
Symbol: ONCY.BZ
Description: Onesmart International Education Group Limited A
Symbol: ONE.BZ
Description: Nasdaq Composite ETF
Symbol: ONEQ.BZ
Description: Energy Pure Beta ETN Ipath
Symbol: ONG.BZ
Description: Orient Paper
Symbol: ONP.BZ
Description: Oncothyreon Inc
Symbol: ONTY.BZ
Description: Onvia Inc
Symbol: ONVI.BZ
Description: Optimumbank Hldgs
Symbol: OPHC.BZ
Description: Opko Health Inc
Symbol: OPK.BZ
Description: Old Point Finl Cp
Symbol: OPOF.BZ
Description: Ocean Power Tech Inc
Symbol: OPTT.BZ
Description: Opexa Therapeutics
Symbol: OPXA.BZ
Description: Oppenheimer Holdings
Symbol: OPY.BZ
Description: Ormat Technologies
Symbol: ORA.BZ
Description: Orbcomm Inc
Symbol: ORBC.BZ
Description: Orbotech Ltd
Symbol: ORBK.BZ
Description: Oracle Corp
Symbol: ORCL.BZ
Description: Orexigen Therapeutic
Symbol: OREX.BZ
Description: Old Republic International Corp
Symbol: ORI.BZ
Description: Ocean Rig Udw Inc
Symbol: ORIG.BZ
Description: Oritani Financial
Symbol: ORIT.BZ
Description: O'Reilly Automotive
Symbol: ORLY.BZ
Description: Orion Group Holdings Inc
Symbol: ORN.BZ
Description: Orrstown Finl Svcs
Symbol: ORRF.BZ
Description: Old Second Bancorp
Symbol: OSBC.BZ
Description: Old Second Bncp
Symbol: OSBCP.BZ
Description: Ocean Shore Holding
Symbol: OSHC.BZ
Description: Osiris Therapeutics
Symbol: OSIR.BZ
Description: O S I Systems Inc
Symbol: OSIS.BZ
Description: Oshkosh Truck Corp
Symbol: OSK.BZ
Description: SLM Cp NTS Srs A
Symbol: OSM.BZ
Description: Ossen Innovation Co
Symbol: OSN.BZ
Description: Overstock.com Inc
Symbol: OSTK.BZ
Description: Orasure Tech Inc
Symbol: OSUR.BZ
Description: Open Text Cp
Symbol: OTEX.BZ
Description: On Track Innovations
Symbol: OTIV.BZ
Description: Otter Tail Corp
Symbol: OTTR.BZ
Description: Ohio Valley Banc Cp
Symbol: OVBC.BZ
Description: Oak Valley Bancp CA
Symbol: OVLY.BZ
Description: Omnivision Technologies
Symbol: OVTI.BZ
Description: Oxigene Inc
Symbol: OXGN.BZ
Description: Oxford Lane Capital
Symbol: OXLC.BZ
Description: Oxford Industries
Symbol: OXM.BZ
Description: Occidental Petroleum Corp
Symbol: OXY.BZ
Description: Och-Ziff Capital Management
Symbol: OZM.BZ
Description: Bank of The Ozarks
Symbol: OZRK.BZ
Description: Pandora Media Inc
Symbol: P.BZ
Description: Plains All American Pipeline LP
Symbol: PAA.BZ
Description: Pan Amer Silver Corp
Symbol: PAAS.BZ
Description: Grupo Aeroportuario Del Pacifico
Symbol: PAC.BZ
Description: Pacific Biosciences
Symbol: PACB.BZ
Description: Pacific Drilling S.A.
Symbol: PACD.BZ
Description: Pacwest Bancorp
Symbol: PACW.BZ
Description: FTSE RAFI Asia Pacific Ex-Japan Portfolio PS
Symbol: PAF.BZ
Description: Penske Automotive Group
Symbol: PAG.BZ
Description: Global Agriculture Port PS
Symbol: PAGG.BZ
Description: Pacific American Income Shares
Symbol: PAI.BZ
Description: Physical Palladium
Symbol: PALL.BZ
Description: Pampa Energia S.A.
Symbol: PAM.BZ
Description: Par Technology Corp
Symbol: PAR.BZ
Description: Patrick Inds Inc
Symbol: PATK.BZ
Description: Verifone Systems
Symbol: PAY.BZ
Description: Paychex Inc
Symbol: PAYX.BZ
Description: Prosperity Bancshares
Symbol: PB.BZ
Description: Pembina Pipeline Cor
Symbol: PBA.BZ
Description: People's United Finl
Symbol: PBCT.BZ
Description: Global Clean Energy Port PS
Symbol: PBD.BZ
Description: Dynamic Biotech & Genome Port PS
Symbol: PBE.BZ
Description: Prestige Brand Holdings
Symbol: PBH.BZ
Description: Pathfinder Bcp MD
Symbol: PBHC.BZ
Description: Pitney Bowes Inc
Symbol: PBI.BZ
Symbol: PBIB.BZ
Description: Prudential Bancorp
Symbol: PBIP.BZ
Description: Dynamic Food & Beverage Port PS
Symbol: PBJ.BZ
Description: Pacific Booker Minerals Inc
Symbol: PBM.BZ
Description: Prima Biomed Ltd
Symbol: PBMD.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Buywrite Portfolio PS
Symbol: PBP.BZ
Description: Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. Petrobras
Symbol: PBR.A.BZ
Description: Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. Petrobras
Symbol: PBR.BZ
Description: Dynamic Media Portfolio PS
Symbol: PBS.BZ
Description: Poage Bankshares Inc
Symbol: PBSK.BZ
Description: Permian Basin Royalty Trust
Symbol: PBT.BZ
Description: Clean Energy Portfolio PS Wilderhill
Symbol: PBW.BZ
Description: Prospect Capital Corporation 6.25% Notes Due 202
Symbol: PBY.BZ
Description: Paccar Inc
Symbol: PCAR.BZ
Description: Pacific Continental
Symbol: PCBK.BZ
Description: PC Connection Inc
Symbol: PCCC.BZ
Description: CEF Income Composite Portfolio PS
Symbol: PCEF.BZ
Description: Putnam High Income Bond Fund
Symbol: PCF.BZ
Description: Pacific Gas El 6.00
Symbol: PCG-A.BZ
Description: Pacific Gas El 5.50
Symbol: PCG-B.BZ
Description: Pacific Gas El 5.00
Symbol: PCG-C.BZ
Description: Pacific Gas El 5.00
Symbol: PCG-D.BZ
Description: Pacific Gas El 5.00
Symbol: PCG-E.BZ
Description: Pacific Gas El 4.80
Symbol: PCG-G.BZ
Description: Pacific Gas El 4.50
Symbol: PCG-H.BZ
Description: Pacific Gas El 4.36
Symbol: PCG-I.BZ
Description: Pacific Gas & Electric Co
Symbol: PCG.BZ
Description: Potlatch Cp
Symbol: PCH.BZ
Description: Pimco California Muni II
Symbol: PCK.BZ
Description: Plum Creek Timber Company
Symbol: PCL.BZ
Description: Priceline Group
Symbol: PCLN.BZ
Description: Pimco Commercial Mortgage Securities
Symbol: PCM.BZ
Description: Pimco Corporate
Symbol: PCN.BZ
Description: Pendrell Corp
Symbol: PCO.BZ
Description: Points Intl Ltd
Symbol: PCOM.BZ
Description: Precision Castparts Corp
Symbol: PCP.BZ
Description: Pimco California Muni
Symbol: PCQ.BZ
Description: Pacira Pharm Inc
Symbol: PCRX.BZ
Description: Pc-Tel Inc
Symbol: PCTI.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Sovereign Debt Port PS
Symbol: PCY.BZ
Description: Park City Group
Symbol: PCYG.BZ
Description: Pure Cycle Corp
Symbol: PCYO.BZ
Description: Patterson Companies
Symbol: PDCO.BZ
Description: Pro-Dex Inc New
Symbol: PDEX.BZ
Description: Pdf Solutions Inc
Symbol: PDFS.BZ
Description: Pdl Biopharma Inc
Symbol: PDLI.BZ
Description: Piedmont Office Realty Trust
Symbol: PDM.BZ
Description: FTSE RAFI Devd Mkts Ex-U.S. Small-Mid Portfolio
Symbol: PDN.BZ
Description: DWA Momentum Portfolio PS
Symbol: PDP.BZ
Description: Precision Drilling Corp
Symbol: PDS.BZ
Description: John Hancock Premium Dividend Fund
Symbol: PDT.BZ
Description: Pebblebrook Hotel Trust Pfd Ser
Symbol: PEB-A.BZ
Description: Pebblebrook Hotel Trust
Symbol: PEB-B.BZ
Description: Pebblebrook Hotel Trust
Symbol: PEB.BZ
Description: Peoples Bancorp Nc
Symbol: PEBK.BZ
Description: Peoples Bancorp Inc
Symbol: PEBO.BZ
Description: Public Service Enterprise Group Inc
Symbol: PEG.BZ
Description: Pegasystems Inc
Symbol: PEGA.BZ
Description: Penn Real Estate Invest Trust
Symbol: PEI-A.BZ
Description: Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment
Symbol: PEI.BZ
Description: Pacific Ethanol Inc
Symbol: PEIX.BZ
Description: Dynamic Leisure & Entertain Port PS
Symbol: PEJ.BZ
Description: China ETF Vaneck
Symbol: PEK.BZ
Description: Penn Natl Gaming Inc
Symbol: PENN.BZ
Description: Adams Natural Resources Fund Inc
Symbol: PEO.BZ
Description: Pepsico Inc
Symbol: PEP.BZ
Description: Sandridge Permian Trust
Symbol: PER.BZ
Description: Perfumania Hld Inc
Symbol: PERF.BZ
Description: Perion Network Ltd
Symbol: PERI.BZ
Description: G-X Permanent ETF
Symbol: PERM.BZ
Description: Perry Ellis Int
Symbol: PERY.BZ
Description: Perma-Fix Envir
Symbol: PESI.BZ
Description: Petmed Express Inc
Symbol: PETS.BZ
Description: High Yld Eqty Div Achvrs Port PS
Symbol: PEY.BZ
Description: DWA Cons Cyc Mmtm Port PS
Symbol: PEZ.BZ
Description: Preferred Bank La
Symbol: PFBC.BZ
Description: Premier Finl Bncp
Symbol: PFBI.BZ
Description: Peoples Finl Corp
Symbol: PFBX.BZ
Description: Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Inc
Symbol: PFD.BZ
Description: Pfizer Inc
Symbol: PFE.BZ
Description: US Preferred Stock Ishares ETF
Symbol: PFF.BZ
Description: Principal Financial Group Inc
Symbol: PFG.BZ
Description: Cabco TR Jcp 7.625
Symbol: PFH.BZ
Description: DWA Financials Mmtm Port PS
Symbol: PFI.BZ
Description: Fundamental Invst Grd Corp Bond Port PS
Symbol: PFIG.BZ
Description: P F Inds Inc A
Symbol: PFIN.BZ
Description: Prudential Financial Inflation-Linked
Symbol: PFK.BZ
Description: Pimco Income Strategy Fund
Symbol: PFL.BZ
Description: Pennantpark Fltng Rt
Symbol: PFLT.BZ
Description: Dividend Achievers Portfolio PS
Symbol: PFM.BZ
Description: Pimco Income Strategy Fund II
Symbol: PFN.BZ
Description: Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Fund
Symbol: PFO.BZ
Description: Proofpoint Inc
Symbol: PFPT.BZ
Description: Provident Financial Services
Symbol: PFS.BZ
Description: Pfsweb Inc
Symbol: PFSW.BZ
Description: Phoenix Companies
Symbol: PFX.BZ
Description: Procter & Gamble Company
Symbol: PG.BZ
Description: Peapack Gladstone FI
Symbol: PGC.BZ
Description: Ipath Asian & Gulf Currency Revaluation ETN
Symbol: PGD.BZ
Description: Financial Preferred Portfolio PS
Symbol: PGF.BZ
Description: Pengrowth Energy Corp
Symbol: PGH.BZ
Description: Golden Dragon China Portfolio PS
Symbol: PGJ.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Platinum Subindex TR ETN
Symbol: PGM.BZ
Description: Progenics Pharmaceut
Symbol: PGNX.BZ
Description: Pimco Global Stocksplus & Income
Symbol: PGP.BZ
Description: Progressive Corp
Symbol: PGR.BZ
Description: Pgt Inc
Symbol: PGTI.BZ
Description: Preferred Portfolio PS
Symbol: PGX.BZ
Description: Parker-Hannifin Corp
Symbol: PH.BZ
Description: Fundamental High Yld Corp Bond Port PS
Symbol: PHB.BZ
Description: Pioneer Floating Rate Trust
Symbol: PHD.BZ
Description: Pacholder High Yield Fund
Symbol: PHF.BZ
Description: Koninklijke Philips Electronics
Symbol: PHG.BZ
Description: Phh Corp
Symbol: PHH.BZ
Description: Philippine Long Distance Telephone
Symbol: PHI.BZ
Description: PHI Inc
Symbol: PHII.BZ
Description: PHI Inc Non-Voting
Symbol: PHIIK.BZ
Description: Pimco High
Symbol: PHK.BZ
Description: Pultegroup
Symbol: PHM.BZ
Description: Photomedex Inc
Symbol: PHMD.BZ
Description: Water Resources Portfolio PS
Symbol: PHO.BZ
Description: Pioneer High Income Trust
Symbol: PHT.BZ
Description: Panhandle Royalty Company
Symbol: PHX.BZ
Description: Sprott Physical Gold Trust
Symbol: PHYS.BZ
Description: Intl Corporate Bond Port PS
Symbol: PICB.BZ
Description: Global Metals & Mining Producers Ishares MSCI Et
Symbol: PICK.BZ
Description: Pico Holdings Inc
Symbol: PICO.BZ
Description: Intl Div Achvrs Portfolio PS
Symbol: PID.BZ
Description: DWA Emrg Mkts Mmtm Portfolio PS
Symbol: PIE.BZ
Description: Polaris Industries Inc
Symbol: PII.BZ
Description: Putnam Master Intermediate Income
Symbol: PIM.BZ
Description: India Portfolio PS
Symbol: PIN.BZ
Description: Global Water Portfolio PS
Symbol: PIO.BZ
Description: Pharmathene Inc
Symbol: PIP.BZ
Description: Pier 1 Imports
Symbol: PIR.BZ
Description: Merrill Lynch Depositor
Symbol: PIY.BZ
Description: DWA Devd Mkts Mmtm Portfolio PS
Symbol: PIZ.BZ
Description: Piper Jaffray Companies
Symbol: PJC.BZ
Description: Dynamic Pharmaceuticals Port PS
Symbol: PJP.BZ
Description: Preferredplus Trust
Symbol: PJS.BZ
Description: Dynamic Bldg & Construct Port PS
Symbol: PKB.BZ
Description: Parke Bancorp Inc
Symbol: PKBK.BZ
Description: Parker Drilling Company
Symbol: PKD.BZ
Description: Park Electrochemical Corp
Symbol: PKE.BZ
Description: Packaging Corporation of America
Symbol: PKG.BZ
Description: Perkinelmer
Symbol: PKI.BZ
Description: Pimco Income Opportunity Fund
Symbol: PKO.BZ
Description: Park Ohio Hldg Cp
Symbol: PKOH.BZ
Description: Buyback Achievers Portfolio PS
Symbol: PKW.BZ
Description: Posco ADR
Symbol: PKX.BZ
Description: Parkway Inc
Symbol: PKY.BZ
Description: Photronics Inc
Symbol: PLAB.BZ
Description: Plumas Bancorp
Symbol: PLBC.BZ
Description: Children's Place Inc
Symbol: PLCE.BZ
Description: Polycom Inc
Symbol: PLCM.BZ
Description: Prologis Inc
Symbol: PLD.BZ
Description: Platinum Group Metals Ltd
Symbol: PLG.BZ
Description: Polymet Mining
Symbol: PLM.BZ
Description: Poland Vaneck ETF
Symbol: PLND.BZ
Description: Douglas Dynamics
Symbol: PLOW.BZ
Description: Preformed Line Prd
Symbol: PLPC.BZ
Description: Plantronics
Symbol: PLT.BZ
Description: Plug Power Inc
Symbol: PLUG.BZ
Description: Eplus Inc
Symbol: PLUS.BZ
Description: 1-30 Laddered Treasury Port PS
Symbol: PLW.BZ
Description: Protalix Biotherapeutics
Symbol: PLX.BZ
Description: Plexus Cp
Symbol: PLXS.BZ
Description: Philip Morris International Inc
Symbol: PM.BZ
Description: Pacific Mercantile
Symbol: PMBC.BZ
Description: Pharmerica Corp
Symbol: PMC.BZ
Description: Pmc - Sierra
Symbol: PMCS.BZ
Description: Psychemedics
Symbol: PMD.BZ
Description: Pimco Muni
Symbol: PMF.BZ
Description: Pimco Muni II
Symbol: PML.BZ
Description: Putnam Managed Muni Income Trust
Symbol: PMM.BZ
Description: Putnam Muni Opportunities Trust
Symbol: PMO.BZ
Description: Dynamic Retail Portfolio PS
Symbol: PMR.BZ
Description: Pennymac Mortgage Investment Trust
Symbol: PMT.BZ
Description: Pimco Muni Income Fund III
Symbol: PMX.BZ
Description: Patriot Natl Bncp
Symbol: PNBK.BZ
Description: PNC Bank
Symbol: PNC.BZ
Description: The PNC Financial Services Group
Symbol: PNC.W.BZ
Description: Pimco New York Muni
Symbol: PNF.BZ
Description: Pinnacle Finl Ptnrs
Symbol: PNFP.BZ
Description: Pimco New York Muni II
Symbol: PNI.BZ
Description: Pinnacle Entmt
Symbol: PNK.BZ
Description: PNM Resources Inc
Symbol: PNM.BZ
Description: Pennantpark Investme
Symbol: PNNT.BZ
Description: Nasdaq Internet Portfolio PS
Symbol: PNQI.BZ
Description: Pentair Ltd
Symbol: PNR.BZ
Description: Panera Bread A
Symbol: PNRA.BZ
Description: Primeenergy Cp
Symbol: PNRG.BZ
Description: Pointer Telocation
Symbol: PNTR.BZ
Description: Pinnacle West Capital Corp
Symbol: PNW.BZ
Description: Phoenix Companies
Symbol: PNX.BZ
Description: Piedmont Natural Gas Company
Symbol: PNY.BZ
Description: Insulet Corp
Symbol: PODD.BZ
Description: Polyone Corp
Symbol: POL.BZ
Description: Potomac Electric Power Company
Symbol: POM.BZ
Description: Pool Corp
Symbol: POOL.BZ
Description: Pope Resource Uts
Symbol: POPE.BZ
Description: Portland General Electric Company
Symbol: POR.BZ
Description: Post Holdings Inc
Symbol: POST.BZ
Description: Potash Corp of Saskatchewan Inc
Symbol: POT.BZ
Description: Power Integratn
Symbol: POWI.BZ
Description: Powell Inds Inc
Symbol: POWL.BZ
Description: Powersecure International Inc
Symbol: POWR.BZ
Description: Pozen Inc
Symbol: POZN.BZ
Description: Aerospace & Defense Portfolio PS
Symbol: PPA.BZ
Description: Pacific Premier Bncp
Symbol: PPBI.BZ
Description: Pilgrim's Pride
Symbol: PPC.BZ
Description: PPG Industries
Symbol: PPG.BZ
Description: Pharmaceutical Vaneck ETF
Symbol: PPH.BZ
Description: Peregrine Pharma New
Symbol: PPHM.BZ
Description: PPL Corp
Symbol: PPL.BZ
Description: Physical Platinum
Symbol: PPLT.BZ
Description: Primero Mining Corp
Symbol: PPP.BZ
Description: VOYA Prime Rate Trust
Symbol: PPR.BZ
Description: Post Prop. 8.5 Pra
Symbol: PPS-A.BZ
Description: Post Properties
Symbol: PPS.BZ
Description: Putnam Premier Income Trust
Symbol: PPT.BZ
Description: Petroquest Energy Inc
Symbol: PQ.BZ
Description: Pro-Assurance Corp
Symbol: PRA.BZ
Description: Pra Group Inc
Symbol: PRAA.BZ
Description: Prana Bio Ltd Ads S1
Symbol: PRAN.BZ
Description: Pre-Refunded Muni ETF Vaneck
Symbol: PRB.BZ
Description: Perceptron Inc
Symbol: PRCP.BZ
Description: Partnerre Ltd Pfd D
Symbol: PRE-D.BZ
Description: Partnerre Ltd
Symbol: PRE-E.BZ
Description: Partnerre Ltd
Symbol: PRE.BZ
Description: FTSE RAFI US 1000 Portfolio PS
Symbol: PRF.BZ
Description: Perficient Inc
Symbol: PRFT.BZ
Description: FTSE RAFI US 1500 Small-Mid Port PS
Symbol: PRFZ.BZ
Description: Paragon Shipping Cla
Symbol: PRGN.BZ
Description: Perrigo Company
Symbol: PRGO.BZ
Description: Progress Software
Symbol: PRGS.BZ
Description: Prgx Global Inc
Symbol: PRGX.BZ
Description: Primerica Inc
Symbol: PRI.BZ
Description: Primoris Services Cp
Symbol: PRIM.BZ
Description: Park National Corp
Symbol: PRK.BZ
Description: Parkervision Inc
Symbol: PRKR.BZ
Description: Proto Labs Inc
Symbol: PRLB.BZ
Description: Primo Water Corporat
Symbol: PRMW.BZ
Description: DWA Industrials Mmtm Port PS
Symbol: PRN.BZ
Description: Pros Holdings
Symbol: PRO.BZ
Description: Provident Financial
Symbol: PROV.BZ
Description: Prophase Labs Inc
Symbol: PRPH.BZ
Description: Providence Svc Cp
Symbol: PRSC.BZ
Description: Cafepress Inc
Symbol: PRSS.BZ
Description: U.S. Auto Parts Netw
Symbol: PRTS.BZ
Description: Prudential Financial Inflation Retail
Symbol: PRU.BZ
Description: Premier Exhibitions
Symbol: PRXI.BZ
Description: Parexel Intl Cp
Symbol: PRXL.BZ
Description: Public Storage
Symbol: PSA-P.BZ
Description: Public Storage
Symbol: PSA-Q.BZ
Description: Depositary Shares Each Represe
Symbol: PSA-R.BZ
Description: Public Storage
Symbol: PSA-S.BZ
Description: Public Storage
Symbol: PSA-T.BZ
Description: Public Storage
Symbol: PSA-W.BZ
Description: Public Storage
Symbol: PSA-X.BZ
Description: Public Storage
Symbol: PSA-Z.BZ
Description: Public Storage
Symbol: PSA.BZ
Description: Global Gold & Precious Metals Port PS
Symbol: PSAU.BZ
Description: PS Business Parks Inc. 6.875%
Symbol: PSB-R.BZ
Description: PS Business Parks Inc
Symbol: PSB-S.BZ
Description: Business Parks
Symbol: PSB.BZ
Description: Psb Holdings
Symbol: PSBH.BZ
Description: S&P Smallcap Cons Staples Port PS
Symbol: PSCC.BZ
Description: S&P Smallcap Cons Disc Port PS
Symbol: PSCD.BZ
Description: S&P Smallcap Energy Port PS
Symbol: PSCE.BZ
Description: S&P Smallcap Financials Port PS
Symbol: PSCF.BZ
Description: S&P Smallcap Health Care Port PS
Symbol: PSCH.BZ
Description: S&P Smallcap Industrials Port PS
Symbol: PSCI.BZ
Description: S&P Smallcap Materials Port PS
Symbol: PSCM.BZ
Description: S&P Smallcap Info Tech Port PS
Symbol: PSCT.BZ
Description: S&P Smallcap Utilities Port PS
Symbol: PSCU.BZ
Description: Psivida Corp Com
Symbol: PSDV.BZ
Description: Prospect Capital Cp
Symbol: PSEC.BZ
Description: Cohen & Steers Preferred Fund
Symbol: PSF.BZ
Description: Dynamic Semiconductors Port PS
Symbol: PSI.BZ
Description: Dynamic Software Port PS
Symbol: PSJ.BZ
Description: Wells Fargo Preferred Stock SPDR
Symbol: PSK.BZ
Description: DWA Cons Staples Mmtm Port PS
Symbol: PSL.BZ
Description: Sprott Physical Silver Trust ETV
Symbol: PSLV.BZ
Description: Pricesmart Inc
Symbol: PSMT.BZ
Description: Pearson Plc
Symbol: PSO.BZ
Description: Global Listed Private Eqty Port PS
Symbol: PSP.BZ
Description: QQQ Short Proshares
Symbol: PSQ.BZ
Description: Active US Real Estate Fund PS
Symbol: PSR.BZ
Description: Ultrashort 7-10 Year Treasury Proshares
Symbol: PST.BZ
Description: Park Sterling Corpor
Symbol: PSTB.BZ
Description: Pluristem Therapeutc
Symbol: PSTI.BZ
Description: Pacific Sunwear
Symbol: PSUN.BZ
Description: Patterson-Uti Energy
Symbol: PTEN.BZ
Description: DWA Technology Mmtm Port PS
Symbol: PTF.BZ
Description: DWA Healthcare Mmtm Port PS
Symbol: PTH.BZ
Description: Pain Therapeutics
Symbol: PTIE.BZ
Description: Long Platinum TR ETN UBS E-Tracs
Symbol: PTM.BZ
Description: Palatin Technologies
Symbol: PTN.BZ
Description: Partner Comm Co Ltd
Symbol: PTNR.BZ
Description: Petrochina Company Ltd
Symbol: PTR.BZ
Description: P A M Transport Sv
Symbol: PTSI.BZ
Description: Pernix Theraptcs
Symbol: PTX.BZ
Description: Pimco Corporate Opportunity Fund
Symbol: PTY.BZ
Description: DWA Utilities Mmtm Port PS
Symbol: PUI.BZ
Description: Prudential 6.75%
Symbol: PUK-.BZ
Description: Pru Plc Perp Sub Cap
Symbol: PUK-A.BZ
Description: Prudential Public Limited Company
Symbol: PUK.BZ
Description: Pulaski Financial Cp
Symbol: PULB.BZ
Description: Progressive Energy Portfolio PS Wilderhill
Symbol: PUW.BZ
Description: Penn Virginia Corp
Symbol: PVA.BZ
Description: Pretium Res Inc
Symbol: PVG.BZ
Description: Phillips-Van Heusen Corp
Symbol: PVH.BZ
Description: Vrdo Tax-Free Weekly Port PS
Symbol: PVI.BZ
Description: Privatebancorp Inc
Symbol: PVTB.BZ
Description: Privatebncrp Trst IV
Symbol: PVTBP.BZ
Description: Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railroad
Symbol: PW.BZ
Description: Dynamic Large Cap Growth Port PS
Symbol: PWB.BZ
Description: Dynamic Market Portfolio PS
Symbol: PWC.BZ
Description: Obsidian Energy Ltd.
Symbol: PWE.BZ
Description: Penns Woods Bancorp
Symbol: PWOD.BZ
Description: Quanta Services
Symbol: PWR.BZ
Description: Dynamic Large Cap Value Port PS
Symbol: PWV.BZ
Description: Provd & Worchest Rr
Symbol: PWX.BZ
Description: CA Amt-Free Muni Bond Port PS
Symbol: PWZ.BZ
Description: Praxair
Symbol: PX.BZ
Description: Pioneer Natural Resources Co
Symbol: PXD.BZ
Description: Dynamic Energy Explor & Prod Port PS
Symbol: PXE.BZ
Description: FTSE RAFI Devd Mkts Ex-U.S. Port PS
Symbol: PXF.BZ
Description: FTSE RAFI Emrg Mkts Port PS
Symbol: PXH.BZ
Description: DWA Energy Mmtm Port PS
Symbol: PXI.BZ
Description: Dynamic Oil & Gas Srvs Port PS
Symbol: PXJ.BZ
Description: Russell Top 200 Pure Grow Port PS
Symbol: PXLG.BZ
Description: Russell Top 200 Pure Value Port PS
Symbol: PXLV.BZ
Description: Pixelworks Inc
Symbol: PXLW.BZ
Description: Russell Midcap Pure Growth Port PS
Symbol: PXMG.BZ
Description: Russell Midcap Pure Value Port PS
Symbol: PXMV.BZ
Description: Dynamic Networking Port PS
Symbol: PXQ.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Infrastructure Port PS
Symbol: PXR.BZ
Description: Russell 2000 Pure Growth Port PS
Symbol: PXSG.BZ
Description: Russell 2000 Pure Value Port PS
Symbol: PXSV.BZ
Description: Pimco New York Muni Income Fund III
Symbol: PYN.BZ
Description: Pplus Trust
Symbol: PYS.BZ
Description: Pplus Trust
Symbol: PYT.BZ
Description: DWA Basic Materials Mmtm Port PS
Symbol: PYZ.BZ
Description: National Amt-Free Muni Bond Port PS
Symbol: PZA.BZ
Description: Pimco California Muni Income Fund III
Symbol: PZC.BZ
Description: Cleantech Portfolio PS
Symbol: PZD.BZ
Description: Petrobras Argentina S.A.
Symbol: PZE.BZ
Description: Paramount Gold and Silver
Symbol: PZG.BZ
Description: Zacks Micro Cap Portfolio PS
Symbol: PZI.BZ
Description: Pzena Investment Management Inc
Symbol: PZN.BZ
Description: NY Amt-Free Muni Bond Port PS
Symbol: PZT.BZ
Description: Papa John's Intl
Symbol: PZZA.BZ
Description: Qtec First Trust ETF
Symbol: QABA.BZ
Description: Qad Inc
Symbol: QADA.BZ
Description: Q A D Inc Cl B
Symbol: QADB.BZ
Description: IQ Hedge Multi-Strategy Tracker ETF
Symbol: QAI.BZ
Description: Qualstar Corp
Symbol: QBAK.BZ
Description: QC Holdings
Symbol: QCCO.BZ
Description: Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy Index Fund FT
Symbol: QCLN.BZ
Description: Qualcomm Inc
Symbol: QCOM.BZ
Description: Qcr Holdings Inc
Symbol: QCRH.BZ
Description: Quidel Cp
Symbol: QDEL.BZ
Description: Qep Resources
Symbol: QEP.BZ
Description: Qiagen N.V.
Symbol: QGEN.BZ
Description: Ultrashort QQQ Proshares
Symbol: QID.BZ
Description: Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd
Symbol: QIHU.BZ
Description: Qkl Stores Inc
Symbol: QKLS.BZ
Description: Ultra QQQ Proshares
Symbol: QLD.BZ
Description: Qlogic Cp
Symbol: QLGC.BZ
Description: Qlik Technologies In
Symbol: QLIK.BZ
Description: AAA - A Rated Corp Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: QLTA.BZ
Description: BAA - BA Rated Corporate Bond Fund Ishares
Symbol: QLTB.BZ
Description: B-Ca Rated Corporate Bond Fund Ishares
Symbol: QLTC.BZ
Description: Qlt Inc
Symbol: QLTI.BZ
Description: Quinstreet Inc
Symbol: QNST.BZ
Description: Nasdaq-100 EW Index Fund FT
Symbol: QQEW.BZ
Description: Nasdaq QQQ ETF
Symbol: QQQ.BZ
Description: G-X Nasdaq China Tech ETF
Symbol: QQQC.BZ
Description: Nasdaq 100 EW Index Direxion
Symbol: QQQE.BZ
Description: Nuveen Nasdaq 100
Symbol: QQQX.BZ
Description: Nasdaq-100 Ex-Tech Sector Indexsm Fund FT
Symbol: QQXT.BZ
Description: Quality Systems Inc
Symbol: QSII.BZ
Description: Nasdaq-100 Technology Index Fund FT
Symbol: QTEC.BZ
Description: Quantum Corp
Symbol: QTM.BZ
Description: Quantum Fuel Sys
Symbol: QTWW.BZ
Description: Quad Graphics Inc
Symbol: QUAD.BZ
Description: Quicklogic Corp
Symbol: QUIK.BZ
Description: Ryder System
Symbol: R.BZ
Description: Rite Aid Corp
Symbol: RAD.BZ
Description: Rada Electr Inds Ltd
Symbol: RADA.BZ
Description: Reynolds American Inc
Symbol: RAI.BZ
Description: Freightcar America
Symbol: RAIL.BZ
Description: RAFI Long/Short Proshares
Symbol: RALS.BZ
Description: Rand Capital Cp
Symbol: RAND.BZ
Description: Rait Financial TR Pf
Symbol: RAS-A.BZ
Description: Rait Financial TR Pf
Symbol: RAS-B.BZ
Description: Rait Fin TR Pfd C
Symbol: RAS-C.BZ
Description: Rait Financial Trust
Symbol: RAS.BZ
Description: Bankrate Inc
Symbol: RATE.BZ
Description: Raven Industries Inc
Symbol: RAVN.BZ
Description: Rackspace Hosting Inc
Symbol: RAX.BZ
Description: Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Inc
Symbol: RBA.BZ
Description: Regal-Beloit Corp
Symbol: RBC.BZ
Description: Republic Bancorp Inc
Symbol: RBCAA.BZ
Description: Rubicon Technology
Symbol: RBCN.BZ
Description: S&P Russia SPDR
Symbol: RBL.BZ
Description: Royal Bncsh of Pa
Symbol: RBPAA.BZ
Description: RBS Cap Fndg TR V
Symbol: RBS-E.BZ
Description: Royal Bank Scotland F
Symbol: RBS-F.BZ
Description: RBS Capital Trustvii
Symbol: RBS-G.BZ
Description: Royal Bank Scot Hadssc
Symbol: RBS-H.BZ
Description: RBS Cap Fdg TR Vi
Symbol: RBS-I.BZ
Description: Royal Bank Scotland
Symbol: RBS-L.BZ
Description: Royal Bank Scotland
Symbol: RBS-R.BZ
Description: Royal Bank Scotland
Symbol: RBS-S.BZ
Description: Royal Bank Pfd
Symbol: RBS-T.BZ
Description: Royal Bank Scotland Group Plc
Symbol: RBS.BZ
Description: Rubicon Minerals Corp
Symbol: RBY.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Cons Disc Eql Wgt Port PS
Symbol: RCD.BZ
Description: Renaissance Capital Growth & Income Fund III
Symbol: RCG.BZ
Description: Rogers Communication
Symbol: RCI.BZ
Description: Rent-A-Center Inc
Symbol: RCII.BZ
Description: Rocky Brands Inc
Symbol: RCKY.BZ
Description: Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd
Symbol: RCL.BZ
Description: R C M Tech Inc
Symbol: RCMT.BZ
Description: Recon Technology Ltd
Symbol: RCON.BZ
Description: Rcm Strategic Global Government Fund
Symbol: RCS.BZ
Description: Rowan Companies
Symbol: RDC.BZ
Description: Radcom Ltd
Symbol: RDCM.BZ
Description: Elizabeth Arden
Symbol: RDEN.BZ
Description: Reading Intl Cl A
Symbol: RDI.BZ
Description: Reading International Inc Class B
Symbol: RDIB.BZ
Description: Radian Group Inc
Symbol: RDN.BZ
Description: Radnet Inc
Symbol: RDNT.BZ
Description: Royal Dutch Shell Plc
Symbol: RDS.A.BZ
Description: Royal Dutch Shell Cl B
Symbol: RDS.B.BZ
Description: Radware Ltd
Symbol: RDWR.BZ
Description: Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd
Symbol: RDY.BZ
Description: Everest Re Group
Symbol: RE.BZ
Description: Resources Connect
Symbol: RECN.BZ
Description: Rediff.Com India Ads
Symbol: REDF.BZ
Description: Rare Element Res Ltd
Symbol: REE.BZ
Description: Reeds Inc
Symbol: REED.BZ
Description: Research Frontiers
Symbol: REFR.BZ
Description: Regency Centers Corp
Symbol: REG-F.BZ
Description: Regency Centers Corp
Symbol: REG.BZ
Description: Renewable Energy
Symbol: REGI.BZ
Description: Regeneron Pharmaceutical
Symbol: REGN.BZ
Description: Reis Inc
Symbol: REIS.BZ
Description: Real Estate Short Proshares
Symbol: REK.BZ
Description: Richardson Electrncs
Symbol: RELL.BZ
Description: Reliv Intl Inc
Symbol: RELV.BZ
Description: Mortgage Real Estate Ishares ETF
Symbol: REM.BZ
Description: Rare Earth/Strategic Metals Vaneck ETF
Symbol: REMX.BZ
Description: Resolute Energy Corp
Symbol: REN.BZ
Description: Renren Inc
Symbol: RENN.BZ
Description: Rentrak Corp
Symbol: RENT.BZ
Description: RPC Inc
Symbol: RES.BZ
Description: Retail Bull 3X Direxion
Symbol: RETL.BZ
Description: Revlon Inc
Symbol: REV.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Technology Proshares
Symbol: REW.BZ
Description: Rex American Resources Corp
Symbol: REX.BZ
Description: Resource Amer Cl A
Symbol: REXI.BZ
Description: Rex Energy Corporati
Symbol: REXX.BZ
Description: Residential Real Estate Ishares ETF
Symbol: REZ.BZ
Description: Regions Financial Corp
Symbol: RF.BZ
Description: S&P Midcap 400 Pure Growth Port PS
Symbol: RFG.BZ
Description: Cohen & Steers Total Return Realty Fund
Symbol: RFI.BZ
Description: RF Industries Ltd
Symbol: RFIL.BZ
Description: S&P Midcap 400 Pure Value Port PS
Symbol: RFV.BZ
Description: Reinsurance Group of America Inc
Symbol: RGA.BZ
Description: Regal Entertainment Group
Symbol: RGC.BZ
Description: Rgc Resources Inc
Symbol: RGCO.BZ
Description: Repligen Cp
Symbol: RGEN.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Industrials Eql Wgt Port PS
Symbol: RGI.BZ
Description: Royal Gold Inc
Symbol: RGLD.BZ
Description: Sturm Ruger & Company
Symbol: RGR.BZ
Description: Regis Corp
Symbol: RGS.BZ
Description: Robert Half International Inc
Symbol: RHI.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Cons Staples Eql Wgt Port PS
Symbol: RHS.BZ
Description: Red Hat Inc
Symbol: RHT.BZ
Description: Richmont Mines
Symbol: RIC.BZ
Description: RCI Hospitality Hold
Symbol: RICK.BZ
Description: Rmr Real Estate Income Fund
Symbol: RIF.BZ
Description: Transocean Inc
Symbol: RIG.BZ
Description: Rigel Pharmaceutical
Symbol: RIGL.BZ
Description: 30 Year Tips/Tsy Spread Proshares
Symbol: RINF.BZ
Description: Global Gold Miners Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: RING.BZ
Description: Rio Tinto Plc
Symbol: RIO.BZ
Description: Lmp Real Estate
Symbol: RIT.BZ
Description: Rit Technolgies
Symbol: RITT.BZ
Description: River Valley Bancorp
Symbol: RIVR.BZ
Description: Rogers Agriculture ETN Elements
Symbol: RJA.BZ
Description: Raymond James Financial Inc
Symbol: RJD.BZ
Description: Republic Airways Holdings
Symbol: RJET.BZ
Description: Raymond James Financial
Symbol: RJF.BZ
Description: Rogers Commodity ETN Elements
Symbol: RJI.BZ
Description: Rogers Energy ETN Elements
Symbol: RJN.BZ
Description: Rogers Metal ETN Elements
Symbol: RJZ.BZ
Description: Ralph Lauren Corp
Symbol: RL.BZ
Description: Reald Inc
Symbol: RLD.BZ
Description: Radiant Logistics
Symbol: RLGT.BZ
Description: Red Lion Htls Cap TR
Symbol: RLH-A.BZ
Description: Red Lion Hotels Corp
Symbol: RLH.BZ
Description: Rli Corp
Symbol: RLI.BZ
Description: Rlj Lodging Trust
Symbol: RLJ.BZ
Description: Reachlocal Inc
Symbol: RLOC.BZ
Description: Rand Logistics Inc
Symbol: RLOG.BZ
Description: SSGA Multi-Asset Real Return ETF SPDR
Symbol: RLY.BZ
Description: Regional Managment Corp
Symbol: RM.BZ
Description: Rambus Inc
Symbol: RMBS.BZ
Description: Rocky Mt Chocolate
Symbol: RMCF.BZ
Description: Resmed Inc
Symbol: RMD.BZ
Description: Royce Micro-Cap Trust
Symbol: RMT.BZ
Description: Rockwell Medical In
Symbol: RMTI.BZ
Description: Rignet Inc
Symbol: RNET.BZ
Description: Rentech Nitrogen Partners L.P.
Symbol: RNF.BZ
Description: Rexahn Pharmaceuticals
Symbol: RNN.BZ
Description: Rhino Resource Partners LP
Symbol: RNO.BZ
Description: Cohen & Steers REIT and Preferred
Symbol: RNP.BZ
Description: Renaissancere 6.08 C
Symbol: RNR-C.BZ
Description: Renaissancere Holdings Ltd
Symbol: RNR.BZ
Description: Renasant Corp
Symbol: RNST.BZ
Description: Realnetworks Inc
Symbol: RNWK.BZ
Description: Gibraltar Ind Inc
Symbol: ROCK.BZ
Description: Rogers Corp
Symbol: ROG.BZ
Description: Radio One Inc
Symbol: ROIA.BZ
Description: Radio One Inc Cl D
Symbol: ROIAK.BZ
Description: Retail Opp Invts Cp
Symbol: ROIC.BZ
Description: Rockwell Automation Inc
Symbol: ROK.BZ
Description: Rollins Inc
Symbol: ROL.BZ
Description: Ipath Long Ext Russell 1000 TR Index ETN
Symbol: ROLA.BZ
Description: RBC Bearings Incorp
Symbol: ROLL.BZ
Description: Ultra Technology Proshares
Symbol: ROM.BZ
Description: IQ US Real Estate Smallcap ETF
Symbol: ROOF.BZ
Description: Roper Industries
Symbol: ROP.BZ
Description: Rosetta Genomics Ltd
Symbol: ROSG.BZ
Description: Ross Stores Inc
Symbol: ROST.BZ
Description: Rovi Corp Cmn
Symbol: ROVI.BZ
Description: Castle Brands
Symbol: ROX.BZ
Description: Royale Energy
Symbol: ROYL.BZ
Description: Realpage Inc
Symbol: RP.BZ
Description: Retail Properties of America
Symbol: RPAI.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Pure Growth Portfolio PS
Symbol: RPG.BZ
Description: RPM International Inc
Symbol: RPM.BZ
Description: Repros Therapeutics
Symbol: RPRX.BZ
Description: Ramco-Gershenson Properties Tru
Symbol: RPT-D.BZ
Description: Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust
Symbol: RPT.BZ
Description: Raptor Pharmaceutica
Symbol: RPTP.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Pure Value Portfolio PS
Symbol: RPV.BZ
Description: Growth Equity Strategy Fund
Symbol: RPX.BZ
Description: Rpx Corp
Symbol: RPXC.BZ
Description: Cohen & Steers Quality Income Realty Fund Inc
Symbol: RQI.BZ
Description: Range Resources Corp
Symbol: RRC.BZ
Description: Donnelley [R.R.] & Sons Co
Symbol: RRD.BZ
Description: Global Real Return Wisdomtree
Symbol: RRF.BZ
Description: Red Robin Gourm
Symbol: RRGB.BZ
Description: Rose Rock Midstream LP
Symbol: RRMS.BZ
Description: Roadrunner Transportation Systems Inc
Symbol: RRTS.BZ
Description: Reliance Steel & Aluminum Company
Symbol: RS.BZ
Description: Rouse Properties Inc. Common S
Symbol: RSE.BZ
Description: Republic Services
Symbol: RSG.BZ
Description: Resource Capital
Symbol: RSO.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Equal Weight Portfolio PS
Symbol: RSP.BZ
Description: Rosetta Stone
Symbol: RST.BZ
Description: Rofin-Sinar Techs
Symbol: RSTI.BZ
Description: Russia Vaneck ETF
Symbol: RSX.BZ
Description: Russia Smallcap Vaneck ETF
Symbol: RSXJ.BZ
Description: Radisys Cp
Symbol: RSYS.BZ
Description: Ruby Tuesday
Symbol: RT.BZ
Description: Rudolph Technologies
Symbol: RTEC.BZ
Description: Retail ETF Vaneck
Symbol: RTH.BZ
Description: Rti Surgical Inc
Symbol: RTIX.BZ
Description: Rentech
Symbol: RTK.BZ
Description: Ipath Long Ext Russell 2000 TR Index ETN
Symbol: RTLA.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Materials Eql Wgt Port PS
Symbol: RTM.BZ
Description: Raytheon Company
Symbol: RTN.BZ
Description: ADR Revenue ETF Oppenheimer
Symbol: RTR.BZ
Description: Rush Entpr Cl A
Symbol: RUSHA.BZ
Description: Rush Entpr Cl B
Symbol: RUSHB.BZ
Description: Russia Bull 3X Direxion
Symbol: RUSL.BZ
Description: Russia Bear 3X Direxion
Symbol: RUSS.BZ
Description: Ruth's Hospitality
Symbol: RUTH.BZ
Description: Retractable Technologies
Symbol: RVP.BZ
Description: Riverview Bancorp
Symbol: RVSB.BZ
Description: Royce Value Trust
Symbol: RVT.BZ
Description: Relm Wireless Corp
Symbol: RWC.BZ
Description: Columbia Select Large Cap Growth ETF
Symbol: RWG.BZ
Description: Smallcap Revenue ETF Oppenheimer
Symbol: RWJ.BZ
Description: Midcap Revenue ETF Oppenheimer
Symbol: RWK.BZ
Description: Largecap Revenue ETF Oppenheimer
Symbol: RWL.BZ
Description: Russell 2000 Short Proshares
Symbol: RWM.BZ
Description: DJ Global Real Estate ETF SPDR
Symbol: RWO.BZ
Description: DJ REIT ETF SPDR
Symbol: RWR.BZ
Description: Redwood Trust
Symbol: RWT.BZ
Description: Navellier Overall A-100 Revenue ETF Oppenheimer
Symbol: RWV.BZ
Description: Financial Sector Revenue ETF Oppenheimer
Symbol: RWW.BZ
Description: DJ Intl Real Estate ETF SPDR
Symbol: RWX.BZ
Description: Monthly Pay 2X DJ Intl Rl Est ETN UBS E-Tracs
Symbol: RWXL.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Health Care Proshares
Symbol: RXD.BZ
Description: Global Cons Disc Ishares ETF
Symbol: RXI.BZ
Description: Ultra Health Care Proshares
Symbol: RXL.BZ
Description: Rexnord Corp
Symbol: RXN.BZ
Description: Royal Bank of Canada
Symbol: RY.BZ
Description: Ryanair Hldgs Plc
Symbol: RYAAY.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Energy Eql Wgt Port PS
Symbol: RYE.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Financials Eql Wgt Port PS
Symbol: RYF.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Health Care Eql Wgt Port PS
Symbol: RYH.BZ
Description: Rj Sb-1 Equity Guggenheim ETF
Symbol: RYJ.BZ
Description: Rayonier Inc REIT
Symbol: RYN.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Technology Eql Wgt Port PS
Symbol: RYT.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Utilities Eql Wgt Port PS
Symbol: RYU.BZ
Description: S&P Smallcap 600 Pure Growth Port PS
Symbol: RZG.BZ
Description: S&P Smallcap 600 Pure Value Port PS
Symbol: RZV.BZ
Description: Sprint Corp
Symbol: S.BZ
Description: Seabridge Gold
Symbol: SA.BZ
Description: Ultra Smallcap 600 Proshares
Symbol: SAA.BZ
Description: Incontact Inc
Symbol: SAAS.BZ
Description: Sanderson Farms In
Symbol: SAFM.BZ
Description: Safety Ins Group Inc
Symbol: SAFT.BZ
Description: Total Bond Market Bear -1X Direxion
Symbol: SAGG.BZ
Description: Sonic Automotive
Symbol: SAH.BZ
Description: Saia Inc
Symbol: SAIA.BZ
Description: Salisbury Bancorp
Symbol: SAL.BZ
Description: Salem Media Grp Inc
Symbol: SALM.BZ
Description: Boston Beer Company
Symbol: SAM.BZ
Description: Banco Santander
Symbol: SAN.BZ
Description: Sanmina Corp
Symbol: SANM.BZ
Description: S&W Seed Company
Symbol: SANW.BZ
Description: SAP Ag
Symbol: SAP.BZ
Description: Saratoga Investment Corp
Symbol: SAR.BZ
Description: Sandy Spring Bancorp
Symbol: SASR.BZ
Description: Echostar Corp
Symbol: SATS.BZ
Description: Spirit Airlines Inc
Symbol: SAVE.BZ
Description: Safe Bulkers Inc
Symbol: SB.BZ
Description: SBA Communications
Symbol: SBAC.BZ
Description: Smallcap 600 Short Proshares
Symbol: SBB.BZ
Description: Sussex Bancorp
Symbol: SBBX.BZ
Description: Seacoast Banking Cp
Symbol: SBCF.BZ
Description: Sinclair Brdcst A
Symbol: SBGI.BZ
Description: Sally Beauty Holdings
Symbol: SBH.BZ
Description: Western Asset Intermediate Fund Inc
Symbol: SBI.BZ
Description: Star Bulk Carriers
Symbol: SBLK.BZ
Description: Basic Materials Short Proshares
Symbol: SBM.BZ
Description: DB 3X Short 25+ Yr Trsy Bd ETN Powershares
Symbol: SBND.BZ
Description: Signature Bank
Symbol: SBNY.BZ
Description: Signature Bank Warrant
Symbol: SBNYW.BZ
Description: Sabine Royalty Trust
Symbol: SBR.BZ
Description: Sabra REIT
Symbol: SBRA.BZ
Description: Cia De Saneamento Basico Do Estado
Symbol: SBS.BZ
Description: Spanish Brdcstng
Symbol: SBSA.BZ
Description: Southside Bancshares
Symbol: SBSI.BZ
Description: Starbucks Corp
Symbol: SBUX.BZ
Description: Ipath Pure Beta Broad Commodity
Symbol: SBV.BZ
Description: Western Asset Worldwide Income Fund Inc
Symbol: SBW.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Consumer Services Proshares
Symbol: SCC.BZ
Description: Southern Peru Copper Corp
Symbol: SCCO.BZ
Description: Lmp Capital and Income Fund Inc
Symbol: SCD.BZ
Description: South CA Edis 408 Pf
Symbol: SCE-B.BZ
Description: South CA Edis 424 Pf
Symbol: SCE-C.BZ
Description: South CA Edis 431 Pf
Symbol: SCE-D.BZ
Description: South CA Edis 478 Pf
Symbol: SCE-E.BZ
Description: Scana Corp
Symbol: SCG.BZ
Description: Schwab US Smallcap ETF
Symbol: SCHA.BZ
Description: Schwab US Broad Market ETF
Symbol: SCHB.BZ
Description: Schwab Intl Smallcap ETF
Symbol: SCHC.BZ
Description: Schwab US Dividend Equity ETF
Symbol: SCHD.BZ
Description: Schwab EM Mkts Equity ETF
Symbol: SCHE.BZ
Description: Schwab Intl Equity ETF
Symbol: SCHF.BZ
Description: Schwab US Largecap Growth ETF
Symbol: SCHG.BZ
Description: Schwab US REIT ETF
Symbol: SCHH.BZ
Description: Scholastic Cp
Symbol: SCHL.BZ
Description: Schwab US Midcap ETF
Symbol: SCHM.BZ
Description: Schnitzer Steel A
Symbol: SCHN.BZ
Description: Schwab Short-Term US Trsy ETF
Symbol: SCHO.BZ
Description: Schwab US TIPS ETF
Symbol: SCHP.BZ
Description: Schwab Interm-Term US Treasury
Symbol: SCHR.BZ
Description: Schwab US Largecap Value ETF
Symbol: SCHV.BZ
Description: The Charles Schwab Corp
Symbol: SCHW.BZ
Description: Schwab US Largecap ETF
Symbol: SCHX.BZ
Description: Schwab US Aggregate Bond ETF
Symbol: SCHZ.BZ
Description: Service Corporation International
Symbol: SCI.BZ
Description: India Smallcap ETF Vaneck
Symbol: SCIF.BZ
Description: India Smallcap Egshares
Symbol: SCIN.BZ
Description: Japan Small-Cap Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: SCJ.BZ
Description: Stepan Company
Symbol: SCL.BZ
Description: Sciclone Pharmaceut
Symbol: SCLN.BZ
Description: Sucampo Pharma Inc
Symbol: SCMP.BZ
Description: Ultrashort DJ-UBS Crude Oil Proshares
Symbol: SCO.BZ
Description: Superconductor Tech
Symbol: SCON.BZ
Description: Comscore Inc
Symbol: SCOR.BZ
Description: Short-Term Corp Bond SPDR
Symbol: SCPB.BZ
Description: Steelcase Inc
Symbol: SCS.BZ
Description: Scansource Inc
Symbol: SCSC.BZ
Description: Select Comfort Cp
Symbol: SCSS.BZ
Description: Shoe Carnival Inc
Symbol: SCVL.BZ
Description: L.S. Starrett Company
Symbol: SCX.BZ
Description: EAFE Small-Cap Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: SCZ.BZ
Description: Sandridge Energy Inc
Symbol: SD.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Smallcap 600 Proshares
Symbol: SDD.BZ
Description: G-X Superdividend ETF
Symbol: SDIV.BZ
Description: Ultrapro Short Dow 30 Proshares
Symbol: SDOW.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Utilities Proshares
Symbol: SDP.BZ
Description: Sandridge Mississippian Trust
Symbol: SDR.BZ
Description: Seadrill Ltd
Symbol: SDRL.BZ
Description: Ultrashort S&P 500 Proshares
Symbol: SDS.BZ
Description: Sandridge Mississippian Trust I
Symbol: SDT.BZ
Description: S&P Dividend SPDR
Symbol: SDY.BZ
Description: Sea Limited ADR
Symbol: SE.BZ
Description: Shipping Portfolio PS
Symbol: SEA.BZ
Description: Sea Change Intl In
Symbol: SEAC.BZ
Description: Seaboard Corp
Symbol: SEB.BZ
Description: Sealed Air Corp
Symbol: SEE.BZ
Description: Origin Agritech Limi
Symbol: SEED.BZ
Description: Financials Short Proshares
Symbol: SEF.BZ
Description: Sei Investments Co
Symbol: SEIC.BZ
Description: Select Medical Holdings Corp
Symbol: SEM.BZ
Description: Semgroup Corp
Symbol: SEMG.BZ
Description: Seneca Foods Cp A
Symbol: SENEA.BZ
Description: Seneca Foods Cp B
Symbol: SENEB.BZ
Description: Spectra Energy Partners LP
Symbol: SEP.BZ
Description: Sevcon Inc
Symbol: SEV.BZ
Description: Stifel Financial Corp
Symbol: SF.BZ
Description: Safeguard Scientifics
Symbol: SFE.BZ
Description: Stancorp Financial Group
Symbol: SFG.BZ
Description: Ship Finance International
Symbol: SFL.BZ
Description: Ipath Long Extended S&P 500 TR Index ETN
Symbol: SFLA.BZ
Description: Shutterfly Inc
Symbol: SFLY.BZ
Description: Simmons First Natl
Symbol: SFNC.BZ
Description: Southern First Bancs
Symbol: SFST.BZ
Description: Soufun Holdings
Symbol: SFUN.BZ
Description: Swift Energy Company
Symbol: SFY.BZ
Description: Saga Communications
Symbol: SGA.BZ
Description: Sugar Pure Beta ETN Ipath
Symbol: SGAR.BZ
Description: Southwest Georgia Financial Corp
Symbol: SGB.BZ
Description: Superior Uniform Grp
Symbol: SGC.BZ
Description: Seattle Genetics Inc
Symbol: SGEN.BZ
Description: Singapore Fund
Symbol: SGF.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Sugar Subindex TR ETN
Symbol: SGG.BZ
Description: Silicon Graphic Intl
Symbol: SGI.BZ
Description: Strategic Global
Symbol: SGL.BZ
Description: Sigmatron Intl Inc
Symbol: SGMA.BZ
Description: Sangamo Therapeutics
Symbol: SGMO.BZ
Description: Scientific Games
Symbol: SGMS.BZ
Description: Sagent Pharm Inc
Symbol: SGNT.BZ
Description: Sgoco Group Ltd
Symbol: SGOC.BZ
Description: Physical Swiss Gold
Symbol: SGOL.BZ
Description: Spar Group Inc
Symbol: SGRP.BZ
Description: Star Gas Partners LP
Symbol: SGU.BZ
Description: Stone Energy Corp
Symbol: SGY.BZ
Description: Synergy Pharma
Symbol: SGYP.BZ
Description: Synergy Pharma Units
Symbol: SGYPU.BZ
Description: Synergy Pharma Wts
Symbol: SGYPW.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Short Proshares
Symbol: SH.BZ
Description: Shore Bancshares Inc
Symbol: SHBI.BZ
Description: Shenandoah Telecom
Symbol: SHEN.BZ
Description: Shinhan Financial Group Co Ltd
Symbol: SHG.BZ
Description: Sinopec Shangai Petrochemical Company Ltd
Symbol: SHI.BZ
Description: Seanergy Maritime Hl
Symbol: SHIP.BZ
Description: Sears Hldgs Corp
Symbol: SHLD.BZ
Description: Schulman A Inc
Symbol: SHLM.BZ
Description: Shiloh Inds Inc
Symbol: SHLO.BZ
Description: Short-Term Muni Bond ETF SPDR
Symbol: SHM.BZ
Description: Sunstone Hotel Investors Inc
Symbol: SHO-D.BZ
Description: Sunstone Hotel Investors
Symbol: SHO.BZ
Description: Steven Maddens Ltd
Symbol: SHOO.BZ
Description: Shoretel Inc
Symbol: SHOR.BZ
Description: Short Treasury Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: SHV.BZ
Description: Sherwin-Williams Company
Symbol: SHW.BZ
Description: 1-3 Year Treasury Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: SHY.BZ
Description: Companhia Siderurgica Nacional
Symbol: SID.BZ
Description: Siebert Fin Cp
Symbol: SIEB.BZ
Description: Sifco Industries
Symbol: SIF.BZ
Description: Si Financial Grp MD
Symbol: SIFI.BZ
Description: Sify Techs Ltd Ads
Symbol: SIFY.BZ
Description: Signet Jewelers Ltd
Symbol: SIG.BZ
Description: Selective Ins Group
Symbol: SIGI.BZ
Description: Sigma Designs Inc
Symbol: SIGM.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Industrials Proshares
Symbol: SIJ.BZ
Description: G-X Silver Miners ETF
Symbol: SIL.BZ
Description: Silicom Ltd
Symbol: SILC.BZ
Description: Grupo Simec S.A. De C.V.
Symbol: SIM.BZ
Description: Silicon Motion Techn
Symbol: SIMO.BZ
Description: Sina Corp
Symbol: SINA.BZ
Description: Sino-Global Shipping
Symbol: SINO.BZ
Description: Select Income REIT
Symbol: SIR.BZ
Description: Sirius XM Holdings I
Symbol: SIRI.BZ
Description: Sirona Dental Systems
Symbol: SIRO.BZ
Description: Svb Financial Grp
Symbol: SIVB.BZ
Description: Svb Capital II
Symbol: SIVBO.BZ
Description: Physical Silver
Symbol: SIVR.BZ
Description: Six Flags Entertainment Corp
Symbol: SIX.BZ
Description: US Size Mkt Neutral ETF Quantshares
Symbol: SIZ.BZ
Description: High Yld Short Proshares
Symbol: SJB.BZ
Description: South Jersey Industries
Symbol: SJI.BZ
Description: J.M. Smucker Company
Symbol: SJM.BZ
Description: ST High Yield Bond ETF SPDR
Symbol: SJNK.BZ
Description: Shaw Communications Inc
Symbol: SJR.BZ
Description: San Juan Basin Royalty Trust
Symbol: SJT.BZ
Description: SJW Corp
Symbol: SJW.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Financials Proshares
Symbol: SKF.BZ
Description: Sk Telecom Corp
Symbol: SKM.BZ
Description: Tanger Factory Outlet Centers
Symbol: SKT.BZ
Description: Skullcandy Inc
Symbol: SKUL.BZ
Description: Skechers U.S.A.
Symbol: SKX.BZ
Description: Skyline Corp
Symbol: SKY.BZ
Description: Skywest Inc
Symbol: SKYW.BZ
Description: Cloud Computing ETF FT
Symbol: SKYY.BZ
Description: Silicon Labs Inc
Symbol: SLAB.BZ
Description: Schlumberger N.V.
Symbol: SLB.BZ
Description: U.S. Silica Holdings Inc
Symbol: SLCA.BZ
Description: Sun Life Financial Inc
Symbol: SLF.BZ
Description: SL Green Realty Corp
Symbol: SLG.BZ
Description: Silgan Holdings
Symbol: SLGN.BZ
Description: Solera Holdings
Symbol: SLH.BZ
Description: SL Industries
Symbol: SLI.BZ
Description: SLM Corp
Symbol: SLM.BZ
Description: SLM Cp Srs A Pfd
Symbol: SLMAP.BZ
Description: SLM Cp Srs B Pfd
Symbol: SLMBP.BZ
Description: Simulations Plus Inc
Symbol: SLP.BZ
Description: Solar Capital
Symbol: SLRC.BZ
Description: Silver Trust Ishares
Symbol: SLV.BZ
Description: Global Silver Miners Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: SLVP.BZ
Description: Silver Wheaton Corp
Symbol: SLW.BZ
Description: Steel Vaneck ETF
Symbol: SLX.BZ
Description: S&P Smallcap 600 SPDR
Symbol: SLY.BZ
Description: S&P Smallcap Growth ETF SPDR
Symbol: SLYG.BZ
Description: S&P Smallcap Value ETF SPDR
Symbol: SLYV.BZ
Description: Sm Energy Company
Symbol: SM.BZ
Description: Municipal Short Vaneck ETF
Symbol: SMB.BZ
Description: Southern Mo Bancorp
Symbol: SMBC.BZ
Description: Super Micro Computer
Symbol: SMCI.BZ
Description: Ultrapro Short Midcap 400 Proshares
Symbol: SMDD.BZ
Description: Sharps Compliance
Symbol: SMED.BZ
Description: Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc
Symbol: SMFG.BZ
Description: Scotts Miracle-Gro Company
Symbol: SMG.BZ
Description: Semiconductor Vaneck ETF
Symbol: SMH.BZ
Description: Semiconductor Manufacturing International
Symbol: SMI.BZ
Description: India Small-Cap Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: SMIN.BZ
Description: Schmitt Inds Inc
Symbol: SMIT.BZ
Description: Ultrashort MSCI Mexico Proshares
Symbol: SMK.BZ
Description: Summit Financial Gp
Symbol: SMMF.BZ
Description: Short-Term Muni Bond Strgy ETF Pimco
Symbol: SMMU.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Basic Materials Proshares
Symbol: SMN.BZ
Description: Standard Motor Products
Symbol: SMP.BZ
Description: Stein Mart Inc
Symbol: SMRT.BZ
Description: Smith Micro Software
Symbol: SMSI.BZ
Description: Smart Technologies
Symbol: SMT.BZ
Description: Semtech Corp
Symbol: SMTC.BZ
Description: Smtc Corp
Symbol: SMTX.BZ
Description: Sanchez Energy Corp
Symbol: SN.BZ
Description: Snap-On Inc
Symbol: SNA.BZ
Description: Inventure Foods Inc
Symbol: SNAK.BZ
Description: Sun Bancorp Inc
Symbol: SNBC.BZ
Description: Synchronoss Technolo
Symbol: SNCR.BZ
Description: Sandisk Corporation
Symbol: SNDK.BZ
Description: Sony Corp
Symbol: SNE.BZ
Description: Security Natl Finl
Symbol: SNFCA.BZ
Description: Senior Housing Properties Trust
Symbol: SNH.BZ
Description: Sun Hydraulics Cor
Symbol: SNHY.BZ
Description: Scripps Ntwrks Int A
Symbol: SNI.BZ
Description: Senomyx Inc
Symbol: SNMX.BZ
Description: Smith & Nephew Snats
Symbol: SNN.BZ
Description: China Petroleum & Chemical Corp
Symbol: SNP.BZ
Description: Synopsys Inc
Symbol: SNPS.BZ
Description: Sunesis Pharmaceutic
Symbol: SNSS.BZ
Description: Synta Pharmaceutical
Symbol: SNTA.BZ
Description: Synovus Financial Corp
Symbol: SNV.BZ
Description: Synnex Corp
Symbol: SNX.BZ
Description: Sanofi-Aventis S.A.
Symbol: SNY.BZ
Description: Southern Company
Symbol: SO.BZ
Description: Southcoast Finl Corp
Symbol: SOCB.BZ
Description: G-X Social Media ETF
Symbol: SOCL.BZ
Description: Sodastream Int Ltd
Symbol: SODA.BZ
Description: Sonic Foundry Inc
Symbol: SOFO.BZ
Description: Sohu.com Inc
Symbol: SOHU.BZ
Description: G-X Fertilizers/Potash ETF
Symbol: SOIL.BZ
Description: Renesola Ltd
Symbol: SOL.BZ
Description: Sonoco Products Company
Symbol: SON.BZ
Description: Southern National Bk
Symbol: SONA.BZ
Description: Sonic Cp
Symbol: SONC.BZ
Description: Sonus Networks Inc
Symbol: SONS.BZ
Description: Source Capital
Symbol: SOR.BZ
Description: Sorl Auto Parts Inc
Symbol: SORL.BZ
Description: Sovereign Banc Dep S
Symbol: SOV-C.BZ
Description: Semiconductor Bull 3X Direxion
Symbol: SOXL.BZ
Description: Semiconductor Bear 3X Direxion
Symbol: SOXS.BZ
Description: PHLX Semiconductor Ishares ETF
Symbol: SOXX.BZ
Description: Teucrium Soybean
Symbol: SOYB.BZ
Description: Sparton Corp
Symbol: SPA.BZ
Description: Span America Med S
Symbol: SPAN.BZ
Description: Spartan Motors Inc
Symbol: SPAR.BZ
Description: Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc
Symbol: SPB.BZ
Description: Special Opportunities Fund Inc
Symbol: SPE.BZ
Description: Spherix Inc
Symbol: SPEX.BZ
Description: Simon Prop Grp Pfd J
Symbol: SPG-J.BZ
Description: Simon Property Group
Symbol: SPG.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Gold Hedged Idx ETN UBS E-Tracs
Symbol: SPGH.BZ
Description: Suburban Propane Partners LP
Symbol: SPH.BZ
Description: S&P 500 High Beta Portfolio PS
Symbol: SPHB.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Quality Portfolio PS
Symbol: SPHQ.BZ
Description: Siliconware Pr Ads
Symbol: SPIL.BZ
Description: Splunk Inc
Symbol: SPLK.BZ
Description: Steel Partners Hldgs
Symbol: SPLP.BZ
Description: Staples Inc
Symbol: SPLS.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Low Vlty Portfolio PS
Symbol: SPLV.BZ
Description: Superior Energy Services
Symbol: SPN.BZ
Description: Spectranetics Cp T
Symbol: SPNC.BZ
Description: Sapiens Intl Cp Nv
Symbol: SPNS.BZ
Description: Spectrum Pharma Inc
Symbol: SPPI.BZ
Description: Spirit Aerosystems Holdings
Symbol: SPR.BZ
Description: Support.com Inc
Symbol: SPRT.BZ
Description: Sps Commerce Inc
Symbol: SPSC.BZ
Description: Spartannash Company
Symbol: SPTN.BZ
Description: Skypeople Fruit Juic
Symbol: SPU.BZ
Description: Sunpower Corp
Symbol: SPWR.BZ
Description: Ultrapro Short S&P 500 Proshares
Symbol: SPXU.BZ
Description: S&P 500 SPDR
Symbol: SPY.BZ
Description: SPDR S&P 500 Growth Portfolio ETF
Symbol: SPYG.BZ
Description: SPDR S&P 500 Value Portfolio ETF
Symbol: SPYV.BZ
Description: Sciquest Inc
Symbol: SQI.BZ
Description: Sociedad Quimica Y Minera S.A.
