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Technical Studies Reference

Percent Change Since Previous Close

This study calculates and displays the difference between the close of the bar and the close of the last bar of the previous trading day, as a percentage. The specific value being used for the calculations can be changed in the Input Data setting.

The time of the Closing bar of the previous trading day is determined from the Session Times for the chart.

At the chart bar which is the closing bar for the trading day, the percentage difference between the closing price of that bar and the opening price of that bar is calculated and displayed. Therefore, at the very last bar of the day, the percentage difference is not necessarily going to be zero.


  • Input Data: This controls what data is used for the calculation. Whatever value is chosen for this input will be the value used both for the current bar and for the last bar of the previous day. For example, if this is set to Open, then the Open of the current bar is compared to the Open of the last bar of the previous day.

*Last modified Tuesday, 17th October, 2017.