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Date/Time: Thu, 20 Jun 2024 18:46:12 +0000

Hotkey for moving buy or sell stop orders?

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[2020-06-10 17:16:26]
j4ytr4der_ - Posts: 932
We can set buy or sell stop orders by keyboard shortcut, but then cannot (as far as I can tell) move them via hotkey as well. Is there a way to do this? If not could it be supported just the same as it is with buy and sell limit orders? Thanks!
[2021-03-02 21:42:48]
autobahn - Posts: 25
I agree, this is one feature I find missing. I often create a Stop to enter a new position, but once created it is not possible to move it with a shortcut key.

On some occasions I will create two stops, one above price (buy) and one below price (sell). It would be nice to be able to adjust the upper and lower order independently, for example:

"Lower Non-Attached Order Tick Up/Down" - Move the closest unattached order that is below the current price. This may be a Stop Order or Limit Order.
"Upper Non-Attached Order Tick Up/Down" - Move the closest unattached order that is above the current price. This may be a Stop Order or Limit Order.

This should also work when the two orders were created as an OCO pair.

Thank you.
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[2021-03-02 22:54:57]
John - SC Support - Posts: 32495
The following Trading Shortcut options are available:
- Non-Attached Limit Order Tick Up
- Non-Attached Limit Order Tick Down
- Target Order Tick Up
- Target Order Tick Down
- Stop Order Tick Up
- Stop Order Tick Down

Refer to the information regarding creating Keyboard Shortcuts here:
Global Settings Menu: Customize Keyboard Shortcuts (Global Settings menu)
For the most reliable, advanced, and zero cost futures order routing, use the Teton service:
Sierra Chart Teton Futures Order Routing
[2021-03-02 23:05:05]
j4ytr4der_ - Posts: 932
I will need to experiment with this again, but I'm not sure what you have listed, is what's being asked for.

What I (and autobahn apparently) am unable to do, is to place a buy to open order above price, or a sell to open order below price, and be able to move them with a hotkey. Are you saying that this is in fact supported?
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[2021-03-02 23:45:31]
autobahn - Posts: 25
- Stop Order Tick Up
- Stop Order Tick Down

These existing shortcuts will only move an attached child Stop order. They won't move an unattached Stop order.
[2021-03-07 00:10:31]
autobahn - Posts: 25
I've found a way to do this.

1. Create a custom study.
2. Enable sc.ReceiveCharacterEvents.
3. When the study is called, check sc.CharacterEventCode() for the appropriate keypress.
4. Locate the appropriate Stop Order with sc.GetOrderByIndex().
5. Modify the located order with sc.ModifyOrder().

I've been able to expand on this to have other hotkeys that select and highlight the order I want to move, in case of multiple stops.

I've also been able to create a hotkey "Move to breakeven" which will adjust non-attached Stops.

1. It is not necessary to enable sc.UpdateAlways - keypresses will trigger the study.
2. You cannot use sc.GetNearestStopOrder() as this only returns attached child orders.
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[2021-03-07 02:14:04]
j4ytr4der_ - Posts: 932
Oh wow that sounds phenomenal! Unfortunately for me I've never compiled a custom study and don't know where to even begin. I tried following along with the SC documentation on ACSIL but it left me in the dust in no time. Also tried just reverse-engineering some of their source code but it also left me completely lost.

Any chance you could provide a sample of working source code someone could tweak & play with?
[2021-03-09 01:40:54]
autobahn - Posts: 25
This should get you started. It is a simplified version that has four hotkeys; one set to move the nearest Stop found above price, and one set to move the nearest Stop found below price. It only moves basic Stops, so if you want to move OCO Stops or Stop Limit orders, you'll need to adjust the code accordingly.

Note: the keycodes listed on the Microsoft page are in Hex, so you'll need to convert to Decimal when you specify them in the Inputs.

I'm going to develop this further and add support for Move to Breakeven, Move to 50%, Walk up based on One-Timeframing, etc.
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attachmentMoveOrderHotkeys.cpp - Attached On 2021-03-09 14:06:13 UTC - Size: 8.81 KB - 685 views
[2021-03-09 02:46:40]
j4ytr4der_ - Posts: 932
Very cool... I'll see if I can make sense of this, thanks for sharing!
[2021-09-17 21:31:30]
j4ytr4der_ - Posts: 932
SCE, could this please be added? I don't see any good reason to not allow buy/sell stop orders to be moved by hotkey. This causes me headache every single day as I have setups I trade that rely on stop entries, and I trade completely with hotkeys and a DOM and don't touch the mouse. Having to go to mouse for this specific function is very frustrating when for any other order type, I can just move it where I need with my usual hotkeys extremely quickly and precisely.

Autobahn and myself are surely not the only users in the world who would benefit from this so I hope you can consider adding these hotkey assignments natively to Sierra Chart. Thank you.
[2021-09-19 03:11:27]
j4ytr4der_ - Posts: 932

I'm finally looking into your work here, so first let me say thank you so much for this. As I suspected, it would have been far over my head to develop this on my own.