Symbol: SQM.BZ
Description: Sequenom Inc
Symbol: SQNM.BZ
Description: Sequans Communications S A
Symbol: SQNS.BZ
Description: Ultrapro Short QQQ Proshares
Symbol: SQQQ.BZ
Description: Spire Inc
Symbol: SR.BZ
Description: 1st Source Corp
Symbol: SRCE.BZ
Description: Stericycle Inc
Symbol: SRCL.BZ
Description: Surmodics Inc
Symbol: SRDX.BZ
Description: Sempra Energy
Symbol: SRE.BZ
Description: Servicesrce Intl Inc
Symbol: SREV.BZ
Description: The Cushing Royalty & Income Fund
Symbol: SRF.BZ
Description: Stoneridge Inc
Symbol: SRI.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Real Estate Proshares
Symbol: SRS.BZ
Description: Startek Inc
Symbol: SRT.BZ
Description: Ultrapro Short Russell 2000 Proshares
Symbol: SRTY.BZ
Description: The Cushing MLP Total Return Fund
Symbol: SRV.BZ
Description: Summit State Bank
Symbol: SSBI.BZ
Description: Simpson Manufacturing Company
Symbol: SSD.BZ
Description: Seventy Seven Energy Inc
Symbol: SSE.BZ
Description: Stewardship
Symbol: SSFN.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Semiconductors Proshares
Symbol: SSG.BZ
Description: Sunshine Heart Inc
Symbol: SSH.BZ
Description: Stage Stores
Symbol: SSI.BZ
Description: Sasol Ltd
Symbol: SSL.BZ
Description: Samson Oil & Gas Ltd
Symbol: SSN.BZ
Description: SS&C Technologies
Symbol: SSNC.BZ
Description: Ultra S&P 500 Proshares
Symbol: SSO.BZ
Description: E.W. Scripps Company
Symbol: SSP.BZ
Description: Silver Stand Res
Symbol: SSRI.BZ
Description: Sovran Self Storage
Symbol: SSS.BZ
Description: Short-Term Tresury Bond SPDR
Symbol: SST.BZ
Description: Seaspan Corp
Symbol: SSW-C.BZ
Description: Seaspan Corp
Symbol: SSW.BZ
Description: Sunlink Health Systems
Symbol: SSY.BZ
Description: Stratasys Ltd
Symbol: SSYS.BZ
Description: Sensata Technologies Holding N.V.
Symbol: ST.BZ
Description: Stag Industrial Inc Preferred
Symbol: STA-A.BZ
Description: Staar Surgical Co
Symbol: STAA.BZ
Description: STI Inc
Symbol: STAG.BZ
Description: Student Trnspt Inc
Symbol: STB.BZ
Description: S&T Bancorp Inc
Symbol: STBA.BZ
Description: State Bank Finl Corp
Symbol: STBZ.BZ
Description: Stewart Information Services Corp
Symbol: STC.BZ
Description: Steris Corp
Symbol: STE.BZ
Description: Stemcells Inc
Symbol: STEM.BZ
Description: State Auto Finl Corp
Symbol: STFC.BZ
Description: Suntrust Bks Dep Sh
Symbol: STI-A.BZ
Description: Suntrust Banks Inc Cl A
Symbol: STI.A.BZ
Description: Suntrust Banks Inc Cl B
Symbol: STI.B.BZ
Description: Suntrust Banks
Symbol: STI.BZ
Description: 0-5 Year TIPS Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: STIP.BZ
Description: St. Jude Medical
Symbol: STJ.BZ
Description: Columbia Seligman Premium Technology
Symbol: STK.BZ
Description: Sunopta Inc
Symbol: STKL.BZ
Description: Sterling Bancorp
Symbol: STL.BZ
Description: Steel Dynamics Inc
Symbol: STLD.BZ
Description: Stanley Furniture
Symbol: STLY.BZ
Description: Stmicroelectronics N.V.
Symbol: STM.BZ
Description: Stamps.com Inc
Symbol: STMP.BZ
Description: Stantec Inc
Symbol: STN.BZ
Description: Scorpio Tankers Inc
Symbol: STNG.BZ
Description: Statoil ASA
Symbol: STO.BZ
Description: Stonemor Partners LP
Symbol: STON.BZ
Description: Ipath Treasury Steepener ETN
Symbol: STPP.BZ
Description: 1-5 Year US TIPS Index ETF Pimco
Symbol: STPZ.BZ
Description: Questar Corp
Symbol: STR.BZ
Description: Strayer Education
Symbol: STRA.BZ
Description: Sterling Constructio
Symbol: STRL.BZ
Description: Streamline Health So
Symbol: STRM.BZ
Description: Stratus Pptys Inc
Symbol: STRS.BZ
Description: Strattec Security
Symbol: STRT.BZ
Description: Supreme Industries
Symbol: STS.BZ
Description: State Street Corp
Symbol: STT.BZ
Description: China Digital TV Holding Co
Symbol: STV.BZ
Description: Starwood Property Trust
Symbol: STWD.BZ
Description: Seagate Tech Ord Shs
Symbol: STX.BZ
Description: Stereotaxis Inc
Symbol: STXS.BZ
Description: Constellation Brd Cl B
Symbol: STZ.B.BZ
Description: Constellation Brands Inc
Symbol: STZ.BZ
Description: Suncor Energy Inc
Symbol: SU.BZ
Description: Short-Term Natl Muni Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: SUB.BZ
Description: Sun Communities
Symbol: SUI.BZ
Description: Summer Infant Inc
Symbol: SUMR.BZ
Description: Solar Senior Capital
Symbol: SUNS.BZ
Description: Superior Industries International
Symbol: SUP.BZ
Description: Sinovac Biotech Ltd
Symbol: SVA.BZ
Description: Severn Bancorp Inc
Symbol: SVBI.BZ
Description: Servotronics Inc
Symbol: SVT.BZ
Description: Supervalu Inc
Symbol: SVU.BZ
Description: Firsthand Technology
Symbol: SVVC.BZ
Description: VIX Short-Term Fut Short Proshares
Symbol: SVXY.BZ
Description: Stillwater Mining Company
Symbol: SWC.BZ
Description: Swift Transportation Company
Symbol: SWFT.BZ
Symbol: SWHC.BZ
Description: Solarwinds Corp.
Symbol: SWI.BZ
Description: Sierra Wireless In
Symbol: SWIR.BZ
Description: Stanley Black & Decker Inc
Symbol: SWK.BZ
Description: Skyworks Solutions
Symbol: SWKS.BZ
Description: Schweitzer-Mauduit International
Symbol: SWM.BZ
Description: Southwestern Energy Company
Symbol: SWN.BZ
Description: Swisher Hygiene
Symbol: SWSH.BZ
Description: Stanley Black & Decker Inc
Symbol: SWU.BZ
Description: Southwest Gas Corp
Symbol: SWX.BZ
Description: Swiss Helvetia Fund
Symbol: SWZ.BZ
Description: Suncoke Energy Inc
Symbol: SXC.BZ
Description: Standex International Corp
Symbol: SXI.BZ
Description: Sunoco Logistics Partners LP
Symbol: SXL.BZ
Description: Sensient Technologies Corp
Symbol: SXT.BZ
Description: Symetra Financial Corp
Symbol: SYA.BZ
Description: Stock Yards Bancorp
Symbol: SYBT.BZ
Description: Stryker Corp
Symbol: SYK.BZ
Description: Sykes Enterprises
Symbol: SYKE.BZ
Description: Symantec Corp
Symbol: SYMC.BZ
Description: Synthesis Energy Sys
Symbol: SYMX.BZ
Description: Synthetic Biologics Inc
Symbol: SYN.BZ
Description: Synaptics Inc
Symbol: SYNA.BZ
Description: Synacor Inc
Symbol: SYNC.BZ
Description: Synalloy Cp
Symbol: SYNL.BZ
Description: Syntel Inc
Symbol: SYNT.BZ
Description: Sypris Solutions
Symbol: SYPR.BZ
Description: Synergy Resources Cp
Symbol: SYRG.BZ
Description: Syngenta Ag
Symbol: SYT.BZ
Description: Synutra Internationa
Symbol: SYUT.BZ
Description: Systemax Inc
Symbol: SYX.BZ
Description: Sysco Corp
Symbol: SYY.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Consumer Goods Proshares
Symbol: SZK.BZ
Description: DB Crude Oil -1X ETN Powershares
Symbol: SZO.BZ
Description: Solazyme Inc
Symbol: SZYM.BZ
Description: AT&T Inc
Symbol: T.BZ
Description: Travelcenters of America Llc
Symbol: TA.BZ
Description: Transalta Corp
Symbol: TAC.BZ
Description: Transact Tech Inc
Symbol: TACT.BZ
Description: Teucrium Agricultural
Symbol: TAGS.BZ
Description: Taitron Components
Symbol: TAIT.BZ
Description: Tal Education Group
Symbol: TAL.BZ
Description: Solar ETF Guggenheim
Symbol: TAN.BZ
Description: China Real Estate Portfolio PS
Symbol: TAO.BZ
Description: Taomee Holdings Ltd
Symbol: TAOM.BZ
Description: Molson Coors Brewing Company
Symbol: TAP.A.BZ
Description: Molson Coors Brewing Company
Symbol: TAP.BZ
Description: Taro Pharm Inds
Symbol: TARO.BZ
Description: Tasman Metals
Symbol: TAS.BZ
Description: Taser Intl Inc
Symbol: TASR.BZ
Description: Carrols Rstrnt Group
Symbol: TAST.BZ
Description: Transatlantic Petroleum Ltd
Symbol: TAT.BZ
Description: T A T Tech Ltd
Symbol: TATT.BZ
Description: Medallion Fin Cp
Symbol: TAXI.BZ
Description: Taylor Devices Inc
Symbol: TAYD.BZ
Description: The Bancorp Inc
Symbol: TBBK.BZ
Description: 20+ Year Short Treasury Proshares
Symbol: TBF.BZ
Description: Trueblue Inc
Symbol: TBI.BZ
Description: Territorial Bancorp
Symbol: TBNK.BZ
Description: Ultrashort 20+ Year Treasury Proshares
Symbol: TBT.BZ
Description: 7-10 Year Short Treasury Proshares
Symbol: TBX.BZ
Description: Ultrashort 3-7 Year Treasury Proshares
Symbol: TBZ.BZ
Description: Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc
Symbol: TC.BZ
Description: Triangle Capital Corp
Symbol: TCAP.BZ
Description: TCF Financial Corp
Symbol: TCB.BZ
Description: TCF Financial Corp
Symbol: TCB.W.BZ
Description: Texas Capital Bncsh
Symbol: TCBI.BZ
Description: Texas Capital Bancshares Inc. Warrant
Symbol: TCBIW.BZ
Description: Trico Bancshares
Symbol: TCBK.BZ
Description: Technical Commctn Cp
Symbol: TCCO.BZ
Description: Transcontinental Realty Investors
Symbol: TCI.BZ
Description: Teck Resources Ltd
Symbol: TCK.BZ
Description: Taubman Centers
Symbol: TCO.BZ
Description: TCP Pipelines
Symbol: TCP.BZ
Description: TCP Capital Corp
Symbol: TCPC.BZ
Description: THL Credit Inc
Symbol: TCRD.BZ
Description: Tucows Inc Cl A
Symbol: TCX.BZ
Description: Toronto Dominion Bank
Symbol: TD.BZ
Description: Teradata Corp
Symbol: TDC.BZ
Description: Telephone and Data Systems
Symbol: TDE.BZ
Description: Templeton Dragon Fund
Symbol: TDF.BZ
Description: Transdigm Group Inc
Symbol: TDG.BZ
Description: Telephone and Data Systems
Symbol: TDI.BZ
Description: Telephone and Data Systems Inc
Symbol: TDJ.BZ
Description: Telephone and Data Systems
Symbol: TDS.BZ
Description: Iboxx 5Yr Target Dur TIPS ETF Flexshares
Symbol: TDTF.BZ
Description: Iboxx 3Yr Target Dur TIPS ETF Flexshares
Symbol: TDTT.BZ
Description: Tidewater Inc
Symbol: TDW.BZ
Description: Teledyne Technologies Inc
Symbol: TDY.BZ
Description: Teco Energy
Symbol: TE.BZ
Description: Tearlab Corp
Symbol: TEAR.BZ
Description: Tech Data Cp
Symbol: TECD.BZ
Description: Bio-Techne Cp
Symbol: TECH.BZ
Description: Telefonica S.A.
Symbol: TEF.BZ
Description: Templeton Emerging Markets
Symbol: TEI.BZ
Description: Te Connectivity Ltd
Symbol: TEL.BZ
Description: Tenneco Automotive
Symbol: TEN.BZ
Description: Telecom Argentina Stet - France Telecom S.A.
Symbol: TEO.BZ
Description: Teradyne Inc
Symbol: TER.BZ
Description: Tesco Corp
Symbol: TESO.BZ
Description: Tessco Tech Inc
Symbol: TESS.BZ
Description: Box Ships Inc
Symbol: TEU.BZ
Description: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Symbol: TEVA.BZ
Description: Terex Corp
Symbol: TEX.BZ
Description: Fixed Income Trust For Goldman
Symbol: TFG.BZ
Description: Muni Bond ETF SPDR
Symbol: TFI.BZ
Description: The Fresh Market Inc
Symbol: TFM.BZ
Description: Tfs Financial Corp
Symbol: TFSL.BZ
Description: Teleflex Inc
Symbol: TFX.BZ
Description: Tredegar Corp
Symbol: TG.BZ
Description: Transglobe Energy Cp
Symbol: TGA.BZ
Description: Taseko Mines Ltd
Symbol: TGB.BZ
Description: Tengasco Inc
Symbol: TGC.BZ
Description: Timmins Gold Corp
Symbol: TGD.BZ
Description: Textainer Group Holdings
Symbol: TGH.BZ
Description: Triumph Group
Symbol: TGI.BZ
Description: Teekay Lng Partners LP
Symbol: TGP.BZ
Description: Transportadora De Gas Sa Ord B
Symbol: TGS.BZ
Description: Target Corp
Symbol: TGT.BZ
Description: Tenet Healthcare Corp
Symbol: THC.BZ
Description: Thailand Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: THD.BZ
Description: First Finl Corp [In]
Symbol: THFF.BZ
Description: The Hanover Insurance Group
Symbol: THG.BZ
Symbol: THLD.BZ
Description: International Tower Hill Mines Ltd
Symbol: THM.BZ
Description: Thor Industries
Symbol: THO.BZ
Description: Thermon Group Holdings Inc
Symbol: THR.BZ
Description: Theravance
Symbol: THRX.BZ
Description: Treehouse Foods
Symbol: THS.BZ
Description: Tht Heat Transfer Technology
Symbol: THTI.BZ
Description: Telecom Italia S.P.A.
Symbol: TI.A.BZ
Description: Telecom Italia S.P.A.
Symbol: TI.BZ
Description: Ticc Capital Corp
Symbol: TICC.BZ
Description: Tiffany & Co
Symbol: TIF.BZ
Description: Tel-Instrument Electronics
Symbol: TIK.BZ
Description: Mstar US Mkt Factors Tilt ETF Flexshares
Symbol: TILT.BZ
Description: Harris & Harris
Symbol: TINY.BZ
Description: TIPS Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: TIP.BZ
Description: Broad U.S. TIPS Index ETF Pimco
Symbol: TIPZ.BZ
Description: Orchids Paper Products Company
Symbol: TIS.BZ
Description: Top Image Systems
Symbol: TISA.BZ
Description: Team Inc
Symbol: TISI.BZ
Description: Titan Machinery Inc
Symbol: TITN.BZ
Description: Tivo Corp
Symbol: TIVO.BZ
Description: TJX Companies
Symbol: TJX.BZ
Description: Teekay Shipping Corp
Symbol: TK.BZ
Description: Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri As
Symbol: TKC.BZ
Description: Turkish Investment Fund
Symbol: TKF.BZ
Description: Timken Company
Symbol: TKR.BZ
Description: Tandy Leather Fctry
Symbol: TLF.BZ
Description: 10-20 Year Treas Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: TLH.BZ
Description: Lmp Corporate Loan Fund Inc
Symbol: TLI.BZ
Description: P.T. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk
Symbol: TLK.BZ
Description: Tesoro Logistics LP
Symbol: TLLP.BZ
Description: Long-Term Treasury ETF SPDR
Symbol: TLO.BZ
Description: Transmontaigne Partners LP
Symbol: TLP.BZ
Description: Timberline Resources Corp
Symbol: TLR.BZ
Description: 20+ Year Treas Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: TLT.BZ
Description: Toyota Motor Corp Ltd Ord
Symbol: TM.BZ
Description: 20+ Year Trsy Bull 3X Direxion
Symbol: TMF.BZ
Description: Team Health Holdings
Symbol: TMH.BZ
Description: Torchmark Corp
Symbol: TMK.BZ
Description: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
Symbol: TMO.BZ
Description: Tompkinstrustco
Symbol: TMP.BZ
Description: 20+ Year Trsy Bear 3X Direxion
Symbol: TMV.BZ
Description: Smallcap Bull 3X Direxion
Symbol: TNA.BZ
Description: Telenav Inc
Symbol: TNAV.BZ
Description: Tennant Company
Symbol: TNC.BZ
Description: Tangoe Inc
Symbol: TNGO.BZ
Description: Terra Nitrogen Company LP
Symbol: TNH.BZ
Description: Teekay Tankers Ltd
Symbol: TNK.BZ
Description: Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd
Symbol: TNP.BZ
Description: Tofutti Brands Inc
Symbol: TOF.BZ
Description: Kokusai Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: TOK.BZ
Description: Toll Brothers Inc
Symbol: TOL.BZ
Description: Teekay Offshore Partners LP
Symbol: TOO.BZ
Description: Top Ships Inc
Symbol: TOPS.BZ
Description: Tor Minerals Intl
Symbol: TORM.BZ
Description: Totalfinaelf S.A.
Symbol: TOT.BZ
Description: Total Market Bear 1X Direxion
Symbol: TOTS.BZ
Description: Towne Bank
Symbol: TOWN.BZ
Description: Tower International
Symbol: TOWR.BZ
Description: Tutor Perini Corp
Symbol: TPC.BZ
Description: Tianyin Pharmaceutical Co
Symbol: TPI.BZ
Description: Texas Pacific Land Trust
Symbol: TPL.BZ
Description: Triangle Petroleum Corp
Symbol: TPLM.BZ
Description: Ultrashort TIPS Proshares
Symbol: TPS.BZ
Description: Tempur-Pedic International Inc
Symbol: TPX.BZ
Description: Tortoise Power and Energy
Symbol: TPZ.BZ
Description: Ultrapro QQQ Proshares
Symbol: TQQQ.BZ
Description: Tootsie Roll Industries
Symbol: TR.BZ
Description: Tejon Ranch Company
Symbol: TRC.BZ
Description: Lendingtree Inc
Symbol: TREE.BZ
Description: Trex Company
Symbol: TREX.BZ
Description: Targa Resources
Symbol: TRGP.BZ
Description: Thomson Reuters Corp
Symbol: TRI.BZ
Description: Trinity Bio ADR
Symbol: TRIB.BZ
Description: Tripadvisor Inc
Symbol: TRIP.BZ
Description: Speedway Motorsports
Symbol: TRK.BZ
Description: Trimble Navigation
Symbol: TRMB.BZ
Description: Trustmark Corp
Symbol: TRMK.BZ
Description: Trinity Industries
Symbol: TRN.BZ
Description: Terreno Realty Corp
Symbol: TRNO.BZ
Description: Transcat Inc
Symbol: TRNS.BZ
Description: T Rowe Price Group
Symbol: TROW.BZ
Description: Transcananda Pipelines
Symbol: TRP.BZ
Description: Trc Companies
Symbol: TRR.BZ
Description: Trimas Corp
Symbol: TRS.BZ
Description: Trustco Bank Corp NY
Symbol: TRST.BZ
Description: Trio-Tech International
Symbol: TRT.BZ
Description: The Travelers Companies Inc
Symbol: TRV.BZ
Description: Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corp
Symbol: TRX.BZ
Description: Tenaris S.A.
Symbol: TS.BZ
Description: Timberland Bancorp
Symbol: TSBK.BZ
Description: Tractor Supply Co
Symbol: TSCO.BZ
Description: Tower Semiconductor
Symbol: TSEM.BZ
Description: Tcw Strategic
Symbol: TSI.BZ
Description: Trina Solar Ltd
Symbol: TSL.BZ
Description: Tesla Inc
Symbol: TSLA.BZ
Description: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing
Symbol: TSM.BZ
Description: Tyson Foods
Symbol: TSN.BZ
Description: Tesoro Petroleum Corp
Symbol: TSO.BZ
Description: Tessera Technologies
Symbol: TSRA.BZ
Description: T S R Inc
Symbol: TSRI.BZ
Description: Total System Services
Symbol: TSS.BZ
Description: Thestreet Inc
Symbol: TST.BZ
Description: Tim Participacoes S.A.
Symbol: TSU.BZ
Description: Telecommunication Systems
Symbol: TSYS.BZ
Description: Toro Company
Symbol: TTC.BZ
Description: Teletech Hldgs
Symbol: TTEC.BZ
Description: Tetra Tech Inc
Symbol: TTEK.BZ
Description: Thai Fund
Symbol: TTF.BZ
Description: Advisorshares Wilshire Buyback ETF
Symbol: TTFS.BZ
Description: Techtarget Inc
Symbol: TTGT.BZ
Description: Transition Therapeut
Symbol: TTHI.BZ
Description: Tetra Technologies
Symbol: TTI.BZ
Description: Tata Motors Ltd
Symbol: TTM.BZ
Description: TTM Technologies I
Symbol: TTMI.BZ
Description: Tortoise Pipeline & Energy Fund
Symbol: TTP.BZ
Description: Ultrapro Short 20+ Year Trsy Proshares
Symbol: TTT.BZ
Description: Take-Two Interacti
Symbol: TTWO.BZ
Description: Telus Corp Non Voting Shares
Symbol: TU.BZ
Description: Tuesday Morning Co
Symbol: TUES.BZ
Description: Tumi Holdings Inc
Symbol: TUMI.BZ
Description: Tupperware Corp
Symbol: TUP.BZ
Description: Turkey Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: TUR.BZ
Description: 1-3 Year US Treasury Index ETF Pimco
Symbol: TUZ.BZ
Description: Grupo Televisa S.A.
Symbol: TV.BZ
Description: Tennessee Valley Authority
Symbol: TVC.BZ
Description: Tennessee Valley Authority
Symbol: TVE.BZ
Description: VS 2X VIX Short Term
Symbol: TVIX.BZ
Description: VS 2X VIX Mid Term
Symbol: TVIZ.BZ
Description: Towers Watson & Co
Symbol: TW.BZ
Description: Time Warner Cable Inc
Symbol: TWC.BZ
Description: Towerstream Corp
Symbol: TWER.BZ
Description: Titan International
Symbol: TWI.BZ
Description: Twin Disc Inc
Symbol: TWIN.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Russell 2000 Proshares
Symbol: TWM.BZ
Description: Trans World Entert
Symbol: TWMC.BZ
Description: Taiwan Fund
Symbol: TWN.BZ
Description: Two Harbors Investments Corp
Symbol: TWO.BZ
Description: Time Warner Inc
Symbol: TWX.BZ
Description: Ternium S.A.
Symbol: TX.BZ
Description: Texas Instruments
Symbol: TXN.BZ
Description: Texas Roadhouse Inc
Symbol: TXRH.BZ
Description: Textron Inc
Symbol: TXT.BZ
Description: Tri Contl Cp 2.50 Pr
Symbol: TY-.BZ
Description: Tri Continental Corp
Symbol: TY.BZ
Description: 20+ Year Trsy Bear 1X Direxion
Symbol: TYBS.BZ
Description: Tyco International Ltd
Symbol: TYC.BZ
Description: 7-10 Year Treasury Bull 3X Direxion
Symbol: TYD.BZ
Description: Tortoise Energy Infrastructure Corp
Symbol: TYG.BZ
Description: Tyler Technologies
Symbol: TYL.BZ
Description: 7-10 Year Treasury Bear -1X Direxion
Symbol: TYNS.BZ
Description: 7-10 Year Treasury Bear -3X Direxion
Symbol: TYO.BZ
Description: Monotype Imag. Hold.
Symbol: TYPE.BZ
Description: Smallcap Bear 3X Direxion
Symbol: TZA.BZ
Description: Bear Stearns Depositor
Symbol: TZF.BZ
Description: Travelzoo Inc
Symbol: TZOO.BZ
Description: Under Armour Inc Class C Comm
Symbol: UA.BZ
Description: Universal Truckload
Symbol: UACL.BZ
Description: CMCI Agriculture TR ETN UBS E-Tracs
Symbol: UAG.BZ
Description: United Continental Holdings
Symbol: UAL.BZ
Description: Universal American Financial
Symbol: UAM.BZ
Description: Cvr Partners LP
Symbol: UAN.BZ
Description: Urstadt Biddle Properties Inc
Symbol: UBA.BZ
Description: CMCI Livestock TR ETN UBS E-Tracs
Symbol: UBC.BZ
Description: United Bncp Inc
Symbol: UBCP.BZ
Description: United Security Bcsh
Symbol: UBFO.BZ
Description: CMCI Gold TR ETN UBS E-Tracs
Symbol: UBG.BZ
Description: CMCI Industrial Metals TR ETN UBS E-Tracs
Symbol: UBM.BZ
Description: CMCI Energy TR ETN UBS E-Tracs
Symbol: UBN.BZ
Description: United Fin Bncp New
Symbol: UBNK.BZ
Description: Ubiquiti Networks I
Symbol: UBNT.BZ
Description: United Bancshares
Symbol: UBOH.BZ
Description: Urstadt Biddle Properties Inc
Symbol: UBP.BZ
Description: Ultra MSCI Brazil Proshares
Symbol: UBR.BZ
Description: UBS Pfd Fndg TR IV
Symbol: UBS-D.BZ
Description: UBS Group Ag
Symbol: UBS.BZ
Description: Union Bankshares Cp
Symbol: UBSH.BZ
Description: United Bkshs Inc
Symbol: UBSI.BZ
Description: Ultra 20+ Year Treasury Proshares
Symbol: UBT.BZ
Description: United Community Ban
Symbol: UCBA.BZ
Description: United Comm Banks
Symbol: UCBI.BZ
Description: Ultra Consumer Services Proshares
Symbol: UCC.BZ
Description: Ultra DJ-UBS Commodity Proshares
Symbol: UCD.BZ
Description: United Community Fnl
Symbol: UCFC.BZ
Description: CMCI TR ETN UBS E-Tracs
Symbol: UCI.BZ
Description: Ultra DJ-UBS Crude Oil Proshares
Symbol: UCO.BZ
Description: Ultra Clean Holdings
Symbol: UCTT.BZ
Description: DB US Dollar Indx Bear Fund PS
Symbol: UDN.BZ
Description: Ultrapro Dow 30 Proshares
Symbol: UDOW.BZ
Description: United Dominion Realty Trust
Symbol: UDR.BZ
Description: Uranium Energy
Symbol: UEC.BZ
Description: Universal Elect In
Symbol: UEIC.BZ
Description: Net 1 Ueps Techs Inc
Symbol: UEPS.BZ
Description: United Fire Group I
Symbol: UFCS.BZ
Description: Unifi Inc
Symbol: UFI.BZ
Description: Universal Forest Prd
Symbol: UFPI.BZ
Description: U F P Tech Inc
Symbol: UFPT.BZ
Description: Domtar Corp
Symbol: UFS.BZ
Description: United Guardian Inc
Symbol: UG.BZ
Description: US Gasoline
Symbol: UGA.BZ
Description: Natural Gas 3X Long ETN Velocityshares
Symbol: UGAZ.BZ
Description: Ultra Consumer Goods Proshares
Symbol: UGE.BZ
Description: Ugi Corp
Symbol: UGI.BZ
Description: Ultra Gold Proshares
Symbol: UGL.BZ
Description: VS 3X Gold
Symbol: UGLD.BZ
Description: Ultrapar Participacoes S.A.
Symbol: UGP.BZ
Description: A M E R C O
Symbol: UHAL.BZ
Description: US Heating Oil
Symbol: UHN.BZ
Description: Universal Health Services
Symbol: UHS.BZ
Description: Universal Health Realty Income Trust
Symbol: UHT.BZ
Description: Unisys Corp
Symbol: UIS.BZ
Description: Ultra High Yield Proshares
Symbol: UJB.BZ
Description: Unilever Plc
Symbol: UL.BZ
Description: Ultralife Corp
Symbol: ULBI.BZ
Description: Ultra Euro Proshares
Symbol: ULE.BZ
Description: Ulta Salon Cosmetic
Symbol: ULTA.BZ
Description: Ultimate Software
Symbol: ULTI.BZ
Description: Ultrapetrol [Bahamas
Symbol: ULTR.BZ
Description: Ump Financial Corp
Symbol: UMBF.BZ
Description: United Microelectronics Corp
Symbol: UMC.BZ
Description: Ultrapro Midcap 400 Proshares
Symbol: UMDD.BZ
Description: Umh Properties Inc 8.25% Seri
Symbol: UMH-A.BZ
Description: Umh Properties
Symbol: UMH.BZ
Description: Umpqua Holdings Corp
Symbol: UMPQ.BZ
Description: Ultra MSCI Mexico Proshares
Symbol: UMX.BZ
Description: Unilever Nv
Symbol: UN.BZ
Description: Unico American Cp
Symbol: UNAM.BZ
Description: Union Bankshares Inc
Symbol: UNB.BZ
Description: Unifirst Corp
Symbol: UNF.BZ
Description: United Nat Foods I
Symbol: UNFI.BZ
Description: US Natural Gas Fund
Symbol: UNG.BZ
Description: Unitedhealth Group Inc
Symbol: UNH.BZ
Description: Unilife Corporation
Symbol: UNIS.BZ
Description: US 12 Month Natural Gas
Symbol: UNL.BZ
Description: Unumprovident Corp
Symbol: UNM.BZ
Description: Union Pacific Corp
Symbol: UNP.BZ
Description: Unit Corp
Symbol: UNT.BZ
Description: United Online Inc
Symbol: UNTD.BZ
Description: Unity Bancorp Inc
Symbol: UNTY.BZ
Description: Uni-Pixel Inc
Symbol: UNXL.BZ
Description: Ultra Petroleum Corp
Symbol: UPL.BZ
Description: Ultrapro S&P 500 Proshares
Symbol: UPRO.BZ
Description: United Parcel Service
Symbol: UPS.BZ
Description: Ultra FTSE Europe Proshares
Symbol: UPV.BZ
Description: Ultra Utilities Proshares
Symbol: UPW.BZ
Description: Uqm Technologies Inc
Symbol: UQM.BZ
Description: G-X Uranium ETF
Symbol: URA.BZ
Description: Urban Outfitters Inc
Symbol: URBN.BZ
Description: Ultra Real Estate Proshares
Symbol: URE.BZ
Description: Ur Energy Inc
Symbol: URG.BZ
Description: United Rentals
Symbol: URI.BZ
Description: Euro 2X ETN Vaneck
Symbol: URR.BZ
Description: Uranium Resources
Symbol: URRE.BZ
Description: World Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: URTH.BZ
Description: Ultrapro Russell 2000 Proshares
Symbol: URTY.BZ
Description: Liberty All-Star Equity Fund
Symbol: USA.BZ
Description: US Agriculture Index
Symbol: USAG.BZ
Description: U S A Truck Inc
Symbol: USAK.BZ
Description: Universal Stainles
Symbol: USAP.BZ
Description: USA Technologies Inc
Symbol: USAT.BZ
Description: USA Technologies Pfd
Symbol: USATP.BZ
Description: U.S. Bancorp Depositary Shares
Symbol: USB-A.BZ
Description: U.S. Bancorp Dep Sh
Symbol: USB-H.BZ
Description: U.S. Bancorp
Symbol: USB-M.BZ
Description: U.S. Bancorp
Symbol: USB-N.BZ
Description: U.S. Bancorp
Symbol: USB.BZ
Description: United Sec Bancshs
Symbol: USBI.BZ
Description: US Commodity Index
Symbol: USCI.BZ
Description: U S Concrete Inc
Symbol: USCR.BZ
Description: Ultra Semiconductors Proshares
Symbol: USD.BZ
Description: U S Energy Corp
Symbol: USEG.BZ
Description: USG Corp
Symbol: USG.BZ
Description: US 12 Month Oil
Symbol: USL.BZ
Description: U S Lime & Mineral
Symbol: USLM.BZ
Description: VS 3X Silver
Symbol: USLV.BZ
Description: United States Cellular Corp
Symbol: USM.BZ
Description: USA Min Vol Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: USMV.BZ
Description: Usana Health Sciences Inc
Symbol: USNA.BZ
Description: US Oil Fund
Symbol: USO.BZ
Description: U.S. Physical Therapy
Symbol: USPH.BZ
Description: Ultra 7-10 Year Treasury Proshares
Symbol: UST.BZ
Description: CMCI Silver TR ETN UBS E-Tracs
Symbol: USV.BZ
Description: Ultratech Inc
Symbol: UTEK.BZ
Description: Cohen & Steers Infrastructure Fund
Symbol: UTF.BZ
Description: Reaves Utility
Symbol: UTG.BZ
Description: United Therapeutic
Symbol: UTHR.BZ
Description: Universal Technical Institute Inc
Symbol: UTI.BZ
Description: Uti Worldwide Inc
Symbol: UTIW.BZ
Description: Unitil Corp
Symbol: UTL.BZ
Description: Utah Medical Prod
Symbol: UTMD.BZ
Description: Utstarcom Holdings C
Symbol: UTSI.BZ
Description: United Technologies Corp
Symbol: UTX.BZ
Description: DB US Dollar Indx Bull Fund PS
Symbol: UUP.BZ
Description: Universal Security Instruments
Symbol: UUU.BZ
Description: Universal Insurance Holdings Inc
Symbol: UVE.BZ
Description: Univest Corp of Penn
Symbol: UVSP.BZ
Description: Universal Corp
Symbol: UVV.BZ
Description: Ultra VIX Short-Term Fut Proshares
Symbol: UVXY.BZ
Description: Ultra Russell 2000 Proshares
Symbol: UWM.BZ
Description: Nevada Gold & Casinos
Symbol: UWN.BZ
Description: 3X Long Crude ETN Velocityshares
Symbol: UWTI.BZ
Description: Ultra Industrials Proshares
Symbol: UXI.BZ
Description: Ultra MSCI Pacific Ex-Japan Proshares
Symbol: UXJ.BZ
Description: Ultra Financials Proshares
Symbol: UYG.BZ
Description: Ultra Basic Materials Proshares
Symbol: UYM.BZ
Description: United States Cellular Corp
Symbol: UZA.BZ
Description: Visa Inc
Symbol: V.BZ
Description: Marriot Vacations Worldwide Cor
Symbol: VAC.BZ
Description: Valspar Corp
Symbol: VAL.BZ
Description: Vale S.A.
Symbol: VAL.P.BZ
Description: Vale S.A.
Symbol: VALE.BZ
Description: Value Line Inc
Symbol: VALU.BZ
Description: Varian Medical Systems
Symbol: VAR.BZ
Description: Vascular Solutions
Symbol: VASC.BZ
Description: Materials ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VAW.BZ
Description: Smallcap ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VB.BZ
Description: Invesco Van Kampen Bond Fund
Symbol: VBF.BZ
Description: Village Bank & Trust
Symbol: VBFC.BZ
Description: Smallcap Growth ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VBK.BZ
Description: Smallcap Value ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VBR.BZ
Description: Visteon Corp
Symbol: VC.BZ
Description: Delaware Colorado Muni Income Fund Inc
Symbol: VCF.BZ
Description: Interm Corp Bond Vanguard
Symbol: VCIT.BZ
Description: Long-Term Corp Bond Vanguard
Symbol: VCLT.BZ
Description: Vina Concha Y Toro
Symbol: VCO.BZ
Description: Consumer Disc ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VCR.BZ
Description: Vocera Communications Inc
Symbol: VCRA.BZ
Description: Sht-Term Corp Bond Vanguard
Symbol: VCSH.BZ
Description: Invesco California Value Muni Income Trust
Symbol: VCV.BZ
Description: Consumer Staples ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VDC.BZ
Description: Energy ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VDE.BZ
Description: Vasco Data Security
Symbol: VDSI.BZ
Description: FTSE Developed Markets Vanguard
Symbol: VEA.BZ
Description: Veeco Instrument
Symbol: VECO.BZ
Description: Global Agriculture Prod Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: VEGI.BZ
Description: FTSE All-World Ex-US ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VEU.BZ
Description: V.F. Corp
Symbol: VFC.BZ
Description: Financial ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VFH.BZ
Description: Delaware Florida Insured Muni
Symbol: VFL.BZ
Description: Vonage Holdings
Symbol: VG.BZ
Description: Virtus Global Multi-Sector Inc
Symbol: VGI.BZ
Description: Interm Govt Bond Vanguard
Symbol: VGIT.BZ
Description: Europe ETF FTSE Vanguard
Symbol: VGK.BZ
Description: Long-Term Govt Bond Vanguard
Symbol: VGLT.BZ
Description: Invesco Trust For Investment Grade Municipals
Symbol: VGM.BZ
Description: Vector Group Ltd
Symbol: VGR.BZ
Description: Sht-Term Govt Bond Vanguard
Symbol: VGSH.BZ
Description: Information Technology ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VGT.BZ
Description: Vista Gold Corp
Symbol: VGZ.BZ
Description: Virnetx Holding Corp
Symbol: VHC.BZ
Description: Valhi Inc
Symbol: VHI.BZ
Description: Healthcare ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VHT.BZ
Description: Viacom Inc Cl A
Symbol: VIA.BZ
Description: Viacom Inc Cl B
Symbol: VIAB.BZ
Description: Vical Incorporated
Symbol: VICL.BZ
Description: Vicor Cp
Symbol: VICR.BZ
Description: Dividend Appreciation ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VIG.BZ
Description: Vicon Industries Inc
Symbol: VII.BZ
Description: VS VIX Short Term
Symbol: VIIX.BZ
Description: VS VIX Mid Term
Symbol: VIIZ.BZ
Description: S&P Smallcap 600 Growth Vanguard
Symbol: VIOG.BZ
Description: S&P Smallcap 600 Index Vanguard
Symbol: VIOO.BZ
Description: S&P Smallcap 600 Value Vanguard
Symbol: VIOV.BZ
Description: Vimpelcom Ltd Ads
Symbol: VIP.BZ
Description: Vipshop Holdings Ltd
Symbol: VIPS.BZ
Description: Virco MFG Cp
Symbol: VIRC.BZ
Description: Industrials ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VIS.BZ
Description: Visionchina Media I
Symbol: VISN.BZ
Description: Telecomunicacoes De Sao Paulo ADR
Symbol: VIV.BZ
Description: Meridian Bioscience
Symbol: VIVO.BZ
Description: VIX Mid-Term Futures Proshares
Symbol: VIXM.BZ
Description: VIX Short-Term Futures Proshares
Symbol: VIXY.BZ
Description: Invesco Advantage Muni Income Trust II
Symbol: VKI.BZ
Description: Invesco Muni Trust
Symbol: VKQ.BZ
Description: Village Super Mkt
Symbol: VLGEA.BZ
Description: Valero Energy Corp
Symbol: VLO.BZ
Description: Invesco High
Symbol: VLT.BZ
Description: Valley National Bancorp
Symbol: VLY.BZ
Description: Valley National Bancorp
Symbol: VLY.W.BZ
Description: Mortgage-Backed Securities Vanguard
Symbol: VMBS.BZ
Description: Vulcan Materials Company
Symbol: VMC.BZ
Description: Valmont Industries
Symbol: VMI.BZ
Description: Delaware Minnesota Muni II
Symbol: VMM.BZ
Description: Invesco Muni Opportunity Trust
Symbol: VMO.BZ
Description: Vmware Inc
Symbol: VMW.BZ
Description: Vanda Pharmaceutical
Symbol: VNDA.BZ
Description: 21Vianet Group Inc
Symbol: VNET.BZ
Description: Vietnam Vaneck ETF
Symbol: VNM.BZ
Description: Vornado Rlty Pfd G
Symbol: VNO-G.BZ
Description: Vornado Rlty Pfd I
Symbol: VNO-I.BZ
Description: Vornado Realty Trust Pfd Cumula
Symbol: VNO-J.BZ
Description: Vornado Realty Trust
Symbol: VNO.BZ
Description: Vanguard Real Estate ETF
Symbol: VNQ.BZ
Description: Global Ex-US Real Estate Vanguard
Symbol: VNQI.BZ
Description: Vanguard Natural Res
Symbol: VNR.BZ
Description: Vantiv Inc
Symbol: VNTV.BZ
Description: Midcap ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VO.BZ
Description: Voc Energy Trust
Symbol: VOC.BZ
Description: Vodafone Grp Plc Ads
Symbol: VOD.BZ
Description: Midcap Value ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VOE.BZ
Description: Russell 1000 Vanguard
Symbol: VONE.BZ
Description: Russell 1000 Growth Vanguard
Symbol: VONG.BZ
Description: Russell 1000 Value Vanguard
Symbol: VONV.BZ
Description: S&P 500 ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VOO.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Growth ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VOOG.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Value ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VOOV.BZ
Description: Midcap Growth ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VOT.BZ
Description: Telecom Services ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VOX.BZ
Description: Voxx Intl Corp
Symbol: VOXX.BZ
Description: Vishay Precision Group
Symbol: VPG.BZ
Description: Pacific ETF FTSE Vanguard
Symbol: VPL.BZ
Description: Utilities ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VPU.BZ
Description: Invesco Pennsylvania Muni
Symbol: VPV.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Dynamic Veqtor ETN Barclays
Symbol: VQT.BZ
Description: Validus Holdings
Symbol: VR.BZ
Description: Vera Bradley
Symbol: VRA.BZ
Description: Vermillion Inc
Symbol: VRML.BZ
Description: Vringo Inc. Cmn
Symbol: VRNG.BZ
Description: Verint Systems Inc
Symbol: VRNT.BZ
Description: Verso Corp
Symbol: VRS.BZ
Description: Verisk Analytics Inc
Symbol: VRSK.BZ
Description: Verisign Inc
Symbol: VRSN.BZ
Description: Vestin Realty Mtge
Symbol: VRTB.BZ
Description: Virtus Inv Prts
Symbol: VRTS.BZ
Description: Virtusa Corp
Symbol: VRTU.BZ
Description: Vertex Pharmaceutic
Symbol: VRTX.BZ
Description: Valeant Pharmaceuticals Intl
Symbol: VRX.BZ
Description: Viasat Inc
Symbol: VSAT.BZ
Description: Virtualscopics Inc
Symbol: VSCP.BZ
Description: V S E Cp
Symbol: VSEC.BZ
Description: Vishay Intertechnology
Symbol: VSH.BZ
Description: Vitamin Shoppe Inc
Symbol: VSI.BZ
Description: S&P 500 RC Vlty Res Direxion
Symbol: VSPY.BZ
Description: Versar Inc
Symbol: VSR.BZ
Description: FTSE All-World Ex-US Smcp Idx ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VSS.BZ
Description: Verastem Inc
Symbol: VSTM.BZ
Description: Total World Stock Index ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VT.BZ
Description: Invesco Dynamic Credit Fund
Symbol: VTA.BZ
Description: Russell 3000 Vanguard
Symbol: VTHR.BZ
Description: Total Stock Market ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VTI.BZ
Description: Invesco Trust New York Muni
Symbol: VTN.BZ
Description: Ventas Inc
Symbol: VTR.BZ
Description: Value ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VTV.BZ
Description: Russell 2000 Growth Vanguard
Symbol: VTWG.BZ
Description: Russell 2000 Vanguard
Symbol: VTWO.BZ
Description: Russell 2000 Value Vanguard
Symbol: VTWV.BZ
Description: Growth ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VUG.BZ
Description: Largecap ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VV.BZ
Description: Vectren Corp
Symbol: VVC.BZ
Description: Viad Corp
Symbol: VVI.BZ
Description: Invesco Senior Income Trust
Symbol: VVR.BZ
Description: Vivus Inc
Symbol: VVUS.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts ETF MSCI Vanguard
Symbol: VWO.BZ
Description: Extended Market Index ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VXF.BZ
Description: Total Intl Stock ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VXUS.BZ
Description: Ipath S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN
Symbol: VXX.BZ
Description: Ipath S&P 500 VIX Mid-Term Futures ETN
Symbol: VXZ.BZ
Description: High Dividend Yld Indx ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VYM.BZ
Description: Verizon Communications Inc
Symbol: VZ.BZ
Description: Wabtec Corp
Symbol: WAB.BZ
Description: Westamerica Bancorp
Symbol: WABC.BZ
Description: Walter Investment Management Corp
Symbol: WAC.BZ
Description: Washington Federal
Symbol: WAFD.BZ
Description: Wash Federal Warrant
Symbol: WAFDW.BZ
Description: Wesco Aircraft Holdings Inc
Symbol: WAIR.BZ
Description: Western Alliance Bancorporation
Symbol: WAL.BZ
Description: Washington TR Bncorp
Symbol: WASH.BZ
Description: Waters Corp
Symbol: WAT.BZ
Description: Wave Systems
Symbol: WAVX.BZ
Description: Wayne Savings Bcsh
Symbol: WAYN.BZ
Description: Wabco Holdings Inc
Symbol: WBC.BZ
Description: Westpac Banking Corp
Symbol: WBK.BZ
Description: Wolverine Bancorp
Symbol: WBKC.BZ
Description: Webmd Health Corp
Symbol: WBMD.BZ
Description: Webster Financial Corp
Symbol: WBS.BZ
Description: Webster Financial Corp
Symbol: WBS.W.BZ
Description: Wesco International
Symbol: WCC.BZ
Description: Wellcare Group
Symbol: WCG.BZ
Description: Waste Connections Inc
Symbol: WCN.BZ
Description: Walker & Dunlop
Symbol: WD.BZ
Description: Western Digital Cp
Symbol: WDC.BZ
Description: W D 40 Co
Symbol: WDFC.BZ
Description: Waddell & Reed Financial
Symbol: WDR.BZ
Description: Managed Futures Wisdomtree
Symbol: WDTI.BZ
Description: Western Asset Bond Fund
Symbol: WEA.BZ
Description: Teucrium Wheat
Symbol: WEAT.BZ
Description: Wellesley Bncp Inc
Symbol: WEBK.BZ
Description: Wisconsin Energy Corp
Symbol: WEC.BZ
Description: Grains Pure Beta ETN Ipath
Symbol: WEET.BZ
Description: Wendys Company
Symbol: WEN.BZ
Description: Werner Enterprise
Symbol: WERN.BZ
Description: Western Gas Partners LP
Symbol: WES.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Invstmnts
Symbol: WETF.BZ
Description: Wex Inc
Symbol: WEX.BZ
Description: Weyco Gp Inc
Symbol: WEYS.BZ
Description: Woori Finance Holdings Co Ltd
Symbol: WF.BZ
Description: Wells Fargo Pfd J
Symbol: WFC-J.BZ
Description: Wells Fargo Pfd L
Symbol: WFC-L.BZ
Description: Wells Fargo & Company
Symbol: WFC.BZ
Description: Wells Fargo and Co
Symbol: WFC.W.BZ
Description: Westfield Financial
Symbol: WFD.BZ
Description: Whole Foods Market
Symbol: WFM.BZ
Description: Weatherford International Ltd
Symbol: WFT.BZ
Description: Willbros Group
Symbol: WG.BZ
Description: Wells-Gardner Electronics Corp
Symbol: WGA.BZ
Description: WGL Holdings Inc
Symbol: WGL.BZ
Description: Winnebago Industries
Symbol: WGO.BZ
Description: Westwood Holdings Group Inc
Symbol: WHG.BZ
Description: Whirlpool Corp
Symbol: WHR.BZ
Description: Whiting USA Trust II
Symbol: WHZ.BZ
Description: U.S. Treasury Inflation Prot Secs Fd
Symbol: WIA.BZ
Description: Wilshire Bancorp Inc
Symbol: WIBC.BZ
Description: Boingo Wireless Inc
Symbol: WIFI.BZ
Description: G Willi-Food Intl
Symbol: WILC.BZ
Description: Wi-Lan Inc Cmn Stk
Symbol: WILN.BZ
Description: Windstream Hldgs Inc
Symbol: WIN.BZ
Description: Winmark Corp
Symbol: WINA.BZ
Description: DB Intl Govt Infl-Protected Bond SPDR
Symbol: WIP.BZ
Description: Encore Wire Cp
Symbol: WIRE.BZ
Description: Wipro Ltd
Symbol: WIT.BZ
Description: Physical White Metals Basket
Symbol: WITE.BZ
Description: U.S Treasury Inflation Prot Secs Fd 2
Symbol: WIW.BZ
Description: Westmoreland Coal
Symbol: WLB.BZ
Description: Willdan Group Inc
Symbol: WLDN.BZ
Description: Willis Lease Fin C
Symbol: WLFC.BZ
Description: Westlake Chemical Corp
Symbol: WLK.BZ
Description: Whiting Petroleum Corp
Symbol: WLL.BZ
Description: Waste Management
Symbol: WM.BZ
Description: West Marine Inc
Symbol: WMAR.BZ
Description: Williams Companies
Symbol: WMB.BZ
Description: Micro-Cap Portfolio Wilshire PS
Symbol: WMCR.BZ
Description: Wright Med Grp Nv
Symbol: WMGI.BZ
Description: Weis Markets
Symbol: WMK.BZ
Description: Advanced Drainage Systems Inc
Symbol: WMS.BZ
Description: Wal-Mart Stores
Symbol: WMT.BZ
Description: Mstar Wide Moat Focus ETN Elements
Symbol: WMW.BZ
Description: Wabash National Corp
Symbol: WNC.BZ
Description: Western Refining
Symbol: WNR.BZ
Description: Wns Ltd
Symbol: WNS.BZ
Description: Global Timber & Forestry Ishares ETF
Symbol: WOOD.BZ
Description: Vca Inc
Symbol: WOOF.BZ
Description: Worthington Industries
Symbol: WOR.BZ
Description: W.P. Carey & Co. Llc
Symbol: WPC.BZ
Description: Wpcs Intl Inc
Symbol: WPCS.BZ
Description: Wpp Plc ADR
Symbol: WPP.BZ
Description: Wpp Plc ADR
Symbol: WPPGY.BZ
Description: Westport Fuel Systems Inc
Symbol: WPRT.BZ
Description: Intl Devd Property Ishares ETF
Symbol: WPS.BZ
Description: Wpx Energy Inc
Symbol: WPX.BZ
Description: Williams Partners LP
Symbol: WPZ.BZ
Description: Westar Energy
Symbol: WR.BZ
Description: W.R. Berkley Corp
Symbol: WRB.BZ
Description: Washington Real Estate Investment
Symbol: WRE.BZ
Description: US REIT ETF Wilshire
Symbol: WREI.BZ
Description: Warren Resources In
Symbol: WRES.BZ
Description: Weingarten Realty Investors
Symbol: WRI.BZ
Description: World Acceptance Cp
Symbol: WRLD.BZ
Description: Western Copper Corp
Symbol: WRN.BZ
Description: Wesbanco Inc
Symbol: WSBC.BZ
Description: Waterstone Financial
Symbol: WSBF.BZ
Description: Wsi Industries Inc
Symbol: WSCI.BZ
Description: WSFS Financial Corp
Symbol: WSFS.BZ
Description: Willis Group Holdings
Symbol: WSH.BZ
Description: Williams-Sonoma
Symbol: WSM.BZ
Description: Watsco Inc Cl B
Symbol: WSO.B.BZ
Description: Watsco Inc
Symbol: WSO.BZ
Description: Whitestone REIT
Symbol: WSR.BZ
Description: West Pharmaceutical Services
Symbol: WST.BZ
Description: Wayside Technology
Symbol: WSTG.BZ
Description: Westell Technologies
Symbol: WSTL.BZ
Description: West Bancorporation
Symbol: WTBA.BZ
Description: Wintrust Finl Corp
Symbol: WTFC.BZ
Description: Wintrust Financial Corporation Warrants
Symbol: WTFCW.BZ
Description: W&T Offshore
Symbol: WTI.BZ
Description: White Mountains Insurance Group
Symbol: WTM.BZ
Description: Aqua America
Symbol: WTR.BZ
Description: Watts Water Technologies
Symbol: WTS.BZ
Description: Wireless Telecom Group Inc
Symbol: WTT.BZ
Description: Weight Watchers International Inc
Symbol: WTW.BZ
Description: Western Union Company
Symbol: WU.BZ
Description: Wvs Financial Corp
Symbol: WVFC.BZ
Description: Willamette Valley
Symbol: WVVI.BZ
Description: Woodward Inc
Symbol: WWD.BZ
Description: World Wrestling Entertainment
Symbol: WWE.BZ
Description: Wolverine World Wide
Symbol: WWW.BZ
Description: Weyerhaeuser Company
Symbol: WY.BZ
Description: Wyndham Worldwide Corp
Symbol: WYN.BZ
Description: Wynn Resorts Ltd
Symbol: WYNN.BZ
Description: Widepoint Corp
Symbol: WYY.BZ
Description: United States Steel Corp
Symbol: X.BZ
Description: S&P Aerospace & Defense SPDR
Symbol: XAR.BZ
Description: S&P Biotech SPDR
Symbol: XBI.BZ
Description: Xenith Bankshares Inc New
Symbol: XBKS.BZ
Description: Exco Resources NL
Symbol: XCO.BZ
Description: Cimarex Energy Co
Symbol: XEC.BZ
Description: XCEL Energy Inc
Symbol: XEL.BZ
Description: S&P Oil & Gas Eqpt & Services SPDR
Symbol: XES.BZ
Description: S&P Homebuilders SPDR
Symbol: XHB.BZ
Description: S&P Healthcare Equipment SPDR
Symbol: XHE.BZ
Description: S&P Healthcare Services SPDR
Symbol: XHS.BZ
Description: Xinyuan Real Estate Co Ltd
Symbol: XIN.BZ
Description: VS -1X VIX Short Term
Symbol: XIV.BZ
Description: Lehman Abs Corp
Symbol: XKE.BZ
Description: XL Company Switzerland Gmbh
Symbol: XL.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Materials Sector SPDR
Symbol: XLB.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Energy Sector SPDR
Symbol: XLE.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Financials Sector SPDR
Symbol: XLF.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Top 50 Portfolio PS
Symbol: XLG.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Industrial Sector SPDR
Symbol: XLI.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Info Tech Sector SPDR
Symbol: XLK.BZ
Description: Xilinx Inc
Symbol: XLNX.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Cons Staples Sector SPDR
Symbol: XLP.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Utilities Sector SPDR
Symbol: XLU.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Healthcare Sector SPDR
Symbol: XLV.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Cons Disc Sector SPDR
Symbol: XLY.BZ
Description: S&P Metals & Mining SPDR
Symbol: XME.BZ
Description: CEF Municipal Income ETF Vaneck
Symbol: XMPT.BZ
Description: Xenoport
Symbol: XNPT.BZ
Description: China Xiniya Fashion
Symbol: XNY.BZ
Description: Exxon Mobil Corp
Symbol: XOM.BZ
Description: Xoma Corp
Symbol: XOMA.BZ
Description: S&P Oil & Gas Expl & Prod SPDR
Symbol: XOP.BZ
Description: Xoxo Group Inc
Symbol: XOXO.BZ
Description: S&P Pharmaceuticals SPDR
Symbol: XPH.BZ
Description: Solitario Zinc Corp
Symbol: XPL.BZ
Description: Xpo Logistics Inc
Symbol: XPO.BZ
Description: Ultra FTSE China 25 Proshares
Symbol: XPP.BZ
Description: Exeter Resource Corp
Symbol: XRA.BZ
Description: Dentsply Sirona Inc
Symbol: XRAY.BZ
Description: Xerium Technologies
Symbol: XRM.BZ
Description: Tal Education Group
Symbol: XRS.BZ
Description: S&P Retail SPDR
Symbol: XRT.BZ
Description: Xerox Corp
Symbol: XRX.BZ
Description: S&P Semiconductor SPDR
Symbol: XSD.BZ
Description: S&P Software & Srvs ETF SPDR
Symbol: XSW.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Telecom Sector SPDR
Symbol: XTL.BZ
Description: S&P Transportation SPDR
Symbol: XTN.BZ
Description: Xueda Education Group
Symbol: XUE.BZ
Description: Daily Long-Short VIX ETN UBS E-Tracs
Symbol: XVIX.BZ
Description: Ipath S&P 500 Dynamic VIX ETN
Symbol: XVZ.BZ
Description: IXIA
Symbol: XXIA.BZ
Description: Ipath Inverse S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN
Symbol: XXV.BZ
Description: Xylem Inc
Symbol: XYL.BZ
Description: Alleghany Corp
Symbol: Y.BZ
Description: Direxion FTSE China Bear 3X
Symbol: YANG.BZ
Description: China All-Cap Portfolio PS
Symbol: YAO.BZ
Description: Ultra Yen Proshares
Symbol: YCL.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Yen Proshares
Symbol: YCS.BZ
Description: Yelp Inc
Symbol: YELP.BZ
Description: Yingli Green Energy Holding Company
Symbol: YGE.BZ
Symbol: YHOO.BZ
Description: Direxion FTSE China Bull 3X
Symbol: YINN.BZ
Description: High Income MLP ETF Yorkville
Symbol: YMLP.BZ
Description: Yandex N.V.
Symbol: YNDX.BZ
Description: Youku.Com Inc
Symbol: YOKU.BZ
Description: York Water Co
Symbol: YORW.BZ
Description: Ypf Sociedad Anonima
Symbol: YPF.BZ
Description: YRC Worldwide
Symbol: YRCW.BZ
Description: Yum! Brands
Symbol: YUM.BZ
Description: China 25 Short Proshares
Symbol: YXI.BZ
Description: Yanzhou Coal Mining Company
Symbol: YZC.BZ
Description: Zillow Group Cl C
Symbol: Z.BZ
Description: Zagg Inc
Symbol: ZAGG.BZ
Description: Zions Bc Dp Shs A
Symbol: ZB-A.BZ
Description: Zebra Technologies
Symbol: ZBRA.BZ
Description: Bats Bzx Exchange Test Issue
Symbol: ZBZX.BZ
Description: Olympic Steel Inc
Symbol: ZEUS.BZ
Description: Zweig Fund
Symbol: ZF.BZ
Description: Zogenix Inc
Symbol: ZGNX.BZ
Description: Zhone Technologies I
Symbol: ZHNE.BZ
Description: Horsehead Holding
Symbol: ZINC.BZ
Description: Zions Bancorporation
Symbol: ZION.BZ
Description: Zions Bncrp Wts
Symbol: ZIONW.BZ
Description: Ziopharm Oncology In
Symbol: ZIOP.BZ
Description: VS -1X VIX Mid Term
Symbol: ZIV.BZ
Description: Zix Corp
Symbol: ZIXI.BZ
Description: Zeltiq Aesthetics
Symbol: ZLTQ.BZ
Description: Zion Oil & Gas Inc
Symbol: ZN.BZ
Description: Zynga Inc Cl A
Symbol: ZNGA.BZ
Description: China Southern Airlines Company
Symbol: ZNH.BZ
Description: 25+ Year Zero Cpn U.S. Trsy Idx ETF Pimco
Symbol: ZROZ.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Silver Proshares
Symbol: ZSL.BZ
Description: Zweig Total Return Fund
Symbol: ZTR.BZ
Description: Zumiez Inc
Symbol: ZUMZ.BZ
Description: China Zenix Auto International
Symbol: ZX.BZ
Description: Acco Brands Corp
Symbol: ACCO.BZ
Description: Hudson Global
Symbol: HSON.BZ
Description: Hercules Technology Growth Capi
Symbol: HTGZ.BZ
Description: Global Advantage Inflation-Linked Bd Strat Fd Pi
Symbol: ILB.BZ
Description: Novacopper Inc Common Stock
Symbol: NCQ.BZ
Description: Neonode Inc
Symbol: NEON.BZ
Description: PNC Financial Services Group I
Symbol: PNC-P.BZ
Description: Phillips 66
Symbol: PSX.BZ
Description: Supernus Pharm
Symbol: SUPN.BZ
Description: The Carlyle Group
Symbol: CG.BZ
Description: Everquote Inc. Class A
Symbol: EVER.BZ
Description: Pacific Coast Oil Trust
Symbol: ROYT.BZ
Description: BB&T Corp
Symbol: BBT-D.BZ
Description: Tilly's Inc
Symbol: TLYS.BZ
Description: Fiesta Restaurant Gp
Symbol: FRGI.BZ
Description: Arrow DJ Global Yield ETF
Symbol: GYLD.BZ
Description: Tahoe Res Inc
Symbol: TAHO.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts High Yield Bd ETF Vaneck
Symbol: HYEM.BZ
Description: Unwired Planet Inc.
Symbol: UPIP.BZ
Description: Andina Acq Cp WT
Symbol: ANDAW.BZ
Description: Wageworks Inc
Symbol: WAGE.BZ
Description: Western Asset Mortgage Capital
Symbol: WMC.BZ
Description: Zions Bancorporation
Symbol: ZB-F.BZ
Description: Ignite Restaurant Gp
Symbol: IRG.BZ
Description: Kinder Morgan Inc W/I
Symbol: KMI.W.BZ
Description: PS Business Parks Inc
Symbol: PSB-T.BZ
Description: Facebook Inc
Symbol: FB.BZ
Description: Roi Acquisition Corp. II
Symbol: ROIQ.BZ
Description: U S Antimony Corp
Symbol: UAMY.BZ
Description: LKQ Corp
Symbol: LKQ.BZ
Description: Sce Trust I
Symbol: SCE-F.BZ
Description: DJ 2X Select Dividend ETN
Symbol: DVYL.BZ
Description: Protective Life Corp
Symbol: PL-C.BZ
Description: Etracs Mt Pay 2X S&P Div ETN
Symbol: SDYL.BZ
Description: Cedar Realty Trust Inc
Symbol: CDR-B.BZ
Description: Advisorshares Global Echo ETF
Symbol: GIVE.BZ
Description: Resolute Forest Products Inc
Symbol: RFP.BZ
Description: USD Covered Bond Proshares
Symbol: COBO.BZ
Description: Pimco Dynamic Income Fund
Symbol: PDI.BZ
Description: Salient Midstream & MLP Fund
Symbol: SMM.BZ
Description: Biolase Inc
Symbol: BIOL.BZ
Description: Annaly Capital Management Inc
Symbol: NLY-C.BZ
Description: Everyware Glb Wts
Symbol: ROIQW.BZ
Description: Immunocellular Thera
Symbol: IMUC.BZ
Description: Trovagene Inc
Symbol: TROV.BZ
Description: Trovagene Inc. Unit
Symbol: TROVU.BZ
Description: You On Demand Cmn
Symbol: YOD.BZ
Description: Alphaclone Alternative Alpha ETF
Symbol: ALFA.BZ
Description: First Republic Bank
Symbol: FRC-B.BZ
Description: Ingredion Inc
Symbol: INGR.BZ
Description: G-X Guru Index ETF
Symbol: GURU.BZ
Description: The Meet Group
Symbol: MEET.BZ
Description: Healthcare Trust of America I
Symbol: HTA.BZ
Description: Blucora Inc
Symbol: BCOR.BZ
Description: Chembio Diagnostics
Symbol: CEMI.BZ
Description: Monmouth Real Estate Investmen
Symbol: MNR-B.BZ
Description: Armour Residential REIT Inc
Symbol: ARR-A.BZ
Description: Fisher Enhanced Big Cap Growth
Symbol: FBG.BZ
Description: Gold Standard Ventures Corp
Symbol: GSV.BZ
Description: Schwab Charles Corporation Depo
Symbol: SCH-B.BZ
Description: Gentherm Inc
Symbol: THRM.BZ
Description: American Financial Group Inc
Symbol: AFW.BZ
Description: Banco Santander S.A. 6.80% Non
Symbol: SAN-A.BZ
Description: Santander Finance Preferred S.A.
Symbol: SAN-B.BZ
Description: Banco Santander S.A. 6.50% Non
Symbol: SAN-C.BZ
Description: Banco Santander Central Hispano
Symbol: SAN-I.BZ
Description: Antares Pharma
Symbol: ATRS.BZ
Description: Resource Capital Corp
Symbol: RSO-A.BZ
Description: Trovagene In Warrant
Symbol: TROVW.BZ
Description: Erba Diagnostics Inc
Symbol: ERB.BZ
Description: Public Storage
Symbol: PSA-U.BZ
Description: Tronox Inc
Symbol: TROX.BZ
Description: SPDR Bofa Merrill Emerging Mark
Symbol: EMCD.BZ
Description: Nextera Energy Capital Holding
Symbol: NEE-H.BZ
Description: Ecological Strategy ETF
Symbol: HECO.BZ
Description: KMG Chemicals
Symbol: KMG.BZ
Description: North American Energy Infr Fund FT
Symbol: EMLP.BZ
Description: Chanticleer Hldgs
Symbol: HOTR.BZ
Description: Cencosud S.A.
