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Sierra Chart Setup Instructions

Sierra Chart is simple to get started with and simple to use. For more details, click on each step.

  • Step 1 - Download
  • Step 2 - Create Your Account. Free Trial is provided.
  • => Step 3 - Become Setup with a Data or Trading Service

    • Sierra Chart includes the following Data services which are also included with the free trial:
      • Sierra Chart Delayed Exchange Data Feed
      • Sierra Chart Real-Time and Historical Forex and CFD Data Service
      • Sierra Chart Crypto Currency Data Feeds
      • Sierra Chart Market Statistics
      • Sierra Chart Historical Data Service
    • There are other supported Data and Trading services. In order access data other than what is included with the Sierra Chart trial, you need to follow the Setup Instructions for one of the supported Data and Trading services.
    • By default Sierra Chart is configured to use the above listed services. If you want to use these services, then proceed to Step 4 - Getting Started Tutorial.
    • If you want to use the Trading Evaluator - Delayed service, then refer to Simulated Futures Trading Service. This provides a server-based simulation environment for futures and Forex trading.
    • Go to the Data and Trading Services page to learn about all of the other supported services and how to become set up to use one of those services, if you do not want to use the default Data services.
  • Step 4 - Getting Started Tutorial
  • Step 5 - After the Trial Activate a Service Package

*Last modified Tuesday, 22nd August, 2017.