So now to the issue I'm running into. My use case is that I trade using an Xbox controller. I have used software (keysticks.net) to allow me to map hotkeys to all the different buttons of my controller, and I use "chords" of keys to give me "pages" of different key combos. Extremely flexible, and I love trading this way for the last year or so.

But the trouble is, since hotkeys in your study are not native to Sierra Chart I can't share them with any of my existing hotkeys. For instance I use Alt F16 and Alt F17 for Non-attached Limit Order Tick Up and Tick Down, respectively. These are mapped to the up and down buttons on the left DPad of my controller, so this is how I move orders up and down in price. I would want to use these same buttons for Buy/Sell Stop orders but of course I can't. Having to use a different key combo and remember to switch it up when I'm using a stop order vs. a limit order, is very sub-optimal.

It seems unlikely Sierra will be willing to add native hotkeys for moving buy/sell stop orders up and down, and really the proper solution here is for them to make the existing Non-attached Limit Order Tick Up/Down hotkey work with buy/sell stops too.

I'm going to try this out anyway with a different key combo and button assignment of some kind and maybe I can learn to live with it. But if you have any ideas for how this could be improved for my use case I would certainly love to hear them.

Thanks for trying to help me out, it's appreciated even if ultimately it doesn't work out for me!
[2021-09-19 03:30:32]
j4ytr4der_ - Posts: 932
Well that was quick. This isn't going to work for me as it requires I have 4 completely different buttons mapped on my controller for each of:

Move Nearest Stop Above Up
Move Nearest Stop Above Down
Move Nearest Stop Below Up
Move Nearest Stop Below Down

Too much to have to keep clear in my head at the moment I'm trying to do something with an order. "OK am I moving an order that's above me or below me? OK now which button is that on the controller again?" Right now I never have to look at my controller, never think about it. It's exactly like playing a video game you know inside & out. Extremely fast and efficient, and nearly 0% fat-finger errors. But having to think so much about what I'm about to do in the moment... just not good. =(

Again thank you so much for the effort, and maybe this will help someone else. But for me, I need SCE to add support for this. Seems to me that plenty of users would benefit from this small improvement.
[2021-09-19 08:11:55]
autobahn - Posts: 25
What you want to do would be easy to code. You would need to remove your hotkeys from the native SC Non-attached Limit Order Tick Up/Down hotkey.
The custom study would monitor Alt F16 and Alt F17 and then either move your Limit Order or your Stop.

It would be necessary to define exactly which limit order or stop was moved when you pressed Alt F16 or Alt F17. For example, if you had 2 limit orders and 1 stop, which one gets moved? If you had a buy stop 5 ticks above and a sell stop 5 ticks below current price, and you pressed Alt F16, which order gets moved then?
[2021-09-19 15:59:40]
j4ytr4der_ - Posts: 932
Coding this is most definitely over my head. As for how it would work, I would just expect it to work the way SC currently works. Whatever order is closest, moves. I don't know how SC handles things if they are equidistant, don't think I've ever run into that.

I just expect the one "move non-attached order" hotkey to work regardless of order type, limit or stop. Either way it's a non-attached order. Shouldn't care what type and the same hotkeys should handle both types.
[2023-08-21 05:58:47]
User273277 - Posts: 35
Has this function been planned for addition into SC now?
[2023-11-15 18:35:22]
User273277 - Posts: 35
Being able to move an entry buy stop or sell stop using hotkeys would be wonderful.
[2023-12-06 18:01:37]
franklinian - Posts: 4
I would also like to upvote the addition of a native platform feature that would allow a user to configure a keyboard shortcut to move any type of non-attached stop order up or down.
[2023-12-06 23:35:50]
User624595 - Posts: 185
[2024-01-06 03:19:51]
BonoboTrades - Posts: 8
I would also like to support the addition of this functionality :)
[2024-01-06 11:30:33]
fried4104 - Posts: 53
I rarely use much buy/sell stops, I was pretty sure this already worked. It seems not.
I also vote for the implementation, be it stop or limit, all non attached should work.
[2024-01-07 04:38:18]
Acro - Posts: 436
j4ytr4der check out Verillo's open source move limit to price study.
There is a link to his GitHub on his main page (just search Verillotrading).

Basically what this does is map a control bar button (and thereby a keyboard shortcut to that button) to a pointer ID.

As a practical example of how this is used, check out his YouTube.
My personal use case is mapping the middle mouse button of my mouse to this shortcut. Then when I middle click on a price (anywhere on chart left to right or in Dom columns) if the price is above my current position it will move the nearest target to that price and if below my current position it will move the nearest stop to that price. I am guessing you may be able to do the same with your controller or with any gaming type mouse.

I am not affiliated with Verillo and I am only recommending this as it is open source and looking at the code it looks very efficient in my opinion.

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