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Referencing Other Charts in Spreadsheet Study Formulas

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Referencing Other Charts in Spreadsheet Study Formulas

When using any of the Spreadsheet Studies it is supported to reference data from multiple charts in the Spreadsheet formulas.

This is done by using any of the Overlay studies.

The charts referenced can have a different timeframe per bar than the chart containing the Spreadsheet Study or they can be a different symbol. Or Different Session Times.

The Overlay studies will display another main price graph or study on the chart where you added the Overlay study to. This is called the destination chart.

This will add the data from another chart into the Spreadsheet for the chart containing one of the Spreadsheet Studies. The data will be displayed starting at column AA or after on the Sheet in the Spreadsheet. You can then use Cell References to the study data columns to reference the data and formulas.

The use of Overlay studies, is the recommended method for referencing multiple charts, or studies on other charts.

It is not recommended to apply the Spreadsheet study to other charts you want to reference and then reference that data through Spreadsheet cell references. When you reference data from other charts on other Sheets in a Spreadsheet using cell references, then when data in those other charts changes, the Sheets may not be updated immediately and synchronizing the data between Sheets when using cell references, is difficult, if not impossible.

Multiple Overlay studies can be added to a chart to overlay multiple price graphs or studies.

In almost all cases, the recommended Overlay study to use is the Study/Price Overlay study.

If you do not need to view the studies or main price graphs you have set to overlay from another chart on the chart where you have a Spreadsheet Study which will use that data, then enable the Hide Study option in the Study Settings window (Analysis >> Studies) for each instance of the particular Overlay study you wish to hide.

When using the Study/Price Overlay study, it is recommended that you set Fill Blanks with Last Value study Input to Yes in the Study Settings window for the study.

Available Overlay Studies


Say you have two charts open.

Chart #1 has a Spreadsheet Study, and you want to use the data from chart #2 in that Spreadsheet linked to chart #1.

You will add the Study/Price Overlay study to chart #1, and set the Chart Number input to reference chart #2.

Chart #2 data will be overlayed onto chart #1, and the data will appear in the chart #1 Spreadsheet, beginning at or after column AA.

More complete details can be found in the Study/Price Overlay study documentation.

Using Common Spreadsheet for Multiple Charts

You may want to have data from multiple charts within a single Spreadsheet so that you can use Cell References to reference data from other charts.

To do this means you need to add the Spreadsheet Study to each chart that you want to have outputted to this single Spreadsheet. Set the Spreadsheet Name setting in the Study Settings for each Spreadsheet Study to the same named Spreadsheet.

In the case where charts are in different Chartbooks you need to make certain that the same Sheet within the Spreadsheet is not used by two different charts. This can be controlled through the Chart Data Output Sheet Number Study Input.

*Last modified Wednesday, 14th December, 2022.