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Date/Time: Tue, 30 May 2023 10:35:14 +0000

Charts not updating since ~3:50pm on 3/7/'23

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[2023-03-07 23:19:06]
User666201 - Posts: 1
Just prior to market close today my charts simply stopped updating. Since then no data or chart updates have been coming through. I just have blank charts. Is there an issue with the service.
[2023-03-07 23:36:44]
John - SC Support - Posts: 24473
There was a problem earlier today with the CME Group, but it was only for a few minutes and your charts should have automatically started to fill in. Refer to the following regarding this:

Try selecting File >> Disconnect followed by File >> Connect to Data Feed.

If you are still not getting data, then we would need to see your Message Log by following these instructions:

Follow the instructions here to clear the Message Log:
Message Log: Clearing the Message Log

Open a chart for the symbol you have an issue with. Tell us that symbol of the chart. Tell us about *one* symbol only.

Disconnect from the data feed with "File >> Disconnect".

Connect to the data feed with "File >> Connect to Data Feed".

After the connection and after about 10 seconds, provide a copy of the Message Log following these instructions:
Support Board Posting Information: How to Post Your Message Log (Required In Some Cases)

We will then determine what the problem is.
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