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Sierra Chart Real-time and Historical Exchange Data Feed Symbols

Available Symbol Pages

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The symbols and notes on these pages only apply to the Sierra Chart Historical Data Service and to the Real-Time Exchange Data Feeds Available from Sierra Chart.

Many of the supported Trading services use the Sierra Chart Historical Data Service for historical Daily data. Therefore, any of the symbols found on these symbol pages can be used for historical Daily charts with those Trading services.

These symbols do not apply to any other Data or Trading service that Sierra Chart supports. Each service uses its own symbol format. These symbols are not necessarily valid for those services.


Exchange: BMF

Description: 1-Day Interbank Dep.
Symbol: DP
Description: BMF Australian Dollar
Symbol: O2
Description: BMF Euro Futures
Symbol: O3
Description: BMF Ethanol
Symbol: TL
Description: BMF South Africa Rand
Symbol: U0
Description: BMF Mini-Soybean CME
Symbol: U5
Description: BMF Bovespa Mini
Symbol: UM
Description: BMF US Dollar Mini
Symbol: X4
Description: BMF Live Cattle
Symbol: XC
Description: BMF US Dollar
Symbol: XD
Description: BMF Cash Corn
Symbol: XE
Description: Arabica Coffee 4/5
Symbol: XF
Description: BMF Bovespa Index
Symbol: XI
Description: BMF New Zealand Doll.
Symbol: Z0
Description: BMF Canadian Dollar
Symbol: Z1
Description: BMF Chilean Peso
Symbol: Z2
Description: BMF Japanese Yen
Symbol: Z3
Description: BMF Mexican Peso
Symbol: Z4
Description: BMF Pound Sterling
Symbol: Z5
Description: BMF Swiss Franc
Symbol: Z6
Description: BMF Turkish Lira
Symbol: Z7

Exchange: BSE

Description: BUX Budapest Index
Symbol: OB

Exchange: CBOT

Description: BBerg Commodity Index
Symbol: AH
Description: Ethanol Futures (Pit)
Symbol: AK
Description: Soybean Oil (Pit)
Symbol: BO
Description: Corn (Pit)
Symbol: C
Description: Soybean Crush
Symbol: CS
Description: DJ Real Estate Index
Symbol: DH
Description: DJIA
Symbol: DJ
Description: Australian Wheat FOB
Symbol: F3
Description: Urea FOB MidEast Swap
Symbol: F4
Description: UAN FOB NOLA Swap
Symbol: F7
Description: 30-Day Fed Funds(Pit)
Symbol: FF
Description: 5-Year T-Note (Pit)
Symbol: FV
Description: Ethanol Forward
Symbol: FZ
Description: Urea FOB US Gulf
Symbol: JC
Description: Urea FOB Egypt
Symbol: JF
Description: Urea CFR Brazil
Symbol: JL
Description: DAP FOB NOLA
Symbol: JP
Description: FOB Santos Soybeans
Symbol: JS
Description: UAN FOB NOLA
Symbol: JW
Description: Black Sea Wheat
Symbol: KF
Description: Black Sea Corn
Symbol: KH
Description: Ukrainian Wheat
Symbol: KV
Description: Oats (Pit)
Symbol: O
Description: 2-Year USD I/R Swap
Symbol: RD
Description: 5-Year USD I/R Swap
Symbol: RH
Description: 10-Year USD I/R Swap
Symbol: RQ
Description: Rough Rice (Pit)
Symbol: RR
Description: 30-Year USD I/R Swap
Symbol: RW
Description: Soybean (Pit)
Symbol: S
Description: 7-Year USD I/R Swap
Symbol: SA
Description: Soybean Meal (Pit)
Symbol: SM
Description: 20-Year USD I/R Swap
Symbol: SR
Description: Ultra 10-Year T-Note
Symbol: TN
Description: 10-Year T-Note (Pit)
Symbol: TY
Description: Ultra T-Bond
Symbol: UD
Description: Ultra T-Bond (Pit)
Symbol: UL
Description: T-Bond (Pit)
Symbol: US
Description: Wheat (Pit)
Symbol: W
Description: T-Bond
Symbol: ZB
Description: Corn
Symbol: ZC
Description: 3-Year T-Note
Symbol: ZE
Description: 5-Year T-Note
Symbol: ZF
Description: Ethanol Futures
Symbol: ZK
Description: Soybean Oil
Symbol: ZL
Description: Soybean Meal
Symbol: ZM
Description: 10-Year T-Note
Symbol: ZN
Description: Oats
Symbol: ZO
Description: 30-Day Fed Funds
Symbol: ZQ
Description: Rough Rice
Symbol: ZR
Description: Soybean
Symbol: ZS
Description: 2-Year T-Note
Symbol: ZT
Description: Wheat
Symbol: ZW

Exchange: CBOTM

Description: Hard Red Wheat Mini
Symbol: MK
Description: Soybean Mini
Symbol: XK
Description: Corn Mini
Symbol: XN
Description: Wheat Mini
Symbol: XW
Description: Dow Futures Mini
Symbol: YM
Description: Dow Futures Micro
Symbol: YR

Exchange: CFE

Description: S&P 500 Week 1 VIX
Symbol: B1
Description: S&P 500 Week 2 VIX
Symbol: B2
Description: S&P 500 Week 4 VIX
Symbol: B4
Description: S&P 500 Week 5 VIX
Symbol: B5
Description: Ameribor Futures
Symbol: M2
Description: S&P 500 VIX
Symbol: VI
Description: S&P 500 VIX Mini
Symbol: VJ

