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Date/Time: Thu, 30 Nov 2023 10:57:47 +0000

[Locked] - Important Priority Notice to Transact Users. Date: 2022-05-25

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[2022-05-25 07:28:11]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
This message is for our users who are using the Transact trading service.

Sierra Chart has discontinued support in newer versions of Sierra Chart, for Transact.

Sierra Chart will be shutting down the historical data support for Transact users shortly after September 1, 2022. This will mean there will be no historical data when using Sierra Chart with Transact. Unless you are using the Denali Data Feed:
Denali Exchange Data Feed

Transact has been bought by Ninja trader brokerage. Ninja trader utilizes CQG predominantly. We strongly disfavor our users using CQG for numerous reasons.

The replacement service for Transact is our Teton Order Routing Service:
Sierra Chart Teton Futures Order Routing

You need to move to our Teton Order Routing Service and a supported broker as soon as possible and we will give you the help you need.

Brokers like Stage 5 and Edge Clear who support Teton will also help you.

Please do not delay the transition. You will have a superior level of service with our Teton Order Routing Service and the Denali Data Feed.

We will provide the help that you need, and it is very likely you will save on commission costs. And have a superior level of service.

We have more information about all of this in this thread:
*Important* Priority Message to Transact Users

And additional information in this thread:
Information for Transact Users for Versions 2354 and Higher

Webinar regarding Teton Order Routing Service:

Sierra Chart Teton Futures Order Routing: Testimonials (Stage 5)

If you have any questions or need help, please post them below in this thread.
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

Your definitive source for support. Other responses are from users. Try to keep your questions brief and to the point. Be aware of support policy:

For the most reliable, advanced, and zero cost futures order routing, *change* to the Teton service:
Sierra Chart Teton Futures Order Routing
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