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File Sharing


You can share a Chartbook with other Sierra Chart users.


  1. Select File >> Send File to User.
  2. Enter the Sierra Chart Username/Account Name of the user that you want to send the chartbook to in the Sierra Chart Username/Account Name box.
  3. Press the Select File button.
  4. Select the Chartbook to be sent. Other file types are supported to be sent including Study Collections and Spreadsheet files.
  5. Press the Open button.
  6. Press the Send button.
  7. Once the Chartbook or other file is uploaded to the server you will see the following in the Message Log:
    File to be sent to user successfully uploaded. | [Date Time]


If this is the first time you are sending a Chartbook or other file to a particular user, they user will be notified about this. The user can accept the file from you, delete it, or ignore it.

If the user chooses to accept files from you, then they would automatically receive the Chartbooks that you share.

If a Chartbook is shared with a user, and they have another Chartbook with the same name within their Sierra Chart Data Files Folder, then the shared Chartbook will not be downloaded.

*Last modified Tuesday, 05th December, 2017.