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Date/Time: Sat, 22 Jun 2024 06:14:31 +0000

Post From: Hotkey for moving buy or sell stop orders?

[2021-09-19 03:11:27]
j4ytr4der_ - Posts: 932

I'm finally looking into your work here, so first let me say thank you so much for this. As I suspected, it would have been far over my head to develop this on my own.

So now to the issue I'm running into. My use case is that I trade using an Xbox controller. I have used software (keysticks.net) to allow me to map hotkeys to all the different buttons of my controller, and I use "chords" of keys to give me "pages" of different key combos. Extremely flexible, and I love trading this way for the last year or so.

But the trouble is, since hotkeys in your study are not native to Sierra Chart I can't share them with any of my existing hotkeys. For instance I use Alt F16 and Alt F17 for Non-attached Limit Order Tick Up and Tick Down, respectively. These are mapped to the up and down buttons on the left DPad of my controller, so this is how I move orders up and down in price. I would want to use these same buttons for Buy/Sell Stop orders but of course I can't. Having to use a different key combo and remember to switch it up when I'm using a stop order vs. a limit order, is very sub-optimal.

It seems unlikely Sierra will be willing to add native hotkeys for moving buy/sell stop orders up and down, and really the proper solution here is for them to make the existing Non-attached Limit Order Tick Up/Down hotkey work with buy/sell stops too.

I'm going to try this out anyway with a different key combo and button assignment of some kind and maybe I can learn to live with it. But if you have any ideas for how this could be improved for my use case I would certainly love to hear them.

Thanks for trying to help me out, it's appreciated even if ultimately it doesn't work out for me!