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Post From: Ackin's indicators (SCH users requests for studies) - Update list

[2019-07-04 08:24:56]
Ackin - Posts: 1854
Update/upgrade list July 2019 Custom Studies Store:

1) Study: Swing high low pivot line (add ABC patern)

Study: Automatic Line STOP 2 (Universal - Renko chart)
Study: Automatic Line STOP 3 (Universal - Renko chart)
Study: Automatic Line STOP 4 (Universal - Renko chart)

3) Study: Murrey Math - improved

4) "Is there a possibility that Sierra engineers can add "automatic" 20 and 80 lines to your Williams % R Indicator?"
Study: Williams %R cross alert

5) Deactivating alert for a bar
similar with the same function
Study: Value on BAR-close

6) "If the half way point of the current bar is greater than the high of the previous bar, AND the previous bar halfway point is lower than the low of the current bar" and vice versa
Study: BAR compare

7) "I plugged in the formula for creating a signal at the slope change. I want it to fire a long when the MA changes from down to up and vice versa. When slope changes there are two actions simultaneously. A buy and a sell. How do I get it to just buy on reverse long and sell on reverse short?"
Study: Slope signal alert (Based on main chart)
Study: Slope signal alert (Based on study)

8) "I would like to use my type of bars (time-based, range or whatever) BUT painted with the colors of the matching H.A. bars"
Study: Heikin-Ashi color

9) What is the best way to create a Ration expressed in % of current session range Vs ATR please?
Study: Ratio Daily HL/ATR

10) It would be a great feature to be able to visual manage time scale on tick & volume bars. ex: chosen period - every 5 mins, first 5 min color X, second 5 min color Y, third 5 min color X again
Study: Time Coloring

11) Is there a way to designate that you want +/- to be "50" instead of zero? I'm trying to get my RSI to change color above or below the "50".
Study: Coloring Based +/-

12) to give the possibility to draw a POINT ON CLOSE instead of a vertical line, you should add the possibility to set on TimeLine(SG1) POINT ON CLOSE instead of Point on High
Study: Time line - improved

13) What would be the best way, to display on a chart as a percentage, the figure % versus Average range?
Study: Ratio MaxMin Range


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