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Custom Calculated Symbols


Custom Calculated symbols are supported. This is a feature where you can create a new symbol which is calculated from data from two or more symbols using a formula that you specify.

The calculations are done using the real-time streaming data (when connected to the data feed with File >> Connect to Data Feed). Historical data is only accumulated when connected to the data feed.

This feature only works with Intraday charts and the Quote Board. Custom calculated symbols using this particular feature are not supported with Historical Daily charts. For Historical Daily charts, it is necessary to use the various studies available like the Difference-Bar study.

The advantage of this feature is that you can create accurate spread charts for nonexchange traded spreads or where exchange traded spread data is not available.

Historical data support when not connected to the data feed for this feature will be added in an upcoming release.

A custom calculated symbol can be traded with Trade Simulation Mode, but there is no support for trading one of the symbols using the external connected Trading service.


  1. Select Global Settings >> Symbol Settings.
  2. Press the New button to create a new symbol.
  3. In the New Symbol box, enter the symbol according to the following format. The square brackets simply represent optional characters. The curly braces ,{}, need to be entered around a symbol to identify the symbol to the parser.

    Format: [numeric value][operator]{symbol}[operator][numeric value][operator]{symbol}.

    The [ ] characters are not used in the formula symbol itself.

    This pattern can repeat with as many symbols as necessary. Example: 2*{EURUSD}-2*{EURGBP}.

    Any of the standard Arithmetic Operators can be used.
  4. The following steps describe setting custom symbol settings values. For detailed instructions about how to do this, refer to Global Symbol Settings Instructions.
  5. Set appropriate values for the Price Format, Tick Size, and Currency Value Per Tick settings.
  6. Enter an appropriate name for the Category setting. We recommend using Custom Symbols for the Category.
  7. Set the Uses Formula Operators setting to Yes. It is absolutely essential to have this option enabled.
  8. Press OK.
  9. Disconnect and reconnect to the Data Feed by selecting File >> Disconnect then Connect to Data Feed.
  10. Open the symbol through File >> Find Symbol. You will see it listed in the specified Category.
  11. Select the Symbol from the list and press Open Intraday Chart.
  12. As real-time data is received you will see the custom calculated bars added to the chart.

    Regardless of how the chart Session Times are set, the data is still recorded outside of those session times if connected to the data feed. Refer to Session Times, for instructions to change the Chart Session Times.

*Last modified Thursday, 17th October, 2019.