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Technical Studies Reference

Horizontal Line at Time

The Horizontal Line at Time study will draw a horizontal line starting from the Start Time Input at the level of that bar specified with the Input Data Input, all the way up until the bar the next occurrence the time is encountered.

At that new encountered time, the level will change to the Input Data value on the new bar.


  • Input Data
  • Start Time: This Input sets the starting time in an Intraday chart to begin drawing the horizontal line from.
  • Use Stop Time: When this Input is set to Yes, then the horizontal line will be stopped at the Stop Time Input.
  • Stop Time: This Input only applies when Use Stop Time is set to Yes. In this case, this Input specifies the time to stop the horizontal line at within the trading day.
  • Limit Horizontal Line From Time To 1 Day: When this Input is set to Yes, the default, then the horizontal line from the time specified by the Start Time Input will not extend more than 24 hours. Therefore, if the next encountered Start Time is further forward than 24 hours, the horizontal line will stop at 24 hours forward. When this input is set to No, the horizontal line will continue forward until the next occurrence of the Start Time is encountered in the next available date.
  • Ignore Weekends: When this input is set to Yes, then weekend chart bars are ignored both when determining the start time of the line and the stop time of a line. A weekend is considered Saturday and Sunday and is based on what is called the Trading Day Date of a bar. This considers the Session Times of the chart. If the Session Times are reversed, then Sunday evening trading would be considered Monday and not ignored. For further details, refer to Starting Trading Day in Prior Day.

*Last modified Friday, 21st April, 2017.