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Post From: The Story of IG Markets and Sierra Chart. Classic Breach of Contract

[2015-09-24 07:56:46]
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This is one of the discussion threads, requesting us to add support for IG Markets:

Comments like this, turned out to be totally untrue:

This is the most recent comment in the last day:
I'm very disappointed and sorry for you, i know now the responsable of this incredible delay.
ig can't give to their customers a good platform like Sierrachart because if their customers start to win money, IG start to lose !

We would not be surprised if what they said at the last part is true.

We held off integrating IG Markets probably for about two years. When we did it, it led only to breach of contract and a waste of time.

This is only further supportive of the reason why we have started the DTC Protocol initiative:

We are not going to integrate any other Data or Trading service. They will need to work with us to integrate to a common communications protocol for this industry. Which is the DTC Protocol. This is an absolute must.

Over the next week or two, I will try to put together the complete case backing up our position showing that we did not do anything wrong. And IG Markets clearly breached the contract. Both them and their lawyers are going to claim otherwise and that they made no promises. Absolute nonsense! The law of contracts is very clear in this regard. If allegedly they made no promises, when they did, then why did they clearly lead us into through both their actions and statements, to our detriment with nothing to gain for it.

We are not dummies here at Sierra Chart and we are very careful about these kind of working relationships to make sure everything is clearly understood. Especially after our experience with E-Signal and another company called PC Quote which went out of business.
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