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Post From: Ackin's indicators (SCH users requests for studies) - Update list

[2019-06-06 19:03:51]
Ackin - Posts: 693 | Ending Date: 2020-09-04
Update/upgrade list June 2019 Custom Studies Store:

1) Price bands off Yesterday Close
Study: Yesterday close bands

2) Alert bar syntax for % difference
similar study
Study: Subgraph percent difference from oscillator

3) MACD Value @ Peak
Study: MACD extrem

4) is there a way of counting the number of price levels in a bar (regardless of timebar/volume bar/P&F etc etc).
Study: Number of price levels per bar

5) For instance, I would like to make projection based on the previous day range. Is there any study that does this?
Study: Yesterday range retracement

6) Zig Zag indicator become adaptive by feeding the resultant value of an ATR indicator
Study: Zig Zag ATR

7) How to draw a box around every n-candles in a chart
Study: Rectangle over n-bars

8) i am looking for an indicator that can draw a horisontal line across the last swing high and swing low.
Study: Swing high low pivot line

9) is it possible to change the color of the TMA-band (On chart V2-TMA), or sound alarm, as soon as the band goes outside the slower TMA-Band (On Chart TMA_M)?
Study: Subgraphs above/bolow - shifted

Study: Number Bars: Bubble delta
Study: Number Bars: Bubble trades

11) I aim at plotting automatically Open/High/Low/Close Price directly at the right side of every bar or candle on a bar/candle chart.
Study: OHLC text (without moving average and with offset)

12) I need a modified indicator "Cumulative Delta Bars - Up/Down Tick volume" to "nonCumulative Delta Bars - Up/Down Tick volume" like indicator ask/bid volume difference bars
Study: Delta Bars - Trades
Study: Delta Bars - Up/Down Tick Volume

13) Meantime, how can I set the "Percent Change Since Open" to Weekly opening instead of Daily?
Study: Percent Change Since xxxx

14) "I have a daily Bar (OHLC) and want to mark a level inside the H/L area say 75% with an arrow or marker of some sort. Which study, if any is best for this?"
Study: Daily HL Percent

15) "Is there a tool that I can use to track the max and min reading of the indicator say over a 125 period. So basically dynamic bands at the high and low across the period."
Study: Bollinger Bands MaxMin per period


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