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Date/Time: Fri, 07 Oct 2022 14:49:40 +0000

Google Search "+ Sierra Chart" Find what you need.

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[2021-05-08 03:22:24]
User14953 - Posts: 110
Put it right in the Title. Be it known far and wide, lol.

THis Tip should Posted Prominently Right Below the Sierra 'Search' Box.
Save Everybody Time and Money.

*Google Search "+ Sierra Chart"*

The Sierra Chart Search returns for: " 50 Simple Moving Average applied to Volume "
are suboptimal at best...
BUt, when you use a simple google search with "+ sierra chart"
the returns are useful. The Second Listed Return, Boom There It Is!

From the OP, "...first of all understand that 9 x out of 10 what you are asking for
or looking for can be found in the extensive notes and online support manual. it really
doesnt get any easier than a simple google search with "+ sierra chart" to find what you need. "

THanks, OP. +7 more.

*Everybody Hates Double Work.
This is the SEcond listed Search Return from *Google + Sierra Chart*. DONE.

Support Response from [2018-04-25 04:52:17]
"Refer to the Based On Setting here:

Support Response Current:
Refer to the Based On Setting here:
Chart Studies: Settings and Inputs Tab >> Based On - Basing a Study on Another Study

Nobody likes the time-sink on support of a RYFM question.
The Google + Sierra Chart can lead you through the Forest to the Tree you want.
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[2021-05-08 12:47:02]
tomgilb - Posts: 3420
I like the precise result but I can't duplicate what you did.
Please provide a search string example without the " and *
Please clarify which search field is used.
[2021-05-08 13:15:18]
seandunaway - Posts: 193
I prefer:

site:sierrachart.com <search string>

For example:

[2021-05-08 23:49:05]
User14953 - Posts: 110
The specific Google search was:
"50 Simple Moving Average applied to Volume + Sierra Chart"
The second item in the return links to:

Try seandunaway's preference too.
site:sierrachart.com <search string>

I tried sean's preference on DuckDuckGo and it worked but for this particular search the results did not include the money item up top...
site:sierrachart.com 50 Simple Moving Average applied to Volume
Below is the return page address.

Seems like Sierra Chart might free up some SC Talent and Time
if this can be somehow facilitated into the support process.
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[2021-05-09 18:00:08]
ertrader - Posts: 552
Wow.. very helpful.. saves soooo much time...Thank you...This should be pinned for everyone!!
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[2021-05-10 16:51:31]
John - SC Support - Posts: 18853
Personally, I like to use the following on Google to ensure that I am only getting results from the documentation and not from the Support Board:
<search terms> +site:www.sierrachart.com -site:www.sierrachart.com/SupportBoard.php
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[2021-10-06 20:29:44]
User14953 - Posts: 110
Does a button exist to invoke this method of search for finding SC info?
A time saver for all concerned.

[Locked] - Sierra Chart Google Search!


If you wish to use google for searching the Sierra Chart website, then you can do so from google by adding site:sierrachart.com to your queries from the google home page.
[2013-06-05 18:46:02]
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