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Date/Time: Wed, 18 Sep 2019 12:24:43 +0000

[User Discussion] - Strength Meter

[2015-07-13 21:44:19]
toews&kane - Posts: 177
Hi there,

This might be a tough one but, I've looked are there any functions that can give me this functionality? On the top right hand side of the screen I want to have a setup that shows a "Strength Meter" telling me what market orders are hitting for ex. 4667 vs 4493 (top right of the screen).

I think it would really help.

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imageCapture.PNG / V - Attached On 2015-07-13 21:43:34 UTC - Size: 765.53 KB - 544 views
[2015-07-14 18:59:20]
toews&kane - Posts: 177
Anybody know anything about this?
Any input would be greatly appreciated
[2015-07-15 18:12:51]
toews&kane - Posts: 177
Thanks for your help guys! I will try to figure this out, please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any findings
[2015-07-15 22:30:21]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 76349
What are the numbers 4667, 4493?
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[2015-07-15 23:50:55]
User52989 - Posts: 40
I think what he's saying is having the total bids/offers show as two raw numbers, say 10 levels deep on the DOM, but instead of having to see the entire DOM, have the 2 numbers showing aggregate bids/offers. This could indicate to the trader either lack of liquidity or strong imbalance of bids to offers. I think it'd be a great tool.
[2015-07-15 23:52:05]
User52989 - Posts: 40
To answer your question, the examples he gave of 4667 x 4493 I think were the hypothetical number of resting orders on the bid/offer 5-10 levels deep.
[2015-07-16 12:49:40]
User11942 - Posts: 298
All those meters are described in detail here:
[2019-02-05 12:10:09]
kremat0r - Posts: 9
Does this request still lives?

"What are the numbers 4667, 4493?" This is bid/ask from last 60 second. Other colums have longer time period. Each can be reset to zero when we want. Very useful.
[2019-03-15 01:39:37]
User525733 - Posts: 108
[2019-03-15 03:08:57]
whats1thingnow - Posts: 243
[2019-03-15 05:08:21]
toews&kane - Posts: 177
Thanks reviving this old thread, forgot all about it.
I was trying to not refer to the jigsaw dom. It will be great if I can see out of the corner of my eye a quick high level which way the market is leaning.
[2019-03-15 06:24:33]
Ackin - Posts: 336

It isnĀ“t difficult.I'll try to do it...
[2019-05-10 22:53:10]
User525733 - Posts: 108
when are we gonna see this? it's been requested over and over and over
[2019-06-22 22:17:26]
Woodzy - Posts: 9
I was searching for the same, we can get the data easy enough but I'm not sure how best to display.

Open a 1 second chart (Reduce days to load) then use the Summation Periodic Study.

Input data = Bid Volume, length = whatever you want to calculate in seconds for example 300 seconds (5 minutes), change value format to 1. Add the study again this time for Ask Volume.

The reason to use it this way using the data from a 1 second chart rather than 5 minute chart (or any other time frame) is this study continually calculates the values each second. If a 5 min chart was used the values would reset to zero at the start of each new bar.

Simply display using Text Display Study, or there must be a better way to visually display using the Study Subgraph Reference options.

For now I'm going keep the 1 second chart out the way minimized and use Text Display For Study from Chart to display on charts I'm using.

Let us know if there is way to display this data graphically in strength meter form as originally requested.
imagestrength_meter.png / V - Attached On 2019-06-22 22:16:52 UTC - Size: 106.98 KB - 217 views
[2019-08-09 07:39:54]
seandunaway - Posts: 70

If Engineering added a Draw Style that would color the background separately above and below the plot value, then we could make our own Jigsaw style power meters!

Additionally, if we could get "Study Subgraph Min" and "Study Subgraph Max" then we could plot min delta and max delta.

I think... I'm new to SierraChart study hackery.. but fun! Such powerful software. :)

Unfortunately, none of this will really make us any money and only waste time messing with it and would have a user base of about 4, haha.

Concept attached (left is the existing method from #14)
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imagedom power meter.png / V - Attached On 2019-08-09 07:38:42 UTC - Size: 63.4 KB - 154 views
[2019-08-10 12:07:20]
Ackin - Posts: 336
Interesting idea. If you want, I recoded your collection to graphics solutions - rectangle. (update will be at night on our forum)
imagestr met.png / V - Attached On 2019-08-10 12:07:17 UTC - Size: 36.12 KB - 130 views
[2019-08-10 18:26:50]
Woodzy - Posts: 9
Ackin thanks for making this, I have just tested on replay it works.

I also added the text of the volume using the original idea I had and the simple Text display for study, or Text display for study from chart (see image attached)
imagestrength_meter_test.png / V - Attached On 2019-08-10 18:26:22 UTC - Size: 77.45 KB - 170 views
Attachment Deleted.
[2019-08-10 19:45:52]
Ackin - Posts: 336
Ackin thanks for making this
Not me, thanks belong to you for your idea. I only created it.

There will be other improvements and contraindications with depth of market. I want to connect it. More info about it in the discussion below the study description on the forum.
[2019-08-10 20:45:59]
seandunaway - Posts: 70
Impressive, Ackin! I'd like to join your forum..

edit: thank you! :)
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2019-08-10 20:56:07
[2019-08-13 08:15:01]
Ackin - Posts: 336
to Woodzy)

update: see attached picture
- 1,2,3 period for calculation
- color of box (select your)
- axis-Y (0-100) you can hide (chart settings)

I made also "Reset button" yestarday and I'm testing it now....

next STEP:
after it remain only coloring by conditions (median, max interval, delta in time etc... )

I am already working on a version for Limits and maybe for comparison between Limits vs Markets at the same time. I know it is visible in the DOM .... but in trading it's possible to overlook it. I prefer automatic alerts.

Check CZ/SK forum for news about this and download free update file
imagestr-8.png / V - Attached On 2019-08-13 08:10:16 UTC - Size: 11.87 KB - 132 views
[2019-08-14 10:35:40]
Ackin - Posts: 336

Reset button - manually by user

Reset function1 - automatically when start new trade
Reset function2 - automatically when change direction/slope summation
Reset function3 - automatically when delta break user definied value
Reset function4 - automatically when delta break max or min from period

Coloring - median, percent delta

working on:
Reset function5 - automatically large trade

Button (+ reset function - user selection in the study settings) will be in the weekend update

next suggestions?

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