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Date/Time: Sun, 01 Oct 2023 08:54:50 +0000

Post From: Off-Topic (Unrelated to Sierra Chart): Information Regarding a Worldwide Hoax (Covid 19)

[2022-03-13 11:35:33]
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Episode 44: Dr. Mark Bailey - Dismantling Germ Theory:
https://www.humanley.com/blog/episode44 (An alternative perspective. Contains good information about the techniques used to identify a virus and the validity of those. )

Attached are comments from Robert F Kennedy Junior and Doctor Vladimir Zelenko regarding evidence release from Pfizer, about the serious and widespread effects of the "vaccines".

Robert F Kennedy Junior: "People need to be able to see those studies and understand the criminal deception imposed upon them".

This is what we have been saying all along.

Prior comments from us regarding these vaccines and vaccine companies/businesses/governments:

Instead, there is the pushing of this vaccine by idiot and incompetent drug companies who only want to profit off of people and break down the will of people and do harm to them.

What makes them so smart. What makes them so smart to create a toxic substance, and do harm to people (Not so well worded. What we are trying to say is the pharmaceutical companies are not so smart regarding creating a highly effective immune substance, and instead they are creating a toxic substance.). They are bunch of dumb idiots, and only want to do harm to you.

And then we have the criminals within our governments, stealing our money and wealth through taxation, and wasting it on these toxic vaccines and benefiting drug companies. This is just plain outrageous. Why people continue to put up with this garbage is beyond belief.

There is indeed a criminal conspiracy going on. Governments around the world are fully hijacked, and infiltrated by criminals. This also applies to big tech companies and major media organizations. People must take back their power, and gain their independence from the system.

And all of this based upon a virus which probably never has existed or greatly diminished down, and went away, in the earliest months of the "plandemic".

How is it, the Delta variant no longer is around, now there is only this omicron. They cannot possibly distinguish one variant from another. Once you understand, the methods of analysis, they cannot even identify a virus to begin with. The method of actually definitively proving the existence of a complex pathogen like a virus, is very difficult. Rapid tests and PCR tests simply cannot do it. Refer to the video linked at the beginning of this post. So that video actually is highly relevant here.

There must be all kinds of virus variants (assuming, pathogenic viruses even exist), existing simultaneously all over the world. When they say now there is the Delta variant. Pure propaganda. And then when they say that there is the omicron variant and the Delta is gone. Once again pure propaganda. It is all just a bunch of a idiotic marketing.

The point we are making, is if there is a pathogenic virus causing respiratory illness, it still must exist and it will continue to exist because these are in the realm of cold and flu viruses. There are all kinds of variants of them that exist simultaneously. And whether you are affected by them or not, all depends upon the state of your health and your immune system. Any other story, is just simply propaganda. There simply is nothing to fear. Until such time they actually do release something, which is very real and harmful. This may come. The question is, what would be the method of delivery.

Apparently this whole discussion of omicron is a false story ( an allegedly less harmful variant, that the vaccines are not effective against), in order to get out of this whole propaganda story of "cases" and "vaccines" they have been perpetrating on us.

And once again we do not deny that some people are getting sick with various types of respiratory illnesses which can have various causes. The solution is effective and inexpensive and early treatment for these conditions.

The reaction to these illnesses, by governments and some businesses, by utilizing lockdowns, quarantine/imprisonment, travel restrictions, forced business closures, masks, and toxic shots, is all about domination and control and with the objective of enslavement of humanity regarding your actions, and your finances and your general life. Making you a slave pure and simple and then dispensing with your life when they want.

And now, we are facing World War III. All very engineered and provoked. And all of the reaction, and all of the sanctions have always been fully intended long before the overt conflict began within Ukraine, and are solely there to cause economic damage upon the West and provoke further conflict. There is no effort, to de-escalate, and understand the underlying causes. Instead, only an effort to escalate, and put out false Russia propaganda in order to demonize them.

There actually was a superb video on YouTube we saw about a week ago from an American, explaining this whole situation going on in Ukraine. Really stating all of the facts and all the background information. If we can find it we will post it here.


We truly live in a world of mass lies and deception. People need to wake up, and realize, you are being lied to. Be strong and independent and free, and do not let anyone take away your freedom, even if they claim they are the "government". They are not there to serve you and will only make you a slave.

And it was very appropriate for us to include information about 9/11 in the first post of this thread. It has high relevancy, because that is all a part of a sophisticated scheme of domination of people and their travels, financial transactions, and domination in certain geographical regions in this world. All based upon lies and deception. The federal government wanted nothing more, than to dominate air travel within the United States, to an even more extreme level.
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