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Sierra Chart Setup Instructions 3

Setup Instructions Step 3

Sierra Chart is simple to get started with and simple to use. For more details, click on each step.

  • Step 1 - Download
  • Step 2 - Create Your Account
  • => Step 3 - Supported Data and Trading Services

    • First, it must be understood, that Sierra Chart is fully self-sufficient and does not require utilizing it with any external Trading or Data or broker service for the purpose of evaluation and if you are not performing live trading. During a free trial, connection to these services is not supported. Only Sierra Chart provided market Data and Trading services can be used during a trial.
    • Sierra Chart includes and has support for various Data and Trading services. For complete information, refer to Supported Data and Trading Services.
    • However, by default Sierra Chart is configured to have access to all of the included Data services. No additional configuration is needed. Therefore, it is recommended at this time to skip this step and proceed to Step 4 - Getting Started Tutorial.
    • Sierra Chart provides a Trade Simulation Mode which can be used. However, if you want to use the Trading Evaluator - Delayed service, then refer to Simulated Futures Trading Service.

      This provides a server-based simulation environment for futures and Forex trading. The Trade Simulation Mode which you have access to in Sierra Chart without using the Trading Evaluator is a simulation feature within Sierra Chart. It is not server-based.
  • Step 4 - Getting Started Tutorial
  • Step 5 - After the Trial Activate a Service Package

*Last modified Wednesday, 22nd February, 2023.