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Technical Studies Reference

Spreadsheet Formula

The Spreadsheet Formula study allows entering a formula similar to what would be used in Sierra_Chart Spreadsheets, and calculates the result. This result is then displayed on the chart in the selected Chart Region.

The Formula Input uses the same format as Alert Formulas, including Functions, Identifiers, and references to other Studies. Refer to Alert Condition Formula Format for complete details.


  • Formula: This contains the actual formula to be graphed. The formula does not need to be preceded with an =, although the presence of the = is acceptable.

    This Input does support the use of a range of data values. Refer to Referencing A Range of Data for further information.
  • Number of Bars to Calculate: This defines the number of bars for which the study will perform the calculation of the given Formula. Entering a 0 means that no calculation will be performed.

Changing Data Display Style

By default, the data result from the Spreadsheet Formula is displayed as a line. The line style, color, width and other display settings are controlled in the Subgraphs tab on the Study Settings window.

For more information, refer to the Subgraphs Tab section of the Chart Studies documentation.

*Last modified Monday, 03rd October, 2022.