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Date/Time: Mon, 22 Apr 2024 16:11:11 +0000

Trading Dom Notes Column

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[2021-11-09 16:40:07]
topsteplocal - Posts: 45
I would just like to echo other users who have asked for a column in the Trading Dom where we can directly type notes related to the price row, similar to Jigsaw. The other option of the label study or lines doesn't provide the same thing.

I imagine there is something major in the coding of the trading DOM that is preventing this, and would require significant refactoring of code to support this feature, otherwise you guys would have added this ages ago.

Basically, at the moment I have to make a sticky each morning with key levels I am watching, and I attach it to the side of my monitor. It would be so nice if I could type these in directly on the trading DOM in a way similar to how excel cells work.

I also want to say thank you to you guys for all the incredible investment you have put into SC since the last time I used it back in 2012. So please don't consider my posts on here as complaints... they are intended to help keep SC as the best trading software out there ;-P
[2021-11-09 17:03:32]
John - SC Support - Posts: 31005
Thank you for the kind words and the suggestion. We have marked this as a Feature Request.
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[2022-03-02 08:14:08]
User737477 - Posts: 19
Hi guys,

I was wondering if there was an update in relation to this feature request please?


[2022-03-02 17:53:57]
John - SC Support - Posts: 31005
There has been no progress. We do not know when we will be able to get to any particular feature, as we have more than enough work to keep us all busy.
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[2022-08-29 02:10:40]
topsteplocal - Posts: 45
Any update on this request?
[2022-09-07 04:55:30]
User153286 - Posts: 44
I too would like this feature - the current label process is far to slow for an active DOM trader. I want to be able to mark most recent POC's and LVA's (low volume areas) that I feel are important at the moment I recognize them. I may also want to enter a number to represent the number of times a specific price gets hit. This feature would need CRUD (create, read, update, delete) capabilities on the entries. Clear all would also be nice. I personally would not use any color settings because it would take too much time but others may want that capability. Yes I would really like to see this.
[2022-09-07 06:16:06]
topsteplocal - Posts: 45
I am very much monitoring this space, and looking forward to this being added... it's actually a killer feature for the SierraChart price-ladder... It's also not that complicated to add... basically just need to be able to click on a cell, and be able to enter some text that can then be saved and displayed in that cell... plus have a button / menu command to "clear all note cells"...
[2022-09-28 06:46:41]
User737477 - Posts: 19
Hi guys, I'd like to add my vote to this request please.
[2022-09-29 14:54:43]
gcUserStudies - Posts: 89
This would be a great addition!
[2022-09-30 15:31:56]
User900285 - Posts: 84
Try using a drawing tool like a horizontal line or stationary text. The horizontal line or horizontal ray has a text field in which you can write your note. That would be the manual way.
You can set a keyboard shortcut for any of the drawing tools. I am not aware of a keyboard shortcut that can access the text field in a drawing tool, that could be helpful.
Closing the text edit menu for a drawing tool does not work with the enter key for some reason. I noticed that pressing the enter key will close many other settings windows in Sierra but not this one.
You can also make use of the 24 drawing tool configurations with the stationary text tool to switch between custom text. Use the keyboard shortcuts Shift + F1 to F12 to switch between your saved drawing tool configs after you have selected the specific drawing. I use this feature to change the color of lines very quickly. Line color coding is helpful if you are working with different types of price levels to qualify trades.

With ACSIL you can program drawings to redraw themselves constantly based on your criteria.
In response to the user that asked about adding a number or modifying the text for how many times a level has been traded, that can be done with ACSIL.
[2022-10-17 23:28:14]
jakeybleez - Posts: 49
any update?? really need to find a way to create a column you can draw on for the "Chart DOM"

thanks so much
[2022-11-05 16:51:45]
JulesC - Posts: 6
That would be really nice
[2023-04-12 12:42:25]
christostrades - Posts: 7
yes plz
[2023-07-25 22:02:43]
topsteplocal - Posts: 45
I just wanted to follow up on this.

I am currently using the labels column, and adding the labels/notes via the "Studies" list...

However, it is pretty much impossible to know which study entry is related to which label, and it's just SUPER annoying when you have more than 10 labels to manage across 3 different DOMS...

Please please please allow editing of these labels from the DOM directly, either by right-clicking on the row where you want to create, update, or delete the label, or via in-place editing... to delete it I would just remove all text leaving it blank. These really have no place in the studies, as it just makes a mess of the studies list (see attached example)
imagemyStudies.PNG / V - Attached On 2023-07-25 22:01:38 UTC - Size: 46.19 KB - 139 views
[2023-07-26 11:15:28]
ticinotrader - Posts: 377

SUPER annoying when you have more than 10 labels to manage across 3 different DOMS

Although I do not have a fix for this, but can share a workaround/solution that at least can reduce the time you will waste adjusting the labels:

As I see based on your screenshot, at least half of the levels you display are values that could be automatically calculated with basic SC studies (Initial Balance Range, Yesterday session data HLC, RTH values, etc).

I recommend trying the following:

Open an extra 'supporting' chart with a lower timeframe period (~10min or less) for each of your DOM symbols and link them to the relevant DOM. Then add the required studies to the chart, so the values you need, will be automatically updated/calculated, without manual intervention. You can set the study line types/draw style to text, so the lines will not appear on the chart (and later on the DOM), and the value labels to be displayed in the Label column.

