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Post From: What is Sierra Chart Working On

[2022-03-13 18:29:44]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
We are not going to respond to this post directly regarding the new Chart Settings window in the latest releases:
New Design of Chart Settings Window (Rel.2367)

However we will say:

We further will be organizing the various settings in the new Chart Settings window. There will be some new tabs, and additional subcategories. It just takes time to figure this all out.

This new settings window can be interacted with at the same time you interact with the chart. So you can make changes, and then go right back to the chart, and still keep the Chart Settings window open.

Each chart has its own Chart Settings window. Multiple ones can be open at the same time.

And you can also customize the behavior of these new Settings Windows:
Settings Windows Interface: Changing User Interface Behavior

And the Colors and Font are fully customizable:
Settings Windows Interface: Colors and Font Settings

These windows are resizable including the column widths.

These windows are extremely fast. Flicker free, and use next to no Windows resources unlike the heavy resource utilization of these unstable Microsoft Dialog windows which the previous Chart Settings window used.

All of the above is a massive and extraordinary improvement over what existed previously. We do not think there is any type of settings type interface, as customizable as what we produced.
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