Symbol: CNCO.BZ
Description: Qwest Corp
Symbol: CTU.BZ
Description: Clearbridge Energy MLP Fund In
Symbol: CTR.BZ
Description: Dlh Holdings Corp
Symbol: DLHC.BZ
Description: Equity Midstream Partners LP
Symbol: EQM.BZ
Description: Euro Short Proshares
Symbol: EUFX.BZ
Description: Mainstay Defined Muni Opp Fund
Symbol: MMD.BZ
Description: TCF Financial Corp
Symbol: TCB-B.BZ
Description: Exa Corp
Symbol: EXA.BZ
Description: Corp Office Properties Trust
Symbol: OFC-L.BZ
Description: Tesaro Inc
Symbol: TSRO.BZ
Description: Direxion Mid Cap Bull 3X
Symbol: MIDU.BZ
Description: Midcap Bear 3X Direxion
Symbol: MIDZ.BZ
Description: Servicenow Inc
Symbol: NOW.BZ
Description: Alps Sector Dividend Dogs ETF
Symbol: SDOG.BZ
Description: Direxion S&P 500 Bull 3X
Symbol: SPXL.BZ
Description: Direxion S&P 500 Bear 3X
Symbol: SPXS.BZ
Description: Technology Bull 3X Direxion
Symbol: TECL.BZ
Description: Technology Bear 3X Direxion
Symbol: TECS.BZ
Description: Matson Inc
Symbol: MATX.BZ
Description: Mei Pharma Inc
Symbol: MEIP.BZ
Description: Liberty Tax Cl A
Symbol: TAX.BZ
Description: Bgc Partners Inc
Symbol: BGCA.BZ
Description: Entergy Louisiana Llc
Symbol: ELJ.BZ
Description: FS Bancorp Inc
Symbol: FSBW.BZ
Description: Counterpath Corp
Symbol: CPAH.BZ
Description: Hometrust Bancshares
Symbol: HTBI.BZ
Description: Shire Plc Ads
Symbol: SHPG.BZ
Description: Ultrapro Financials Proshares
Symbol: FINU.BZ
Description: Ultrapro Short Financials Proshares
Symbol: FINZ.BZ
Description: Sarepta Therapeutics
Symbol: SRPT.BZ
Description: Pdc Energy Inc
Symbol: PDCE.BZ
Description: Chesapeake Lodging Trust 7.75%
Symbol: CHS-A.BZ
Description: Preferred Securities Vaneck ETF
Symbol: PFXF.BZ
Description: G-X Superincome Preferred ETF
Symbol: SPFF.BZ
Description: Etracs Alerian MLP Index ETN
Symbol: AMU.BZ
Description: Engility Holdings Inc
Symbol: EGL.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Australian Proshares
Symbol: CROC.BZ
Description: DWA Smallcap Mmtm Portfolio PS
Symbol: DWAS.BZ
Description: Five Below Inc
Symbol: FIVE.BZ
Description: Palo Alto Networks Inc
Symbol: PANW.BZ
Description: Terreno Realty Corporation Pref
Symbol: TRN-A.BZ
Description: Senior Housing Properties Trus
Symbol: SNHN.BZ
Description: Vornado Realty Trust
Symbol: VNO-K.BZ
Description: Chuy's Holdings Inc
Symbol: CHUY.BZ
Description: Del Frisco's Restrnt
Symbol: DFRG.BZ
Description: Globus Medical Inc
Symbol: GMED.BZ
Description: Howard Bancorp MD
Symbol: HBMD.BZ
Description: US Equity Rotation Strategy ETF
Symbol: HUSE.BZ
Description: Natural Grocers By Vitamin Cottage Inc
Symbol: NGVC.BZ
Description: Northern Tier Energy LP
Symbol: NTI.BZ
Description: Stemline Therapeutic
Symbol: STML.BZ
Description: Attunity Ltd
Symbol: ATTU.BZ
Description: Stanley Black & Decker Inc
Symbol: SWJ.BZ
Description: Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc
Symbol: IVR-A.BZ
Description: Nuveen Preferred and Income Term Fund
Symbol: JPI.BZ
Description: Kimco Realty Corporation Class
Symbol: KIM-J.BZ
Description: Cohen & Steers Ltd Duration Prfd Income Fund
Symbol: LDP.BZ
Description: Tortoise Energy Independence F
Symbol: NDP.BZ
Description: Pioneer Energy Services Corp
Symbol: PES.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: SPE-.BZ
Description: Greenhunter Energy Inc 10% Seri
Symbol: GRH-C.BZ
Description: BB&T Corp
Symbol: BBT-E.BZ
Description: Apollo Commercial Real Estate
Symbol: ARI-A.BZ
Description: DDR Corp Dep Shs Pfd J
Symbol: DDR-J.BZ
Description: Dynex Capital Inc
Symbol: DX-A.BZ
Description: The Gabelli Equity Trust Inc
Symbol: GAB-G.BZ
Description: Chanticleer Holdings Inc
Symbol: HOTRW.BZ
Description: Bloomin' Brands Inc
Symbol: BLMN.BZ
Description: Cys Investments Inc
Symbol: CYS-A.BZ
Description: Manchester United Ltd
Symbol: MANU.BZ
Description: Ag Mortgage Investment Trust
Symbol: MIT-A.BZ
Description: Performant Financial
Symbol: PFMT.BZ
Description: Investors Real Estate Trust 7.9
Symbol: IRE-B.BZ
Description: Advisorshares Qam Equity Hedge
Symbol: QEH.BZ
Description: Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd
Symbol: TRQ.BZ
Description: Georgetown Bancp Cmn
Symbol: GTWN.BZ
Description: Liberty Vntrs Srs A
Symbol: LVNTA.BZ
Description: Affiliated Managers Group Inc
Symbol: MGR.BZ
Description: The Corporate Executive Board Company
Symbol: CEB.BZ
Description: Hi-Crush Partners LP
Symbol: HCLP.BZ
Description: Multi-Asset Diversified Income Index Fund FT
Symbol: MDIV.BZ
Description: SL Green Realty Corp
Symbol: SLG-I.BZ
Description: Nasdaq Technology Dividend Index Fund FT
Symbol: TDIV.BZ
Description: Columbia Beyond Brics ETF
Symbol: BBRC.BZ
Description: Columbia EM Strategic Opports ETF
Symbol: EMDD.BZ
Description: Liberty Interactive Corporation Series B Liberty
Symbol: LVNTB.BZ
Description: Magnegas Corp
Symbol: MNGA.BZ
Description: Kilroy Realty Corp
Symbol: KRC-H.BZ
Description: Taubman Centers Inc Preferred
Symbol: TCO-J.BZ
Description: Wells Fargo & Company Dep Shs R
Symbol: WFC-N.BZ
Description: Mgc Diagnostics Corp
Symbol: MGCD.BZ
Description: Sandstorm Gold Ltd
Symbol: SAND.BZ
Description: Protective Life Corporation 6.0
Symbol: PL-E.BZ
Description: Tile Shop Hldgs
Symbol: TTS.BZ
Description: Capital One Financial Corp Pfd
Symbol: COF-P.BZ
Description: Sound Financial
Symbol: SFBC.BZ
Description: Reinsurance Group of America I
Symbol: RZA.BZ
Description: American Financial Group Inc
Symbol: AFA.BZ
Description: Hatteras Financial Corp Cum Red
Symbol: HTS-A.BZ
Description: Regency Centers Corporation Pfd
Symbol: REG-G.BZ
Description: Blackrock Municipal Target Term
Symbol: BTT.BZ
Description: M&T Bank Corporation Fixed Rate
Symbol: MTB-C.BZ
Description: State Street Corporation Dep Sh
Symbol: STT-C.BZ
Description: Atlas Fincl Hld Ord
Symbol: AFH.BZ
Description: Grupo Financiero Santander Mexico
Symbol: BSMX.BZ
Description: Frontier 100 Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: FM.BZ
Description: M&T Bank Corporation Fixed Rate
Symbol: MTB-.BZ
Description: Regulus Therapeutics
Symbol: RGLS.BZ
Description: Repros Therapeutics Inc. - Seri
Symbol: RPRXZ.BZ
Description: Summit Midstream Partners LP
Symbol: SMLP.BZ
Description: Suncoke Energy Partners LP
Symbol: SXCP.BZ
Description: CBOE S&P 500 VIX Tail Hedge Fund FT
Symbol: VIXH.BZ
Description: The Whitewave Foods Company
Symbol: WWAV.BZ
Description: Maiden Holdings Ltd 8.25%
Symbol: MH-A.BZ
Description: Emerald Oil Inc
Symbol: EOX.BZ
Description: Jpmorgan Chase & Co Depositary Shs Repstg 1/400T
Symbol: JPM-D.BZ
Description: Usmd Holdings Cmn
Symbol: USMD.BZ
Description: Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund
Symbol: NHF.BZ
Description: Alon USA Partners LP
Symbol: ALDW.BZ
Description: Amira Nature Foods Ltd
Symbol: ANFI.BZ
Description: Federated Natl Hldg
Symbol: FNHC.BZ
Description: Intercept Pharmaceut
Symbol: ICPT.BZ
Description: Lifevantage Cp
Symbol: LFVN.BZ
Description: Lifelock Inc
Symbol: LOCK.BZ
Description: Eqty Lifestyle Properties Inc
Symbol: ELS-C.BZ
Description: PS Business Parks Inc
Symbol: PSB-U.BZ
Description: Capital Bnk Fin Cl A
Symbol: CBF.BZ
Description: National Bank Holdings Corp
Symbol: NBHC.BZ
Description: Spirit Realty Capital Inc
Symbol: SRC.BZ
Description: Advisorshares Star Global Buy-Write ETF
Symbol: VEGA.BZ
Description: Annaly Capital Management Inc
Symbol: NLY-D.BZ
Description: Qualys Inc
Symbol: QLYS.BZ
Description: The Bank of New York Mellon Co
Symbol: BK-C.BZ
Description: Public Storage
Symbol: PSA-V.BZ
Description: Apollo Residential Mortgage Prfd
Symbol: AMT-A.BZ
Description: Berry Global Group
Symbol: BERY.BZ
Description: Bellatrix Exploration Ltd
Symbol: BXE.BZ
Description: Genesee & Wyoming
Symbol: GWRU.BZ
Description: Luxfer Holdings Plc
Symbol: LXFR.BZ
Description: Argo Grp Itl Snr NTS
Symbol: AGIIL.BZ
Description: Blackstone / Gso Strategic Cre
Symbol: BGB.BZ
Description: Hercules Technology Growth Cap
Symbol: HTGY.BZ
Description: The PNC Financial Services Gro
Symbol: PNC-Q.BZ
Description: The Cushing Renaissance Fund
Symbol: SZC.BZ
Description: Aflac Incorporated
Symbol: AFSD.BZ
Description: Torchmark Corp
Symbol: TMK-B.BZ
Description: Ag Mortgage Investment Trust I
Symbol: MIT-B.BZ
Description: Texas Cap 6.5 Sr NTS
Symbol: TCBIL.BZ
Description: Flexshares Dev Mkt Ex-US Factor Tilt Index Fund
Symbol: TLTD.BZ
Description: Flexshares EM Factor Tilt Index Fund
Symbol: TLTE.BZ
Description: WSFS Fnl 6.25 Sr Nt
Symbol: WSFSL.BZ
Description: ADT Inc
Symbol: ADT.BZ
Description: Geospace Technologie
Symbol: GEOS.BZ
Description: Hyster-Yale Materials Handling
Symbol: HY.BZ
Description: Ryman Hospitality Properties REIT
Symbol: RHP.BZ
Description: Ambarella Inc
Symbol: AMBA.BZ
Description: Fleetmatics Group Plc
Symbol: FLTX.BZ
Description: Mondelez Intl Cmn A
Symbol: MDLZ.BZ
Description: Realogy Holdings Corp
Symbol: RLGY.BZ
Description: Shutterstock Inc
Symbol: SSTK.BZ
Description: Workday Inc
Symbol: WDAY.BZ
Description: Dte Energy Co
Symbol: DTQ.BZ
Description: Dynegy Inc Warrants
Symbol: DYN.W.BZ
Description: The Gabelli Eqty Trust Inc
Symbol: GAB-H.BZ
Description: Javelin Mortgage Investment Co
Symbol: JMI.BZ
Description: Resource Capital Corp.8.25% Se
Symbol: RSO-B.BZ
Description: IQ Hedge Market Neutral Tracker ETF
Symbol: QMN.BZ
Description: Rlj Entertainment
Symbol: RLJE.BZ
Description: Ares Capital Corp
Symbol: ARU.BZ
Description: Cbl & Associates Properties I
Symbol: CBL-E.BZ
Description: Linn Co Llc
Symbol: LNCO.BZ
Description: Cu Bancorp
Symbol: CUNB.BZ
Description: Hamilton Bancorp
Symbol: HBK.BZ
Description: Net Element Inc
Symbol: NETE.BZ
Description: Barclays Schiller Cape ETN
Symbol: CAPE.BZ
Description: Flexshares Ready Access Variable Income
Symbol: RAVI.BZ
Description: Diamondback Energy
Symbol: FANG.BZ
Description: General Electric Capital Corpo
Symbol: GEB.BZ
Description: Sears Hometown
Symbol: SHOS.BZ
Description: Gladstone Land Corp
Symbol: LAND.BZ
Description: Monroe Capital Corpo
Symbol: MRCC.BZ
Description: Northstar Realty Finance Corp
Symbol: NRF-C.BZ
Description: Pennsylvania Real Estate Inves
Symbol: PEI-B.BZ
Description: Seadrill Partners Llc
Symbol: SDLP.BZ
Description: YY Inc
Symbol: YY.BZ
Description: Affiliated Managers Group Inc
Symbol: AFM.BZ
Description: Columbia EM Core ETF
Symbol: EMCR.BZ
Description: Entertainment Properties Trust
Symbol: EPR-F.BZ
Description: Sht-Term Infl Protected Vanguard
Symbol: VTIP.BZ
Description: 10+ Year USD Bond Ishares Core ETF
Symbol: ILTB.BZ
Description: S&P Total US Stock Market Ishares Core ETF
Symbol: ITOT.BZ
Description: Kcap Financial Inc
Symbol: KAP.BZ
Description: Etracs Mt Pay 2X Mortgage REIT ETN
Symbol: MORL.BZ
Description: Discover Financial Services
Symbol: DFS-B.BZ
Description: S&P 500 High Div Low Vlty Port PS
Symbol: SPHD.BZ
Description: Puma Biotechnology
Symbol: PBYI.BZ
Description: EAFE Ishares Core MSCI ETF
Symbol: IEFA.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Ishares Core MSCI ETF
Symbol: IEMG.BZ
Description: 1-5 Year USD Bond Ishares Core ETF
Symbol: ISTB.BZ
Description: Total Intl Stock Ishares Core MSCI ETF
Symbol: IXUS.BZ
Description: Lpath Inc Cmn A
Symbol: LPTN.BZ
Description: Mplx LP
Symbol: MPLX.BZ
Description: Ofs Capital Corporat
Symbol: OFS.BZ
Description: Silver Bay Realty Trust Corp
Symbol: SBY.BZ
Description: Southcross Energy Partners L
Symbol: SXE.BZ
Description: Triangle Capital Corp
Symbol: TCCA.BZ
Description: Genie Energy Ltd Series
Symbol: GNE-A.BZ
Description: Homeowners Choice
Symbol: HCI.BZ
Description: S&P 1500 Momentum Tilt ETF SPDR
Symbol: MMTM.BZ
Description: Privatebancorp Inc
Symbol: UBP-F.BZ
Description: S&P 1500 Value Tilt ETF SPDR
Symbol: VLU.BZ
Description: Babson Capital Global Short Du
Symbol: BGH.BZ
Description: Nuveen Long/Short Commodity Tot
Symbol: CTF.BZ
Description: Stone Harbor Emerging Markets
Symbol: EDI.BZ
Description: Privatebancorp Inc
Symbol: PVTD.BZ
Description: Xplore Tech Corp De
Symbol: XPLR.BZ
Description: Delek Logistics Partners LP
Symbol: DKL.BZ
Description: Restoration Hardware Holdings
Symbol: RH.BZ
Description: BB&T Corp
Symbol: BBT-F.BZ
Description: Fifth Street Finance Corp
Symbol: FSCE.BZ
Description: Goldman Sachs Pfd Series I
Symbol: GS-I.BZ
Description: Ruckus Wireless Inc
Symbol: RKUS.BZ
Description: Oriental Financial Group Inc
Symbol: OFG-D.BZ
Description: Regions Financial Corp
Symbol: RF-A.BZ
Description: Pyxis/Iboxx Senior Loan ETF
Symbol: SNLN.BZ
Description: Apollo Investment Corp
Symbol: AIB.BZ
Description: Atossa Genetics Inc
Symbol: ATOS.BZ
Description: Brasilagro Brazi ADR
Symbol: LND.BZ
Description: Stellus Capital Investment Cor
Symbol: SCM.BZ
Description: Biota Pharmaceutical
Symbol: BOTA.BZ
Description: New York Community Bancorp Inc
Symbol: NYC-U.BZ
Description: New York Community Bancorp
Symbol: NYCB.BZ
Description: Everbank Financial Corp. Deposi
Symbol: EVE-A.BZ
Description: Adcare Health Systems Inc 10.87
Symbol: ADK-A.BZ
Description: Revolution Lgt Tc
Symbol: RVLT.BZ
Description: Sun Communities Inc
Symbol: SUI-A.BZ
Description: Chemung Financial Cp
Symbol: CHMG.BZ
Description: Boise Cascade L.L.C.
Symbol: BCC.BZ
Description: Cancer Genetics Inc
Symbol: CGIX.BZ
Description: Wheeler Real Estate
Symbol: WHLR.BZ
Description: City National Corp
Symbol: CYN-C.BZ
Description: Wells Fargo & Company
Symbol: WFC-O.BZ
Description: Cyrusone Inc
Symbol: CONE.BZ
Description: Methes Energies International L
Symbol: MEIL.BZ
Description: Methes Energies International L
Symbol: MEILW.BZ
Description: Methes Energies International L
Symbol: MEILZ.BZ
Description: Nextera Energy Capital Holding
Symbol: NEE-I.BZ
Description: First Republic Bank
Symbol: FRC-C.BZ
Description: Ares Dynamic Credit Allocation
Symbol: ARDC.BZ
Description: First Trust MLP and Energy Inc
Symbol: FEI.BZ
Description: Purefunds ISE Junior Silver ETF
Symbol: SILJ.BZ
Description: Atlanticus Hldg Cp
Symbol: ATLC.BZ
Description: Corenergy Infrastructure Trust Inc
Symbol: CORR.BZ
Description: G K Svcs Inc Cl A
Symbol: GK.BZ
Description: Solarcity Corporatio
Symbol: SCTY.BZ
Description: Western Gas Eqty Partners LP
Symbol: WGP.BZ
Description: Whitehorse Finance
Symbol: WHF.BZ
Description: Pitney Bowes Inc
Symbol: PBI-A.BZ
Description: Telephone and Data Systems Inc
Symbol: TDA.BZ
Description: Destination XL Grp
Symbol: DXLG.BZ
Description: Entergy New Orleans Inc
Symbol: ENJ.BZ
Description: Nuveen Intermediate Duration M
Symbol: NID.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Downside Hedged Port PS
Symbol: PHDG.BZ
Description: Webster Financial Corp
Symbol: WBS-E.BZ
Description: Northwest Biotherape
Symbol: NWBOW.BZ
Description: Northwest Bioth Cmn
Symbol: NWBO.BZ
Description: Comcast Corp
Symbol: CCV.BZ
Description: Kennedy-Wilson Holdings Inc
Symbol: KWN.BZ
Description: Neogenomics Inc
Symbol: NEO.BZ
Description: Tortoise Energy Infrastructure
Symbol: TYG-B.BZ
Description: United Insurance Hld
Symbol: UIHC.BZ
Description: M&T Bank Corporation Warrants
Symbol: MTB.W.BZ
Description: PBF Energy Inc
Symbol: PBF.BZ
Description: Prudential Financial Inc
Symbol: PJH.BZ
Description: Solar Capital Ltd
Symbol: SLRA.BZ
Description: Ds Healthcare Cmn
Symbol: DSKX.BZ
Description: Summit Hotel Properties Inc
Symbol: INN-B.BZ
Description: Kimco Realty Corporation Class
Symbol: KIM-K.BZ
Description: Magnum Hunter Resources Corpora
Symbol: MHR-E.BZ
Description: Merger ETF Proshares
Symbol: MRGR.BZ
Description: Planet Payment
Symbol: PLPM.BZ
Description: First Mortgage Bonds
Symbol: EAB.BZ
Description: The Governor and Company of The Bank of Ireland
Symbol: IRE-.BZ
Description: Coresite Realty Corp
Symbol: COR-A.BZ
Description: Flexshares Quality Div Def Fund
Symbol: QDEF.BZ
Description: Flexshares Quality Div Fund
Symbol: QDF.BZ
Description: Flexshares Quality Div Dyn Fund
Symbol: QDYN.BZ
Description: Sprott Physical Platinum and Palladium
Symbol: SPPP.BZ
Description: Prudential Global Short Durati
Symbol: GHY.BZ
Description: Prothena Corp
Symbol: PRTA.BZ
Description: Retail Properties of America I
Symbol: RPA-A.BZ
Description: Seaspan Corp
Symbol: SSW-D.BZ
Description: TCF Financial Corp
Symbol: TCB-C.BZ
Description: Altisource Residential Corporat
Symbol: RESI.BZ
Description: Accelerate Diagnosti
Symbol: AXDX.BZ
Description: Washingtonfirst Bk
Symbol: WFBI.BZ
Description: Suntrust Banks Inc Series E
Symbol: STI-E.BZ
Description: Abbvie Inc
Symbol: ABBV.BZ
Description: PCM Inc
Symbol: PCMI.BZ
Description: Boulder Brands Inc
Symbol: BDBD.BZ
Description: Granite Real Estate Investment
Symbol: GRP.U.BZ
Description: Ipath S&P MLP ETN
Symbol: IMLP.BZ
Description: Acasti Pharma
Symbol: ACST.BZ
Description: Norwegian Cruise Ord
Symbol: NCLH.BZ
Description: Redhill Biophrma ADR
Symbol: RDHL.BZ
Description: USA Compression Partners LP
Symbol: USAC.BZ
Description: Cvr Refining LP
Symbol: CVRR.BZ
Description: Repros Therapeutics Inc.
Symbol: RPRXW.BZ
Description: Bright Horizons Family Solutions Inc
Symbol: BFAM.BZ
Description: Starz Series A
Symbol: STRZA.BZ
Description: Starz Series B Cmn
Symbol: STRZB.BZ
Description: G-X Junior MLP ETF
Symbol: MLPJ.BZ
Description: Duke Energy Corp
Symbol: DUKH.BZ
Description: Kalobios Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: KBIO.BZ
Description: Tri Pointe Homes Inc
Symbol: TPH.BZ
Description: Stifel Financial Corp
Symbol: SFN.BZ
Description: Interface Inc
Symbol: TILE.BZ
Description: Arcelormittal
Symbol: MTCN.BZ
Description: Nextera Energy Capital Holding
Symbol: NEE-J.BZ
Description: Travelcenters of America Llc 8
Symbol: TANN.BZ
Description: Zoetis Inc Class A
Symbol: ZTS.BZ
Description: Federal Agricultural Mortgage
Symbol: AGM-A.BZ
Description: Health Insurance Inn
Symbol: HIIQ.BZ
Description: Hong Kong Television Network Ltd. Ads
Symbol: HKTV.BZ
Description: Georgia Gulf Corp
Symbol: AXLL.BZ
Description: CS X-Links Gold Share
Symbol: GLDI.BZ
Description: Nustar Logistics LP
Symbol: NSS.BZ
Description: Pimco Dynamic Credit Income Fun
Symbol: PCI.BZ
Description: Weatherstorm Forensic Accounting
Symbol: FLAG.BZ
Description: Homeowners Choice Inc
Symbol: HCJ.BZ
Description: NYSE Arca Test Stock
Symbol: ZVV.BZ
Description: Compagnie Generale De Gephysqu
Symbol: CGG.BZ
Description: Global Eagle Entrtn
Symbol: ENT.BZ
Description: Era Group Inc
Symbol: ERA.BZ
Description: General Electric Capital Corpo
Symbol: GEH.BZ
Description: Vornado Realty Trust
Symbol: VNO-L.BZ
Description: Blackberry Ltd
Symbol: BBRY.BZ
Description: Cbx [Listing Market NYSE Networks Ae] Common Sto
Symbol: CBX.BZ
Description: Empire Res Inc
Symbol: ERS.BZ
Description: Pennantpark Investment Corpora
Symbol: PNTA.BZ
Description: Sce Trust II
Symbol: SCE-G.BZ
Description: Arbor Realty Trust Inc
Symbol: ABR-A.BZ
Description: First Horizon National Corpora
Symbol: FHN-A.BZ
Description: JMP Group Inc
Symbol: JMPB.BZ
Description: The Exone Company
Symbol: XONE.BZ
Description: Connectone Bancorp
Symbol: CNOB.BZ
Description: Imprimis Phar
Symbol: IMMY.BZ
Description: Nuveen Intermediate Duration Q
Symbol: NIQ.BZ
Description: Orchid Island Capital Inc
Symbol: ORC.BZ
Description: Zais Financial Corp. Common Sto
Symbol: ZFC.BZ
Description: KKR Financial Holdings Llc Pfd
Symbol: KFN-.BZ
Description: Oramed Pharma
Symbol: ORMP.BZ
Description: Zions Bancorporation
Symbol: ZB-G.BZ
Description: Bdc Income Vaneck ETF
Symbol: BIZD.BZ
Description: Preferred Securities and Income ETF FT
Symbol: FPE.BZ
Description: High Income Infrastructure MLP Fund Vaneck
Symbol: YMLI.BZ
Description: Alamos Gold Inc
Symbol: AGI.BZ
Description: Armour Residential REIT Inc
Symbol: ARR-B.BZ
Description: Saul Centers Inc
Symbol: BFS-C.BZ
Description: Singapore Dollar Trust PS Currencyshares
Symbol: FXSG.BZ
Description: Vertex Energy
Symbol: VTNR.BZ
Description: Professional Diversi
Symbol: IPDN.BZ
Description: Seaworld Entertainment Inc Co
Symbol: SEAS.BZ
Description: Taylor Morrison Home Corporatio
Symbol: TMHC.BZ
Description: West Corp
Symbol: WSTC.BZ
Description: Model N Inc
Symbol: MODN.BZ
Description: Marin Sotfware Incorporated
Symbol: MRIN.BZ
Description: Tetraphase Pharmaceu
Symbol: TTPH.BZ
Description: S&P Midcap Low Vlty Port PS
Symbol: XMLV.BZ
Description: S&P Smallcap Low Vlty Portfolio PS
Symbol: XSLV.BZ
Description: Ggp Inc Prf A
Symbol: GGP-A.BZ
Description: Igz NYSE
Symbol: IGZ.BZ
Description: Partnerre Ltd
Symbol: PRE-F.BZ
Description: Cullen/Frost Bankers Inc
Symbol: CFR-A.BZ
Description: SSGA US Large Cap Low Vol Index SPDR
Symbol: LGLV.BZ
Description: Sibanye Gold Limited American D
Symbol: SBGL.BZ
Description: SSGA US Smallcap Low Vol Index SPDR
Symbol: SMLV.BZ
Description: First Internet Bcp
Symbol: INBK.BZ
Description: Selective Insurance Group Inc
Symbol: SGZA.BZ
Description: Artisan Partners Asset Manageme
Symbol: APAM.BZ
Description: International Shipholding Copr
Symbol: ISH-A.BZ
Description: Apollo Tactical Income Fund Inc
Symbol: AIF.BZ
Description: Blackrock Multi-Sector Income T
Symbol: BIT.BZ
Description: Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. Dep. Pfd
Symbol: CLV.BZ
Description: Pingtan Marine
Symbol: PME.BZ
Description: Tactical High Yield ETF FT
Symbol: HYLS.BZ
Description: US Equity High Vol Put Write ETF
Symbol: HVPW.BZ
Description: JP Morgan Chase & Co
Symbol: JPM-A.BZ
Description: Global Listed Private Proshares
Symbol: PEX.BZ
Description: Silver Spring Networks Inc Co
Symbol: SSNI.BZ
Description: Asanko Gold Inc
Symbol: AKG.BZ
Description: MVC Capital Inc
Symbol: MVCB.BZ
Description: Wright Medic. N.V Cv
Symbol: WMGIZ.BZ
Description: Enanta Pharmaceutica
Symbol: ENTA.BZ
Description: Lasalle Hotel Properties
Symbol: LHO-I.BZ
Description: Hersha Hospitality Trust
Symbol: HT-C.BZ
Symbol: MSTX.BZ
Description: Ventas Realty Limited Partner
Symbol: VTRB.BZ
Description: Vermilion Energy Inc
Symbol: VET.BZ
Description: Barclays Plus Select MLP ETN
Symbol: ATMP.BZ
Description: G-X Super Dividend ETF
Symbol: DIV.BZ
Description: Community Bankers
Symbol: ESXB.BZ
Description: Five Oaks Investment Corp
Symbol: OAKS.BZ
Description: Pitney Bowes Inc .6.70% Notes
Symbol: PBI-B.BZ
Description: Pinnacle Foods Inc
Symbol: PF.BZ
Description: PS Business Pks Inc Calif Dep
Symbol: PSB-V.BZ
Description: Diversicare Healthca
Symbol: DVCR.BZ
Description: PPL Capital Funding Inc
Symbol: PPX.BZ
Description: Garrison Capital Inc
Symbol: GARS.BZ
Description: Advisorshares Newfleet Multi-Se
Symbol: MINC.BZ
Description: Taubman Centers Inc
Symbol: TCO-K.BZ
Description: Summit Hotel Properties Inc
Symbol: INN-C.BZ
Description: Pebblebrook Hotel Trust
Symbol: PEB-C.BZ
Description: Prudential Financial Inc
Symbol: PRH.BZ
Description: Interstate Power and Light Co
Symbol: IPL-D.BZ
Description: Medley Capital Corp
Symbol: MCV.BZ
Description: Treasury Hedged Vaneck ETF
Symbol: THHY.BZ
Description: Astoria Financial Corp
Symbol: AF-C.BZ
Description: Cifc Llc Cmn Shs
Symbol: CIFC.BZ
Description: Wells Fargo & Company Ser P
Symbol: WFC-P.BZ
Description: Brookfield Mortgage Opportunit
Symbol: BOI.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Municipal Income T
Symbol: ETX.BZ
Description: Cohen & Steers MLP Income and
Symbol: MIE.BZ
Description: Neuberger Berman MLP Income Fun
Symbol: NML.BZ
Description: Dominion Diamond Corp
Symbol: DDC.BZ
Description: Firstmerit Corporation Deposita
Symbol: FME-A.BZ
Description: Nv5 Global
Symbol: NVEE.BZ
Description: Boston Properties Inc
Symbol: BXP-B.BZ
Description: Citigroup Inc Prfd C 5.8 P12/31/49 +C
Symbol: C-C.BZ
Description: Independent Bank Grp
Symbol: IBTX.BZ
Description: Sabra Hlthcare REIT
Symbol: SBRAP.BZ
Description: The Hanover Insurance Group I
Symbol: THGA.BZ
Description: Cordia Bancorp Inc
Symbol: BVA.BZ
Description: Chimerix Inc
Symbol: CMRX.BZ
Description: Knot Offshore Partners LP
Symbol: KNOP.BZ
Description: Evertec Inc
Symbol: EVTC.BZ
Description: Intelsat S.A.
Symbol: I.BZ
Description: G-X Nigeria Index ETF
Symbol: NGE.BZ
Description: Fairway Gp Hld Cl A
Symbol: FWM.BZ
Description: Blackstone Gso Senior Loan SPDR
Symbol: SRLN.BZ
Description: Fth ST Fin 6.125 Sn
Symbol: FSCFL.BZ
Description: Hannon Armstrong Sustainable In
Symbol: HASI.BZ
Description: Blackhawk Network Ho
Symbol: HAWK.BZ
Description: Kayne Anderson MLP Investment
Symbol: KYN-F.BZ
Description: Main Street Capital Corporatio
Symbol: MSCA.BZ
Description: Direxion Brazil Bull 3X
Symbol: BRZU.BZ
Description: Digital Realty Trust Inc
Symbol: DLR-G.BZ
Description: Direxion South Korea Bull 3X
Symbol: KORU.BZ
Description: Oragenics Inc
Symbol: OGEN.BZ
Description: Rmg Networks Holding
Symbol: RMGN.BZ
Description: Texas Capital
Symbol: TCBIP.BZ
Description: Voltari Corp Cmn
Symbol: VLTC.BZ
Description: Westbury Bancorp
Symbol: WBB.BZ
Description: DDR Corp Dep Shs Pfd K
Symbol: DDR-K.BZ
Description: Northstar Realty Finance Corp
Symbol: NRF-D.BZ
Description: Inspiremd Inc
Symbol: NSPR.BZ
Description: Bioamber Inc
Symbol: BIOA.BZ
Description: Goodrich Petroleum Corp
Symbol: GDP-C.BZ
Description: Brookfield Property Partners L
Symbol: BPY.BZ
Description: Gramercy Property Trust
Symbol: GPT.BZ
Description: Flexshares Intl Quality Div Def Fund
Symbol: IQDE.BZ
Description: Flexshares Intl Quality Div Fund
Symbol: IQDF.BZ
Description: Flexshares Intl Quality Div Dyn Fund
Symbol: IQDY.BZ
Description: Gramercy Property Trust
Symbol: GPT-A.BZ
Description: CS X-Links Silver Share
Symbol: SLVO.BZ
Description: Stag Industrial Inc Cum Pfd S
Symbol: STA-B.BZ
Description: Truett Hurst Cl A Co
Symbol: THST.BZ
Description: Coeur D'Alene Mines Corporatio
Symbol: CDE.W.BZ
Description: Intelsat S.A.
Symbol: I-A.BZ
Description: Enhanced U.S. Large-Cap Ishares
Symbol: IELG.BZ
Description: Enhanced U.S. Small-Cap Ishares
Symbol: IESM.BZ
Description: MFA Financial Inc
Symbol: MFA-B.BZ
Description: USA Momentum Factor Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: MTUM.BZ
Description: USA Size Factor Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: SIZE.BZ
Description: USA Value Factor Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: VLUE.BZ
Description: 2016 Investment Grade Ishares
Symbol: IBCB.BZ
Description: 2018 Investment Grade Ishares
Symbol: IBCC.BZ
Description: Mar 2020 Term Corp Ex-Financials Ishares Ibonds
Symbol: IBCD.BZ
Description: Mar 2023 Term Corp Ex-Financials Ishares Ibonds
Symbol: IBCE.BZ
Description: Dynex Capital Inc
Symbol: DX-B.BZ
Description: Qiwi Plc ADR
Symbol: QIWI.BZ
Description: Sotherly Hotels
Symbol: SOHO.BZ
Description: VOYA Financial Inc
Symbol: VOYA.BZ
Description: Ellington Residential Mortgage
Symbol: EARN.BZ
Description: Hemisphere Media A
Symbol: HMTV.BZ
Description: Insys Theraptcs
Symbol: INSY.BZ
Description: Therapeuticsmd Inc
Symbol: TXMD.BZ
Description: First Republic Bank San Francis
Symbol: FRC-D.BZ
Description: Micronet Enertec Tec
Symbol: MICT.BZ
Description: Micronet Enertec Wrt
Symbol: MICTW.BZ
Description: Mimedx Group Inc
Symbol: MDXG.BZ
Description: Sb Financial Group
Symbol: SBFG.BZ
Description: Tristate Capital Hld
Symbol: TSC.BZ
Description: Dreyfus Municipal Bond Infrastr
Symbol: DMB.BZ
Description: Doubleline Income Solutions Fun
Symbol: DSL.BZ
Description: Armada Hoffler Properties Inc
Symbol: AHH.BZ
Description: Goldman Sachs Pfd Series J
Symbol: GS-J.BZ
Description: Quintiles Transitional Holdings
Symbol: Q.BZ
Description: American Residential Properties
Symbol: ARPI.BZ
Description: Boston Private Dep S
Symbol: BPFHP.BZ
Description: Capitol Acq III Ut
Symbol: CLACU.BZ
Description: Ovascience
Symbol: OVAS.BZ
Description: Pennymac Financial Services In
Symbol: PFSI.BZ
Description: Ambac Financial Grp
Symbol: AMBC.BZ
Description: Ambac Financial Grp
Symbol: AMBCW.BZ
Description: Dex Media Inc
Symbol: DXM.BZ
Description: T-Mobile US
Symbol: TMUS.BZ
Description: Cst Brands Inc
Symbol: CST.BZ
Description: Cys Investments Inc
Symbol: CYS-B.BZ
Description: Emerge Energy Services LP
Symbol: EMES.BZ
Description: Senior Loan ETF FT
Symbol: FTSL.BZ
Description: Gw Pharma ADR
Symbol: GWPH.BZ
Description: Teekay Offshore Partners LP
Symbol: TOO-A.BZ
Description: Alcobra Ltd. Ord
Symbol: ADHD.BZ
Description: BB&T Corporation Ser G
Symbol: BBT-G.BZ
Description: Harvest Capital Cred
Symbol: HCAP.BZ
Description: Arlington Asset Investment Cor
Symbol: AIW.BZ
Description: Tableau Software Inc Class A
Symbol: DATA.BZ
Description: Tallgrass Energy Partners LP
Symbol: TEP.BZ
Description: Aspen Ins Pfd Inc
Symbol: AHL-C.BZ
Description: Blackstone Mortgage Trust Inc Cl A
Symbol: BXMT.BZ
Description: Marketo Inc
Symbol: MKTO.BZ
Description: Portola Pharma
Symbol: PTLA.BZ
Description: U.S. Bancorp
Symbol: USB-O.BZ
Description: William Lyon Homes
Symbol: WLH.BZ
Description: W.R. Berkley Corp
Symbol: WRB-B.BZ
Description: Zions Bancorporation
Symbol: ZB-H.BZ
Description: Powershares Fundamental Emergin
Symbol: PFEM.BZ
Description: Channeladvisor Corp
Symbol: ECOM.BZ
Description: Gamco Global Gold Natural Reou
Symbol: GGN-B.BZ
Description: Mam Software Gp
Symbol: MAMS.BZ
Description: Tsakos Energy Navigation Limit
Symbol: TNP-B.BZ
Description: Arbor Realty Trust Inc
Symbol: ABR-B.BZ
Description: Global Brass and Copper Holdin
Symbol: BRSS.BZ
Symbol: MHFI.BZ
Description: Ply Gem Holdings Inc
Symbol: PGEM.BZ
Description: Cambria Shareholder Yield ETF
Symbol: SYLD.BZ
Description: Saratoga Investment Corp
Symbol: SAQ.BZ
Description: Constellium N.V.
Symbol: CSTM.BZ
Description: Customers Bancorp
Symbol: CUBI.BZ
Description: New Residential Investment Corp
Symbol: NRZ.BZ
Description: Ubic Inc
Symbol: UBIC.BZ
Description: Capstead Mortgage Corp
Symbol: CMO-E.BZ
Description: Fibrocell Science
Symbol: FCSC.BZ
Description: General Fn Cum Pfd C
Symbol: GFNCP.BZ
Description: Kamada Ltd
Symbol: KMDA.BZ
Description: Nuverra Environmental Solutions
Symbol: NES.BZ
Description: Epizyme Inc
Symbol: EPZM.BZ
Description: General Electric Capital Corpo
Symbol: GEK.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree US Quality Divd Fund
Symbol: DGRW.BZ
Description: Barclays FI Enhanced Global Hi Yld
Symbol: FIGY.BZ
Description: Entergy Louisiana Llc First M
Symbol: ELU.BZ
Description: Barclays FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETN
Symbol: FEEU.BZ
Description: High Yld Interest Rate Proshares
Symbol: HYHG.BZ
Description: National Resh Cla
Symbol: NRCIA.BZ
Description: Natl Research Cl B
Symbol: NRCIB.BZ
Description: RCS Capital Corp
Symbol: RCAP.BZ
Description: Axis Capital Holdings Ltd
Symbol: AXS-D.BZ
Description: Qwest Corp
Symbol: CTY.BZ
Description: Flaherty & Crumrine Dynamic
Symbol: DFP.BZ
Description: First Trust Intermediate Durat
Symbol: FPF.BZ
Description: Lightinthebox Holding Co. Ltd
Symbol: LITB.BZ
Description: Coty Inc
Symbol: COTY.BZ
Description: Mazor Robotics Ads
Symbol: MZOR.BZ
Description: Otelco Cl A
Symbol: OTEL.BZ
Description: Aratana Theraptcs
Symbol: PETX.BZ
Description: Power Solutns Itl Cmn
Symbol: PSIX.BZ
Description: Yadkin Valley Financial Corp
Symbol: YDKN.BZ
Description: Ivy High Income Opportunities
Symbol: IVH.BZ
Description: Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Se
Symbol: LTS-A.BZ
Description: Tg Therapeuticscmn
Symbol: TGTX.BZ
Description: Barclays 1-10 Year TIPS SPDR
Symbol: TIPX.BZ
Description: S&P Global Dividend SPDR
Symbol: WDIV.BZ
Description: Db-Xt MSCI Germany Hgd Eq
Symbol: DBGR.BZ
Description: Renaissancere Holdings Ltd
Symbol: RNR-E.BZ
Description: Callon Petroleum Company Prefer
Symbol: CPE-A.BZ
Description: Capital Strength ETF FT
Symbol: FTCS.BZ
Description: National Retail Properties Depo
Symbol: NNN-E.BZ
Description: Sunedison Inc
Symbol: SUNE.BZ
Description: Barron's 400
Symbol: BFOR.BZ
Description: Total Intl Bond ETF Vanguard
Symbol: BNDX.BZ
Description: New York Mrtg 7.75 B
Symbol: NYMTP.BZ
Description: Db-Xt Municipal Infrastructure ETF
Symbol: RVNU.BZ
Description: EM Govt Bond Vanguard
Symbol: VWOB.BZ
Description: B2Gold Corp
Symbol: BTG.BZ
Description: Entergy Arkansas Inc
Symbol: EAE.BZ
Description: Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc
Symbol: BIO.W.BZ
Description: Textura Corp
Symbol: TXTR.BZ
Description: Brookfield Renewable
Symbol: BEP.BZ
Description: Credit Suisse Commodity Benchma
Symbol: CSCB.BZ
Description: CS X-Links Commodity Rotation
Symbol: CSCR.BZ
Description: Gigamon Inc
Symbol: GIMO.BZ
Description: Dominion Resources
Symbol: DCUA.BZ
Description: Dominion Resources Inc Un Series B
Symbol: DCUB.BZ
Description: Ohr Pharmceutial
Symbol: OHRP.BZ
Description: Air Industries Group Inc
Symbol: AIRI.BZ
Description: Global Telcom & Technology Inc
Symbol: GTT.BZ
Description: Bluebird Bio
Symbol: BLUE.BZ
Description: CDW Corp
Symbol: CDW.BZ
Description: Esperion Theraptc
Symbol: ESPR.BZ
Description: Gogo Inc
Symbol: GOGO.BZ
Description: HD Supply Hlds Cmm
Symbol: HDS.BZ
Description: Luxoft Holding Inc
Symbol: LXFT.BZ
Description: Noodles & Co Cla
Symbol: NDLS.BZ
Description: Nanostring Tech
Symbol: NSTG.BZ
Description: Ptc Therapeutics
Symbol: PTCT.BZ
Description: Tremor Video Inc
Symbol: TRMR.BZ
Description: Safe Bulkers Inc
Symbol: SB-B.BZ
Description: Colombia Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: ICOL.BZ
Description: Global Short Term Hi Yld Bond Port PS
Symbol: PGHY.BZ
Description: Yieldshares High Income ETF
Symbol: YYY.BZ
Description: The Gabelli Global Utility and
Symbol: GLU-A.BZ
Description: Horizons S&P 500 Covered Call
Symbol: HSPX.BZ
Description: Universal Display
Symbol: OLED.BZ
Description: Velocity Vol Hedge
Symbol: SPXH.BZ
Description: Velocity Tail Risk Hedged
Symbol: TRSK.BZ
Description: Saexploration Hldgs
Symbol: SAEX.BZ
Description: Weyerhaeuser Co
Symbol: WY-A.BZ
Description: Amtrust Financial Services Inc
Symbol: AFS-A.BZ
Description: Apollo Investment Corp
Symbol: AIY.BZ
Description: Clearbridge American Energy ML
Symbol: CBA.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Floating-Rate Inco
Symbol: EFF.BZ
Description: Essent Group Ltd
Symbol: ESNT.BZ
Description: Guggenheim Credit Allocation F
Symbol: GGM.BZ
Description: Israel Vaneck ETF
Symbol: ISRA.BZ
Description: Direxion Japan Bull 3X
Symbol: JPNL.BZ
Description: Nuveen Flexible Investment Inc
Symbol: JPW.BZ
Description: Principal Real Estate Income F
Symbol: PGZ.BZ
Description: Silvercrest Ast Cm A
Symbol: SAMG.BZ
Description: XG Technology Icmn
Symbol: XGTI.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Japan Smallcap Eqty Hedged Fund
Symbol: DXJS.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree UK Eqty Hedged Fund
Symbol: DXPS.BZ
Description: Full Circle Cp Sr Nt
Symbol: FULLL.BZ
Description: Alps International Sector Dividend
Symbol: IDOG.BZ
Description: Oxford Lane Cap 7.5
Symbol: OXLCO.BZ
Description: Communityone Bncp Cmn
Symbol: COB.BZ
Description: Computer Task Gp Inc
Symbol: CTG.BZ
Description: 21st Centry Fox Class B
Symbol: FOX.BZ
Description: 21st Centry Fox Class A
Symbol: FOXA.BZ
Description: Mallinckrodt Plc Ordinary Share
Symbol: MNK.BZ
Description: Orange ADR
Symbol: ORAN.BZ
Description: Owens Realty Mortgage Inc
Symbol: ORM.BZ
Description: Two River Bncrp
Symbol: TRCB.BZ
Description: Capitol Acq Cp 3 Wts
Symbol: CLACW.BZ
Description: Outerwall Inc
Symbol: OUTR.BZ
Description: Vanguard Nt Rs Pfd A
Symbol: VNRAP.BZ
Description: Capitol Acq Corp III
Symbol: CLAC.BZ
Description: Russell 3000 ETF SPDR
Symbol: THRK.BZ
Description: Russell 2000 ETF SPDR
Symbol: TWOK.BZ
Description: Conatus Pharmaceutic
Symbol: CNAT.BZ
Description: Physicians Realty Trust
Symbol: DOC.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: DRII.BZ
Description: Heat Biologics Inc
Symbol: HTBX.BZ
Description: Inc. Isharesbond 2016 Ishares
Symbol: IBDA.BZ
Description: Ishares Mar 2018 Term Corp ETF
Symbol: IBDB.BZ
Description: Ishares Mar 2020 Term Corp ETF
Symbol: IBDC.BZ
Description: Mar 2023 Term Corp Ishares Ibonds ETF
Symbol: IBDD.BZ
Description: NRG Yield Inc
Symbol: NYLD.BZ
Description: Oncomed Pharma
Symbol: OMED.BZ
Description: Russell 1000 ETF SPDR
Symbol: ONEK.BZ
Description: Ucp. Inc
Symbol: UCP.BZ
Description: Grana Y Montero S.A.A.
Symbol: GRAM.BZ
Description: Organovo Holdings
Symbol: ONVO.BZ
Description: Fifth Strt Snr Flt
Symbol: FSFR.BZ
Description: Rexford Industrial Realty Inc
Symbol: REXR.BZ
Description: SPDR Russell Small Cap Completeness ETF
Symbol: RSCO.BZ
Description: Retailmenot Inc
Symbol: SALE.BZ
Description: Mirati Therapeutics
Symbol: MRTX.BZ
Description: Xtl Biopharma Ads
Symbol: XTLB.BZ
Description: Agios Pharmaceutical
Symbol: AGIO.BZ
Description: Jones Energy Inc
Symbol: JONE.BZ
Description: Ocera Therapeutics
Symbol: OCRX.BZ
Description: Phillips 66 Partners LP
Symbol: PSXP.BZ
Description: Wci Communities Inc
Symbol: WCIC.BZ
Description: 2021 Corp Bond Port PS Bs
Symbol: BSCL.BZ
Description: 2022 Corp Bond Port PS Bs
Symbol: BSCM.BZ
Description: Onconova Therapeutic
Symbol: ONTX.BZ
Description: Armco Metals Holdings Inc. Com
Symbol: AMCO.BZ
Description: ANI Pharma Inc
Symbol: ANIP.BZ
Description: USA Quality Factor Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: QUAL.BZ
Description: XG Technology Inc
Symbol: XGTIW.BZ
Description: Whitehorse Fin Sr Nt
Symbol: WHFBL.BZ
Description: American Homes 4 Rent
Symbol: AMH.BZ
Description: Ardmore Shipping Corp
Symbol: ASC.BZ
Description: Control4 Corp
Symbol: CTRL.BZ
Description: Kranes New China ETF
Symbol: KFYP.BZ
Description: Marrone Bio Innov
Symbol: MBII.BZ
Description: Sprouts Farmers Mark
Symbol: SFM.BZ
Description: Wells Fargo & Co
Symbol: WFC-Q.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree US Smallcap Quality Dvid Fund
Symbol: DGRS.BZ
Description: KKR Income Opportunities Fund
Symbol: KIO.BZ
Description: Yume Inc
Symbol: YUME.BZ
Description: Cvent Inc
Symbol: CVT.BZ
Description: Synovus Financial Corp Fixed-
Symbol: SNV-C.BZ
Description: Box Ships Inc
Symbol: TEU-C.BZ
Description: Velocityshares Equal Risk Weigh
Symbol: ERW.BZ
Description: The LGL Group Inc
Symbol: LGL.W.BZ
Description: China Commercial Cre
Symbol: CCCR.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree EM Quality Divd Growth Fund
Symbol: DGRE.BZ
Description: Frank's International N.V.
Symbol: FI.BZ
Description: Fox Factory Cp
Symbol: FOXF.BZ
Description: Kranes CSI China ETF
Symbol: KWEB.BZ
Description: Mix Telematics Ltd
Symbol: MIXT.BZ
Description: Nashville Area ETF
Symbol: NASH.BZ
Description: Bmc Stock Holdings
Symbol: STCK.BZ
Description: Straight Path Communications In
Symbol: STRP.BZ
Description: Intrexon Corp
Symbol: XON.BZ
Description: Mstar Managed Futures Strategy Fund FT
Symbol: FMF.BZ
Description: Independence Realty Trust Inc
Symbol: IRT.BZ
Description: International Shipholding Corp
Symbol: ISH-B.BZ
Description: World Point Terminals LP
Symbol: WPT.BZ
Description: Envision Healthcare Holdings
Symbol: EVHC.BZ
Description: Third Point Reinsurance Ltd Co
Symbol: TPRE.BZ
Description: Intl Fcstn 8.5 Sr Nt
Symbol: INTLL.BZ
Description: Sophiris Bio
Symbol: SPHS.BZ
Description: Costamare Inc Perpetual Prefer
Symbol: CMR-B.BZ
Description: General Motors Company
Symbol: GM.C.BZ
Description: G-X MLP & Energy Infrasture ETF
Symbol: MLPX.BZ
Description: Quinpario Acq2 Com
Symbol: QPAC.BZ
Description: Axogen Inc
Symbol: AXGN.BZ
Description: Quinpario Acq 2 Unit
Symbol: QPACU.BZ
Description: Tonix Pharm Hldg
Symbol: TNXP.BZ
Description: Jetpay Corp
Symbol: JTPY.BZ
Description: Commodity Optimized Trust Ishares
Symbol: CMDT.BZ
Description: Tiptree Fncl Cl A
Symbol: TIPT.BZ
Description: Schwab Fundamental US Smallcap
Symbol: FNDA.BZ
Description: Schwab Fundamental US Broad Market
Symbol: FNDB.BZ
Description: Schwab Fundamental Intl Smallcap
Symbol: FNDC.BZ
Description: Schwab Fundamental EM Large Company
Symbol: FNDE.BZ
Description: Schwab Fundamental Intl Large Company
Symbol: FNDF.BZ
Description: Schwab Fundamental US Largecap
Symbol: FNDX.BZ
Description: Integrys Energy Group Inc
Symbol: IEH.BZ
Description: Goodrich Petroleum Coproration
Symbol: GDP-D.BZ
Description: US Intl Multi-Asset Div Income Index Fund FT
Symbol: YDIV.BZ
Description: Tejon Ranch Co. Wt
Symbol: TRC.W.BZ
Description: Ring Energy Inc
Symbol: REI.BZ
Description: Evoke Pharma
Symbol: EVOK.BZ
Description: Oci Resources LP
Symbol: OCIR.BZ
Description: Controladora Vuela Compaia De
Symbol: VLRS.BZ
Description: Fate Therapeutics
Symbol: FATE.BZ
Description: Bind Therapeutics
Symbol: BIND.BZ
Description: Benefitfocus
Symbol: BNFT.BZ
Description: FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETN
Symbol: FIEU.BZ
Description: Five Prime Thera
Symbol: FPRX.BZ
Description: Masonite Wrldwde Hld
Symbol: DOOR.BZ
Description: Fireeye Inc
Symbol: FEYE.BZ
Description: Rocket Fuel Inc
Symbol: FUEL.BZ
Description: Clubcorp Holdings Inc
Symbol: MYCC.BZ
Description: Ophthotech Corp
Symbol: OPHT.BZ
Description: Acceleron Pharma
Symbol: XLRN.BZ
Description: Pedevco Corp
Symbol: PED.BZ
Description: Pattern Energy Cl A
Symbol: PEGI.BZ
Description: Covisint Corp
Symbol: COVS.BZ
Description: Altisource Asset
Symbol: AAMC.BZ
Description: Speed Commerce Inc
Symbol: SPDC.BZ
Description: Applied Optoelect
Symbol: AAOI.BZ
Description: Foundation Medicine
Symbol: FMI.BZ
Description: Qumu Corp
Symbol: QUMU.BZ
Description: Enzymotec Ltd
Symbol: ENZY.BZ
Description: Kayne Anderson MLP Investment
Symbol: KYN-G.BZ
Description: Premier Inc Cl A
Symbol: PINC.BZ
Description: Ringcentral Inc
Symbol: RNG.BZ
Description: Supercom Ltd
Symbol: SPCB.BZ
Description: Violin Memory Inc
Symbol: VMEM.BZ
Description: Capitala Finance Crp
Symbol: CPTA.BZ
Description: Etracs Diversified High Income
Symbol: DVHI.BZ
Description: Pioneer Pwr Sol
Symbol: PPSI.BZ
Description: Re/Max Holdings Inc
Symbol: RMAX.BZ
Description: Zion Bancorporation
Symbol: ZBK.BZ
Description: Empire State Realty Trust Inc
Symbol: ESRT.BZ
Description: THL Credit Senior Loan Fund
Symbol: TSLF.BZ
Description: Potbelly Corp
Symbol: PBPB.BZ
Description: 2019 High Yld Corp Bond Port PS Bs
Symbol: BSJJ.BZ
Description: 2020 High Yld Corp Bond Port PS Bs
Symbol: BSJK.BZ
Description: Oci Partners LP
Symbol: OCIP.BZ
Description: Sequential Brands
Symbol: SQBG.BZ
Description: Nanoviricides Inc
Symbol: NNVC.BZ
Description: Center Coast MLP & Infrastructure
Symbol: CEN.BZ
Description: C-Tracks MLP Miller/Howard Perf Fundamental
Symbol: MLPC.BZ
Description: Short Maturity Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: NEAR.BZ
Description: Burlington Stores Inc
Symbol: BURL.BZ
Description: Cherry Hill Mortgage Investmen
Symbol: CHMI.BZ
Description: CHS Inc Cl B Pfd
Symbol: CHSCO.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree EM Consumer Growth
Symbol: EMCG.BZ
Description: Nextera Energy Inc
Symbol: NEE-P.BZ
Description: Qts Realty Trust Inc
Symbol: QTS.BZ
Description: Sfx Entertainment Inc
Symbol: SFXE.BZ
Description: The Community Fin Cp
Symbol: TCFC.BZ
Description: Antero Resources Corp
Symbol: AR.BZ
Description: Citigroup Inc Prfd C V7.125 P12/31/49 J
Symbol: C-J.BZ
Description: CNH Industrial N.V.
Symbol: CNHI.BZ
Description: Leidos Holdings Inc
Symbol: LDOS.BZ
Description: Science Applications Internatio
Symbol: SAIC.BZ
Description: Db-Xt MSCI Asia Pacific Ex-Japan Hgd Eq
Symbol: DBAP.BZ
Description: Db-Xt MSCI Europe Hgd Eq
Symbol: DBEU.BZ
Description: DB Xt MSCI UK Hedged Equity
Symbol: DBUK.BZ
Description: Ultra Dividend Revenue ETF Oppenheimer
Symbol: RDIV.BZ
Description: Stonegate Mortgage Corp
Symbol: SGM.BZ
Description: Birks Group Inc
Symbol: BGI.BZ
Description: Empire State Realty Op LP
Symbol: ESBA.BZ
Description: Iao Kun Grp Holdings
Symbol: IKGH.BZ
Description: Macrogenics
Symbol: MGNX.BZ
Description: Morgan Stanley
Symbol: MS-E.BZ
Description: Western Refining Logistics LP
Symbol: WNRL.BZ
Description: Direxion Junior Gold Mine Bear 3X
Symbol: JDST.BZ
Description: Direxion Junior Gold Mine Bull 3X
Symbol: JNUG.BZ
Description: Quinpario Acq2 Wrnt
Symbol: QPACW.BZ
Description: Tsakos Energy Navigation Limit
Symbol: TNP-C.BZ
Description: The Allstate Corp
Symbol: ALL-C.BZ
Description: Maiden HD 7.25 Prc B
Symbol: MHLDO.BZ
Description: Veeva Systems Inc
Symbol: VEEV.BZ
Description: Plains Gp Holdings LP
Symbol: PAGP.BZ
Description: Crestwood Equity Partners LP
Symbol: CEQP.BZ
Description: FI Enhanced Global High Yield
Symbol: FIEG.BZ
Description: Empire State Realty Op LP Se
Symbol: FISK.BZ
Description: Empire State Realty Op LP Se
Symbol: OGCP.BZ
Description: Ldr Holding Corp Cmn
Symbol: LDRH.BZ
Description: Flexshares Global Broad Infr Fund
Symbol: NFRA.BZ
Description: Riverfront Strategic Income Fund ETF
Symbol: RIGS.BZ
Description: Sotherly Hotls Sr Nt
Symbol: SOHOL.BZ
Description: Voxeljet Ag
Symbol: VJET.BZ
Description: Loncar China Biopharma ETF
Symbol: CHNA.BZ
Description: Columbia Property Trust Inc
Symbol: CXP.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Aristocrats Proshares
Symbol: NOBL.BZ
Description: SSGA Ultra Short Term Bond SPDR
Symbol: ULST.BZ
Description: Commscope Holding Co
Symbol: COMM.BZ
Description: Criteo S.A. Ads
Symbol: CRTO.BZ
Description: Endurance Int Grp
Symbol: EIGI.BZ
Description: Abengoa S.A. Ads
Symbol: ABGB.BZ
Description: Aerie Pharmaceutical
Symbol: AERI.BZ
Description: Renaissance IPO ETF
Symbol: IPO.BZ
Description: Surgical Care Affili
Symbol: SCAI.BZ
Description: Sprague Resources LP
Symbol: SRLP.BZ
Description: Advaxis Inc
Symbol: ADXS.BZ
Description: Advaxis Inc Wts
Symbol: ADXSW.BZ
Description: Brixmor Property Group Inc
Symbol: BRX.BZ
Description: Cooper Std Hldg Inc
Symbol: CPS.BZ
Description: Datalink Corp
Symbol: DTL-.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Germany Hedged Eqty Fund
Symbol: DXGE.BZ
Description: 0-5 Year High Yield Corp Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: SHYG.BZ
Description: 0-5 Year Invst Grade Corp Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: SLQD.BZ
Description: Veracyte Inc
Symbol: VCYT.BZ
Description: 58.com Inc
Symbol: WUBA.BZ
Description: CS FI Enhanced Big Cap Growth E
Symbol: FIBG.BZ
Description: Royce Global Value Trust Inc
Symbol: RGT.BZ
Description: Marcus & Millichap
Symbol: MMI.BZ
Description: The Container Store Group Inc
Symbol: TCS.BZ
Description: Avianca Holdings S.A.
Symbol: AVH.BZ
Description: Qunar Cayman Isl Ads
Symbol: QUNR.BZ
Description: Global Robotics and Automation ETF
Symbol: ROBO.BZ
Description: Barracuda Networks Inc
Symbol: CUDA.BZ
Description: Global Tactical Commodity Strategy Fund FT
Symbol: FTGC.BZ
Description: Wix.com Ltd
Symbol: WIX.BZ
Description: Fidelity Telecommunication MSCI ETF
Symbol: FCOM.BZ
Description: Fidelity Consumer Disc MSCI ETF
Symbol: FDIS.BZ
Description: Fidelity Energy MSCI ETF
Symbol: FENY.BZ
Description: Fidelity Health Care MSCI ETF
Symbol: FHLC.BZ
Description: Fidelity Industrials MSCI ETF
Symbol: FIDU.BZ
Description: Fidelity Materials MSCI ETF
Symbol: FMAT.BZ
Description: Fidelity Financials MSCI ETF
Symbol: FNCL.BZ
Description: Fidelity Consumer Staples MSCI ETF
Symbol: FSTA.BZ
Description: Fidelity Info Tech MSCI ETF
Symbol: FTEC.BZ
Description: Fidelity Utilities MSCI ETF
Symbol: FUTY.BZ
Description: Sorrento Therpt
Symbol: SRNE.BZ
Description: Twitter Inc
Symbol: TWTR.BZ
Description: Glycomimetics Inc
Symbol: GLYC.BZ
Description: Karyopharm Therapeut
Symbol: KPTI.BZ
Description: LGI Homes Inc
Symbol: LGIH.BZ
Description: Arc Logistics Partners LP
Symbol: ARCX.BZ
Description: Blue Capital Reinsurance Holdi
Symbol: BCRH.BZ
Description: Jgwpt Holdings Inc
Symbol: JGW.BZ
Description: American Homes
Symbol: AMH-A.BZ
Description: Crown Castle International Corp
Symbol: CCI-A.BZ
Description: First Republic Bank
Symbol: FRC-E.BZ
Description: Vident Intl Equity Fund
Symbol: VIDI.BZ
Description: Chegg Inc
Symbol: CHGG.BZ
Description: Intercloud Systems
Symbol: ICLD.BZ
Description: Intercloud Sys Wrnt
Symbol: ICLDW.BZ
Description: Midcoast Energy Partners LP
Symbol: MEP.BZ
Description: Extended Stay America Inc
Symbol: STAY.BZ
Description: Bay Bancorp Inc
Symbol: BYBK.BZ
Description: Celladon Corporation
Symbol: CLDN.BZ
Description: Alerian Energy Infrastructure E
Symbol: ENFR.BZ
Description: Eros International Plc
Symbol: EROS.BZ
Description: Ftd Companies
Symbol: FTD.BZ
Description: Eastman Kodak
Symbol: KODK.BZ
Description: Gaming & Leisure
Symbol: GLPI.BZ
Description: Harvard Apparatus Cm
Symbol: HART.BZ
Description: Houghton Mifflin Har
Symbol: HMHC.BZ
Description: Nmi Holdings Cmn A
Symbol: NMIH.BZ
Description: Relypsa Inc
Symbol: RLYP.BZ
Description: Tandem Diabetes Care
Symbol: TNDM.BZ
Description: Xencor Inc
Symbol: XNCR.BZ
Description: Baylake Corp Cmn
Symbol: BYLK.BZ
Description: Franklin Short Dur US Government ETF
Symbol: FTSD.BZ
Description: Db-Xt Harvest CSI 300 China A
Symbol: ASHR.BZ
Description: Citigroup Inc Prfd C V6.875 P12/31/49 K
Symbol: C-K.BZ
Description: Dynagas Lng Partners LP
Symbol: DLNG.BZ
Description: Flexshares Global Quality Real Estate
Symbol: GQRE.BZ
Description: Stonecastle Fncl Cp
Symbol: BANX.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Kor Hdg E
Symbol: DXKW.BZ
Description: G-X Next Emerging & Frontier ETF
Symbol: EMFM.BZ
Description: Invest Grade Interest Rate Proshares
Symbol: IGHG.BZ
Description: Trevena Inc
Symbol: TRVN.BZ
Description: Vital Therapies Inc
Symbol: VTL.BZ
Description: Gastar Exploration USA Inc Pfd
Symbol: GST-B.BZ
Description: Navigator Holdings
Symbol: NVGS.BZ
Description: Tetralogic Pharmaceu
Symbol: TLOG.BZ
Description: Ambev S.A.
