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Date/Time: Tue, 06 Dec 2022 08:15:37 +0000

[User Discussion] - New Design of Chart Settings Window (Rel.2367)

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[2022-03-12 13:13:30]
nicktrader - Posts: 603
I am running rel 2367 and had wondered when I opened the Chart Settings Window. Honestly, I do not like this design at all in general.

Is there a way (or will there be) to choose between the design?

Many thanks
[2022-03-12 15:26:59]
Tony - Posts: 284
There were discussions on this subject, (sorry, couldn't find the post) if I remember it correctly, the purpose of changing all the setting windows (not just chart settings) is removing any Microsoft's proprietary technology. From technical perspective and the long term health of Sierra, this is really great news.
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[2022-03-12 23:32:47]
@TRADE_YOUR_PLAN - Posts: 117
Big improvement in terms of navigation. Great job, SC!
[2022-03-13 20:37:56]
User146848 - Posts: 90
Did they forget the Future Rollover Setting? Cant find it.
[2022-03-13 21:21:00]
@TRADE_YOUR_PLAN - Posts: 117
It's there, but depending on which you need..."Automatically Rollover Futures Symbol" is on Symbol tab. The "Continuous Contract List" is in Advanced tab.

On that note, since SC Eng. is looking at this thread, I'm not sure if it is because I have updated to Windows 11 or perhaps the theme I am using doesn't highlight, but the tabs [Symbol] [Data Limiting] [Bar Period] etc, when within a tab, it would be useful if the tab selected highlighted. A color setting for this in Global Graphics settings would be appreciated if possible.

Also, and I have seen other threads about the text window for drawings, but for me, and this is probably Windows 11 related since it corresponds to my recent W11 install - when editing for example, an extended right ray by right clicking the ray and selecting "Modify Text," the window itself will not close despite clicking the close button or top right "x" to close the window. The only solution for me is to restart Sierra Chart. Also, once a "Message Log" for any of my instances pops up, these are also "frozen" on the screen until I restart Sierra Chart.

So, assuming some of the above dialogue boxes are Windows based, Sierra Chart native menus/boxes cannot come soon enough. Again, the NEW SC Chart Settings dialogue is indeed a huge improvement on all fronts: navigable, fast, customizable. Bravo SC! Thank you

EDIT: the "phantom" windows are due to a mod I have installed for my dark theme. It is not SC related at all, except that the newer SC windows are never affected. Other programs also have these frozen windows... yet another reason for SC to further convert menus/boxes etc..
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[2022-03-14 05:33:26]
nicktrader - Posts: 603

See pic
imageRollover.png / V - Attached On 2022-03-14 05:33:20 UTC - Size: 12.35 KB - 185 views
[2022-03-14 07:03:15]
User146848 - Posts: 90
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[2022-04-14 16:46:23]
User676363 - Posts: 33
I like the new windows also, but I wish they had a text search on them that was global.
I really think having a command line or a ctrl+k hotkey that lets us type and find any text in any dialog and displays the options is the best way to build a complex user interface.
It moves us closer to having a voice system that lets ust just ask for what we want and the computer finds it.
All user interfaces are going in this direction.

So I am hoping, once the old dialogs are removed, that it will be possible to type some text while in the chart window and have all the settings just get filtered to the text entered in real-time.

And if I want to "show vertical grid" I don't have to remember that it is in chart settings on the Grid page and not on the Display page, etc.

I was linked here from this page:
[2022-04-14 17:36:34]
John - SC Support - Posts: 20340
There is a "Search" option coming that will show all the available settings for that window that relate to the entered text. It is not a global search, but it is a start.
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[2022-04-27 10:32:04]
nicktrader - Posts: 603
Is it also possible to highlight the tab I am currently in?

Sometimes I go from tab to tab because I'm looking for something, and then I don't know which one I'm in.

Many thanks

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