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Description of Service Packages and Pricing


Sierra Chart has multiple Service Packages which are explained below.

Refer to the Free Trial Help Topic to see what is included in the trial.

Be sure to read about possible additional expenses for data.


Standard Sierra Chart (Service Package 3)

Price: 26 USD/month

The Standard Service Package includes all functionality of the software except what is listed in the Sierra Chart with Advanced Features section.

It includes the Included Data Services listed below and support for External Services.

Sierra Chart with Advanced Features (Service Package 5)

Price: 36 USD/month

Sierra Chart with Advanced Features includes all of the Standard Service Package features and these additional advanced features:

Included Data Services

Sierra Chart Historical Data Service

The Sierra Chart Historical Data Service is included with this Service Package. The Sierra Chart Historical Data Service adds additional historical data support to the limited or no historical data provided by the external Trading services you may be using Sierra Chart with.

This service automatically provides Historical Daily data independently or for the Trading services that do not provide Historical Daily data. This service also provides historical Intraday data that can be used independently or with Trading services you may be using. For more information, refer to the Sierra Chart Historical Data Service page.

External Supported Services

External Services are external Data or Trading services that are supported by the Standard Sierra Chart Service Package. However, they are not included in the Sierra Chart service package price since they are externally provided functionality.

For a list of the services which are externally provided, refer to Supported Data and Trading Services. In that list, only the services which are identified as "External" are considered external services. The others are considered included services or separately paid for Data services.

How Much Does the Sierra Chart Charting and Trading Software Cost plus Data?

The price of the Sierra Chart software and data for Sierra Chart depends upon what Data or Trading service you will be using Sierra Chart with and what Service Package you choose.

Sierra Chart supports many external Data and Trading, including our own Data services.

The external services are separate from us. Data services provided with the Service Packages include the Sierra Chart Historical Data Service, Sierra Chart Real-Time and Historical Forex and CFD Data Service, and the Sierra Chart Market Statistics Data Feed.

If the service is separate from us, then there potentially is an additional charge for the data. Generally data direct from Trading services (brokers) only has a small monthly charge. Check with the Trading service you use to find out the monthly cost, if any. In the case of futures data, whether you use a Trading service for the market data, an external Data service, or the Sierra Chart Real-time and Historical Exchange Data Feed (described below), in all cases you have to pay exchange fees.

There are also the Real-Time Exchange Data Feeds Available from Sierra Chart which are Data services provided by Sierra Chart that provide real-time futures, stocks and cash indices data. These data services have their own separate pricing from the Service Packages described on this page, and therefore are an additional cost.

For information about real-time futures data, refer to Futures Data.

For further information and pricing for external services, refer to the Data and Trading Services page.

Multiple Month Purchase Discount

Refer to the table below for the available discounts.

Number Of MonthService Package 3 - StandardService Package 5 - AdvancedDiscount
1 26 USD36 USD 0 %
3 70.2 USD (23.4 USD/Month)97.2 USD (32.4 USD/Month) 10 %
6 124.8 USD (20.8 USD/Month)172.8 USD (28.8 USD/Month) 20 %
12 218.4 USD (18.2 USD/Month)302.4 USD (25.2 USD/Month) 30 %

All pricing is subject to small price changes over time without notice.

One Time Purchase Option?

Occasionally we get asked if we offer a one-time purchase option for Sierra Chart. The answer is no, and this is something that would never be offered.

It is inconsistent with the services that we offer. Sierra Chart is not merely software, but provides data services, support services and continuous updates to our software which is necessary for it to work with external Data/Trading services due to various changes with those services which occur on an ongoing basis. And we also continuously update the software with various improvements and new features.

Therefore, our costs must be covered with continuous payments for the software and services.

*Last modified Friday, 15th May, 2020.