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Date/Time: Fri, 01 Mar 2024 21:04:00 +0000

Post From: Trading Dom Notes Column

[2022-09-30 15:31:56]
User900285 - Posts: 83
Try using a drawing tool like a horizontal line or stationary text. The horizontal line or horizontal ray has a text field in which you can write your note. That would be the manual way.
You can set a keyboard shortcut for any of the drawing tools. I am not aware of a keyboard shortcut that can access the text field in a drawing tool, that could be helpful.
Closing the text edit menu for a drawing tool does not work with the enter key for some reason. I noticed that pressing the enter key will close many other settings windows in Sierra but not this one.
You can also make use of the 24 drawing tool configurations with the stationary text tool to switch between custom text. Use the keyboard shortcuts Shift + F1 to F12 to switch between your saved drawing tool configs after you have selected the specific drawing. I use this feature to change the color of lines very quickly. Line color coding is helpful if you are working with different types of price levels to qualify trades.

With ACSIL you can program drawings to redraw themselves constantly based on your criteria.
In response to the user that asked about adding a number or modifying the text for how many times a level has been traded, that can be done with ACSIL.