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Technical Studies Reference


This study displays Share or Contract Volume. If symbol does not report real-time volume, then this study, when used on an Intraday chart, will show the number of trades per bar. We denote the Volume at Index \(t\) as \(V_t\).

Volume bars are color coded based upon whether the corresponding price bar is up or down. To choose the up and down colors, click on the Subgraphs tab in the Technical Study Settings window and set the Primary and Secondary colors for the first Subgraph.

To view horizontal volume bars which display volume at each price level within a chart for a certain period of time, use the Volume by Price study.

To view the Volume graph as horizontal volume bars, change the Subgraph >> Draw Style for the study to Horizontal Profile.


  • This study has no Inputs.

*Last modified Friday, 23rd February, 2018.