Exchange: CME

Description: Australian Dollar
Symbol: A6
Description: Australian Dollar(P)
Symbol: AD
Description: British Pound
Symbol: B6
Description: S&P 500 Comm Srvs
Symbol: BB
Description: Butter Cash-Settled
Symbol: BD
Description: Cheese Block
Symbol: BG
Description: S&P 500 Cons Disc
Symbol: BI
Description: Cheese Cash-Settled
Symbol: BJ
Description: S&P 500 Real Estate
Symbol: BK
Description: S&P 500 Cons Staples
Symbol: BL
Description: S&P 500 Energy
Symbol: BM
Description: S&P 500 Financials
Symbol: BN
Description: British Pound (Pit)
Symbol: BP
Description: S&P 500 Health Care
Symbol: BS
Description: Bitcoin Futures
Symbol: BT
Description: Milk Grade A
Symbol: C2
Description: Cheese Barrels
Symbol: C3
Description: Cheese Blocks
Symbol: C4
Description: Butter Grade AA
Symbol: C5
Description: Canadian Dollar (Pit)
Symbol: CD
Description: Crude Palm Oil
Symbol: CU
Description: Canadian Dollar
Symbol: D6
Description: Class III Milk (Pit)
Symbol: DA
Description: Nonfat Dry Milk
Symbol: DF
Description: Dry Whey
Symbol: DG
Description: Class IV Milk
Symbol: DK
Description: Class III Milk
Symbol: DL
Description: Turkish Lira
Symbol: E3
Description: Turkish Lira
Symbol: E4
Description: Euro/Turkish Lira
Symbol: E5
Description: Euro FX
Symbol: E6
Description: Euro FX (Pit)
Symbol: EC
Description: Eurodollar (Pit)
Symbol: ED
Description: Ether Futures
Symbol: ER
Description: Feeder Cattle (Pit)
Symbol: FC
Description: Palm Oil MY Swaps
Symbol: FI
Description: Palm Olein MY Swaps
Symbol: FW
Description: S&P GS Excess Index
Symbol: G7
Description: S&P GSCI
Symbol: GD
Description: Eurodollar
Symbol: GE
Description: Feeder Cattle
Symbol: GF
Description: 1-Month Libor
Symbol: GH
Description: Nasdaq Water Futures
Symbol: H0
Description: Indian Rupee
Symbol: H3
Description: USD/offshore RMB
Symbol: H5
Description: Lean Hogs
Symbol: HE
Description: HPI Boston
Symbol: I0
Description: HPI Chicago
Symbol: I1
Description: HPI Denver
Symbol: I2
Description: HPI Las Vegas
Symbol: I3
Description: HPI Los Angeles
Symbol: I4
Description: HPI Miami
Symbol: I5
Description: HPI New York
Symbol: I6
Description: HPI San Diego
Symbol: I7
Description: HPI San Francisco
Symbol: I8
Description: HPI Washington DC
Symbol: I9
Description: Ibovespa USD
Symbol: IF
Description: HPI Composite Index
Symbol: J0
Description: Japanese Yen
Symbol: J6
Description: S&P 500 Materials
Symbol: JA
Description: S&P 500 Info Tech
Symbol: JB
Description: S&P 500 Utilities
Symbol: JE
Description: S&P 500 Industrial
Symbol: JG
Description: Midsize Milk Options
Symbol: JQ
Description: Japanese Yen (Pit)
Symbol: JY
Description: Pork Cutout
Symbol: KM
Description: Korean Won
Symbol: KZ
Description: Brazilian Real
Symbol: L6
Description: Lumber (Pit)
Symbol: LB
Description: Live Cattle (Pit)
Symbol: LC
Description: Live Cattle
Symbol: LE
Description: Lean Hogs (Pit)
Symbol: LH
Description: Lumber
Symbol: LS
Description: Mexican Peso
Symbol: M6
Description: MPC Sonia
Symbol: MA
Description: S&P Midcap 400
Symbol: MD
Description: Quarterly IMM Sonia
Symbol: MZ
Description: Chilean Peso/USD
Symbol: N0
Description: Chilean Peso
Symbol: N5
Description: New Zealand Dollar
Symbol: N6
Description: Nasdaq 100
Symbol: ND
Description: Nikkei 225 Yen
Symbol: NL
Description: Norwegian Krone
Symbol: NR
Description: Nikkei 225
Symbol: NY
Description: S&P 100 OEX
Symbol: OE
Description: S&P 1000
Symbol: OP
Description: S&P Smallcap 600
Symbol: PH
Description: Chinese Renminbi
Symbol: QT
Description: Renminbi/Euro
Symbol: QV
Description: Russian Ruble
Symbol: R6
Description: Euro/Swiss
Symbol: RF
Description: Euro/Pound
Symbol: RP
Description: Euro/Yen
Symbol: RY
Description: Swiss Franc
Symbol: S6
Description: S&P MLP Total Return
Symbol: SE
Description: Swiss Franc (Pit)
Symbol: SF
Description: S&P 500 Growth Index
Symbol: SG
Description: Swedish Krona
Symbol: SK
Description: 1-Month SOFR
Symbol: SL
Description: S&P 500 Index
Symbol: SP
Description: 3-Month SOFR
Symbol: SQ
Description: S&P 500 Value Index
Symbol: SU
Description: S&P 500 Dividend
Symbol: T2
Description: USD/ZAR
Symbol: T3
Description: South African Rand
Symbol: T6
Description: 13-Week T-Bill Rate
Symbol: TB
Description: S&P 500 Total Return
Symbol: TC
Description: Euro/Krona
Symbol: UA
Description: Euro/Krone
Symbol: UB
Description: Euro/Australian
Symbol: UC
Description: Euro/Canadian
Symbol: UE
Description: Canadian/Yen
Symbol: UF
Description: Australian/Canadian
Symbol: UG
Description: Australian/N.Zealand
Symbol: UI
Description: Australian/Yen
Symbol: UK
Description: British/Swiss Franc
Symbol: UN
Description: Swiss Franc/Yen
Symbol: UP
Description: British/Yen
Symbol: UR
Description: Czech Koruna
Symbol: WC
Description: Euro/Czech Koruna
Symbol: WE
Description: Hungarian Forint
Symbol: WH
Description: Polish Zloty
Symbol: WP
Description: Euro/Hungary Forint
Symbol: WU
Description: Israeli Shekel
Symbol: WY
Description: Euro/Polish Zloty
Symbol: WZ
Description: Topix Yen
Symbol: YX

Exchange: COMEX

Description: Aluminum
Symbol: AL
Description: Gold Enhanced Deliv
Symbol: G9
Description: Gold Shanghai USD
Symbol: GA
Description: Gold
Symbol: GC
Description: Gold Shanghai CNH
Symbol: GQ
Description: Gold Kilo
Symbol: GW
Description: High Grade Copper
Symbol: HG
Description: High Grade Copper(F)
Symbol: HJ
Description: US Midwest Steel CRU
Symbol: HV
Description: Lead
Symbol: LD
Description: Silver
Symbol: SI
Description: US Midwest Busheling
Symbol: TH
Description: Iron Ore 62% Fe CFR
Symbol: TR
Description: Uranium
Symbol: UX
Description: Zinc
Symbol: ZA

Exchange: CXMI

Description: Gold Micro
Symbol: GR
Description: Copper Mini
Symbol: QC
Description: Silver Mini
Symbol: QI
Description: Gold Mini
Symbol: QO
Description: Silver Micro
Symbol: SO

