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Full Contract Value

This study calculates and displays the Full Contract Value for the data specified by the Input Data Input. This study uses Manual Looping.

Let \(X\) be a random variable denoting the Input Data, and let \(X_t\) be its value at Index \(t\). We define two variables, the Tick Size \(s\) and the Currency Value Per Tick \(c\). The Full Contract Value at Index \(t\) is denoted as \(FCV_t(X,s,c)\), and it is calculated for every bar in the chart as follows.

\(FCV_t(X,s,c) = \frac{X_t}{s}\cdot\max\{s,c\}\)

The Draw Zeros Input determines whether zero values of the Subgraph of \(\frac{X_t}{s}\cdot\max\{s,c\}\) are drawn.


  • Input Data
  • Draw Zeros: When this Input is set to Yes, then any of the visible Subgraph lines that contain zero values will be drawn at the zero level on the chart. This is for special purposes and normally this Input needs to be set to No.


The spreadsheet below contains the formulas for this study in Spreadsheet format. Save this Spreadsheet to the Data Files Folder.

Open it through File >> Open Spreadsheet.


*Last modified Monday, 26th September, 2022.