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Bar Marker Question

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[2019-06-24 14:48:53]
User316362 - Posts: 203
For example, I have a daily Bar (OHLC) and want to mark a level inside the H/L area say 75% with an arrow or marker of some sort. Which study, if any is best for this?
[2019-06-24 20:19:30]
John - SC Support - Posts: 24528
If the level you want to mark happens to be one of the Main Price Subgraphs (such as OHLC Average, OHL Average, or HL Average), then you can just use that with the Color Bar Based On Alert Condition and use that particular item as the Input Data, then set the option for Output When Condition True to Use Input Data and then select the particular subgraph draw style you want to use.

Otherwise, you would have to establish the particular level you want to mark. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use the Spreadsheet Formula and enter the formula you want. For example, if you want to mark the 75% height of the bar, then you would enter the formula (H - L) * .75 + L for the Spreadsheet formula. Then set the Spreadsheet Formula as your Based On study for the Color Bar Based on Alert Condition, and select the Result subgraph as your Input to the Color Bar Based on Alert Condition and set the subgraph Draw Style as you desire.

In either case, if you want to mark all the bars, then enter a 1 in the Alert condition for the Color Bar Based on Alert Condition in order to have a true condition for all bars.

Refer to the following for the Color Bar Based on Alert condition:
Color Bar Based on Alert Condition

Refer to the following for the Spreadsheet Formula study:
Spreadsheet Formula

Refer to the following for how to set the Subgraph Draw Style:
Chart Studies: Subgraphs Tab >> Draw Style[/b][/b]
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[2019-06-24 22:30:40]
User316362 - Posts: 203
Thank you... I overlooked using a spreadsheet formula study. Works well

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