Symbol: ABEV.BZ
Description: Celator Pharma Cmn
Symbol: CPXX.BZ
Description: F.N.B. Corporation Representin
Symbol: FNB-E.BZ
Description: Oxford Immunotec
Symbol: OXFD.BZ
Description: City National Corporation Repr
Symbol: CYN-D.BZ
Description: Etracs Mt Pay 2X Dvrsfd High Income ETN
Symbol: DVHL.BZ
Description: G-X FTSE Portugal 20 ETF
Symbol: PGAL.BZ
Description: Vince Holding Corp
Symbol: VNCE.BZ
Description: Eastman Kodak Co. WT
Symbol: KOD.W.BZ
Description: 500Wan.com Ltd
Symbol: WBAI.BZ
Description: First Bank
Symbol: FRBA.BZ
Description: HSBC Holdings Plc
Symbol: HSB-A.BZ
Description: HSBC Holdings Plc
Symbol: HSBC.BZ
Description: HSBC Holdings Plc Perpetual S
Symbol: HSEA.BZ
Description: HSBC Holdings Plc Perp Sub Cap
Symbol: HSEB.BZ
Description: HSBC Finance Corp Dep. Shares R
Symbol: HSF-B.BZ
Description: HSBC USA Pfd F
Symbol: HUS-F.BZ
Description: HSBC Dep Sh Pfd G
Symbol: HUS-G.BZ
Description: HSBC USA Dep Sh H
Symbol: HUS-H.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: HUS-Z.BZ
Symbol: ZXYZ..BZ
Description: Caesars Acquisition
Symbol: CACQ.BZ
Description: Can-Fite Biopharma Ltd
Symbol: CANF.BZ
Description: Evogene Ltd Ord
Symbol: EVGN.BZ
Description: Ashford Hospitality Prime Inc
Symbol: AHP.BZ
Description: Liberator Medical Hl
Symbol: LBMH.BZ
Description: Short-Term USD EM Bond Proshares
Symbol: EMSH.BZ
Description: Ideal Power Inc
Symbol: IPWR.BZ
Description: Rit Tech Wt Exp 2018
Symbol: RITTW.BZ
Description: Catchmark Timber Trust Inc
Symbol: CTT.BZ
Description: Goldman Sachs MLP Income Oppor
Symbol: GMZ.BZ
Description: Maiden Holdings North America
Symbol: MHNC.BZ
Description: Graham Holdings Company
Symbol: GHC.BZ
Description: Allegion Plc Ordinary Shares Wh
Symbol: ALLE.BZ
Description: Cheniere Energy Partners LP Holdings Llc
Symbol: CQH.BZ
Description: Advisorshares Equitypro ETF
Symbol: EPRO.BZ
Description: Hilton Inc
Symbol: HLT.BZ
Description: L Brands Inc
Symbol: LB.BZ
Description: Lilis Energy Inc
Symbol: LLEX.BZ
Description: Nimble Storage Inc
Symbol: NMBL.BZ
Description: SP Plus Corp
Symbol: SP.BZ
Description: Amc Entertainment Holdings Inc
Symbol: AMC.BZ
Description: Aramark Holdings Corp
Symbol: ARMK.BZ
Description: Autohome Inc
Symbol: ATHM.BZ
Description: Cambria Foreign Shareholder Yie
Symbol: FYLD.BZ
Description: Kindred Biosciences
Symbol: KIN.BZ
Description: Liqtech International Inc
Symbol: LIQT.BZ
Description: Ptc Inc
Symbol: PTC.BZ
Description: Valero Energy Partners LP
Symbol: VLP.BZ
Description: Cathay General Bancorp Warrant
Symbol: CATYW.BZ
Description: Fidelity & Guaranty
Symbol: FGL.BZ
Description: Stanley Black & Decker Inc
Symbol: SWH.BZ
Description: Energy Fuels Inc
Symbol: UUUU.BZ
Description: SPDR MSCI EM Beyond BRIC ETF
Symbol: EMBB.BZ
Description: American Airlines Gp
Symbol: AAL.BZ
Description: Ari Network Svcs
Symbol: ARIS.BZ
Description: Huttig Bldg Products
Symbol: HBP.BZ
Description: EM Aggregate Bond Vaneck ETF
Symbol: EMAG.BZ
Description: Scorpio Bulkers Inc
Symbol: SALT.BZ
Description: Etracs Mt Pay 2X Closed-End Fund ETN
Symbol: CEFL.BZ
Description: Recon Nq-100 Covered Call ETF
Symbol: QYLD.BZ
Description: Adamis Pharmaceuticl
Symbol: ADMP.BZ
Description: Ultra Short-Term Ishares ETF
Symbol: ICSH.BZ
Description: Morgan Stanley
Symbol: MS-F.BZ
Description: Ricebran Technologie
Symbol: RIBT.BZ
Description: Ricebrantech Warrant
Symbol: RIBTW.BZ
Description: Cambridge Capital Acquisition
Symbol: CAMBU.BZ
Description: Torchlight Energy
Symbol: TRCH.BZ
Description: Fifth Third Bancorp
Symbol: FITBI.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Neg Duration US Agg Bond Fund
Symbol: AGND.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Int Rate US Agg Bond Fund
Symbol: AGZD.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Neg Duration Hi Yld Bond Fund
Symbol: HYND.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Int Rate Hi Yld Bond Hedged Fund
Symbol: HYZD.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree JP Int Rt
Symbol: JGBB.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree USD Bullish Fund
Symbol: USDU.BZ
Description: Istar Financial Inc
Symbol: STAR.BZ
Description: Istar Financial Inc Preferred
Symbol: STA-D.BZ
Description: Istar Financial Inc 7.875% Pre
Symbol: STA-E.BZ
Description: Istar Financial Inc Series F P
Symbol: STA-F.BZ
Description: Istar Financial Inc Preferred
Symbol: STA-G.BZ
Description: Istar Financial Inc Preferred
Symbol: STA-I.BZ
Description: Wells Fargo
Symbol: WFC-R.BZ
Description: Radiant Logistics Inc 9.75% S
Symbol: RLG-A.BZ
Description: Tecnoglass Inc
Symbol: TGLS.BZ
Description: Allstate Corp
Symbol: ALL-D.BZ
Description: American Homes 4 Rent 5% Series
Symbol: AMH-B.BZ
Description: Oaktree Cap Group Llc Series A Pfd
Symbol: OAK-A.BZ
Description: Cypress Energy Partners LP
Symbol: CELP.BZ
Description: Ep Energy Corp
Symbol: EPE.BZ
Description: High Income ETF FT
Symbol: FTHI.BZ
Description: Low Beta Income ETF FT
Symbol: FTLB.BZ
Description: Chc Group Ltd
Symbol: HELI.BZ
Description: Rising Dividend Achievers ETF FT
Symbol: RDVY.BZ
Description: Rsp Permian Inc
Symbol: RSPP.BZ
Description: American Capital Sen
Symbol: ACSF.BZ
Description: Santander Consumer USA Holdings
Symbol: SC.BZ
Description: MFS Core Equity ETF SPDR
Symbol: SYE.BZ
Description: MFS Growth Equity ETF SPDR
Symbol: SYG.BZ
Description: MFS Value Equity ETF SPDR
Symbol: SYV.BZ
Description: Retrophin Inc
Symbol: RTRX.BZ
Description: Care.com Inc
Symbol: CRCM.BZ
Description: Malibu Boats Cmn A
Symbol: MBUU.BZ
Description: Rice Energy Inc
Symbol: RICE.BZ
Description: Short High-Yield Vaneck ETF
Symbol: SHYD.BZ
Description: Coastway Bancorp Inc
Symbol: CWAY.BZ
Description: Advisorshares Sage Core Reserve
Symbol: HOLD.BZ
Description: Hennessy Ctl Ut II
Symbol: HCACU.BZ
Description: Nova Lifestyle Inc
Symbol: NVFY.BZ
Description: Cara Therapeutics
Symbol: CARA.BZ
Description: Nephrogenex Inc
Symbol: NRX.BZ
Description: New Home Co Llc
Symbol: NWHM.BZ
Description: Popeyes Louisiana
Symbol: PLKI.BZ
Description: Argos Therapeutics
Symbol: ARGS.BZ
Description: Costamare Inc Perpetual Prefer
Symbol: CMR-C.BZ
Description: Crescent Pt Energy
Symbol: CPG.BZ
Description: Dicerna Pharmaceutic
Symbol: DRNA.BZ
Description: Direxion FTSE Europe Bull 3X
Symbol: EURL.BZ
Description: Ultragenyx Pharmaceu
Symbol: RARE.BZ
Description: Intrawest Resorts Holdings Inc
Symbol: SNOW.BZ
Description: Vident Core US Equity
Symbol: VUSE.BZ
Description: Akers Biosciences
Symbol: AKER.BZ
Description: Pimco Diversified Income Exchan
Symbol: DI.BZ
Description: Egalet Corp
Symbol: EGLT.BZ
Description: Heron Therapeutics
Symbol: HRTX.BZ
Description: Pimco Low Duration ETF
Symbol: LDUR.BZ
Description: Platform Specialty Products Corp
Symbol: PAH.BZ
Description: Continental Building Products
Symbol: CBPX.BZ
Description: Eleven Bio Inc
Symbol: EBIO.BZ
Description: Genocea Biosciences
Symbol: GNCA.BZ
Description: Direxion Zacks MLP High Income ETF
Symbol: ZMLP.BZ
Description: Community Health Sys
Symbol: CYHHZ.BZ
Description: Db-Xt MSCI All World Ex-US Hgd Eq
Symbol: DBAW.BZ
Description: Db-Xt MSCI South Korea Hgd Eq
Symbol: DBKO.BZ
Description: Db-Xt MSCI Mexico Hgd Eq
Symbol: DBMX.BZ
Description: Alliqua Biomedical
Symbol: ALQA.BZ
Description: Eagle Pharmaceutical
Symbol: EGRX.BZ
Description: Ladder Capital Corp
Symbol: LADR.BZ
Description: Marine Harvest ASA Sponsored Ad
Symbol: MHG.BZ
Description: North Atlantic Drilling Ltd. Co
Symbol: NADL.BZ
Description: Uniqure N.V.
Symbol: QURE.BZ
Description: La Jolla Pharma
Symbol: LJPC.BZ
Description: Navios Maritime
Symbol: NM-G.BZ
Description: Flexion Therapeutics
Symbol: FLXN.BZ
Description: Intra-Cellular Ther
Symbol: ITCI.BZ
Description: Concert Pharmaceutic
Symbol: CNCE.BZ
Description: Geopark Hldgs Lmtd
Symbol: GPRK.BZ
Description: Installed Building Products I
Symbol: IBP.BZ
Description: One Gas Inc
Symbol: OGS.BZ
Description: Revance Therapeutics
Symbol: RVNC.BZ
Description: Semler Scientific
Symbol: SMLR.BZ
Description: Starwood Waypoint Residential T
Symbol: SWAY.BZ
Description: Amedica Corp
Symbol: AMDA.BZ
Description: Boulevard Acqu Unit
Symbol: BLVDU.BZ
Description: Inogen Inc
Symbol: INGN.BZ
Description: Treasury Floating Rate Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: TFLO.BZ
Description: Talmer Bancorp Inc
Symbol: TLMR.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Floating Rate Treasury Fund
Symbol: USFR.BZ
Description: Cambridge Capital Acquisition C
Symbol: CAMB.BZ
Description: Japan Curr Hedged Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: HEWJ.BZ
Description: Cm Finance
Symbol: CMFN.BZ
Description: Cambridge Capital Acquisition C
Symbol: CAMBW.BZ
Description: Cel-Sci Corp
Symbol: CVM.W.BZ
Description: Jpmorgan Chase & Co. 6.70%
Symbol: JPM-B.BZ
Description: Sizmek Inc Common ST
Symbol: SZMK.BZ
Description: Rxi Pharmaceuticals
Symbol: RXII.BZ
Description: Advisorshares Gartman Gold/Euro
Symbol: GEUR.BZ
Description: Advisorshares Gartman Gold/Yen
Symbol: GYEN.BZ
Description: JMP Group Inc
Symbol: JMPC.BZ
Description: EAFE Curr Hedged Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: HEFA.BZ
Description: New Media Investment Group Inc
Symbol: NEWM.BZ
Description: Seaspan Corp
Symbol: SSW-E.BZ
Description: Germany Curr Hedged Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: HEWG.BZ
Description: Varonis Systems Inc
Symbol: VRNS.BZ
Description: Citigroup Inc Prfd C 6.875 P12/31/49 L
Symbol: C-L.BZ
Description: DWA Nasdaq Mmtm Portfolio PS
Symbol: DWAQ.BZ
Description: National General Hld
Symbol: NGHC.BZ
Description: Peregrine Pharmaceut
Symbol: PPHMP.BZ
Description: Recro Pharma Inc
Symbol: REPH.BZ
Description: Diana Shipping
Symbol: DSX-B.BZ
Description: Cyren Ltd
Symbol: CYRN.BZ
Description: Real Goods Solar Inc
Symbol: RGSE.BZ
Description: Workplace Equality Portfolio ETF
Symbol: EQLT.BZ
Description: Triplepoint Venture Growth Bdc
Symbol: TPVG.BZ
Description: Verizon Communications Inc 5.9
Symbol: VZA.BZ
Description: Kate Spade & Company
Symbol: KATE.BZ
Description: Achaogen Inc
Symbol: AKAO.BZ
Description: Coupa Software Inc
Symbol: COUP.BZ
Description: Dipexium Pharmaceuti
Symbol: DPRX.BZ
Description: Enhanced International Ishares
Symbol: IEIL.BZ
Description: Enhanced International Ishares
Symbol: IEIS.BZ
Description: Intl Buyback Achvrs Port PS
Symbol: IPKW.BZ
Description: Barclays 0-5 Year TIPS ETF SPDR
Symbol: SIPE.BZ
Description: Arbor Realty Trust
Symbol: ABR-C.BZ
Description: Liberty Property Trust
Symbol: LPT.BZ
Description: Aquinox Pharmaceutic
Symbol: AQXP.BZ
Description: Kemper Corporation 7.375% Subor
Symbol: KMPA.BZ
Description: Knowles Corp
Symbol: KN.BZ
Description: Castlight Health Inc
Symbol: CSLT.BZ
Description: Horizons Korea Kospi 200 ETF
Symbol: HKOR.BZ
Description: Kranes Bosera MSCI China A
Symbol: KBA.BZ
Description: Mediwound Ltd Ord Sh
Symbol: MDWD.BZ
Description: Advisorshrs Yieldpro
Symbol: YPRO.BZ
Description: Dorsey Wright Focus 5 ETF FT
Symbol: FV.BZ
Description: The Allstate Corp
Symbol: ALL-E.BZ
Description: Amber Road Inc
Symbol: AMBR.BZ
Description: Bio-Path Holdings
Symbol: BPTH.BZ
Description: Enlink Midstream Llc
Symbol: ENLC.BZ
Description: Enlink Midstream Partners LP
Symbol: ENLK.BZ
Description: Enservco Corpporation
Symbol: ENSV.BZ
Description: Sce Trust III 5.75%
Symbol: SCE-H.BZ
Description: State Street Corporation Serie
Symbol: STT-D.BZ
Description: Rba American Industrial Renaissance ETF FT
Symbol: AIRR.BZ
Description: Akebia Therapeutics
Symbol: AKBA.BZ
Description: A10 Networks Inc
Symbol: ATEN.BZ
Description: G-X Guru International Index ETF
Symbol: GURI.BZ
Description: Issuer Direct Corp
Symbol: ISDR.BZ
Description: Paylocity Hldng Corp
Symbol: PCTY.BZ
Description: 1347 Property Ins
Symbol: PIH.BZ
Description: Rba Quality Income ETF FT
Symbol: QINC.BZ
Description: Q2 Holdings Inc
Symbol: QTWO.BZ
Description: 22nd Century Group Inc
Symbol: XXII.BZ
Description: CHS Inc Pfd B Srs 2
Symbol: CHSCN.BZ
Description: Galmed Pharmaceutica
Symbol: GLMD.BZ
Description: Cambria Global Value ETF
Symbol: GVAL.BZ
Description: Nord Anglia Education Inc
Symbol: NORD.BZ
Description: Vanguard Nt Rs 7.625
Symbol: VNRBP.BZ
Description: Versartis Inc
Symbol: VSAR.BZ
Description: Applied Genetic Tech
Symbol: AGTC.BZ
Description: SPDR Barclays International Hig
Symbol: IJNK.BZ
Description: King Digital Entertainment Plc
Symbol: KING.BZ
Description: Hennssy Cp Aq II Wrt
Symbol: HCACW.BZ
Description: Ignyta Inc
Symbol: RXDX.BZ
Description: A-Mark Precious Meta
Symbol: AMRK.BZ
Description: Bluerock Residential Growth Rei
Symbol: BRG.BZ
Description: Everyday Health Inc
Symbol: EVDY.BZ
Description: Aerohive Networks Inc
Symbol: HIVE.BZ
Description: Public Storagedepositary Share
Symbol: PSA-Y.BZ
Description: Trinet Group Inc
Symbol: TNET.BZ
Description: 2U Inc
Symbol: TWOU.BZ
Description: Mrv Communictns
Symbol: MRVC.BZ
Description: Power REIT 7.75% Series A Cumul
Symbol: PW-A.BZ
Description: Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp III
Symbol: HCAC.BZ
Description: The Rubicon Project Inc
Symbol: RUBI.BZ
Description: Tpg Specialty Lending Inc
Symbol: TSLX.BZ
Description: Lipocine Inc
Symbol: LPCN.BZ
Description: Aldeyra Therapeu
Symbol: ALDX.BZ
Description: Corium Intl
Symbol: CORI.BZ
Description: Five9 Inc
Symbol: FIVN.BZ
Description: Grubhub Inc
Symbol: GRUB.BZ
Description: Opower Inc
Symbol: OPWR.BZ
Description: Scynexis Inc
Symbol: SCYX.BZ
Description: Energous Corp
Symbol: WATT.BZ
Description: Adamas Pharma
Symbol: ADMS.BZ
Description: Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: ATNM.BZ
Description: Biolife Solutions
Symbol: BLFS.BZ
Description: Farmland Partners Inc
Symbol: FPI.BZ
Description: Ikang Healthcare ADR
Symbol: KANG.BZ
Description: Etracs Mt Reset 2X S&P 500 TR ETN
Symbol: SPLX.BZ
Description: Digital Realty
Symbol: DLR-H.BZ
Description: First Trust New Opportunities M
Symbol: FPL.BZ
Description: Nuveen All Cap Energy MLP Oppo
Symbol: JMLP.BZ
Description: La Quinta Holdings Inc
Symbol: LQ.BZ
Description: Profire Energy
Symbol: PFIE.BZ
Description: Tarena Intl ADR
Symbol: TEDU.BZ
Description: DJ Brookfield Global Proshares
Symbol: TOLZ.BZ
Description: Federal Ag
Symbol: AGM-B.BZ
Description: Ally Financial
Symbol: ALLY.BZ
Description: Alps Emerging Sector Dividend
Symbol: EDOG.BZ
Description: Cerulean Pharma Cmn
Symbol: CERU.BZ
Description: City Office REIT Inc
Symbol: CIO.BZ
Description: Lombard Medical Ord
Symbol: EVAR.BZ
Description: Phibro Anl Htlh A
Symbol: PAHC.BZ
Description: Paycom Software Inc
Symbol: PAYC.BZ
Description: Zoe's Kitchen Inc
Symbol: ZOES.BZ
Description: Enable Midstream Partners LP
Symbol: ENBL.BZ
Description: Alphabet Class A
Symbol: GOOGL.BZ
Description: Peoples Finl Svcs Co
Symbol: PFIS.BZ
Description: Opus Bank
Symbol: OPB.BZ
Description: Quotient Limited Ord
Symbol: QTNT.BZ
Description: Trivascular Technologies Inc
Symbol: TRIV.BZ
Description: Lands' End Inc
Symbol: LE.BZ
Description: Moelis
Symbol: MC.BZ
Description: Sabre Corp
Symbol: SABR.BZ
Description: Sportsman's Wareh
Symbol: SPWH.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Japan Capital Goods Hedged Fund
Symbol: DXJC.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Japan Financials Hedged Fund
Symbol: DXJF.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Japan Hedged Tech M
Symbol: DXJT.BZ
Description: Seaspan Corp
Symbol: SSWN.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Japan Real Estate Hedged Fund
Symbol: DXJR.BZ
Description: Leju Holdings Ltd
Symbol: LEJU.BZ
Description: Weibo Corp Ads
Symbol: WB.BZ
Description: Boulevard Acquisi WT
Symbol: BLVDW.BZ
Description: Sysorex Global Cmn
Symbol: SYRX.BZ
Description: Turtle Beach Corp
Symbol: HEAR.BZ
Description: Glori Energy Inc Cmn
Symbol: GLRI.BZ
Description: New York REIT Inc
Symbol: NYRT.BZ
Description: Transenterix Inc
Symbol: TRXC.BZ
Description: FS Investment Corp
Symbol: FSIC.BZ
Description: Rait Financial Trust
Symbol: RFT.BZ
Description: Globalstar
Symbol: GSAT.BZ
Description: Ares Management LP
Symbol: ARES.BZ
Description: Papa Murphys Hld Com
Symbol: FRSH.BZ
Description: K2M Group Hldngs
Symbol: KTWO.BZ
Description: Nam Tai Electronics
Symbol: NTP.BZ
Description: Boulevard AC Cm ST A
Symbol: BLVD.BZ
Description: Yield Optimized Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: BYLD.BZ
Description: Barclays Ofi Steelpath MLP ETN
Symbol: OSMS.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Japan Healthcare Hedged Fund
Symbol: DXJH.BZ
Description: Viggle Inc
Symbol: VGGL.BZ
Description: Alder Biopharma
Symbol: ALDR.BZ
Description: Gaslog Partners LP
Symbol: GLOP.BZ
Description: Hennessy Advisors
Symbol: HNNA.BZ
Description: Cim Commercial TR Cp
Symbol: CMCT.BZ
Description: Tuniu Corporatio Ads
Symbol: TOUR.BZ
Description: Cheetah Mobile Inc
Symbol: CMCM.BZ
Description: Namaste Technologies Inc
Symbol: CN.BZ
Description: PBF Logistics LP
Symbol: PBFX.BZ
Description: Radius Health
Symbol: RDUS.BZ
Description: Regions Financial Corp
Symbol: RF-B.BZ
Description: Superior Drilling Products Inc
Symbol: SDPI.BZ
Description: Wheeler REIT B Pfd
Symbol: WHLRP.BZ
Description: Wheeler REIT Wts
Symbol: WHLRW.BZ
Description: Arcbest Corp
Symbol: ARCB.BZ
Description: Goldman Sachs Pfd Series K
Symbol: GS-K.BZ
Description: Dorian Lpg Ltd
Symbol: LPG.BZ
Description: Morgan Stanley 6.625%
Symbol: MS-G.BZ
Description: Navient Cp
Symbol: NAVI.BZ
Description: Qatar Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: QAT.BZ
Description: UAE Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: UAE.BZ
Description: Variable Rate Preferred Portfolio PS
Symbol: VRP.BZ
Description: Alcentra Capital Com
Symbol: ABDC.BZ
Description: Legacy Resrvs Sr A
Symbol: LGCYP.BZ
Description: Servisfirst Bancs
Symbol: SFBS.BZ
Description: Truecar Inc
Symbol: TRUE.BZ
Description: Zendesk Inc
Symbol: ZEN.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Europe Dividend Growth Fund
Symbol: EUDG.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Intl Hedged Fund
Symbol: IHDG.BZ
Description: Jumei International Holding Ltd
Symbol: JMEI.BZ
Description: American Homes
Symbol: AMH-C.BZ
Description: Agile Therap
Symbol: AGRX.BZ
Description: Oxbridge Ord Shrs
Symbol: OXBR.BZ
Description: Oxbridge Warrants
Symbol: OXBRW.BZ
Description: Safe Bulkers Inc
Symbol: SB-C.BZ
Description: Translate Bio Inc
Symbol: TBIO.BZ
Description: First Foundation
Symbol: FFWM.BZ
Description: Finjan Holdings
Symbol: FNJN.BZ
Description: Sunedison Semicn Ord
Symbol: SEMI.BZ
Description: American Cap Agy Cor
Symbol: AGNCB.BZ
Description: First Mid Ill Bncshr
Symbol: FMBH.BZ
Description: Jd.com Inc Ads
Symbol: JD.BZ
Description: Parsley Energy
Symbol: PE.BZ
Description: Heritage Insurance Holdings
Symbol: HRTG.BZ
Description: Tecogen Inc
Symbol: TGEN.BZ
Description: Arbor Realty Trust 7.375% Senior
Symbol: ABRN.BZ
Description: Bankwell Financial
Symbol: BWFG.BZ
Description: Managed Municipal ETF FT
Symbol: FMB.BZ
Description: Gladstone 6.75 Srs
Symbol: GLADO.BZ
Description: Northstar Realty Finance Corp
Symbol: NRF-E.BZ
Description: Gold Shares Vaneck
Symbol: OUNZ.BZ
Description: Provectus Pharma
Symbol: PVCT.BZ
Description: Stellus Capital Investment Cor
Symbol: SCQ.BZ
Description: Apartment Investment and Manag
Symbol: AIV-A.BZ
Description: Amrcn Cap Mt Sr A PS
Symbol: MTGEP.BZ
Description: Quest Resource
Symbol: QRHC.BZ
Description: Iridium 6.75 Sr B Pf
Symbol: IRDMB.BZ
Description: Scorpio Tankers Inc
Symbol: SBNA.BZ
Description: Db-Xt Harvest CSI 500 China A
Symbol: ASHS.BZ
Description: Neovasc Inc
Symbol: NVCN.BZ
Description: Breitburn Eng Prep P
Symbol: BBEPP.BZ
Description: Xcerra Corp
Symbol: XCRA.BZ
Description: First Mortgage Bonds
Symbol: EZT.BZ
Description: Arista Networks Inc
Symbol: ANET.BZ
Description: Foresight Energy LP
Symbol: FELP.BZ
Description: Quotient Ltd
Symbol: QTNTW.BZ
Description: Stonegate Bk
Symbol: SGBK.BZ
Description: Direxion S&P 500 Bull 2X
Symbol: SPUU.BZ
Description: Banc of California Inc Deposi
Symbol: BAN-C.BZ
Description: Banc of California Inc
Symbol: BOCA.BZ
Description: Int Rate Hedged High Yield Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: HYGH.BZ
Description: Multi-Strategy Alternative Port PS
Symbol: LALT.BZ
Description: Resonant Inc
Symbol: RESN.BZ
Description: Washington Prime Group Inc
Symbol: WPG.BZ
Description: Now Inc
Symbol: DNOW.BZ
Description: Dec 2018 Term Corp Ishares Ibonds ETF
Symbol: IBDH.BZ
Description: Vapor Corp Nev
Symbol: VPCO.BZ
Description: Atlantica Yield Plc
Symbol: ABY.BZ
Description: Aspen Aerogels Inc
Symbol: ASPN.BZ
Description: Civeo Corp
Symbol: CVEO.BZ
Description: Isharesbond Dec 2016 Corporate Ishares
Symbol: IBDF.BZ
Description: Mobileiron Inc
Symbol: MOBL.BZ
Description: Signal Genetics Cmn
Symbol: SGNL.BZ
Description: Trinseo S.A.
Symbol: TSE.BZ
Description: Bear State Fin Inc
Symbol: BSF.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Strategic Corp Bond
Symbol: CRDT.BZ
Description: Caretrust REIT Inc
Symbol: CTRE.BZ
Description: Memorial Rsrc Dev CS
Symbol: MRD.BZ
Description: Nordic American Offshore Ltd
Symbol: NAO.BZ
Description: Theravance Bio Ord
Symbol: TBPH.BZ
Description: United Dev Fd Cmn
Symbol: UDF.BZ
Description: Asia Ex Japan Min Vol Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: AXJV.BZ
Description: Century Communities Inc
Symbol: CCS.BZ
Description: Europe Min Vol Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: EUMV.BZ
Description: Japan Min Vol Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: JPMV.BZ
Description: Markit Ltd. Com Sh
Symbol: MRKT.BZ
Description: EAFE Qlty Mix MSCI ETF SPDR
Symbol: QEFA.BZ
Description: EM Strategicfactors MSCI ETF SPDR
Symbol: QEMM.BZ
Description: World Qlty Mix MSCI ETF SPDR
Symbol: QWLD.BZ
Description: Euro Stoxx Smallcap ETF SPDR
Symbol: SMEZ.BZ
Description: Syndax Pharma
Symbol: SNDX.BZ
Description: Wl Ross Holding Unit
Symbol: WLRHU.BZ
Description: Zhaopin Ltd
Symbol: ZPIN.BZ
Description: Aemetis Inc
Symbol: AMTX.BZ
Description: Ardelyx Inc
Symbol: ARDX.BZ
Description: Eclipse Resources Corp
Symbol: ECR.BZ
Description: Fusion Connect Inc
Symbol: FSNN.BZ
Description: Inventergy Glbl Inc
Symbol: INVT.BZ
Description: Parnell Pharm Ord
Symbol: PARN.BZ
Description: Time Inc
Symbol: TIME.BZ
Description: Zafgen Inc
Symbol: ZFGN.BZ
Description: Minerva Neuroscie
Symbol: NERV.BZ
Description: Viper Energy LP
Symbol: VNOM.BZ
Description: Aradigm Corp
Symbol: ARDM.BZ
Description: FI Enhanced Large Cap Growth ETN
Symbol: FBGX.BZ
Description: CS FI Large Cap Growth Enhanced ETN
Symbol: FLGE.BZ
Description: Etracs Wells Fargo MLP Ex-Energ
Symbol: FMLP.BZ
Description: Gopro Inc Cl A
Symbol: GPRO.BZ
Description: Kite Pharma Inc
Symbol: KITE.BZ
Description: Adeptus Health Inc
Symbol: ADPT.BZ
Description: US Credit Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: CRED.BZ
Description: Dividend Growth Ishares Core ETF
Symbol: DGRO.BZ
Description: Europe Ishares Core MSCI ETF
Symbol: IEUR.BZ
Description: Imprivata Inc
Symbol: IMPR.BZ
Description: Pacific Ishares Core MSCI ETF
Symbol: IPAC.BZ
Description: USD Bond Market Total Ishares Core ETF
Symbol: IUSB.BZ
Description: S&P US Growth Ishares Core ETF
Symbol: IUSG.BZ
Description: S&P US Value Ishares Core ETF
Symbol: IUSV.BZ
Description: Oxford Lane 8.125 Pf
Symbol: OXLCN.BZ
Description: Australia Quality Mix Ishares ETF
Symbol: QAUS.BZ
Description: Canada Quality Mix Ishares ETF
Symbol: QCAN.BZ
Description: Germany Quality Mix Ishares ETF
Symbol: QDEU.BZ
Description: Spain Quality Mix Ishares ETF
Symbol: QESP.BZ
Description: UK Quality Mix Ishares ETF
Symbol: QGBR.BZ
Description: Japan Quality Mix Ishares ETF
Symbol: QJPN.BZ
Description: Genrl Fin Sr Nt 2021
Symbol: GFNSL.BZ
Description: Materialise Nv Ads
Symbol: MTLS.BZ
Description: Xunlei Limited ADR
Symbol: XNET.BZ
Description: Amphastar Pharma
Symbol: AMPH.BZ
Description: Casi Phrmactcls Inc
Symbol: CASI.BZ
Description: Capital One Financial Corporat
Symbol: COF-C.BZ
Description: Kongzhong Corp
Symbol: KZ.BZ
Description: The Michaels Comp
Symbol: MIK.BZ
Description: Moko Scl Media ADR
Symbol: MOKO.BZ
Description: Medical Transc Bl
Symbol: MTBC.BZ
Description: Servicemaster Global Holdings I
Symbol: SERV.BZ
Symbol: CLA.BZ
Description: Mct Holding Corp
Symbol: DAKP.BZ
Description: Enerjex Resources Inc 10% Ser
Symbol: ENR-.BZ
Description: Enerjex Resources Inc
Symbol: ENRJ.BZ
Description: Globeimmune Cm
Symbol: GBIM.BZ
Description: JPM Dvsd Rtns Global Equity
Symbol: JPGE.BZ
Description: Int Rate Hedged Corp Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: LQDH.BZ
Description: Resource Capital Corp Preferre
Symbol: RSO-C.BZ
Description: TCP International Holdings Ltd
Symbol: TCPI.BZ
Description: Cellular Biomedicine
Symbol: CBMG.BZ
Description: Trecora Resources
Symbol: TREC.BZ
Description: The Allstate Corp
Symbol: ALL-F.BZ
Description: Cartesian Inc
Symbol: CRTN.BZ
Description: Investar Holding
Symbol: ISTR.BZ
Description: Nextera Energy Partners LP
Symbol: NEP.BZ
Description: Cymabay Therapeutics
Symbol: CBAY.BZ
Description: Performance Sports Group Ltd
Symbol: PSG.BZ
Symbol: FNF-.BZ
Description: Colony Financial Inc Perp Pfd
Symbol: CLN-B.BZ
Description: Gabelli Global Small and Mid CA
Symbol: GGZ.BZ
Description: Tortoise Energy Infrastructure
Symbol: TYG-C.BZ
Description: Legacy Resrvs Sr B
Symbol: LGCYO.BZ
Description: Duff & Phelps Select Energy ML
Symbol: DSE.BZ
Description: Garnero Grp Acq Unit
Symbol: GGACU.BZ
Description: National Gen Srs A
Symbol: NGHCP.BZ
Description: Federal Agricultural Mortgage
Symbol: AGM-C.BZ
Description: Commerce BNC B Dep
Symbol: CBSHP.BZ
Symbol: NRF-.BZ
Description: Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc
Symbol: RYAM.BZ
Description: South State Cp
Symbol: SSB.BZ
Description: Carolina Financial Corp
Symbol: CARO.BZ
Description: Fnfv Group of Fidelity National
Symbol: FNFV.BZ
Description: Jason Indst
Symbol: JASN.BZ
Description: Jason Industries WT
Symbol: JASNW.BZ
Description: Jpmorgan Chase & Co
Symbol: JPM-E.BZ
Description: Northstar Asset Management Grou
Symbol: NSAM.BZ
Description: Timken Steel Corp
Symbol: TMST.BZ
Description: Victory US Eqty Income Ehnd Vol Wtd ETF
Symbol: CDC.BZ
Description: Victory US 500 Vol ETF ETF
Symbol: CFA.BZ
Description: Victory US 500 Ehnd Vol Wtd ETF
Symbol: CFO.BZ
Description: Veritiv Corp
Symbol: VRTV.BZ
Description: Exelon Corp
Symbol: EXCU.BZ
Description: Safe Bulkers Inc
Symbol: SB-D.BZ
Description: Amtrust Financial Services Dep Pfd
Symbol: AFS-B.BZ
Description: Caredx Inc
Symbol: CDNA.BZ
Description: Globant S.A.
Symbol: GLOB.BZ
Description: 2016 S&P Amt-Free Municipal Ser Ishares
Symbol: IBME.BZ
Description: 2017 S&P Amt-Free Municipal Ser Ishares
Symbol: IBMF.BZ
Description: Sep 2018 Term Muni Bond Ishares Ibonds ETF
Symbol: IBMG.BZ
Description: Sep 2019 Term Muni Bond Ishares Ibonds ETF
Symbol: IBMH.BZ
Description: Trupanion Inc
Symbol: TRUP.BZ
Description: Amsurg 5.25 Pfd A-1
Symbol: AMSGP.BZ
Description: Sphere 3D Corp
Symbol: ANY.BZ
Description: Pfenex Inc
Symbol: PFNX.BZ
Description: Roka Bioscience Inc
Symbol: ROKA.BZ
Description: Terraform Power Inc
Symbol: TERP.BZ
Description: Tubemogul Inc Cmn
Symbol: TUBE.BZ
Description: Navios Maritime Holdngs Inc
Symbol: NM-H.BZ
Description: One Horizon Grp
Symbol: OHGI.BZ
Description: Sage Therapeutic Com
Symbol: SAGE.BZ
Description: Spok Holdings Inc
Symbol: SPOK.BZ
Description: Myos Rens Tech
Symbol: MYOS.BZ
Description: Global REIT Ishares ETF
Symbol: REET.BZ
Description: Barclays Women In Leadership ETF
Symbol: WIL.BZ
Description: Dominion Res Inc Va
Symbol: DCUC.BZ
Description: Ocular Therapeut
Symbol: OCUL.BZ
Description: Spark Energy
Symbol: SPKE.BZ
Description: Assembly Biosciences
Symbol: ASMB.BZ
Description: Atara Biotherap
Symbol: ATRA.BZ
Description: Calamos Focus Growth
Symbol: CFGE.BZ
Description: Immune Design CS
Symbol: IMDZ.BZ
Description: Mapi - Pharma Ltd.
Symbol: MAPI.BZ
Description: Townsquare Media Llc
Symbol: TSQ.BZ
Description: Intersect Ent
Symbol: XENT.BZ
Description: Innocoll Hld Ord Shr
Symbol: INNL.BZ
Description: El Pollo Loco
Symbol: LOCO.BZ
Description: Orion Engineered Carbons S.A R
Symbol: OEC.BZ
Description: Sunshine Bancorp
Symbol: SBCP.BZ
Description: Sprott Gold Miners ETF
Symbol: SGDM.BZ
Description: Barclays Inverse US Treasury Aggt ETN
Symbol: TAPR.BZ
Description: Epirus Biopharm Inc
Symbol: EPRS.BZ
Description: Iradimed Cp
Symbol: IRMD.BZ
Description: 1347 Capital Cp Unit
Symbol: TFSCU.BZ
Description: FX Energy Inc
Symbol: FXENP.BZ
Description: Hercules Technology Growth Cap
Symbol: HTGX.BZ
Description: Terrapin 4 Acquisition Corp.
Symbol: TRTLU.BZ
Description: Avalanche Biot Cm ST
Symbol: AAVL.BZ
Description: Catalent Inc
Symbol: CTLT.BZ
Description: Auris Medical
Symbol: EARS.BZ
Description: Healthequity
Symbol: HQY.BZ
Description: Lantheus Holdings
Symbol: LNTH.BZ
Description: Mobileye N.V.
Symbol: MBLY.BZ
Description: Macrocure Ltd. Or Sh
Symbol: MCUR.BZ
Description: Marinus Pharma CS
Symbol: MRNS.BZ
Description: Bioblast Pharma Ltd
Symbol: ORPN.BZ
Description: Synchrony Financial
Symbol: SYF.BZ
Description: Tobira Therapeutics
Symbol: TBRA.BZ
Description: Westlake Chemical Partners LP
Symbol: WLKP.BZ
Description: Blue Hills Bancorp
Symbol: BHBK.BZ
Description: Fcb Financial Holdings Inc
Symbol: FCB.BZ
Description: Garnero Gr AC Ord Sh
Symbol: GGAC.BZ
Description: Garnero Grp Acq Righ
Symbol: GGACR.BZ
Description: Gernero Grp Acq Wrnt
Symbol: GGACW.BZ
Description: Dorsey Wright Intl Focus 5 ETF FT
Symbol: IFV.BZ
Description: Loxo Oncology CS
Symbol: LOXO.BZ
Description: Par Petroleum Corp
Symbol: PARR.BZ
Description: Transocean Partners Llc
Symbol: RIGP.BZ
Description: Vtti Energy Partners LP
Symbol: VTTI.BZ
Description: Chinaamc Sme-Chn Vaneck ETF
Symbol: CNXT.BZ
Description: Liberty Media CS C
Symbol: LMCK.BZ
Description: Wells Fargo & Company Series T
Symbol: WFC-T.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: PAR-.BZ
Description: Belmond Ltd
Symbol: BEL.BZ
Description: Idreamsky Techno Ads
Symbol: DSKY.BZ
Description: Marathon Patent Grou
Symbol: MARA.BZ
Description: Ryerson Holding Corp
Symbol: RYI.BZ
Description: Select Bancorp Inc
Symbol: SLCT.BZ
Description: T2 Biosystems CS
Symbol: TTOO.BZ
Description: Aoxin Tianli Grp
Symbol: ABAC.BZ
Description: Hoegh Lng Partners LP
Symbol: HMLP.BZ
Description: Independence Contract Drilling Inc
Symbol: ICD.BZ
Description: Direxion Smallcap Bull
Symbol: SMLL.BZ
Description: Tekla Healthcare Opportunities
Symbol: THQ.BZ
Description: Vbi Vaccines Inc CS
Symbol: VBIV.BZ
Description: Royal Bank of Canada Exchange T
Symbol: YGRO.BZ
Description: Zosano Pharma
Symbol: ZSAN.BZ
Description: Advisorshares Athena High Divid
Symbol: DIVI.BZ
Description: Green Bancorp
Symbol: GNBC.BZ
Description: C1 Financial Inc
Symbol: BNK.BZ
Description: Victory US Disc Enhd Vol Wtd ETF
Symbol: CSF.BZ
Description: Equity Commonwealth
Symbol: EQC.BZ
Description: Equity Commonwealth
Symbol: EQC-D.BZ
Description: Equity Commonwealth 7.25% Serie
Symbol: EQC-E.BZ
Description: Equity Commonwealth
Symbol: EQCO.BZ
Description: Direxion Ibillionaire Index ETF
Symbol: IBLN.BZ
Description: Otonomy Inc
Symbol: OTIC.BZ
Description: Rightside Group
Symbol: NAME.BZ
Description: Paragon Offshore Plc Ordinary S
Symbol: PGN.BZ
Description: Tribune Publishing Company Comm
Symbol: TPUB.BZ
Description: Wilhelmina Intl
Symbol: WHLM.BZ
Description: Wl Ross Holding Corp
Symbol: WLRH.BZ
Description: Wl Ross Holding War
Symbol: WLRHW.BZ
Description: Enhanced Short Maturity ETF FT
Symbol: FTSM.BZ
Description: Energy Focus
Symbol: EFOI.BZ
Description: 1347 Capital Cp War
Symbol: TFSCW.BZ
Description: Tyson Foods Inc
Symbol: TSNU.BZ
Description: Proshares Cds North American HY
Symbol: TYTE.BZ
Description: CDS Short N Amer HY Credit Proshares
Symbol: WYDE.BZ
Description: 1347 Capital Cp Comm
Symbol: TFSC.BZ
Description: 1347 Capital Cp Rght
Symbol: TFSCR.BZ
Description: Strategic Income ETF FT
Symbol: FDIV.BZ
Description: Sep 2020 Term Muni Bond Ishares Ibonds ETF
Symbol: IBMI.BZ
Description: Cellectar Biosc
Symbol: CLRB.BZ
Description: Cellectar Biosc WT
Symbol: CLRBW.BZ
Description: Gramercy Property Trust Inc
Symbol: GPT-B.BZ
Description: MB Financial Pd Sr A
Symbol: MBFIP.BZ
Description: EAFE Dividend Growth Proshares
Symbol: EFAD.BZ
Description: Immune Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: IMNP.BZ
Description: Eurozone Curr Hedged Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: HEZU.BZ
Description: Rait Financial Trust
Symbol: RFTA.BZ
Description: Wafergen Bio-Sys Cmn
Symbol: WGBS.BZ
Description: Global Ship Lease Inc
Symbol: GSL-B.BZ
Description: Terrapin 3 Warrants
Symbol: TRTLW.BZ
Description: Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp
Symbol: SMACU.BZ
Description: Volt Information Services Inc
Symbol: VISI.BZ
Description: Rewalk Roboti Ord Sh
Symbol: RWLK.BZ
Description: WBI Smg Growth Shares
Symbol: WBIA.BZ
Description: WBI Smg Value Shares
Symbol: WBIB.BZ
Description: WBI Smg Yield Shares
Symbol: WBIC.BZ
Description: WBI Smg Select Shares
Symbol: WBID.BZ
Description: WBI Largecap Growth Shares
Symbol: WBIE.BZ
Description: WBI Largecap Value Shares
Symbol: WBIF.BZ
Description: WBI Largecap Growth Shares
Symbol: WBIG.BZ
Description: WBI High Income Shares
Symbol: WBIH.BZ
Description: WBI Income Shares
Symbol: WBII.BZ
Description: WBI Largecap Select Shares
Symbol: WBIL.BZ
Description: Liberty Tripadv A
Symbol: LTRPA.BZ
Description: Blue Earth Cmn
Symbol: BBLU.BZ
Description: Liberty Tripadv B
Symbol: LTRPB.BZ
Description: Aurinia Pharm Ord
Symbol: AUPH.BZ
Description: Europe Small-Cap Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: IEUS.BZ
Description: Northern TR Dep Shs
Symbol: NTRSP.BZ
Description: Actua Corp
Symbol: ACTA.BZ
Description: Affimed N.V.
Symbol: AFMD.BZ
Description: Civitas Solutions Inc
Symbol: CIVI.BZ
Description: Foamix Pharma Ord
Symbol: FOMX.BZ
Description: Tokai Pharma Cmn
Symbol: TKAI.BZ
Description: Flexshares Disciplined Duration MBS Index Fund
Symbol: MBSD.BZ
Description: Sajan Cmn Stk
Symbol: SAJA.BZ
Description: Paragon Shipping Inc
Symbol: PRGNL.BZ
Description: Alibaba Group Holding Ltd
Symbol: BABA.BZ
Description: Diversified Real Asset Income
Symbol: DRA.BZ
Description: Nuveen Multi-Market Income Fund Inc
Symbol: JMM.BZ
Description: Proqr Therapeutics
Symbol: PRQR.BZ
Description: Viking Thera
Symbol: VKTX.BZ
Description: Short Enhanced MSCI Emerg Mkts Ipath ETN
Symbol: EMSA.BZ
Description: Cbo Common Stock
Symbol: CBO.BZ
Description: Citizens Financial Group Inc/Ri
Symbol: CFG.BZ
Description: Long/Short Equity ETF FT
Symbol: FTLS.BZ
Description: Vitae Pharmace Cm ST
Symbol: VTAE.BZ
Description: Grupo Aval Acciones Y Valores S
Symbol: AVAL.BZ
Description: Bank of America Corp Pfd W
Symbol: BAC-W.BZ
Description: Ibo Common Stock
Symbol: IBO.BZ
Description: 0-5 Year Corporate Bond Port PS Ladderrite
Symbol: LDRI.BZ
Description: Middlefield Banc
Symbol: MBCN.BZ
Description: SPDR SSGA Risk Aware ETF
Symbol: RORO.BZ
Description: Cyberark Soft Ord
Symbol: CYBR.BZ
Description: Nxt-Id Inc
Symbol: NXTD.BZ
Description: Nxt-Id Inc Warrant
Symbol: NXTDW.BZ
Description: Yuma Energy Inc
Symbol: YUMA.BZ
Description: Contrafect
Symbol: CFRX.BZ
Description: Contrafect A Wrt
Symbol: CFRXW.BZ
Description: Contrafect Corporation
Symbol: CFRXZ.BZ
Description: Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc
Symbol: IVR-B.BZ
Description: Smart & Final Stores Inc
Symbol: SFS.BZ
Description: Travelport Worldwide Ltd
Symbol: TVPT.BZ
Description: Eyegate Pharma
Symbol: EYEG.BZ
Description: Israel Chemicals Ltd
Symbol: ICL.BZ
Description: Medley Management Inc
Symbol: MDLY.BZ
Description: Barclays Return On Disability ETN
Symbol: RODI.BZ
Description: CHS Pfd Clb Ser3
Symbol: CHSCM.BZ
Description: Citigroup Inc C-Tracks ETN
Symbol: DIVC.BZ
Description: Stock Split Index Fund ETF
Symbol: TOFR.BZ
Description: 2023 Corp Bond Port PS Bs
Symbol: BSCN.BZ
Description: 2021 High Yld Corp Bond Port PS Bs
Symbol: BSJL.BZ
Description: 2022 High Yld Corp Bond Port PS Bs
Symbol: BSJM.BZ
Description: Dt Asia Unit
Symbol: CADTU.BZ
Description: Vwr Corp
Symbol: VWR.BZ
Description: Atento S.A.
Symbol: ATTO.BZ
Description: Cone Midstream Partners LP
Symbol: CNNX.BZ
Description: SPDR MSCI South Korea Quality M
Symbol: QKOR.BZ
Description: SPDR MSCI Mexico Quality Mix Et
Symbol: QMEX.BZ
Description: SPDR MSCI Taiwan Quality Mix Et
Symbol: QTWN.BZ
Description: Vivint Solar Inc
Symbol: VSLR.BZ
Description: 2024 Corp Bond Port PS Bs
Symbol: BSCO.BZ
Description: Calithera Biosci Com
Symbol: CALA.BZ
Description: Tenax Therapeutics
Symbol: TENX.BZ
Description: Aac Holdings Inc
Symbol: AAC.BZ
Description: Amtrust Financial Services Series C
Symbol: AFS-C.BZ
Description: Dermira Inc Cm ST
Symbol: DERM.BZ
Description: Eldorado Resorts
Symbol: ERI.BZ
Description: Deep Value ETF
Symbol: DVP.BZ
Description: JP Energy Partners LP
Symbol: JPEP.BZ
Description: Morgan Stanley
Symbol: MS-I.BZ
Description: Om Asset Management Ltd
Symbol: OMAM.BZ
Description: Vanguard Nt Rs Pfd C
Symbol: VNRCP.BZ
Description: Alcoa Inc
Symbol: AA-B.BZ
Description: American Financial Group Inc
Symbol: AFGE.BZ
Description: Gwg Holdings
Symbol: GWGH.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Curr Hedged Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: HEEM.BZ
Description: Goldman Sachs MLP Energy Renai
Symbol: GER.BZ
Description: The Gabelli Healthcare & Welln
Symbol: GRX-B.BZ
Description: Hubspot Inc
Symbol: HUBS.BZ
Description: Guggenhein Emerging Market Real
Symbol: EMRE.BZ
Description: Fmsa Holdings Inc
Symbol: FMSA.BZ
Description: Scorpio Bulkers Inc 7.50% Seni
Symbol: SLTB.BZ
Description: Vectrus Inc
Symbol: VEC.BZ
Description: Ark Industrial Innovation ETF
Symbol: ARKQ.BZ
Description: Ark Web X.0 ETF
Symbol: ARKW.BZ
Description: Brainstorm Cell
Symbol: BCLI.BZ
Description: Qwest Corp
Symbol: CTV.BZ
Description: Diplomat Pharmacy Inc
Symbol: DPLO.BZ
Description: Centrus Energy Corp
Symbol: LEU.BZ
Description: Dave & Buster's Ente
Symbol: PLAY.BZ
Description: USD Partners LP
Symbol: USDP.BZ
Description: Wayfair Inc
Symbol: W.BZ
Description: Ar Capital Acq Uts
Symbol: AUMAU.BZ
Description: Biotime Inc Warrants
Symbol: BTX.W.BZ
Description: Cdk Global Inc
Symbol: CDK.BZ
Description: Victory Dev Enhd Vol Wtd ETF
Symbol: CIZ.BZ
Description: Arrow DWA Tactic ETF
Symbol: DWAT.BZ
Description: Entegra Financ Cm ST
Symbol: ENFC.BZ
Description: Etracs Mt Pay 2X US Hi Div Low Vol ETN
Symbol: HDLV.BZ
Description: Mol Global Inc Ads
Symbol: MOLG.BZ
Description: Vascular Biogen. Ord
Symbol: VBLT.BZ
Description: Infracap MLP ETF
Symbol: AMZA.BZ
Description: Falah Russell-Idealratings U.S
Symbol: FIA.BZ
Description: Oha Investmnt Cp
Symbol: OHAI.BZ
Description: Veritex Holdings
Symbol: VBTX.BZ
Description: Forward Pharma Ads
Symbol: FWP.BZ
Description: Pangaea Logistics So
Symbol: PANL.BZ
Description: Terrapin 3 Acq Cm A
Symbol: TRTL.BZ
Description: Crossamerica Partners LP
Symbol: CAPL.BZ
Description: Dominion Midstream Partners LP
Symbol: DM.BZ
Description: Proshares Managed Futures Strat
Symbol: FUTS.BZ
Description: Great Western Bancorp Inc
Symbol: GWB.BZ
Description: Sanchez Production Partners Llc
Symbol: SPP.BZ
Description: Xenon Pharmace Cm Sh
Symbol: XENE.BZ
Description: Renaissance Capital Greenwich Fund
Symbol: IPOS.BZ
Description: Liberty Int Qvc Sr A
Symbol: QVCA.BZ
Description: Liberty Int Qvc Sr B
Symbol: QVCB.BZ
Description: Zayo Group Holdings Inc
Symbol: ZAYO.BZ
Description: Asterias Biotherapeutics Inc
Symbol: AST.BZ
Description: Eagle Point Credit Co. Inc
Symbol: ECC.BZ
Description: Nuveen Minnesota Municipal Inco
Symbol: NMS.BZ
Description: Mstar Alternative Solutions Proshares
Symbol: ALTS.BZ
Description: Fidelity Total Bond ETF
Symbol: FBND.BZ
Description: Fidelity Corporate Bond ETF
Symbol: FCOR.BZ
Description: Fidelity Limited Term Bond ETF
Symbol: FLTB.BZ
Description: Great Basin Sci
Symbol: GBSN.BZ
Description: Overseas Shipholding Group Inc
Symbol: OSGB.BZ
Description: Fifth Street
Symbol: FSAM.BZ
Description: Mma Capital Mngt
Symbol: MMAC.BZ
Description: Proteon Thera Com ST
Symbol: PRTO.BZ
Description: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.
Symbol: FCAU.BZ
Description: Hydra Ind Acq Cp Uts
Symbol: HDRAU.BZ
Description: Kelso Technologies I
Symbol: KIQ.BZ
Description: Dynegy Inc
Symbol: DYN-A.BZ
Description: Novatel Wireless Cmn
Symbol: MIFI.BZ
Description: Commodities Select Strategy Ishares ETF
Symbol: COMT.BZ
Description: Ishares MSCI Emerging Markets H
Symbol: EMHZ.BZ
Description: Sears Canada Inc
Symbol: SRSC.BZ
Description: Vident Core U.S. Bond Strategy Fund
Symbol: VBND.BZ
Description: Inland Real Estate Corporation
Symbol: IRC-B.BZ
Description: Boot Barn Holdings Inc
Symbol: BOOT.BZ
Description: Sientra Inc
Symbol: SIEN.BZ
Description: Anchor Bancorp Cmn
Symbol: ABCW.BZ
Description: Dbv Technologies Ads
Symbol: DBVT.BZ
Description: Shell Midstream Partners LP
Symbol: SHLX.BZ
Description: Dt Asia Investments
Symbol: CADT.BZ
Description: Dt Asia Invstmt Rt
Symbol: CADTR.BZ
Description: Dt Asia Invstmt Wt
Symbol: CADTW.BZ
Description: Melrose Bancorp
Symbol: MELR.BZ
Description: US Quantitative Valueshares ETF
Symbol: QVAL.BZ
Description: Aptose Bioscns
Symbol: APTO.BZ
Description: DAX Germany ETF
Symbol: DAX.BZ
Description: G-X JPM Efficiente Index ETF
Symbol: EFFE.BZ
Description: G-X JPM US Sector Rotator ETF
Symbol: SCTO.BZ
Description: Sunoco LP
Symbol: SUN.BZ
Description: Axion Power Intl Inc
Symbol: AXPW.BZ
Description: Axion Power International Inc
Symbol: AXPWW.BZ
Description: The Joint Corp
Symbol: JYNT.BZ
Description: Sky Solar Hold Ads
Symbol: SKYS.BZ
Description: Atlas Resource Partners L.P.
Symbol: ARP-D.BZ
Description: Eurozone Alphadex Fund FT
Symbol: FEUZ.BZ
Description: Yuma Energy Inc 9.25% Series
Symbol: YUM-A.BZ
Description: Antero Resources Midstream Llc
Symbol: AM.BZ
Description: Coherus Bio
Symbol: CHRS.BZ
Description: Freshpet Inc CS
Symbol: FRPT.BZ
Description: Green Brick Partners
Symbol: GRBK.BZ
Description: Inc Research A
Symbol: INCR.BZ
Description: Jaguar Health Inc
Symbol: JAGX.BZ
Description: Nevro Corp
Symbol: NVRO.BZ
Description: Triumph Bancorp
Symbol: TBK.BZ
Description: Upland Software Inc
Symbol: UPLD.BZ
Description: Ar Cap Acq Warrants
Symbol: AUMAW.BZ
Description: Blackrock Science and Technolo
Symbol: BST.BZ
Description: Urstadt Biddle Properties Inc
Symbol: UBP-G.BZ
Description: Cowen Inc. 7.75% Senior Notes Due 2033
Symbol: COWNL.BZ
Description: Ark Genomic Revolution Multi-Sector ETF
Symbol: ARKG.BZ
Description: Ark Innovation ETF
Symbol: ARKK.BZ
Description: Ar Cap Acq Cmn
Symbol: AUMA.BZ
Description: Paratek Pharma Inc
Symbol: PRTK.BZ
Description: Alps Stoxx Europe 600 ETF
Symbol: STXX.BZ
Description: Axalta Coating Systems Ltd
Symbol: AXTA.BZ
Description: Cb Financial Svc
Symbol: CBFV.BZ
Description: Fibrogen Inc CS
Symbol: FGEN.BZ
Description: Halyard Health Inc
Symbol: HYH.BZ
Description: Kimball Intl Cl B
Symbol: KBAL.BZ
Description: Kbs Fashion Gp Ltd
Symbol: KBSF.BZ
Description: Kimball Electrnc
Symbol: KE.BZ
Description: Keysight Technologies Inc Comm
Symbol: KEYS.BZ
Description: Neuroderm Ltd Ord Sh
Symbol: NDRM.BZ
Description: Pra Health
Symbol: PRAH.BZ
Description: State Natl Co
Symbol: SNC.BZ
Description: Virgin America CS
Symbol: VA.BZ
Description: Cnova N.V. Ord
Symbol: CNV.BZ
Description: Ehi Car Services Ltd
Symbol: EHIC.BZ
Description: Cambria Global Momentum ETF
Symbol: GMOM.BZ
Description: Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp
Symbol: SMAC.BZ
Description: Capital One Financial Corporat
Symbol: COF-D.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Local Currency Bond ETF FT
Symbol: FEMB.BZ
Description: Liberty Broadbd A
Symbol: LBRDA.BZ
Description: Liberty Broadbd C
Symbol: LBRDK.BZ
Description: Low Duration Opportunities ETF FT
Symbol: LMBS.BZ
Description: Navios Maritime Midstream Partn
Symbol: NAP.BZ
Description: Scorpio Tankers Inc
Symbol: SBNB.BZ
Description: International IPO Fund FT
Symbol: FPXI.BZ
Description: JPM Dvsd Rtns Intl Equity ETF
Symbol: JPIN.BZ
Description: Landmark Cmn Units
Symbol: LMRK.BZ
Description: Optimum Yld Dvsd Cmdty Strtgy No K-1 Port PS
Symbol: PDBC.BZ
Description: Paramount Group Inc
Symbol: PGRE.BZ
Description: Strblk 8% Sr Nt 2019
Symbol: SBLKL.BZ
Description: New Senior Investment Group Inc
Symbol: SNR.BZ
Description: Adma Biologics
Symbol: ADMA.BZ
Description: Neothetics
Symbol: NEOT.BZ
Description: Chinaamc China Vaneck ETF
Symbol: CBON.BZ
Description: Hudbay Minerals Inc
Symbol: HBM.W.BZ
Description: Habit Rest Cmn A
Symbol: HABT.BZ
Description: Etfmg Prime Cyber Security ETF
Symbol: HACK.BZ
Description: Neff Corp
Symbol: NEFF.BZ
Description: Peak Resorts
Symbol: SKIS.BZ
Description: Ashford Inc
Symbol: AINC.BZ
Description: Capnia Inc Cmn Stk
Symbol: CAPN.BZ
Description: Capnia Inc A Wrnt
Symbol: CAPNW.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Internet and Ecommerce Etc
Symbol: EMQQ.BZ
Description: Enova International Inc
Symbol: ENVA.BZ
Description: Gladstone Invt Corp
Symbol: GAINO.BZ
Description: Flexshares Credit Scored US Corp Bond
Symbol: SKOR.BZ
Description: Cimpress N.V. Ord
Symbol: CMPR.BZ
Description: Applied Dna Scns
Symbol: APDN.BZ
Description: Applied Dna Sci Wrnt
Symbol: APDNW.BZ
Description: Bg Staffing
Symbol: BGSF.BZ
Description: Cb Pharma Acq Unit
Symbol: CNLMU.BZ
Description: Second Sight
Symbol: EYES.BZ
Description: Store Capital Corpstore Capital
Symbol: STOR.BZ
Description: Global X Gf China Bond ETF
Symbol: CHNB.BZ
Description: Network-1 Sec Solu
Symbol: NTIP.BZ
Description: Sears Holdings C WT
Symbol: SHLDW.BZ
Description: Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp
Symbol: SMACR.BZ
Description: Evine Live Cl A
Symbol: EVLV.BZ
Description: Outfront Media Inc
Symbol: OUT.BZ
Description: Monogram Residential Trust In
Symbol: MORE.BZ
Description: Cipher Pharmac Cmn
Symbol: CPHR.BZ
Description: Nuveen Global High Income Fund
Symbol: JGH.BZ
Description: THL Credit Inc
Symbol: TCRX.BZ
Description: Amec Foster Wheeler Plc
Symbol: AMFW.BZ
Description: Miller/Howard High Income Eqty
Symbol: HIE.BZ
Description: Vericel Corproation
Symbol: VCEL.BZ
Description: ACWI Low Carbon Target MSCI ETF SPDR
Symbol: LOWC.BZ
Description: Avolon Holdings Ltd
Symbol: AVOL.BZ
Description: CSI Compressco
Symbol: CCLP.BZ
Description: California Resources Corporatio
Symbol: CRC.BZ
Description: Hortonworks
Symbol: HDP.BZ
Description: Histogenics Cp
Symbol: HSGX.BZ
Description: Lendingclub Corp
Symbol: LC.BZ
Description: Momo Inc Ads
Symbol: MOMO.BZ
Description: Metaldyne Performance Group Inc
Symbol: MPG.BZ
Description: New Relic Inc
Symbol: NEWR.BZ
Description: State Street Corporation Depos
Symbol: STT-E.BZ
Description: Workiva Llc
Symbol: WK.BZ
Description: Sotherly Htl 7 Sr Nt
Symbol: SOHOM.BZ
Description: Anthem Inc
Symbol: ANTM.BZ
Description: Connecture Inc
Symbol: CNXR.BZ
Description: James River Gp HD
Symbol: JRVR.BZ
Description: Kranes E Fund China Comm Paper ETF
Symbol: KCNY.BZ
Description: Modsys Int'l Ltd
Symbol: MDSY.BZ
Description: Public Storage 5.875%
Symbol: PSA-A.BZ
Description: Etracs S&P 500 Veqtor Switch In
Symbol: VQTS.BZ
Description: CS S&P MLP Index ETN
Symbol: MLPO.BZ
Description: On Deck Capital Inc
Symbol: ONDK.BZ
Description: Cvsl Inc
Symbol: CVSL.BZ
Description: Frp Holdings Inc
Symbol: FRPH.BZ
Description: Dec 2020 Term Corp Ishares Ibonds ETF
Symbol: IBDL.BZ
Description: Symmetry Srgcl Cmn
Symbol: SSRG.BZ
Description: Tribune Media Corp
Symbol: TRCO.BZ
Description: Avid Tech Inc
Symbol: AVID.BZ
Description: Wells Fargo Real Estate Invest
Symbol: WFE-A.BZ
Description: ACWI Low Carbon Target Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: CRBN.BZ
Description: Rice Midstream Partners LP
Symbol: RMP.BZ
Description: United States Cellular Corpora
Symbol: UZB.BZ
Description: Bellicum Pharma Comm
Symbol: BLCM.BZ
Description: Cambria Global Asset Allocation
Symbol: GAA.BZ
Description: Juno Therapeutics
Symbol: JUNO.BZ
Description: Validea Market Legends ETF
Symbol: VALX.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree EM Ex-Soe Fund
Symbol: XSOE.BZ
Description: Hydra Ind Acq Cmn
Symbol: HDRA.BZ
Description: Hydra Ind Acq RTS
Symbol: HDRAR.BZ
Description: Hydra Indt Acq Wts
Symbol: HDRAW.BZ
Description: 6D Global Technologies Inc
Symbol: SIXD.BZ
Description: Db-Xt MSCI Eurozone Hdg Eq
Symbol: DBEZ.BZ
Description: Restaurant Brands International
Symbol: QSR.BZ
Description: Dragonwave Inc Wrnts
Symbol: DRWIW.BZ
Description: Bioshares Biotech Clinical Trial
Symbol: BBC.BZ
Description: Bioshares Biotech Products
Symbol: BBP.BZ
Description: Intl Quantitative Valueshares ETF
Symbol: IVAL.BZ
Description: Klx Inc
Symbol: KLXI.BZ
Description: Reality Shares Divs ETF
Symbol: DIVY.BZ
Description: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.
Symbol: FCAM.BZ
Description: Travel Centers of America Llc
Symbol: TANO.BZ
Description: Trillium Therapeutic
Symbol: TRIL.BZ
Description: Nuveen Equity Premium
Symbol: BXMX.BZ
Description: Nuveen Dow
Symbol: DIAX.BZ
Description: Nuveen Equity Premium and Growth Fund
Symbol: SPXX.BZ
Description: Associated Banc-Corp
Symbol: ASB.BZ
Description: Associated Banc-Corp Depositary
Symbol: ASB-B.BZ
Description: Associated Banc-Corp WT
Symbol: ASB.W.BZ
Description: Cytosorbents Cor
Symbol: CTSO.BZ
Description: Russell 1000 Eql Wgt Port PS
Symbol: EQAL.BZ
Description: Hc2 Holdings Inc
Symbol: HCHC.BZ
Description: Customers Bancorp Inc
Symbol: CUBS.BZ
Description: Walgreens Boots Alliance
Symbol: WBA.BZ
Description: Alps Medical Breakthroughs ETF
Symbol: SBIO.BZ
Description: First Nbc Bank Holdi
Symbol: FNBC.BZ
Description: Legacytexas Fnl
Symbol: LTXB.BZ
Description: Qorvo Inc
Symbol: QRVO.BZ
Description: Westmoreland Resource Partners LP
Symbol: WMLP.BZ
Description: Cb Pharma Acq RTS
Symbol: CNLMR.BZ
Description: Cb Pharma Acq Wts
Symbol: CNLMW.BZ
Description: Graniteshares US High Income ETF
Symbol: HIPS.BZ
Description: Direxion Daily FTSE Developed M
Symbol: LLDM.BZ
Description: Direxion Daily FTSE Emerging Ma
Symbol: LLEM.BZ
Description: Direxion Smallcap 1.25X
Symbol: LLSC.BZ
Description: Direxion S&P 500 Bull 1.25X
Symbol: LLSP.BZ
Description: Patriot National Inc
Symbol: PN.BZ
Description: Cb Pharma Acq Ord
Symbol: CNLM.BZ
Description: Box Inc
Symbol: BOX.BZ
Description: JPM Dvsd Rtns EM ETF
Symbol: JPEM.BZ
Description: Rave Restaurant Grp
Symbol: RAVE.BZ
Description: Total US Market Alphadex ETF FT
Symbol: TUSA.BZ
Description: County Bancorp
Symbol: ICBK.BZ
Description: Kenon Holdings Ltd Ordinary Sh
Symbol: KEN.BZ
Description: Cps Technologies
Symbol: CPSH.BZ
Description: Quantshares Hedged Dividend Income ETF
Symbol: DIVA.BZ
Description: Intl Quality Factor Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: IQLT.BZ
Description: Ascendis Pharma Ads
Symbol: ASND.BZ
Description: Entellus Medical
Symbol: ENTL.BZ
Description: Presbia Plc Ord Shs
Symbol: LENS.BZ
Description: Urban Edge Properties
Symbol: UE.BZ
Description: Wp Glimcher Inc
Symbol: WPG-I.BZ
Description: Digital Turbine
Symbol: APPS.BZ
Description: Washington Prime Group Inc 7.5
Symbol: WPG-H.BZ
Description: ETFS Zacks Earnings Large-Cap U
Symbol: ZLRG.BZ
Description: Advanced Accele. Ads
Symbol: AAAP.BZ
Description: Avinger Inc
Symbol: AVGR.BZ
Description: Euronav Nv
Symbol: EURN.BZ
Description: Flex Pharma Inc
Symbol: FLKS.BZ
Description: Infrareit Inc
Symbol: HIFR.BZ
Description: Oculus Innovative Wt
Symbol: OCLSW.BZ
Description: Spark Therap
Symbol: ONCE.BZ
Description: Shake Shack Inc
Symbol: SHAK.BZ
Description: Tracon Pharma
Symbol: TCON.BZ
Description: ETFS Zacks Earnings Small-Cap U
Symbol: ZSML.BZ
Description: CHS B Cum Pfd Srs 4
Symbol: CHSCL.BZ
Description: Inotek Pharma
Symbol: ITEK.BZ
Description: Hrvst Cap 7% Nt 2020
Symbol: HCAPL.BZ
Description: Southwestern Energy Co
Symbol: SWNC.BZ
Description: Intl Momentum Factor Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: IMTM.BZ
Description: Columbia Pipeline Partners LP
Symbol: CPPL.BZ
Description: Anworth Mortgage Asset Corpora
Symbol: ANH-C.BZ
Description: Bank of America Corp Pfd Y
Symbol: BAC-Y.BZ
Description: Easterly Government Properties
Symbol: DEA.BZ
Description: Nexvet Biopharma Ord
Symbol: NVET.BZ
Description: Vuzix Corp
Symbol: VUZI.BZ
Description: First Nw Banc
Symbol: FNWB.BZ
Description: ETFS Diversified-Factor Develop
Symbol: SBEU.BZ
Description: ETFS Diversified-Factor U.S. La
Symbol: SBUS.BZ
Description: Acre Realty Investors Inc
Symbol: AIII.BZ
Description: Avenue Financial Cmn
Symbol: AVNU.BZ
Description: Barington/Hilco Acquisition Corp. Unit
Symbol: BHACU.BZ
Description: Carbylan Therap Cmn
Symbol: CBYL.BZ
Description: Inovalon Hldgs Cm A
Symbol: INOV.BZ
Description: Medovex Corp.
