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Technical Studies Reference

Bar Time Duration

This study displays bars indicating The time duration of bars in the chart. It uses a simple calculation method. It cannot always be completely accurate when there are times in the chart where There are gaps in trading.

The time values contained within the study Subgraph for the Bar Time Duration study are represented using the SCDateTime Format. These time values can be used in an ACSIL study.

When writing an Alert Condition Formula using the Bar Time Duration study or using it with the Spreadsheet Study, it is necessary to use the TIME function in the formula to compare it to a time value. Example: SG1 > TIME(0, 5, 0). For additional information, refer to Serial Date Time Values.

When setting a Scale Increment for the Bar Time Duration study, it is necessary to use values which are SCDateTime Format values. For example, to use 5 minutes you would calculate this as (1/(24*60))*5 = 0.003472. This resulting value is the value you would use for Scale Increment.


  • Use Maximum Duration: When this Input is set to Yes, then the maximum time duration for any bar will be limited by the Maximum Duration Input.
  • Maximum Duration: This specifies the maximum time duration the Bar Time Duration study will display for any bar in the chart, even if it exceeds this time.

*Last modified Friday, 03rd July, 2020.