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Post From: Ackin's indicators (SCH users requests for studies) - Update list

[2019-08-04 13:56:01]
Ackin - Posts: 1854
Update/upgrade list August 2019 Custom Studies Store:

1) single print at extreme means:1.) falling bar, last number top of the ASK is less than 10 2.) rising bar, last number down on the BID is less than 10
Study: Single print at extreme

2) I'd like to create a relatively simple indicator which plots a line, based on the following calculation :(Amount of time since price last = VWAP)* (Distance from VWAP)
Study: VWAP time-price

3) "Is it really so difficult for some expert users to create the SuperTrend with Hull MA?"
Study: Super trend - improved

4) "I am wondering if there is a way to shade the background of consecutive bars, starting at 2 bars and continuing until there is a bar in the opposite direction."
Study: Coloring consecutive bars

5) "This might be a tough one but, I've looked are there any functions that can give me this functionality? On the top right hand side of the screen I want to have a setup that shows a "Strength Meter" telling me what market orders are hitting for ex. 4667 vs 4493 (top right of the screen)."
Study: Strength Volume Meter

6) "VWAP - I need to know how many ticks I am away from VWAP shown on a gragh or any way that can be known just by a glance. "
Study: How many ticks

7) Am I able to programmatically add subgraphs to existing studies such as Number Bar Calculated Values?
Study: Tab values

8) I would to draw automatically. under or above the candles, line or arrow , when my current candle high or low equal with previous candle high or low
Study: Compare H/L

9) Is there currently a way to do this using sierra?The numbers on the scale represent vwap standard deviations.
Study: Vwap Oscillator

10) "I want a formula to alert me when I get a huge volume candle that's 5x bigger than the past 20 bars."
Study: Compare Huge volume

11) "I can write the code for Stochastic cross from above/below but i am having trouble adding to alert when crossing above 70 and below 30, i use 2 different stochastic with different settings, "
Study: Stochastic Fast - double cross

12) "I want to setup an audio alert on a Renko chart when no wick is formed on the candle."
Study: Renko - No wicks alert

13) "While perusing the formula (studies method), Is there a way to exclude crossings if the %K and %D cross while in overbought/oversold territory?."
Study: Stochastic Fast - cross

14) "I love the candlestick pattern finder study, but the one patter that i cant seem to find is a simple pinbar. its basically a hammer. if its not available could you give me an example of an alert to catch it? "
Study: Pin Bar (find pinbar patern with user definied conditions)

working on:
Study: Strength Depth of Market Meter


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