BitMEX Trading Service



Sierra Chart fully supports trading and market data from BitMEX.

BitMEX is a trading platform that gives retail investors access to the global financial markets using Bitcoin, the Blockchain, and financial derivatives. Ultimately BitMEX uses digital currencies as a common form of collateral to allow anyone, anywhere, to trade anything. Currently clients can trade Bitcoin and other digital currency based derivatives with up to 100x leverage. To date, over US$2.0 billion worth of digital currency financial products have been traded on the BitMEX platform.

You are now able to trade on BitMEX using the powerful Sierra Chart trading platform.

What is Included

  • Streaming Real-Time Data: Yes.
  • Historical Intraday Data: Yes.
  • Historical Daily Data: Yes.
  • Historical BidVolume and AskVolume: Yes.
  • Live Trading: Yes.
  • Simulated Trading: Yes.
  • Order Types Supported: All except Market if Touched orders.
  • Server Managed OCO (Order Cancels Order): Yes.
  • Server Managed Bracket Orders: Yes.
  • Automated Trading (applies to Live or Simulated): Yes.

Setup Instructions

  1. You need to set your BitMEX account to have access to Sierra Chart by assigning your Sierra Chart Account Name to your BitMEX account. This is done through BitMEX website and BitMEX will be providing instructions on this shortly.
  2. For proper support for this Service, update Sierra Chart to the current version. Refer to the Fast Update instructions.
  3. Select Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings.
  4. Set the Service to BitMEX (Testnet). This is simulated trading only. Live trading is coming shortly.
  5. Press OK to close the Data/Trade Service Settings window.
  6. Select File >> Connect to Data Feed.
  7. If there any connection problems, they will be displayed in Window >> Message Log. In this case, refer to Help Topic 1.2.
  8. To open a chart select File >> Find Symbol. All of the symbols are categorized by exchange.
  9. Continue with Step 3 in the Getting Started instructions.
  10. For trading instructions, refer to Overview of Trading.

*Last modified Friday, 03rd March, 2017.