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[2021-10-27 11:19:23]
Blackninja27 - Posts: 2
Dear Sierra Team,

I am really sorry to interrupt you but I did not know who to ask regarding the problem I am facing.

A few days ago, before paying the package offered in your website I contacted my broker to ask him if Rithmic was supported and worked properly with Sierra and he confirmed. Monday and yesterday I tried the whole day to connect Rithmic Data Feed and eventually made it. Unfortunately, I keep getting “waiting to download historical data” and nothing is working. I therefore contacted my broker once again and he said that I should change Data provider. At this point I have two questions and I was hoping you could kindly help me:

1) Being that I paid for Package 5 (correct me if wrong) I was wondering what do you suggest I do as I probably need the Denali's. Could it still be possible to have access to its data feed?

2) What I would need is a simulation account with real time data for CME. Until now I have been paying also the live account as with Rithmic I needed to pay both of them. So my question is: could it be possible to only have a simulation account with real time data and trade from Sierra? Thank you in advance for your attention and patience. I hope I made myself clear. I wish you a great day.

[2021-10-27 14:09:46]
John - SC Support - Posts: 23263
The general problem you are having is that no historical data is available from Rithmic. We have been told they are working on a fix for this, but we do not know when/if that will be available. The best option is to use our Denali Exchange Data Feed.

1. You are on Package 5. You can add the Denali Exchange Data Feed at any time. To get the Denali Exchange Data Feed you will follow the instructions at the following link (be sure you read #2 below first):
Denali Exchange Data Feed: *Setup Instructions: CME/CBOT/NYMEX/COMEX Exchanges*

2. This is possible, but not preferable. The issue is that the CME Group requires that you have a live, funded, futures trading account in order to qualify for the non-professional exchange fees. If you do not have the live account using Rithmic, then you would have to pay the Professional fees, and they are much higher. For more information refer to the following:
Real-Time Exchange Data Feeds Available From Sierra Chart: Understanding and Accessing Data From the CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX Exchanges


Our first recommendation, if you are just wanting to do simulated trading for right now and are not going to do any live trading, is to use our Delayed Streaming Data Feed. The data streams like real-time data, but is 10-15 minutes behind the actual market. Otherwise, it acts like real-time data in all ways. You can also use this with our Trading Evaluator Service. There is no cost for the delayed data, so you would only be paying for the service package. You can find more information on the Delayed Streaming Data here:
Delayed Exchange Data Feed

Our second recommendation, if you really want/need to have real-time data, is to keep the trading account you have with Rithmic. That way, you can connect to that account to verify your non-professional status to the CME Group. Then setup the Denali Exchange Data Feed to get your real-time data. And finally, tell your broker that you do not want the data from Rithmic.

If you are not going to stay connected to the Rithmic account at all times, then you will have to connect at least once a month. Refer to the information here:
Real-Time Exchange Data Feeds Available From Sierra Chart: Connecting Only Once a Month to Trading Account to Support CME Group Exchange Fees

And finally, since you are just looking to do simulation trading, refer to the information on our Trading Evaluator service which acts more like real trading than the standard Simulation mode:
Simulated Futures Trading Service
For the most reliable, advanced, and zero cost futures order routing, use the Teton service:
Sierra Chart Teton Futures Order Routing
[2021-10-27 19:17:53]
Blackninja27 - Posts: 2
Dear John,

Thank you for the thorough explanation. I would prefer going with the Real Time Data, therefore I might want to add Denali Data Feed to my package.
I have the last question and I would be extremely grateful if you could help me with that:

Regarding the order routing, what do you suggest I do? My broker suggested CQG but within your website I read you discourage the use of it. What are the options you suggest?

Thanking you in advance I wish you a nice afternoon.
[2021-10-27 23:36:37]
John - SC Support - Posts: 23263
Naturally, we are going to recommend using our Sierra Chart Direct Order Routing if you are only trading the CME Group (right now we only have support for the CME Group with this service). But, the number of brokers is limited. Refer to the list of brokers at Step #2 of the Setup Instructions at the following link:
Sierra Chart Teton Futures Order Routing: Setup Instructions

You probably do not want to change brokers, in which case CQG or Rithmic are you main choices, and either one is fine. Our main issue is with the data from these providers.

If you do choose CQG, then the Setup Instructions to connect your Sierra Chart to CQG can be found here:
CQG Trading Platform Service: Setup Instructions
For the most reliable, advanced, and zero cost futures order routing, use the Teton service:
Sierra Chart Teton Futures Order Routing

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