Exchange: CZCE

Description: CZCE Ferrosilicon
Symbol: B8
Description: CZCE Manganese Silic
Symbol: B9
Description: CZCE Polyester Fiber
Symbol: C6
Description: CZCE Chinese Jujube
Symbol: E0
Description: CZCE Urea
Symbol: E8
Description: CZCE Soda Ash
Symbol: U$
Description: CZCE Pure Tere Acid
Symbol: WA
Description: CZCE Cotton Yarn
Symbol: WJ
Description: CZCE Sugar White
Symbol: WO
Description: CZCE Cotton No.1
Symbol: WQ
Description: CZCE Methanol
Symbol: WR
Description: CZCE Pumai Wheat
Symbol: XP
Description: CZCE Early Indica
Symbol: XQ
Description: CZCE Rapeseed Meal
Symbol: XY
Description: CZCE Rapeseed Oil
Symbol: XZ
Description: CZCE Apple
Symbol: Y1
Description: CZCE Japonica Rice
Symbol: Y2
Description: CZCE Late Indica
Symbol: Y6
Description: CZCE Thermal Coal100
Symbol: YC
Description: CZCE Gluten Wheat
Symbol: YD
Description: CZCE Flat Glass
Symbol: YE
Description: CZCE RapeSeed Oil
Symbol: YF

Exchange: DCE

Description: DCE Liquid Petro Gas
Symbol: PN
Description: DCE Ethenylbenzene
Symbol: V$
Description: DCE Ethylene Glycol
Symbol: VK
Description: DCE Fresh Hen Egg
Symbol: WD
Description: DCE Fiberboard
Symbol: X$
Description: DCE PVC
Symbol: XA
Description: DCE Corn Starch
Symbol: XJ
Description: DCE Coke
Symbol: XM
Description: DCE No.2 Soybean
Symbol: XS
Description: DCE No.1 Soybean
Symbol: XT
Description: DCE Soy Meal
Symbol: XU
Description: DCE Corn
Symbol: XV
Description: DCE Soybean Oil
Symbol: XX
Description: DCE Rice Polished
Symbol: Y!
Description: DCE Polypropylene
Symbol: Y0
Description: DCE Blockboard
Symbol: Y4
Description: DCE Polyethylene
Symbol: YB
Description: DCE Palm Olein
Symbol: YH
Description: DCE Live Hog
Symbol: YK
Description: DCE Coking Coal
Symbol: YQ
Description: DCE Iron Ore
Symbol: YY

Exchange: DGCX

Description: DGCX Gold
Symbol: M7
Description: DGCX Indian Rupee
Symbol: M8

Exchange: DME

Description: DME Crude Oil Oman
Symbol: OQ
Description: DME Crude Oman (F)
Symbol: QW

Exchange: EEX

Description: Liquid Milk Europe
Symbol: FD
Description: Potatoes European
Symbol: GO
Description: Skimmed Milk Europe
Symbol: MR
Description: Butter European
Symbol: QY
Description: Whey Powder European
Symbol: W5

Exchange: ENDEX

Description: ICE Natural GASPOOL
Symbol: GS
Description: ICE Natural Gas NCG
Symbol: GV
Description: ICE Natural Gas TTF
Symbol: TG

Exchange: EUIDX

Description: AEX Index
Symbol: AE
Description: BEL 20
Symbol: BE
Description: Eurozone ESG Large80
Symbol: EO
Description: FTSEurofirst 100
Symbol: FJ
Description: FTSEurofirst 80
Symbol: FK
Description: CAC 40 Dividend
Symbol: M9
Description: CAC 40
Symbol: MX
Description: PSI 20
Symbol: PQ

Exchange: EUREX

Description: ATX Index
Symbol: A5
Description: MSCI World Index
Symbol: AC
Description: DivDAX Futures
Symbol: AI
Description: Stoxx Dividend 30
Symbol: AQ
Description: Euro Stoxx Chemicals
Symbol: C1
Description: Eurex Conf Long-Term
Symbol: CF
Description: Euro Stoxx Industrial
Symbol: D0
Description: Euro Stoxx Oil & Gas
Symbol: D9
Description: MDAX Index
Symbol: DM
Description: Euro Stoxx Dividend
Symbol: DO
Description: VSTOXX Futures
Symbol: DV
Description: DAX Index
Symbol: DY
Description: TECDAX Index
Symbol: DZ
Description: Stoxx E600 Banks
Symbol: FA
Description: Stoxx Banks 600
Symbol: FB
Description: Stoxx Eur Mid 200
Symbol: FM
Description: Euro OAT Long-Term
Symbol: FN
Description: Eurex 1Month EONIA
Symbol: FO
Description: OMX Helsinki 25
Symbol: FP
Description: Stoxx 50
Symbol: FS
Description: Euro Stoxx 50 TR
Symbol: FU
Description: Euro Stoxx 50
Symbol: FX
Description: Stoxx Europe 600
Symbol: FY
Description: Euro Bund
Symbol: GG
Description: Euro OAT Medium-Term
Symbol: GT
Description: Euro Buxl
Symbol: GX
Description: Euro Schatz
Symbol: HF
Description: Euro Bobl
Symbol: HR
Description: Euro BTP Short-Term
Symbol: IA
Description: Euro Stoxx Utilities
Symbol: IE
Description: Euro BTP Long-Term
Symbol: II
Description: Euro Bono Long-Term
Symbol: IZ
Description: Stoxx E600 Travel
Symbol: J3
Description: Stoxx E600 Utilities
Symbol: J4
Description: Stoxx E600 Telcomm.
Symbol: J5
Description: MSCI Europe Index
Symbol: JD
Description: Euro BTP Medium-Term
Symbol: JT
Description: Euro Stoxx Telcom
Symbol: L9
Description: Bloomberg Agriculture
Symbol: LI
Description: Bloomberg Commodity
Symbol: LJ
Description: Bloomberg Energy
Symbol: LK
Description: Bloomberg Industrial
Symbol: LZ
Description: Stoxx E600 Real Est.
Symbol: M4
Description: MSCI China Index
Symbol: NA
Description: Eurex RDX USD Index
Symbol: O1
Description: Stoxx Basic Resource
Symbol: OA
Description: Euro Stoxx Index
Symbol: PE
Description: Euro Stoxx Large
Symbol: PF
Description: Euro Stoxx Mid
Symbol: PG
Description: Euro Stoxx Small
Symbol: PI
Description: Bloomberg Metals
Symbol: PM
Description: Stoxx Eur Large 200
Symbol: PO
Description: Stoxx Eur Small 200
Symbol: PT
Description: Bloomberg Softs
Symbol: PU
Description: Stoxx Real Estate
Symbol: Q5
Description: Bloomberg Petroleum
Symbol: QJ
Description: Bloomberg Livestock
Symbol: QK
Description: Bloomberg Grains
Symbol: QN
Description: Bloomberg Ex Energy
Symbol: QP
Description: Stoxx E600 Autos
Symbol: S5
Description: Swiss Midcap Index
Symbol: SH
Description: Swiss Leader Index
Symbol: ST
Description: Swiss Market Index
Symbol: SZ
Description: Mini DAX Index
Symbol: TM
Description: MSCI Russia Index
Symbol: TQ
Description: Eurex 3Month EuriBor
Symbol: TV
Description: Stoxx E600 Oil & Gas
Symbol: UH
Description: Stoxx E600 Basic Res.
Symbol: UJ
Description: Stoxx E600 Technology
Symbol: UO
Description: Stoxx E600 Media
Symbol: UQ
Description: Stoxx E600 Health
Symbol: YS