Symbol: MDVX.BZ
Description: Invitae Corp
Symbol: NVTA.BZ
Description: Patriot TR HD
Symbol: PATI.BZ
Description: Global Growth Revenue ETF Oppenheimer
Symbol: RGRO.BZ
Description: Sb Fin Grp Dep Shs
Symbol: SBFGP.BZ
Description: Great Ajax Corp
Symbol: AJX.BZ
Description: Bellerophon Ther Com
Symbol: BLPH.BZ
Description: Genesis Healthcare Inc
Symbol: GEN.BZ
Description: Pdvwireless
Symbol: PDVW.BZ
Description: Etracs Mt Pay 2X US Smallcap Hi Div ETN
Symbol: SMHD.BZ
Description: Xenia Hotels & Resorts Inc
Symbol: XHR.BZ
Description: Fidelity Real Estate MSCI ETF
Symbol: FREL.BZ
Description: Russell 2000 Divd Proshares
Symbol: SMDV.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Buyback ETF SPDR
Symbol: SPYB.BZ
Description: S&P Midcap 400 Divd Proshares
Symbol: REGL.BZ
Description: Medovex Cp Cl A WT
Symbol: MDVXW.BZ
Description: Volitionrx Ltd
Symbol: VNRX.BZ
Description: Hanwha Q Cells Ads
Symbol: HQCL.BZ
Description: Norsat International Inc
Symbol: NSAT.BZ
Description: Orbital Atk Inc
Symbol: OA.BZ
Description: Triangle Capital Corp
Symbol: TCCB.BZ
Description: Vista Outdoor Inc
Symbol: VSTO.BZ
Description: S&P High Inc Infra Guggenheim ETF
Symbol: GHII.BZ
Description: Fintech Acqstn Uts
Symbol: FNTCU.BZ
Description: Ultra Junior Miners Proshares
Symbol: GDJJ.BZ
Description: Proshares Ultrashort Junior Min
Symbol: GDJS.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Gold Miner Proshares
Symbol: GDXS.BZ
Description: Ultra Gold Miners Proshares
Symbol: GDXX.BZ
Description: Irsa Propiedades Ads
Symbol: IRCP.BZ
Description: Kranes FTSE EM ETF
Symbol: KEMP.BZ
Description: Natural Hlth Trd
Symbol: NHTC.BZ
Description: Rr Media Ltd Ord Sh
Symbol: RRM.BZ
Description: Eversource Energy
Symbol: ES.BZ
Description: Advisorshares Pacific Asset Enh
Symbol: FLRT.BZ
Description: Sit Rising Rate ETF
Symbol: RISE.BZ
Description: Greenhaven Coal Fund ETV
Symbol: TONS.BZ
Description: J P Morgan Chase & Co Depositar
Symbol: JPM-F.BZ
Description: Maxpoint Intrctv
Symbol: MXPT.BZ
Description: Total Return Tactical ETF SPDR
Symbol: TOTL.BZ
Description: Blue Bird Corp
Symbol: BLBD.BZ
Description: Perseon Corp
Symbol: PRSN.BZ
Description: Tuttle Mgmt US Core ETF
Symbol: TUTT.BZ
Description: Ishares U.S. Fixed Income Balan
Symbol: INC.BZ
Description: Lion Biotechnologies
Symbol: LBIO.BZ
Description: Ocata Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: OCAT.BZ
Description: Lattice EM Strategy ETF
Symbol: ROAM.BZ
Description: Lattice Developed Markets Ex-US ETF
Symbol: RODM.BZ
Description: Lattice US Equity Strategy ETF
Symbol: ROUS.BZ
Description: Contravir Pharmaceut
Symbol: CTRV.BZ
Description: Arrow Qvm Equity Factor ETF
Symbol: QVM.BZ
Description: Summit Materials Inc
Symbol: SUM.BZ
Description: Db-Xt EM Bond Int Rate Hdged ETF
Symbol: EMIH.BZ
Description: Db-Xt HY Corp Bd Intr Rt Hdg
Symbol: HYIH.BZ
Description: Db-Xt Invt Grd Bd Intr Rt Hdg
Symbol: IGIH.BZ
Description: National Holdings
Symbol: NHLD.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Europe Hedged Smallcap Eqty ETF
Symbol: EUSC.BZ
Description: Solar3D Inc
Symbol: SLTD.BZ
Description: American Tower Corporation [Rei
Symbol: AMT-B.BZ
Description: Short Maturity Muni Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: MEAR.BZ
Description: Summit Therapeu ADR
Symbol: SMMT.BZ
Description: Barington/Hilco Rgts
Symbol: BHACR.BZ
Description: Barington/Hilco Wts
Symbol: BHACW.BZ
Description: Capricor Therap
Symbol: CAPR.BZ
Description: Goldman Sachs Bdc Inc
Symbol: GSBD.BZ
Description: National Commerce
Symbol: NCOM.BZ
Description: Steadymed Ltd Ord Sh
Symbol: STDY.BZ
Description: Etracs Mt Reset 2X ISE Exc Homebuilders ETN
Symbol: HOML.BZ
Description: Etracs ISE Exclusively Homebuil
Symbol: HOMX.BZ
Description: Solaredge Tech
Symbol: SEDG.BZ
Description: Direxion Value Line Conservative Eq ETF
Symbol: VLLV.BZ
Description: Direxion Value Line MD& Lg-Cp Hi Div ETF
Symbol: VLML.BZ
Description: Direxion Value Line SM& Md-Cp Hi Div ETF
Symbol: VLSM.BZ
Description: CSOP FTSE China A50 ETF
Symbol: AFTY.BZ
Description: Ishares Dec 2017 Term Corp ETF
Symbol: IBDJ.BZ
Description: Dec 2019 Term Corp Ishares Ibonds ETF
Symbol: IBDK.BZ
Description: Dec 2021 Term Corp Ishares Ibonds ETF
Symbol: IBDM.BZ
Description: Dec 2022 Term Corp Ishares Ibonds ETF
Symbol: IBDN.BZ
Description: Dec 2023 Term Corp Ishares Ibonds ETF
Symbol: IBDO.BZ
Description: Dec 2024 Term Corp Ishares Ibonds ETF
Symbol: IBDP.BZ
Description: Dec 2025 Term Corp Ishares Ibonds ETF
Symbol: IBDQ.BZ
Description: Jernigan Capital Inc
Symbol: JCAP.BZ
Description: Viewray Inc Cm ST
Symbol: VRAY.BZ
Description: Franklin Financial Network Inc
Symbol: FSB.BZ
Description: Barington/Hilco Acq
Symbol: BHAC.BZ
Description: G-X Super Dividend EM ETF
Symbol: SDEM.BZ
Description: G-X Super Dividend REIT ETF
Symbol: SRET.BZ
Description: Check-Cap Ltd Ord
Symbol: CHEK.BZ
Description: Zais Group Hld A
Symbol: ZAIS.BZ
Description: Cellectis S.A. Ads
Symbol: CLLS.BZ
Description: Godaddy Inc
Symbol: GDDY.BZ
Description: Kornit Digital Ord
Symbol: KRNT.BZ
Description: Amtrust Financial Services Dep Pfd
Symbol: AFS-D.BZ
Description: Arlington Asset Investment Cor
Symbol: AIC.BZ
Description: Check-Cap Ltd A WT
Symbol: CHEKW.BZ
Description: Harmony Merger Unit
Symbol: HRMNU.BZ
Description: IQ Hedge Event-Driven Tracker ETF
Symbol: QED.BZ
Description: IQ Hedge Long Short Tracker ETF
Symbol: QLS.BZ
Description: Lattice Global Smallcap Strategy ETF
Symbol: ROGS.BZ
Description: Tantech Holdings
Symbol: TANH.BZ
Description: Exponential Technologies Ishares ETF
Symbol: XT.BZ
Description: Calams Dy Cnv In
Symbol: CCD.BZ
Description: National Gnl Hld Ds
Symbol: NGHCO.BZ
Description: Alps ETF Trust Sprott Junior Gold
Symbol: SGDJ.BZ
Description: Cogentix Medical In
Symbol: CGNT.BZ
Description: Etsy Inc
Symbol: ETSY.BZ
Description: Golden Ocean Gp
Symbol: GOGL.BZ
Description: Hancock Hld 5.95 Nt
Symbol: HBHCL.BZ
Description: Journal Media Group Inc. Commo
Symbol: JMG.BZ
Description: Nexpoint Residential Trust Inc
Symbol: NXRT.BZ
Description: Videocon D2H Ltd Ads
Symbol: VDTH.BZ
Description: On Semiconductor
Symbol: ON.BZ
Description: Aduro Biotech
Symbol: ADRO.BZ
Description: Cidara Thera
Symbol: CDTX.BZ
Description: Kempharm Inc
Symbol: KMPH.BZ
Description: Party City Holdco Inc
Symbol: PRTY.BZ
Description: Virtu Financial Cm A
Symbol: VIRT.BZ
Description: Gaslog Partners LP 8.625% Series A
Symbol: GLO-A.BZ
Description: Wowo Ltd Ads
Symbol: WOWO.BZ
Description: Xbiotech Inc
Symbol: XBIT.BZ
Description: Bank of California Inc Pref Share Series D
Symbol: BAN-D.BZ
Description: Db-Xt S&P Hgd Global Infrastructure ETF
Symbol: DBIF.BZ
Description: Db-Xt DJ Hgd Intl Real Estate
Symbol: DBRE.BZ
Description: Innovator Ibd 50 Fund ETF
Symbol: FFTY.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Japan Divd Hedged Fund
Symbol: JHDG.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Ex-Rate Sen Low Vlty Portfolio PS
Symbol: XRLV.BZ
Description: Eco-Stim Energy
Symbol: ESES.BZ
Description: Juniper Pharm Inc
Symbol: JNP.BZ
Description: National Storage Affiliates Tru
Symbol: NSA.BZ
Description: Apigee Corp Cm ST
Symbol: APIC.BZ
Description: Fintech Acquisition
Symbol: FNTCW.BZ
Description: Opexa Therap Warrant
Symbol: OPXAW.BZ
Description: Atlas Resource Partners L.P. 1
Symbol: ARP-E.BZ
Description: Colony Capital Inc 7.125% Series C Pref Share
Symbol: CLN-C.BZ
Description: Fintech Acquisition
Symbol: FNTC.BZ
Description: Direxion CSI 300 China A 2X
Symbol: CHAU.BZ
Description: Corbus Pharma
Symbol: CRBP.BZ
Symbol: HRMNW.BZ
Description: USA Qlty Mix MSCI ETF SPDR
Symbol: QUS.BZ
Description: Nobilis Health Corp
Symbol: HLTH.BZ
Description: Invivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp
Symbol: NVIV.BZ
Description: Opgen Inc
Symbol: OPGN.BZ
Description: Blueprint Medi Cm ST
Symbol: BPMC.BZ
Description: Colucid Pharma Cmn
Symbol: CLCD.BZ
Description: Enviva Partners LP
Symbol: EVA.BZ
Description: Real Industry
Symbol: RELY.BZ
Description: Alphamark Actmg Smallcap ETF
Symbol: SMCP.BZ
Description: Teekay Offshore Partners LP
Symbol: TOO-B.BZ
Description: Black Stone Minerals LP
Symbol: BSM.BZ
Description: Erin Energy Corp
Symbol: ERN.BZ
Description: G-X MSCI Pakistan ETF
Symbol: PAK.BZ
Description: Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings
Symbol: AJRD.BZ
Description: Com Sls Lease Cn
Symbol: CSAL.BZ
Description: Fortress Biotech Inc
Symbol: FBIO.BZ
Description: Del Taco Rest
Symbol: TACO.BZ
Description: Del Taco Rest Wts
Symbol: TACOW.BZ
Description: Atlantic Alliance Or
Symbol: AAPC.BZ
Description: G-X Guru Active ETF
Symbol: ACTX.BZ
Description: Recon Capital FTSE 100 ETF
Symbol: UK.BZ
Description: US Global Jets ETF
Symbol: JETS.BZ
Description: USA Multifactor Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: LRGF.BZ
Description: USA Multifactor Small-Cap Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: SMLF.BZ
Description: Adaptimmune Ther Ads
Symbol: ADAP.BZ
Description: Arowana Inc Units
Symbol: ARWAU.BZ
Description: Bojangles Inc CS
Symbol: BOJA.BZ
Description: Biondvax Pharma Ads
Symbol: BVXV.BZ
Description: Collegium Pharma
Symbol: COLL.BZ
Description: Htg Molecular Dia
Symbol: HTGM.BZ
Description: Intl Small-Cap Multifactor Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: ISCF.BZ
Description: Atyr Pharma Inc
Symbol: LIFE.BZ
Description: Tallgrass Energy Gp LP
Symbol: TEGP.BZ
Description: Global Multifactor Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: ACWF.BZ
Description: Civista Bncshrs
Symbol: CIVB.BZ
Description: Civista Bancshrs Dep
Symbol: CIVBP.BZ
Description: Intl Multifactor Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: INTF.BZ
Description: New York Mort 7.875
Symbol: NYMTO.BZ
Description: Arcadia Bio
Symbol: RKDA.BZ
Description: Tsakos Energy Navigation Limit
Symbol: TNP-D.BZ
Description: Fenix Parts Inc
Symbol: FENX.BZ
Description: Fortress Transportation & Infra
Symbol: FTAI.BZ
Description: Opgen Inc Warrant
Symbol: OPGNW.BZ
Description: Eqt Gp Holdings LP
Symbol: EQGP.BZ
Description: Etracs Mt Pay 2X MSCI US REIT Index ETN
Symbol: LRET.BZ
Description: Galapagos Nv
Symbol: GLPG.BZ
Description: Shopify Inc
Symbol: SHOP.BZ
Description: The One Group
Symbol: STKS.BZ
Description: Community Healthcare Trust Inc
Symbol: CHCT.BZ
Description: Europe Currency Hedged PS
Symbol: FXEU.BZ
Description: Vedanta Ltd
Symbol: VEDL.BZ
Description: Black Knight Financial Services
Symbol: BKFS.BZ
Description: Biondvax Pharma WT
Symbol: BVXVW.BZ
Description: Baozun Inc Ads
Symbol: BZUN.BZ
Description: Bofa Crossover Corp Bond ETF SPDR
Symbol: CJNK.BZ
Description: Diamond Hill Valuation-Weighted
Symbol: DHVW.BZ
Description: Gp Investments Unit
Symbol: GPIAU.BZ
Description: Pga Holdings Inc
Symbol: PGND.BZ
Description: Gladstone Inv 6.5 C
Symbol: GAINN.BZ
Description: G-X Scientific Beta Japan ETF
Symbol: SCIJ.BZ
Description: G-X Scientific Beta US ETF
Symbol: SCIU.BZ
Description: G-X Scientific Beta Asia Ex-Jpn ETF
Symbol: SCIX.BZ
Description: Anthem Inc
Symbol: ANTX.BZ
Description: G-X Scientific Beta Europe ETF
Symbol: SCID.BZ
Description: Code Rebel Cp Cmn
Symbol: CDRB.BZ
Description: Costamare Inc 8.75% Series D Cum Perp Pref
Symbol: CMR-D.BZ
Description: NRG Yield Inc Class A
Symbol: NYL.A.BZ
Description: Apple Hospitality REIT Inc
Symbol: APLE.BZ
Description: Arowana Inc RTS
Symbol: ARWAR.BZ
Description: Arowana Inc Wts
Symbol: ARWAW.BZ
Description: Customers Bancorp Inc Perp Pref Series C
Symbol: CUB-C.BZ
Description: Peoples Utah
Symbol: PUB.BZ
Description: Acshrs SP Cb Vx Down
Symbol: VXDN.BZ
Description: Acshrs SP Cb VIX Up
Symbol: VXUP.BZ
Description: Allianzgi Diversified Income &
Symbol: ACV.BZ
Description: Eagle Point Credit Company Inc
Symbol: ECCA.BZ
Description: Contrarian Opportunity PS
Symbol: CNTR.BZ
Description: Davidstea Inc
Symbol: DTEA.BZ
Description: Russell Top 200 Eql Wgt Port PS
Symbol: EQWL.BZ
Description: Russell Midcap Eql Wgt Port PS
Symbol: EQWM.BZ
Description: Russell 2000 Eql Wgt Port PS
Symbol: EQWS.BZ
Description: Evolent Health Inc Class A Com
Symbol: EVH.BZ
Description: Endochoice Holdings Inc Commo
Symbol: GI.BZ
Description: Penntex Midstream
Symbol: PTXP.BZ
Description: Arowana Inc Ord
Symbol: ARWA.BZ
Description: Elkhorn S&P 500 Cap
Symbol: CAPX.BZ
Description: Nuveen Senior Income Fund
Symbol: NSL-A.BZ
Description: Neurometrix Inc WT
Symbol: NUROW.BZ
Description: Till Cap Res Vt Shrs
Symbol: TIL.BZ
Description: First Republic Bank
Symbol: FRC-F.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Japan Dividend Growt
Symbol: JDG.BZ
Description: Direxion S&P Biotech Bear 3X
Symbol: LABD.BZ
Description: Direxion S&P Biotech Bull 3X
Symbol: LABU.BZ
Description: G-X Yieldco Index ETF
Symbol: YLCO.BZ
Description: Azure Midstream Partners LP
Symbol: AZUR.BZ
Description: Caleres Inc
Symbol: CAL.BZ
Description: Corindus Vascular Robotics Inc
Symbol: CVRS.BZ
Description: Direxion S&P Oil & Gas Expl Bear 3X
Symbol: DRIP.BZ
Description: Diana Shipping Inc
Symbol: DSXN.BZ
Description: Direxion S&P Oil & Gas Expl Bull 3X
Symbol: GUSH.BZ
Description: Oncosec Medical
Symbol: ONCS.BZ
Description: Axovant Sciences Ltd
Symbol: AXON.BZ
Description: Delta Tech HD Ltd Or
Symbol: DELT.BZ
Description: Delta Tech Hld WT
Symbol: DELTW.BZ
Description: Essendant Inc
Symbol: ESND.BZ
Description: Invuity Inc
Symbol: IVTY.BZ
Description: Lake Sunapee Bk Cmn
Symbol: LSBG.BZ
Description: Milestone Scientific
Symbol: MLSS.BZ
Description: Yulong Eco-Mtls Ord
Symbol: YECO.BZ
Description: Colliers Intl Grp In
Symbol: CIGI.BZ
Description: Highland Hfr Event-Driven ETF
Symbol: DRVN.BZ
Description: Trimtabs Intl Free-Cash Flow Et
Symbol: FCFI.BZ
Description: Fitbit Inc
Symbol: FIT.BZ
Description: Firstsrvce Sub Vt Sh
Symbol: FSV.BZ
Description: Global Net Lease Inc
Symbol: GNL.BZ
Description: Highland Funds I Highland Hfr E
Symbol: HHDG.BZ
Description: Highland Funds I Highland Hfr G
Symbol: HHFR.BZ
Description: Talen Energy Corporation
Symbol: TLN.BZ
Description: Wingstop Inc
Symbol: WING.BZ
Description: Ritter Pharmac. Com
Symbol: RTTR.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Global Ex-US Hedged Divd Fund
Symbol: DXUS.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree International Hedged
Symbol: HDLS.BZ
Symbol: HRMN.BZ
Description: Convertible Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: ICVT.BZ
Symbol: NVLS.BZ
Description: Amaya Inc
Symbol: AYA.BZ
Description: Caladrius Bio
Symbol: CLBS.BZ
Description: Biotie Therapies Cor
Symbol: BITI.BZ
Description: Mindbody Cls A
Symbol: MB.BZ
Description: Univar Inc
Symbol: UNVR.BZ
Description: Associated Banc-Corp Depositary
Symbol: ASB-C.BZ
Description: Fogo De Chao Cm ST
Symbol: FOGO.BZ
Description: Frontier A Mn Cnv Pd
Symbol: FTRPR.BZ
Description: Direxion Daily MSCI Europe Curr
Symbol: HEGE.BZ
Description: Direxion Daily MSCI Japan Curre
Symbol: HEGJ.BZ
Description: Euro Stoxx 50 Currency Hedged SPDR
Symbol: HFEZ.BZ
Description: Global Spin-Off Vaneck
Symbol: SPUN.BZ
Description: Tuttle Mgmt Multi-Strategy Income ETF
Symbol: TUTI.BZ
Description: Anadarko Petroleum Corp
Symbol: AEUA.BZ
Description: 8Point3 Energy Cl A
Symbol: CAFD.BZ
Description: Electrum Special Uts
Symbol: ELECU.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Western Asset Unconstrained Bond
Symbol: UBND.BZ
Description: Pacer Trendpilot 750 ETF
Symbol: PTLC.BZ
Description: Pacer Trendpilot 450 ETF
Symbol: PTMC.BZ
Description: Pacer Trendpilot 100 ETF
Symbol: PTNQ.BZ
Description: Allergan Plc 5.50% Mandatory C
Symbol: AGN-A.BZ
Description: Catabasis Pharma
Symbol: CATB.BZ
Description: J P Morgan Chase & Co Depositar
Symbol: JPM-G.BZ
Description: Alarm.com
Symbol: ALRM.BZ
Description: Appfolio Cl A
Symbol: APPF.BZ
Description: Celyad Sa Ads
Symbol: CYAD.BZ
Description: Glaukos Corp
Symbol: GKOS.BZ
Description: Gener8 Maritime Inc
Symbol: GNRT.BZ
Description: Milacron Holdings Corp
Symbol: MCRN.BZ
Description: Pulmatrix Inc
Symbol: PULM.BZ
Description: Transunion
Symbol: TRU.BZ
Description: Xactly Corp
Symbol: XTLY.BZ
Description: Direxion CSI 300 China A 1X
Symbol: CHAD.BZ
Description: Cynapsus Thera Cm Sh
Symbol: CYNA.BZ
Description: CNX Coal Resources LP
Symbol: CNXC.BZ
Description: Eagle Growth and Income Opportu
Symbol: EGIF.BZ
Description: Green Plains Partners LP
Symbol: GPP.BZ
Description: Seres Theraptc
Symbol: MCRB.BZ
Description: Abeona Therapeutics
Symbol: ABEO.BZ
Description: Abeona Thera Wts
Symbol: ABEOW.BZ
Description: Amtrust Financial Services Inc
Symbol: AFSS.BZ
Description: Provectus Biopharmaceuticals
Symbol: PVC.W.BZ
Description: Dhx Media Varbl Vtg
Symbol: DHXM.BZ
Description: Proshares Ultra Homebuilders &
Symbol: HBU.BZ
Description: Ultrapro Biotechnology Proshares
Symbol: UBIO.BZ
Description: Ultra Oil & Gas Explorers Proshares
Symbol: UOP.BZ
Description: Ultrapro Short Biotechnology Proshares
Symbol: ZBIO.BZ
Description: Db-Xt Jpn Jpx Nikkei 400 Eq
Symbol: JPN.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: WRK-.BZ
Description: Biopharmx Corporatio
Symbol: BPMX.BZ
Description: Cemtrex Inc
Symbol: CETX.BZ
Description: Hedged Europe Proshares
Symbol: HGEU.BZ
Description: Hedged Japan Proshares
Symbol: HGJP.BZ
Description: Hull Tactical US ETF
Symbol: HTUS.BZ
Description: Tekla World Healthcare Fund
Symbol: THW.BZ
Description: Sutor Technology Group Ltd
Symbol: TOR.BZ
Description: Concordia International
Symbol: CXRX.BZ
Description: Proshare Ultrashort Homebuilder
Symbol: HBZ.BZ
Description: Majesco
Symbol: MJCO.BZ
Description: Ultrashort Oil & Gas Proshares
Symbol: SOP.BZ
Description: Tegna Inc
Symbol: TGNA.BZ
Description: Zimmer Biomet Holdings
Symbol: ZBH.BZ
Description: Pieris Pharma
Symbol: PIRS.BZ
Description: Tortoise North Amer Pipeline Fund
Symbol: TPYP.BZ
Description: Topbuild Corp
Symbol: BLD.BZ
Description: Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises I
Symbol: BW.BZ
Description: Bwx Technologies Inc
Symbol: BWXT.BZ
Description: Baxalta Incorporated Common Sto
Symbol: BXLT.BZ
Description: Cable One Inc
Symbol: CABO.BZ
Description: Chemours Company
Symbol: CC.BZ
Description: Conformis Inc CS
Symbol: CFMS.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree China Ex-Cso Fund
Symbol: CXSE.BZ
Description: Edgewell Personal Care
Symbol: EPC.BZ
Description: ACWI Curr Hedged Ex US Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: HAWX.BZ
Description: Canada Curr Hedged Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: HEWC.BZ
Description: South Korea Curr Hedged Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: HEWY.BZ
Description: Horizon Global Corporation Comm
Symbol: HZN.BZ
Description: Natera Inc
Symbol: NTRA.BZ
Description: Alps Sector Leaders ETF
Symbol: SLDR.BZ
Description: Alps Sector Low Volatility ETF
Symbol: SLOW.BZ
Description: Teladoc Health Inc
Symbol: TDOC.BZ
Description: Unique Fabricating Inc
Symbol: UFAB.BZ
Description: Your Community Bkshr
Symbol: YCB.BZ
Description: Columbia Pipeline Group Inc. C
Symbol: CPGX.BZ
Description: Liberty Latin America Cl A
Symbol: LILA.BZ
Description: Liberty Latin America Cl C
Symbol: LILAK.BZ
Description: Relx Plc
Symbol: RELX.BZ
Description: Relx N.V.
Symbol: RENX.BZ
Description: Seaspine Holdings
Symbol: SPNE.BZ
Description: Westrock Company
Symbol: WRK.BZ
Description: Spain Curr Hedged Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: HEWP.BZ
Description: Kraft Heinz Co
Symbol: KHC.BZ
Description: Pershing Gold
Symbol: PGLC.BZ
Description: Seritage Growth Properties Cla
Symbol: SRG.BZ
Description: Valley National Bancorp
Symbol: VLY-A.BZ
Description: Chiasma Inc
Symbol: CHMA.BZ
Description: Nasdaq Cybersecurity ETF FT
Symbol: CIBR.BZ
Description: Commerce Un Bcsh
Symbol: CUBN.BZ
Description: Pronai Therap Cmn
Symbol: DNAI.BZ
Description: Hailiang Edu Grp Ads
Symbol: HLG.BZ
Description: Intl Size Factor Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: ISZE.BZ
Description: Jupai Holdings Ltd
Symbol: JP.BZ
Description: Mcbc Holdings
Symbol: MCFT.BZ
Description: Ollies Bargain CS
Symbol: OLLI.BZ
Description: Ooma Inc
Symbol: OOMA.BZ
Description: Alps ETF Trust Alps Enhanced Pu
Symbol: PUTX.BZ
Description: Rapid7 Inc
Symbol: RPD.BZ
Description: Steel Excel Cmn
Symbol: SXCL.BZ
Description: Victory US Largecap Hi Div Vol Wtd ETF
Symbol: CDL.BZ
Description: Victory US Smallcap Vol Wtd ETF
Symbol: CSA.BZ
Description: Victory US Smallcap Hi Div Vol Wtd ETF
Symbol: CSB.BZ
Description: Italy Curr Hedged Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: HEWI.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Yield Enhcd US Agg Bond Fund
Symbol: AGGY.BZ
Description: Blue Buffalo Pet
Symbol: BUFF.BZ
Description: Essa Pharma
Symbol: EPIX.BZ
Description: Equitable Fincl
Symbol: EQFN.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Trust Wisdomtree Int
Symbol: HDWM.BZ
Description: United Kingdom Curr Hedged Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: HEWU.BZ
Description: Exchange Listed Funds Trust Gav
Symbol: KLDW.BZ
Description: Exchange Listed Funds Trust Gav
Symbol: KLEM.BZ
Description: Lindblad Expd Hld
Symbol: LIND.BZ
Description: Lindblad Expd WT
Symbol: LINDW.BZ
Description: Wintrust Fin Pref D
Symbol: WTFCM.BZ
Description: Principal Edge Active Income ETF
Symbol: YLD.BZ
Description: Itus Corp
Symbol: ITUS.BZ
Description: Aethlon Medical
Symbol: AEMD.BZ
Description: Australia Curr Hedged Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: HAUD.BZ
Description: Mexico Curr Hedged Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: HEWW.BZ
Description: Live Oak Bancsh
Symbol: LOB.BZ
Description: Neos Therapeutics
Symbol: NEOS.BZ
Description: G-X Super Dividend Alternatives ETF
Symbol: ALTY.BZ
Description: EAFE Small-Cap Curr Hedged Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: HSCZ.BZ
Description: Morningstar Intl Moat Vaneck ETF
Symbol: MOTI.BZ
Description: O's U.S. Qlty Divd ETF
Symbol: OUSA.BZ
Description: Switzerland Curr Hedged Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: HEWL.BZ
Description: Intl Value Factor Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: IVLU.BZ
Description: Etracs 2Xmonthly Leveraged S&P
Symbol: MLPV.BZ
Description: Purefunds ISE Big Data ETF
Symbol: BDAT.BZ
Description: Purefunds ISE Mobile Payments ETF
Symbol: IPAY.BZ
Description: Nantkwest Inc CS
Symbol: NK.BZ
Description: Provident Bancorp CS
Symbol: PVBC.BZ
Description: B. Riley Financl
Symbol: RILY.BZ
Description: Sleep Country Canada Holdings Inc
Symbol: ZZZ.BZ
Description: First Comty Fncl Cmn
Symbol: FCFP.BZ
Description: Terraform Glbl Cla
Symbol: GLBL.BZ
Description: Vtv Theraptcs Cl A
Symbol: VTVT.BZ
Description: Paypal Holdings
Symbol: PYPL.BZ
Description: Aqua Metals Inc
Symbol: AQMS.BZ
Description: Condor Hospitality T
Symbol: CDOR.BZ
Description: Condor Hosp Pfd B
Symbol: CDORO.BZ
Description: Condor Hosp Pfd A
Symbol: CDORP.BZ
Description: ACWI Curr Hedged Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: HACW.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Strong Dollar U.S. E
Symbol: USSD.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Weak Dollar U.S. Equ
Symbol: USWD.BZ
Description: IQ 50% Hedged FTSE Europe
Symbol: HFXE.BZ
Description: IQ 50% Hedged FTSE International
Symbol: HFXI.BZ
Description: IQ 50% Hedged FTSE Japan
Symbol: HFXJ.BZ
Description: Easterly Acquisition Corp
Symbol: EACQU.BZ
Description: Sunrun Inc
Symbol: RUN.BZ
Description: Tier REIT
Symbol: TIER.BZ
Description: Cryoport Inc
Symbol: CYRX.BZ
Description: Cryoport Inc Wts
Symbol: CYRXW.BZ
Description: Jm Global Hold Unit
Symbol: WYIGU.BZ
Description: Zynerba Pharma CS
Symbol: ZYNE.BZ
Description: Aimmune Therap
Symbol: AIMT.BZ
Description: Amplify Snack Brands Inc
Symbol: BETR.BZ
Description: Dynagas Lng Partners LP 9.00% Series A
Symbol: DLN-A.BZ
Description: Gp Investments Aq WT
Symbol: GPIAW.BZ
Description: Planet Fitness
Symbol: PLNT.BZ
Description: Eastman Kodak Co. WT X
Symbol: KOD.X.BZ
Description: Hongli Clean Energy Technologies Corp
Symbol: CETC.BZ
Description: Nuveen High Income 2020 Target
Symbol: JHY.BZ
Description: Conifer Holdings
Symbol: CNFR.BZ
Description: Int Rate Hedged Emrg Mkts Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: EMBH.BZ
Description: Global Partner Acquisition Corp Unit
Symbol: GPACU.BZ
Description: Curr Hedged Global Ex USD High Yield Bond Ishare
Symbol: HHYX.BZ
Description: Perseon Corporation Warrants
Symbol: PRSNW.BZ
Description: Vapor Corp.
Symbol: VPCOU.BZ
Description: Wpx Energy Inc
Symbol: WPXP.BZ
Description: Eyegate Pharm Wts
Symbol: EYEGW.BZ
Description: Global Blood Ther
Symbol: GBT.BZ
Description: Vereit Inc
Symbol: VER.BZ
Description: Vereit Inc
Symbol: VER-F.BZ
Description: XCEL Brands
Symbol: XELB.BZ
Description: Aberdeen EM Smaller Company Fund
Symbol: ABE.BZ
Description: Arbutus Biopharma Cp
Symbol: ABUS.BZ
Description: Agrofresh Solutions
Symbol: AGFS.BZ
Description: Agrofresh Sol Wrrnts
Symbol: AGFSW.BZ
Description: Barnes & Noble Education Inc C
Symbol: BNED.BZ
Description: Benitec Biopharm Ads
Symbol: BNTC.BZ
Description: Houlihan Lokey
Symbol: HLI.BZ
Description: Golden Entmt
Symbol: GDEN.BZ
Description: Lumentum Hld
Symbol: LITE.BZ
Description: Intec Pharma Ord Shr
Symbol: NTEC.BZ
Description: Viavi Solutions
Symbol: VIAV.BZ
Description: Medigus Ltd Ads
Symbol: MDGS.BZ
Description: Charles Schwab Corp Pref Share
Symbol: SCH-C.BZ
Description: Triplepoint Venture Growth Bdc
Symbol: TPVZ.BZ
Description: Jpmorgan Chase & Co
Symbol: JPM-H.BZ
Description: Sito Mobile
Symbol: SITO.BZ
Description: Virtus Multi-Sector Uncstd Bond
Symbol: NFLT.BZ
Description: Payment Data Syst
Symbol: PYDS.BZ
Description: E-Compass Acq Uts
Symbol: ECACU.BZ
Description: Gores Holdings III Inc
Symbol: GRSHU.BZ
Description: Cai International
Symbol: CAI.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Real Estate Eql Wgt Port PS
Symbol: EWRE.BZ
Description: Db-Xt MSCI All World Ex-US Div Yld Hgd Eq
Symbol: HDAW.BZ
Description: Ensync Inc
Symbol: ESNC.BZ
Description: Zillow Grp Inc Cl A
Symbol: ZG.BZ
Description: Benitec Biopharm Wrt
Symbol: BNTCW.BZ
Description: Care Capital Properties Inc C
Symbol: CCP.BZ
Description: Db-Xt MSCI Emkts High Div Yld Hgd Eq
Symbol: HDEE.BZ
Description: Db-Xt MSCI EAFE High Div Yld Hgd Eq
Symbol: HDEF.BZ
Description: Db-Xt MSCI Eurozone High Div Yld
Symbol: HDEZ.BZ
Description: Direxion Homebuild & Suppliers Bear 3X
Symbol: CLAW.BZ
Description: Oil Refiners Vaneck ETF
Symbol: CRAK.BZ
Description: Db-Xt MSCI Australia Hgd Eq
Symbol: DBAU.BZ
Description: Db-Xt MSCI EAFE Smcp Hgd Eq
Symbol: DBES.BZ
Description: Db-Xt MSCI Italy Hgd Eq
Symbol: DBIT.BZ
Description: Db-Xt MSCI Southern Europe Hedged Eqty ETF
Symbol: DBSE.BZ
Description: Db-Xt MSCI Spain Hedged Equity ETF
Symbol: DBSP.BZ
Description: Direxion Regional Banks Bull 3X
Symbol: DPST.BZ
Description: Db-Xt Japan Jpx-Nikkei 400 Hedged Eqty ETF
Symbol: JPNH.BZ
Description: Direxion Homebuild & Suppliers Bull 3X
Symbol: NAIL.BZ
Description: National Gen Sub NTS
Symbol: NGHCZ.BZ
Description: O's Asia Pacific Qlty Divd ETF
Symbol: OASI.BZ
Description: O's Europe Qlty Divd ETF
Symbol: OEUR.BZ
Description: Direxion Regional Banks Bear 3X
Symbol: WDRW.BZ
Description: Victory Intl Hi Div Vol Wtd ETF
Symbol: CID.BZ
Description: Victory Intl Vol Wtd ETF
Symbol: CIL.BZ
Description: Electrum Special WT
Symbol: ELECW.BZ
Description: Ampliphi Biosciences Corp
Symbol: APHB.BZ
Description: Catalyst Bio
Symbol: CBIO.BZ
Description: Everi Holdings Inc
Symbol: EVRI.BZ
Description: Global Ptnr Acq Wrt
Symbol: GPACW.BZ
Description: O's Europe Qlty Divd Hedged ETF
Symbol: OEUH.BZ
Description: Tax-Exempt Bond Vanguard
Symbol: VTEB.BZ
Description: Capital One Financial Corporat
Symbol: COF-F.BZ
Description: Champions Oncolog
Symbol: CSBR.BZ
Description: Sce Trust IV
Symbol: SCE-J.BZ
Description: Skyline Medical
Symbol: SKLN.BZ
Description: Skyline Medical Inc.
Symbol: SKLNU.BZ
Description: O's Asia Pacific Qlty Divd Hedged ETF
Symbol: OAPH.BZ
Description: Digital Rlty TR Inc Pfd Sr I %
Symbol: DLR-I.BZ
Description: Global Indmnty 7.75
Symbol: GBLIZ.BZ
Description: Gp Invstmts Aq Ord
Symbol: GPIA.BZ
Description: Iberiabank Dp Sh B
Symbol: IBKCP.BZ
Description: Emergent Capital Inc
Symbol: EMG.BZ
Description: Columbia EM Core Ex-China ETF
Symbol: XCEM.BZ
Description: CRH Medical Corp
Symbol: CRHM.BZ
Description: Dec 2021 Term Muni Bond Ishares Ibonds ETF
Symbol: IBMJ.BZ
Description: Dec 2022 Term Muni Bond Ishares Ibonds ETF
Symbol: IBMK.BZ
Description: Jpx-Nikkei 400 Ishares ETF
Symbol: JPXN.BZ
Description: Penumbra Inc
Symbol: PEN.BZ
Description: Regenxbio Inc
Symbol: RGNX.BZ
Description: Xura Inc Cmn Stk
Symbol: MESG.BZ
Description: Nabriva Therape Ads
Symbol: NBRV.BZ
Description: Pace Holdings Co Un
Symbol: PACEU.BZ
Description: Cambria Value and Momentum ETF
Symbol: VAMO.BZ
Description: Int Rate Hedged 10+ Year Credit Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: CLYH.BZ
Description: Europe Dividend Proshares
Symbol: EUDV.BZ
Symbol: FLO-.BZ
Symbol: SPX-.BZ
Description: S&P Intl Dividend SPDR
Symbol: HDWX.BZ
Description: SPDR MSCI International Real Es
Symbol: HREX.BZ
Description: Satrix Swix Top 40
Symbol: STXSW.BZ
Description: Stericycle Inc Deps
Symbol: SRCLP.BZ
Description: Wells Fargo & Company Depositar
Symbol: WFC-V.BZ
Description: Amtrust Financial Services Inc
Symbol: AFST.BZ
Description: Direxion Cyber Security & IT Bull 2X
Symbol: HAKK.BZ
Description: Saudi Arabia Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: KSA.BZ
Symbol: MSG-.BZ
Description: American Caresource
Symbol: GNOW.BZ
Description: Mirna Therap
Symbol: MIRN.BZ
Symbol: BX-.BZ
Description: Nextera Energy Inc Corporate
Symbol: NEE-Q.BZ
Description: Akari Therapeutics
Symbol: AKTX.BZ
Description: Edge Therapeut Cm S
Symbol: EDGE.BZ
Description: Novocure Ltd Ord Sh
Symbol: NVCR.BZ
Description: Surgery Partners CS
Symbol: SGRY.BZ
Description: GS Activebeta US Largecap ETF
Symbol: GSLC.BZ
Description: Direxion Daily Pharmaceutical & Medical Bull 3X
Symbol: PILL.BZ
Description: Direxion Daily Pharmaceutical &
Symbol: PILS.BZ
Description: Performance Food Group Co
Symbol: PFGC.BZ
Description: CPI Card Group
Symbol: PMTS.BZ
Description: Qwest Corporation 6.625% Notes
Symbol: CTZ.BZ
Description: Direxion Daily Cyber Security B
Symbol: HAKD.BZ
Symbol: PJT-.BZ
Description: Prism Tech Grp Cmn
Symbol: PRZM.BZ
Description: Pure Storage Inc
Symbol: PSTG.BZ
Description: Electrum Special Or
Symbol: ELEC.BZ
Description: Flexshares Credit Scored US Long Corp
Symbol: LKOR.BZ
Description: Flexshares US Quality Largecap
Symbol: QLC.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Ex-Energy Proshares
Symbol: SPXE.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Ex-Financials Proshares
Symbol: SPXN.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Ex-Technology Proshares
Symbol: SPXT.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Ex-Health Care Proshares
Symbol: SPXV.BZ
Description: Reaves Utilities ETF
Symbol: UTES.BZ
Description: First Trust Dynamic Europe Equi
Symbol: FDEU.BZ
Symbol: JAX-.BZ
Description: Aclaris Therapts
Symbol: ACRS.BZ
Description: Cytomx Thera
Symbol: CTMX.BZ
Description: SPX Corp
Symbol: SPXC.BZ
Description: SPX Flow Inc
Symbol: FLOW.BZ
Description: Newtek 7.5% NTS 2022
Symbol: NEWTZ.BZ
Description: Allegiance Banc CS
Symbol: ABTX.BZ
Description: Wmih Corp
Symbol: WMIH.BZ
Description: GS Activebeta EM Equity ETF
Symbol: GEM.BZ
Description: J. Alexander's Holdings Inc C
Symbol: JAX.BZ
Description: JH Financial Multifactor ETF
Symbol: JHMF.BZ
Description: JH Midcap Multifactor ETF
Symbol: JHMM.BZ
Description: Staffing 360 Solutions Inc
Symbol: STAF.BZ
Description: Csw Industrials Inc.
Symbol: CSWIV.BZ
Description: JH Healthcare Multifactor ETF
Symbol: JHMH.BZ
Description: JH Largecap Multifactor ETF
Symbol: JHML.BZ
Description: JH Technology Multifactor ETF
Symbol: JHMT.BZ
Description: JPM Dvsd Rtns US Equity ETF
Symbol: JPUS.BZ
Description: CS X-Links Multi-Asset High Income ETN
Symbol: MLTI.BZ
Description: Msg Networks Inc
Symbol: MSGN.BZ
Description: IQ Leaders Gtaa Tracker ETF
Symbol: QGTA.BZ
Description: Calatlantic Group Inc
Symbol: CAA.BZ
Description: Csw Industrials Inc
Symbol: CSWI.BZ
Description: First Data Corp
Symbol: FDC.BZ
Description: JH Consumer Disc Multifactor ETF
Symbol: JHMC.BZ
Description: Pjt Partners Inc Class A
Symbol: PJT.BZ
Description: Strongbridge Bio Ord
Symbol: SBBP.BZ
Description: Easterly Acq
Symbol: EACQ.BZ
Description: Jpx-Nikkei 400 Curr Hedged Ishares ETF
Symbol: HJPX.BZ
Symbol: DOW.W.BZ
Description: Adesto Tech
Symbol: IOTS.BZ
Symbol: OLN-.BZ
Description: American Farmland
Symbol: AFCO.BZ
Description: Klondex Mines Ltd
Symbol: KLDX.BZ
Description: Financial Services Select Secto
Symbol: XLFS.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Real Estate Sector SPDR
Symbol: XLRE.BZ
Description: Etracs Alerian MLP ETN Series B
Symbol: AMUB.BZ
Description: Etracs Wells Fargo Business Dev ETN
Symbol: BDCZ.BZ
Description: 2025 Corp Bond Port PS Bs
Symbol: BSCP.BZ
Description: DWA Tactical Sector Rotation Portfolio PS
Symbol: DWTR.BZ
Description: Fuling Global Ord Sh
Symbol: FORK.BZ
Description: Developed Euro-Pacific PS
Symbol: FXEP.BZ
Description: Etracs Mt Pay 2X Levd Wells Bdc ETN Series B
Symbol: LBDC.BZ
Description: Etracs Alerian MLP Infrastruc ETN
Symbol: MLPB.BZ
Description: Multi Packaging Solutions Inter
Symbol: MPSX.BZ
Description: Etracs Mt Pay 2X Mortgage REIT ETN Series B
Symbol: MRRL.BZ
Description: The Southern Co. Series
Symbol: SOJA.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Enhanced Value Port PS
Symbol: SPVU.BZ
Description: Travelcenters of America Llc
Symbol: TANP.BZ
Description: Etracs UBS Bberg Constant Maturity ETN
Symbol: UCIB.BZ
Description: Ferrari N.V.
Symbol: RACE.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Momentum Portfolio PS
Symbol: SPMO.BZ
Description: Titan Pharma
Symbol: TTNP.BZ
Description: Dimension Thera
Symbol: DMTX.BZ
Description: 2023 High Yld Corp Bond Port PS Bs
Symbol: BSJN.BZ
Description: Cerecor Inc.
Symbol: CERCU.BZ
Description: Loncar Cancer Immunotherapy ETF
Symbol: CNCR.BZ
Description: Pacific Spc Acq Unit
Symbol: PAACU.BZ
Description: Determine Inc
Symbol: DTRM.BZ
Symbol: HPE-.BZ
Symbol: HPQ-.BZ
Description: Livanova Plc Or Sh
Symbol: LIVN.BZ
Description: Myokardia Inc Cm ST
Symbol: MYOK.BZ
Description: Xtant Medical Holdings Inc
Symbol: XTNT.BZ
Description: Ztest Electronics Inc
Symbol: ZTST.BZ
Description: Db-Xt CSI 300 China A Hgd Eq
Symbol: ASHX.BZ
Description: CSOP MSCI China A International
Symbol: CNHX.BZ
Description: CSOP China CSI 300 A-H Dynamic
Symbol: HAHA.BZ
Description: Targa Resources 9.00% Series A Perp
Symbol: NGL-A.BZ
Symbol: NRE-.BZ
Description: Easterly Acq Warrant
Symbol: EACQW.BZ
Description: Oasmia Pharmaceu Ads
Symbol: OASM.BZ
Description: Quotient Technology Inc
Symbol: QUOT.BZ
Description: SPDR S&P 500 High Dividend Portfolio ETF
Symbol: SPYD.BZ
Description: Lm Funding America Inc.
Symbol: LMFAU.BZ
Description: Bluerock Residential Growth Rei
Symbol: BRG-A.BZ
Description: Teligent
Symbol: TLGT.BZ
Description: Umh Properties Inc
Symbol: UMH-B.BZ
Symbol: ARO-.BZ
Symbol: EXT-.BZ
Description: T-Mobile 5.5 Pfd A
Symbol: TMUSP.BZ
Description: Anavex Lf SC
Symbol: AVXL.BZ
Description: The Restaurant ETF
Symbol: BITE.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Europe Local Recover
Symbol: EZR.BZ
Symbol: FCP-.BZ
Description: Wins Finance Holdings Inc
Symbol: WINS.BZ
Description: Xtera Commun Cmn Stk
Symbol: XCOM.BZ
Description: China A Shares IMI MSCI ETF SPDR
Symbol: XINA.BZ
Description: Global Ptnr Acq Com
Symbol: GPAC.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Global Ex-US Hedged Real Estate Fund
Symbol: HDRW.BZ
Description: Darden Restaurants Inc.
Symbol: DRI-.BZ
Description: Dxi Energy Inc
Symbol: DXI.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Strong Dollar EM Eqty Fund
Symbol: EMSD.BZ
Description: Pacific Spc Aq Right
Symbol: PAACR.BZ
Description: Pacific Spc Acq Wrnt
Symbol: PAACW.BZ
Symbol: RY-.BZ
Description: Atlantic Capital
Symbol: ACBI.BZ
Description: Axsome Thera
Symbol: AXSM.BZ
Description: Equity Bncsrs Cm A
Symbol: EQBK.BZ
Description: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Comp
Symbol: HPE.BZ
Description: Instructure Inc
Symbol: INST.BZ
Description: Advisorshares Mkt Adaptive Uncns ETF
Symbol: MAUI.BZ
Description: Northstar Realty Europe Corp C
Symbol: NRE.BZ
Description: Royal Bank of Canada
Symbol: RY-T.BZ
Symbol: SYF-.BZ
Description: Voyager Therapeut
Symbol: VYGR.BZ
Description: Wave Life Sci Ord Sh
Symbol: WVE.BZ
Description: Bluestar Israel Technology ETF
Symbol: ITEQ.BZ
Description: Mesoblast Ltd Ads
Symbol: MESO.BZ
Description: Pyxis Tankers
Symbol: PXS.BZ
Description: Rennova Health Inc
Symbol: RNVA.BZ
Description: Royal Bank of Canada 5.50% Non-
Symbol: RY-S.BZ
Description: Archrock Partners LP
Symbol: APLP.BZ
Description: Archrock Inc
Symbol: AROC.BZ
Description: Exterran Corp
Symbol: EXTN.BZ
Description: Ssi Strategic Convertible Securities ETF FT
Symbol: FCVT.BZ
Description: Global Min Vol Curr Hedged Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: HACV.BZ
Description: EAFE Min Vol Curr Hedged Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: HEFV.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Curr Hedged Min Vol Ishares Edge MSCI
Symbol: HEMV.BZ
Description: Kinder Morgan Inc
Symbol: KMI-A.BZ
Description: Mtbc 11% Sr A Prf ST
Symbol: MTBCP.BZ
Description: Congatec Holding Ag
Symbol: CONG.BZ
Description: First Gurty Banc
Symbol: FGBI.BZ
Description: FTSE Intl Low Beta Equal Weight Port PS
Symbol: IDLB.BZ
Description: Kura Oncology
Symbol: KURA.BZ
Description: Pacific Spec Acq Ord
Symbol: PAAC.BZ
Description: Stellar Biotch Cm ST
Symbol: SBOT.BZ
Description: Russell 1000 Low Beta Eql Wgt Port PS
Symbol: USLB.BZ
Description: Centrue Financial Cmn
Symbol: CFCB.BZ
Description: Ciner Resources LP
Symbol: CINR.BZ
Description: Europe Small-Cap Curr Hedged Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: HEUS.BZ
Description: Mimecast Limited Ord
Symbol: MIME.BZ
Description: Square
Symbol: SQ.BZ
Description: Willamette Valley Vineyards In
Symbol: WVVIP.BZ
Description: Associated Capital Group Inc.
Symbol: AC.W.BZ
Description: Duluth Hldg Cl B
Symbol: DLTH.BZ
Symbol: GBL-.BZ
Description: Europe Min Vol Curr Hedged Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: HEUV.BZ
Description: Match Group Inc CS
Symbol: MTCH.BZ
Description: Diversified Rstrt HD
Symbol: SAUC.BZ
Description: Truck Hero Inc.
Symbol: TRUK.BZ
Description: Alphaclone International ETF
Symbol: ALFI.BZ
Description: Four Corners Property Trust In
Symbol: FCPT.BZ
Description: GS Activebeta International ETF
Symbol: GSIE.BZ
Description: Pace Hlds Cl A Ord
Symbol: PACE.BZ
Description: Pace Holdings Cor WT
Symbol: PACEW.BZ
Description: Flexshares Dm Ex-US Factor Tilt Index Fund
Symbol: TLDH.BZ
Description: Flexshares EM Factor Tilt Index Fund
Symbol: TLEH.BZ
Description: Web.com Group Inc
Symbol: WEB.BZ
Description: Noble Midstream Partners LP
Symbol: NBLX.BZ
Description: Heitman Global Prime Real Estate ETF FT
Symbol: PRME.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Global Smallcap Divd Fund
Symbol: GSD.BZ
Description: Intl Aggregate Bond Ishares Core ETF
Symbol: IAGG.BZ
Description: Cerecor Inc
Symbol: CERC.BZ
Description: Copsync Inc Cmn
Symbol: COYN.BZ
Description: Copsync Inc Warrnt
Symbol: COYNW.BZ
Description: Nuveen High Income December
Symbol: JHA.BZ
Description: Cerecor Inc Cl A WT
Symbol: CERCW.BZ
Description: Cerecor Inc Cl B WT
Symbol: CERCZ.BZ
Symbol: CSC-.BZ
Symbol: CSR-.BZ
Description: Reaves Utility Income Fund
Symbol: UTG-.BZ
Symbol: GE.W.BZ
Description: American Financial Group Inc
Symbol: AFGH.BZ
Description: Etho Climate Leadership U.S. ETF
Symbol: ETHO.BZ
Description: Aggregate Bond ETF SPDR
Symbol: BNDS.BZ
Description: Kitov Pharamceut Ads
Symbol: KTOV.BZ
Description: Kitov Pharamceuti WT
Symbol: KTOVW.BZ
Description: Andina Acq Cp Unit
Symbol: ANDAU.BZ
Description: Flexshares Real Assets Allocation Index Fund
Symbol: ASET.BZ
Description: Db-Xt FTSE Dvlpd Ex US Comp Factor ETF
Symbol: DEEF.BZ
Description: Db-Xt Russell 1000 Comp Factor ETF
Symbol: DEUS.BZ
Description: E-Compass Acq Cmn
Symbol: ECACR.BZ
Description: United States Cellular Corpora
Symbol: UZC.BZ
Description: E-Compass Acquisition Corp
Symbol: ECAC.BZ
Description: Endurance Specialty Holdings L
Symbol: ENH-C.BZ
Description: Gores Holdings Warr
Symbol: GRSHW.BZ
Description: Maiden Holdings North America
Symbol: MH-C.BZ
Description: Onemain Holdings Inc
Symbol: OMF.BZ
Description: Atlassian Cls A Ord
Symbol: TEAM.BZ
Description: Black Hills Corp
Symbol: BKHU.BZ
Description: Csra Inc
Symbol: CSRA.BZ
Description: Gores Holdings Cm A
Symbol: GRSH.BZ
Description: Associated Capital Group Inc
Symbol: AC.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Global Smallcap Hedged Fund
Symbol: HGSD.BZ
Symbol: OSG-.BZ
Description: Sharpspring Inc
Symbol: SHSP.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Ex-Fossil Fuel ETF SPDR
Symbol: SPYX.BZ
Description: Quantitative Momentum ETF
Symbol: QMOM.BZ
Description: Tierra XP Latin America Real Estate
Symbol: LARE.BZ
Description: Russell 1000 Momentum Focus ETF SPDR
Symbol: ONEO.BZ
Description: Russell 1000 Low Vol ETF SPDR
Symbol: ONEV.BZ
Description: Russell 1000 Yield Focus ETF SPDR
Symbol: ONEY.BZ
Description: Direxion Healthcare Bear 3X
Symbol: SICK.BZ
Description: Crossroads Cap Inc
Symbol: XRDC.BZ
Description: Direxion S&P Biotech Bear 1X
Symbol: LABS.BZ
Description: Andina Acq Cp Rt
Symbol: ANDAR.BZ
Description: Midatech Pharma Ads
Symbol: MTP.BZ
Description: Andina Acq Cp Ord Sh
Symbol: ANDA.BZ
Description: Lm Funding
Symbol: LMFA.BZ
Description: Eagle Point Credit Co. Inc
Symbol: ECCZ.BZ
Description: Elkhorn FTSE Rafi U.S. Equity I
Symbol: ELKU.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Edge Multifactor Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EMGF.BZ
Description: Lm Funding WT
Symbol: LMFAW.BZ
Description: Yirendai Ltd
Symbol: YRD.BZ
Description: Pulte Acquisition Corp.
Symbol: PLTEU.BZ
Description: Pacer Trendpilot European Index ETF
Symbol: PTEU.BZ
Description: The Rmr Grp A
Symbol: RMR.BZ
Description: DJ Industrial Avg Div Port PS
Symbol: DJD.BZ
Description: S&P North American Natural SPDR
Symbol: NANR.BZ
Description: THL Credit Inc
Symbol: TCRZ.BZ
Description: Avangrid Inc
Symbol: AGR.BZ
Description: Alexandria Real Estate Equitie
Symbol: ARE-D.BZ
Description: Naked Brand Group Inc
Symbol: NAKD.BZ
Description: Overseas Shipholding Group Inc
Symbol: OSG.BZ
Description: Suffolk Bancorp
Symbol: SCNB.BZ
Description: China Customer Ord
Symbol: CCRC.BZ
Description: Indxx Global Agriculture ETF FT
Symbol: FTAG.BZ
Description: Indxx Global Natural Resources Income ETF FT
Symbol: FTRI.BZ
Description: Prospect Capital Corp
Symbol: PBB.BZ
Description: Smartfinancial Cm ST
Symbol: SMBK.BZ
Description: Trinity Pl Hldgs Inc
Symbol: TPHS.BZ
Description: Ionis Pharmaceutical
Symbol: IONS.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Bearish U.S. Equity Fund
Symbol: DYB.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree L/S US Eqty Dynamic
Symbol: DYLS.BZ
Description: Interpace Diag Grp
Symbol: IDXG.BZ
Description: Intl Quantitative Momentum ETF
Symbol: IMOM.BZ
Description: JPM Dvsd Rtns Europe Equity ETF
Symbol: JPEU.BZ
Description: Medley Capital Corp
Symbol: MCX.BZ
Description: Pacer Autopilot Hedged European
Symbol: PAEU.BZ
Description: Ability Inc
Symbol: ABIL.BZ
Description: Ability Inc. Warrant
Symbol: ABILW.BZ
Description: Hubbell Inc B
Symbol: HUBB.BZ
Description: Rivernorth Opportunities Fund
Symbol: RIV.BZ
Description: Legg Developed Ex-US Div Core ETF
Symbol: DDBI.BZ
Description: Legg EM Div Core ETF
Symbol: EDBI.BZ
Description: Legg Low Vol Hi Div ETF
Symbol: LVHD.BZ
Description: Legg US Diversified Core ETF
Symbol: UDBI.BZ
Description: Jm Global Holding
Symbol: WYIG.BZ
Symbol: BTX-.BZ
Symbol: NOK-.BZ
Symbol: OCX-.BZ
Description: Jm Global Holdin WT
Symbol: WYIGW.BZ
Description: Oncocyte Corp
Symbol: OCX.BZ
Symbol: RAC-.BZ
Symbol: NOM-.BZ
Description: Strata Skin Scien
Symbol: SSKN.BZ
Description: Willis Towers Wts
Symbol: WLTW.BZ
Description: Reality Divcon Leaders Dividend ETF
Symbol: LEAD.BZ
Description: Starwood Waypoint Homes
Symbol: SFR.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Europe Eqty Dynamic Currency Hedged
Symbol: DDEZ.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Japan Eqty Dynamic Currency Hedged
Symbol: DDJP.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Intl Smallcap Dynamic Currency Hedged
Symbol: DDLS.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Intl Eqty Dynamic Currency Hedged
Symbol: DDWM.BZ
Description: Workhorse Grp Cmn ST
Symbol: WKHS.BZ
Description: EAFE Adaptive Curr Hedged MSCI Ishares ETF
Symbol: DEFA.BZ
Description: Japan Adaptive Curr Hedged Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: DEWJ.BZ
Description: Eurozone Adaptive Curr Hedged Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: DEZU.BZ
Description: Pb Bancorp Inc
Symbol: PBBI.BZ
Description: Shimmick Construction Company Inc.
Symbol: SCCI.BZ
Description: Innoviva Inc
Symbol: INVA.BZ
Description: Elevate Credit Inc
Symbol: ELVT.BZ
Description: Japan Currency Hedged PS
Symbol: FXJP.BZ
Description: Nomad Foods Limited Ordinary Sh
Symbol: NOMD.BZ
Description: Nordic Realty Trust Inc.
Symbol: NORT.BZ
Description: Empire Resorts Inc.
Symbol: NYNYR.BZ
Description: Advanced Inhalation Therapies [Ait] Ltd.
Symbol: AITPU.BZ
Description: Generic Drugs Vaneck ETF
Symbol: GNRX.BZ
Description: Reality Divcon Dividend Defender ETF
Symbol: DFND.BZ
Description: Reality Divcon Dividend Guard ETF
Symbol: GARD.BZ
Description: Healthsouth Corporation Warran
Symbol: HLS.W.BZ
Description: Factset Innovative Technology SPDR
Symbol: XITK.BZ
Description: Ameriquest Inc.
Symbol: AMQ.BZ
Description: Plx Pharma Inc
Symbol: PLXP.BZ
Description: Global Self Storage
Symbol: SELF.BZ
Description: Spi Energy Co Ads
Symbol: SPI.BZ
Description: Iac/Interactive
Symbol: IAC.BZ
Description: Public Storage
Symbol: PSA-B.BZ
Description: Beigene Ltd Ads
Symbol: BGNE.BZ
Symbol: GCP-.BZ
Symbol: GRA-.BZ
Description: Emerging Markets Proshares
Symbol: EMDV.BZ
Description: S&P Midcap 400 Eql Wgt Port PS
Symbol: EWMC.BZ
Description: S&P Smallcap 600 Eql Wgt Port PS
Symbol: EWSC.BZ
Description: Nuveen Municipal
Symbol: NHA.BZ
Description: Draftday Fntsy Spts
Symbol: DDAY.BZ
Description: Differntl Brands
Symbol: DFBG.BZ
Description: Editas Medicine
Symbol: EDIT.BZ
Description: Webster Financial Corp
Symbol: WBSF.BZ
Description: Advanced Disposal Services Inc
Symbol: ADSW.BZ
Description: Avexis Inc
Symbol: AVXS.BZ
Description: Bank of America Corp Pfd C
Symbol: BAC-C.BZ
Description: Qwest Corp
Symbol: CTAA.BZ
Description: Otg Exp Inc.
Symbol: OTG.BZ
Description: Proteostasis Ther
Symbol: PTI.BZ
Description: Tailored Brands Inc
Symbol: TLRD.BZ
Description: Wells Fargo & Company
Symbol: WFC-W.BZ
Description: Customers Bancorp Inc
Symbol: CUB-D.BZ
Description: Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Symbol: CPP.BZ
Description: Gcp Applied Technologies Inc C
Symbol: GCP.BZ
Description: Aralez Pharm Inc
Symbol: ARLZ.BZ
Description: Banc of California Inc
Symbol: BAN-E.BZ
Description: Etracs Mt 2X Alerian MLP Infra ETN Series B
Symbol: MLPQ.BZ
Description: Etracs Mt 2X S&P MLP ETN Series B
Symbol: MLPZ.BZ
Description: CS X-Links WTI Crude Oil Index ETN
Symbol: OIIL.BZ
Symbol: ZVZZC.BZ
Description: Total Return Bond Portfolio PS
Symbol: GTO.BZ
Description: First Republic Bank
Symbol: FRC-G.BZ
Description: Cvsl Inc
Symbol: JRJR.BZ
Description: Mfc Industrial Ltd
Symbol: MFCB.BZ
Description: Hess Corp
Symbol: HES-A.BZ
Description: FI Enhanced 2X Europe 50 ETN
Symbol: FIEE.BZ
Description: Managed Futures Strategy Proshares
Symbol: FUT.BZ
Symbol: MFS-.BZ
Symbol: MTW-.BZ
Description: Etracs S&P GSCI Crude Oil TR ETN
Symbol: OILX.BZ
Description: Norbord Inc
Symbol: OSB.BZ
Description: FI Enhanced Global High Yield ETN
Symbol: FIHD.BZ
Description: Senior Housing Properties Trus
Symbol: SNHO.BZ
Description: Silver Run Acq Cp Ut
Symbol: SRAQU.BZ
Description: Pacer Global High Dividend ETF
Symbol: PGHD.BZ
Description: Cambria Sovereign High Yield Bo
Symbol: SOVB.BZ
Description: Klr Energy Acq Ut
Symbol: KLREU.BZ
Description: Nicolet Bnkshr
Symbol: NCBS.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree CBOE S&P 500 Put Write
Symbol: PUTW.BZ
Description: Goldman Sachs Pfd Series N
Symbol: GS-N.BZ
Description: India Globalization Capital
Symbol: IGCIW.BZ
Description: Janus Small/Midcap Growth ETF
Symbol: JSMD.BZ
Description: Janus Smallcap Growth ETF
Symbol: JSML.BZ
Description: The LGL Group Inc
Symbol: LGLPW.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Nextshares Trust Eaton Vance Stock N
Symbol: EVSTC.BZ
Description: Izea Inc
Symbol: IZEA.BZ
Description: Egshares Emerging Markets Domes
Symbol: EMSO.BZ
Description: Jensyn Acq Cp Ut
Symbol: JSYNU.BZ
Description: Sunworks Inc
Symbol: SUNW.BZ
Description: Intl Div Appreciation ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VIGI.BZ
Description: Intl High Divd Yld ETF Vanguard
Symbol: VYMI.BZ
Description: W.R. Berkley Corp
Symbol: WRB-C.BZ
Description: Bofi Hld Sub Not
Symbol: BOFIL.BZ
Description: Labstyle Innovat
Symbol: DRIO.BZ
Description: Labstyle Innovati WT
Symbol: DRIOW.BZ
Description: GS Activebeta Europe Equity ETF
Symbol: GSEU.BZ
Description: GS Activebeta Japan Equity ETF
Symbol: GSJY.BZ
Description: Manitowoc Food Service Inc Co
Symbol: MFS.BZ
Description: Hutchison China Ads
Symbol: HCM.BZ
Description: Nano Dimension Ads
Symbol: NNDM.BZ
Description: SSGA Gender Diversity ETF SPDR
Symbol: SHE.BZ
Description: Purefunds Drone Economy Strategy ETF
Symbol: IFLY.BZ
Description: Spring Bank Ph CS
Symbol: SBPH.BZ
Description: Charles Schwab Corp Dep Pfd.
Symbol: SCH-D.BZ
Description: Senseonics Holdings
Symbol: SENS.BZ
Description: DWA Tactical Multi-Asset Income Port PS
Symbol: DWIN.BZ
Description: Ebay Inc 6.0% NTS
Symbol: EBAYL.BZ
Description: Purefunds Video Game Tech ETF
Symbol: GAMR.BZ
Description: Scr TR V Fxd/Fltg Rate
Symbol: SCE-K.BZ
Description: Sensus Healthcare Inc
Symbol: SRTS.BZ
Description: BB&T Corp
Symbol: BBT-H.BZ
Description: Arcelormittal Rights When Is
Symbol: MT.W.BZ
Description: Nuvectra Corp Cmn ST
Symbol: NVTR.BZ
Description: Sunstone Hotel Investors Inc
Symbol: SHO-E.BZ
Description: Corvus Pharma Com
Symbol: CRVS.BZ
Description: Stag Industrial Inc Prf C
Symbol: STA-C.BZ
Symbol: AFI-.BZ
Description: Amtrust Financial Services Inc Prf
Symbol: AFS-E.BZ
Symbol: AWI-.BZ
Description: Dorsey Wright Dynamic Focus 5 ETF FT
Symbol: FVC.BZ
Description: S&P Intl Devd Momentum Portfolio PS
Symbol: IDMO.BZ
Description: Principal Price Setters ETF
Symbol: PSET.BZ
Description: Principal Shareholders Yield ETF
Symbol: PY.BZ
Description: Victory EM Vol Wtd ETF
Symbol: CEZ.BZ
Description: Eiger Biopharma
Symbol: EIGR.BZ
Description: Entergy New Orleans Inc.First
Symbol: ENO.BZ
Description: Legg Mason Inc
Symbol: LMHA.BZ
Description: Aeglea Biothera
Symbol: AGLE.BZ
Description: Purefunds ISE Big Data ETF
Symbol: BIGD.BZ
Description: Huntington Banc. Dep
Symbol: HBANO.BZ
Description: KKR & Co. LP Prf
Symbol: KKR-A.BZ
Description: JH Materials Multifactor ETF
Symbol: JHMA.BZ
Description: JH Energy Multifactor ETF
Symbol: JHME.BZ
Description: JH Industrials Multifactor ETF
Symbol: JHMI.BZ
Description: JH Consumer Staples Multifactor ETF
Symbol: JHMS.BZ
Description: JH Utilities Multifactor ETF
Symbol: JHMU.BZ
Description: Klr Energy Acq Wt
Symbol: KLREW.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Nextshares Global Income Builder
Symbol: EVGBC.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Nextshares Trust II Eaton Vance Tabs
Symbol: EVLMC.BZ
Description: Klr Energy Acq Cm A
Symbol: KLRE.BZ
Description: Biostage
Symbol: BSTG.BZ
Description: Gabelli Equity Trust Inc
Symbol: GAB-J.BZ
Description: Itau Corpbanca
Symbol: ITCB.BZ
Description: Armstrong Flooring Inc
Symbol: AFI.BZ
Description: JPM Dvsd Rtns Europe Currency Hedged
Symbol: JPEH.BZ
Description: JPM Dvsd Rtns Intl Currency Hedged
Symbol: JPIH.BZ
Description: Dhandho Junoon ETF
Symbol: JUNE.BZ
Description: Rex Gold Hedged FTSE EM ETF
Symbol: GHE.BZ
Description: Rex Gold Hedged S&P 500 ETF
Symbol: GHS.BZ
Description: Torchmark Corporation 6.125% Ju
Symbol: TMK-C.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree EM Dividends Fund
Symbol: DVEM.BZ
Description: S&P Emrg Mkts Mmtm Port PS
Symbol: EEMO.BZ
Description: Direxion Energy Bear 1X
Symbol: ERYY.BZ
Description: Direxion Financial Bear 1X
Symbol: FAZZ.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Intl Quality Divd Growth Fund
Symbol: IQDG.BZ
Description: Direxion Technology Bear 1X
Symbol: TECZ.BZ
Description: Asterias Biotherapeutics Inc Warrants
Symbol: AST.W.BZ
Description: Under Armour Inc Class C Comm
Symbol: UA.C.BZ
Description: Viking Theraptcs Wts
Symbol: VKTXW.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: HOT-.BZ
Description: American Renal Associates Holdi
Symbol: ARA.BZ
Description: Interval Leisure Group Inc
Symbol: IILGV.BZ
Description: MGM Growth Properties Llc
Symbol: MGP.BZ
Description: Secureworks Corp CS
Symbol: SCWX.BZ
Description: Aviragen Therapeutic
Symbol: AVIR.BZ
Description: Eqty Commonwealth
Symbol: EQC-C.BZ
Description: State Street Corp
Symbol: STT-G.BZ
Description: EM Fixed Income ETF SPDR
Symbol: EMTL.BZ
Description: Pinnacle Entertainment Inc.
