Incorrect Date and/or Time Display, Missing Historical Intraday Data, Chart Not Updating


This page explains setting the Date and Time related settings in Sierra Chart and on your computer system. It explains correcting your computers clock and setting it accurately.

An incorrect Date-Time setting on your computer and/or an incorrect time zone setting on your computer or within Sierra Chart, can cause missing historical Intraday data in a chart or prevent an Intraday chart from updating.

Date-Time Issues and Settings to Check

  1. If the times displayed in Charts and Quote Lines on a Spreadsheet or Quote Board are incorrect or not what you require, then the Time Zone setting in Sierra Chart may be incorrect. Select Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings on the menu.

    Set the Time Zone control to the time zone you want times displayed in. For complete details and instructions to use the Time Zone control, refer to the Time Zone documentation page.
  2. With some Data and Trading services, time stamping of real-time data and the timestamp that is needed for historical data requests is based upon your computer's clock.

    In these cases, it is critical that your computer's Date and Time are set correctly. Correct your computer's Date and Time to make sure it is accurate. To do this, select Global Settings >> Set System Date-Time from Server.

    After setting the Date-Time on your computer, you should re-download the Intraday data in Intraday charts which have incorrect timestamps, by selecting Edit >> Delete All Data And Download. You only need to use this command once on an Intraday chart for each symbol.
  3. Select Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings. You may see an option named Timestamp Using Local Computer Clock in the Service specific settings. If you set this option to No/False, then the timestamp provided by the Data or Trading service will be used for real-time received data.

    If this option does not exist for the particular Data or Trading service you are using, then the time stamping will be done using either the local computer clock or the external service, whatever has been determined to be most appropriate for the particular Data/Trading service being used.

    If Timestamp Using Local Computer Clock is set to Yes/True, then your computer's clock will be used for real-time received data. One is not necessarily better than the other. If you maintain a very accurate computer clock, then typically it is better to use your local computer clock. After changing this setting, you may want to Re-download the data in your Intraday charts.
  4. Make certain that your time zone setting in Windows is correct and matches the time setting you are using. For example, if your computers clock is set to US Eastern time, then your time zone setting in Windows needs to be US Eastern. Otherwise, data can be time stamped incorrectly and this will also cause data to be missing from the charts. To change your computers Windows time zone, go to the Date and Time program in Windows Control Panel.

    When setting the Time Zone in Windows make certain that the Automatically adjust clock for daylight savings time changes option is enabled. After enabling this option and applying it, verify that the clock setting is still correct. And if not, change it.

    After making changes to your computers Date and Time, you should definitely Delete and Re-download the data in your Intraday charts where there is incorrect Date-Time values or missing data.
  5. An incorrect Sierra Chart Time Zone setting can also cause data to appear to be missing from the chart. It can also cause a chart to not update. More information about these issues can be found in Incorrect Computer Date/Time Settings and help topic 3.3 respectively.
  6. When connecting to a Data or Trading service that uses the FIX protocol, generally if your computers clock is off by more than 30 seconds, the connection will not succeed.

    Therefore, you need to make sure that your computer's clock is set reasonably accurately when the FIX protocol is used.

Main Window Title Bar Date and Time

The Date and Time on the main Sierra Chart window is derived from your local computer clock. It is adjusted by the Time Zone setting in Sierra Chart.

Therefore, if it is not accurate it means your computer's clock is not set accurately or the time zone setting on the computer is not correct.

*Last modified Tuesday, 22nd August, 2017.