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Date/Time: Sat, 02 Mar 2024 00:10:04 +0000

Post From: Questions on Service Packages/Data feeds and Orderbook/Orderflow

[2023-05-05 17:42:16]
John - SC Support - Posts: 29568
1) In order to get the real-time data, you need to be on one of the Integrated packages (10, 11, and 12). Since you state that you want Market Profile, then you will need to be on the Advanced Package, so you will need to be on the "Integrated Advanced" package, or Package 11, which costs $46.00 per month (or you can get 10% and 20% discounts with 3-month and 6-month pre-purchase options).

2) At this time, we have two separate data feeds. One is the U.S. Equities Consolidated Tape, so this has the stock data with the total volumes traded for all exchanges. This does not have the Market Depth data.

The other exchange is the NASDAQ TotalView, which only has the NASDAQ volumes, but it does have the Market Depth data.

We have have a goal to put these together, but that is a few months away. It is your choice on which one (or both) you want. Note that you can use both, as you need to specify the symbol for the NASDAQ feed with a "-NQTV" suffix and the other with the symbol itself. For example, IBM will get you the data for the Consolidated Tape and IBM-NQTV will get you the data for the NASDAQ TotalView.

In either case, you will follow the instructions at the following link to setup this data:
Denali Exchange Data Feed: *Setup Instructions: All Other Exchanges*

Also refer to the following information:
Denali Exchange Data Feed: Nasdaq TotalView Data Feed Notes


Yes, the trial starts when you create your account. Note that you will want to "Activate" the trial in order to get the full capabilities of the system during the trial. Refer to the following:
Sierra Chart Trial Account and Account Activation
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