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3/10 Oscillator


The 3/10 Oscillator is an MACD in which the Exponential Moving Averages are replaced with Simple Moving Averages. We will adopt the notation for the MACD here. The 3/10 Oscillator is so named because the default values of the Fast and Slow Moving Average Lengths are 3 and 10, respectively.

Let \(X\) be a random variable denoting the Input Data Input. Let the Inputs Fast Moving Average Length, Slow Moving Average Length, and 3/10 Moving Average Length be denoted as \(n_F\), \(n_S\), and \(n_{3/10}\), respectively. This study calculates and displays three indicators: the 3/10 Oscillator, the Moving Average of the 3/10 Oscillator, and the 3/10 Oscillator Difference. We denote the values of these indicators for the given Inputs at Index \(t\) as \(MACD^{(3/10)}_t\left(X,n_F,n_S\right)\), \(\overline{MACD^{(3/10)}}_t\left(X,n_F,n_S,n_{3/10}\right)\), and \(\Delta MACD^{(3/10)}_t\left(X,n_F,n_S,n_{3/10}\right)\), respectively. We describe the methods of calculation of these indicators below.

The 3/10 is calculated for \(t \geq \max\{n_F,n_S\}\) as follows. Only the values for \(t \geq \max\{n_F,n_S\} + n_{3/10}\) are displayed as output.

\(MACD^{(3/10)}_t\left(X,n_F,n_S\right) = SMA_t\left(X,n_F\right) - SMA_t\left(X,n_S\right)\)

The Moving Average of the 3/10 Oscillator is calculated for \(t \geq \max\{n_S,n_F\} + n_{3/10}\) as follows.

\(\overline{MACD^{(3/10)}}_t\left(X,n_F,n_S,n_{3/10}\right) = SMA(MACD^{(3/10)}\left(X,n_F,n_S\right),n_{3/10})\)

In the above formula, \(MACD^{(3/10)}\left(X,n_F,n_S\right)\) is a random variable denoting the 3/10 Oscillator with Inputs as listed in the parentheses.

The 3/10 Oscillator Difference is calculated for \(t \geq \max\{n_S,n_F\} + n_{3/10}\) as follows.

\(\Delta MACD^{(3/10)}_t\left(X,n_F,n_S,n_{3/10}\right) = MACD^{(3/10)}_t\left(X,n_F,n_S\right) - \overline{MACD^{(3/10)}}_t\left(X,n_F,n_S,n_{3/10}\right)\)



The spreadsheet below contains the formulas for this study in Spreadsheet format. Save this Spreadsheet to the Data Files Folder.

Open it through File >> Open Spreadsheet.


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