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Sierra Chart Account Support

Lost Password

If you lost your password, then go to the Account Password Reset page.

Contact Account Support

If you still have trouble logging into the software, need help with making a payment, have a billing question, need help with an error message about your software service package, or have another nontechnical question about your account, then fill out an Account Support Ticket.

Emergency Account Activation

If you are a trial user and your trial has ended, or you have been a paid user and your usage time has ended, and you need immediate access to your prior software service level, then login to the Account Management page on the website for your account by selecting Help >> Add Usage Credit on the Sierra Chart menu. You can then click on the Emergency Account Activation link to activate your account temporarily.

Your Usage Time Ending Date

To find your usage time ending date select Help >> Account Control Panel on the menu. The displayed webpage will show your ending date and package.

If your usage time has ended, then Sierra Chart will clearly tell you this on login. If you have some other problem with Sierra Chart, then it is not because your usage time has ended.

*Last modified Wednesday, 22nd February, 2023.