Exchange: GBLX

Description: E-Mini Dev. Europe
Symbol: DD
Description: E-Mini Euro FX
Symbol: E7
Description: E-Mini FTSE Emerging
Symbol: EI
Description: S&P 500 E-Mini
Symbol: ES
Description: S&P 500 Micro
Symbol: ET
Description: S&P Midcap E-Mini
Symbol: EW
Description: S&P 500 ESG E-Mini
Symbol: EY
Description: INR/USD Micro
Symbol: H4
Description: USD/CNH Micro
Symbol: H6
Description: E-Mini Japanese Yen
Symbol: J7
Description: GBP/USD Micro
Symbol: MB
Description: E-Mini Nikkei Yen
Symbol: MC
Description: EUR/USD Micro
Symbol: MF
Description: AUD/USD Micro
Symbol: MG
Description: Nasdaq Bio E-Mini
Symbol: NB
Description: Nasdaq Comp E-Mini
Symbol: NC
Description: Nasdaq 100 Micro
Symbol: NM
Description: Nasdaq 100 E-Mini
Symbol: NQ
Description: S&P Smallcap E-Mini
Symbol: PC
Description: E-Mini IPOX US Index
Symbol: PJ
Description: Russell 2000 Growth
Symbol: QF
Description: Russell 2000 Value
Symbol: QQ
Description: Russell 2000 E-Mini
Symbol: QR
Description: Russell 1000 E-Mini
Symbol: RL
Description: Russell 2000 Micro
Symbol: RX
Description: Russell 1000 Growth
Symbol: TK
Description: Russell 1000 Value
Symbol: TX
Description: E-Mini FTSE China 50
Symbol: UT
Description: E-Mini FTSE 100 USD
Symbol: UU
Description: E-Mini FTSE 100 GBP
Symbol: UV
Description: Nasdaq 100 Vol Idx
Symbol: VE
Description: CAD/USD Micro
Symbol: WK
Description: JPY/USD Micro
Symbol: WM
Description: CHF/USD Micro
Symbol: WN
Description: NYSE Tick
Symbol: X1
Description: NYSE Trin
Symbol: X2

Exchange: HKFE

Description: HKFE Aluminium CNH
Symbol: CI
Description: HKFE Copper CNH
Symbol: CO
Description: HKFE Zinc CNH
Symbol: CR
Description: HKFE TSI Iron Ore
Symbol: CZ
Description: HKFE HSI Dividend
Symbol: E$
Description: HKFE HSCEI Dividend
Symbol: F$
Description: HKFE Gold CNH
Symbol: GJ
Description: HKFE Gold USD
Symbol: GU
Description: HKFE HSCEI Index
Symbol: HA
Description: HKFE 3-Month Hibor
Symbol: HB
Description: Hang Seng Tech Index
Symbol: HI
Description: Mini Hang Seng Index
Symbol: HK
Description: Hang Seng Index
Symbol: HS
Description: Mini HSCEI Index
Symbol: IX
Description: HKFE USD/CNH Futures
Symbol: KX
Description: HKFE Tin CNH
Symbol: LA
Description: HKFE Nickel CNH
Symbol: LN
Description: HKFE Lead CNH
Symbol: LP

Exchange: ICE

Description: Crude Oil Brent
Symbol: CB
Description: ICE EUA Futures
Symbol: CK
Description: ICE South China Coal
Symbol: CP
Description: ICE CER Futures
Symbol: CQ
Description: Crude Oil Murban
Symbol: DB
Description: ICE Gas Oil LS
Symbol: LF
Description: ICE RBOB Blendstock
Symbol: LG
Description: ICE Heating Oil
Symbol: LO
Description: ICE NewCastle Coal
Symbol: LQ
Description: ICE Rotterdam Coal
Symbol: LU
Description: ICE Richard Bay Coal
Symbol: LV
Description: UK Base Electric GRG
Symbol: N4
Description: UK Peak Electric GRG
Symbol: N8
Description: ICE UK Natural Gas
Symbol: NF
Description: ICE FOB Indo Coal
Symbol: OO
Description: ICE EUAA Futures
Symbol: RC
Description: Crude Oil WTI ICE
Symbol: WI
Description: Crude Oil PermianWTI
Symbol: WV

Exchange: ICEUS

Description: MSCI EAFE NTR Index
Symbol: A9
Description: MSCI USA Value
Symbol: AF
Description: MSCI EM NTR Index
Symbol: AM
Description: MSCI Euro Index
Symbol: AN
Description: MSCI Pan-Euro Index
Symbol: AO
Description: Aussie/New Zealand
Symbol: AR
Description: Aussie/Canadian
Symbol: AS
Description: Australian Dollar
Symbol: AU
Description: Cocoa
Symbol: CC
Description: Cotton #2
Symbol: CT
Description: MSCI EMI Index
Symbol: DE
Description: MSCI EAFE Index
Symbol: DI
Description: Bitcoin Bakkt
Symbol: DN
Description: MSCI USA Index
Symbol: DQ
Description: U.S. Dollar Index
Symbol: DX
Description: MSCI Europe Index
Symbol: EH
Description: Euro/Yen
Symbol: EJ
Description: Krone/Krona
Symbol: EK
Description: MSCI Europe Growth
Symbol: EL
Description: MSCI Europe Value
Symbol: EN
Description: Euro/Canadian
Symbol: EP
Description: Euro/Australian
Symbol: EQ
Description: Euro Futures
Symbol: EU
Description: FANG Index
Symbol: FG
Description: ICE Gold Miners
Symbol: G8
Description: Euro/Pound
Symbol: GB
Description: Pound/New Zealand
Symbol: GN
Description: Euro/Forint
Symbol: GY
Description: Euro/Koruna
Symbol: GZ
Description: Brazilian Real
Symbol: H8
Description: Turkish Lira/Euro
Symbol: HC
Description: Turkish Lira/USD
Symbol: HD
Description: Canadian/Yen
Symbol: HY
Description: New Zealand Dollar
Symbol: JJ
Description: Coffee
Symbol: KC
Description: Krona/Yen
Symbol: KJ
Description: Israel Shekel
Symbol: KR
Description: Dollar/Krona
Symbol: KU
Description: Krone/Yen
Symbol: KY
Description: MSCI ACWI ex-US
Symbol: L0
Description: MSCI ACWI ex-US NTR
Symbol: L1
Description: MSCI ACWI Index
Symbol: L2
Description: MSCI ACWI NTR Index
Symbol: L3
Description: MSCI EM Asia Index
Symbol: L4
Description: MSCI EM Asia NTR
Symbol: L5
Description: MSCI USA Growth
Symbol: MI
Description: Dollar/Krone
Symbol: NS
Description: Orange Juice
Symbol: OJ
Description: Euro/Krone
Symbol: OL
Description: Dollar/Rand
Symbol: OR
Description: Pound/Krone
Symbol: PK
Description: Japanese Yen
Symbol: PP
Description: Canadian Dollar
Symbol: PR
Description: Pound/Krona
Symbol: PS
Description: Pound/Australian
Symbol: PV
Description: Pound/Canadian
Symbol: PW
Description: Pound/Rand
Symbol: PX
Description: Euro/Rand
Symbol: PY
Description: Swiss Franc
Symbol: PZ
Description: MSCI Canada Index
Symbol: R1
Description: MSCI World Index
Symbol: R2
Description: Euro/Krona
Symbol: RK
Description: Euro/Swiss
Symbol: RZ
Description: MSCI EMLA Index
Symbol: S2
Description: Sugar #11
Symbol: SB
Description: Sugar #16
Symbol: SD
Description: Pound/Swiss
Symbol: SS
Description: Pound/Yen
Symbol: SY
Description: Dollar/Forint
Symbol: UY
Description: Dollar/Koruna
Symbol: UZ
Description: Aussie/Yen
Symbol: YA
Description: Gold mini-sized
Symbol: YG
Description: Silver mini-sized
Symbol: YI
Description: Colombian Peso
Symbol: YN
Description: Mexican Peso
Symbol: YO
Description: Pound/Dollar
Symbol: YP
Description: ICE Gold 100-oz
Symbol: ZG
Description: ICE Silver 5000-oz
Symbol: ZI
Description: New Zealand/Yen
Symbol: ZJ
Description: Swiss/Yen
Symbol: ZY

