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Date/Time: Sat, 22 Jun 2024 05:51:48 +0000

Post From: Hotkey for moving buy or sell stop orders?

[2021-03-09 01:40:54]
autobahn - Posts: 25
This should get you started. It is a simplified version that has four hotkeys; one set to move the nearest Stop found above price, and one set to move the nearest Stop found below price. It only moves basic Stops, so if you want to move OCO Stops or Stop Limit orders, you'll need to adjust the code accordingly.

Note: the keycodes listed on the Microsoft page are in Hex, so you'll need to convert to Decimal when you specify them in the Inputs.

I'm going to develop this further and add support for Move to Breakeven, Move to 50%, Walk up based on One-Timeframing, etc.
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