Symbol: PNKZV.BZ
Description: Riverfront Dyn Asia Pacific ETF FT
Symbol: RFAP.BZ
Description: Riverfront Dyn Developed Intl ETF FT
Symbol: RFDI.BZ
Description: Riverfront Dyn Europe ETF FT
Symbol: RFEU.BZ
Description: Short Duration TR Tactical ETF SPDR
Symbol: STOT.BZ
Description: Silver Run Acq Cp CS
Symbol: SRAQ.BZ
Description: Liberty Braves CS A
Symbol: BATRA.BZ
Description: Liberty Braves CS C
Symbol: BATRK.BZ
Description: Liberty Srs XM CS A
Symbol: LSXMA.BZ
Description: Liberty Srs XM CS C
Symbol: LSXMK.BZ
Description: Rd Rock Rsrts Cla
Symbol: RRR.BZ
Description: Windtree Therapeutic
Symbol: WINT.BZ
Description: Sprott Buzz Social Media Insights ETF
Symbol: BUZ.BZ
Description: G-X S&P 500 Catholic Values ETF
Symbol: CATH.BZ
Description: Db-Xt FTSE Emerging Comp Factor ETF
Symbol: DEMG.BZ
Description: Guggenheim Large Cap Optmzd ETF
Symbol: OPD.BZ
Description: Silver Run Acq Cp Wt
Symbol: SRAQW.BZ
Description: Cellectar Bio Sra WT
Symbol: CLRBZ.BZ
Description: VnHuffington Capital Corp.
Symbol: HU.P.BZ
Description: Amplify Onln Rtl ETF
Symbol: IBUY.BZ
Symbol: CYH-.BZ
Description: Enel Americas S.A.
Symbol: ENI-.BZ
Symbol: EOC-.BZ
Description: Liberty Srs XM CS B
Symbol: LSXMB.BZ
Description: Quorum Health Corp.
Symbol: QHC-.BZ
Description: Yintech Investm Ads
Symbol: YIN.BZ
Description: Global Impact Ishares Sustainable MSCI ETF
Symbol: MPCT.BZ
Description: Medallion Financial Corp.
Symbol: TAXIL.BZ
Description: Chromadex Corp CS
Symbol: CDXC.BZ
Description: Interlink Elctrnc
Symbol: LINK.BZ
Description: Newtek Business 7%Nt
Symbol: NEWTL.BZ
Description: Bank of America Corp Pfd A
Symbol: BAC-A.BZ
Description: Jensyn Acq Cp CS
Symbol: JSYN.BZ
Description: Jensyn Acq Cp Rt
Symbol: JSYNR.BZ
Description: Jensyn Acq Cp WT
Symbol: JSYNW.BZ
Description: Crowdinvest Wisdom ETF
Symbol: WIZE.BZ
Description: Enersis Americas S.A. American
Symbol: ENIA.BZ
Description: Enersis Chile S.A. ADR
Symbol: ENIC.BZ
Description: Endesa Americas S.A. American D
Symbol: EOCA.BZ
Description: Empresa Nacional De Electricida
Symbol: EOCC.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Short-Term Hi Yld Corp Bond Fundament
Symbol: SFHY.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Short-Term Corp Bond Fundamental
Symbol: SFIG.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree US Hi Yld Corp Bond Fundamental
Symbol: WFHY.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree US Corp Bond Fundamental
Symbol: WFIG.BZ
Description: S&P Global Inc
Symbol: SPGI.BZ
Description: Global Water Reso
Symbol: GWRS.BZ
Description: Intellia Thera CS
Symbol: NTLA.BZ
Description: Oncobiologics Inc
Symbol: ONS.BZ
Description: Pavmed Inc Unit
Symbol: PAVMU.BZ
Description: Customers Bancorp Inc
Symbol: CUB-E.BZ
Description: Acacia Communica
Symbol: ACIA.BZ
Description: Ashford Hospitality Prime Inc
Symbol: AHP-B.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: NGV-.BZ
Description: Quorum Health Corp
Symbol: QHC.BZ
Description: Siteone Landscape Supply
Symbol: SITE.BZ
Description: Turning Point Brands
Symbol: TPB.BZ
Description: Tianyin Pharmaceutical Co
Symbol: TPIY.BZ
Description: Universal Logis Hldg
Symbol: ULH.BZ
Description: Rex Volmaxx Long VIX Weekly Futures
Symbol: VMAX.BZ
Description: Rex Volmaxx Inverse VIX Weekly
Symbol: VMIN.BZ
Description: Viamet Pharmaceuticals Holdings Llc
Symbol: VMET.BZ
Description: Landmark Inf Prf
Symbol: LMRKP.BZ
Description: G-X Millennials Thematic ETF
Symbol: MILN.BZ
Description: Partnerre Ltd 6.50% Series G C
Symbol: PRE-G.BZ
Description: Partnerre Ltd 7.25% Series H C
Symbol: PRE-H.BZ
Description: Partnerre Ltd 5.875% Series I
Symbol: PRE-I.BZ
Description: Phaserx Inc
Symbol: PZRX.BZ
Description: Form Holdings Cp
Symbol: FH.BZ
Description: IQ Enhanced Core Bond U.S. ETF
Symbol: AGGE.BZ
Description: IQ Enhanced Core Plus Bond U.S.
Symbol: AGGP.BZ
Description: G-X Health & Wellness Thematic Et
Symbol: BFIT.BZ
Description: G-X Longevity Thematic Et
Symbol: LNGR.BZ
Description: Merus N.V. CS
Symbol: MRUS.BZ
Description: Alj Regional Hold
Symbol: ALJJ.BZ
Description: Nuveen High Income December 2019 Target Term Fun
Symbol: JHD.BZ
Description: Medallion Fin Cp
Symbol: MFIN.BZ
Description: Medallion Fin Notes
Symbol: MFINL.BZ
Description: US Large Cap Optimized Vlty Port PS
Symbol: OVLC.BZ
Description: Grupo Supervielle S.A.
Symbol: SUPV.BZ
Description: Terravia Hldgs Inc
Symbol: TVIA.BZ
Description: Vistagen Therap. Com
Symbol: VTGN.BZ
Description: Adverum Biotechnlgs
Symbol: ADVM.BZ
Description: Consumer Discretionary Ishares Edge MSCI Multifa
Symbol: CNDF.BZ
Description: Consumer Staples Ishares Edge MSCI Multifactor E
Symbol: CNSF.BZ
Description: Energy Ishares Edge MSCI Multifactor ETF
Symbol: ERGF.BZ
Description: US Fixed Income Balanced Risk Ishares Edge ETF
Symbol: FIBR.BZ
Description: Financials Ishares Edge MSCI Multifactor ETF
Symbol: FNCF.BZ
Description: Gabelli Global Small and Mid CA
Symbol: GGZ-A.BZ
Description: Healthcare Ishares Edge MSCI Multifactor ETF
Symbol: HCRF.BZ
Description: Industrials Ishares Edge MSCI Multifactor ETF
Symbol: INDF.BZ
Description: Materials Ishares Edge MSCI Multifactor ETF
Symbol: MATF.BZ
Description: Novanta Inc
Symbol: NOVT.BZ
Description: Technology Ishares Edge MSCI Multifactor ETF
Symbol: TCHF.BZ
Description: Utilities Ishares Edge MSCI Multifactor ETF
Symbol: UTLF.BZ
Description: Oncobiologics Unit
Symbol: ONSIU.BZ
Description: Ingevity Corp
Symbol: NGVT.BZ
Description: Cf Corporation Units
Symbol: CFCOU.BZ
Description: Cotiviti Holdings
Symbol: COTV.BZ
Description: Gms Inc
Symbol: GMS.BZ
Description: Midland Sts BNC
Symbol: MSBI.BZ
Description: Reata Pharma Cla
Symbol: RETA.BZ
Description: US Foods Holding
Symbol: USFD.BZ
Description: X-Links Mthy Pay 2X Leveraged Alerian MLP
Symbol: AMJL.BZ
Symbol: BATRV.BZ
Description: Dupont Fabros Technology Inc
Symbol: DFT-C.BZ
Description: GATX Corporation 5.625% Senior
Symbol: GMTA.BZ
Description: JPM Dvsd Rtns US Midcap ETF
Symbol: JPME.BZ
Description: Pulse Biosciences CS
Symbol: PLSE.BZ
Description: Public Storage
Symbol: PSA-C.BZ
Description: Liberty Braves C RTS
Symbol: BATRR.BZ
Description: Bullmark Latam Select ETF
Symbol: BMLA.BZ
Description: Intl Dividend Growth Ishares ETF
Symbol: IGRO.BZ
Description: Sunstone Hotel Investors Inc
Symbol: SHO-F.BZ
Description: Clearside Biomedi
Symbol: CLSD.BZ
Description: Alternative Absolute Return Strategy ETF FT
Symbol: FAAR.BZ
Description: Iberiabank Ds Rep C
Symbol: IBKCO.BZ
Description: Elkhorn S&P High Quality Preferred
Symbol: EPRF.BZ
Description: Landcadia Holding Un
Symbol: LCAHU.BZ
Description: Nanthealth Inc
Symbol: NH.BZ
Description: Lasalle Hotel Properties
Symbol: LHO-J.BZ
Description: American Homes 4 Rent
Symbol: AMH-D.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance High Income 2021 Ta
Symbol: EHT.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: IDT-.BZ
Description: Zedge Inc Class B Common Stock
Symbol: ZDG-.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: HSF-Z.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: HUS-X.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: HUS-Y.BZ
Description: China Online Education Group
Symbol: COE.BZ
Description: Government Properties Income TR
Symbol: GOVN.BZ
Description: W.R. Berkley Corporation 5.75%
Symbol: WRB-D.BZ
Description: Atkore International Group
Symbol: ATKR.BZ
Symbol: BAM-.BZ
Symbol: BBU-.BZ
Description: Dte Energy Company 2016 Series
Symbol: DTJ.BZ
Description: DW Fixed Income Allocation ETF SPDR
Symbol: DWFI.BZ
Description: Gabelli Utility Trust Series C Pfd
Symbol: GUT-C.BZ
Description: Hersha Hospitality Trust 6.50%
Symbol: HT-D.BZ
Description: Moleculin Biotech CS
Symbol: MBRX.BZ
Description: Zedge Inc Class B
Symbol: ZDGE.BZ
Description: Liberty Global Dividend
Symbol: FLQD.BZ
Description: Liberty Emerging Marketfs ETF
Symbol: FLQE.BZ
Description: Liberty Global Equity ETF
Symbol: FLQG.BZ
Description: Liberty Intl Equity Hedged ETF
Symbol: FLQH.BZ
Description: Sensus Healthcare Ut
Symbol: SRTSU.BZ
Description: Bmc Stock Holdings
Symbol: BMCH.BZ
Description: Gladstone Commercial Corporatio
Symbol: GOODM.BZ
Description: Psav Inc.
Symbol: PSAV.BZ
Description: Riverfront US Dividend Adv ETF
Symbol: RFDA.BZ
Description: Riverfront US Flex-Cap ETF
Symbol: RFFC.BZ
Description: Monster Digital Inc
Symbol: MSDI.BZ
Description: Direxion S&P 500 Bear 1X
Symbol: SPDN.BZ
Description: Aptus Behavioral Momentum ETF
Symbol: BEMO.BZ
Description: Cascadian Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: CASC.BZ
Description: Health and Fitness ETF
Symbol: FITS.BZ
Description: Jmu Ltd
Symbol: JMU.BZ
Description: Nextera Energy Inc Series K J
Symbol: NEE-K.BZ
Description: Long-Term Care ETF
Symbol: OLD.BZ
Description: Organics ETF
Symbol: ORG.BZ
Description: Selecta Biosciences
Symbol: SELB.BZ
Description: Obesity ETF
Symbol: SLIM.BZ
Description: Tactile Systems Technology Inc
Symbol: TCMD.BZ
Description: Nexeo Solutions Inc
Symbol: NXEO.BZ
Description: Nexeo Solutions Inc
Symbol: NXEOU.BZ
Description: Nexeo Solutions Inc
Symbol: NXEOW.BZ
Description: Paragon Commercial Corp
Symbol: PBNC.BZ
Description: Columbia Sustainable Internatio
Symbol: ESGN.BZ
Description: Columbia Sustainable Global Equ
Symbol: ESGW.BZ
Description: Function[X] Inc
Symbol: FNCX.BZ
Description: Fortive Corporation Common Stoc
Symbol: FTV-.BZ
Description: Gemphire Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: GEMP.BZ
Description: Line Corp
Symbol: LN.BZ
Description: Pebblebrook Hotel Trust
Symbol: PEB-D.BZ
Description: Reinsurance Group of America I
Symbol: RZB.BZ
Description: Twilio
Symbol: TWLO.BZ
Description: Alexandria Real Estate Equities
Symbol: ARE-A.BZ
Description: Mitcham Industries Inc
Symbol: MINDP.BZ
Description: Riverfront Unconstrained Income ETF
Symbol: RFUN.BZ
Description: Viveve Medical
Symbol: VIVE.BZ
Description: China A Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: CNYA.BZ
Description: Maiden Holdings Ltd 6.625% No
Symbol: MHLA.BZ
Description: Riverfront Dyn Emerging Markets ETF FT
Symbol: RFEM.BZ
Description: Validus Holdings Ltd
Symbol: VR-A.BZ
Description: Direxion High Yield Bear 2X
Symbol: HYDD.BZ
Description: Wells Fargo & Company
Symbol: WFC-X.BZ
Description: Danaher Corporation Common Stoc
Symbol: DHR-.BZ
Description: Columbia Sustainable U.S. Equit
Symbol: ESGS.BZ
Description: US Fallen Angels Ishares ETF
Symbol: FALN.BZ
Description: Great Elm Capital Group Inc
Symbol: GEC.BZ
Description: Global Medical REIT Inc
Symbol: GMRE.BZ
Description: High Yield Ex Oil and Gas Corp Bond Ishares Ibox
Symbol: HYXE.BZ
Description: Riverfront Core Income Fund ETF
Symbol: RFCI.BZ
Description: Brookfield Business Partners LP
Symbol: BBU.BZ
Symbol: HRI-.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: HTZ-.BZ
Description: Mateon Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: MATN.BZ
Description: Oncobiologics Inc
Symbol: ONSIW.BZ
Description: Oncobiologics Inc
Symbol: ONSIZ.BZ
Description: Seaspan Corp
Symbol: SSW-G.BZ
Description: Syros Pharmaceuticals
Symbol: SYRS.BZ
Description: Tronc Inc
Symbol: TRNC.BZ
Description: Western Alliance Bancorporation
Symbol: WALA.BZ
Description: Dextera Surgical Inc
Symbol: DXTR.BZ
Description: Socket Mobile
Symbol: SCKT.BZ
Description: Origo Acquisition Corp
Symbol: OACQ.BZ
Description: Origo Acquisition Corp
Symbol: OACQR.BZ
Description: Origo Acquisition Corporation Unit
Symbol: OACQU.BZ
Description: Origo Acquisition Corp
Symbol: OACQW.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: WNR-.BZ
Symbol: ETC-.BZ
Description: KKR & Co. LP
Symbol: KKR-B.BZ
Description: Bok Financial Corp
Symbol: BOKFL.BZ
Description: Db-Xt Russell 2000 Comp Factor ETF
Symbol: DESC.BZ
Description: Dynegy Inc 7.00% Tangible Equi
Symbol: DYNC.BZ
Description: S&P Tech Hardware Et SPDR
Symbol: XTH.BZ
Description: S&P Internet ETF SPDR
Symbol: XWEB.BZ
Description: American Homes 4 Rent 6.35% Ser
Symbol: AMH-E.BZ
Description: EAFE ESG Optimized Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: ESGD.BZ
Description: Harborone Bancorp Inc
Symbol: HONE.BZ
Description: Summit Hotel Properties Inc
Symbol: INN-D.BZ
Description: S&P 100 Eql Wgt Port PS
Symbol: OEW.BZ
Description: Fronteo Inc
Symbol: FTEO.BZ
Description: GATX Corp
Symbol: GATX.BZ
Description: Government Properties Income TR
Symbol: GOVNI.BZ
Description: Hospitality Properties Trust
Symbol: HPTRP.BZ
Description: Herc Holdings Inc
Symbol: HRI.BZ
Description: Integer Holdings Corp
Symbol: ITGR.BZ
Description: Ultrapro Short Crude Oil Proshares
Symbol: OILD.BZ
Description: Ultrapro Crude Oil Proshares
Symbol: OILU.BZ
Description: Randolph Bancorp Inc
Symbol: RNDB.BZ
Description: Senior Housing Properties Trust
Symbol: SNHNI.BZ
Description: Senior Housing Properties Trust
Symbol: SNHNL.BZ
Description: Travelcenters of America Llc
Symbol: TANNI.BZ
Description: Travelcenters of America Llc
Symbol: TANNL.BZ
Description: Travelcenters of America Llc
Symbol: TANNZ.BZ
Description: Advancepierre Foods Holdings Inc
Symbol: APFH.BZ
Description: Fortive Corp
Symbol: FTV.BZ
Description: Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust
Symbol: GDV-G.BZ
Description: Lonestar Resources US Inc
Symbol: LONE.BZ
Description: Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd
Symbol: OR.BZ
Description: M III Acquisition
Symbol: MIIIU.BZ
Description: Advisorshares Cornerstone Small
Symbol: SCAP.BZ
Description: Monster Digital Warrant
Symbol: MSDIW.BZ
Description: National General Holdings Corp
Symbol: NGHCN.BZ
Description: Audentes Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: BOLD.BZ
Description: Impinj Inc
Symbol: PI.BZ
Description: Patheon Nv
Symbol: PTHN.BZ
Description: Royal Bank of Canada ETN Linked S&P 500 Trend Al
Symbol: TALL.BZ
Description: Talend S.A.
Symbol: TLND.BZ
Description: Tpi Composites Inc
Symbol: TPIC.BZ
Description: Shineco Inc
Symbol: TYHT.BZ
Description: Delmar Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: DMPI.BZ
Description: IHS Markit Ltd
Symbol: INFO.BZ
Description: G-X Conscious Companies ETF
Symbol: KRMA.BZ
Description: Annaly Capital Management Inc 7.625% Series E
Symbol: NLY-E.BZ
Description: China Lending Corp
Symbol: CLDC.BZ
Description: China Lending Corporation
Symbol: CLDCW.BZ
Description: Conyers Park Acquisition Corp
Symbol: CPAAU.BZ
Description: X-Links Mthy Pay 2X Leveraged Mortgage REIT
Symbol: REML.BZ
Description: Triton International Ltd
Symbol: TRTN.BZ
Description: Enerjex Resources Inc
Symbol: UAVS.BZ
Description: Velocity VIX Tail Risk
Symbol: BSWN.BZ
Description: Flexshares US ESG Impact Index
Symbol: ESG.BZ
Description: Flexshares Global ESG Impact Index
Symbol: ESGG.BZ
Description: Cambria Emerging Shareholder Yield ETF
Symbol: EYLD.BZ
Description: Fsb Community Bnksh
Symbol: FSBC.BZ
Description: EM Inv Grade + Bb Rated USD Sb Vaneck ETF
Symbol: IGEM.BZ
Description: Velocity VIX Variable Long Short
Symbol: LSVX.BZ
Description: Rennova Health Inc WT
Symbol: RNVAZ.BZ
Description: Webster City Fed Bcp
Symbol: WCFB.BZ
Description: Velocity VIX Short Vol Hedged
Symbol: XIVH.BZ
Description: DWA Mmtm Low Vlty Rotation Port PS
Symbol: DWLV.BZ
Description: Kadmon Holdings Llc
Symbol: KDMN.BZ
Description: Kinsale Capital Group Inc
Symbol: KNSL.BZ
Description: Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc
Symbol: AHT-F.BZ
Description: Bioventus Inc.
Symbol: BIOV.BZ
Description: 3D Printing ETF
Symbol: PRNT.BZ
Description: Aptevo Therapeutics Inc.
Symbol: APVOV.BZ
Description: Cf Corp
Symbol: CFCO.BZ
Description: Cf Corp
Symbol: CFCOW.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts ESG Optimized Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: ESGE.BZ
Description: Bluerock Residential Growth REIT Inc
Symbol: BRG-C.BZ
Description: Emergent Biosolutions Inc Cmn
Symbol: EBS-.BZ
Description: Public Storage
Symbol: PSA-D.BZ
Description: Stifel Financial Corp
Symbol: SF-A.BZ
Symbol: CHIAV.BZ
Symbol: CHIKV.BZ
Description: Commercehub Inc
Symbol: CHUBA.BZ
Description: Commercehub Inc
Symbol: CHUBK.BZ
Description: Dominion Resources Inc
Symbol: DRUA.BZ
Description: Madrigal Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: MDGL.BZ
Description: My Size Inc
Symbol: MYSZ.BZ
Description: Sensus Healthcare Inc WT
Symbol: SRTSW.BZ
Description: Direxion European Financials Bull 2X
Symbol: EUFL.BZ
Description: WBI Rotation Shares
Symbol: WBIR.BZ
Description: First Hawaiian Inc
Symbol: FHB.BZ
Description: Legg Intl Low Vol High Div ETF
Symbol: LVHI.BZ
Description: Pavmed Inc
Symbol: PAVM.BZ
Description: Cellect Biotechnology Ltd
Symbol: APOP.BZ
Description: Cellect Biotechnology Ltd
Symbol: APOPW.BZ
Description: Atomera Inc
Symbol: ATMR.BZ
Description: Belden Inc
Symbol: BDC-B.BZ
Description: Long Blockchain Corp
Symbol: LTEA.BZ
Description: Direxion Gold Miners Index Bear 1X
Symbol: MELT.BZ
Description: Aptevo Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: APVO.BZ
Description: Azurrx Biopharma Inc
Symbol: AZRX.BZ
Description: Cardconnect Corp
Symbol: CCN.BZ
Description: Cardconnect Corp
Symbol: CCNWW.BZ
Description: Hope Bancorp Inc
Symbol: HOPE.BZ
Description: Keycorp Preferred Stock Series C
Symbol: KEY-H.BZ
Description: Medpace Holdings Inc
Symbol: MEDP.BZ
Description: Motif Bio Plc
Symbol: MTFB.BZ
Description: Inspiremd Inc Warrant
Symbol: NSP.W.BZ
Description: Pavmed Inc WT
Symbol: PAVMW.BZ
Description: Protagonist Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: PTGX.BZ
Description: Onconova Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: ONTXW.BZ
Description: Capital One Financial Corp
Symbol: COF-G.BZ
Description: Airgain Inc
Symbol: AIRG.BZ
Description: Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc
Symbol: EKSO.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: LDO-.BZ
Description: Summit Water Infrastructure Multifactor ETF
Symbol: WTRX.BZ
Description: Direxion European Financials Bear 1X
Symbol: EUFS.BZ
Description: C-Tracks MLP Miller/Howard Fundamental Series B
Symbol: MLPE.BZ
Description: Bancroft Fund Ltd
Symbol: BCV-A.BZ
Description: Immunocellular Therapeutics Warrant
Symbol: IMU.W.BZ
Description: Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc Pfd. Series A
Symbol: RYA-A.BZ
Description: Highland Acquisition Corp
Symbol: HLACU.BZ
Description: Legg Mason Inc
Symbol: LMHB.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: LMT.W.BZ
Description: Seaspan Corp
Symbol: SSW-H.BZ
Description: Entergy Arkansas Inc
Symbol: EAI.BZ
Description: Mabvax Therapeutics Holdings Inc
Symbol: MBVX.BZ
Description: Medley Llc
Symbol: MDLX.BZ
Description: Isectors Post-Mpt Growth ETF
Symbol: PMPT.BZ
Description: Rexford Industrial Realty Inc
Symbol: REX-A.BZ
Description: Dominion Resources Inc
Symbol: DCUD.BZ
Description: Entergy Louisiana Llc
Symbol: ELC.BZ
Description: Landcadia Holdings Inc
Symbol: LCA.BZ
Description: Huntington Bancshares Incorporated Depositary Sh
Symbol: HBANN.BZ
Description: Gladstone Land Corp
Symbol: LANDP.BZ
Description: Om Asset Management Plc
Symbol: OMAA.BZ
Description: Stellar Acquisition III Inc. Unit
Symbol: STLRU.BZ
Description: Principal Healthcare Innovators Index
Symbol: BTEC.BZ
Description: Principal Millennials Index ETF
Symbol: GENY.BZ
Description: Qwest Corp
Symbol: CTBB.BZ
Description: Nuveen High Income November 2021 Target Term Fun
Symbol: JHB.BZ
Description: Horizon Vol Domestic ETF FT
Symbol: HUSV.BZ
Description: Biomerica Inc
Symbol: BMRA.BZ
Description: Horizon Vol Dev Intl ETF FT
Symbol: HDMV.BZ
Description: M III Acquisition Corp WT
Symbol: MIIIW.BZ
Description: Reven Housing REIT
Symbol: RVEN.BZ
Description: Sotherly Hotels Inc 8.0% Series B Cumulative Re
Symbol: SOHOB.BZ
Description: Purefunds Solactive Fintech ETF
Symbol: FINQ.BZ
Description: Purefunds Etfx Healthtech ETF
Symbol: IMED.BZ
Description: Landmark Infrastructure Partners LP
Symbol: LMRKO.BZ
Description: Nextera Energy Inc
Symbol: NEE-R.BZ
Description: S&P 1000 ETF SPDR
Symbol: SMD.BZ
Description: Special Opportunities 3.5% Conv. Pfd. Series B
Symbol: SPE-B.BZ
Description: Apollo Commercial 8% Cum. Perp. Pfd. Series C
Symbol: ARI-C.BZ
Description: Sundance Energy Australia Ltd
Symbol: SNDE.BZ
Description: Everbridge Inc
Symbol: EVBG.BZ
Description: Fb Financial Corp
Symbol: FBK.BZ
Description: Dell Technologies Inc Cl V
Symbol: DVMT.BZ
Description: Landcadia Holdings Inc Warrant
Symbol: LCAHW.BZ
Description: Bank of Butterfield Ltd
Symbol: NTB.BZ
Description: Trade Desk Inc
Symbol: TTD.BZ
Description: Direxion Silver Miners Bear 2X
Symbol: DULL.BZ
Description: GS Treasuryaccess 0-1 Year ETF
Symbol: GBIL.BZ
Description: Direxion Silver Miners Bull 2X
Symbol: SHNY.BZ
Description: Trilogy Metals Inc
Symbol: TMQ.BZ
Description: GMAC Capital Trust I Fixed Rate
Symbol: ALL-Y.BZ
Description: Corenergy Infrastructure Trust Inc Dep. Pfd
Symbol: COR-Z.BZ
Description: PC Connection Inc
Symbol: CNXN.BZ
Description: Gabelli Go Anywhere Trust
Symbol: GGO.C.BZ
Description: USA Min Vol Small-Cap Ishares Edge MSCI ETF
Symbol: SMMV.BZ
Description: Apptio Inc
Symbol: APTI.BZ
Description: Dasan Zhone Solutions Inc
Symbol: DZSI.BZ
Description: E.L.F. Beauty Inc
Symbol: ELF.BZ
Description: Full Spectrum Inc.
Symbol: FMAX.BZ
Description: Novan Inc
Symbol: NOVN.BZ
Description: G-X Robotics & Artificial Intel Thmtc ETF
Symbol: BOTZ.BZ
Description: G-X Fintech Thematic ETF
Symbol: FINX.BZ
Description: Gridsum Holding Inc
Symbol: GSUM.BZ
Description: Valvoline Inc
Symbol: VVV.BZ
Symbol: AMSW.BZ
Symbol: ARTN.BZ
Symbol: ASCM.BZ
Description: Liberty Braves C RTS
Symbol: BATR.BZ
Symbol: BELF.BZ
Description: 2024 High Yld Corp Bond Port PS Bs
Symbol: BSJO.BZ
Symbol: BWIN.BZ
Symbol: CHSC.BZ
Symbol: CHUB.BZ
Symbol: CMCS.BZ
Description: Conyers Park Acquisition Corp
Symbol: CPAA.BZ
Symbol: CRES.BZ
Symbol: CYHH.BZ
Symbol: DGIC.BZ
Symbol: DISC.BZ
Symbol: EMIT.BZ
Symbol: FCNC.BZ
Symbol: FORT.BZ
Symbol: FSCF.BZ
Symbol: FTRP.BZ
Symbol: GCVR.BZ
Symbol: GFNS.BZ
Symbol: GNCM.BZ
Symbol: HOVN.BZ
Symbol: HPTR.BZ
Symbol: IMKT.BZ
Symbol: JCTC.BZ
Symbol: KELY.BZ
Symbol: LBRD.BZ
Symbol: LBTY.BZ
Symbol: LSXM.BZ
Symbol: LTRP.BZ
Symbol: LVNT.BZ
Description: M I Acquisitions Inc Un
Symbol: MACQU.BZ
Symbol: MARP.BZ
Description: Monmouth Real Estate Investment Group
Symbol: MNR-C.BZ
Symbol: NRCI.BZ
Symbol: ONSI.BZ
Symbol: RBCA.BZ
Symbol: RUSH.BZ
Symbol: RYAA.BZ
Symbol: SENE.BZ
Symbol: SLMA.BZ
Symbol: SNFC.BZ
Description: Stellar Acquisition III Inc
Symbol: STLR.BZ
Description: Star Buffet
Symbol: STRZ.BZ
Symbol: VLGE.BZ
Symbol: VNRA.BZ
Symbol: VNRB.BZ
Symbol: VNRC.BZ
Description: AC Immune S.A.
Symbol: ACIU.BZ
Symbol: ASI-.BZ
Description: Conyers Park Acquisition Corp. WT
Symbol: CPAAW.BZ
Description: Capstar Financial Holdings Inc
Symbol: CSTR.BZ
Description: Fidelity Low Volatility Factor ETF
Symbol: FDLO.BZ
Description: Fidelity Momentum Factor ETF
Symbol: FDMO.BZ
Description: Fidelity Dividend ETF For Rising Rates
Symbol: FDRR.BZ
Description: Fidelity Core Dividend ETF
Symbol: FDVV.BZ
Description: Fidelity Quality Factor ETF
Symbol: FQAL.BZ
Description: Fidelity Value Factor ETF
Symbol: FVAL.BZ
Description: JPM Dvsd Alternatives ETF
Symbol: JPHF.BZ
Description: JPM Diversified High Yield ETF
Symbol: JPHY.BZ
Description: Nushares US Aggregate Bond ETF
Symbol: NUAG.BZ
Symbol: WPPG.BZ
Description: Alliance Mma Inc
Symbol: AMMA.BZ
Description: 2026 Corp Bond Port PS Bs
Symbol: BSCQ.BZ
Description: Entergy Mississippi Inc 4.9% Bonds
Symbol: EMP.BZ
Description: Saban Capital Acquisition Corp Un
Symbol: SCACU.BZ
Description: G-X Internet of Things Thematic ETF
Symbol: SNSR.BZ
Description: Fulgent Genetics Inc
Symbol: FLGT.BZ
Description: Dec 2026 Term Corp Ishares Ibonds ETF
Symbol: IBDR.BZ
Description: Medequities Realty Trust Inc
Symbol: MRT.BZ
Description: Nutanix Inc
Symbol: NTNX.BZ
Description: Tabula Rasa Healthcare Inc
Symbol: TRHC.BZ
Symbol: VSM-.BZ
Description: G-X Gold Explorers ETF
Symbol: GOEX.BZ
Description: Amt-Free 12-17 Year Muni Idx Vaneck ETF
Symbol: ITML.BZ
Description: Amt-Free 6-8 Year Municipal Idx Vaneck ETF
Symbol: ITMS.BZ
Description: Southern Co
Symbol: SOJB.BZ
Description: Capital USA Managed Risk ETF
Symbol: USMR.BZ
Description: Associated Banc-Corp
Symbol: ASB-D.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: COT-.BZ
Description: Customers Bancorp Inc Prf
Symbol: CUB-F.BZ
Description: Advisorshares Focused Equity ETF
Symbol: CWS.BZ
Description: Elkhorn Commodity Rotation Strategy ETF
Symbol: DWAC.BZ
Description: Nasdaq Semiconductor ETF FT
Symbol: FTXL.BZ
Description: Halcon Resources Corp Warrant
Symbol: HK.W.BZ
Description: Amplify Yieldshares Prime 5 Dividend ETF
Symbol: PFV.BZ
Description: Elkhorn Fundamental Commodity Strategy ETF
Symbol: RCOM.BZ
Description: Wheeler Real Estate Investment Trust Inc
Symbol: WHLRD.BZ
Description: Aspen Insurance Holdings Ltd
Symbol: AHL-D.BZ
Description: Azure Power Global Ltd
Symbol: AZRE.BZ
Description: Liberty US Low Volatility ETF
Symbol: FLLV.BZ
Description: Nasdaq Pharmaceuticals ETF FT
Symbol: FTXH.BZ
Description: Nasdaq Transportation ETF FT
Symbol: FTXR.BZ
Description: Resources Prospect Ltd
Symbol: PSC.BZ
Description: Variable Rate Investment Grade Portolio PS
Symbol: VRIG.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: APD-.BZ
Description: Nasdaq Oil & Gas ETF FT
Symbol: FTXN.BZ
Description: Aquaventure Holdings Ltd
Symbol: WAAS.BZ
Description: Cogint Inc
Symbol: COGT.BZ
Description: Camping World Holdings Inc
Symbol: CWH.BZ
Symbol: DFI-.BZ
Description: Everspin Technologies Inc
Symbol: MRAM.BZ
Description: Obalon Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: OBLN.BZ
Description: Gladstone Investment Corp
Symbol: GAINM.BZ
Symbol: LKS-.BZ
Description: Crude Oil Strategy Proshares
Symbol: OILK.BZ
Description: Rivernorth/Doubleline Strategic Opportunity Fund
Symbol: OPP.BZ
Description: Trimtabs Float Shrink ETF
Symbol: TTAC.BZ
Description: Amtrust Financial Services Inc
Symbol: AFS-F.BZ
Description: CEF Income Opportunity ETF FT
Symbol: FCEF.BZ
Description: Advisorshares Kim Korea Equity ETF
Symbol: KOR.BZ
Description: Municipal CEF Income Opportunity ETF FT
Symbol: MCEF.BZ
Description: Donnelley (R.R.) & Sons Co.
Symbol: RRD-.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: PG.W.BZ
Description: Extraction Oil & Gas Inc
Symbol: XOG.BZ
Description: Arch Capital Group Ltd
Symbol: ACGLP.BZ
Description: Avista Healthcare Public Acquisition Corp
Symbol: AHPAU.BZ
Description: Advansix Inc
Symbol: ASIX.BZ
Description: Donnelly Financial Solutions Inc
Symbol: DFIN.BZ
Description: Lsc Communications Inc
Symbol: LKSD.BZ
Description: Versum Materials Inc
Symbol: VSM.BZ
Symbol: PKY-.BZ
Description: Lattice Real Estate Strategy ETF
Symbol: RORE.BZ
Description: Mammoth Energy Services Inc
Symbol: TUSK.BZ
Description: Arch Coal Inc
Symbol: ARCH.BZ
Description: City Office REIT Inc
Symbol: CIO-A.BZ
Symbol: CUZ-.BZ
Description: Liberty Investment Grade Corp ETF
Symbol: FLCO.BZ
Description: M III Acquisition Corp
Symbol: MIII.BZ
Description: Crispr Therapeutics Ag
Symbol: CRSP.BZ
Description: Forterra Inc
Symbol: FRTA.BZ
Description: Nasdaq Bank ETF FT
Symbol: FTXO.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: STA-Z.BZ
Description: Nasdaq Food & Beverage ETF FT
Symbol: FTXG.BZ
Description: Teekay Lng Partners LP Pref Share
Symbol: TGP-A.BZ
Description: Axar Acquisition Corp
Symbol: AXAR.BZ
Description: Axar Acquisition Corp
Symbol: AXARU.BZ
Description: Axar Acquisition Corp
Symbol: AXARW.BZ
Description: Dte Energy Co
Symbol: DTV.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: EPM-Z.BZ
Description: Nasdaq Retail ETF FT
Symbol: FTXD.BZ
Description: First US Bancshares Inc
Symbol: FUSB.BZ
Description: Irhythm Technologies Inc
Symbol: IRTC.BZ
Description: Bancorp 34 Inc
Symbol: BCTF.BZ
Description: Centennial Resource Development Inc
Symbol: CDEV.BZ
Description: Centennial Resource Development Inc
Symbol: CDEVW.BZ
Description: Hometown Bankshares
Symbol: HMTA.BZ
Description: First Internet Bancorp
Symbol: INBKL.BZ
Description: Ottawa Saving Bcp Il
Symbol: OTTW.BZ
Description: Spirited Funds/Etfmg Whiskey & Spirits ETF
Symbol: WSKY.BZ
Description: Eagle Point Credit Company Inc
Symbol: ECCB.BZ
Description: National Retail Properties Inc
Symbol: NNN-F.BZ
Description: Social Reality Inc
Symbol: SRAX.BZ
Description: Stellar Acquisition III Inc Warrants
Symbol: STLRW.BZ
Description: Fortis Inc
Symbol: FTS.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: ADN-.BZ
Description: Bluerock Residential Growth REIT Inc
Symbol: BRG-D.BZ
Description: Chimera Investment Corp
Symbol: CIM-A.BZ
Description: Enerjex Resources Inc 10% Ser
Symbol: ENRJP.BZ
Description: Acushnet Holdings Corp
Symbol: GOLF.BZ
Description: Ilg Inc
Symbol: ILG.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: JCI-.BZ
Description: Public Storage Prf
Symbol: PSA-E.BZ
Description: Quantenna Communications Inc
Symbol: QTNA.BZ
Description: Yum! Brands Inc Common Stock
Symbol: YUM-.BZ
Description: Zto Express [Cayman] Inc
Symbol: ZTO.BZ
Description: Blackline Inc
Symbol: BL.BZ
Description: Gty Technology Holdings Inc
Symbol: GTYHU.BZ
Description: Great Plains Energy Inc
Symbol: GXP-B.BZ
Description: Ivy Nextshares Ivy Energy Nextshares
Symbol: IVENC.BZ
Description: Ivy Focused Growth Nextshares
Symbol: IVFGC.BZ
Description: Ivy Nextshares Ivy Focused Value Nextshares
Symbol: IVFVC.BZ
Description: Myovant Sciences Ltd
Symbol: MYOV.BZ
Description: Ra Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: RARX.BZ
Description: Arconic Inc Pf 3.75
Symbol: ARN-.BZ
Description: Gds Holdings Ltd
Symbol: GDS.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: HCP-.BZ
Description: Elkhorn Lunt Low Vol/High Beta Tactical ETF
Symbol: LVHB.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: QCP-.BZ
Description: Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc
Symbol: AHT-G.BZ
Description: PS Business Parks Inc
Symbol: PSB-W.BZ
Description: Western New England Bancorp Inc
Symbol: WNEB.BZ
Description: EM Fossil Fuel Reserves MSCI ETF SPDR
Symbol: EEMX.BZ
Description: EAFE Fossil Fuel Reserves Free MSCI ETF SPDR
Symbol: EFAX.BZ
Description: DB-X Barclays Inter Corp Bh ETF
Symbol: IFIX.BZ
Description: DB-X Barclays Inter Treas Bh ETF
Symbol: IGVT.BZ
Description: Smart Sand Inc
Symbol: SND.BZ
Description: KKR Financial Holdings Llc
Symbol: KFH-.BZ
Description: Amn Healthcare Services Inc
Symbol: AMN.BZ
Description: Natixis Seeyond Intl Min Vol ETF
Symbol: MVIN.BZ
Description: Premise Capital Frontier Advantage Dvsfd Tct ETF
Symbol: TCTL.BZ
Description: Adient Plc
Symbol: ADNT.BZ
Description: Global ESG Revenue ETF Oppenheimer
Symbol: ESGF.BZ
Description: Senestech Inc
Symbol: SNES.BZ
Description: American Customer Satisfaction Core Alpha ETF
Symbol: ACSI.BZ
Description: Arconic Inc
Symbol: ARN-B.BZ
Description: Arconic Inc
Symbol: ARNC.BZ
Description: ESG Revenue ETF Oppenheimer
Symbol: ESGL.BZ
Description: Lamb Weston
Symbol: LW-.BZ
Description: Quality Care Properties Inc
Symbol: QCP.BZ
Description: Sutherland Asset Management Corp MD
Symbol: SLD.BZ
Description: Yum China Holdings Inc
Symbol: YUMC.BZ
Description: Direxion CSI China Internet Idx Bull 2X
Symbol: CWEB.BZ
Description: Gabelli Go Anywhere Trust
Symbol: GGO.BZ
Description: The Gabelli Healthcare and Wellness Trust
Symbol: GGO-A.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Intl Dividend Dynamic Currency Hedged
Symbol: DHDG.BZ
Description: GS Hedge Industry Vip ETF
Symbol: GVIP.BZ
Description: Pareteum Corp
Symbol: TEUM.BZ
Description: US REIT Ishares Core ETF
Symbol: USRT.BZ
Description: Albireo Pharma Inc
Symbol: ALBO.BZ
Description: Unknown
Symbol: CAG-.BZ
Description: Great Elm Capital Corp
Symbol: GECC.BZ
Symbol: LEXAV.BZ
Description: Rev Group Inc
Symbol: REVG.BZ
Description: 5-10 Year USD Bond Ishares Core ETF
Symbol: IMTB.BZ
Description: Liberty Expedia Holdings Inc
Symbol: LEXEA.BZ
Description: Hostess Brands Inc
Symbol: TWNK.BZ
Description: Gores Holdings Warr
Symbol: TWNKW.BZ
Description: Xenetic Biosciences Inc
Symbol: XBIO.BZ
Description: FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETN Series B
Symbol: FLEU.BZ
Description: Uscf Restaurant Leaders Fund
Symbol: MENU.BZ
Description: Tapimmune Inc
Symbol: TPIV.BZ
Description: Diffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: DFFN.BZ
Description: Hersha Hospitality Trust
Symbol: HT-E.BZ
Description: Novatel Wireless
Symbol: INSG.BZ
Description: Leaf Group Ltd
Symbol: LFGR.BZ
Description: Lamb Weston Holdings Inc
Symbol: LW.BZ
Description: Accelerated Pharma Inc.
Symbol: ACCP.BZ
Description: Aviva Plc
Symbol: AVV-.BZ
Description: Atomera Inc
Symbol: ATOM.BZ
Description: Innovative Industrial Properties
Symbol: IIPR.BZ
Description: M I Acquisitions Inc Warrant
Symbol: MACQW.BZ
Description: Wecast Network Inc
Symbol: WCST.BZ
Description: Moxian Inc
Symbol: MOXC.BZ
Description: Saban Capital Acquisition Corp
Symbol: SCAC.BZ
Description: Saban Capital Acquisition Corp Warrants
Symbol: SCACW.BZ
Description: Beyondspring Inc Ordinary Shares
Symbol: BYSI.BZ
Description: G-X MSCI Superdividend EAFE ETF
Symbol: EFAS.BZ
Description: Ichor Holdings Ltd
Symbol: ICHR.BZ
Description: Eagleine Acquisition Corp
Symbol: IGLEU.BZ
Description: Instem Inc
Symbol: INS-.BZ
Description: Limbach Holdings Inc
Symbol: LMB.BZ
Description: Trivago Nv
Symbol: TRVG.BZ
Description: Wildhorse Resour
Symbol: WRD.BZ
Description: JPM Dvsd Rtns US Smallcap Equity ETF
Symbol: JPSE.BZ
Description: Janus Short Duration Income ETF
Symbol: VNLA.BZ
Description: Gty Technology Holdings Inc
Symbol: GTYH.BZ
Description: Hunter Maritime Acquisition Corp
Symbol: HUNTU.BZ
Description: Legg EM Low Vol Hi Div ETF
Symbol: LVHE.BZ
Description: Motif Bio Plc Warrants To Purchase Adrs
Symbol: MTFBW.BZ
Description: Ipath S&P GSCI Crude Oil TR Index Series B ETN
Symbol: OILB.BZ
Description: Flexshares Core Select Bond Fund
Symbol: BNDC.BZ
Description: Flexshopper Inc
Symbol: FPAY.BZ
Description: Genius Brands International Inc
Symbol: GNUS.BZ
Description: Lianluo Smart Ltd
Symbol: LLIT.BZ
Description: Axis Capital Holdings Ltd
Symbol: AXS-E.BZ
Description: Kalvista Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: KALV.BZ
Description: B. Riley Financial Inc
Symbol: RILYL.BZ
Description: Invesco High Income 2023 Target Term Fund
Symbol: IHIT.BZ
Description: Great Elm Capital Group Inc
Symbol: GECXU.BZ
Description: Athene Holding Ltd
Symbol: ATH.BZ
Description: Algonquin Pwr & Util
Symbol: AQN.BZ
Description: Dte Energy Co.
Symbol: DTZ-.BZ
Description: Microbot Medical Inc
Symbol: MBOT.BZ
Description: Peoples Utd Finl Inc
Symbol: PBCTP.BZ
Description: Nustar Energy LP Pref Share
Symbol: NS-A.BZ
Description: Novelion Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: NVLN.BZ
Description: Active Power Cmn
Symbol: PIOI.BZ
Description: S&P Intl Devd Hi Div Low Vol Port PS
Symbol: IDHD.BZ
Description: International Seaways Inc
Symbol: INSW.BZ
Description: Gabelli Nextshares Trust Gabelli Media Mogul Nex
Symbol: MOGLC.BZ
Description: S&P Smallcap Hi Div Low Vlty Portolio PS
Symbol: XSHD.BZ
Description: Collplant Holdings Ltd
Symbol: CLGN.BZ
Description: Capital One Financial Corp Pfd
Symbol: COF-H.BZ
Description: Envision Healthcare Corp
Symbol: EVH-.BZ
Description: Polar Power Inc
Symbol: POLA.BZ
Description: Energy Hunter Resources Inc.
Symbol: EHR.BZ
Description: Mid-America Apt Communities Inc
Symbol: MAA-I.BZ
Description: Brookfield Real Assets Income Fund Inc
Symbol: RA.BZ
Description: Teck Resources Ltd
Symbol: TECK.BZ
Description: Sonoma Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: SNOA.BZ
Description: Sonoma Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: SNOAW.BZ
Description: Virtus Dynamic Credit ETF
Symbol: BLHY.BZ
Description: USA ESG Optimized Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: ESGU.BZ
Description: M I Acquisitions Inc
Symbol: MACQ.BZ
Description: Fanhua Inc
Symbol: FANH.BZ
Description: Under Armour
Symbol: UAA.BZ
Description: D-X USD Hi Yld Corp Bond ETF
Symbol: HYLB.BZ
Description: Liberty Expedia Holdings Inc. Series B
Symbol: LEXEB.BZ
Description: Tigenix Nv
Symbol: TIG.BZ
Description: Dte Energy Co
Symbol: DTY.BZ
Description: Janus Sg Global Quality Income ETF
Symbol: SGQI.BZ
Description: Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp Class A Warrants
Symbol: SHIPW.BZ
Description: Velocity 3X Inverse Crude Oil
Symbol: DWT.BZ
Description: Lions Gate Entertainment Corp Cl A
Symbol: LGF.A.BZ
Description: Lions Gate Entertainment Corp Cl B
Symbol: LGF.B.BZ
Description: Velocity 3X Long Crude Oil
Symbol: UWT.BZ
Description: The Wear ETF
Symbol: WEAR.BZ
Description: Bioptix Inc
Symbol: BIOP.BZ
Description: Rexnord Corp
Symbol: RXN-A.BZ
Description: Conduent Incorporated
Symbol: CND-.BZ
Description: Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc
Symbol: HLT-.BZ
Description: Park Hotels & Resorts Inc.
Symbol: PK-.BZ
Description: Soligenix Inc
Symbol: SNGX.BZ
Description: Soligenix Inc Warrant
Symbol: SNGXW.BZ
Description: Xerox Corporation
Symbol: XRX-.BZ
Description: Amplify Yieldshares Cwp Dividend Option Inc ETF
Symbol: DIVO.BZ
Description: Hilton Grand Vacations Inc
Symbol: HGV-.BZ
Description: Nushares ESG Largecap Growth ETF
Symbol: NULG.BZ
Description: Nushares ESG Largecap Value ETF
Symbol: NULV.BZ
Description: Nushares ESG Midcap Growth ETF
Symbol: NUMG.BZ
Description: Nushares ESG Midcap Value ETF
Symbol: NUMV.BZ
Description: Nushares ESG Smallcap ETF
Symbol: NUSC.BZ
Description: Shiftpixy Inc
Symbol: PIXY.BZ
Description: Keycorp Pref Share
Symbol: KEY-I.BZ
Description: Aevi Genomic Medicine
Symbol: GNMX.BZ
Description: JH Developed Intl Multifactor ETF
Symbol: JHMD.BZ
Description: Pacer US Cash Cows 100 ETF
Symbol: COWZ.BZ
Description: Yatra Online Inc Ordinary Shares
Symbol: YTRA.BZ
Description: Nushares Short-Term REIT ETF
Symbol: NURE.BZ
Description: Bank of Montreal BMO Elkhorn DWA MLP Select
Symbol: BMLP.BZ
Description: Root9B Technologies Inc
Symbol: RTNB.BZ
Description: Rxi Pharmaceuticals Corporation Warrants Expirin
Symbol: RXIIW.BZ
Description: First Trust Senior Floating Rate 2022 Target Ter
Symbol: FIV.BZ
Description: WBI Largecap Yield Shares
Symbol: WBIY.BZ
Description: Emx Royalty Group
Symbol: EMX.BZ
Description: Hebron Technology Co. Ltd
Symbol: HEBT.BZ
Description: Saratoga Investment Corp 6.75% Notes Due 2023
Symbol: SAB.BZ
Description: Inspired Entertainment Inc. Warrants
Symbol: INSEW.BZ
Description: Penn Va Corp
Symbol: PVAC.BZ
Description: Drive Shack
Symbol: DC.BZ
Description: Drive Shack Inc
Symbol: DS.BZ
Description: Drive Shack Inc [Dspb]
Symbol: DS-B.BZ
Description: Drive Shack Inc [Dspc]
Symbol: DS-C.BZ
Description: Drive Shack Inc [Dspd]
Symbol: DS-D.BZ
Description: Inspired Entertainment Inc
Symbol: INSE.BZ
Description: Insight Select Income Fund
Symbol: INSI.BZ
Description: Vivopower International Plc Ordinary Shares
Symbol: VVPR.BZ
Description: Apollo Endosurgery Inc
Symbol: APEN.BZ
Description: China Lending Corporation
Symbol: CLDCF.BZ
Description: Conduent Inc
Symbol: CNDT.BZ
Description: Mountain Prv Dmds
Symbol: MPVD.BZ
Description: Legg Global Infrastructure ETF
Symbol: INFR.BZ
Description: O's Russell Smallcap Qlty Divd ETF
Symbol: OUSM.BZ
Description: Elkhorn S&P Midcap Consumer Discretionary Portfo
Symbol: XD.BZ
Description: Elkhorn S&P Midcap Energy Portfolio
Symbol: XE.BZ
Description: Elkhorn S&P Midcap Financials Portfolio
Symbol: XF.BZ
Description: Elkhorn S&P Midcap Health Care Portfolio
Symbol: XH.BZ
Description: Elkhorn S&P Midcap Industrials Portfolio
Symbol: XI.BZ
Description: Elkhorn S&P Midcap Information Technology Portfo
Symbol: XK.BZ
Description: Elkhorn S&P Midcap Materials Portfolio
Symbol: XM.BZ
Description: Elkhorn S&P Midcap Consumer Staples Portfolio
Symbol: XS.BZ
Description: Elkhorn S&P Midcap Utilities Portfolio
Symbol: XU.BZ
Description: Gty Technology Holdings Inc Warrants
Symbol: GTYHW.BZ
Description: Lci Industries
Symbol: LCII.BZ
Description: American Outdoor Brands Corp
Symbol: AOBC.BZ
Description: Avadel Pharmaceuticals Plc
Symbol: AVDL.BZ
Description: Hilton Grand Vacations Inc
Symbol: HGV.BZ
Description: Park Hotels & Resorts Inc
Symbol: PK.BZ
Description: Avista Healthcare Public Acquisition Corp Class
Symbol: AHPA.BZ
Description: Avista Healthcare Public Acquisition Corp Warra
Symbol: AHPAW.BZ
Description: Camber Energy Inc
Symbol: CEI.BZ
Description: Direxion Consumer Staples Bear 1X
Symbol: SPLZ.BZ
Description: Crude Daily -3X Inverse Proshares
Symbol: WTID.BZ
Description: Crude Daily 3X Long Proshares
Symbol: WTIU.BZ
Description: Aquabounty Technologies Inc.
Symbol: AQBTV.BZ
Description: Keane Group Inc
Symbol: FRAC.BZ
Description: Yield10 Bioscience Inc
Symbol: YTEN.BZ
Description: Gores Holdings II Inc Units
Symbol: GSHTU.BZ
Description: Sierra Oncology Inc
Symbol: SRRA.BZ
Description: Alps ETF Trust Alps/Dorsey Wright Sector Moment
Symbol: SWIN.BZ
Description: Direxion Utilities Bear 1X
Symbol: UTLZ.BZ
Description: Energy Fuels Inc Warrants
Symbol: UUU.W.BZ
Description: Colony Northstar [Clnspd]
Symbol: CLN-D.BZ
Description: Colony Northstar [Clnspe]
Symbol: CLN-E.BZ
Description: Colony Northstar [Clnspf]
Symbol: CLN-F.BZ
Description: Colony Northstar [Clnsph]
Symbol: CLN-H.BZ
Description: Colony Northstar Inc
Symbol: CLNS.BZ
Description: Tivity Health
Symbol: TVTY.BZ
Description: Appdynamics Inc.
Symbol: APPD.BZ
Description: Bioverativ Inc
Symbol: BIVVV.BZ
Description: Colony Northstar [Clnspg]
Symbol: CLN-G.BZ
Description: Treasury Collateral Portfolio PS
Symbol: CLTL.BZ
Description: Davis Select Financial ETF
Symbol: DFNL.BZ
Description: Davis Select USA ETF
Symbol: DUSA.BZ
Description: Davis Select World Opportunities ETF
Symbol: DWLD.BZ
Description: Hv Bancorp Inc
Symbol: HVBC.BZ
Description: Pacer Global Cash Cows Dividend
Symbol: GCOW.BZ
Description: Anaptysbio Inc
Symbol: ANAB.BZ
Description: Jagged Peak Energy Inc
Symbol: JAG.BZ
Description: Jeld-Wen Holding Inc
Symbol: JELD.BZ
Description: Jounce Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: JNCE.BZ
Description: Obseva Sa Ordinary Shares
Symbol: OBSV.BZ
Description: Visterra Inc.
Symbol: VIST.BZ
Description: Virtus Cumberland Municipal Bond ETF
Symbol: CUMB.BZ
Description: Laureate Education Inc
Symbol: LAUR.BZ
Description: Aquabounty Technologies Inc
Symbol: AQB.BZ
Description: Braeburn Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Symbol: BBRX.BZ
Description: Americas Silver Corp
Symbol: USAS.BZ
Description: Fintech Acquisition Corp II Unit
Symbol: FNTEU.BZ
Description: Varex Imaging Corporation
Symbol: VREXV.BZ
Description: Biogen Inc
Symbol: BIIBV.BZ
Description: Dcp Midstream LP
Symbol: DCP.BZ
Description: Ic Power Pte. Ltd
Symbol: ICP.BZ
Description: Invitation Homes Inc
Symbol: INVH.BZ
Description: Ramaco Resources Inc
Symbol: METC.BZ
Description: National Holdings Corporation Warrants
Symbol: NHLDW.BZ
Description: Liberty Media F1 Series A
Symbol: FWONA.BZ
Description: Liberty Media F1 Series K
Symbol: FWONK.BZ
Description: Kimbell Royalty Partners
Symbol: KRP.BZ
Description: Leap Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: LPTX.BZ
Description: Medley Llc 7.25% Notes Due 2024
Symbol: MDLQ.BZ
Description: Meridian Waste Solutions Inc
Symbol: MRDN.BZ
Description: Meridian Waste Solutions Inc Warrants
Symbol: MRDNW.BZ
Description: Hunter Maritime Acquisition Corp Warrant
Symbol: HUNTW.BZ
Description: Quantx Risk Managed Growth ETF ETF
Symbol: QXGG.BZ
Description: Quantx Risk Managed Multi-Asset Income ETF
Symbol: QXMI.BZ
Description: Quantx Risk Managed Real Return ETF
Symbol: QXRR.BZ
Description: Quantx Risk Managed Multi-Asset Total Return ETF
Symbol: QXTR.BZ
Description: Quantx Dynamic Beta US Equity ETF
Symbol: XUSA.BZ
Description: Clearsign Combustion Corporation Warrant
Symbol: CLIRW.BZ
Description: Franklin Intl Opportunities ETF
Symbol: FLIO.BZ
Description: Nuveen Preferred and Income 2022 Term Fund
Symbol: JPT.BZ
Description: Lehman Abs Corp
Symbol: CVB-.BZ
Description: Long Dollar Gold Trust SPDR
Symbol: GLDW.BZ
Description: Mauser Group N.V.
Symbol: MSR.BZ
Description: Varex Imaging Corp
Symbol: VREX.BZ
Description: Bioverativ Inc
Symbol: BIVV.BZ
Description: Foundation Building Materials Inc
Symbol: FBM.BZ
Description: Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust Red Pe
Symbol: PEI-C.BZ
Description: Sachem Capital Corp
Symbol: SACH.BZ
Description: Clipper Realty Inc
Symbol: CLPR.BZ
Description: Morgan Stanley Dep Shs Repstg 1/1000Th Sh Non-Cu
Symbol: MS-K.BZ
Description: Endra Life Sciences Inc. Unit
Symbol: NDRAU.BZ
Description: Infracap REIT Preferred ETF
Symbol: PFFR.BZ
Description: Tellurian Inc New
Symbol: TELL.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Global Ex-Mexico Equity Fund
Symbol: XMX.BZ
Description: Icahn Enterprises LP - Rights
Symbol: IEPRR.BZ
Description: Ifresh Inc
Symbol: IFMK.BZ
Description: ING Groep N.V.
Symbol: INZ-.BZ
Description: Auxilio Inc
Symbol: AUXO.BZ
Description: Gabelli Nextshares Trust Gabelli Food of All Nat
Symbol: FOANC.BZ
Description: Just Energy Group Inc
Symbol: JE-A.BZ
Description: Miragen Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: MGEN.BZ
Description: New Age Beverages Corp
Symbol: NBEV.BZ
Description: G-X Founder-Run Companies ETF
Symbol: BOSS.BZ
Description: Tcw Opportunistic Fixed Income ETF FT
Symbol: FIXD.BZ
Description: Indexiq S&P High Yld Low Vol ETF
Symbol: HYLV.BZ
Description: Sigma Labs Inc
Symbol: SGLB.BZ
Description: Sigma Labs Inc Warrant
Symbol: SGLBW.BZ
Description: Steel Partners Holdings LP 6.0% Series A
Symbol: SPL-A.BZ
Description: Managed Portfolio Series Tortoise Water Fund
Symbol: TBLU.BZ
Description: Virtus Investment Partners Inc Mandatory Pfd Con
Symbol: VRTSP.BZ
Description: Hamilton Lane Incorporated Class A
Symbol: HLNE.BZ
Description: Snap Inc
Symbol: SNAP.BZ
Description: Cemtrex Inc Series 1 Pfd.
Symbol: CETXP.BZ
Description: Cemtrex Inc Series 1 Warrant
Symbol: CETXW.BZ
Description: Hunter Maritime Acquisition Corp Class A
Symbol: HUNT.BZ
Description: Glassbridge Enterprises Inc
Symbol: GLA.BZ
Description: Balanced Multi-Asset Allocation Port PS
Symbol: PSMB.BZ
Description: Conservative Multi-Asset Allocation Port PS
Symbol: PSMC.BZ
Description: Growth Multi-Asset Allocation Port PS
Symbol: PSMG.BZ
Description: Moderately Conservative Multi-Asset Port PS
Symbol: PSMM.BZ
Description: Xperi Corp
Symbol: XPER.BZ
Description: Blackrock 2022 Global Income Opportunity Trust
Symbol: BGIO.BZ
Description: Global Brokerage Inc
Symbol: GLBR.BZ
Description: J. Jill Inc
Symbol: JILL.BZ
Description: Presidio Inc
Symbol: PSDO.BZ
Description: Uniti Group Inc
Symbol: UNIT.BZ
Description: Inspire Global Hope Large Cap ETF
Symbol: BLES.BZ
Description: Daseke Inc
Symbol: DSKE.BZ
Description: Daseke Inc
Symbol: DSKEW.BZ
Description: Inspire Small/Mid Cap Impact ETF
Symbol: ISMD.BZ
Description: Chimera Investment Corp
Symbol: CIM-B.BZ
Description: Dynegy Inc
Symbol: DYN.A.BZ
Description: Inpixon
Symbol: INPX.BZ
Description: Matinas Biopharma Hl
Symbol: MTNB.BZ
Description: C&J Energy Services Inc
Symbol: CJ.BZ
Description: Green Bond Vaneck ETF
Symbol: GRNB.BZ
Description: Gores Holdings II Inc Warrants
Symbol: GSHTW.BZ
Description: Mulesoft Inc Class A
Symbol: MULE.BZ
Description: Src Energy Inc
Symbol: SRCI.BZ
Description: Welbilt Inc
Symbol: WBT.BZ
Description: Propetro Holding Corp
Symbol: PUMP.BZ
Description: Ardagh Group S.A.
Symbol: ARD.BZ
Description: Matlin & Partners Acquisition Corporation Units
Symbol: MPACU.BZ
Description: G-X US Infr Development ETF
Symbol: PAVE.BZ
Description: Apollo Global Management Llc Pfd Ser A
Symbol: APO-A.BZ
Description: Cachet Financial Solutions Inc
Symbol: CAFN.BZ
Description: Stone Energy Corp
Symbol: SGY.W.BZ
Description: Akoustis Technologies Inc
Symbol: AKTS.BZ
Description: Playa Hotels & Resorts N.V. Ordinary Shares
Symbol: PLYA.BZ
Description: Playa Hotels & Resorts N.V. Warrants
Symbol: PLYAW.BZ
Description: Pennymac Mortgage Investment Trust
Symbol: PMT-A.BZ
Description: Alteryx Inc
Symbol: AYX.BZ
Description: Canada Goose Holdings Inc Subordinate Voting Sh
Symbol: GOOS.BZ
Description: R1 Rcm Inc
Symbol: RCM.BZ
Symbol: DXC-.BZ
Description: Ni Holdings Inc
Symbol: NODK.BZ
Description: Two Harbors Investment Corp
Symbol: TWO-A.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Europe Domestic Ecomony Fund
Symbol: EDOM.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree US Export and Multinational Fund
Symbol: WEXP.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree US Domestic Economy Fund
Symbol: WUSA.BZ
Symbol: DB--.BZ
Description: Ominto Inc
Symbol: OMNT.BZ
Description: Exchange Listed Funds Trust ETF
Symbol: CEFS.BZ
Description: Home
Symbol: DB-.BZ
Description: Perma-Pipe International Holdings Inc
Symbol: PPIH.BZ
Description: Fintech Acquisition Corp II Warrant
Symbol: FNTEW.BZ
Description: New York Community Bancorp Inc
Symbol: NYC-A.BZ
Description: O's Russell Intl Qlty Divd ETF
Symbol: ONTL.BZ
Description: Spark Energy Inc
Symbol: SPKEP.BZ
Description: Active Alts Contrarian ETF
Symbol: SQZZ.BZ
Description: Silver Run Acquisition Corporation II Units
Symbol: SRUNU.BZ
Description: Takung Art Co. Ltd
Symbol: TKAT.BZ
Description: Therapix Biosciences Ltd
Symbol: TRPX.BZ
Description: Intl Devd Markets Ishares Core MSCI ETF
Symbol: IDEV.BZ
Description: Valeritas Holdings Inc
Symbol: VLRX.BZ
Description: Gores Holdings II Inc Class A
Symbol: GSHT.BZ
Description: Micron Solutions Inc
Symbol: MICR.BZ
Description: Okta Inc Class A
Symbol: OKTA.BZ
Description: Schneider National Inc
Symbol: SNDR.BZ
Description: 180 Degree Capital Corp
Symbol: TURN.BZ
Description: Fintech Acquisition Corp II
Symbol: FNTE.BZ
Description: Hess Midstream Partners LP
Symbol: HESM.BZ
Description: Icc Holdings Inc
Symbol: ICCH.BZ
Description: Yext Inc
Symbol: YEXT.BZ
Description: Second Sight Medical Products Inc Warrants
Symbol: EYESW.BZ
Description: Nuveen Credit Opportunities 2022 Target Term Fun
Symbol: JCO.BZ
Description: Neurotrope Inc
Symbol: NTRP.BZ
Description: Direxion Auspice Broad Commodity Strategy ETF
Symbol: COM.BZ
Description: Cwa Income ETF
Symbol: CWAI.BZ
Description: Kayne Anderson Acquisition Corp Unit
Symbol: KAACU.BZ
Description: Netshoes [Cayman] Ltd
Symbol: NETS.BZ
Description: Vestin Realty Mortgage Ii Inc.
Symbol: VRTBD.BZ
Description: Arrow Reserve Capital Management ETF
Symbol: ARCM.BZ
Description: All Commodity Longer Dated Strategy ETF
Symbol: BCD.BZ
Description: All Commodity Strategy K-1 Free ETF
Symbol: BCI.BZ
Description: Energy Commodity Longer Dated Strategy ETF
Symbol: BEF.BZ
Description: Veon Ltd
Symbol: VEON.BZ
Description: Home
Symbol: BTU-.BZ
Description: Cadence Bancorporation Class A
Symbol: CADE.BZ
Description: Dxc Technology Company
Symbol: DXC.BZ
Description: Warrior Met Coal Inc
Symbol: HCC.BZ
Description: 1-5 Year U.S. Aggregate Nushares
Symbol: NUSA.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Natural Gas Subindex TR Series B ETN
Symbol: GAZB.BZ
Description: Tocagen Inc
Symbol: TOCA.BZ
Description: Axon Inc
Symbol: AAXN.BZ
Description: Vantage Energy Acquisition Corp Unit
Symbol: VEACU.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Value Momentum Portfolio PS
Symbol: SPVM.BZ
Description: Cambria Tail Risk ETF
Symbol: TAIL.BZ
Description: JPM Global Bond Opportunities ETF
Symbol: JPGB.BZ
Description: Melco Resorts & Entertainment
Symbol: MLCO.BZ
Description: S&P Smallcap Quality Portfolio PS
Symbol: XSHQ.BZ
Description: Forum Merger II Corporation Unit
Symbol: FMCIU.BZ
Description: Digiliti Money Group Inc
Symbol: DGLT.BZ
Description: Global Indemnity Limited 7.875% Subordinated Not
Symbol: GBLIL.BZ
Description: Inspiremd Inc Series B Warrants
Symbol: NSP.X.BZ
Description: Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd
Symbol: TNP-E.BZ
Description: Azul S.A. ADR
Symbol: AZUL.BZ
Description: Equitycompass Risk Manager ETF
Symbol: ERM.BZ
Description: Scorpio Tankers Inc 8.25% Senior Notes Due 2019
Symbol: SBBC.BZ
Description: Equitycompass Tactical Risk Manager ETF
Symbol: TERM.BZ
Description: Fnb Bancorp [Ca]
Symbol: FNBG.BZ
Description: Dec 2023 Term Muni Bond Ishares Ibonds ETF
Symbol: IBML.BZ
Description: Serenityshares Impact ETF
Symbol: ICAN.BZ
Description: Select Energy Services Inc
Symbol: WTTR.BZ
Description: Cloudera Inc
Symbol: CLDR.BZ
Description: Carvana Co. Class A
Symbol: CVNA.BZ
Description: Emerald Expositions Events Inc
Symbol: EEX.BZ
Description: Floor & Decor Holdings Inc
Symbol: FND.BZ
Description: Ticc Capital Corp 6.50% Notes Due 2024
Symbol: TICCL.BZ
Description: Ncs Multistage Holdings Inc
Symbol: NCSM.BZ
Description: Victory Dividend Accelerator ETF
Symbol: VSDA.BZ
Description: China Rapid Finance Limited ADR
Symbol: XRF.BZ
Description: Zymeworks Inc
Symbol: ZYME.BZ
Description: Silversun Technologies Inc Cl A
Symbol: SSNT.BZ
Description: Yangtze River Development Ltd
Symbol: YERR.BZ
Description: Industry Exposure & Fin Srvs ETF
Symbol: TETF.BZ
Description: Pcsb Financial Corp
Symbol: PCSB.BZ
Description: Verona Pharma Plc ADR
Symbol: VRNA.BZ
Description: Antero Midstream Gp LP
Symbol: AMGP.BZ
Description: Liberty Oilfield Services Inc.