Exchange: INDEX

Description: Broilers Chicken
Symbol: A0
Description: Amsterdam EOE Midkap
Symbol: AZ
Description: cmdty BLS Metals
Symbol: B7
Description: cmdty BLS Textiles
Symbol: BU
Description: cmdty BLS Industrials
Symbol: BV
Description: cmdty BLS Foodstuffs
Symbol: BW
Description: cmdty BLS Fats Oils
Symbol: BX
Description: cmdty BLS Livestock
Symbol: BY
Description: cmdty BLS Index
Symbol: BZ
Description: BRL PTAX
Symbol: D7
Description: DJ Composite
Symbol: DC
Description: DJ Transports
Symbol: DT
Description: DJ Utilities
Symbol: DU
Description: DJ-Bloom Commodity
Symbol: F1
Description: DJ-Bloom CommodityTR
Symbol: F2
Description: GSCI Agricultural
Symbol: G1
Description: GSCI Energy
Symbol: G2
Description: GSCI Indu. Metals
Symbol: G3
Description: GSCI Livestock
Symbol: G4
Description: GSCI Precious Metals
Symbol: G5
Description: GSCI Total Return
Symbol: G6
Description: JKSE Jakarta Index
Symbol: J1
Description: Brazil Bovespa Index
Symbol: JZ
Description: Kospi Composite
Symbol: KQ
Description: Coffee Colombian
Symbol: M3
Description: Value Line Arithmetic
Symbol: MV
Description: NZSX 50 Free Index
Symbol: NN
Description: BSE 30 Sensex Index
Symbol: NV
Description: Mexican IPC Index
Symbol: OM
Description: ASX All Ordinaries
Symbol: OU
Description: Norway OBX Index
Symbol: OW
Description: Pork Bellies
Symbol: PB
Description: Shanghai Class B Idx
Symbol: TA
Description: Shenzhen Class B Idx
Symbol: TD
Description: Shenzhen Composite
Symbol: TZ
Description: Value Line Geometric
Symbol: V9
Description: DAX VIX Index
Symbol: X!
Description: Corn Gluten Feed
Symbol: X0
Description: Corn Oil Wet
Symbol: X3
Description: Shanghai Class A Idx
Symbol: XG
Description: Shenzhen Class A Idx
Symbol: XH
Description: Shanghai Composite
Symbol: XL
Description: NYSE Composite Index
Symbol: YV
Description: Sugar Crystal Index
Symbol: Z!
Description: Eggs Large White
Symbol: Z8
Description: Flour Hard Winter
Symbol: Z9

Exchange: ISE

Description: MIB 30 Mini
Symbol: EX
Description: MIB 30 Index
Symbol: MJ

Exchange: JPX

Description: JPX Corn
Symbol: CV
Description: JPX U.S. Soybean
Symbol: CW
Description: JPX Gold
Symbol: IG
Description: JPX Platinum
Symbol: IK
Description: JPX Gold-Mini
Symbol: IL
Description: JPX Palladium
Symbol: IU
Description: JPX Silver
Symbol: IV
Description: JPX Rubber
Symbol: IY
Description: JPX Platinum-Mini
Symbol: JN
Description: Nikkei 225
Symbol: NO
Description: Nikkei 225 mini
Symbol: NP
Description: Nikkei 400
Symbol: OC
Description: TSE Mothers Index
Symbol: S.
Description: JPX 5-Year JGB
Symbol: T.
Description: JPX 10-Year JGB
Symbol: TJ
Description: Tokyo Topix-Mini
Symbol: TS
Description: Tokyo Topix Index
Symbol: TT
Description: Topix Banks Index
Symbol: U.
Description: TSE Reit Index
Symbol: V.
Description: JPX Azuki Red Bean
Symbol: YZ

Exchange: KCBT

Description: Hard Red Wheat
Symbol: KE
Description: Hard Red Wheat (Pit)
Symbol: KW

Exchange: KFE

Description: Korea 10-Year Bond
Symbol: EE
Description: Korea 3-Year Bond
Symbol: KB
Description: US Dollar/Korean Won
Symbol: KD
Description: Kospi 200
Symbol: KS

Exchange: LCE

Description: Cocoa #7
Symbol: CA
Description: Containerised Sugar
Symbol: CX
Description: Cocoa Euro
Symbol: EB
Description: Feed Wheat
Symbol: LW
Description: Robusta Coffee 10-T
Symbol: RM
Description: White Sugar #5
Symbol: SW

