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Date/Time: Wed, 16 Jan 2019 00:48:56 +0000

Post From: IG Index

[2014-01-05 00:30:27]
Rainer - Posts: 96
There appears to be a difference of opinions between SC Engineers and their posts regarding IG Markets, so let me summarise and clarify …

Sep/Oct13 posts:
“It is not worth it for a handful of users”
“E-Signal was waste of time”
“LMAX was a waste of time”
“So we wonder whether this IG Index is even worth it … for a handful of users”
Nov13 post:
"We expect that support for IG Market (Index) will probably be ready by March 2014" (http://www.sierrachart.com/SupportBoard.php?ThreadID=3954)

E-Signal = just another charting package, overpriced, & SC is way better = so who would?
LMAX = only FX, 100:1 leverage, 1 pip spreads = what’s the incentive here?
IG for a Handful of users = please!?!

IG Markets: 140,000+ clients, 950 employees in 14 countries, 400:1 leverage (with Stops), 0.8 spreads (0.4 for ‘heavy’ users) = ‘that’s a no brainer’, as a broker! (stats source: Google & http://www.spreadbettingdaily.com/uncategorized/ig-markets-review/ )
IG’s chart platforms: in-house charts, IT-Finance Charts & MT4 = “using these is & would be like trading-in your auto-mobile for a skateboard”
IG’s Head of technical dept. London have advised, IG welcomes any third party (individual or corporate) to implement their own interface. IG’s platform is based on FIX and SC has full support for FIX and FAST.

I personally have been using IG for 8 years, great customer service, fast executions and most Instruments (Symbols) open to trade around the clock even on mid-week holidays; and as trading is about making money, more and more traders every day realise the simplicity of CFD’s (versus conventional holdings) and their advantageous spreads & margins.

So SierraChart Owners & Engineeers, … to tap into a 140,000+ client base market like IG with the BEST Charting Package on the Planet, is like offering candy in a Kindergarten. But make no mistake, a little more online marketing & exposure will go a long way (as indicated to you in my responses directed to your corporate email).

Kind Regards
Rainer -Australia

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