Symbol: BDFC.BZ
Description: Biohaven Pharmaceutical Holding Company Ltd
Symbol: BHVN.BZ
Description: Five Point Holdings Llc Class A
Symbol: FPH.BZ
Description: Urogen Pharma Ltd Ordinary Shares
Symbol: URGN.BZ
Description: Savara Inc
Symbol: SVRA.BZ
Description: Catasys Inc
Symbol: CATS.BZ
Description: Wells Fargo & Co. Dep Shs Repstg 1/1000Th Int No
Symbol: WFC-Y.BZ
Description: American Homes 4 Rent Cum Red Perp Pfd Shs
Symbol: AMH-F.BZ
Description: Credit Suisse Ag Credit Suisse X-Links Crude Oil
Symbol: USOI.BZ
Description: Argentina Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: AGT.BZ
Description: KKR Real Estate Finance Trust Inc
Symbol: KREF.BZ
Description: Liniu Technology Group
Symbol: LINU.BZ
Description: Great Ajax Corp 7.25% Convertible Senior Notes
Symbol: AJXA.BZ
Description: Community First Bancshares Inc
Symbol: CFBI.BZ
Description: Qwest Corporation 6.75% Notes Due 2057
Symbol: CTDD.BZ
Description: Franklin Libertyq U.S. Equity ETF
Symbol: FLQL.BZ
Description: Franklin Libertyq U.S. Mid Cap Equity ETF
Symbol: FLQM.BZ
Description: Franklin Libertyq U.S. Small Cap Equity ETF
Symbol: FLQS.BZ
Description: Rosehill Resources Inc
Symbol: ROSE.BZ
Description: Rosehill Resources Inc
Symbol: ROSEW.BZ
Description: Silver Run Acquisition Corporation II Class A
Symbol: SRUN.BZ
Description: Silver Run Acquisition Corporation II Warrant
Symbol: SRUNW.BZ
Description: Vantage Energy Acquisition Corp Class A
Symbol: VEAC.BZ
Description: Asv Holdings Inc
Symbol: ASV.BZ
Description: Hartford Corporate Bond ETF
Symbol: HCOR.BZ
Description: Hartford Quality Bonds ETF
Symbol: HQBD.BZ
Description: Kayne Anderson Acquisition Corp Warrant
Symbol: KAACW.BZ
Description: Ovid Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: OVID.BZ
Description: Rosehill Resources Inc. Unit
Symbol: ROSEU.BZ
Description: Forum Merger II Corporation Class A
Symbol: FMCI.BZ
Description: Forum Merger Corporation Right
Symbol: FMCIR.BZ
Description: Forum Merger II Corporation Warrant
Symbol: FMCIW.BZ
Description: Kayne Anderson Acquisition Corp Class A
Symbol: KAAC.BZ
Description: Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure Inc Class A
Symbol: SOI.BZ
Symbol: ASH-.BZ
Description: Direxion Daily Aerospace Defense Bull 3X Shares
Symbol: DFEN.BZ
Description: Direxion Daily Industrials Bull 3X Shares
Symbol: DUSL.BZ
Description: Velocityshares 1X Long Vstoxx Futures ETN
Symbol: EVIX.BZ
Description: Velocityshares 1X Daily Inverse Vstoxx Futures E
Symbol: EXIV.BZ
Description: Gardner Denver Holdings Inc
Symbol: GDI.BZ
Description: Direxion Daily MSCI Mexico Bull 3X Shares
Symbol: MEXX.BZ
Description: Nustar Energy LP Cum Red Perp Pfd Ser B Fixed To
Symbol: NS-B.BZ
Description: Direxion Daily Transportation Bull 3X Shares
Symbol: TPOR.BZ
Description: Direxion Daily Utilities Bull 3X Shares
Symbol: UTSL.BZ
Description: Alpha Architect Value Momentum Trend ETF
Symbol: VMOT.BZ
Symbol: VVV-.BZ
Description: Legg Clearbridge All Cap Growth ETF
Symbol: CACG.BZ
Description: Altimmune Inc
Symbol: ALT.BZ
Description: Matlin & Partners Acquisition Corporation Class
Symbol: MPAC.BZ
Description: Matlin & Partners Acquisition Corporation Warran
Symbol: MPACW.BZ
Description: Silverbow Resources Inc
Symbol: SBOW.BZ
Description: Tpg Pace Energy Holdings Corp
Symbol: TPG.U.BZ
Description: TCF Financial Corp
Symbol: TCF.BZ
Description: TCF Financial Corp
Symbol: TCF-B.BZ
Description: TCF Financial Corp
Symbol: TCF-C.BZ
Description: TCF Financial Corp
Symbol: TCF.W.BZ
Description: Urban One Inc
Symbol: UONE.BZ
Description: Urban One Inc
Symbol: UONEK.BZ
Description: Guaranty Bancshares Inc
Symbol: GNTY.BZ
Description: G1 Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: GTHX.BZ
Description: Argenx Se Ads
Symbol: ARGX.BZ
Description: Bright Scholar Education Holdings Ltd
Symbol: BEDU.BZ
Description: Farmers & Merch Banc
Symbol: FMAO.BZ
Description: Principal Active Global Dividend Income ETF
Symbol: GDVD.BZ
Description: Silvercorp Metals Inc
Symbol: SVM.BZ
Description: Vantage Energy Acquisition Corp Wt.
Symbol: VEACW.BZ
Description: Vistra Energy Corp
Symbol: VST.BZ
Description: Multifactor Low Volatility International Equity
Symbol: LVIN.BZ
Description: Multifactor Low Volatility US Equity ETF
Symbol: LVUS.BZ
Description: Novus Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: NVUS.BZ
Description: Veritone Inc
Symbol: VERI.BZ
Description: Appian Corporation Class A
Symbol: APPN.BZ
Description: Modern Media Acquisition Corp Unit
Symbol: MMDMU.BZ
Description: National Energy Services Reunited Corp. Unit
Symbol: NESRU.BZ
Description: Soleno Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: SLNO.BZ
Description: Soleno Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: SLNOW.BZ
Description: Latam Airlines Group S.A.
Symbol: LTM.BZ
Description: Smart Global Holdings Inc
Symbol: SGH.BZ
Description: Atlas Financial Holdings Inc 6.625% Senior Uns
Symbol: AFHBL.BZ
Description: Arlington Asset 7.00% Series B Pfd
Symbol: AI-B.BZ
Description: Alio Gold Corp
Symbol: ALO.BZ
Description: IQ Chaikin U.S. Small Cap ETF
Symbol: CSML.BZ
Description: Wideopenwest Inc
Symbol: WOW.BZ
Description: Wheaton Precious Metals
Symbol: WPM.BZ
Description: Nexgen Energy Ltd
Symbol: NXE.BZ
Description: Becton Dickinson & Co
Symbol: BDXA.BZ
Description: Cars.Com Inc
Symbol: CAR-.BZ
Description: Mota Group Inc.
Symbol: MOTA.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Yield Enhanced U.S. Short-Term Aggreg
Symbol: SHAG.BZ
Description: Tegna Inc
Symbol: TGN-.BZ
Description: JPM Ultra-Short Income ETF
Symbol: JPST.BZ
Description: China Digital TV Holding Co
Symbol: STVVY.BZ
Description: Stanley Black & Decker Inc
Symbol: SWP.BZ
Description: Capitala Finance Corp 6% Notes Due 2022
Symbol: CPTAL.BZ
Description: Immuron Ltd
Symbol: IMRN.BZ
Description: Legg Clearbridge Dividend ESG ETF
Symbol: YLDE.BZ
Description: Gaslog Partners LP 8.75% Series A
Symbol: GLO-G.BZ
Description: Adtalem Global Education Inc
Symbol: ATGE.BZ
Description: Cambria Core Equity ETF
Symbol: CCOR.BZ
Description: Celsius Holdings Inc
Symbol: CELH.BZ
Description: Chf Solutions Inc
Symbol: CHFS.BZ
Description: Commodity Broad Strategy No K-1 ETF
Symbol: COMB.BZ
Description: GSCI Commodity Broad Strategy No K-1 ETF
Symbol: COMG.BZ
Description: Legg Clearbridge Large Cap Groowth ETF
Symbol: LRGE.BZ
Description: Home
Symbol: SBG-.BZ
Description: Altice USA Inc Class A
Symbol: ATUS.BZ
Description: Avenue Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: ATXI.BZ
Description: Hunting Dog Capital Corp.
Symbol: HDCC.BZ
Description: Nine Energy Service Inc
Symbol: NINE.BZ
Description: Plymouth Industrial REIT Inc
Symbol: PLYM.BZ
Description: Shotspotter Inc
Symbol: SSTI.BZ
Description: Capitala Finance Corp
Symbol: CLA-.BZ
Description: Janus Henderson Group Plc
Symbol: JHG.BZ
Description: Adomani Inc
Symbol: ADOM.BZ
Description: Oil Hedged MLP Income ETF
Symbol: AMLX.BZ
Description: Xxeed - Claymore BNY BRIC ETF Intraday
Symbol: EED.BZ
Description: Xxgmi - Market Vectors Gold Miners Index Intrada
Symbol: GMI.BZ
Description: Xxhvx - Market Vectors Environment Services Inde
Symbol: HVX.BZ
Description: Xxklx - Market Vectors Steel Index Intraday
Symbol: KLX.BZ
Description: Xxnfa - Claymore/Sabrient Insider ETF Index Intr
Symbol: NFA.BZ
Description: Cars.com Inc
Symbol: CARS.BZ
Description: Cymat Technologies Ltd
Symbol: CYM.BZ
Description: B. Riley Financial Inc 7.50% Senior Notes Due
Symbol: RILYZ.BZ
Description: Capitala Finance Corp 5.75% Convertible Notes D
Symbol: CPTAG.BZ
Description: Kbl Merger Corp IV Unit
Symbol: KBLMU.BZ
Description: Seacor Marine Holdings Inc
Symbol: SMHI.BZ
Description: National Energy Services Reunited Corp
Symbol: NESR.BZ
Description: National Energy Services Reunited Corp WT
Symbol: NESRW.BZ
Description: Public Storage Depositary 5.15% Series F Pfd
Symbol: PSA-F.BZ
Description: Quarterhill Inc
Symbol: QTRH.BZ
Description: Sanchez Midstream Partners LP
Symbol: SNMP.BZ
Description: Athenex Inc
Symbol: ATNX.BZ
Description: Tcg Bdc Inc
Symbol: CGBD.BZ
Description: DDR Corp Dep Shs Pfd Cl A
Symbol: DDR-A.BZ
Description: Formula Folios Hedged Growth ETF
Symbol: FFHG.BZ
Description: Formula Folios Income ETF
Symbol: FFTI.BZ
Description: Sg Blocks Inc
Symbol: SGBX.BZ
Description: Colony Northstar Inc. 7.15% Series I Pfd
Symbol: CLN-I.BZ
Description: Goldman Sachs Access Investment Grade Corp Bond
Symbol: GIGB.BZ
Description: Modern Media Acquisition Corp
Symbol: MMDM.BZ
Description: Modern Media Acquisition Corp Right
Symbol: MMDMR.BZ
Description: Modern Media Acquisition Corp Warrant
Symbol: MMDMW.BZ
Description: Nushares ESG Intl Developed Markets Equity ETF
Symbol: NUDM.BZ
Description: Nushares ESG Emerging Markets Equity ETF
Symbol: NUEM.BZ
Description: First Republic Bank [San Francisco Ca] Dep Shs R
Symbol: FRC-H.BZ
Description: Immuron Limited Warrants
Symbol: IMRNW.BZ
Description: Future Fintech Group Inc
Symbol: FTFT.BZ
Description: Myomo Inc
Symbol: MYO.BZ
Description: Brand Value ETF
Symbol: BVAL.BZ
Description: Four Springs Capital Trust
Symbol: FSPR.BZ
Description: Cushing 30 MLP Index Etns Due June 15 2037
Symbol: PPLN.BZ
Description: Safety Income and Growth Inc
Symbol: SAFE.BZ
Description: Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd ADR
Symbol: FRSX.BZ
Description: Granite Point Mortgage Trust Inc
Symbol: GPMT.BZ
Description: Boston Omaha Corporation Class A
Symbol: BOMN.BZ
Description: Mersana Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: MRSN.BZ
Description: Ngl Energy Partners LP
Symbol: NGL-B.BZ
Description: Friday Night Inc.
Symbol: TGIF.BZ
Description: Tintri Inc
Symbol: TNTR.BZ
Description: Altaba Inc
Symbol: AABA.BZ
Description: Byline Bancorp Inc
Symbol: BY.BZ
Description: Pacer US Small Cap Cash Cows 100 ETF
Symbol: CALF.BZ
Description: Esquire Financial Holdings Inc
Symbol: ESQ.BZ
Description: Pacer Developed Markets International Cash Cows
Symbol: ICOW.BZ
Description: Maiden Holdings Ltd Pref Ser D
Symbol: MH-D.BZ
Description: Oxford Lane Capital Corp Pfd Ser 2024
Symbol: OXLCM.BZ
Description: Aileron Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: ALRN.BZ
Description: Blue Apron Holdings Inc
Symbol: APRN.BZ
Description: Bison Capital Acquisition Corp Unit
Symbol: BCACU.BZ
Description: Constellation Alpha Capital Corp Unit
Symbol: CNACU.BZ
Description: Dova Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: DOVA.BZ
Description: Multi-Factor Large Cap Port PS
Symbol: GMFL.BZ
Description: Akcea Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: AKCA.BZ
Description: Validus Holdings Ltd
Symbol: VR-B.BZ
Description: Youngevity International Inc
Symbol: YGYI.BZ
Description: First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund Vi First Trust
Symbol: RNDV.BZ
Description: First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund Vi First Trust
Symbol: RNLC.BZ
Description: First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund Vi Mid Cap US E
Symbol: RNMC.BZ
Description: First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund Vi First Trust
Symbol: RNSC.BZ
Description: Victory Portfolios II Victoryshares US Multi-Fac
Symbol: VSMV.BZ
Description: Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp III
Symbol: HCA.U.BZ
Description: First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund Vi First Trust
Symbol: RNDM.BZ
Description: First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund Vi First Trust
Symbol: RNEM.BZ
Description: Tpg Pace Holdings Corp.
Symbol: TPGHU.BZ
Description: Checkpoint Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: CKPT.BZ
Description: Tpg Pace Energy Holdings Corp Warrant 11.50 Per
Symbol: TPG.W.BZ
Description: U.S. Gold Corp
Symbol: USAU.BZ
Description: First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III First Trust
Symbol: FCAL.BZ
Description: Kbl Merger Corp IV
Symbol: KBLM.BZ
Description: Kbl Merger Corp IV Right
Symbol: KBLMR.BZ
Description: Kbl Merger Corp IV Warrant
Symbol: KBLMW.BZ
Description: ETF Series Solutions Trust ETF
Symbol: OCIO.BZ
Description: Allianzgi Convertible Income 2024 Target Term Fu
Symbol: CBH.BZ
Description: US Global Go Gold and Precious Metal Miners ETF
Symbol: GOAU.BZ
Description: Iovance Biotherapeutics Inc
Symbol: IOVA.BZ
Description: Endra Life Sciences Inc Warrants
Symbol: NDRAW.BZ
Description: Trimtabs ETF Trust
Symbol: TTAI.BZ
Description: Virtus Enhanced Short U.S. Equity ETF
Symbol: VESH.BZ
Description: GS Activebeta U.S. Small Cap Equity ETF
Symbol: GSSC.BZ
Description: Obsidian Energy Ltd
Symbol: OBE.BZ
Description: Sce Trust Vi TR Pref Secs
Symbol: SCE-L.BZ
Description: Tpg Pace Energy Holdings Corp Class A
Symbol: TPGE.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree U.S. Multifactor Fund
Symbol: USMF.BZ
Description: Cision Ltd Warrants
Symbol: CIS.W.BZ
Description: Cision Ltd
Symbol: CISN.BZ
Description: Cision Ltd III Ut
Symbol: CISNU.BZ
Description: Cision Ltd 3 Wts
Symbol: CISNW.BZ
Description: Endra Life Sciences Inc
Symbol: NDRA.BZ
Description: Precipio Inc
Symbol: PRPO.BZ
Description: Compass Diversified Holdings Pfd Ser A
Symbol: COD-A.BZ
Description: Income Opportunity Realty Trust
Symbol: IOR.BZ
Description: Baker Hughes A Ge Co. Cl. A
Symbol: BHGE.BZ
Description: Jbg Smith Properties
Symbol: JBG-.BZ
Description: Home
Symbol: VNO-.BZ
Description: Pennymac Mortgage Investment Trust Pfd
Symbol: PMT-B.BZ
Description: Co-Diagnostics Inc
Symbol: CODX.BZ
Description: Russell 2500 Ishares ETF
Symbol: SMMD.BZ
Description: The Simply Good Foods Company
Symbol: SMPL.BZ
Description: The Simply Good Foods Company Warrant
Symbol: SMPLW.BZ
Description: Calyxt Inc
Symbol: CLXT.BZ
Description: Prosports Sponsors ETF
Symbol: FANZ.BZ
Description: Federal Street Acquisition Corp Unit
Symbol: FSACU.BZ
Description: Inspire Corporate Bond Impact ETF
Symbol: IBD.BZ
Description: Kala Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: KALA.BZ
Description: Principal Spectrum Preferred Securities Active E
Symbol: PREF.BZ
Description: Sierra Metals Inc
Symbol: SMTS.BZ
Description: Tpg Re Finance Trust Inc
Symbol: TRTX.BZ
Description: Yogaworks Inc
Symbol: YOGA.BZ
Description: Zk International Group Co. Ltd Ordinary Share
Symbol: ZKIN.BZ
Description: Direxion Daily Euro Stoxx 50 Bull 3X Shares
Symbol: EUXL.BZ
Description: Advisorshares New Tech and Media ETF
Symbol: FNG.BZ
Description: Petiq Inc Class A
Symbol: PETQ.BZ
Description: Culp Inc
Symbol: CULP.BZ
Description: Proshares Trust Proshares Equities For Rising Ra
Symbol: EQRR.BZ
Description: High Yield Defensive Bond Ishares Edge ETF
Symbol: HYDB.BZ
Description: Invst Grade Enhanced Bond Ishares Edge ETF
Symbol: IGEB.BZ
Description: Oppenheimer Revenue Weighted ETF Trust ETF
Symbol: REEM.BZ
Description: Oppenheimer International Revenue ETF
Symbol: REFA.BZ
Description: Oppenheimer Global Revenue ETF
Symbol: RGLB.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Min Variance Portfolio PS
Symbol: SPMV.BZ
Description: Legg Small-Cap Quality Value ETF
Symbol: SQLV.BZ
Description: USA ESG Select Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: SUSA.BZ
Description: Russell 1000 Enhanced Eql Wgt PS
Symbol: USEQ.BZ
Description: Exela Technologies Inc
Symbol: XELA.BZ
Description: Exela Technologies Inc. Unit
Symbol: XELAU.BZ
Description: Exela Technologies Inc. WT
Symbol: XELAW.BZ
Description: Mynd Analytics Inc
Symbol: MYND.BZ
Description: Mynd Analytics Inc Warrant
Symbol: MYNDW.BZ
Description: Auryn Resources Inc
Symbol: AUG.BZ
Description: Brighthouse Financial Inc
Symbol: BHFWV.BZ
Description: Redfin Corp
Symbol: RDFN.BZ
Description: Sienna Biopharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: SNNA.BZ
Description: Seven Stars Cloud Group Inc
Symbol: SSC.BZ
Description: Bison Capital Acquistion Corp Ordinary Shares
Symbol: BCAC.BZ
Description: Bison Capital Acquistion Corp Rights
Symbol: BCACR.BZ
Description: Bison Capital Acquistion Corp Warrant
Symbol: BCACW.BZ
Description: Jbg Smith Properties
Symbol: JBGS.BZ
Description: 1-5 Year USD Corp Bond Ishares ESG ETF
Symbol: SUSB.BZ
Description: American Homes 4 Rent Series G Pfd
Symbol: AMH-G.BZ
Description: Coda Octopus Group
Symbol: CODA.BZ
Description: Rbb Bancorp
Symbol: RBB.BZ
Description: Triplepoint Venture Growth Bdc Corp 5.75% Notes
Symbol: TPVY.BZ
Description: Dare Bioscience Inc
Symbol: DARE.BZ
Description: Osprey Energy Acquisition Corp Unit
Symbol: OSPRU.BZ
Description: USD Corp Bond Ishares ESG ETF
Symbol: SUSC.BZ
Description: United States 3X Short Oil Fund
Symbol: USOD.BZ
Description: United States 3X Oil Fund
Symbol: USOU.BZ
Description: Clementia Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: CMTA.BZ
Description: Eagle Financial Bancorp Inc
Symbol: EFBI.BZ
Symbol: MET-.BZ
Description: Two Harbors Investment Corp
Symbol: TWO-B.BZ
Description: Alpine Immune Sciences Inc
Symbol: ALPN.BZ
Description: Nextdecade Corp
Symbol: NEXT.BZ
Description: Nextdecade Corp WT
Symbol: NEXTW.BZ
Description: Venator Materials Plc Ordinary Shares
Symbol: VNTR.BZ
Description: Bio-Key Intl Inc
Symbol: BKYI.BZ
Description: Pensare Acquisition Corp Unit
Symbol: WRLSU.BZ
Description: Emrg Mkts Ex China Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: EMXC.BZ
Description: Industrea Acquisition Corp Unit
Symbol: INDUU.BZ
Description: Caledonia Mining Cp
Symbol: CMCL.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Floating-Rate 2022 Target Term Trust
Symbol: EFL.BZ
Description: Newater Technology Inc Ordinary Shares
Symbol: NEWA.BZ
Description: Umh Properties Inc
Symbol: UMH-C.BZ
Description: Contura Energy Inc.
Symbol: CTRA.BZ
Description: Tyme Technologies
Symbol: TYME.BZ
Description: Andeavor
Symbol: ANDV.BZ
Description: Andeavor Logistics LP
Symbol: ANDX.BZ
Description: Bank of Princeton
Symbol: BPRN.BZ
Description: Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp III Warrants
Symbol: HCA.W.BZ
Description: Annaly Capital Management Inc Pfd
Symbol: NLY-F.BZ
Description: The Stars Group Inc
Symbol: TSG.BZ
Description: Achieve Life Sciences Inc
Symbol: ACHV.BZ
Description: Aspen Group Inc
Symbol: ASPU.BZ
Description: Deltashares S&P Intl Managed Risk ETF
Symbol: DMRI.BZ
Description: Deltashares S&P 500 Managed Risk ETF
Symbol: DMRL.BZ
Description: Deltashares S&P 400 Managed Risk ETF
Symbol: DMRM.BZ
Description: Deltashares S&P 600 Managed Risk ETF
Symbol: DMRS.BZ
Description: Molecular Templates Inc
Symbol: MTEM.BZ
Description: Ranger Energy Services Inc Class A
Symbol: RNGR.BZ
Description: Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: CTXR.BZ
Description: Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc Warrant
Symbol: CTXRW.BZ
Description: Silver Standard Resources Inc
Symbol: SSRM.BZ
Description: Zealand Pharma A/S ADR
Symbol: ZEAL.BZ
Description: Brighthouse Financial Inc
Symbol: BHF.BZ
Description: Veru Inc
Symbol: VERU.BZ
Description: China Internet Nationwide Financial Services Inc
Symbol: CIFS.BZ
Description: Pensare Acquisition Corp
Symbol: WRLS.BZ
Description: Pensare Acquisition Corp 1/10 Stk
Symbol: WRLSR.BZ
Description: Pensare Acquisition Corp Warrant
Symbol: WRLSW.BZ
Description: Atlantic Acquisition Corp Unit
Symbol: ATACU.BZ
Description: Eagle Point Credit Company Inc
Symbol: ECCY.BZ
Description: First Trust Dow 30 Equal Weight ETF
Symbol: EDOW.BZ
Description: Capitol Investment Corp. IV
Symbol: CICU.BZ
Description: Constellation Alpha Capital Corp Ordinary Share
Symbol: CNAC.BZ
Description: Constellation Alpha Capital Corp Right
Symbol: CNACR.BZ
Description: Constellation Alpha Capital Corp Warrant
Symbol: CNACW.BZ
Description: Eastside Distilling Inc
Symbol: ESDI.BZ
Description: Eastside Distilling Inc
Symbol: ESDIW.BZ
Description: Public Storage Dep Shs Repstg 1/1000Th Cum Pfd B
Symbol: PSA-G.BZ
Description: Russell 1000 Pure US Rev Ishares ETF
Symbol: AMCA.BZ
Description: Integrated Media Technology
Symbol: IMTE.BZ
Description: Irisity Inc.
Symbol: IRIS.BZ
Description: Orthopediatrics Corp
Symbol: KIDS.BZ
Description: US Lbm Holdings Inc.
Symbol: LBM.BZ
Description: Sutherland Asset Management Corporation 7.00% Co
Symbol: SLDA.BZ
Description: Valley National Bancorp [Nj] Non Cum Perp Pfd Se
Symbol: VLY-B.BZ
Description: Clarus Corp
Symbol: CLAR.BZ
Description: Digital Realty Trust Inc Cum Redeemable Pfd Ser
Symbol: DLR-J.BZ
Description: Capitol Investment Corp IV Units
Symbol: CIC.U.BZ
Description: Velocityshares Short Libor
Symbol: DLBR.BZ
Description: Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd
Symbol: KL.BZ
Description: Rmr Real Estate Income Fund
Symbol: RIF-.BZ
Description: I-Am Capital Acquisition Company Unit
Symbol: IAMXU.BZ
Description: Kimco Realty Corp Dep Shs Repstg 1/1000Th Pfd Cl
Symbol: KIM-L.BZ
Description: Home
Symbol: MFG-.BZ
Description: Chicken Soup For The Soul Entertainment Inc
Symbol: CSSE.BZ
Description: First Trust Dorsey Wright People's Portfolio ETF
Symbol: DWPP.BZ
Description: Farmland Partners Inc
Symbol: FPI-B.BZ
Description: Arch Capital Group Ltd ADR
Symbol: ACGLO.BZ
Description: Borqs Technologies Inc
Symbol: BRQS.BZ
Description: Borqs Technologies Inc. Acquisition WT
Symbol: BRQSW.BZ
Description: Fieldstone Uva Unconstrained Medium-Term Fixed I
Symbol: FFIU.BZ
Description: Fieldstone Merlin Dynamic Large Cap Growth ETF
Symbol: FMDG.BZ
Description: Industrea Acquisition Corp
Symbol: INDU.BZ
Description: Industrea Acquisition Corp Warrant
Symbol: INDUW.BZ
Description: Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc Pfd Fxd/Fltg Ser C
Symbol: IVR-C.BZ
Description: Westwater Resources
Symbol: WWR.BZ
Description: Direxion Emerging Markets Bond Bull 3X Shares
Symbol: EMBU.BZ
Description: Mustang Bio Inc
Symbol: MBIO.BZ
Description: Cherry Hill Mortgage Investment Corp
Symbol: CHM-A.BZ
Description: FT Institutional Preferred Securities and Income
Symbol: FPEI.BZ
Description: Tpg Pace Holdings Corp Class A Ordinary Shares
Symbol: TPGH.BZ
Description: Cedar Realty Trust Inc
Symbol: CDR-C.BZ
Description: Stellus Capital Investment 5.75% Notes Due 2022
Symbol: SCA.BZ
Description: Agnc Investment Corp
Symbol: AGNCN.BZ
Description: Kcap Financial Inc 6.125% Notes Due 2022
Symbol: KCAPL.BZ
Description: Synlogic Inc
Symbol: SYBX.BZ
Description: Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc Cum Pfd Ser H
Symbol: AHT-H.BZ
Description: Opiant Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: OPNT.BZ
Description: Citigroup Global Markets Holdings Inc Velocitysh
Symbol: ULBR.BZ
Description: Amplify Yieldshares Senior Loan & Income ETF
Symbol: YESR.BZ
Description: Graniteshares Gold Trust Shares of Beneficial In
Symbol: BAR.BZ
Description: Harvest Capital Credit Corporation 6.125% Notes
Symbol: HCAPZ.BZ
Description: Dowdupont Inc
Symbol: DWDP.BZ
Description: Micro Focus Intl Plc
Symbol: MFGP.BZ
Description: Rlj Lodging Trust $1.95 Series A
Symbol: RLJ-A.BZ
Description: Cohen & Co Inc
Symbol: COHN.BZ
Description: Franklin Liberty Municipal Bond ETF
Symbol: FLMB.BZ
Description: Franklin Liberty Intermediate Munic
Symbol: FLMI.BZ
Description: Zai Lab Ltd
Symbol: ZLAB.BZ
Description: Pimco RAFI Dynamic Multi-Factor Internation
Symbol: MFDX.BZ
Description: Pimco RAFI Dynamic Multi-Factor Emerging Ma
Symbol: MFEM.BZ
Description: Pimco RAFI Dynamic Multi-Factor U.S. Equity
Symbol: MFUS.BZ
Description: Northern Lights IV Main Sector Rotation ETF
Symbol: SECT.BZ
Description: Atlantic Acquisition Corp
Symbol: ATAC.BZ
Description: Atlantic Acquisition Corp Right
Symbol: ATACR.BZ
Description: Best Inc ADR
Symbol: BSTI.BZ
Description: Despegar.com Corp
Symbol: DESP.BZ
Description: Access High Yield Corporate Bond ETF Goldman Sac
Symbol: GHYB.BZ
Description: Krystal Biotech Inc
Symbol: KRYS.BZ
Description: Point Bridge Gop Stock Tracker ETF
Symbol: MAGA.BZ
Description: Tremont Mortgage Trust Common Shares of Benefici
Symbol: TRMT.BZ
Description: Celcuity Inc
Symbol: CELC.BZ
Description: Cynergis Tek Inc
Symbol: CTEK.BZ
Description: Federal Street Acquisition Corp
Symbol: FSAC.BZ
Description: Federal Street Acquisition Corp Warrant
Symbol: FSACW.BZ
Description: Kraneshares MSCI One Belt One Road Index ETF
Symbol: OBOR.BZ
Description: Osprey Energy Acquisition Corp Class A
Symbol: OSPR.BZ
Description: Namaste Technologies Inc
Symbol: VN.BZ
Description: SPDR Series Trust
Symbol: XNTK.BZ
Description: Alabama Power Co. Pfd
Symbol: ALP-Q.BZ
Description: Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp.
Symbol: IPOAU.BZ
Description: Oasis Midstream Partners LP
Symbol: OMP.BZ
Description: Secoo Holding ADR
Symbol: SECO.BZ
Description: Fennec Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: FENC.BZ
Description: Global Net Lease Inc 7.25% Pfd Ser A
Symbol: GNL-A.BZ
Description: Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust Pfd
Symbol: PEI-D.BZ
Description: Global X U.S. Preferred ETF
Symbol: PFFD.BZ
Description: Digital Realty Trust Inc 6.625% Series C
Symbol: DLR-C.BZ
Description: Equal Weight U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF Goldman S
Symbol: GSEW.BZ
Description: Dec 2027 Term Corp Ishares Ibonds ETF
Symbol: IBDS.BZ
Description: Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp
Symbol: IPO.U.BZ
Description: 10+ Year Invst Grade Corp Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: LLQD.BZ
Description: 5-10 Year Invst Grade Corp Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: MLQD.BZ
Description: Credit Suisse Axelatrader 3X Inverse Brent Crude
Symbol: DBRT.BZ
Description: Draper Oakwood Technology Acquisition
Symbol: DOTAU.BZ
Description: Nightstar Therapeutics Plc ADR
Symbol: NITE.BZ
Description: Ryb Education Inc Aps
Symbol: RYB.BZ
Description: The Carlyle Group LP
Symbol: TCGP.BZ
Description: CS Axelatrader 3X Long Brent Crude Oil ETN
Symbol: UBRT.BZ
Description: Deciphera Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: DCPH.BZ
Description: Restoration Robotics Inc
Symbol: HAIR.BZ
Description: Nationwide Max Diverse U.S. Core Equity ETF
Symbol: MXDU.BZ
Description: Nationwide Risk-Based International Equity ETF
Symbol: RBIN.BZ
Description: Nationwide Risk-Based U.S. Equity ETF
Symbol: RBUS.BZ
Description: Roku Inc
Symbol: ROKU.BZ
Description: TCF Financial Corp
Symbol: TCF-D.BZ
Description: Nucana Plc ADR
Symbol: NCNA.BZ
Description: Pq Group Holdings Inc
Symbol: PQG.BZ
Description: Ellsworth Fund Ltd
Symbol: ECF-A.BZ
Description: Osprey Energy Acquisition Warrant
Symbol: OSPRW.BZ
Symbol: TPG.Z.BZ
Description: Acer Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: ACER.BZ
Description: Acer Therapeutics Inc WT
Symbol: ACERW.BZ
Description: Arcimoto Inc
Symbol: FUV.BZ
Description: Global Med REIT Inc Pfd.
Symbol: GMR-A.BZ
Description: Tdh Holdings Inc Common Shares
Symbol: PETZ.BZ
Description: Urstadt Biddle Properties Inc Pfd.
Symbol: UBP-H.BZ
Description: FTSE Devd Ex-North America Pb Portfolio PS
Symbol: PBDM.BZ
Description: FTSE Emrg Mkts Pb Portfolio PS
Symbol: PBEE.BZ
Description: USA Small Cap Portfolio PS Purebeta MSCI
Symbol: PBSM.BZ
Description: 0-5 Yr US TIPS Portfolio PS Purebeta
Symbol: PBTP.BZ
Description: USA Portfolio PS Purebeta MSCI
Symbol: PBUS.BZ
Description: PS Business Parks Inc Pfd
Symbol: PSB-X.BZ
Description: Gadsen Growth Properties Inc.
Symbol: GADS.BZ
Description: Great Elm Capital Corp 6.50% Notes Due 2022
Symbol: GECCL.BZ
Description: Georgia Power Company Series 2017A 5.00% Jr
Symbol: GPJA.BZ
Description: Rhythm Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: RYTM.BZ
Description: Switch Inc
Symbol: SWCH.BZ
Description: Horizons CA Select Universe Bond ETF
Symbol: HBB-.BZ
Symbol: NC-.BZ
Description: Telaria Inc.
Symbol: TRLA.BZ
Description: Telaria Inc
Symbol: TLRA.BZ
Description: 2027 Corp Bond Port PS Bs
Symbol: BSCR.BZ
Description: 2025 High Yld Corp Bond Port PS Bs
Symbol: BSJP.BZ
Description: Colony Northstar Inc Cum Red Perp Pfd Ser J
Symbol: CLN-J.BZ
Description: Nuveen Emerging Markets Debt 2022 Target Term Fu
Symbol: JEMD.BZ
Description: Xai Octagon Floating Alt Income Term Trust Co
Symbol: XFLT.BZ
Description: Forestar Group Inc
Symbol: FOR-.BZ
Description: Gladstone Capital Corp Term Pfd. Ser 2024
Symbol: GLADN.BZ
Description: Hartford Total Return Bond ETF
Symbol: HTRB.BZ
Description: Anfield Capital Diversified Alternatives ETF
Symbol: DALT.BZ
Description: Gabelli Multimedia Trust Inc Pfd Ser E
Symbol: GGT-E.BZ
Description: Social Capital Hedosophia Warrant
Symbol: IPO.W.BZ
Description: Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp
Symbol: IPOA.BZ
Description: US Aggregate Bond Portfolio PS Purebeta
Symbol: PBND.BZ
Description: Black Knight Inc
Symbol: BKI.BZ
Description: Black Ridge Acquisition Corp Unit
Symbol: BRACU.BZ
Description: Horizons CA Select Universe Bond ETF
Symbol: HBB.BZ
Description: Nushares ESG U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF
Symbol: NUBD.BZ
Description: Pdl Community Bancorp
Symbol: PDLB.BZ
Description: Regional Health Properties
Symbol: RHE.BZ
Description: Regional Health Properties 10.875% Series A
Symbol: RHE-A.BZ
Description: Tejon Ranch Co Rights Offering
Symbol: TRC-.BZ
Description: Cargurus Inc Class A
Symbol: CARG.BZ
Description: Sterling Bancorp Series A
Symbol: STL-A.BZ
Description: Federal Realty Investment Dep Shs Repstg 1/1000T
Symbol: FRT-C.BZ
Description: Horizon Technology Finance 6.25% Notes Due 2022
Symbol: HTFA.BZ
Description: Investors Real Estate Trust Pfd Ser C
Symbol: IRE-C.BZ
Description: Optinose Inc
Symbol: OPTN.BZ
Description: Qudian Inc ADR
Symbol: QD.BZ
Description: Vaneck Vectors Ndr Cmg Long/Flat Allocation ETF
Symbol: LFEQ.BZ
Description: Macdonald Dettwiler & Associates Ltd.
Symbol: MDA.BZ
Description: Tidewater Inc Series A Warrants
Symbol: TDW.A.BZ
Description: Tidewater Inc Series B Warrants
Symbol: TDW.B.BZ
Description: Capitol Investment Corp IV
Symbol: CIC.BZ
Description: Capitol Investment Corp IV Wrnt
Symbol: CIC.W.BZ
Description: Fidelity D & D Bancorp Inc
Symbol: FDBC.BZ
Description: LGL Group Inc
Symbol: LGL-.BZ
Description: Mongodb Inc Class A
Symbol: MDB.BZ
Symbol: AKO.BZ
Description: Autoweb Inc
Symbol: AUTO.BZ
Symbol: BF.BZ
Symbol: BRK.BZ
Symbol: BWL.BZ
Symbol: CRD.BZ
Symbol: FCE.BZ
Symbol: GRP.BZ
Description: Hoegh Lng Partners LP Cum Red Pfd Ser A
Symbol: HML-A.BZ
Description: I-Am Capital Acquisition Company
Symbol: IAM.BZ
Description: I-Am Capital Acquisition Right
Symbol: IAMXR.BZ
Description: I-Am Capital Acquisition Warrant
Symbol: IAMXW.BZ
Symbol: JW.BZ
Symbol: MOG.BZ
Symbol: RDS.BZ
Description: Rise Education Cayman Ltd ADR
Symbol: REDU.BZ
Symbol: AKO-A.BZ
Symbol: AKO-B.BZ
Symbol: BF-A.BZ
Symbol: BF-B.BZ
Symbol: BRK-A.BZ
Symbol: BRK-B.BZ
Symbol: BWL-A.BZ
Symbol: CBS-A.BZ
Symbol: CRD-A.BZ
Symbol: CRD-B.BZ
Symbol: EBR-B.BZ
Symbol: FCE-A.BZ
Symbol: GEF-B.BZ
Symbol: HEI-A.BZ
Symbol: JW-A.BZ
Symbol: LEN-B.BZ
Symbol: LGF-A.BZ
Symbol: LGF-B.BZ
Symbol: MKC-V.BZ
Symbol: MOG-A.BZ
Symbol: PBR-A.BZ
Symbol: RDS-A.BZ
Symbol: RDS-B.BZ
Symbol: TI-A.BZ
Description: Diversified Impact U.S. Large Cap Fossil Fuel F
Symbol: CHGX.BZ
Description: Maxar Technologies Ltd
Symbol: MAXR.BZ
Description: Nexa Resources S.A.
Symbol: NEXA.BZ
Description: Rivernorth Opportunities Fund Inc
Symbol: RIV-.BZ
Description: Fat Brands Inc
Symbol: FAT.BZ
Description: Ffbw Inc
Symbol: FFBW.BZ
Description: Livexlive Media Inc.
Symbol: LXL.BZ
Description: Rimini Street Inc
Symbol: RMNI.BZ
Description: Rimini Street Inc. Unit
Symbol: RMNIU.BZ
Description: Rimini Street Inc. WT
Symbol: RMNIW.BZ
Description: Schwab 1000 Index ETF
Symbol: SCHK.BZ
Description: Columbia Diversified Fixed Income Allocation ETF
Symbol: DIAL.BZ
Description: Draper Oakwood Technology Acquisition Inc Clas
Symbol: DOTA.BZ
Description: Draper Oakwood Technology Acquisition Inc Righ
Symbol: DOTAR.BZ
Description: Draper Oakwood Technology Acquisition Inc Warr
Symbol: DOTAW.BZ
Description: Kraneshares Emerging Markets Consumer Technology
Symbol: KEMQ.BZ
Description: Fpl Group Inc 5 7/8% Preferred Trust Securitie
Symbol: NEE.Z.BZ
Description: Principal U.S. Mega-Cap Multi-Factor Index ETF
Symbol: USMC.BZ
Description: Virtus Wmc Global Factor Opportunities ETF
Symbol: VGFO.BZ
Description: Kraneshares MSCI China Environment Index ETF
Symbol: KGRN.BZ
Description: National Storage Affiliates Trust Pfd Cum Red BE
Symbol: NSA-A.BZ
Description: New York Mortgage Trust Inc 8.00% Series D
Symbol: NYMTN.BZ
Description: Blackberry Ltd
Symbol: BB.BZ
Description: SPDR Aggregate Bond Portfolio ETF
Symbol: SPAB.BZ
Description: SPDR Intermediate Term Corporate Bond Portfolio
Symbol: SPIB.BZ
Description: SPDR Mid Cap Portfolio ETF
Symbol: SPMD.BZ
Description: SPDR Short Term Corporate Bond Portfolio ETF
Symbol: SPSB.BZ
Description: SPDR Long Term Treasury Portfolio ETF
Symbol: SPTL.BZ
Description: Westbury Bancorp
Symbol: WBBW.BZ
Description: Sotherly Hotels LP
Symbol: SOHOO.BZ
Description: SPDR World Ex-US Portfolio ETF
Symbol: SPDW.BZ
Description: SPDR Emerging Markets Portfolio ETF
Symbol: SPEM.BZ
Description: Steel Partners Holdings LP 6.0% Series A Preferr
Symbol: SPL-T.BZ
Description: SPDR Long Term Corporate Bond Portfolio ETF
Symbol: SPLB.BZ
Description: SPDR Large Cap Portfolio ETF
Symbol: SPLG.BZ
Description: SPDR Small Cap Portfolio ETF
Symbol: SPSM.BZ
Description: SPDR Total Stock Market Portfolio ETF
Symbol: SPTM.BZ
Description: SPDR Short Term Treasury Portfolio ETF
Symbol: SPTS.BZ
Description: Bernstein U.S. Research Fund
Symbol: BERN.BZ
Description: Coresite Realty Corporation Pfd Ser A
Symbol: COR.P.BZ
Description: Democratic Policies Fund
Symbol: DEMS.BZ
Description: Republican Policies Fund
Symbol: GOP.BZ
Description: KKR Income Opportunities Fund
Symbol: KIO-.BZ
Symbol: RIV-R.BZ
Description: Stifel Financial Corporation 5.20% Senior Notes
Symbol: SFB.BZ
Description: U.S. Tax Reform Fund
Symbol: TAXR.BZ
Description: Tpg Pace Energy Holdings Corp
Symbol: TPG.E.BZ
Description: Tpg Pace Energy Holdings Corp Warrant
Symbol: TPG.F.BZ
Description: Tpg Pace Holdings Corp
Symbol: TPG.H.BZ
Description: Ablynx Nv
Symbol: ABLX.BZ
Description: Ai Powered Equity ETF
Symbol: AIEQ.BZ
Description: Evoqua Water Technologies Corp
Symbol: AQUA.BZ
Description: BP Midstream Partners LP
Symbol: BPMP.BZ
Description: Bernstein Global Research Fund
Symbol: BRGL.BZ
Description: Cambridge Bancorp
Symbol: CATC.BZ
Description: National Vision Holdings Inc
Symbol: EYE.BZ
Description: Forescout Technologies Inc
Symbol: FSCT.BZ
Description: Global X Iconic U.S. Brands ETF
Symbol: LOGO.BZ
Description: Loma Negra Comp Indu Argentina Sociedad ADR
Symbol: LOMA.BZ
Description: Merchants Bancorp
Symbol: MBIN.BZ
Description: IQ Mackay Shields Municipal Insured ETF ETF
Symbol: MMIN.BZ
Description: IQ Mackay Municipal Intermediate ETF
Symbol: MMIT.BZ
Description: Mosaic Acquisition Corp.
Symbol: MOSCU.BZ
Description: Oaktree Strategic Income Corp
Symbol: OCSI.BZ
Description: Oaktree Specialty Lending Corp
Symbol: OCSL.BZ
Description: Oaktree Specialty Lending Corp 6.125 Sn
Symbol: OCSLL.BZ
Description: Oaktree Specialty Lending Corp
Symbol: OSLE.BZ
Description: Tpg Pace Holdings Corp Warrants
Symbol: TPG.I.BZ
Description: Home
Symbol: GGZ-.BZ
Description: Mosaic Acquisition Corp
Symbol: MOS.U.BZ
Description: Principal Sustainable Momentum Index ETF
Symbol: PMOM.BZ
Description: Principal Contrarian Value Index ETF
Symbol: PVAL.BZ
Description: Riot Blockchain Inc
Symbol: RIOT.BZ
Description: Smart Server Inc
Symbol: RMBL.BZ
Description: Aytu Bioscience Inc
Symbol: AYTU.BZ
Symbol: GPM-.BZ
Description: Goldman Sachs Perpetual Pfd Series I
Symbol: GS-Z.BZ
Description: Dragon Victory Intl Ltd
Symbol: LYL.BZ
Description: Altair Engineering Inc Class A
Symbol: ALTR.BZ
Description: Aquantia Corp
Symbol: AQ.BZ
Description: Funko Inc Class A
Symbol: FNKO.BZ
Description: Reshape Lifesciences Inc
Symbol: RSLS.BZ
Description: Spero Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: SPRO.BZ
Symbol: TWO-.BZ
Description: Haymaker Acquisition Corp.
Symbol: HAYU.BZ
Description: Allena Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: ALNA.BZ
Description: Cm Seven Star Acquisition Corp
Symbol: CMSSU.BZ
Description: Seaspan Corporation 7.125% Notes Due 2027
Symbol: SSWA.BZ
Description: Innovative Industrial Properties 9.00% Series A
Symbol: IIP-A.BZ
Description: Black Ridge Acquisition Corp
Symbol: BRAC.BZ
Description: Black Ridge Acquisition Corp Right
Symbol: BRACR.BZ
Description: Black Ridge Acquisition Corp Warrant
Symbol: BRACW.BZ
Description: Haymaker Acquisition Corp Unit
Symbol: HYACU.BZ
Description: Teekay Lng Partners LP Perp Pfd Unit Ser B Fixed
Symbol: TGP-B.BZ
Description: Victoryshares Emerging Market High Div Vol Wtd E
Symbol: CEY.BZ
Description: Rivernorth Marketplace Lending Corp Term Pfd Ser
Symbol: RMP-.BZ
Description: Usaa MSCI EM Value Momentum Blend Index ETF
Symbol: UEVM.BZ
Description: Usaa Core Intermediate-Term Bond ETF
Symbol: UITB.BZ
Description: Usaa MSCI Intl Value Momentum Blend Index ETF
Symbol: UIVM.BZ
Description: Usaa MSCI USA Value Momentum Blend Index ETF
Symbol: ULVM.BZ
Description: Broad USD High Yield Corp Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: USHY.BZ
Description: Usaa Core Short-Term Bond ETF
Symbol: USTB.BZ
Description: Usaa MSCI USA Small Cap Value Momentum Blend Ind
Symbol: USVM.BZ
Description: Dreyfus Alcentra Global Credit Income 2024 Targe
Symbol: DCF.BZ
Description: Db-Xt MSCI Southern Europe Hedged Eqty ETF
Symbol: EURZ.BZ
Description: Xtrackers Germany Equity ETF
Symbol: GRMY.BZ
Description: Metropolitan Bank Holding Corp
Symbol: MCB.BZ
Description: Plymouth Industrial REIT Inc Cum Red Pfd Ser A
Symbol: PLY-A.BZ
Description: Spirit Realty Capital Inc Pfd Ser A
Symbol: SRC-A.BZ
Description: Bandwidth Inc
Symbol: BAND.BZ
Description: Cbtx Inc
Symbol: CBTX.BZ
Description: Four Seasons Education [Cayman] Inc
Symbol: FEDU.BZ
Description: Gamco Natural Resources Gold & Income Trust
Symbol: GNT-A.BZ
Description: Fireman B.V.
Symbol: IFRX.BZ
Description: Sogou Inc
Symbol: SOGO.BZ
Description: Tapestry Inc
Symbol: TPR.BZ
Description: Apellis Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: APLS.BZ
Description: Inspire 100 ETF
Symbol: BIBL.BZ
Description: Golar Lng Partners LP
Symbol: GMLPP.BZ
Description: Sage ESG Intermediate Credit ETF
Symbol: GUDB.BZ
Description: Ppdai Group Inc
Symbol: PPDF.BZ
Description: Acm Research Inc
Symbol: ACMR.BZ
Description: Fc Global Realty Inc
Symbol: FCRE.BZ
Description: Formulafolios Smart Growth ETF
Symbol: FFSG.BZ
Description: Formulafolios Tactical Growth ETF
Symbol: FFTG.BZ
Description: Aptus Fortified Value ETF
Symbol: FTVA.BZ
Description: Level Brands Inc
Symbol: LEVB.BZ
Description: Reverse Cap Weighted US Large Cap ETF
Symbol: RVRS.BZ
Description: Sleep Number Corporation
Symbol: SNBR.BZ
Description: Sentinel Energy Services Inc
Symbol: STNLU.BZ
Description: Workspace Property Trust
Symbol: WSPT.BZ
Symbol: GAB-.BZ
Symbol: IRL-.BZ
Description: Nanovibronix Inc
Symbol: NAOV.BZ
Description: FT Municipal High Income ETF
Symbol: FMHI.BZ
Description: Hexindai Inc
Symbol: HX.BZ
Description: Melinta Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: MLNT.BZ
Description: FT Smid Cap Rising Dividend Achievers ETF
Symbol: SDVY.BZ
Description: Sendgrid Inc
Symbol: SEND.BZ
Description: Arsanis Inc
Symbol: ASNS.BZ
Description: Cm Seven Star Acquisition Corporation Ordinary S
Symbol: CMSS.BZ
Description: Cm Seven Star Acquisition Corporation Right
Symbol: CMSSR.BZ
Description: Cm Seven Star Acquisition Corporation Warrant
Symbol: CMSSW.BZ
Description: Australia Franklin FTSE ETF
Symbol: FLAU.BZ
Description: Brazil Franklin FTSE ETF
Symbol: FLBR.BZ
Description: Canada Franklin FTSE ETF
Symbol: FLCA.BZ
Description: China Franklin FTSE ETF
Symbol: FLCH.BZ
Description: Europe Franklin FTSE ETF
Symbol: FLEE.BZ
Description: Europe Hedged Franklin FTSE ETF
Symbol: FLEH.BZ
Description: France Franklin FTSE ETF
Symbol: FLFR.BZ
Description: United Kingdom Franklin FTSE ETF
Symbol: FLGB.BZ
Description: Germany Franklin FTSE ETF
Symbol: FLGR.BZ
Description: Hong Kong Franklin FTSE ETF
Symbol: FLHK.BZ
Description: Italy Franklin FTSE ETF
Symbol: FLIY.BZ
Description: Japan Hedged Franklin FTSE ETF
Symbol: FLJH.BZ
Description: Japan Franklin FTSE ETF
Symbol: FLJP.BZ
Description: South Korea Franklin FTSE ETF
Symbol: FLKR.BZ
Description: Mexico Franklin FTSE ETF
Symbol: FLMX.BZ
Description: Taiwan Franklin FTSE ETF
Symbol: FLTW.BZ
Description: Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund
Symbol: HFRO.BZ
Description: Jianpu Technology Inc
Symbol: JT.BZ
Description: Spark Networks Se
Symbol: LOV-.BZ
Description: Stitch Fix Inc
Symbol: SFIX.BZ
Description: AT&T Inc 5.350% Global Notes Due 2066
Symbol: TBB.BZ
Description: Bluegreen Vacations Corporation
Symbol: BXG.BZ
Description: Erytech Pharma
Symbol: ERYP.BZ
Symbol: ETM-.BZ
Description: Molino Canuelas S.A.C.I.F.I.A.
Symbol: MOLC.BZ
Description: Mpm Holdings Inc.
Symbol: MPMH.BZ
Description: Meridian Bank
Symbol: MRBK.BZ
Description: Sailpoint Technologies Holdings Inc
Symbol: SAIL.BZ
Description: Sterling Bancorp Inc. [Southfield Mi]
Symbol: SBT.BZ
Description: SC Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: SCPH.BZ
Description: Entrepreneur 30 Fund
Symbol: ENTR.BZ
Description: US Dividend and Buyback Ishares ETF
Symbol: DIVB.BZ
Description: Virtus Glovista Emerging Markets ETF
Symbol: EMEM.BZ
Description: JPM U.S. Dividend ETF
Symbol: JDIV.BZ
Description: John Hancock Multifactor Small Cap ETF
Symbol: JHSC.BZ
Description: JPM U.S. Minimum Volatility ETF
Symbol: JMIN.BZ
Description: JPM U.S. Momentum Factor ETF
Symbol: JMOM.BZ
Description: JPM U.S. Quality Factor ETF
Symbol: JQUA.BZ
Description: JPM U.S. Value Factor ETF
Symbol: JVAL.BZ
Description: Principal International Multi-Factor Index ETF
Symbol: PXUS.BZ
Description: Vanguard Total Corporate Bond ETF
Symbol: VTC.BZ
Description: Oppenheimer Rus 1000 Dynamic Multifactor ETF
Symbol: OMFL.BZ
Description: Oppenheimer Rus 2000 Dynamic Multifactor ETF
Symbol: OMFS.BZ
Description: Oppenheimer Rus 1000 Momentum Factor ETF
Symbol: OMOM.BZ
Description: Oppenheimer Rus 1000 Quality Factor ETF
Symbol: OQAL.BZ
Description: Oppenheimer Rus 1000 Size Factor ETF
Symbol: OSIZ.BZ
Description: Oppenheimer Rus 1000 Value Factor ETF
Symbol: OVLU.BZ
Description: Oppenheimer Rus 1000 Low Volatility Factor ETF
Symbol: OVOL.BZ
Description: Oppenheimer Rus 1000 Yield Factor ETF
Symbol: OYLD.BZ
Description: Star Bulk Carriers Corp 8.30% Senior Notes Due
Symbol: SBLKZ.BZ
Description: Arcturus Therapeutics Ltd
Symbol: ARCT.BZ
Description: Atlantica Yield Plc
Symbol: AY.BZ
Description: Chanticleer Hldgs
Symbol: BURG.BZ
Description: Corporate Capital Trust Inc
Symbol: CCT.BZ
Symbol: CEI-.BZ
Description: Fortress Biotech Inc 9.375% Series A Cumulativ
Symbol: FBIOP.BZ
Description: Hopefluent Group Holdings Ltd
Symbol: HPPEF.BZ
Description: Summit Hotel Properties Inc Cum Red Pfd Ser E
Symbol: INN-E.BZ
Description: Legacy Acquisition Corp.
Symbol: LGCU.BZ
Description: Iqvia Holdings Inc
Symbol: IQV.BZ
Description: Proshares Long Online/Short Stores ETF
Symbol: CLIX.BZ
Description: Proshares Decline of The Retail Store ETF
Symbol: EMTY.BZ
Description: Gulfmark Offshore Inc WT
Symbol: GLF.W.BZ
Description: Rexford Industrial Realty Inc Pfd B
Symbol: REX-B.BZ
Description: Invitae Corp WT
Symbol: NVTAW.BZ
Description: Ameri Holdings Inc
Symbol: AMRH.BZ
Description: Ameri Holdings Inc Warrant
Symbol: AMRHW.BZ
Description: Haymaker Acquisition Corp Class A
Symbol: HYAC.BZ
Description: Haymaker Acquisition Corp Warrant
Symbol: HYACW.BZ
Description: Legacy Acquisition Corp Units
Symbol: LGC.U.BZ
Description: Big Rock Partners Acquisition Corp Unit
Symbol: BRPAU.BZ
Description: Cannae Holdings Inc
Symbol: CNNE.BZ
Description: Immutep Ltd ADR
Symbol: IMMP.BZ
Description: Loop Industries Inc
Symbol: LOOP.BZ
Description: MVC Capital Inc 6.25% Senior Notes Due 2022
Symbol: MVCD.BZ
Symbol: APT-.BZ
Description: Delphi Automotive Plc Pfd
Symbol: DLP-.BZ
Description: Zomedica Pharmaceuticals Corp
Symbol: ZOM.BZ
Description: Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc. 7.50% Series I Pf
Symbol: AHT-I.BZ
Description: Dte Energy Company 2017 Series E 5.25% Jr
Symbol: DTW.BZ
Description: Kazia Therapeutics Ltd
Symbol: KZIA.BZ
Description: Denali Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: DNLI.BZ
Description: MB Financial Inc Dep Shs Repstg 1/40Th Int Sh No
Symbol: MBFIO.BZ
Description: Odonate Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: ODT.BZ
Description: Quanterix Corporation
Symbol: QTRX.BZ
Symbol: VAL-.BZ
Description: Aptiv Plc
Symbol: APTV.BZ
Description: Fieldpoint Petroleum Corp
Symbol: FPPP.BZ
Description: Luther Burbank Corporation
Symbol: LBC.BZ
Description: Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc 6.50%
Symbol: LTSL.BZ
Description: Southern Company Series 2017B 5.25% Junior Subor
Symbol: SOJC.BZ
Description: Two Harbors Investment Corp Cum Red Pfd Ser C FI
Symbol: TWO-C.BZ
Description: Consol Coal Resources LP
Symbol: CCR.BZ
Description: Consol Energy Inc
Symbol: CEIX.BZ
Description: Aam S&P Emerging Markets High Dividend Value ETF
Symbol: EEMD.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Nextshares Trust II Eaton Vance Oakt
Symbol: OKDCC.BZ
Description: Ribbon Communications Inc
Symbol: RBBN.BZ
Description: Reto Eco-Solutions Inc Common Shares
Symbol: RETO.BZ
Description: Aam S&P 500 High Dividend Value ETF
Symbol: SPDV.BZ
Description: Boxlight Corporation Class A
Symbol: BOXL.BZ
Description: Invesco High Income 2024 Target Term Fund
Symbol: IHTA.BZ
Description: JMP Group Llc 7.25% Senior Notes Due 2027
Symbol: JMPD.BZ
Description: Legacy Acquisition Corp. WT
Symbol: LGC.W.BZ
Description: Willscot Corp
Symbol: WSC.BZ
Description: Willscot Corp WT
Symbol: WSCWW.BZ
Description: Legacy Acquisition Corp
Symbol: LGC.BZ
Description: Mosaic Acquisition Corp
Symbol: MOSC.BZ
Description: Adial Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: ADIL.BZ
Description: Big Rock Partners Acquisition Corp Right
Symbol: BRPAR.BZ
Description: Big Rock Partners Acquisition Corp Warrant
Symbol: BRPAW.BZ
Description: Uscf Summerhaven Shpei Index Fund
Symbol: BUY.BZ
Description: Uscf Summerhaven Shpen Index Fund
Symbol: BUYN.BZ
Description: Curo Group Holdings Corp
Symbol: CURO.BZ
Description: Eaton Vance Nextshares Trust II
Symbol: EVFTC.BZ
Description: Fgl Holdings
Symbol: FG.BZ
Description: Fgl Holdings WT
Symbol: FG.W.BZ
Description: JPM Event Driven ETF
Symbol: JPED.BZ
Description: Leisure Acquisition Corp Unit
Symbol: LACQU.BZ
Description: Regalwood Global Energy
Symbol: RWG.U.BZ
Description: Regalwood Global Energy Ltd
Symbol: RWGEU.BZ
Description: Home
Symbol: FRC-Z.BZ
Description: Big Rock Partners Acquisition Corp
Symbol: BRPA.BZ
Description: Nustar Energy LP Cum Red Perp Pfd Ser C
Symbol: NS-C.BZ
Description: Synthesis Energy Sys
Symbol: SES.BZ
Description: Ark Israel Innovative Technology ETF
Symbol: IZRL.BZ
Description: Advantage Insurance Inc.
Symbol: AVI.BZ
Description: Casa Systems Inc
Symbol: CASA.BZ
Description: Hartford Funds Nextshares Trust Hartford Global
Symbol: HFGIC.BZ
Description: JPM Managed Futures Strategy ETF
Symbol: JPMF.BZ
Description: Mvb Financial Corp
Symbol: MVBF.BZ
Description: Newmark Group Inc Class A
Symbol: NMRK.BZ
Description: Apollo Medical Holdings Inc
Symbol: AMEH.BZ
Description: Epr Properties Pfd Ser G
Symbol: EPR-G.BZ
Description: Gigcapital Inc Unit
Symbol: GIG.U.BZ
Description: Mosaic Acquisition Corp. WT
Symbol: MOS.W.BZ
Description: PS Business Parks Inc Dep Shs Repstg 1/1000Th Pf
Symbol: PSB-Y.BZ
Description: Citigroup Global Markets Holdings Inc
Symbol: DAUD.BZ
Description: Citigroup Global Markets Holdings Inc
Symbol: DCHF.BZ
Description: Citigroup Global Markets Holdings Inc
Symbol: DEUR.BZ
Description: Citigroup Global Markets Holdings Inc
Symbol: DGBP.BZ
Description: Citigroup Global Markets Holdings Inc
Symbol: DJPY.BZ
Description: Pacer Trendpilot
Symbol: PWS.BZ
Description: Citigroup Global Markets Holdings Inc
Symbol: UAUD.BZ
Description: Citigroup Global Markets Holdings Inc
Symbol: UCHF.BZ
Description: Citigroup Global Markets Holdings Inc
Symbol: UEUR.BZ
Description: Citigroup Global Markets Holdings Inc
Symbol: UGBP.BZ
Description: Citigroup Global Markets Holdings Inc
Symbol: UJPY.BZ
Description: Advisorshares Vice ETF
Symbol: ACT.BZ
Description: IQ Chaikin U.S. Large Cap ETF
Symbol: CLRG.BZ
Description: Longfin Corp
Symbol: LFIN.BZ
Description: American Energy Independence ETF
Symbol: USAI.BZ
Description: Fte Networks Inc
Symbol: FTNW.BZ
Description: Hartford Municipal Opportunities ETF
Symbol: HMOP.BZ
Description: Lexinfintech Holdings Ltd
Symbol: LX.BZ
Description: B. Riley Financial Inc 7.25% Senior Notes Due
Symbol: RILYG.BZ
Description: Cowen Inc 7.35% Senior Notes Due 2027
Symbol: COWNZ.BZ
Description: Cohbar Inc
Symbol: CWBR.BZ
Description: Vornado Realty Trust Redeemable Pfd Ser M
Symbol: VNO-M.BZ
Description: Capital Southwest Corporation 5.95% Notes Due 20
Symbol: CSWCL.BZ
Description: Hancock Jaffe Laboratories Inc
Symbol: HJLI.BZ
Description: Iclick Interactive Asia Group Limited American D
Symbol: ICLK.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree U.S. Quality Shareholder Yield Fund
Symbol: QSY.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Managed Futures Strategy Fund
Symbol: WTMF.BZ
Description: Seritage Growth Properties 7.00% Cum Red Pfd Ser
Symbol: SRG-A.BZ
Description: Dogness Corporation Class A
Symbol: DOGZ.BZ
Description: James Biblically Responsible Investment ETF
Symbol: JBRI.BZ
Description: Kimco Realty Corp Dep Shs Repstg 1/1000 Shs Cl M
Symbol: KIM-M.BZ
Description: Webster Financial Corp Pfd
Symbol: WBS-F.BZ
Description: Dolphin Entertainment Inc
Symbol: DLPN.BZ
Description: Dolphin Entertainment Inc Warrant
Symbol: DLPNW.BZ
Description: Encompass Health Corp
Symbol: EHC.BZ
Description: Innovator Ibd ETF Leaders ETF
Symbol: LDRS.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Balanced Income Fund
Symbol: WBAL.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Icbccs S& P China 500 Fund
Symbol: WCHN.BZ
Description: Estre Ambiental Inc
Symbol: ESTR.BZ
Description: Estre Ambiental Inc Warrant
Symbol: ESTRW.BZ
Description: Ipath Bloomberg Natural Gas Subindex TR
Symbol: GAZZF.BZ
Description: Etfmg Alternative Harvest ETF
Symbol: MJX.BZ
Description: SPDR Kensho Future Security ETF
Symbol: XKFS.BZ
Description: SPDR Kensho Intelligent Structures ETF
Symbol: XKII.BZ
Description: SPDR Kensho Smart Mobility ETF
Symbol: XKST.BZ
Description: Natixis Loomis Sayles Short Duration Income ETF
Symbol: LSST.BZ
Description: Alps Disruptive Technologies ETF
Symbol: DTEC.BZ
Description: Arrow DWA Country Rotation ETF
Symbol: DWCR.BZ
Description: Cue Biopharma Inc
Symbol: CUE.BZ
Description: Nutrien Ltd
Symbol: NTR.BZ
Description: Reliant Bancorp Inc
Symbol: RBNC.BZ
Description: Sellas Life Sciences Group Inc
Symbol: SLS.BZ
Description: Industrial Logistics Properties Trust
Symbol: ILPT.BZ
Description: Liberty Oilfield Services Inc
Symbol: LBRT.BZ
Description: CNX Midstream Partners LP
Symbol: CNXM.BZ
Description: Arrow Dogs of The World ETF
Symbol: DOGS.BZ
Description: Eastside Distilling Inc
Symbol: EAST.BZ
Description: Eastside Distilling Inc. Warrant
Symbol: EASTW.BZ
Description: Nebula Acquisition Corporation Unit
Symbol: NEBUU.BZ
Description: Entera Bio Ltd
Symbol: ENTX.BZ
Description: Leisure Acquisition Corp. Warrant
Symbol: LACQW.BZ
Description: Long Blockchain Corp
Symbol: LBCC.BZ
Description: Rocket Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: RCKT.BZ
Description: Avid Bioservices Inc
Symbol: CDMO.BZ
Description: Avid Bioservices Inc
Symbol: CDMOP.BZ
Description: Sharing Economy International Inc
Symbol: SEII.BZ
Description: Syneos Health Inc
Symbol: SYNH.BZ
Description: Xpresspa Group Inc
Symbol: XSPA.BZ
Description: Americold Realty Trust
Symbol: COLD.BZ
Description: Eyenovia Inc
Symbol: EYEN.BZ
Description: Novume Solutions Inc
Symbol: NVMM.BZ
Description: Pagseguro Digital Ltd. Class A
Symbol: PAGS.BZ
Description: Xtrackers Short Duration High Yield Bond ETF
Symbol: SHYL.BZ
Description: Sentinel Energy Services Inc. Warrant
Symbol: STNLW.BZ
Description: Calvert Ultra-Short Income Nextshares
Symbol: CRUSC.BZ
Description: Xtrackers Low Beta High Yield Bond ETF
Symbol: HYDW.BZ
Description: Xtrackers High Beta High Yield Bond ETF
Symbol: HYUP.BZ
Description: Insightshares Lgbt Employment Equality ETF
Symbol: PRID.BZ
Description: Sentinel Energy Services Inc. Class A
Symbol: STNL.BZ
Description: Gates Industrial Corporation Plc Ordinary Shares
Symbol: GTES.BZ
Description: Menlo Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: MNLO.BZ
Description: Sempra Energy Pfd Conv Ser A
Symbol: SRE-A.BZ
Description: Playags Inc
Symbol: AGS.BZ
Description: Armo Biosciences Inc.
