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Technical Studies Reference

Clock - RealTime

This study displays the current time in a 24-hour time format on the chart. The time is displayed in the global Time Zone setting if the chart is using the global Time Zone setting.

It is possible to set Time Zone setting for an individual chart to be different than the global Time Zone setting. Refer to Using Different Time Zone in Individual Charts. Using more than one chart with the Clock - RealTime study, with each of those charts set to a different time zone allows you to display more than one clock each with their own time zone.

The size of the clock text is controlled through the Clock Study Subgraph with the Size setting.

If you have any problems with this study, then update to the current version of Sierra Chart.

Removing Leftover Instance of Clock Display

When you remove the Clock - RealTime study from the chart, or you see other instances of it displaying on the chart when there is only one instance of the study added to the chart, then remove the text drawing from prior instances of this study through the Tools >> Manage Chart Drawings Window.

Or right click on the other remaining clock drawings and select Erase Drawing.


  • Initial Horizontal Position From Left (1-150): Refer to the documentation for this Input with the Countdown Timer Inputs.
  • Initial Vertical Position From Bottom (1-100): Refer to the documentation for this Input with the Countdown Timer Inputs.
  • Transparent Label Background: When this Input is set to Yes, the clock text will be transparent and not completely cover the chart bars.

*Last modified Thursday, 06th May, 2021.