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Date/Time: Thu, 17 Jan 2019 12:07:25 +0000

Post From: Replay Chart Backtesting mode Locks up (Crashes sierra chart)

[2017-08-24 18:42:34]
User820916 - Posts: 13
Hi, I've just starting having the issue of replay locking up today (8/24), it was working fine last night, no updates that I know of. I have waited 15 mins for it to finished. I've since updated to the pre-release 1601 still have the issue. The message log's last entry is 'Reloading chart.' - gets to about 10%. I've disconnected from the data feed, created a new chartbook and new chart with nothing added and still have the same issue. I also rebooted the computer and deleted the existing data file for the symbol, then created it. I've reproduced this with the NQ and CL, each have 30 days of data. CPU usage is as high as it gets for Sierra on my computer. Clicking on the replay dialog box or Sierra gives the not responding error message from Windows 10.