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Date/Time: Sun, 20 Sep 2020 21:06:50 +0000

Running Multiple Instances Of Sierra On Multiple Computers

[2020-09-16 13:09:21]
User991052 - Posts: 12 | Ending Date: 2021-08-23
Hi Support,

Is is permissible to run " two " independent instances of Sierra simultaneously on seperate computers w/ my data/trade service?

i.e Denali Data Feed (Realtime) / Sierra Order Routing (TT)

[2020-09-16 15:11:30]
John - SC Support - Posts: 2471 | Ending Date: 2020-09-30
Yes, this is possible, but you will have to pay the exchange fee a second time to get the data to that second computer. Refer to the information here:
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[2020-09-17 01:39:29]
User372647 - Posts: 37 | Ending Date: 2021-09-17
I have two computers,one for tradering using Denali+TT and one for reading market data.How should I set it up and how should I pay?Thanks.
[2020-09-17 14:02:01]
John - SC Support - Posts: 2471 | Ending Date: 2020-09-30
If you have not already done so, then install Sierra Chart on the second computer. You will use the same Account Name and password to login to both.

Set up your Denali Exchange Data Feed to allow for two computers simultaneously. The instructions are given in the link above, here it is again:

On the second system, go to File >> Data/Trade Service Settings and set the "Service" to SC Futures Order Routing/Data. On that same page, ensure that the option for Allow Support for Sierra Chart Data Feeds is enabled (checked). Setup the options for this service in the same way as your other system. You will want to set this up this way so that you will use the same Symbols for both installations. You could then place trades from this other computer as well, but you do not need to. Just do not enable trading from this second computer.

That is it. Just open a chart for a CME Group symbol and you will be getting the live data for that symbol on that second computer.
[2020-09-17 15:01:41]
User372647 - Posts: 37 | Ending Date: 2021-09-17
Can I close the trading account on the second computer and just look at the market data?
[2020-09-17 15:36:32]
John - SC Support - Posts: 2471 | Ending Date: 2020-09-30
If you do not mind having different symbols between the two computers, then just leave the Data/Trade Service Settings >> Service to SC Data - All Services on that second computer.

And as long as you do not set Sierra Chart to connect to a Trading service, then you will not be able to trade from that second computer. It is your choice on which way you want to do it.
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[2020-09-17 16:01:59]
Merlin - Posts: 81 | Ending Date: 2020-06-26 [Expired]
User372647 - when you say "look at the market data", do you need to look at it in real time? Or would it be sufficient for your purposes to only see historical or 10-minute-delayed data on the second instance? If delayed data is acceptable on instance 2, you don't need to pay the 2nd exchange fees.
[2020-09-18 09:32:05]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 89759 | Ending Date: 2021-04-05
To use the Delayed Exchange Data Feed, refer to:
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

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