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[Programming Help] - Slope Indicator

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[2019-07-06 17:03:59]
User143052 - Posts: 28
Sierra has two really good indicators called "Trading System Based on Alert Condition" and "Trading System-Study Subgraph Crossover". Please add a new Study called Trading System Based on Slope. This study would trade a moving average slope change. For example: When the slope of a moving average changes from upward to downward or vice versa it would generate an entry signal. Please add this study to the "Studies Available" list in Sierra.
[2019-07-07 11:51:21]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
You just need to create a formula for this and use it with the Trading System Based on Alert Condition study. Refer to the formula example at 8 here:
Study/Chart Alerts And Scanning: Alert Formula Examples

The formula though has to be modified to include the study ID as well. Refer to:
Study/Chart Alerts And Scanning: Referencing Other Studies on the Chart
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[2019-07-10 15:37:41]
User143052 - Posts: 28
I plugged in the formula for creating a signal at the slope change. I want it to fire a long when the MA changes from down to up and vice versa. I use two Trading System Based on Alert Condition studies (one with an order on alert action "buy Entry" and one with the order on alert action "Sell Entry". When slope changes there are two actions simultaneously. A buy and a sell. How do I get it to just buy on reverse long and sell on reverse short?
[2019-07-10 16:39:29]
Ackin - Posts: 1854
When slope changes there are two actions simultaneously. A buy and a sell. How do I get it to just buy on reverse long and sell on reverse short?

Hi, The signal on every slope change can't ever be profitable. I did a study for one customer a few months ago, I will give it (at night - now I'm out of office) to CZ / SK forum for free download.

You can set the filter in the study to see how many ticks in the market must be done before changing the slope in one direction (one direction slope), after this there is a chance that some reverse-movement with potential gain will be made.

Free study: Slope signal alert

contact link:
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[2019-12-16 12:16:14]
Chadly - Posts: 65

Thank you. How do I obtain this study you genius!
[2019-12-16 13:36:04]
Ackin - Posts: 1854
1) http://forum.obchodni-indikatory.cz/
2) Registration (very easy: only Nick and your Email)
3) Download attached file from upload folder (last page, last post), upload folder link is on the main page forum in the top right corner (or in the registration email)
4) Copy and Unpack this file into Data folder in Sierra Chart (default C:\SierraChart\Data\)
5) Run Sierrachart
6) Add custom study

contact link:

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