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Sierra Chart - Software Login Instructions

Software Login Instructions

Main Login Window

Before You Login

  1. If you have not already downloaded and installed Sierra Chart, download the current version from the Software Download page.
  2. If you do not already have a Sierra Chart account, then you will need to Create an Account.

Step-By-Step Login Instructions

  1. Start Sierra Chart. If Sierra Chart is running, restart it.
  2. If the login button says Pending..., then press the Cancel button.
  3. Enter your current Sierra Chart Account Name and Password on the Login window exactly as you specified them when you created your account. If you changed your password, then be sure to use your most current password.
  4. In almost all cases Use HTTP Proxy should be unchecked. Complete information about the HTTP Proxy settings can be found on the HTTP Communication Errors page.
  5. Safe Mode checkbox: This means Advanced Custom Study Safe Mode. When this option is checked, Advanced Custom Study files which provide studies, indicators and trading systems from outside developers, will not be downloaded from the Web server or loaded into charts. This only needs to be enabled in case these files are causing a stability problem in Sierra Chart.
  6. Make sure you are connected to the Internet. Press the Login button.
  7. If you receive an error, then refer to the Login Problems section below for instructions on how to resolve that error.
  8. If you are a new user, continue with Step 3 in the Initial Setup Instructions.

When your usage time has ended, there is nothing to cancel. If you want to renew, go to the Purchase page or select Help >> Purchase on the menu.

Login Problems

When the Login window displays when you start Sierra Chart and you have logged in previously, the Login button will be automatically pressed. When the button is pressed either automatically or manually it will say Verifying and become grayed. Initially the button will say Pending while the login is pending.

  1. If you receive an Invalid Account Name or Password message when the Login button is pressed on the Login window, then this is because you have not entered your Account Name or Password exactly as you provided. If you are unsure of your Account Name or Password, then request your password be resent to you by going to the Account Support page.
  2. If sometime after pressing the Login button you receive a Sierra Chart Login Error: (specific HTTP error message) message, then this will be caused by an HTTP communications error.

    For help with HTTP errors, refer to the HTTP Communication Errors page.

Login with a Different Sierra Chart Account Name

If you need to login with a different Sierra Chart Account Name than you are already using or ensure verification of your account information, do the following:

  1. If Sierra Chart is running, exit by going to the main Sierra Chart window and selecting File >> Exit.
  2. Start Sierra Chart using the shortcut on your system desktop or by whatever means you normally use to run Sierra Chart.
  3. Press the Cancel button on the Login window to prevent an automatic login. You will have an opportunity to do this, about 4 seconds. You can press the Cancel button more than one time.
  4. Enter your current Account Name and Password on the Login window or verify they are correct.
  5. Press the Login button.
  6. If you have any trouble logging in, refer to the Login Problems section.

Working Off-Line Without an Internet Connection

Follow these instructions to use Sierra Chart when you do not have an Internet connection.

These instructions are also applicable in the event that the Sierra Chart Web server is unavailable which is exceptionally rare, but there could always be Internet connectivity issues which can lead to it not being accessible from your system.

  1. You first need to have logged into Sierra Chart successfully when you last used Sierra Chart while you had an Internet connection. Otherwise, the below procedure may not work.
  2. Run Sierra Chart.
  3. On the Login window, you must enable Save Password to be able to work off-line and for the below procedure to work. So be sure to keep that option checked in the event that you want to be able to login when off-line.
  4. When you do not have an Internet connection, you simply need to start Sierra Chart and let it log in automatically. The login may take a little longer. About 10 to 20 seconds but it will let you in. Do not press the Cancel button during this time.
  5. You can use Sierra Chart without an Internet connection for about up to a month, so long as your Sierra Chart account does not expire during that time.
  6. Once you have logged into Sierra Chart, to prevent it from connecting to the Data and Trade servers, select File >>Disconnect on the menu. You may also want to uncheck Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings >> Connect on Program Startup to prevent Sierra Chart from connecting on start up.
  7. Any existing chart data that you already have can be accessed without an Internet connection. New chart data cannot be unless you have Internet connectivity.
  8. When you open a Chartbook, there should not be an automatic connection to the external data and/or trading servers. If there is, simply select File >> Disconnect. An automatic connection would be caused by a blank chart normally. You may want to close those blank charts by going to the chart and selecting File >> Close Active Window.

Forced Login

There are cases where it is necessary when starting Sierra Chart to ensure a connection to the Sierra Chart server to receive updated account information which may not occur if there is a connection problem to the server. To force a login, as it is called, follow these instructions.

  1. Start Sierra Chart. Or restart Sierra Chart if it is already running.
  2. On the Login window press the Cancel button if you see a button to the left of it labeled "Pending".
  3. Enable the Force Login option.
  4. Press the Login button.
  5. If you encounter any communications error, then refer to HTTP Communication Errors to resolve.

Using Safe Mode

Follow the instructions below to run Sierra Chart in Safe Mode or to disable Safe Mode if you no longer want to use it.

Safe Mode prevents the loading of custom studies, the downloading of custom studies that are set to be downloaded, and the automatic opening of Chartbooks and other files.

This is an important procedure to follow if there are abnormal shutdowns or freezing of Sierra Chart, related to custom studies with bugs or are inefficient, or Chartbooks which may be using high CPU usage.

For more information about custom studies which are causing a problem, refer to help topic 17.

  1. Start Sierra Chart. Or restart Sierra Chart if it is already running. You can exit from Sierra Chart which is currently running through the File >> Exit menu command. Sierra Chart can be started using the shortcut on your system desktop.
  2. On the Login window press the Cancel button if you see a button to the left of it labeled "Pending".
  3. Enable the Safe Mode option. Refer to the image below. Uncheck Safe Mode if you no longer want to use it.
  4. Press the Login button.

Disabling Automatically Opening Files on Startup

Follow the instructions below to disable the automatic opening of files that you have specified in the Global Settings >> General Settings >> Files to Open on Startup list.

This will prevent the automatic loading of Chartbooks and Spreadsheet files upon startup of Sierra Chart.

  1. Start Sierra Chart.
  2. On the Login window press the Cancel button if you see a button to the left of it labeled "Pending".
  3. Disable/uncheck the Open Files on Startup option.
  4. Press the Login button.

*Last modified Wednesday, 30th November, 2022.