Exchange: LIFFE

Description: MSCI EMI
Symbol: A7
Description: MSCI Far East ex-Jap
Symbol: A8
Description: MSCI World Utilities
Symbol: DR
Description: 1-Month SOFR
Symbol: E1
Description: 3-Month SOFR
Symbol: E2
Description: LIFFE EuroDollar
Symbol: EG
Description: 3-Month Euroswiss
Symbol: F
Description: MSCI World NTR Index
Symbol: F6
Description: 10-Year Long Gilt
Symbol: G
Description: FTSE 100 Dividend
Symbol: IB
Description: 1-Month EONIA
Symbol: IJ
Description: 3-Month EuriBor
Symbol: IM
Description: 3-Month SONIA
Symbol: J8
Description: 1-Month SONIA
Symbol: JU
Description: 3-Month Sterling
Symbol: L
Description: MSCI Europe NTR Index
Symbol: L7
Description: FTSE UK Mid 150 NTR
Symbol: MU
Description: MSCI USA EW NTR
Symbol: N3
Description: FTSE 100 EW NTR GBP
Symbol: N7
Description: MSCI EMI NT EUR Index
Symbol: NI
Description: MSCI India Index
Symbol: NJ
Description: Ultra Long Gilt
Symbol: QB
Description: 5-Year Medium Gilt
Symbol: QD
Description: 2-Year Short Gilt
Symbol: QE
Description: 5-Yr Euro Swapnote
Symbol: VF
Description: 10-Yr Euro Swapnote
Symbol: VT
Description: 2-Yr Euro Swapnote
Symbol: VW
Description: 2-Yr Dollar Swapnote
Symbol: VX
Description: 5-Yr Dollar Swapnote
Symbol: VY
Description: 10Yr Dollar Swapnote
Symbol: VZ
Description: FTSE 100
Symbol: X
Description: FTSE 250
Symbol: Y

Exchange: LME

Description: LME Silver
Symbol: A2
Description: LME Gold
Symbol: A3
Description: Steel Scrap
Symbol: C-
Description: Zinc High Grade
Symbol: O0
Description: Cobalt (Fastmarkets)
Symbol: O5
Description: Molybdenum (Platts)
Symbol: O8
Description: Copper Grade A
Symbol: O9
Description: Copper Grade A 3M
Symbol: P0
Description: Aluminium Alloy Cash
Symbol: P1
Description: Aluminium Alloy 3M
Symbol: P2
Description: Aluminium HG Cash
Symbol: P3
Description: Aluminium HG 3M
Symbol: P4
Description: Lead PIG Cash
Symbol: P5
Description: Lead PIG 3M
Symbol: P6
Description: Nickel Cash
Symbol: P7
Description: Nickel 3M
Symbol: P8
Description: Copper Grade A Cash
Symbol: P9
Description: Nickel
Symbol: Q0
Description: Tin Refined Cash
Symbol: Q1
Description: Tin Refined 3M
Symbol: Q2
Description: Zinc Special HG Cash
Symbol: Q3
Description: Zinc Special HG 3M
Symbol: Q4
Description: Alum. HG Official
Symbol: Q7
Description: Aluminium High Grade
Symbol: Q8
Description: Nickel Official
Symbol: Q9
Description: Steel Rebar
Symbol: R-
Description: Lead PIG
Symbol: R0
Description: NAS Aluminium Cash
Symbol: R4
Description: NAS Aluminium 3M
Symbol: R5
Description: Alum. Alloy Official
Symbol: R7
Description: Aluminium Alloy
Symbol: R8
Description: Lead PIG Official
Symbol: R9
Description: Copper A Official
Symbol: S1
Description: Tin Refined Official
Symbol: S3
Description: Tin Refined
Symbol: S4
Description: NAS Alum. Official
Symbol: S7
Description: NAS Aluinium
Symbol: S8
Description: Zinc HG Official
Symbol: S9
Description: Alumina
Symbol: U4
Description: Cobalt
Symbol: U8
Description: Cobalt 15M Off
Symbol: U9
Description: Steel HRC N America
Symbol: V5
Description: Steel HRC FOB China
Symbol: V7
Description: Cobalt Official
Symbol: V8
Description: Aluminium Prem US
Symbol: X7
Description: Aluminium Prem EU
Symbol: X8
Description: Tin Refined 15M Off
Symbol: Z.

Exchange: MATBA

Description: TRIGO B.A.
Symbol: A1
Description: TRIGO ROS
Symbol: A4
Description: MAIZ ROS
Symbol: B0
Description: SOJA ROS
Symbol: D8

Exchange: MATIF

Description: Milling Wheat
Symbol: ML
Description: Rapeseed Meal
Symbol: RE
Description: Rapeseed Oil
Symbol: RO
Description: Corn
Symbol: XB
Description: Rapeseed
Symbol: XR

Exchange: MCX

Description: MCX EURINR
Symbol: K0
Description: MCX GBPINR
Symbol: W4
Description: MCX JPYINR
Symbol: X5
Description: MCX USDINR
Symbol: X6

Exchange: MDEX

Description: Bursa Mid 70 Index
Symbol: BC
Description: KLCI Index
Symbol: KL
Description: Palm Oil USD
Symbol: KN
Description: Palm Oil
Symbol: KO
Description: Palm Kernel Oil
Symbol: KP
Description: Palm Olein RBD
Symbol: M5

Exchange: MEFF

Description: IBEX 35 Index
Symbol: EF
Description: IBEX 35 Mini
Symbol: EZ
Description: MEFF Bono 10
Symbol: J9

Exchange: MGEX

Description: Durum Wheat
Symbol: DW
Description: NCI National Corn
Symbol: IC
Description: HRWI Hard Red
Symbol: IH
Description: HRSI Hard Red Spring
Symbol: IP
Description: NSI National Soybean
Symbol: IS
Description: SRWI Soft Red Wheat
Symbol: IW
Description: Spring Wheat
Symbol: MW
Description: White Wheat
Symbol: NW
Description: Spikes Futures
Symbol: VV

Exchange: MNTRL

Description: TSX Composite Banks
Symbol: AB
Description: TSX Capped Utilities
Symbol: AJ
Description: TSX Capped Energy
Symbol: AT
Description: TSX Capped Financials
Symbol: AV
Description: TSX Capped Info Tech
Symbol: AW
Description: TSX Composite Mini
Symbol: AX
Description: TSX Global Gold
Symbol: AY
Description: Canadian BA
Symbol: CE
Description: Canadian 10-Year
Symbol: CG
Description: Canadian 2-Year
Symbol: CH
Description: Canadian 30-Year
Symbol: EA
Description: Canadian 5-Year
Symbol: GM
Description: CORRA 3-Month
Symbol: RG
Description: MX Cannabis Futures
Symbol: SJ
Description: S&P TSX 60 Mini
Symbol: SN
Description: S&P TSX 60
Symbol: TP

Exchange: NCDEX

Description: NCDEX Rape Mustard
Symbol: B-
Description: NCDEX Coriander
Symbol: D-
Description: NCDEX Wheat Delhi
Symbol: F-
Description: NCDEX Barley
Symbol: H1
Description: NCDEX Chana
Symbol: H2
Description: NCDEX Soybean
Symbol: K1
Description: NCDEX Soybean Oil
Symbol: K2
Description: NCDEX Cocudakl
Symbol: M.
Description: NCDEX CastorSeed
Symbol: N.
Description: NCDEX Maize
Symbol: P$
Description: NCDEX Kapas V 797
Symbol: P-
Description: NCDEX Crude Palm Oil
Symbol: Q-
Description: NCDEX Jeera
Symbol: S-
Description: NCDEX Bajra
Symbol: T$
Description: NCDEX Turmeric
Symbol: U3
Description: NCDEX Agri Index
Symbol: W1
Description: NCDEX GuarSeed 10M
Symbol: X-
Description: NCDEX GuarGum 5MT
Symbol: X.