Then on your DOM, use the Study/Price Overlay study and overlay the studies from the source chart. If you set up everything properly, then your DOM will display the desired text labels in the Label column (see attached screenshots for a quick example).
Using this method, you can take care of many of your values automatically.

For the manual reference levels (non-study based), you can use the Overlay Drawing tools option of SC:
This allows you to automatically overlay chart drawings from a source chart to another chart or DOM.
At your DOM's Chart >> Chart Settings >> Chart Drawings section set the 'Copy Chart Drawings from Chart #'s' to the chart # of the previously created 'supporting' chart. Then you can draw your levels using the Horizontal Ray tool and the drawings will be automatically overlaid to your DOM.
After doing all the marking, you can minimize the extra chart and keep it out of view so you can focus on watching your DOMs.
You can repeat the same for each of your symbols/DOMs

This way, half of your levels will be taken care of automatically, and the adjustment of the remaining levels (also identifying them) will be much quicker/effective than adjusting line studies on the DOM.

The same info is available in one of the free posts on my site here:


Hope this helps somewhat and saves some time.
image20230726_131132.png / V - Attached On 2023-07-26 11:11:39 UTC - Size: 566.42 KB - 125 views
[2023-07-26 12:42:18]
topsteplocal - Posts: 45
@ticinotrader thanks for the idea, but I already use those for the levels that can be calculated... I should have maybe sent a diff screenshot, but there are like 30 "R" levels that are entered manually...

My challenge is that I don't want to switch to Jigsaw, but at some point it will take too much work to manage the notes column via studies...

again... this is not about the recurring YH, YL, IBH, IBL, etc. levels. This is to do with the R levels (see attached).
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2023-07-26 15:38:33
imagemyStudies.PNG / V - Attached On 2023-07-26 15:38:31 UTC - Size: 48.25 KB - 107 views
[2023-07-31 16:11:19]
topsteplocal - Posts: 45
So I have tried to combine @ticinotrader's ideas, but there is still a major limitation in not allowing calculated labels for overnight high/low and IB high/low as labels, not overlay regions...

related: [BUG] DOM Studies - Custom Study - High/Low for Period
[2023-08-10 04:36:43]
User153286 - Posts: 44
The feature in Jigsaw is extremely useful and powerful. DOM traders watch the DOM to take advantage of "things". For example a stall or a relatively huge influx of orders at a specific price. These "things" happen in a split of a second and as the DOM continues to update. When the DOM updates these "things" disappear. It is crazy what you see when you pay close attention. These "things" are the building blocks of an edge and is one reason why DOM traders use the DOM. Jigsaw allows the trader to denote these locations in real time. Just click on the cell at that price level and simply enter something. For simplicity I just use single letters like S(stall), M(Major) or if you know what your looking for I (Ice berg). It only needs to hold just a letter, acronym or a word, maybe a couple of words, but it is not for a paragraph, not for an image, not to be done via a drawing tool. Most importantly it needs to stay with that price when you scroll the DOM. You also need to edit it and remove/delete it. It is an absolute killer feature of Jigsaw. SC already has the essence of this, but you can not dynamically update in the manner required by DOM traders. Think of it it as editing an Excel column field/cell.
[2023-10-05 19:42:56]
User162471 - Posts: 1
I would also advocate for this feature to be added. Thank you
[2023-11-07 13:07:57]
Whiskey Mike - Posts: 7
Good Morning all - This feature would be incredibly useful for me as well. Add me to the list.
[2023-11-07 13:27:42]
gtaranti - Posts: 38
Please add this.
It's something unique to jigsaw and it's really missing from SC.
[2023-11-07 13:55:01]
User153286 - Posts: 44
I found a way that sort of works for this...

1.) You need both a chart and the DOM displayed - not the DOM attached to the chart, but the separate DOM
2.) Add the Volume by Price study (volume profile) to the DOM. The Volume profile should appear on the left hand side of the DOM
3.)On the cart, activate the Text draw tool, not the Stationary one, just the normal text tool. I put it on the mouse menu. This action makes it become active when you click the mouse.

I noticed when the text tool is to be activated draw tool, meaning the tool that invokes when you click the mouse, this action applies to the study placed on the DOM. Move the mouse to the location adjacent to the price of interest on the volume profile on the DOM and click the mouse. You can now add text.

Note, I have not found a way to alter the active tool on the mouse menu from the DOM. This action needs to be done from the chart as you use the Tool menu and there is no Tool menu on the DOM.

I think it would be great if Sierra could make a study specifically for the DOM that activates the text tool as well as allows you to deactivate it.

You can also select the Pointer which allows you to click on the text and edit it. But today that needs to be done from the chart. The back and forth is clumsy. Making this available on the DOM would be great.
[2023-11-07 19:11:41]
User150671 - Posts: 46
+1 to this request.
As a DOM trader, this feature would be incredibly useful.
[2023-11-07 19:13:59]
User692899 - Posts: 1
+1 definitely need this, weird how you can customize literally everything else and tweak your ladders more than any other ladder software out there yet it misses this simple feature. YES PLS!

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