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Date/Time: Sat, 15 May 2021 10:27:10 +0000

[Sticky] [Locked] - Message from a USER to other USERS about SUPPORT at SIERRA CHART what I have learned

[2020-09-11 16:14:14]
User220914 - Posts: 153 | Ending Date: 2021-06-11
Hi everyone,

I am writing this to hopefully help everyone on both sides of the Sierra Chart Fence, and I hope it does not fall on deaf ears.
I have used sierra chart for years and absolutely love the program, the company, and the people who strive to make sierra chart better for us everyday.

first of all understand that 9 x out of 10 what you are asking for or looking for can be found in the extensive notes and online support manual. it really doesnt get any
easier than a simple google search with "+ sierra chart" to find what you need.

Once you find what you need go ahead and follow what SIERRA says exactly! and i mean exactly line by methodical line. so many times i jjust eexpect sierra to
fix what i need when they have thousands of customers who all have individual needs so lets understand that we need to be trying our best to search out and learn how to operate sierra chart on our own. much like learning math or a language you need a foundation a very small one to understand how sierra works. again though just follow the instructions.

Yes i am demanding at times with support and i have found that time and time again i feel badly that i tried to push my issue with them when the reality 9x out of 10 is that it was not sierra it was me and yes they will get to your issue when they can. they must prioritize EVERYTHING.

I am writing this because the less busy SIERRA SUPPORT is with basic issue the more SIERRA CHART can move onto working on bigger and more important issues and continue
to deliver a cutting edge product with cutting edge abilities.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your part and put in the work invovled to understand sierra chart. TRUST ME when i say once you do this there i will be a day
where it will all click and then again trust me you will be like OMG i can do all of this for 35 bucks a month! no way. wow

Have a great day and keep trading

ABOUT new releases: if it is the middle of the trading day or if you are working on something very improtant in sierra then do not downlaod the most
recent version right that second. Sierra tries to put out error free preleases and releases but errors do happen at times so the best thing i have found if
I am working or trading is just to wait and if i do download the new version and i have issues and i am frustrated then i will just re download the most
recent working version it is as simple as hitting thedrop down help menu and relaoding it
[2020-09-13 03:16:59]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 96236 | Ending Date: 2022-04-10
Yes you should do this after the market close or over the weekend:
ABOUT new releases: if it is the middle of the trading day or if you are working on something very improtant in sierra then do not downlaod the most
recent version right that second

Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

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