Exchange: NSE

Description: NSE Bank Nifty Index
Symbol: N1
Description: NSE CNX Nifty
Symbol: NT

Exchange: NZD

Description: NZ 90-Day B.A.
Symbol: BF

Exchange: NZX

Description: Whole Milk Powder
Symbol: K3
Description: Skim Milk Powder
Symbol: K4
Description: Anhydrous Milk Fat
Symbol: K5
Description: Global Butter
Symbol: K6
Description: NZX 20 Capital Index
Symbol: K8
Description: Liquid Milk
Symbol: KK

Exchange: NYMEX

Description: ULSD NY Harbor (F)
Symbol: BH
Description: CME Cocoa
Symbol: CJ
Description: Crude Oil WTI
Symbol: CL
Description: Crude Oil Houston WTI
Symbol: CN
Description: Ethanol T2 ROB
Symbol: D2
Description: Ethanol Swaps-NY
Symbol: FH
Description: Ethanol Swaps-Chgo
Symbol: FL
Description: CBL Global Emissions
Symbol: GL
Description: Natural Gas LDay (F)
Symbol: HH
Description: ULSD NY Harbor
Symbol: HO
Description: Natural Gas (F)
Symbol: HP
Description: CME Sugar #11
Symbol: KA
Description: CME Cotton #2
Symbol: KG
Description: CME Coffee
Symbol: KT
Description: Gulf Sour Crude Oil
Symbol: MT
Description: Natural Gas
Symbol: NG
Description: Palladium
Symbol: PA
Description: Platinum
Symbol: PL
Description: Crude Oil Brent (F)
Symbol: QA
Description: Gasoline RBOB
Symbol: RB
Description: Gasoline RBOB (F)
Symbol: RT
Description: Crude Oil Brent
Symbol: SC
Description: Crude Oil WTI (F)
Symbol: WS

Exchange: NYMI

Description: Palladium Micro
Symbol: GP
Description: Natural Gas Mini
Symbol: QG
Description: ULSD NY Harbor Mini
Symbol: QH
Description: Crude Oil WTI Mini
Symbol: QM
Description: Gasoline RBOB Mini
Symbol: QU

Exchange: OMX

Description: OMX Swedish Index
Symbol: OX

Exchange: ROFEX

Description: US$/Argentine Peso
Symbol: AA
Description: Merval Buenos Aires
Symbol: AG

Exchange: SAFEX

Description: SAFEX R186 Bond
Symbol: A$
Description: SAFEX USD/ZAR
Symbol: B$
Description: SAFEX GBP/ZAR
Symbol: C$
Description: SAFEX EUR/ZAR
Symbol: D$
Description: SAFEX Sorghum Sweet
Symbol: FQ
Description: SAFEX Sorghum Bitter
Symbol: FR
Description: SAFEX Sunflower
Symbol: HL
Description: SAFEX Yellow Maize
Symbol: HM
Description: SAFEX CBOT Beans
Symbol: HU
Description: SAFEX White Maize
Symbol: HW
Description: SAFEX Wheat
Symbol: HX
Description: SAFEX Soya Beans
Symbol: HZ
Description: JSE Capped 40
Symbol: J$
Description: JSE Weighted Cap 40
Symbol: K$
Description: JSE FTSE Fin Indu 30
Symbol: L$
Description: JSE FTSE Weighted 40
Symbol: LL
Description: JSE FTSE FINI 15
Symbol: LR
Description: SAFEX CBOT Corn
Symbol: LT
Description: JSE FTSE Top 40
Symbol: LX
Description: JSE FTSE INDI 25
Symbol: LY
Description: JSE Brent Crude Oil
Symbol: S$

Exchange: SHFE

Description: SHFE Stainless Steal
Symbol: C7
Description: SHFE TSR 20
Symbol: E9
Description: SHFE Crude Oil RMB
Symbol: UW
Description: SHFE Low Sulfur Fuel
Symbol: VA
Description: SHFE Aluminium
Symbol: VB
Description: SHFE Copper
Symbol: VC
Description: SHFE Bitumen
Symbol: VD
Description: SHFE Zinc
Symbol: VG
Description: SHFE Gold
Symbol: VH
Description: SHFE Woodpulp
Symbol: VL
Description: SHFE Nickel
Symbol: VM
Description: SHFE Copper Bonded
Symbol: VO
Description: SHFE Steel Rebar
Symbol: VP
Description: SHFE Fuel Oil
Symbol: VQ
Description: SHFE Rubber
Symbol: VR
Description: SHFE Tin
Symbol: WB
Description: SHFE Lead
Symbol: WF
Description: SHFE Steel Wire Rod
Symbol: WG
Description: SHFE Silver
Symbol: XO
Description: SHFE Hot-rolled Coil
Symbol: Y5

Exchange: SIMEX

Description: SGX Hot Rolled Steel
Symbol: A-
Description: SGX TSI Iron Ore 62%
Symbol: C0
Description: SGX JM25 Coking Coal
Symbol: D3
Description: MSCI India NTR Index
Symbol: D4
Description: SGX Paraxylene
Symbol: H7
Description: SGX Benzene
Symbol: H9
Description: SGX FTSE China A50
Symbol: HN
Description: SGX Nikkei Mini 225
Symbol: HQ
Description: SGX Nikkei Dividend
Symbol: HT
Description: SGX 10-Year JGB Full
Symbol: JV
Description: SGX 10-Year JGB
Symbol: JX
Description: SGX KRW/USD
Symbol: K9
Description: SGX CNX Nifty Index
Symbol: NH
Description: SGX Nikkei 225 USD
Symbol: NU
Description: SGX Nikkei 225
Symbol: NX
Description: SGX USD/SGD
Symbol: R$
Description: MSCI Singapore Index
Symbol: SV
Description: FTSE Taiwan Index
Symbol: T1
Description: SGX INR/USD
Symbol: U-
Description: SGX RSS3 Rubber
Symbol: U6
Description: SGX Aus Coking Coal
Symbol: U7
Description: SGX IHS M42 Indo Coal
Symbol: V!
Description: SGX MB Iron Ore 65%
Symbol: V-
Description: SGX Straits Times
Symbol: VS
Description: SGX MB Iron Ore 58%
Symbol: W-
Description: SGX TSR20 (FOB)
Symbol: W2
Description: USEP Quarterly Base
Symbol: Y$
Description: USEP Monthly Base
Symbol: Z$