Symbol: ARMO.BZ
Description: Corporacion America Airports Sa
Symbol: CAAP.BZ
Description: American Century Dvfd Corp Bond ETF
Symbol: KORP.BZ
Description: Solid Biosciences Inc
Symbol: SLDB.BZ
Description: Restorbio Inc
Symbol: TORC.BZ
Description: American Century Stoxx U.S. Quality Value ETF
Symbol: VALQ.BZ
Description: Worldpay Inc
Symbol: WP.BZ
Description: Avaya Holdings Corp
Symbol: AVYA.BZ
Description: Reality Shares Nasdaq Nextgen Economy ETF
Symbol: BLCN.BZ
Description: Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF
Symbol: BLOK.BZ
Description: Evofem Biosciences Inc
Symbol: EVFM.BZ
Description: Gig Capital Rt Rights
Symbol: GIG-.BZ
Description: Gig Capital WT Warrant
Symbol: GIG.W.BZ
Description: Strategy Shares Nasdaq 7Handl Index ETF
Symbol: HNDL.BZ
Description: Annaly Capital Management Inc Pfd
Symbol: NLY-G.BZ
Description: One Madison Corp.
Symbol: OMADU.BZ
Description: Affinity World Leaders Equity ETF ETF
Symbol: WLDR.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Nickel Subindex TR Series B ETN
Symbol: BJJN.BZ
Description: Deutsche Bk Contingent Cap TR I
Symbol: DTK-.BZ
Description: Fidelity International High Dividend ETF
Symbol: FIDI.BZ
Description: Fidelity International Value Factor ETF
Symbol: FIVA.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Precious Metals Subindex TR Series B ETN
Symbol: JJPB.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Softs Subindex TR Series B ETN
Symbol: JJSB.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Aluminum Subindex TR Series B ETN
Symbol: JJUB.BZ
Description: One Madison Group
Symbol: OMA.U.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Platinum Subindex TR Series B ETN
Symbol: PGMB.BZ
Description: Ipath S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures Series B Et
Symbol: VXXB.BZ
Description: Ipath S&P 500 VIX Mid-Term Futures Series B ETN
Symbol: VXZB.BZ
Description: Kraneshares Electric Vehicles and Future Mobilit
Symbol: KARS.BZ
Description: Gaslog Partners LP Perp Pref Unit Ser B Fixed/Fl
Symbol: GLO-B.BZ
Description: Insightshares Patriotic Employers ETF
Symbol: HONR.BZ
Description: Hudson Ltd. Class A Common Shares
Symbol: HUD.BZ
Description: One Stop Systems Inc
Symbol: OSS.BZ
Description: Regalwood Global Energy Ws
Symbol: RWG.W.BZ
Description: Regalwood Global Energy Ltd. Class A Ordinary Sh
Symbol: RWGE.BZ
Description: BMO Rex Microsectors Fang Index -3X Inverse Lev
Symbol: FNGD.BZ
Description: BMO Rex Microsectors Fang Index 3X Leveraged Ex
Symbol: FNGU.BZ
Description: Fts International Inc
Symbol: FTSI.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Energy Subindex TR Series B ETN
Symbol: JJEB.BZ
Description: Sol-Gel Technologies Ltd
Symbol: SLGL.BZ
Description: Saul Centers Inc Dep Shs Repstg 1/100Th Pfd Ser
Symbol: BFS-D.BZ
Description: Gordon Pointe Acquisition Corp. Unit
Symbol: GPAQU.BZ
Description: JPM Long/Short ETF
Symbol: JPLS.BZ
Description: Lithium Americas Corp
Symbol: LAC.BZ
Description: First Trust Indxx Innovative Transaction & Proce
Symbol: LEGR.BZ
Description: Nemaura Med Inc
Symbol: NMRD.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Sugar Subindex TR Series B ETN
Symbol: SGGB.BZ
Description: Teekay Offshore Partners LP 8.875% Cum Red Perp
Symbol: TOO-E.BZ
Description: Umh Properties Inc Cum Red Pfd Ser D
Symbol: UMH-D.BZ
Description: Great Elm Capital Corp. 6.75% Notes Due 2025
Symbol: GECCM.BZ
Description: Tfi Tab Gida Yatirimlari A.S
Symbol: TFIG.BZ
Description: Bioceres S.A.
Symbol: BIOX.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Copper Subindex TR Series B ETN
Symbol: JJCB.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Industrial Metals Subindex TR Series B E
Symbol: JJMB.BZ
Description: Victory Capital Holdings Inc. Class A Common ST
Symbol: VCTR.BZ
Description: Cactus Inc. Class A
Symbol: WHD.BZ
Description: Cardlytics Inc
Symbol: CDLX.BZ
Description: Dropcar Inc
Symbol: DCAR.BZ
Description: Evolus Inc
Symbol: EOLS.BZ
Description: Huami Corporation ADR
Symbol: HMI.BZ
Description: Ipsco Tubulars Inc.
Symbol: IPSC.BZ
Description: Jernigan Capital Inc Pfd Ser B
Symbol: JCA-B.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Grains Subindex TR Series B ETN
Symbol: JJGB.BZ
Description: Innovation Shares Nextgen Protocol ETF
Symbol: KOIN.BZ
Description: Mtech Acquisition Corp. Unit
Symbol: MTECU.BZ
Description: Motley Fool 100 Index ETF ETF
Symbol: TMFC.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Agriculture Subindex TR Series B ETN
Symbol: JJAB.BZ
Description: JPM USD Emrg Mkts Sovereign Bond ETF
Symbol: JPMB.BZ
Description: Quintana Energy Services Inc
Symbol: QES.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Coffee Subindex TR Series B ETN
Symbol: BJO.BZ
Description: Central Puerto S.A. ADR
Symbol: CEPU.BZ
Description: Colony Northstar Credit Real Estate Inc. Class
Symbol: CLNC.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Livestock Subindex TR Series B ETN
Symbol: COWB.BZ
Description: Innovate Biopharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: INNT.BZ
Description: Innovate Biopharmaceuticals Inc. WT
Symbol: INNTW.BZ
Description: Ipic Entertainment Inc. Class A
Symbol: IPIC.BZ
Description: Kraneshares MSCI All China Health Care Index ETF
Symbol: KURE.BZ
Description: Prolung Inc.
Symbol: LUNG.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree CBOE Russell 2000 Putwrite Strategy F
Symbol: RPUT.BZ
Description: Vici Properties Inc
Symbol: VICI.BZ
Description: Precision Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: AIPT.BZ
Description: Costamare Inc. Pfd
Symbol: CMR-E.BZ
Description: Motus Gi Holdings Inc
Symbol: MOTS.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Cotton Subindex TR Series B ETN
Symbol: BALB.BZ
Description: Fidus Investment Corporation 5.875% Notes Due 20
Symbol: FDUSL.BZ
Description: Graniteshares Platinum Shares ETF
Symbol: PLTM.BZ
Description: Purple Innovation Inc
Symbol: PRPL.BZ
Description: Purple Innovation Inc. WT
Symbol: PRPLW.BZ
Description: Sslj.com Limited Class A
Symbol: SSLJ.BZ
Description: U.S. Equity Cumulative Dividends Fund Series 202
Symbol: IDIV.BZ
Description: Tmsr Holding Company Ltd
Symbol: TMSR.BZ
Description: Tmsr Holding Company Ltd. Wt.
Symbol: TMSRW.BZ
Description: U.S. Equity Ex-Dividend Fund Series 2027 Shares
Symbol: XDIV.BZ
Description: Biofrontera Ag ADR
Symbol: BFRA.BZ
Description: Franklin Asia Ex Japan ETF
Symbol: FLAX.BZ
Description: Franklin India ETF
Symbol: FLIN.BZ
Description: Franklin Russia ETF
Symbol: FLRU.BZ
Description: Franklin Switzerland ETF
Symbol: FLSW.BZ
Description: Leo Holdings Corp.
Symbol: LHCU.BZ
Description: Mudrick Capital Acquisition Corporation Unit
Symbol: MUDSU.BZ
Description: Etfmg Alternative Harvest ETF
Symbol: MJ.BZ
Description: Alta Mesa Resources Inc
Symbol: AMR.BZ
Description: Alta Mesa Resources Inc. Wt.
Symbol: AMRWW.BZ
Description: Ditech Holding Corporation
Symbol: DHCP.BZ
Description: Dfb Healthcare Acquisitions Corp. Unit
Symbol: DFBHU.BZ
Description: Innovation Shares Nextgen Vehicles & Technology
Symbol: EKAR.BZ
Description: Leo Holdings Corp. Units Each Consisting of One
Symbol: LHC.U.BZ
Description: Blink Charging Co
Symbol: BLNK.BZ
Description: Blink Charging Co. Warrant
Symbol: BLNKW.BZ
Description: Horizons Cadence Hedged US Dividend Yield ETF
Symbol: USDY.BZ
Description: Vaxart Inc
Symbol: VXRT.BZ
Description: Yangtze River Port and Logistics Ltd
Symbol: YRIV.BZ
Description: Brandes Investment Trust Brandes Value Nextshare
Symbol: BVNSC.BZ
Description: Crescent Funding Inc.
Symbol: CFUNU.BZ
Description: Portfolio Developed Markets ETF
Symbol: PPDM.BZ
Description: Portfolio Emerging Markets ETF
Symbol: PPEM.BZ
Description: Portfolio S&P 500 ETF
Symbol: PPLC.BZ
Description: Portfolio S&P Mid Cap ETF
Symbol: PPMC.BZ
Description: Portfolio S&P Small Cap
Symbol: PPSC.BZ
Description: Portfolio Total Bond Markets ETF
Symbol: PPTB.BZ
Description: Home
Symbol: SZC-.BZ
Description: Vanguard U.S. Liquidity Factor ETF
Symbol: VFLQ.BZ
Description: Vanguard U.S. Multifactor ETF
Symbol: VFMF.BZ
Description: Vanguard U.S. Momentum Factor ETF
Symbol: VFMO.BZ
Description: Vanguard U.S. Minimum Volatility ETF
Symbol: VFMV.BZ
Description: Vanguard U.S. Quality Factor ETF
Symbol: VFQY.BZ
Description: Vanguard Wellington Fund ETF
Symbol: VFVA.BZ
Description: Ipath.B Tin Subindex TR Series B ETN
Symbol: JJTB.BZ
Description: Union Acquisition Corp.
Symbol: LTNU.BZ
Description: Sotherly Hotels LP 7.25% Senior Unsecured Notes
Symbol: SOHOK.BZ
Description: Farmmi Inc
Symbol: FAMI.BZ
Description: Booking Holdings Inc
Symbol: BKNG.BZ
Description: Gabelli Nextshares Trust Gabelli Rbi Nextshares
Symbol: GRBIC.BZ
Description: Convergeone Holdings Inc
Symbol: CVON.BZ
Description: Convergeone Holdings Inc. Warrant
Symbol: CVONW.BZ
Description: Livexlive Media Inc
Symbol: LIVX.BZ
Description: Monaker Group Inc
Symbol: MKGI.BZ
Description: Newtek Business Services Corp. 6.25% Notes Due 2
Symbol: NEWTI.BZ
Description: Origo Acquisition Corp. Rights
Symbol: OACRF.BZ
Description: Origo Acquisition Corp
Symbol: OAQCF.BZ
Description: FT Nasdaq Artificial Intelligence and Robotics E
Symbol: ROBT.BZ
Description: Managed Portfolio Series Reinhart Intermediate B
Symbol: RPIBC.BZ
Description: Torm Plc Class A
Symbol: TRMD.BZ
Description: Volshares Large Cap ETF
Symbol: VSL.BZ
Description: Leisure Acquisition Corp
Symbol: LACQ.BZ
Description: Mtech Acquisition Corp. Class A
Symbol: MTEC.BZ
Description: One Madison Corp. Warrants
Symbol: OMA.W.BZ
Description: Cronos Group Inc
Symbol: CRON.BZ
Description: Mtech Acquisition Corp. Warrant
Symbol: MTECW.BZ
Description: Steel Connect Inc
Symbol: STCN.BZ
Description: Bioxcel Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: BTAI.BZ
Description: Welltower Inc
Symbol: WELL.BZ
Description: NYSE Pickens Oil Response ETF
Symbol: BOON.BZ
Description: Union Acquisition Corp
Symbol: LTN.U.BZ
Description: Welltower Inc. Pfd Series I
Symbol: WEL-I.BZ
Description: Dunxin Financial Holdings Ltd
Symbol: DXF.BZ
Description: Brightsphere Investment Group Plc
Symbol: BSIG.BZ
Description: Davis Select International ETF
Symbol: DINT.BZ
Description: Bridgewater Bancshares Inc
Symbol: BWB.BZ
Description: First National Community Bancorp Inc
Symbol: FNCB.BZ
Description: One Madison Corporation Class A
Symbol: OMAD.BZ
Description: Arcus Biosciences Inc
Symbol: RCUS.BZ
Description: Zscaler Inc
Symbol: ZS.BZ
Description: Nebula Acquisition Corporation Class A
Symbol: NEBU.BZ
Description: CBRE Group Inc
Symbol: CBRE.BZ
Description: Gci Liberty Inc. Cl A
Symbol: GLIBA.BZ
Description: Gci Liberty Inc. Ser A Pfd
Symbol: GLIBP.BZ
Description: Link Motion Inc
Symbol: LKM.BZ
Description: Cms Energy Corporation 5.625% Junior Subordinate
Symbol: CMSA.BZ
Description: Cocrystal Pharma Inc
Symbol: COCP.BZ
Description: Dropbox Inc
Symbol: DBX.BZ
Description: Gordon Pointe Acquisition Corp. Class A
Symbol: GPAQ.BZ
Description: Gordon Pointe Acquisition Corp. Warrant
Symbol: GPAQW.BZ
Description: Mudrick Capital Acquisition Corporation Class A
Symbol: MUDS.BZ
Description: Mudrick Capital Acquisition Corporation Warrant
Symbol: MUDSW.BZ
Description: Opes Acquisition Corp. Unit
Symbol: OPESU.BZ
Description: Qurate Retail Group
Symbol: QRTEA.BZ
Description: Liberty Int Qvc Sr B
Symbol: QRTEB.BZ
Description: Orgenesis Inc
Symbol: ORGS.BZ
Description: Red Violet Inc.
Symbol: RDVTV.BZ
Description: Mitsubishi Ufj Financial Group Inc
Symbol: MUFG.BZ
Description: Polypid Ltd.
Symbol: POLY.BZ
Description: Assurant Inc. 6.50% Series D Mandatory Converti
Symbol: AIZP.BZ
Description: Senmiao Technology Limited
Symbol: AIHS.BZ
Description: Compass Diversified Holdings Fixed/Fltg Rate Cum
Symbol: COD-B.BZ
Description: Barclays Plc
Symbol: FIYY.BZ
Description: Greentree Hospitality Group Ltd. ADR
Symbol: GHG.BZ
Description: Lazydays Holdings Inc
Symbol: LAZY.BZ
Description: Qts Realty Trust Inc. Pfd A
Symbol: QTS-A.BZ
Description: Sunlands Online Education Group ADR
Symbol: STG.BZ
Description: Tiberius Acquisition Corporation Units
Symbol: TIBRU.BZ
Description: Bilibili Inc. ADR
Symbol: BILI.BZ
Description: Homology Medicines Inc
Symbol: FIXX.BZ
Description: Highpoint Resources Corp
Symbol: HPR.BZ
Description: Ibex Holdings Ltd.
Symbol: IBEX.BZ
Description: Iqiyi Inc. ADR
Symbol: IQ.BZ
Description: Unum Therapeutics Inc.
Symbol: UNUM.BZ
Description: Golden Bull Limited Ordinary Shares
Symbol: DNJR.BZ
Description: Citi FI Enhanced Global High Yield Etns Due Marc
Symbol: FGDY.BZ
Description: Citi FI Enhanced Europe 50 Etns Due March 22 20
Symbol: FIEF.BZ
Description: Energy Xxi Gulf Coast Inc
Symbol: EGC.BZ
Description: Breakwave Dry Bulk Shipping ETF
Symbol: BDRY.BZ
Description: Dec 2024 Term Muni Bond Ishares Ibonds ETF
Symbol: IBMM.BZ
Description: Union Acquisition Corp
Symbol: LTN.BZ
Description: Union Acquisition Corp Rights
Symbol: LTN-.BZ
Description: Union Acquisition Corp. Warrant
Symbol: LTN.W.BZ
Description: Nebula Acquisition Corporation Warrant
Symbol: NEBUW.BZ
Description: 1347 Property Insurance Holdings Inc Pfd Ser A
Symbol: PIHPP.BZ
Description: Siga Technologies Inc
Symbol: SIGA.BZ
Description: US Consumer Staples Ishares Evolved ETF
Symbol: IECS.BZ
Description: US Discretionary Spending Ishares Evolved ETF
Symbol: IEDI.BZ
Description: US Financials Ishares Evolved ETF
Symbol: IEFN.BZ
Description: US Healthcare Staples Ishares Evolved ETF
Symbol: IEHS.BZ
Description: US Innovative Healthcare Ishares Evolved ETF
Symbol: IEIH.BZ
Description: US Media and Entertainment Ishares Evolved ETF
Symbol: IEME.BZ
Description: US Technology Ishares Evolved ETF
Symbol: IETC.BZ
Description: Oxford Square Capital Corp
Symbol: OXSQ.BZ
Description: Oxford Square Capital Corp. 6.50% Note Due 2024
Symbol: OXSQL.BZ
Description: Apollo Global Management Llc Pfd Ser B
Symbol: APO-B.BZ
Description: Brightsphere Investment Group Plc
Symbol: BSA.BZ
Description: Opes Acquisition Corp
Symbol: OPES.BZ
Description: Opes Acquisition Corp. Wtarrant
Symbol: OPESW.BZ
Description: Tristate Capital Holdings Inc Dep Shs Repstg 1/4
Symbol: TSCAP.BZ
Description: Barclays ETN FI Enhanced Europe 50 Exchange Tra
Symbol: FFEU.BZ
Description: The Gdl Fund Series C Pfd
Symbol: GDL-C.BZ
Symbol: GUT-.BZ
Description: ETF Series Solutions ETF CBOE Vest S&P 500 Divid
Symbol: KNG.BZ
Description: Nationwide Maximum Diversification Emerging Mark
Symbol: MXDE.BZ
Description: Ppty U.S. Diversified Real Estate ETF
Symbol: PPTY.BZ
Description: Red Violet Inc
Symbol: RDVT.BZ
Description: Rafael Holdings Inc
Symbol: RFL.BZ
Description: Eyepoint Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: EYPT.BZ
Description: Infrastructure and Energy Alternatives Inc
Symbol: IEA.BZ
Description: Infrastructure and Energy Alternatives Inc. WT
Symbol: IEAWW.BZ
Description: Open Bank
Symbol: OPBK.BZ
Description: Genprex Inc
Symbol: GNPX.BZ
Description: Unum Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: UMRX.BZ
Description: Virtra Systems Inc
Symbol: VTSI.BZ
Description: Alzheon Inc.
Symbol: ALZH.BZ
Description: Spotify Technology S.A.
Symbol: SPOT.BZ
Description: W.R. Berkley Corp. 5.70% Sub Debentures
Symbol: WRB-E.BZ
Description: Allstate Corp Dep Shs Repstg 1/1000Th Int Non-Cu
Symbol: ALL-G.BZ
Description: Large Cap Growth Index-Linked Exchange Traded No
Symbol: FRLG.BZ
Description: Graftech International Ltd
Symbol: EAF.BZ
Description: Lha Market State U.S. Tactical ETF
Symbol: MSUS.BZ
Description: Bberg Roll Select Cmdty Strategy Ishares ETF
Symbol: CMDY.BZ
Description: US Infrastructure Ishares ETF
Symbol: IFRA.BZ
Description: Xtrackers Russell 1000 US Qarp ETF
Symbol: QARP.BZ
Description: Cai International Inc Red Perp Pfd Ser A Fixed/F
Symbol: CAI-A.BZ
Description: Leo Holdings Corp. Class A
Symbol: LHC.BZ
Description: Vrio Corp.
Symbol: VRIO.BZ
Description: Zuora Inc
Symbol: ZUO.BZ
Description: Biohitech Global Inc
Symbol: BHTG.BZ
Description: Pivotal Software Inc
Symbol: PVTL.BZ
Description: Surface Oncology Inc
Symbol: SURF.BZ
Description: Vistra Energy Corp
Symbol: VST.A.BZ
Description: Pavmed Inc. Series Z Warrant
Symbol: PAVMZ.BZ
Description: PGIM Ultra Short Bond ETF
Symbol: PULS.BZ
Description: Vaneck Vectors ETF Trust ETF Vaneck Vectors Real
Symbol: RAAX.BZ
Description: Rafael Holdings Inc. Cl. B
Symbol: RFL.B.BZ
Description: Tiberius Acquisition Corporation
Symbol: TIBR.BZ
Description: Tiberius Acquisition Warrant
Symbol: TIBRW.BZ
Description: Pacer Military Times Best Employers ETF
Symbol: VETS.BZ
Description: Business First Bancshares Inc
Symbol: BFST.BZ
Description: Firstcaribbean Intl Bank Ltd
Symbol: FCI.BZ
Description: Helius Medical Technologies Inc
Symbol: HSDT.BZ
Description: Leo Holdings Corp Warrants
Symbol: LHC.W.BZ
Description: Morphosys Ag ADR
Symbol: MOR.BZ
Description: Mereo Biopharma Group Plc
Symbol: MREO.BZ
Description: Ceridian Hcm Holding Inc
Symbol: CDAY.BZ
Description: USA Small-Cap ESG Optimized Ishares MSCI ETF
Symbol: ESML.BZ
Description: Level One Bancorp Inc
Symbol: LEVL.BZ
Description: Causeway Etmf Trust Causeway Global Value Nextsh
Symbol: CGVIC.BZ
Description: Causeway Etmf Trust Causeway International Value
Symbol: CIVEC.BZ
Description: Pure Acquisition Corp Unit
Symbol: PACQU.BZ
Description: Fluent Inc
Symbol: FLNT.BZ
Description: Nlight Inc
Symbol: LASR.BZ
Description: Smartsheet Inc. Class A
Symbol: SMAR.BZ
Description: Docusign Inc
Symbol: DOCU.BZ
Description: Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles ETF
Symbol: DRIV.BZ
Description: Goosehead Insurance Inc. Class A Common Stock
Symbol: GSHD.BZ
Symbol: NVT-.BZ
Symbol: PNR-.BZ
Description: Agm Group Holdings Inc. Class A
Symbol: AGMH.BZ
Description: Ase Industrial Holding Co. Ltd
Symbol: ASX-.BZ
Description: Mogo Finance Technology Inc
Symbol: MOGO.BZ
Description: First Trust India Nifty 50 EW ETF
Symbol: NFTY.BZ
Description: National Research Corp
Symbol: NRC.BZ
Description: Xanthic Biopharma Inc.
Symbol: XTHC.BZ
Description: Hartford Schroders Tax-Aware Bond ETF
Symbol: HTAB.BZ
Description: Principal Investment Grade Corporate Active ETF
Symbol: IG.BZ
Description: Active Weighting Funds
Symbol: PLCY.BZ
Description: Direxion Daily Robotics Artificial Intelligence
Symbol: UBOT.BZ
Description: Columbia Financial Inc
Symbol: CLBK.BZ
Description: Landmark Infrastructure Partners LP
Symbol: LMRKN.BZ
Description: Ofs Capital Corporation 6.375% Notes Due 2025
Symbol: OFSSL.BZ
Description: Carbon Black Inc
Symbol: CBLK.BZ
Description: Inspire Medical Systems Inc
Symbol: INSP.BZ
Description: Permrock Royalty Trust Trust Units
Symbol: PRT.BZ
Description: Construction Partners Inc. Class A
Symbol: ROAD.BZ
Description: Unity Biotechnology Inc
Symbol: UBX.BZ
Description: Braemar Hotels & Resorts Inc
Symbol: BHR.BZ
Description: Braemar Hotels & Resorts Inc. Pfd B
Symbol: BHR-B.BZ
Description: DB Agriculture -2X ETN Powershares
Symbol: AGATF.BZ
Description: Enbridge Inc 6.375% Fixed-To-Floating Rate Subor
Symbol: ENBA.BZ
Description: Eloxx Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: ELOX.BZ
Description: Axa Equitable Holdings Inc
Symbol: EQH.BZ
Description: Standard Diversified Opportunities Inc
Symbol: SDI.BZ
Description: South Jersey Industries Inc
Symbol: SJIU.BZ
Description: Spirit of Texas Bancshares Inc
Symbol: STXB.BZ
Symbol: APY-.BZ
Description: Origin Bancorp Inc
Symbol: OBNK.BZ
Description: Aberdeen EM Equity Income Fund Inc
Symbol: AEF.BZ
Description: Bay Commercial Bk CA
Symbol: BCML.BZ
Description: Eagle Point Credit Company Inc. 6.6875% Notes Du
Symbol: ECCX.BZ
Description: Evelo Biosciences Inc
Symbol: EVLO.BZ
Description: Aslan Pharmaceuticals Limited ADR
Symbol: ASLN.BZ
Description: Attis Industries Inc
Symbol: ATIS.BZ
Description: Attis Industries Inc. WT
Symbol: ATISW.BZ
Description: Biglari Holdings Inc. Class A
Symbol: BH.A.BZ
Symbol: DOV-.BZ
Description: First Choice Bancorp
Symbol: FCBP.BZ
Description: Nvent Electric Plc
Symbol: NVT.BZ
Description: Abpro Corp.
Symbol: ABP.BZ
Description: Energy Transfer Partners LP Perp Pfd Unit Ser C
Symbol: ETP-C.BZ
Description: Huya Inc
Symbol: HUYA.BZ
Description: Sutherland Asset Management Corporation 6.50% Se
Symbol: SLDD.BZ
Description: Hercules Capital Inc. 5.25% Notes Due 2025
Symbol: HCXZ.BZ
Description: Uscf Summerhaven Dynamic Commodity Strategy No K
Symbol: SDCI.BZ
Description: Proshares S&P 500 Bond ETF
Symbol: SPXB.BZ
Description: Xspand Products Lab Inc
Symbol: XSPL.BZ
Description: Check-Cap Ltd. Series C Warrant
Symbol: CHEKZ.BZ
Description: Jerash Holdings Inc
Symbol: JRSH.BZ
Description: Amneal Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: AMRX.BZ
Description: Argo Grp Itl Snr NTS
Symbol: ARGD.BZ
Description: Argo Group Intl Hlds
Symbol: ARGO.BZ
Description: Piedmont Lithium Limited ADR
Symbol: PLLL.BZ
Description: Pluralsight Inc. Class A
Symbol: PS.BZ
Description: Trinity Merger Corp. Unit
Symbol: TMCXU.BZ
Description: Apergy Corp
Symbol: APY.BZ
Description: Ishares Inflation Hedged Corporate Bond ETF
Symbol: LQDI.BZ
Description: Talos Energy Inc. Warrants
Symbol: TAL.W.BZ
Description: Talos Energy Inc
Symbol: TALO.BZ
Description: The Vivaldi Opportunities Fund
Symbol: VAM.BZ
Description: Evo Payments Inc. Class A
Symbol: EVOP.BZ
Description: Greensky Inc. Class A
Symbol: GSKY.BZ
Description: Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Symbol: KNSA.BZ
Description: Scholar Rock Holding Corporation
Symbol: SRRK.BZ
Description: Vectoiq Acquisition Corp. Unit
Symbol: VTIQU.BZ
Description: First Trust Dorseywright Dali 1 ETF
Symbol: DALI.BZ
Description: Pacer Benchmark Industrial Real Estate Sctr ETF
Symbol: INDS.BZ
Description: Rex Bkcm ETF
Symbol: BKC.BZ
Description: Equinor ASA
Symbol: EQNR.BZ
Description: Pacer Benchmark Retail Real Estate Sctr ETF
Symbol: RTL.BZ
Description: Salt Trubeta High Exposure ETF
Symbol: SLT.BZ
Description: Pacer Benchmark & Infrastructure Real Estate Sct
Symbol: SRVR.BZ
Description: Virtus Infracap U.S. Preferred Stock ETF
Symbol: PFFA.BZ
Description: Ambow Education Holding Ltd
Symbol: AMBO.BZ
Description: Bank of America Corp. Dep Shs Repstg 1/1000Th In
Symbol: BAC-B.BZ
Description: Clps Incorporation
Symbol: CLPS.BZ
Description: Correvio Pharma Corp
Symbol: CORV.BZ
Description: Dcp Midstream LP Red Perp Cum Pfd Unit Ser B
Symbol: DCP-B.BZ
Description: Iterum Therapeutics Plc Ordinary Share
Symbol: ITRM.BZ
Description: Nabors Industries Ltd Pfd Conv Ser A
Symbol: NBR-A.BZ
Description: Sesen Bio Inc
Symbol: SESN.BZ
Symbol: SMT-.BZ
Symbol: SRC-.BZ
Description: B. Riley Financial Inc. 7.375% Senior Notes Due
Symbol: RILYH.BZ
Symbol: WH-.BZ
Description: Exp Realty Internati
Symbol: EXPI.BZ
Description: Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Inc
Symbol: WH.BZ
Symbol: WYN-.BZ
Description: Dfb Healthcare Acquisitions Corp. Warrant
Symbol: DFBHW.BZ
Description: Credit Suisse FI Enhanced Europe 50 Etns
Symbol: FEUL.BZ
Description: Jefferies Financial Group Inc
Symbol: JEF.BZ
Symbol: ATU-.BZ
Description: Canopy Growth Corp
Symbol: CGC.BZ
Description: Dfb Healthcare Acquisitions Corp
Symbol: DFBH.BZ
Symbol: PRS-.BZ
Description: Cytori Therapeutics Inc Series S Warrant
Symbol: CYTXZ.BZ
Description: Hancock Whitney Corp
Symbol: HWC.BZ
Description: Hancock Whitney Corp 5.95 Nt
Symbol: HWCPL.BZ
Description: Standard Financial
Symbol: STND.BZ
Description: Hunt Companies Finance Trust Inc Pfd
Symbol: HCF-A.BZ
Description: Hunt Companies Finance Trust Inc
Symbol: HCFT.BZ
Description: Trident Acquisitions Corp. Units
Symbol: TDACU.BZ
Description: Exantas Capital Corp
Symbol: XAN.BZ
Description: Exantas Capital Corp. Pfd
Symbol: XAN-C.BZ
Description: M17 Entertainment Ltd.
Symbol: YQ.BZ
Description: Pure Acquisition Corp. Class A
Symbol: PACQ.BZ
Description: Pure Acquisition Corp. Warrant
Symbol: PACQW.BZ
Description: Covia Holdings Corp
Symbol: CVIA.BZ
Description: Meiragtx Holdings Plc Ordinary Shares
Symbol: MGTX.BZ
Description: Corepoint Lodging Inc
Symbol: CPLG.BZ
Description: Eurodry Ltd
Symbol: EDRY.BZ
Description: Hancock Jaffe Laboratories Inc. Warrants
Symbol: HJLIW.BZ
Description: Hartford Short Duration ETF
Symbol: HSRT.BZ
Description: Trinity Merger Corp. Class A
Symbol: TMCX.BZ
Description: Trinity Merger Corp. Warrant
Symbol: TMCXW.BZ
Description: Adaptive Insights Inc.
Symbol: ADIN.BZ
Description: Franklin Liberty Senior Loan ETF
Symbol: FLBL.BZ
Description: Franklin Liberty High Yield Corp ETF
Symbol: FLHY.BZ
Description: Franklin Liberty Intl Aggregate Bond ETF
Symbol: FLIA.BZ
Description: Imv Inc
Symbol: IMV.BZ
Description: Perspecta Inc
Symbol: PRSP.BZ
Description: Wyndham Destinations Inc
Symbol: WYND.BZ
Description: Spirit Mta REIT
Symbol: SMTA.BZ
Description: Avalara Inc
Symbol: AVLR.BZ
Description: Charah Solutions Inc
Symbol: CHRA.BZ
Description: Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc. 7.00%
Symbol: LTSF.BZ
Description: Puxin Limited
Symbol: NEW.BZ
Description: Onespan Inc
Symbol: OSPN.BZ
Description: Taoping Inc
Symbol: TAOP.BZ
Description: U.S. Xpress Enterprises Inc. Class A
Symbol: USX.BZ
Description: Bk Technologies Inc
Symbol: BKTI.BZ
Description: Evergy Inc
Symbol: EVRG.BZ
Description: O'Shares Global Internet Giants ETF
Symbol: OGIG.BZ
Description: First Trust Tcw Unconstrained Plus Bond ETF
Symbol: UCON.BZ
Description: Verrica Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: VRCA.BZ
Description: Ai Powered International Equity ETF
Symbol: AIIQ.BZ
Description: Amplify Advanced Battery Metals and Materials Et
Symbol: BATT.BZ
Description: Command Center Inc
Symbol: CCNI.BZ
Description: Far Point Acquisition Corp.
Symbol: FPACU.BZ
Description: GS Acquisition Holdings Corp Units
Symbol: GSA.U.BZ
Description: Ishares Gold Strategy ETF
Symbol: IAUF.BZ
Description: Metlife Inc Pfd
Symbol: MET-E.BZ
Symbol: ALV-.BZ
Description: Aptinyx Inc
Symbol: APTX.BZ
Description: Avrobio Inc. Common Stock
Symbol: AVRO.BZ
Description: Electrocore Inc
Symbol: ECOR.BZ
Description: Eidos Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: EIDX.BZ
Description: Kezar Life Sciences Inc
Symbol: KZR.BZ
Description: Magenta Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: MGTA.BZ
Symbol: VNE-.BZ
Description: Vectoiq Acquisition Corp
Symbol: VTIQ.BZ
Description: Vectoiq Acquisition Corp. Warrant
Symbol: VTIQW.BZ
Description: Autolus Therapeutics Plc ADR
Symbol: AUTL.BZ
Description: Dermadoctor Inc.
Symbol: DDOC.BZ
Description: Essential Properties Realty Trust Inc
Symbol: EPRT.BZ
Description: Far Point Acquisition Units
Symbol: FPA.U.BZ
Description: I3 Verticals Inc. Class A
Symbol: IIIV.BZ
Description: Xeris Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: XERS.BZ
Description: First Republic Bank Dep Shs Pfd I
Symbol: FRC-I.BZ
Description: Greenpro Capital Corp
Symbol: GRNQ.BZ
Description: Goldman Sachs Just U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF
Symbol: JUST.BZ
Description: Trident Acquisitions Corp
Symbol: TDAC.BZ
Description: Trident Acquisitions Corp. Warrants
Symbol: TDACW.BZ
Description: Amplify ETF Trust ETF
Symbol: EASI.BZ
Description: Fidelity High Yield Factor ETF
Symbol: FDHY.BZ
Description: Fidelity Low Duration Bond Factor ETF
Symbol: FLDR.BZ
Description: Uxin Limited Ads
Symbol: UXIN.BZ
Description: Neuronetics Inc
Symbol: STIM.BZ
Description: Jpmorgan Betabuilders Europe ETF
Symbol: BBEU.BZ
Description: Jpmorgan Betabuilders Japan ETF
Symbol: BBJP.BZ
Description: Jpmorgan Betabuilders MSCI U.S. REIT ETF
Symbol: BBRE.BZ
Description: Bj's Wholesale Club Holdings Inc
Symbol: BJ.BZ
Description: Domo Inc. Class B
Symbol: DOMO.BZ
Description: Forty Seven Inc
Symbol: FTSV.BZ
Description: Grindrod Shipping Holdings Ltd
Symbol: GRIN.BZ
Description: The Lovesac Company
Symbol: LOVE.BZ
Description: Tortoise MLP Fund Inc
Symbol: NTG-.BZ
Description: Neon Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: NTGN.BZ
Description: Tricida Inc
Symbol: TCDA.BZ
Description: Goodbulk Ltd
Symbol: GBLK.BZ
Description: Limestone Bancorp Inc
Symbol: LMST.BZ
Description: Gabelli Nextshares Trust Gabelli Pet Parent Fund
Symbol: PETZC.BZ
Description: Thunder Bridge Acquisition Ltd. Unit
Symbol: TBRGU.BZ
Description: Unum Group 6.250% Junior Subordinated Notes Due
Symbol: UNMA.BZ
Description: S&P 500 Communication Sector SPDR
Symbol: XLC.BZ
Description: Reality Shares Nasdaq Nexgen Economy China ETF
Symbol: BCNA.BZ
Description: Intl Seaways Inc. 8.50% Senior Notes
Symbol: INS-A.BZ
Description: Lf Capital Acquistion Corp. Unit
Symbol: LFACU.BZ
Description: Twelve Seas Investment Company Units
Symbol: TWLVU.BZ
Description: Rogers Ai Global Macro ETF
Symbol: BIKR.BZ
Description: Optimizerx Corp
Symbol: OPRX.BZ
Description: Renaissancere Holdings Ltd - Prf Perpetual USD 2
Symbol: RNR-F.BZ
Description: Hyrecar Inc
Symbol: HYRE.BZ
Description: First Western Financial Inc
Symbol: MYFW.BZ
Description: Synovus Financial Corp. - Fxdfr Prf Perpetual US
Symbol: SNV-D.BZ
Description: Aerpio Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: ARPO.BZ
Symbol: DDR-.BZ
Description: SPDR Gold Minishares Trust
Symbol: GLDM.BZ
Description: New Frontier Corp.
Symbol: NFCU.BZ
Symbol: RVI-.BZ
Description: Chicken Soup For The Soul Entertainment Inc. 9.
Symbol: CSSEP.BZ
Description: Far Point Acquisition Cl A WT
Symbol: FPA.W.BZ
Description: Far Point Acquisition Corporation Class A
Symbol: FPAC.BZ
Description: Titan Medical Inc
Symbol: TMDI.BZ
Description: Entera Bio Ltd. Warrant
Symbol: ENTXW.BZ
Description: Hl Acquisitions Corp. Unit
Symbol: HCCHU.BZ
Description: Ishares Robotics and Artificial Intelligence ETF
Symbol: IRBO.BZ
Description: Kraneshares Ccbs China Corporate High Yield Bond
Symbol: KCCB.BZ
Description: Qts Realty Trust Inc Cum Perp Pfd Conv Ser B
Symbol: QTS-B.BZ
Description: Alps Clean Energy ETF
Symbol: ACES.BZ
Description: Lf Capital Acquistion Corp. Class A
Symbol: LFAC.BZ
Description: Lf Capital Acquistion Corp. Warrant
Symbol: LFACW.BZ
Description: New Frontier Corporation Units Each Consisting
Symbol: NFC.U.BZ
Description: Avanos Medical Inc
Symbol: AVNS.BZ
Description: Retail Value Inc
Symbol: RVI.BZ
Description: Tallgrass Energy Gp LP
Symbol: TGE.BZ
Description: Veoneer Inc
Symbol: VNE.BZ
Description: Allegro Merger Corp. Unit
Symbol: ALGRU.BZ
Description: Tactile Analytics Ar/Vr Virtual Tech
Symbol: ARVR.BZ
Description: Ditech Holding Corp. Ser A Warrants
Symbol: DHC.X.BZ
Description: Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd Cum Red Perp Pfd FI
Symbol: TNP-F.BZ
Description: Fortive Corp Pfd Conv Ser A
Symbol: FTV-A.BZ
Description: Afg Holdings Inc.
Symbol: AFGL.BZ
Description: Allakos Inc
Symbol: ALLK.BZ
Description: Bloom Energy Corporation Class A
Symbol: BE.BZ
Description: Constellation Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: CNST.BZ
Description: Crinetics Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: CRNX.BZ
Description: Establishment Labs Holdings Inc
Symbol: ESTA.BZ
Description: Keurig Dr Pepper Inc
Symbol: KDP.BZ
Description: Rubius Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: RUBY.BZ
Description: Tilray Inc
Symbol: TLRY.BZ
Description: Coastal Financial Corporation
Symbol: CCB.BZ
Description: Replimune Group Inc
Symbol: REPL.BZ
Description: Cool Holdings Inc
Symbol: AWSM.BZ
Description: Advisorshares D.W. Micro-Cap ETF
Symbol: DWMC.BZ
Description: Advisorshares D.W. Short ETF
Symbol: DWSH.BZ
Description: ETF Series Solutions ETF Clearshares Ultra-Short
Symbol: OPER.BZ
Description: Mid-Southn Svg Bk In
Symbol: MSVB.BZ
Description: Priority Income Fund Inc Term Pfd Ser A
Symbol: PRI-A.BZ
Description: Cm Finance Inc 6.125% Notes Due 2023
Symbol: CMFNL.BZ
Description: Enstar Group Ltd
Symbol: ESGRP.BZ
Description: China Commercial Cre
Symbol: GLG.BZ
Description: Twelve Seas Investment Company
Symbol: TWLV.BZ
Description: Twelve Seas Investment Company Rights
Symbol: TWLVR.BZ
Description: Twelve Seas Investment Company Warrant
Symbol: TWLVW.BZ
Description: Bausch Health Companies Inc
Symbol: BHC.BZ
Description: Berry Pete Corp
Symbol: BRY.BZ
Description: Focus Financial Partners Inc. Class A
Symbol: FOCS.BZ
Description: Aurora Mobile Limited ADR
Symbol: JG.BZ
Description: Liquidia Technologies Inc
Symbol: LQDA.BZ
Description: Proshares Online Retail ETF
Symbol: ONLN.BZ
Description: Opera Limited American Depositary Shares
Symbol: OPRA.BZ
Description: Bank Ozk
Symbol: OZK.BZ
Description: Tenable Holdings Inc
Symbol: TENB.BZ
Description: Aquestive Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: AQST.BZ
Description: Cango Inc. ADR
Symbol: CANG.BZ
Description: Endava Plc
Symbol: DAVA.BZ
Description: Pinduoduo Inc. ADR
Symbol: PDD.BZ
Description: Global X S&P 500 Quality Dividend ETF
Symbol: QDIV.BZ
Description: Thunder Bridge Acquisition Ltd. Class A
Symbol: TBRG.BZ
Description: Thunder Bridge Acquisition Ltd. Warrant
Symbol: TBRGW.BZ
Description: Hl Acquisitions Corp
Symbol: HCCH.BZ
Description: Hl Acquisitions Corp. Right
Symbol: HCCHR.BZ
Description: Hl Acquisitions Corp. Warrant
Symbol: HCCHW.BZ
Description: Flexshares High Yield Value-Scored Bond Index Fu
Symbol: HYGV.BZ
Description: Opus Small Cap Value Plus ETF
Symbol: OSCV.BZ
Description: Sempra Energy Pfd Conv Ser B
Symbol: SRE-B.BZ
Description: American Finance Trust Inc. Class A
Symbol: AFIN.BZ
Description: Impact Shares Trust I Impact Shares Naacp Minori
Symbol: NACP.BZ
Description: Medigus Ltd. Series C Warrant
Symbol: MDGSW.BZ
Description: Chaparral Energy Inc
Symbol: CHAP.BZ
Description: Pacer US Export Leaders ETF
Symbol: PEXL.BZ
Description: Provention Bio Inc
Symbol: PRVB.BZ
Description: Pacer Cfra-Stovall Equal Weight Seasonal Rotatio
Symbol: SZNE.BZ
Description: Greenland Acquisition Corporation Unit
Symbol: GLACU.BZ
Description: Bank of America Corp Dep Shs Repstg 1/1000Th Int
Symbol: BAC-K.BZ
Symbol: CVI-.BZ
Description: Innovator Loup Frontier Tech E
Symbol: LOUP.BZ
Description: First Trust Lunt U.S. Factor Rotation ETF
Symbol: FCTR.BZ
Description: International Money Express Inc
Symbol: IMXI.BZ
Description: International Money Express Inc Warrant
Symbol: IMXIW.BZ
Description: Priority Techno Holdings Inc
Symbol: PRTH.BZ
Description: Priority Technology Holdings Inc Warrant
Symbol: PRTHW.BZ
Description: Adial Pharmaceuticals Inc Warrant
Symbol: ADILW.BZ
Description: Energy Transfer Partners LP Cum Red Perp Pfd Uni
Symbol: ETP-D.BZ
Description: New Frontier Corp
Symbol: NFC.BZ
Description: New Frontier Corp. Warrants
Symbol: NFC.W.BZ
Description: Priority Techno Holdings Inc Unit
Symbol: PRTHU.BZ
Description: Summit Semiconductor Inc
Symbol: WISA.BZ
Description: GS Acquisition Holdings Corp Warrants
Symbol: GSA.W.BZ
Description: GS Acquisition Holdings Corp. Class A
Symbol: GSAH.BZ
Description: Global X Targetincome 5 ETF
Symbol: TFIV.BZ
Description: Global X Targetincome Plus 2 ETF
Symbol: TFLT.BZ
Description: Arlo Technologies Inc
Symbol: ARLO.BZ
Description: Defiance Future Tech ETF
Symbol: AUGR.BZ
Description: Cushman & Wakefield Plc
Symbol: CWK.BZ
Description: Int. Rate Hedged Long-Term Corp Bond Ishares
Symbol: IGBH.BZ
Description: Intermediate-Term Corp Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: IGIB.BZ
Description: Long-Term Corp Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: IGLB.BZ
Description: Short-Term Corp Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: IGSB.BZ
Description: IT Tech Packaging Inc
Symbol: ITP.BZ
Description: Kraneshares MSCI All China Index ETF
Symbol: KALL.BZ
Description: Keycorp Dep Shs Repstg 1/40Th Perp Pfd Ser F
Symbol: KEY-J.BZ
Description: Leaf Group Ltd
Symbol: LEAF.BZ
Description: Mesa Air Group Inc
Symbol: MESA.BZ
Description: Magnolia Oil & Gas Corp
Symbol: MGY.BZ
Description: Magnolia Oil & Gas Corp. Warrant
Symbol: MGY.W.BZ
Description: Protective Insurance Corp. Cl A
Symbol: PTVCA.BZ
Description: Protective Insurance Corp. Cl B
Symbol: PTVCB.BZ
Description: Sonos Inc
Symbol: SONO.BZ
Description: Two Harbors Investments Corp 7.50% Series E
Symbol: TWO-E.BZ
Description: Broad USD Investment Gr. Corp Bond Ishares ETF
Symbol: USIG.BZ
Description: Vaccinex Inc
Symbol: VCNX.BZ
Description: Microsectors Fang Index 2X Leveraged Etns 01/08
Symbol: FNGO.BZ
Description: Microsectors Fang Index -2X Inverse Leveraged E
Symbol: FNGZ.BZ
Description: Microsectors Fang Index Inverse Etns 01/08/2023
Symbol: GNAF.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree 90/60 U.S. Balanced Fund
Symbol: NTSX.BZ
Description: Tottenham Acquisition I Limited Unit
Symbol: TOTAU.BZ
Description: Two Harbors Investments Corp 7.75% Series D
Symbol: TWO-D.BZ
Description: Barings Bdc Inc
Symbol: BBDC.BZ
Description: Pacific City Finl Cp
Symbol: PCB.BZ
Description: Aridis Pharmaceuticals Inc
Symbol: ARDS.BZ
Description: Spartan Energy Acquisition Corp.
Symbol: SPAQU.BZ
Description: Innovator S&P 500 Power Buffer ETF
Symbol: PJUL.BZ
Description: Innovator S&P 500 Ultra Buffer ETF
Symbol: UJUL.BZ
Description: Jpmorgan Betabuilders Developed Asia-Ex Japan Et
Symbol: BBAX.BZ
Description: Jpmorgan Betabuilders Canada ETF
Symbol: BBCA.BZ
Description: Aptus Defined Risk ETF
Symbol: DRSK.BZ
Description: Greenland Acquisition Corporation Ordinary Share
Symbol: GLAC.BZ
Description: Greenland Acquisition Corporation Right
Symbol: GLACR.BZ
Description: Greenland Acquisition Corporation Warrant
Symbol: GLACW.BZ
Description: AT&T Inc. 5.625% Global Notes Due 2067
Symbol: TBC.BZ
Description: Amalgamated Bk
Symbol: AMAL.BZ
Description: Invesco Bulletshares 2028 Corporate Bond ETF
Symbol: BSCS.BZ
Description: Invesco Bulletshares 2026 High Yield Corporate B
Symbol: BSJQ.BZ
Description: Invesco Multi-Factor Core Fixed Income ETF
Symbol: IMFC.BZ
Description: Oppenheimer International Ultra Dividend Revenue
Symbol: RIDV.BZ
Description: Electrameccanica Vehs Corp
Symbol: SOLO.BZ
Description: Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp. Ltd. Warrants
Symbol: SOLOW.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree International Multifactor Fund
Symbol: DWMF.BZ
Description: Wisdomtree Emerging Markets Multifactor Fund
Symbol: EMMF.BZ
Description: Spartan Energy Acquisition Corp. Units
Symbol: SPA.U.BZ
Description: 3Pea Intl Inc
Symbol: TPNL.BZ
Description: Oppenheimer Emerging Markets Ultra Dividend Reve
Symbol: REDV.BZ
Description: Allegro Merger Corp
Symbol: ALGR.BZ
Description: Allegro Merger Corp. Right
Symbol: ALGRR.BZ
Description: Allegro Merger Corp. Warrant
Symbol: ALGRW.BZ
Description: Global Partners L.P. Pfd A
Symbol: GLP-A.BZ
Description: Liquid Media Group Ltd
Symbol: YVR.BZ
Description: DB Commodity Double Short ETN
Symbol: DEENF.BZ
Description: Oaktree Capital Group Llc Pfd Unit Ser B
Symbol: OAK-B.BZ
Description: Riverview Financial Corp
Symbol: RIVE.BZ
Description: Perth Mint Physical Gold ETF
Symbol: AAAU.BZ
Description: Assertio Therapeutics Inc
Symbol: ASRT.BZ
Description: Invesco Emerging Markets Debt Value ETF
Symbol: IEMV.BZ
Description: Select Interior Concepts Inc. Class A
Symbol: SIC.BZ
Description: Tkk Symphony Acquisition Corporation Unit
Symbol: TKKSU.BZ
Description: Cai International Inc 8.50% Red Perp Pfd Ser B F
Symbol: CAI-B.BZ
Description: Safe-T Group Ltd ADR
Symbol: SFET.BZ
Description: US Bancorp [De] Depositary Shs Repstg 1/1000Th P
Symbol: USB-P.BZ
Description: Bionano Genomics Inc. Unit
Symbol: BNGOU.BZ
Description: Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp.
Symbol: MFACU.BZ
Description: Etracs NYSE Pickens Core Midstream Index ETN
Symbol: PYPE.BZ
Description: Silvercrest Metals Inc
Symbol: SILV.BZ
Description: Tenzing Acquisition Corp. Units
Symbol: TZACU.BZ
Description: Prudential Financial Inc. 5.625% Junior
Symbol: PRS.BZ
Description: Pyxus International Inc
Symbol: PYX.BZ
Description: Gladstone Investment Corp Term Pfd Ser E %
Symbol: GAINL.BZ
Description: HF Foods Group Inc
Symbol: HFFG.BZ
Description: Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services Inc 7.25%
Symbol: LTSK.BZ
Description: Falcon Minerals Corp. Class A
Symbol: FLMN.BZ
Description: Falcon Minerals Corp. Warrant
Symbol: FLMNW.BZ
Description: Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp. Units
Symbol: MFA.U.BZ
Description: Longevity Acquisition Corporation Units
Symbol: LOACU.BZ
Description: Tottenham Acquisition I Limited Ordinary Shares
Symbol: TOTA.BZ
Description: Tottenham Acquisition I Limited Right
Symbol: TOTAR.BZ
Description: Tottenham Acquisition I Limited Warrant
Symbol: TOTAW.BZ
Description: Global X Adaptive US Factor ETF
Symbol: AUSF.BZ
Description: Brookfield Property REIT Inc
Symbol: BPR.BZ
Description: Impact Shares Ywca Women's Empowerment ETF
Symbol: WOMN.BZ
Description: Innovator S&P 500 Buffer ETF
Symbol: BJUL.BZ
Description: Brookfield Property REIT Inc. 6.375% Series A
Symbol: BPRAP.BZ
Description: Klx Energy Services Holdings Inc
Symbol: KLXEV.BZ
Description: Klx Inc
Symbol: KLXIV.BZ
Description: Mercantil Bank Holding Class A
Symbol: MBNAA.BZ
Description: Mercantil Bank Holding Class B
Symbol: MBNAB.BZ
Description: Saratoga Investment Corp
Symbol: SAF.BZ
Description: First Trust S&P Intl Dividend Aristocrats ETF
Symbol: FID.BZ
Description: Kraneshares Emerging Markets Healthcare Index
Symbol: KMED.BZ
Description: Audioeye Inc
Symbol: AEYE.BZ
Description: Gabelli Convertible & Income Securities Rights
Symbol: GCV-.BZ
Description: Churchill Capital Corp.
Symbol: CCCU.BZ
Description: Defiance Quantum ETF
Symbol: QTUM.BZ
Description: Realm Therapeutics Plc ADR
Symbol: RLM.BZ
Description: Vanguard Total World Bond ETF
Symbol: BNDW.BZ
Description: First Trust High Income ETF
Symbol: DDIV.BZ
Description: Invesco Emerging Markets Debt Defensive ETF
Symbol: IEMD.BZ
Description: Navios Maritime Containers Inc.
Symbol: NMCI.BZ
Description: Principia Biopharma Inc
Symbol: PRNB.BZ
Description: Qutoutiao Inc. ADR
Symbol: QTT.BZ
Description: Churchill Capital Corp
Symbol: CCC.U.BZ
Description: First Trust Momentum & Value ETF
Symbol: DVLU.BZ
Description: First Trust Momentum & Low Volatility ETF
Symbol: DVOL.BZ
Description: Elanco Animal Health Inc
Symbol: ELAN.BZ
Description: Farfetch Limited Class A
Symbol: FTCH.BZ
Description: Invesco Investment Grade Defensive ETF
Symbol: IIGD.BZ
Description: Annaly Capital Mgmt 8.125%
Symbol: NLY-H.BZ
Description: Nextgen Healthcare Inc
Symbol: NXGN.BZ
Description: Gastar Exploration 8.625% Serie
Symbol: GSTPA.BZ
Description: Gastar Exploration USA Inc Pfd
Symbol: GSTPB.BZ
Description: 111 Inc. ADR
Symbol: YI.BZ
Description: Eventbrite Inc
Symbol: EB.BZ
Description: Invesco Investment Grade Value ETF
Symbol: IIGV.BZ
Description: Y-Mabs Therapeutics Inc.
Symbol: YMAB.BZ
Description: Bank7 Corp
Symbol: BSVN.BZ
Description: Invesco Corporate Income Value ETF
Symbol: IHYV.BZ
Description: Invesco Developed Ex-US Small Company ETF
Symbol: ISDS.BZ
Description: Invesco Developed Ex-US ETF
Symbol: ISDX.BZ
Description: Invesco Emerging Markets ETF
Symbol: ISEM.BZ
Description: Invesco Strategic US ETF
Symbol: IUS.BZ
Description: Invesco US Small Company ETF
Symbol: IUSS.BZ
Description: Remora Royalties Inc.
Symbol: RRI.BZ
Description: Zekelman Industries Inc.
Symbol: ZEK.BZ
Description: Hanger Inc
Symbol: HNGR.BZ
Description: American Century Stoxx U.S. Quality Growth ETF
Symbol: QGRO.BZ
Description: American Century Quality Diversified Internation
Symbol: QINT.BZ
Description: B. Riley Financial Inc. 6.875% Senior Notes Due
Symbol: RILYI.BZ
Description: American Century Diversified Municipal Bond ETF
Symbol: TAXF.BZ
Description: Tkk Symphony Acquisition Corporation
Symbol: TKKS.BZ
Description: Tkk Symphony Acquisition Corporation Right
Symbol: TKKSR.BZ
Description: Tkk Symphony Acquisition Corporation Warrant
Symbol: TKKSW.BZ
Description: Cambria Trinity ETF
Symbol: TRTY.BZ
Description: Viomi Technology Co. Ltd ADR
Symbol: VIOT.BZ
Description: Innovator Ibd Breakout Opportunities ETF
Symbol: BOUT.BZ
Description: Edison Nation Inc
Symbol: EDNT.BZ
Description: Frontdoor Inc
Symbol: FTDRV.BZ
Description: Janus Henderson Mortgage-Backed Securities ETF
Symbol: JMBS.BZ
Description: Luokung Technology Corp
Symbol: LKCO.BZ
Description: Svmk Inc.
Symbol: SVMK.BZ
Description: Arco Platform Limited Class A
Symbol: ARCE.BZ
Description: Brighthouse Financial Inc. 6.25% Junior Subordi
Symbol: BHFAL.BZ
Description: Brp Inc
Symbol: DOOO.BZ
Description: Fvcbankcorp Inc
Symbol: FVCB.BZ
Description: Allianzgi Convertible & Income Fund II Pfd Shs S
Symbol: NCZ-A.BZ
Description: Permianville Royalty Trust
Symbol: PVL.BZ
Description: X Financial
Symbol: XYF.BZ
Description: Arvinas Inc.
Symbol: ARVN.BZ
Description: Clearway Energy Inc. Cl. A
Symbol: CWE.A.BZ
Description: Clearway Energy Inc. Cl. C
Symbol: CWEN.BZ
Description: Gritstone Oncology Inc.
Symbol: GRTS.BZ
Symbol: GTX-.BZ
Description: Klx Energy Services Holdings Inc
Symbol: KLXE.BZ
Description: Laix Inc. ADR
Symbol: LAIX.BZ
Description: Ra Medical Systems Inc.
Symbol: RMED.BZ
Description: Sutro Biopharma Inc.
Symbol: STRO.BZ
Description: Urovant Sciences Ltd.
Symbol: UROV.BZ
Description: Anfield Universal Fixed Income ETF
Symbol: AFIF.BZ
Description: Cim Commercial Trust Corp Series L Prfd
Symbol: CMCTP.BZ
Description: Entasis Therapeutics Holdings Inc.
Symbol: ETTX.BZ
Description: Monroe Capital Corporation 5.75% Notes Due 2023
Symbol: MRCCL.BZ
Description: Polarityte Inc
Symbol: PTE.BZ
Description: Qvc Inc. 6.375% Senior Secured Notes Due 2067
Symbol: QVCD.BZ
Description: SPDR Solactive Canada ETF
Symbol: ZCAN.BZ
Description: SPDR Solactive Germany ETF
Symbol: ZDEU.BZ
Description: SPDR Solactive United Kingdom ETF
Symbol: ZGBR.BZ
Description: SPDR Solactive Japan ETF
Symbol: ZJPN.BZ
Description: Altra Industrial Motion Corp
Symbol: AIMCV.BZ
Description: Cootek [Cayman] Inc.
Symbol: CTK.BZ
Description: Franklin Ltd Duration Income Trust Rights
Symbol: FTF-.BZ
Description: International Flavors & Fragrances Inc
Symbol: IFFT.BZ
Description: SPDR Solactive Hong Kong ETF
Symbol: ZHOK.BZ
Description: Duke Energy Corporation 5.625% Junior Subordinat
Symbol: DUKB.BZ
Description: Vanguard ESG U.S. Stock ETF
Symbol: ESGV.BZ
Description: Ishares Ibonds Dec 2028 Term Corporate ETF
Symbol: IBDT.BZ
Description: Allianzgi Convertible & Income Fund Pfd Shs Ser
Symbol: NCV-A.BZ
Description: Vanguard ESG International Stock ETF
Symbol: VSGX.BZ
Description: Upwork Inc
Symbol: UPWK.BZ
Description: Bionano Genomics Inc
Symbol: BNGO.BZ
Description: Bionano Genomics Inc Warrant
Symbol: BNGOW.BZ
Description: Biosig Technologies
Symbol: BSGM.BZ
Description: Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp Warrants
Symbol: MFA.W.BZ
Description: Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp. Class A
Symbol: MFAC.BZ
Description: Vesper US Large Cap Short-Term Reversal Strategy
Symbol: UTRN.BZ
Description: American Homes 4 Rent Perp Cum Red Pfd Shs Ser H
Symbol: AMH-H.BZ
Description: Elastic N.V. Ordinary Shares
Symbol: ESTC.BZ
Description: Guardant Health Inc.
Symbol: GH.BZ
Symbol: HON-.BZ
Description: Kodiak Sciences Inc
Symbol: KOD.BZ
Description: Impact Shares Sustainable Development Goals Glob
Symbol: SDGA.BZ
Description: Chimera Investment Corp Pfd Ser C
Symbol: CIM-C.BZ
Description: Seaspan Corp Fixed/Fltg Perp Pfd Ser I
Symbol: SSW-I.BZ
Description: Flexshopper Inc. Warrants
Symbol: FPAYW.BZ
Description: Fortive Corp
Symbol: FTV.W.BZ
Description: Etracs 2Xmonthly Pay Leveraged Preferred Stock I
Symbol: PFFL.BZ
Description: Hercules Capital Inc. 6.25% Notes Due 2033
Symbol: HCXY.BZ
Description: PGIM Active High Yield Bond ETF
Symbol: PHYL.BZ
Description: Associated Banc-Corp Depositary Shs
Symbol: ASB-E.BZ
Description: Cbm Bancorp Inc
Symbol: CBMB.BZ
Description: John Hancock Multifactor Emerging Markets ETF
Symbol: JHEM.BZ
Description: New Mountain Finance Corp
Symbol: NMFX.BZ
Description: Anixa Biosciences Inc.
Symbol: ANIX.BZ
Description: Arya Sciences Acquisition Corp.
Symbol: ARYAU.BZ
Description: Axos Financial Inc.
Symbol: AX.BZ
Description: Axos Financial Inc.
Symbol: AXO.BZ
Description: Innovator S&P 500 Buffer ETF
Symbol: BOCT.BZ
Description: Cms Energy Corporation
Symbol: CMSC.BZ
Description: Frontdoor Inc
Symbol: FTDR.BZ
Description: Garrett Motion Inc.
Symbol: GTX.BZ
Description: Livent Corp.
Symbol: LTHM.BZ
Description: Osmotica Pharmaceuticals Plc
Symbol: OSMT.BZ
Description: Planet Green Holdings Corp.
Symbol: PLAG.BZ
Description: Anaplan Inc.
Symbol: PLAN.BZ
Description: Innovator S&P 500 Power Buffer ETF
Symbol: POCT.BZ
Description: Ready Capital Corp.
Symbol: RC.BZ
Description: Ready Capital Corp. 7.00%
Symbol: RCA.BZ
Description: Ready Capital Corp. 6.50% Series
Symbol: RCP.BZ
Description: Spartan Energy Acquisition Corp Warrants
Symbol: SPA.W.BZ
Description: Innovator S&P 500 Ultra Buffer ETF
Symbol: UOCT.BZ
Description: Allogene Therapeutics Inc.
Symbol: ALLO.BZ
Description: Leadershares Alphafactor US Core Equity ETF
Symbol: LSAF.BZ
Description: Liveramp Holdings Inc.
Symbol: RAMP.BZ
Description: Spartan Energy Acquisition Corp Class A
Symbol: SPAQ.BZ
Description: Centerpoint Energy Inc Dep Shs Repstg 1/20Th Pfd
Symbol: CNP-B.BZ
Description: Edtechx Holdings Acquisition Corp.
Symbol: EDTXU.BZ
Description: Equillium Inc.
Symbol: EQ.BZ
Symbol: RIV-W.BZ
Description: Pepper Food Service Co ADR
Symbol: KPFS.BZ
Description: Paringa Resources Limited ADR
Symbol: PNRL.BZ
Description: Western Asset Total Return ETF
Symbol: WBND.BZ
Description: Collier Creek Holdings Units
Symbol: CCH.U.BZ
Description: Collier Creek Holdings
Symbol: CCHU.BZ
Description: Chaserg Tech Acquisition Corp.
Symbol: CTACU.BZ
Description: First Trust Ipox Europe Equity Opp ETF
Symbol: FPXE.BZ
Description: Ofs Credit Company Inc.
Symbol: OCCI.BZ
Description: Si-Bone Inc.
Symbol: SIBN.BZ
Description: Tribune Publishing Company
Symbol: TPCO.BZ
Description: Brunswick Corp 6.500% Sr Notes Due 2048
Symbol: BC-A.BZ
Description: Invesco Bulletshares 2021 USD EM Debt ETF
Symbol: BSAE.BZ
Description: Eton Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Symbol: ETON.BZ
Description: Invesco Corp Income Defensive ETF
Symbol: IHYD.BZ
Description: Phasebio Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Symbol: PHAS.BZ
Description: Riley Exploration Permian Inc.
Symbol: REPX.BZ
Description: Valtech Se
Symbol: VTEC.BZ
Description: Dcp Midstream LP Red Perp Pfd Unit Ser C Fixed/F
Symbol: DCP-C.BZ
Description: Site Centers Corp.
Symbol: SITC.BZ
Description: THL Credit Inc. 6.125% Notes Due 2023
Symbol: TCRW.BZ
Description: Invesco Bulletshares 2022 USD Emerging Markets D
Symbol: BSBE.BZ
Description: Invesco Bulletshares 2023 USD EM Debt ETF
Symbol: BSCE.BZ
Description: Mr.Cooper Group Inc.
Symbol: COOP.BZ
Description: Dd3 Acquisition Corp.
Symbol: DDMXU.BZ
Description: Graf Industrial Corp.
Symbol: GRAFU.BZ
Description: Logicbio Therapeutics Inc.
Symbol: LOGC.BZ
Description: Studio City Intl Holdings Ltd.
Symbol: MSC.BZ
Description: Columbia Multi-Sector Municipal Income ETF
Symbol: MUST.BZ
Description: Niu Technologies
Symbol: NIU.BZ
Description: Valley National Bancorp Pfd Series B
Symbol: VLYPO.BZ
Description: Valley National Bancorp Pfd Series A
Symbol: VLYPP.BZ
Description: Valley National Bancorp Warrants
Symbol: VLYWW.BZ
Description: Advisorshares Doubleline Value Equity ETF
Symbol: DBLV.BZ
Description: Franklin FTSE Latin America ETF
Symbol: FLLA.BZ
Description: Franklin FTSE Saudi Arabia ETF
Symbol: FLSA.BZ
Description: Franklin FTSE South Africa ETF
Symbol: FLZA.BZ
Description: Site Centers Corp Shs Pfd Cl A
Symbol: SIT-A.BZ
Description: Site Centers Corp Dep Shs Pfd J
Symbol: SIT-J.BZ
Description: Site Centers Corp. Dep Shs Pfd K
Symbol: SIT-K.BZ
Description: Aravive Inc.
Symbol: ARAV.BZ
Symbol: LOACR.BZ
Symbol: LOACW.BZ
Symbol: REZ-.BZ
Description: Yeti Holdings Inc.
Symbol: YETI.BZ

*Last modified Tuesday, 18th September, 2018.