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Date/Time: Sat, 22 Jun 2024 13:53:57 +0000

Post From: Information for Transact Users for Versions 2354 and Higher

[2022-08-03 19:33:20]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 15034
Historical data support when using the Transact trading service with older versions of Sierra Chart, is going to be discontinued as of August 20, 2022.

This date has been moved back from September 3, 2022 due to technical reasons which are not in our control.

When that happens you will need to begin to use the Denali Exchange Data Feed for both historical and real-time data:
Denali Exchange Data Feed

There will be no cost for the exchange fee for the first month and we can give you the first month free for the Denali Data Feed

And once again we strongly recommend moving to Teton Order Routing:
Sierra Chart Teton Futures Order Routing

And Sierra Chart has this three months free offer:
3 Months Free Sierra Chart for Moving From Gain Capital, Transact, CTS to Teton Trading
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

Your definitive source for support. Other responses are from users. Try to keep your questions brief and to the point. Be aware of support policy:

For the most reliable, advanced, and zero cost futures order routing, use the Teton service:
Sierra Chart Teton Futures Order Routing
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