Exchange: SFE

Description: NSW d-cypha Base
Symbol: A.
Description: SFE SPI 200 Index
Symbol: AP
Description: QLD d-cypha Base
Symbol: B.
Description: SA d-cypha Base
Symbol: C.
Description: VIC d-cypha Base
Symbol: D.
Description: NSW d-cypha Peak
Symbol: E.
Description: QLD d-cypha Peak
Symbol: F.
Description: SA d-cypha Peak
Symbol: G.
Description: VIC d-cypha Peak
Symbol: H.
Description: NSW d-cypha Base$300
Symbol: I.
Description: SFE 30-Day Bank Rate
Symbol: IQ
Description: SFE 90-Day B.A.
Symbol: IR
Description: QLD d-cypha Base$300
Symbol: J.
Description: SA d-cypha Base$300
Symbol: K.
Description: ASX EA Feed Barley
Symbol: KI
Description: VIC d-cypha Base$300
Symbol: L.
Description: SFE A-REIT Index
Symbol: N9
Description: NSW Base Load Strip
Symbol: O.
Description: ASX Western Wheat
Symbol: OK
Description: QLD Base Load Strip
Symbol: P.
Description: SA Base Load Strip
Symbol: Q.
Description: VIC Base Load Strip
Symbol: R.
Description: SFE Financials x-REIT
Symbol: V6
Description: ASX Eastern Wheat
Symbol: X9
Description: SFE 20-Year T-Bond
Symbol: YJ
Description: SFE 3-Year T-Bond
Symbol: YT
Description: SFE 10-Year T-Bond
Symbol: YU

Exchange: TAIWA

Description: Taiwan FTX TD Gold
Symbol: E!
Description: Taiwan Weighted Idx
Symbol: TW

Exchange: TFEX

Description: Thai SET50 Index
Symbol: TE
Description: Thai Baht 10 Gold
Symbol: U1
Description: Thai Baht 50 Gold
Symbol: U2

Exchange: TIFFE

Description: TIF 3-Month Euroyen
Symbol: IT

Exchange: TOCOM

Description: Tocom Crude Oil
Symbol: ID
Description: Tocom Gasoline
Symbol: IN
Description: Tocom Kerosene
Symbol: IO
Description: Tocom Gas Oil
Symbol: JI
Description: Chukyo Kerosene
Symbol: JK
Description: Chukyo Gasoline
Symbol: JO

Exchange: TURK

Description: TSI Steel Scrap
Symbol: Q$
Description: TurkDex TRYEUR
Symbol: QS
Description: TurkDex TRYUSD
Symbol: QX
Description: Bist 30 Index
Symbol: QZ

Exchange: WCE

Description: Canola
Symbol: RS

Exchange: OTHER

Description: E.C.B. EURO/GBP
Exchange: cross
Symbol: BQ
Description: Crude Palm Oil Apex
Exchange: apex
Symbol: C8
Description: E.C.B. EURO/USD
Exchange: cross
Symbol: EV
Description: 30 Day Comm. Paper
Exchange: rate
Symbol: K-
Description: 60 Day Comm. Paper
Exchange: rate
Symbol: L-
Description: US$/Japanese Yen
Exchange: cross
Symbol: L8
Description: 90 Day Comm. Paper
Exchange: rate
Symbol: M-
Description: Small Stocks 75
Exchange: small
Symbol: ME
Description: Small Dollar Index
Exchange: small
Symbol: MH
Description: Small Precious Metals
Exchange: small
Symbol: MM
Description: Small 10-Yr Treasury
Exchange: small
Symbol: MN
Description: Small Technology 60
Exchange: small
Symbol: MP
Description: Small 2-Yr Treasury
Exchange: small
Symbol: MS
Description: Small 30-Yr Treasury
Exchange: small
Symbol: MY
Description: Prime Rate
Exchange: rate
Symbol: N-
Description: CFFEX 10-Year Bond
Exchange: cffex
Symbol: O!
Description: Discount Rate
Exchange: rate
Symbol: O-
Description: US$/Mexican Peso
Exchange: cross
Symbol: O4
Description: US$/Canadian Dollar
Exchange: cross
Symbol: O6
Description: US$/Swiss Franc
Exchange: cross
Symbol: O7
Description: CFFEX 5-Year Bond
Exchange: cffex
Symbol: P!
Description: Palm Olein Apex
Exchange: apex
Symbol: PD
Description: CFFEX CSI 500 Index
Exchange: cffex
Symbol: Q!
Description: CFFEX SSE 50 Index
Exchange: cffex
Symbol: R!
Description: CFFEX CSI 300 Index
Exchange: cffex
Symbol: S!
Description: Crude Oil RMB
Exchange: siee
Symbol: S0
Description: CFFEX 2-Year Bond
Exchange: cffex
Symbol: T!
Description: 4-Week T-Bill Rate
Exchange: rate
Symbol: T-
Description: 7-Year T-Note Yield
Exchange: rate
Symbol: T4
Description: 26-Week T-Bill Rate
Exchange: rate
Symbol: T5
Description: 52-Week T-Bill Rate
Exchange: rate
Symbol: T9
Description: 3-Year T-Note Yield
Exchange: rate
Symbol: V0
Description: 30-Year T-Bond Yield
Exchange: rate
Symbol: V1
Description: 10-Year T-Note Yield
Exchange: rate
Symbol: V2
Description: 5-Year T-Note Yield
Exchange: rate
Symbol: V3
Description: 2-Year T-Note Yield
Exchange: rate
Symbol: V4
Description: 20-Year T-Bond Yield
Exchange: rate
Symbol: W0
Description: 1-Month T-Bill Yield
Exchange: rate
Symbol: W6
Description: 3-Month T-Bill Yield
Exchange: rate
Symbol: W7
Description: 6-Month T-Bill Yield
Exchange: rate
Symbol: W8
Description: 1-Year T-Bill Yield
Exchange: rate
Symbol: W9
Description: RTS Index
Exchange: moex
Symbol: YL
Description: ICE Mini Brent
Exchange: icesi
Symbol: ZD
Description: ICE Mini Gas Oil LS
Exchange: icesi
Symbol: ZH
Description: ICE Onshore CNY/USD
Exchange: icesi
Symbol: ZP
Description: ICE Offshore USD/CNH
Exchange: icesi
Symbol: ZX

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